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Sybastion's Solar Flare

Casting Time:
Area of Effect:
5' radius globe
20 yards + 5 yards/level
Saving Throw:
V, S, M
Sybastion's Solar Flare conjures a small globe of light which the caster can hurl up to 20 yards plus 5 yards per level. Upon impact, the globe produces a flash (slightly stronger than the flash of a camera) which affects creatures within a 5' radius. Creatures affected are allowed a saving throw.

A failed saving throw means the flash causes temporary blindness for 2 rounds (-4 to attack rolls, +4 AC, 1/2 movement); a successful saving throw means the flash causes temporary blurred vision for 2 rounds (-2 to attack rolls, +2 AC, 3/4 movement). Creatures 4 levels greater than the caster are unaffected by the flash.

At every odd level (3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.) the caster receives an additional globe the following round. (Example: a 7th level caster would receive 1 globe each round, for 3 rounds, to hurl)

The material components for this spell are a pinch of sulphur and a piece of phoshorescent moss. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
Thanks to Aryn for this contribution!


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