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"Raise One Hand"

Tann was dying for us to have in guest star in a  comic
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Trust the DM
Price: $17.00

Dungeon Master
Price: $14.00

Script: Roger Briant (Alacrity)
Art: Lance Card (Bromern Sal)

Roger's thoughts for this strip:
Alcrity and Bromern take on the Myth of how much body do you need to resurrect someone.

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Script for this strip:
Opening Scene: Al and Bromern in a temple setting. Stain glass windows and a long altar in the background.
Bro: Resurrection is a possibility in the fantasy RPG world.
Al: But the rules are vague. How much of a body do you need to actually resurrect someone?

NF: Alacrity turning to greet Albert as he enters the room. Bromern is leaning the opposite way as if getting something off panel.
Al: Albert is here to help us with the test today
Alb: Hey guys! Good to be here.
NF: Bromern with huge ultra-modern gun in hand (Labeled BFG 9000), pointing at Albert and firing. Albert is a highlighted skeleton except one hand out of field and Alacrity looking with horror.
Sound Effect: BAMFFT
NF: Bromern picking up a severed hand, Alacrity raises his arms in air.
AL: Oh My God! You killed Albert! You Bas----!
Bro: (word bubble covering up Al’s “---tard”) PG Site!

NF: Bromern walking over the alter and Al following
Bro: Relax Al, we are going to resurrect him.
Al: But what if that doesn’t work?
Bro: Then I made a back up.
Al: Oh okay then if you made …What?

NF: High priestess in elaborate outfit, huge spikey headpiece that sticks out to both sides and low cut blouse. Either side of her are two bald clerics in simple white robes, partially obscured by the headpiece. Bro is on far left side of one cleric and Al is on the right side of the other
Bro: Jenny, High Priestess of Wee Jas will now cast resurrection on the remains.

NF: Same, HP with arm raises, a pink glow coming down her hand to the severed hand.
HP: Klaatu Barada Nickel!

NF: same, everyone looking at hand, hand leaping into air with a “spoing” and into HP open cleavage
AL: Whoa!
HP: What the?

NF: HP with arms crossed and twisting to left side. Bald Cleric hit with headpiece and falling with a BAFF!
HP: Help me!
AL: look out!
Bro: Give me a hand.

NF; HP twisting to other side, second cleric sent to ground by headpiece. Bromern and Alacrity cringing, Albert entering from left side, intact but missing a hand
HP: Augh! Get out demon!
Bro: Unhand her!
Albert: Can someone lend me a hand?

NF: Hand flies through air, lands on Albert’s stump.
Al: Hey it worked!

NF: High priestess slaps Albert and walks off.

NF: Bromern talking to audience, Albert holding his face and Alacrity looking down at fallen clerics.
Albert: What did I do?
Bromern: Apparently you have wandering hands
Al: Umm… I think our clerics need clerics.

Originally posted on March 26th, 2018

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