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Loaded Dice: a D&D web comic
Updates twice per week

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"Is Chivalry Dead?"

I mean, what kind of friends would they be if they didn't mercilessly tease you for any small act of kindness?
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Script: Olan Suddeth (t_catt11)
Art: Lyra Logan (hobolyra)

Olan's thoughts for this strip:
Here we are - another new strip (finally)!

Lyra has been very under the weather of late, so we're behind. Furthermore, with her regular tablet in for repairs, it looks like it is going to be tough for her to continue producing two strips per week, so until she gets it back, we'll be dropping to one installment per week. Boo! Hiss!

If you know someone who'd like to submit a guest strip for Loaded Dice, now is the time! Please have them email me at

And now, a behind the curtain moment. Lyra sent the following to me along with this week's strip.

This comic - I kinda went insane.

So while the drawings are lower quality, I spent way too much time with the little details this time around.

1) Every one of them in a 3d rendered chair, posed at their exact angle based on the drawing.

2) The study and chest scenes are pretty fleshed out, as your description stated. A few extra things (candles, broom) added.

3) They all have character sheets (RDINN ones)

4) They have pencils!

5) They each have a full set of dice, DM has 2+ extras

6) DM screen is an actual screen from 2nd edition

7) A grid map in the center of the table- random map, can change it if you have a real grid for this dungeon

8) Couldn't get a good pic of an open D&D book, so it's an accounting book blurred out. =P

Lol- I was having too much fun adding these things.

Wow. A geek after my own heart!

Keywords/tags for this comic: treasure, loot, chest, chests, cloak, chivalry, married, brownie points, jerks Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit

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Script for this strip:
Steve (narrator): "The party enters what must have been the abbot's study. Papers are piled high on nearly every surface..."

Brad: "No monsters?"
Steve: "No monsters."

Brad: "What a letdown."
Rich: "Hush!"

Steve (narrator): "...and two wooden chests stand here."
Tim: "Loot!"
Ray: "Now we're talkin'!"

Amy: "Hang on, guys. Anything interesting on the papers?"
Steve (narrator): "The papers appear to be ledgers of tithes, worship attendance figures, and similar records."

Brad: "So boring stuff, then? What's in the chests?"

Steve: "Who's opening them, again?"
All: "Faustus!"
Ray: "You all suck."

Steve (narrator): "The large chest is unlocked, and contains nothing but normal monk clothing, save one item - a cloak made of a gray silk, woven in a manner that Aranion recognizes as a fine Sylvari make."

Brad: "A snazzy cloak? Let Dalana have it."
Amy: "Well, that's nice of you."
Brad: "Gentlemanly thing to do."

Ray: "I wonder if he'd have been a gentleman if it had been a cool sword?"
Tim: "Trying to get brownie points? She's married, dude!"

Amy: "You guys are horrible."
Ray: "It's the penalty for being nice."
Rich: "Our sacred group dynamic."
Steve: "We all get along much better when we're jerks."

Originally posted on June 9th, 2010

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