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Loaded Dice: a D&D web comic
Updates twice per week

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"Told Ya So"

...yeah, I'm gonna go with the second option, there.  

Now, where are those extra character sheets?
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Script: Olan Suddeth (t_catt11)
Art: Lyra Logan (hobolyra)

Olan's thoughts for this strip:
Is it wrong of me to gush ridiculously about the new art? Check out all of the little touches - the different expressions, the character sheets on the table, the varied camera angles. I think this may be my single favorite strip so far.

Ahem. I will try to limit my comments to the plot, but I will probably fail at that.

Um... how 'bout that wacky Brad?

Keywords/tags for this comic: rogue, ward, lock, trap, trapped, locked, warded, door, different, evil dm Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit

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Script for this strip:
Dalana: "A door with such guardians may well be warded."
Ladan: "Agreed. Caution is in order."
Jhim: "I do not have the arcane energy to deal with such."

Ray: "Maybe we have missed some other room we should check first?"
Tim: "I don't think so - this looks like the only unexplored area left."
Brad: "Blah, blah, blah. Let's do something."

Steve (narrator): Heedless of any possible danger, the bladesinger reaches for the door handle - and discovers that it is locked."

Rich: "Naturally. Why use expensive wards when a cheap lock is just as effective?"
Brad: "Dang it, Ray! I told you to play a rogue!"
Ray: "I always play the rogue!"

Rich: "I guess we break the door down?"
Amy: "Unless you have a better idea?"

Brad: "My guy will bash it open."

Ray: "Why don't you let Faustus do it and save you the repeat embarrassment?"

Rich: "Um... guys? If it's locked, it could easily be trapped, too."
Amy: "Well, of course it's trapped."

Brad: "Man, Ray, why didn't you play a rogue?"
Ray: "Because I always play a rogue, and wanted to do something else this time! Drop it already!"
Tim: "Maybe Steve will have mercy and go light on the traps, since we don't have a rogue in the group."

Ray: "Or maybe he'll make it worse because of that."
Tim: "You're right. We're dead."
Brad: "Knew Ray should have played a rogue."

Originally posted on May 20th, 2010

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