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  Ornamental Stones
Azurite: Opaque, mottled deep blue
Banded Agate: Brown, blue, red, and white stripes
Blue Quartz: Transparent pale blue
Eye Agate: Gray, white, brown, blue, and green circles
Hematite: Gray-black
Lapis Lazuli: Light or dark blue with yellow flecks
Malachite: Striated light and dark green
Moss Agate: Pink, yellow-white with gray-green moss-like markings
Obsidian: Jet black
Rhodochrosite: Light pink
Tiger Eye Agate: Rich golden brown with dark striping
Turquoise: Aqua with darker mottling

Semi-Precious Stones
Bloodstone: Dark gray with red flecks
Carnelian: Orange to red-brown
Chalcedony: White
Chrysoprase: Translucent apple to emerald green
Citrine: Pale yellow brown
Jasper: Blue, black to brown
Moonstone: White with pale blue hue
Onyx: Black, white, or bands of both
Rock Crystal: Clear, transparent
Sardonyx: Bands of red and white
Smoky Quartz: light gray, yellow, brown or blue
Star Rose Quartz: Smoky rose with white star center
Zircon: Clear pale aqua

Fancy to Precious
Amber: Transparent golden (100 gp)
Alexandrite: Dark green (100 gp)
Amethyst: Purple crystal (100 gp)
Aquamarine: pale blue green (500 gp)
Chrysoberyl: green or yellow green (100 gp)
Coral: Pink to crimson (100 gp)
Garnet: Deep red to violet crystal (100-500 gp)
Jade: Light to dark green or white (100 gp)
Jet: Deep black (100 gp)
Pearl: Pure white, rose, to black (100-500 gp)
Peridot: Olive green (500 gp)
Spinel: Red, red-brown, green, or deep blue (100-500 gp)
Topaz: Golden yellow (500 gp)
Tourmaline: Pale green, blue, brown, or red (100 gp)

Gems and Jewels
Black Opal: Dark green with black mottling and golden flecks (1,000 gp)
Black Sapphire: Rich black with highlights (5,000 gp)
Diamond: Clear blue-white, rich blue, yellow, or pink (5,000 gp)
Emerald: Brilliant green (5,000 gp)
Fire Opal: Fiery red (1,000 gp)
Jacinth: Fiery orange (5,000 gp)
Opal: Pale blue with green and gold mottling (1,000 gp)
Oriental Amethyst: Deep purple (1,000 gp)
Oriental Emerald: Bright green (5,000 gp)
Oriental Topaz: Fiery yellow (1,000 gp)
Ruby: Clear to deep crimson red (5,000 gp)
Sapphire: Clear to medium blue (1,000 gp)
Star Ruby: Translucent ruby with white star highlights (5,000 gp)
Star Sapphire: Translucent blue with white star highlights (5,000 gp)


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