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Loaded Dice: a D&D web comic
Updates twice per week

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"RPG Myth Breakers #3 - Stealth in Armor"

Beaver Hat Rangers.  Eheheheheheeeeee!

Just imagine that.  Let your mind go with it.

What does that hat look like?

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Script: Roger Briant (Alacrity)
Art: Lance Card (Bromern Sal)

Olan's thoughts for this strip:
It's been long enough - enjoy the latest installment of RPG Myth Breakers! Today's episode deals with one of those items that make every DM cringe - the player who (attempts to) uses stealth while in armor, and doesn't seem to understand why this is an issue.

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Script for this strip:
Bromern: “Every Dungeon Master has heard it before.”

Player: “I’m going to sneak past the guards.”
DM: “But you’re wearing plate armor…”
Player: “Hey! I’m a paladin/ninja/thief. I have 17 ranks in covert! I can sneak in armor!”

Bromern: “Can you really sneak around in armor? Let’s find out! Alacrity!”
Alacrity: “I’m not coming out.”
Bromern: “Come on Al. You look great.”

Alacrity: “This is just silly.”
Bromern: “I… um… you look great!”

Bromern: “To test sneaking in armor, we’ve clad Alacrity in plate armor and set up an obstacle course.”

Bromern: “You might not realize it, but Alacrity is highly trained in stealth and covert ops.”
Alacrity: “What!?”
Bromern: “In fact, he was once an Army Ranger!”
Alacrity: “I’m Canadian!”
Bromern: “A Beaver Hat Ranger, trained in the famous Canadian martial arts, Tym-Hor-Tons!”
Alacrity: “You’re insane.”

Bromern: “Al will sneak down these stairs, past the guards at the bottom, over a plank across a moat filled with flesh eating zombie snappers to the treasure.”

Alacrity: “I am? WHOA!”

Alacrity: “ARGH! Aaaaaaaaa!!”
Alacrity: “OWOWOWOWOW!!”

Bromern: “Alacrity? Are you okay?”
Alacrity: “Medic.”

Bromern: “There you have it folks! Sneaking in plate armour, not very likely.”
Alacrity: “Cleric…”
Bromern: “Al! Get up here and we’ll get you in the chain mail!”
Alacrity: “Last rites…”

Originally posted on July 13th, 2010

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