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Loaded Dice: a D&D web comic
Updates twice per week

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"Speak for Yourself!"

Don't try to get all sensible with Steve's geekdom.  Yes, we are accepting the fantastic... but there HAVE to be rules for these sorts of things!
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Script: Olan Suddeth (t_catt11)
Art: Lyra Logan (hobolyra)

Olan's thoughts for this strip:
Finally, we have a new strip up and live. Good news: Lyra's tablet situation looks to be resolved. We may actually be back to a normal schedule!

Can't blame her for the stupid lateness of today's update - things got crazy for me at the end of last week, and I didn't get the comic lettered and posted. Then, my auto post script failed yesterday, so bleh.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this installment - and don't forget to check out the bonus art at the end (the dragon). What I'd give for the sort of talent to just throw and awesome dragon in with the rest of this great art...

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Script for this strip:
Steve (narrator): "The smaller chest is locked, but Faustus is able to break the lock. Inside are two hundred or so silver falchions."

Amy: "Steve, your world's economies are silver-based, right?"

Steve (looks impressed): "That's right. Historical currencies were usually silver-based... it's just not realistic for common people to be dealing in gold.

Rich: "So, monsters and magic are real, but we'd hate to mess with economics."
Steve: "Quiet, you."

Tim: "So no fortune, but a decent sum."

Steve: "Way more than any of you have on hand."

Brad: "Let's split it!

Rich: "Not so fast, guys..."

Rich: "This is church money. We can't just take it."
Tim: "Here we go with the holy rolling again..."
Brad: "Come on. It would be stupid to just leave it here!"

Ray: "If we're purging evil from this place, seems to me that it's a reasonable 'services rendered' fee."

Tim: "And if we just leave the money behind, it can't do anybody any good."

Rich: "I dunno..."

Brad: "Look, if some high priest gives you flack, we'll pay it back, or do some quest for 'em."

Tim: "Whoa... let's not get carried away, now!"

Ray: "No doubt!"

Amy: "What, you guys aren't cut out for questing?"

Tim: "That's not the point It's not that much money."

Originally posted on June 23rd, 2010

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