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RPG Myth Breakers - a monthly webcomic
Updates monthly

"Touchy Dice"

Hands off the dice people!
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Trust the DM
Price: $17.00

Lawful Evil Mens
Price: $14.00

Script: Roger Briant (Alacrity)
Art: Lance Card (Bromern Sal)

Roger's thoughts for this strip:
Love the artwork that Bromern did on this one. The small details are the best parts.

Lance's thoughts for this strip:
Block Lettering is Tough

Keywords/tags for this comic: Alacrity, Bromern, D&D, mythbreakers, RPG, Never touch another man dice, dice Digg Technorati Blinklist Furlreddit
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Script for this strip:
Bromern: Today on Myth Breakers, we look at a myth that has been around for some time.
Al: Almost since the dawning of the RPG era.

GG1: I have to roll a 20d6 fireball, can I borrow some dice?
GG2: Ack! No!
Players together: Never touch another manís dice!

Bro: Never touch another manís dice. A myth so ingrained into the RPG foundation that it still exists to this day.
Al: But what really happens when you touch anotherís die? We brought Sam here in to test the myth.
GG1: Hi!

Al: We have here 20 different dice all from 20 different players. Sam is going to touch each one and then we will see what happens, testing for effects on randomness and outcomes.
Al: How did you get 20 Dmís to volunteer their dice?
Bro: Depends on your definition of volunteer.
Al: Bromern!

Bro: What? They wonít even notice. I drugged the fritos.

Al: Okay Sam go ahead. You may go ahead and touch the dice.
GG: Oh wow. Okay

GG1: Bwahaha! I touched your dice!

NAl: Okay. Now weÖ.
Bro: Did you feel that?
GG1: I touched your dice!

Al: What have we done?
GG1: I touched your dice!

Al: So there you have it folks. Donít touch another manís dice. Ever!
Bro: I have dice in places I never knew possible.
GG1: I touched your dice. Bwahahaha!

Originally posted on January 31st, 2012

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