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Topic: Mapping Programs
Subject: well

are you looking ofr dungeon maps? world maps? I know that campaign cartographer has a nice following - and a steeeep learning curve.

Posted on 2008-07-29 at 18:04:02.

Topic: Mapping Programs
Subject: ah...

....the eternal struggle. There are some decent ones out there, but prepare to pay for them.

Posted on 2008-07-29 at 17:55:01.

Topic: Case Dismissed
Subject: woot!

Glad it worked out for ya.

Note to legal system: it's not a crime to be a jerk.


Posted on 2008-07-28 at 19:13:18.

Topic: Lookin Good
Subject: oi

There's a name from the past!

Welcome back.

Posted on 2008-07-28 at 18:18:52.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: a new duty

Stardate: 2374.09.06
USS Charon – Captain’s Dining – 06:30 hours

Rrowl sat quietly, listening to low exchange between the two captains, when Gavison addressed him.

“Rrowl, should Mac be OK with this, Lieutenant Talon would be reporting directly to you…as part of his punishment. You’ve learned how to react in our society, apparently better than my officer has, and I’d like for your instruction to be memorable. Should we leave for DS9 today, we’ll be arriving in a little under two days at warp five. That should be sufficient time for a lesson to take place, don’t you think?”

The kzinti had never particularly liked Kelsey Gavison when they had originally served together aboard the Discovery, but the tales he had heard about man concerning his behavior since the beginning of the war had tempered that dislike. In limited time aboard the Charon, Rrowl had perceived the darker personality, had touched the names adorning the walls of the mess, had witnessed the iron grip on this crew and the single-minded purpose of their leader.

Now, Gavison had highly commended him, and Rrowl felt his chest swell with pride.

Pride, and more than a little perverse joy at the situation. That kshat, Talon, had been demoted for his lack of discipline; something that probably should have happened long ago. Lucky for him that this was a Federation vessel, lest his life be forfeit. Of course, Rrowl planned to make him wish that it was, and Gavison had just authorized such a thing.

Outwardly, though, the only sign of the kzinti's emotion was a slight twitching of his ears. "Captain, I will be honored to perform this duty. While I have my doubts that two days is enough for a full lesson, I will do my best to make progess on an introduction."

Rrowl was not being sarcastic - a human response that, even now, he was not entriely comfortable with. Instead, the kzinti truly doubted that the undisciplined Lyran officer could possibly learn in two days the level of self control that Rrowl had spent well over a decade perfecting. On one hand, he had despised Talon on sight - the creature was, as a matter of fact, a member of a race that were mortal enemies to Rrowl's own people. On the other, Rrowl felt strangely fulfilled at being designated as a role model, something he had never been called before... at least, not without addendum. Certainly, he's an excellent security officer, and a great warrior, buuuut his temper leaves much to be desired...

Perhaps Rrowl had finally shaken such labels. The thought filled him with a fierce joy that he would have never expected at such a small thing.

"Aye, sir," he rehashed. "I will do my best."

Posted on 2008-07-28 at 18:13:17.
Edited on 2008-07-28 at 18:14:37 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: heh

heh heh.

Heh heh heh.


Yeah, Rrowl can handle that.

Posted on 2008-07-28 at 13:43:51.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: hear, hear!

I'd love to have him.

Healing magic might be nice. But whatever.

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 02:09:28.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: hrm

**is a layabout**

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 01:05:57.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: holding back?


ehh hee hee...

ehh hee hee heh...


Posted on 2008-07-24 at 17:57:02.

Topic: weird post count glitch?
Subject: heh

'ello, Sharli. Post damage... :ROLLEYE:

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 17:56:15.

Topic: Back
Subject: sigh

Suppose I have to welcome you back, too.

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 13:43:13.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: sweet

I don't think anyone took it as a sympathy ploy.

Glad you reconsidered.

Oh, and one aside: I am *NOT* a GM, here. I'm happy to help (being as I'm a huge Trek geek), and I do know a lot about what is going to happen, but I'm just a player. I offer advice (which I perhaps should not) only because I *HAVE* GMed Trek before, and know what a challenge it can be for all involved.

Eol and Bromern wear the big hats, here. I'm just a peon, dude!

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 13:16:24.
Edited on 2008-07-24 at 13:18:24 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: two parts

Part one:

YeOlde, I cannot speak for the GMs, but as I am in the loop, I can say with a lot of confidence that NOBODY wants to see you gone. You've been a little over the top, but this is nothing that cannot be played through.

Take a look at some service records - Rrowl and MacTavish both have spent time in the brig due to temper issues. Heck, MacTavish would have been a full four-pipped captain some time ago, had he not been demoted due to his own insubordination issues.

Don't quit. Use it as a "eureka!" moment for Talon, where he begins to have some realization that he cannot play on his own side forever, that he's got to be part of the team.

You are a great player, and are a reliable, active poster. Use this as a challenge, and build your character through it.


Part Two

To a point, I understand where you are coming from, DragonMistress, but RTFM. No need for the GMs to post "this is a big plot point, leave it alone." Trek is moderated freefrom, and it works like this:

You are always free to do anything that you like with your own character, provided that it does not affect any other PCs. If it does, you should check with them first (and this is a fantastic way to build the game, anyway, by collaborating with other players).

In situations that can alter the plot of the game, or that may affect many or all of the PCs, you should check with a GM before you post. This was made very clear at the start of the game, back when Eol and Bromern were recruting.

Cool to do on your own: make a minor discovery. Create or solve a problem that your character/department must address. Come up with an idea that might help address a major problem facing the crew (but check with the GM before posting that your idea DOES fix the issue). Flesh out NPCs in your own department.

Cool to do with one or more other PCs: make a moderate discovery. Create or solve a problem that will take more than one PC (or department) to address. Create a nice subplot (romance angle, personal grievance, social event, etc).

Only do with GM permission: make a major discovery. Create or solve a problem that affects the plot, many PCs, or the ship as a whole. Kill off a character.

When in doubt, ask a GM before you post something!

No need for me to rehash the specifics of how we have gotten off track - Eol's post above details that pretty well in regards to Stan. Once the warnings started to go out, rather than back off of it, we began adding details to back up why we were suspicious of him, and we used all sorts of over the top behavior to pursue that angle.

The GM dealt with this. We all get it now, right? So no real harm done. We're actually still early in the game. Let's regroup and press on, shall we?

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 00:56:26.
Edited on 2008-07-24 at 00:58:22 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: whew

Okay, I have posted for Fletcher.

Let me state a couple of things: no hard feelings intended, YeOlde. You are a superb player, one that I would waive any of my typical "writing sample" and other such requests for when I GM a game - you are welcome to play with me anytime. BUT, Talon is behaving in a manner that just cannot be allowed in a situation with a clearly defined chain of command. I checked with the GMs before I posted, just to see if there was some other avenue open to me. There is not.

Gang, as a whole, may I suggest that we probably would have never gone down this road if not for what smells a bit like some accidental metagaming? If no one had known that "Stan" was the sabotoeur, would be be where we are - at least two PCs disobeying orders because they "just know" that it's for the best?

IMO, Eol had posted that "Stan" was exceedingly stealthy about what he was doing. As such, he shouldn't have been discovered without checking with the GM first - this is the way one derails the plot. Now, people are coming up with all sorts of "facts" to jusitfy what is, at the heart of the matter, metagaming (definition: using out of game knowledge to influence in-game actions).

Feel free to control your own people and NPCs, but if your actions alter the flow of the game, it's a good idea (scratch that, it's MANDATORY) to check with the GM first.

So, if we, as players, didn't know there was sabotage, would survivors be treated like suspects? Probably not. A sloppy engineer, who out of panic tried to close a hatch on an escape pod, who is known by a member of the command staff of the other vessel, would NEVER have come under the scrutiny that he has.

Heed the not so subtle warning of the GM. Reign things in, follow orders. Please.

Posted on 2008-07-23 at 15:01:41.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: that's enough.

Stardate: 2374.09.06
USS Charon – Mess Hall – 1332 hours

Commander Fletcher was stunned by what he had just witnessed. Not so much that Talon had completely disregarded Kato 3's opinion, regardless of any personal knowledge the science officer might have had. Not even that the lyran had treated the CSO with contempt, and even unspoken threat.

Fletcher was stunned that the CTO had done so in the pursuit of directly disobeying the orders that the XO had given to him barely an hour before, and that he seemed completely oblivious to that fact, or simply cared nothing that his superior officer now had firsthand knowledge of the disobedience.

Jonathon was well aware that Talon held him in little regard; as with his derisive "sir" on the bridge earlier, the officer had made his feelings well known while tiptoeing the line of acceptibility. But this - this was too far.

Fletcher glanced over at Gavison, whose own expression was a dark mask that best reminded Jonathon of an angry serpent, tightly coiled and ready to strike. The two men had known each other long enough, had faced enough high stress situations side by side, that speech was not necessary for every communication. Gavison allowed a great deal of personal freedom as long as one did their duty, but insubordination stuck in the man's craw like little else. Jonathon left the question unasked, but the captain answered it with a slight inclination of his head.

So be it, Jonathon thought to himself as he tapped his commbadge. "Fletcher to security. Send a team to the officer's mess immediately." Upon receiving acknowledgement, the Charon's XO turned to face Talon.

"Mister Talon, you are a disgrace to the uniform. Bad enough that you stand here growling at another Starfleet vessel's second officer like some sort of base animal..."

"Actually, mester Rrowl's me actin' XO," Captain MacTavish interjected.

"...make that another Starfleet vessel's executive officer," Fletcher continued. "You disregard a direct order given to you not even an hour ago, and you treat your fellow officer with disrespect when he attempts to ensure that my order is carried out!"

The mess hall hatch opened to admit four gold-clad security officers who then held their positions, wearing expressions ranging from impassive to slightly confused.

Fletcher was not a confrontational man. He much preferred communication and compromise as a method for solving problems. Soemtimes, though, there was no alternative - and this was clearly one of those times.

"Lieutenant Commander Talon, on the grounds of insubordination and disobeying a direct order, I hereby relieve you of your post as chief tactical officer of the USS Charon. Surrender your weapon and commbadge at once."

OOC: assuming Talon doesn't do anything stupid here. If so, we'll need to edit.

Fletcher sighed. "We are at war, mister Talon. There is no room for such blatant disregard for the chain of command on this vessel. The secrity team will escort you to your quarters, where you will remain confined until otherwise ordered. If you slip so much as a whisker out of that cabin, mister Talon, you will be relocated to the brig for as long as is deemed necessary. Do you understand?"

OOC: assuming again that Talon complies. Fletcher does not want to order the lyran fired upon, nor does he wish to place him into actual imprisonment, but if the lyran insists, he will do both.

As Talon, flanked by the security detail, exited the mess, Fletcher tapped his commbadge again. "Commander Fletcher to Lieutenant Myers."

=/\= Myers here. =/\= came the puzzled reply.

"Lieutenant Commander Kato 3 was correct in his orders to you. I specifically ordered that all survivors go through security clearance, but that they be treated with respect as comrades, not prisoners. Mister Talon was in direct disobedience of my command when he ordered you to detain certain individuals otherwise, and he has been removed from his post becasue of it. You will immediately call off all security measures that treat survivors as prisoners. Acknowledge my order, lieutenant."

=/\= Aye, sir. Order acknowledged. =/\= came the even more puzzled reply.

The XO cut communication. "Fletcher out." With that, he turned to face the collected command staffs of the two vessels.

"My apologies, gentlemen. Now, where were we?"

Posted on 2008-07-23 at 14:48:26.

Topic: weird post count glitch?
Subject: post counts

The old counts did not drop when entire threds were deleted - this is the number one reason that people lost posts on the recalcution.

Posted on 2008-07-23 at 14:01:14.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: I know! I know!

Play a DIVINER! That way, we know what crap the DM is throwing at us!

Wait, nevermind. Who cares if yuo know what's gonna kill you, you're still dead.

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 19:47:24.

Topic: Driztts coming back
Subject: heya

Welcome back. Thread moved to the proper forum.

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 17:02:47.

Topic: The Brom be out, yo!
Subject: hoody hoo!

Welcome back, dude.

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 14:17:22.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: whaaa?

Part three?!?

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 13:26:32.

Topic: Site slowdows revisited
Subject: whoa

Looks like things are MUCH better.

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 21:42:43.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: these are the 'tails' of our lives...

Stardate 09.05.2374 – 1805 hours
USS Cerberus ASRV-83964:E-001

Lieutenant Commander Rrowl felt his anger burn, if possible, even hotter due to the asinine commentary from the junior human female officer. Of course her precious logic was sound - if one was fool enough to believe that Romulans played by the rules of other, sane civilizations! Did she not know that the Tal'shiar were capable of virtually anything? Could she not see through her idealistic fog enough to consider that dishonoring the Romulan Star Empire in order to further their own agenda was not only possible, but a modus operandi that the spy organization had used, even recently?

The massive kzinti considered a roaring retort, then, more fondly, considered literally beating some sense into the meek little woman. However, neither choice would change her mind, and the latter would most certainly land Rrowl in the brig. And, when it was all said and done, what did Rrowl care what some sniveling little ensign thought, anyway? Decision made, Rrowl ignored the woman as he would one of the subsentient females of his own species. As far as he was concerned, her opinion was worth about the same.

For his part, MacTavish responded to the flurry of conversation in typical Mac fashion. His teeth clenched as his steel-eyed gaze shifted from Lyvette to Rrowl and, then, over the rest of those packed into the tiny pod before he offered a scarcely perceptible nod. “Th’ pair o’ ye’re finished, then, aye,” he rumbled rhetorically, his gaze again ticking deliberately between the junior science officer and the TAC Chief, “Grand! Thank ye both vera much fer offerin’ up yer opinions ere I’d ev’n asked, aye?

Mester Rrowl,” he said, his eyes finding the Kziniti’s once more, “Ef ye believe fer one fargin’ second tha’ me first inclination were no’ tae try an lay this whole bloody mess a’ th’ Romulans’ doorstep, ye dinnae know me as well’s I thought ye might’ve, lad. Fairhtermore, ef ye think I’m gonna swallow tha’ lo’ o’ sap from th’ Centurion wi’oot s’much as sniffin’ th’ bottle from which she poured et, I’d say ye’ve lairned nothin’ from our years wairkin’ t’gether. Be that th’ case, Lieutenant Commander?” Mac smiled at Rrowl just then, challenging the kzinti to lie and tell him that, yes, Rrowl figured Mac had made a tactical blunder in his ‘soft handling’ of the communiqué from the Roms’ pod, “Ef so, I rec’mmend tha’ ye relieve me o’ me command ‘ere an’ now, aye?”

Rrowl, already agonizingly close the breaking point of his temper, found the Captain pushing him far beyond it. Jack MacTavish was smiling at him, knowing full well that Rrowl would read the bared teeth as a challenge. As if to leave no room for misinterpretation, the Scot outright questioned the knzinti's position, daring him to relieve the senior officer of command.

Rrowl's nostrils flared in intense frustration as every fiber of his muslces screamed for release. His tail thrashed widly behind him as the Captain made his points. Why should he not relieve MacTavish? The man had lost his ship, and had done so before the first shot had been fired. Such a commander would likely have taken his own life, were he kzinti; if not, the crew would certainly do it for him.

Then again, Rrowl pondered, if MacTavish did such a thing - or if he removed the human from command - Starfleet would lose an exceptionally qualified command officer, something which they could sorely afford. Rrowl knew MacTavish well enough to trust the man. He was also no fool - the Patriarch himself could not have prevented the desctruction of the Cerberus. There was no sense in pretending otherwise.

As quickly as the smile had appeared so, too, did it fade from the Captain’s face. “Per’aps ye’d’ve preferred me tae cut th’ Centurion off ere she p’rvided us wi’ the information – fenger pointin’ an’ smoke blowin’ aside – tha’ she did, aye? Give ‘er a reason, ef she’s no’ ‘ad one a’ready, tae truly cause some mischief?”

Breaking eye contact with the TAC Officer before he did so, so that the kzinti wouldn't take the gesture as a threatening one, Mac reached out a hand and clasped it to one of Rrowl’s massive shoulders. “There be a twistin’ of a sayin’ on Airth, Rrowl, older’n e’en Cameron, tha’ says ef yer gonna do th’ time, ye may’s well do th’ crime,” a tilting of his head towards the pod’s viewort directed the Kzinti’s gaze to where E-025 bobbed in the black, “Ef tha’ lo’ where ta think tha’ they were tae face some kind o’ lynchin’ b’cause o wha’s just ‘appened, lad, rather’n ‘avin’ a fair chance tae mount some sort o’ defense an’ pr’sent their own evidence tae suppairt et, whaddya think th’ chances o’ them floatin’ oot there an’ jus’ waitin’ fer it tae ‘appen’d be? Slim tae go’dam none, I figger… Ye know’s well’s I, Rrowl, ‘ow th’ Romulans thenk en situations like this… ef they truly thought they were done fer, they’d’ve no’ bothered ta repairt in’t all an’ mos’ likely’d’ve a’ready been tryin’ ta inch tha’ pod oota th’ fold an inta th’ arms o’ a waitin’ Warbaird.”

There was sense in MacTavish' words, so much more so than those of the well-intentioned, but terribly green, ensign. Slowly, the kzinti began to calm himself.

"Aye, captain. You are most likely correct that the Centurion is not behind this sabotage," Rrowl answered. " Forgive me, sir, if I am not ready to decide that the Romulans are still anything but prime suspects for this. If not her, it could easily be one of her underlings, sent to discredit her - and thus, the Roomulan Star Empire - and to rekindle hostilities between our governments."

Stardate: 2374.09.06
USS Charon – Mess Hall – 1330 hours

Transport aboard the Charon had gone uneventfully, as far as Rrowl was concerned. He had noticed none of the usual stares that he would typically receive from Starfleet personnel; curious, but unimportant. Quick medical and security scans had been performed, but since he had been the CTO of the Cerberus, and was in excellent health, it was a mere formality.

Rrowl found himself standing with MacTavish and Cameron (OOC: and any other ranking officers I may have missed). Soon, he would have the chance for an emotional reuniting with Captain Gavison, whom he had also served under.

Rrowl's ears flickered in silent mirth; Gavison had never particularly liked him, a feeling that had been mutual. As XO of the Discovery, Gavison had been a nitpicking, pompous, self-important, by-the-book stickler, and Rrowl had gotten the message early on that the kzinti did not fit the man's vision of Starfleet.

Of course, word was that he had drastically changed since those days; the death of his family had scarred him even worse than his face supposedly was. If one believed gossip and reports, Kelsey Gavison was now a spectre of death, existing only to deal misery to the Dominion. If that was indeed the case, Rrowl decided that the two of them might find each other's company much more agreeable this time around.

The doors opened, admitting the command brass of the Charon - Captain Gavison, another human that would be Commander Fletcher, and a brown-furred abomination that had to be the ship's Lyran CTO. Rrowl had prepared himself for the sight of one of his ancestral enemies; for some reason (perhaps the close proximity of the hated Romulans), the sight of the ugly beast prompted a shot of adrenaline, but no no other reaction that Rrowl couldn't control.

The poorly disciplined Lyran, on the other hand, began growling the instant that he spotted Rrowl, and allowed his hand to drift towards his phaser - a motion that was not lost on the kzinti. For his part, Rrowl carefully sniffed the air and raised his muzzle slightly, but otherwise, held his gaze impassively.

Rrowl mimicked the human gesture of a smile, careful to keep his teeth hidden behind his lips, knowing full well that his own mannerisms reflected not only on himself, but on his captain and on his ship. The monkeys seemed to value self control, and over the years, Rrowl had learned to appreciate the value therein. Naturally, he would gladly welcome the opportunity to gut this vermin here and now, but this was neither the time nor the place.

Instead, Rrowl gave a small yawn, and simply stood his ground, awaiting introductions from the two captains.

OOC: Rrowl will not back down should Talon insist on issuing a challenge, but he will refrain from threats of his own until such time.

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 21:30:15.
Edited on 2008-07-21 at 21:33:14 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: no hard feelings

nothing personal in my Fletcher post, YeOlde. I know that Talon pushes the envelope of what Klingons would consider bad manners, but this time, he pushed Fletcher a bit too far.

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 14:56:53.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: insubordination

Stardate: 2374.09.06
USS Charon - Bridge – 12:33

Commander Fletcher stared out into the dark of space and allowed his mind to wander to thoughts of escape pods, and more.

Perhaps Miranda was trapped aboard one of these metallic bubbles, herself. Even though he had known for a couple of days at this point, Jonathon's mind refused to fully accept the fact that she was gone. After all, he reasoned, there had been no report of a vessel being dispatched to check the scene for survivors... perhaps there was still a chance.

Of course, he knew that such thoughts were futile. The reason there hadn't been a S&R mission was that there was no point. Had Starfleet had any reason to believe there might have been survivors, a ship would have been dispatched post haste, just as the Charon had been. Miranda was dead; he'd have to accept that fact.

So lost was Jonathon in his own thoughts that, for a moment, he didn't process what Commander Talon was saying.

"SIR!", the Lyran stated forcefully, “I insist on full security details on all survivors. They should be quarantined until a full security and medical sweep is complete. I have assigned details to the Medical Bay, Transporter rooms, and docking bays. We must keep them contained until we find out what happened.”

Try as he might, Jonathon did not particularly like Commander Talon. The Lyran was agressive, impetuous, and brutally cruel. Had he entered the Academy under any other set of circumstances, Jonathon was quite certain he would have washed out long ago - but as it was, he'd apparently been passed through in some sort of misguided attempt at proving the Federation's dedication to species diversity.

Not to say that he wasn't a competant, even brilliant, officer; on their last mission, it had been Talon that had saved the Charon and everyone aboard. Even so, Jonathon knew well that there was a reason the savage Talon had been assigned to this ship - were he lost in battle, Starfleet would not weep.

"Mister Talon," Fletcher answered, "I never suggested that the survivors would not go through security screening. I am aware of the captain's orders. That being said, these people are our comrades, our brethren in arms - these are NOT enemies, nor are they prisoners of war. For God's sake, man, they were assigned the same mission as us! Screen them, ask questions of those that you feel deserve it, keep an eye on those that may warrant it, but they will be treated with the respect that they deserve."

The last was not a question.

Then, it happened. Talon cited that security was his responsibility, and that he would do what he felt was necessary.

Commander Fletcher was normally a reserved, quiet man. Much as he disliked the CTO's mannerisms, he could not argue with the results, so he normally let the Lyran's brutality and general unappealing nature slide. Today, though, the Charon's XO had had enough.

"Belay that nonsense!" he bellowed, coming to his feet from the captain's chair. "You will follow orders, Mister Talon - THAT is what you will do! Computer," Fletcher barked, "how many crew members are currently serving aboard the Charon?"

=/\= The USS Charon currently has fifty-six active crew. =/\= came the computer's feminine reply.

Fletcher leveled his gaze at Talon and spoke in an icy tone. "Short of setting up a force field in the cargo hold and keeping all of the Cerberus' crew prisoner within, how do you propose on keeping full security details on eighty-odd survivors? Will you assign each member of this crew a survivor or two to watch around the clock?"

The Charon's XO cuts off any attempt at a reply.

"Set up your scans. Do your duty. But you make sure to treat these people with respect. Acknowledge my order, Lieutenant Commander, or I will relieve you of your post this instant and have you escorted to the brig. Do I make myself understood?"

OOC: assuming an affirmative reply

"Very well," Fletcher replied. "Get off my bridge, Mister Talon. I don't want to see your face again until you have a complete report on all surviors in your hand."

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 14:50:24.
Edited on 2008-07-21 at 17:28:00 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: kitty

I still owe a Rrowl post.

Posted on 2008-07-18 at 20:16:52.

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