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Sal's Outfitters

Welcome to Sal's Outfitters' Provisioning section. Here you will find a wide assortment of foodstuffs, cooking herbs and spices, drinks, etc. You shouldn't have any problems putting together a menu to please your lord or lady, or just supplement that dry trail ration with a good stew or soup. If you desire to see what the item is, just click on the "?".
Item Cost Season
Ale, pint 1sp Year Round
Ale, jug 2gp Year Round
Ale, 10-gallon barrel 5gp Year Round
Beer, watery pint 3cp Year Round
Beer, watery jug 1gp Year Round
Beer, watery 10-gallon barrel 5gp Year Round
Beer, heavy pint 5cp Year Round
Beer, heavy jug 4gp Year Round
Beer, heavy 10-gallon barrel 7gp Year Round
Brandy, tumbler 1sp Year Round
Brandy, bottle 5-10gp Year Round
Brandy, 10-gallon barrel 50-100gp Year Round
Brandy Elvin, tumbler 5gp Year Round (rare)
Brandy, Elvin, bottle 50gp Year Round (rare)
Feywine, goblet 10gp Year Round (rare)
Feywine, bottle 150gp Year Round (rare)
Grog, pint 3cp Year Round
Grog, jug 1gp Year Round
Grog, 10-gallon barrel 15gp Year Round
Rum, pint 3sp Year Round
Rum, jug 8gp Year Round
Rum, 10-gallon barrel 50gp Year Round
Scotch, glass 3gp Year Round
Scotch, bottle 40gp Year Round
Scotch, 10-gallon barrel 200gp Year Round
Wine, good, goblet 8gp Year Round
Wine, good, bottle 100gp Year Round
Wine, watered, goblet 4gp Year Round
Wine, watered, bottle 40gp Year Round
Wine, watered, 10-gallon barrel 150gp Year Round
Wine, common, goblet 6gp Year Round
Wine, common, bottle 60gp Year Round
Wine, common, 10-gallon barrel 250gp Year Round
Whiskey, tumbler 5sp Year Round
Whiskey, bottle 5gp Year Round
Whiskey, 10-gallon barrel 50gp Year Round
Bread, flat, single piece 2cp Year Round
Bread, journey, single piece 5cp Year Round
Bread, journey, square 3gp Year Round
Bread, white, single piece 1sp Year Round (uncommon)
Bread, white, loaf 2gp Year Round (uncommon)
Bread, wheat, single piece 5cp Year Round
Bread, wheat, loaf 8sp Year Round
Cheese, slice 5cp Year Round
Cheese, cylindrical cake 5gp Year Round
Egg, chicken 3cp Year Round
Eggs, chicken, 2 dozen 2sp Year Round
Eggs, chicken, 100 1gp Year Round
Egg, goose 5cp Year Round
Egg, goose, 2 dozen 5sp Year Round
Egg, goose, 100 4gp Year Round
Fresh Vegetable, single serving 5cp Seasonal
Flour, 10-lbs. sack 5sp Year Round
Honey, single jar 5sp Year Round
Pickled Fish, barrel 3gp Year Round
Pickled Fish, single 2sp Year Round
Fish, fresh, single 2-10gp Year Round, (Waterfront)
Seasonal, (Landlocked)
Fish, salted, single 1-5gp Year Round
Fish, smoked, single 3-8gp Year Round
Beans, 1-lb. 1sp Year Round
Butter, 1-lb. tub 2sp Year Round
Coarse Sugar, 1-lb. bag 1gp Year Round (uncommon)
Dry, Trail Rations, 1 day 5sp Year Round
Figs, 1-lb. 3sp Seasonal
Fruit, bushel 6sp-5gp Seasonal
Game Meat, 20-lbs. 12gp Year Round
Pork, fresh, 1-lb. 8sp Year Round
Pork, salted, 1-lb. 4sp Year Round
Chicken, fresh, 1-lb. 4sp Year Round
Chicken, salted, 1-lb. 1sp Year Round
Beef, fresh, 1-lb. 1gp Year Round
Beef, salted, 1-lb. 7sp Year Round
Sausage, 1-lb. 1gp Year Round
Grain, 5-lbs. sack 5gp Year Round
Herbs, various, 1-lb. bag 5cp-1gp Seasonal
Spice, exotic, 1-lb. bag 5gp Seasonal
Spice, rare, 1-lb. bag 2gp Seasonal
Spice, uncommon, 1-lb. bag 5sp Seasonal

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