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The Black Viper

A dagger with a mind of its own and picky about its users.

Although completely neutral to the callings of Good and evil, this dagger has an intelligence to it that is completely self-serving. It is said to choose who can wield it and it decides purely on it’s own opinion of how one person will benefit it over another. The blade is very intelligent, and can talk to its wielder as well. It has a very strong hatred of demons, though I have never puzzled out why.
This dagger is made from a black metal, with a silver viper’s head as the pommel. The blackness of the blade seems to absorb the light around it and the wielder gets the sense that the viper watches him/her.
The dagger can extend itself and grow, thus becoming a short sword, long sword or even a two handed sword. It is almost completely indestructible. It can fly on it’s own volition and attack without anyone wielding it. The viper head can bite with venom anyone who attempts to use it that it does not like. Once it bonds to a person though, it will become fiercely loyal to them and stop at nothing to aid and protect them. Its last owner was a Vampyre Prince by the name of Lucas. The dagger served him well until he met his demise in the fall of the Dark Prince.
The Black Viper
·         This weapon is +5 to hit and damage, and is indestructible (saves as an artifact against all attacks against it).
·         The weapon can be willed to be any edged weapon from a dagger to a two handed sword and does the damage of said weapon.
·         The Viper is True Neutral, Intelligence: 15, Ego: 10, No Special Purpose other than serve self. 
·         The Pommel can talk to the wielder only, and bite as well (# of Att: 1 DM: 1-4 + poison (save at –2 or die))
·         The dagger can change its colour from all black to all silver.
·         The Viper can Fly (MV:12” MC: A) and attack on its own (#of Att: 2 DM: as weapon type +5)
·         Due to it’s indestructible metal, the sword can hack and cut through almost all metals and stone to reach its wielder or chosen target.

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