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Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: answers to OOCs

1) Is there anything of interest in this room? i.e. Fire extinguishers, lighting, tables, chairs, bookcases, etc.

When you say "this room", do you mean 15?

Room 15 is a Y-shaped intersection. The typical fluorescent lighting runs alon gthe ceilings. No other objects of interest - cold, impersonal, metal walls. As descibed before, there are quite a few bullet holes int he walls, and it stinks of dead flesh.

It appears that two bodies were dragged into the observatory from here; bloody boot and foot prints lead in all three directions.

Room 16 is the observatory. See the game thread for a description.

2) How does the door open to the next area? (the area between 15 and 19) Is it currently open?

There is a door that seals this access hall off from the main garage building. Please see the map graphic for the placement of the door.

A short hallway (no number on the map) connects room 15 (Y intersection) with room 19 (garage), and one more door sits at the end.

Unless otherwise specified, all doors in ARF36 close automatically (spring-loaded arms). Due to that fact, the door you asked about is closed; presumably, the one on the garage wall is, as well.

The doors open door handles?

Vesper: unless I speficy something of yours is damaged, assume combat damage is abstract, ala D&D.

Posted on 2007-12-18 at 16:15:23.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: agreed

Some how, some way, Arien was spared death, despite being engulfed by unholy flames. Immediately, the knight murmured thanks to Hieroneus, not only for his own life, but for the chance yet to rescue Alloryn and to complete the quest.

While concerned for the health of his companions, Arien did not seem overly preturbed that the Green whom he had argued to spare had, in fact, eseentially proved Maximus' point. The knight shrugged it off; evildoers would comport themselves in evil, dishoborable ways; there was little that could be done about that. This fact alone did not absolve the good from acting honorably, however - to the contrary, it made such behavior all the more important. Though wounded, it appeared that the gladiator would live, which was in and of itself proof from the gods that they rewarded doing the right thing.

The two casters went invisible, a trick that Arien knew gave his enemies a serious advantage. If it were the same spell Alloryn often used, they would become visible once more the next time they attacked, but the knight had already seen (and felt) the sort of chaos they could invoke. It would not do to allow them to pick their moment.

"Jal, Adrian!" Arien called. "Do you have anything to make them seen once more?" Blazing sword in hand, Arien rushed to the spot where the two were last visible. Most spells took at least some time to complete, and the knight hoped that he could strike (and interrupt) one or both of the casters before their incantations were complete.

Posted on 2007-12-17 at 17:38:42.
Edited on 2007-12-18 at 15:14:40 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: monkeys and monkeysuits

I'm not sure what kzinti-andorian relations have been like, but I know that kzin-human interactions have been less than positive (WAR!!!).

Andorians are known to be agressive and warlike, so Rrowl may well dislie them far less than he does the monkeys.

As for attire - dress uniform would be expected, I would think, unless the cap'n says otherwise. *sigh*

Posted on 2007-12-13 at 22:23:30.

Topic: Olan's baby photobucket
Subject: cocker spaniels

Yeah... my daughter's running commentary about the dogs on television kinda spoils it a touch...

Posted on 2007-12-13 at 14:17:00.

Topic: Star Trek: Operation Persephone
Subject: meeting the captain and the chief geek

Stardate: 2374.08.31
USS Cerberus – Bridge – 1040 hours

Rrowl had continued to stew all the way to his meeting with the captain. The arrogance of the Romulan centurion, that she would dare to order him to do anything, had thrown additional fuel on the flames of his hatred for her and her species. At the very least, she deserved to be backhanded to the ground, to be put in her proper place, but such an action would only end with himself relieved of duty before the mission even began.

Frustrated, Rrowl punched the entry chime, and entered after the captain had granted permission.

“Reporting as ordered, Captain,” Rrowl snarled as the hatch closed behind him. The TAC officer did notice that MacTavish had donned the command reds, and now looked the part of a commanding officer.

The Scotsman explained the Romulan situation without making excuses – a personality trait Rrowl had always admired in the man. For some reason, most monkeys seemed intent on deflecting responsibility no matter the situation, and it irritated the kzinti to no end. When MacTavish used kzinti terminology to describe the virtual ambush that the Romulan situation truly was, Rrowl found himself beginning to calm, and he accepted the captain’s invitation to sit.

“Ye an’ I share th’ same opinions on our vesitors from th’ RSE, Rrowl. Tha’ said, I’m no’ e’en goin’ ta bother askin’ whether ye’ve got ‘em squared away where yer department’s consairned,” the captain stated.

“You are correct, captain,” Rrowl answered. Everything that was possible was already being done to keep tabs on their “visitors” – and both officers were well aware of that fact. Rrowl wouldn’t have been surprised in the least if MacTavish had already tapped into the security feeds himself.

“… so, ef e’en th’ most junior-rankin’ Rom makes a misstep, Rrowl, I wan’ ever’ bloody one of ‘em locked doon ‘til we’ve decided whether dumpin’ th’ entire lot of ‘em inta space is called fer er if we’d be wiser ta be more… ah… selective. Am I clear on tha’?”

Rrowl bared his teeth for a moment and allowed his ears to flatten briefly. “Perfectly clear, captain.” He would relish the opportunity to at the very least toss the lot of the Romulans into Cerberus’ brig, and there was little point in pretending otherwise.

The captain then went on to refer to Rrowl as a friend, a term that the kzinti found rarely (if ever) applied to him by one of the monkeys, then informed his TAC that he had shared the needed intel with him.

“Disseminate tha’ information ta Intel an’ Security as ye deem appropriate, aye?”

“Aye, captain,” Rrowl answered. It was the only thing to say.

“A’right, then, Lt Commander Rrowl,” MacTavish said, “now tha’ I’ve unloaded tha’ bit o’ sunshine on yer fuzzy ‘ead, I’ve also decided tha’ designate ye as Cerberus’ 2O. Fleet’d recommended our Ops Chief fer this slot but, given tha’ I’ve lairned their recommendations get Romulan’s posted ta me boat an’ tha’ I’d trust TAC ta blow th’ ship ere some Nancy-pants monkey-boy from Ops would were it ta come ta tha’, et’s yers. Any questions, lad?”

For once, Rrowl was caught off guard. He had served in Starfleet for nineteen years, but had never once come close to a posting that placed him in a ship’s chain of command. Whenever he allowed himself to dwell on that fact, it stung more than a little – Rrowl knew well that were he still in the Hegemony, he’d have long since had his own command. Unfortunately, his aggressive personality and warlike philosophies had pretty much ensured that the kzinti would never progress in Starfleet beyond a department head posting.

Rrowl wasn’t so modest as to pretend that he didn’t think he deserved the job; MacTavish’s assessment was dead on. Were circumstances to somehow call for Rrowl to take command of the Cerberus, the kzinti would insure that she completed her mission or that she were destroyed in the process; there would be no surrender. Still, he was surprised to be properly recognized.

“None, sir,” Rrowl answered as his tail-tip lashed. “I am honored by your choice, captain – I will not let you down.”

MacTavish extricated himself from his seat, then, and made his way around the desk as Rrowl followed suit. “I’m sure ye’ve go’ better ta do than shed on me chair an’ listen ta me fallin’ off a’ th’ gob,” he smirked, extending a hand to the monstrous Kzinti, “So I’ll let ye to it.”

He released the Kzinti’s massive paw and offered another nod as Rrowl turned to take his leave. “I appreciate yer restraint inna transpairter room, Rug,” Mac added, a hint of an amused tone evident in his voice, “I know tha’ could’nae’ve been easy fer ye. If ye feel et’s e’er gettin’ the better o’ ye, lemme know an’ we c’n wairk through those frustrations inna match er two…”

Rrowl allowed his ears to flicker in humor at the captain’s jibes at his own expense. Many men might find themselves nursing a broken limb for such insults, regardless of the intent, but MacTavish had long ago earned Rrowl’s respect, and the kzinti was able to take the jokes in the spirit they were intended. “I would be honored to take you up on that offer, captain,” Rrowl answered, “but first, perhaps we should determine the skill of our ship’s doctor. I doubt it would do my service record any good to be the cause of Starfleet having to find a replacement commanding officer for this vessel while you recover.”

OOC: any response, if you like, assuming something good natured, if anything at all

The newly appointed second officer of the Cerberus gave a salute, then returned to his duties.


USS Cerberus – Bridge – 1215 hours

A human male lieutenant in science blues stepped off of the turbolift as Rrowl prepared to board it. From the way he stared at the TAC, Rrowl wondered if perhaps the man was going to ask for a sampling of his fur or somesuch. Instead, he stuck out a hand in one of the monkeys’ typical gestures of greeting.

“Royelle Solus … Good evening, lieutenant commander ………” Solus stated, presumably looking for a name.

“Rrowl,” the kzinti answered in a deep, growling voice. “I am the Cerberus’ chief tactical officer… and second officer.”

“I look forward to working with you. I am the CSO newly assigned to the Cerberus. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask,” the man responded.

At least he doesn’t cow, Rrowl noted with approval. Though what he thinks I will need from him on a covert military mission, I am unsure. Still, Rrowl tried to play nice, as the monkeys seemed to expect.

“Thank you, lieutenant,” Rrowl replied. “Welcome aboard the Cerberus.”

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 20:16:58.
Edited on 2007-12-12 at 20:21:43 by t_catt11

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell
Subject: the hard way,perhaps?

May 9th, 2025 - 0051
Observatory, Antarctic Research Facility 36, Antarctica

Kernan tries to talk the soldiers down. He calls out names on the roster in an effort to possibly diffuse the situation. His efforts do at least get a reaction.

"Eltee," one of the soldiers calls, "Corporal Mark Fields here. Most of your names do sound right, I'll give you that... but I never knew Colonel Giles was a doctor. But man, we've seen some crazy shit here the past few days - and like I told you, sir, there ain't been any rangers in the U.S. army for at least ten years."

The voice wavers for a moment, then hardens. "Sir, we ain't layin' down our guns. If you or your team step foot back in this room, we will shoot to kill. You wanna talk, you lay down your guns, slide 'em in here, then we talk. Otherwise, get the hell outta here before we chuck a frag or two in that hallway with you. Sir."

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 19:25:53.
Edited on 2007-12-12 at 19:27:59 by t_catt11

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: okay then

go east, then east once more

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 17:34:52.

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: yay loot!

Take the items. Search under the mattress.

Look out the window!

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 17:20:05.

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: why not

search the room.

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 17:00:06.

Topic: Olan's baby photobucket
Subject: my first

...real try using YouTube. It's actually a pretty cool service.

**is waaaay late to the party**

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 16:40:44.

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: explore!

Let's use the old adventurer's rule... "left is right." since we are facing north, left would be west.

Go west, young man!

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 16:36:30.
Edited on 2007-12-12 at 16:36:48 by t_catt11

Topic: The Guiding Light
Subject: hanging the laundry

13th Pfier (Valday), 452 E.R.

The unadulterated evil witnessed here at the lighthouse sickens everyone, and is almost enough to drive Varuna over the edge. Fortunately, En'Aranthea intercedes, and the cleric decides to reconsider his actions. The pirate is spared for the time being, and Varuna stops just short of breaking his vows.

The man goes pale and clammy when he thinks that he will die for his crimes, but regains his color quickly enough when he realizes that he will not. Wisely, he does elect to hold his tongue, and offers no more commentary.

Prayers are offered up over the bodies of the murdered innocents. However, the party is still left with the decision of how to proceed from here.

DM's note: I need to know where you guys are going, and how. Do you intend to do anything else at the lighthouse? The bodies have been prayed over. Do you intend to do anything with them now? Will you proceed towards the pirate camp? If so, how?

What's on your grocery list?

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 15:36:19.
Edited on 2007-12-12 at 16:41:10 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Charon Staff Fulfillment
Subject: CMO

I posted a partial bio for the Charon's new CMO (played by Vorrioch) into the roster.

Please note that the personal details there are not character knowledge - they are simply provided for your reading enjoyment. For obvious reasons, Hamilton would probably prefer to keep much of it to himself.

Posted on 2007-12-12 at 15:25:29.

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: other people can play...

Let's go north to the cottage.

Posted on 2007-12-11 at 19:36:40.

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: mmkay.

Let's pick a flower.

Open gate.

If locked, try the key.

Posted on 2007-12-11 at 19:22:41.

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: okay

inventory, then examine flowers.

Posted on 2007-12-11 at 19:12:23.
Edited on 2007-12-11 at 19:12:33 by t_catt11

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: well, as stated...


Posted on 2007-12-11 at 19:07:17.

Topic: Return To Zork
Subject: ah, but of course..

Do we type out our thoughts, or just the good old keyboard input "N"?

Posted on 2007-12-11 at 18:20:11.

Topic: Olan's baby photobucket
Subject: a video clip...

Noah began laughing last night. We missed some of the very best, but still got a minute or so of adorable footage.

He has giggled before, but this was the very first actual laugh. Apparently, peek a boo is hilarious.

Posted on 2007-12-11 at 17:37:28.
Edited on 2007-12-11 at 17:45:50 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: Operation:Persephone - Q&A
Subject: ops...

I also stubbed in an entry for Lt (jg) Dixon in Ops... feel free to user her, if you like.

Skimming the roster, looks great (way more detail than we'll probably ever use... just the way I like it!), Kaelyn. When I get a chance to dive further, I'll let ya know if I see anything else.

Posted on 2007-12-10 at 14:57:45.

Topic: Star Trek: Cerberus Recruitment
Subject: *blink*

How come Oko does not post for herself, if she's interested in playing?

Posted on 2007-12-07 at 17:34:46.

Topic: Star Trek: Cerberus Recruitment
Subject: nice crew!

The Cerberus could still use a Chief ops officer, but it looks like we have all of our other department heads. Naturally, we'd still love to have other players IN those departments, if anyone is interested...

Posted on 2007-12-07 at 16:20:57.

Topic: Star Trek: Charon Staff Fulfillment
Subject: hrm

We really still need a CONN/OPS person - i.e. a helmsman. Vorrioch is interested in chief medical, and I'm thinking that Fletcher might play the role of chief science, as well.

but we really could use CONN/OPS.

Posted on 2007-12-07 at 16:19:48.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: whooops!

sorry I missed that, Vanny. Yes, Charlie has access to the roster. Also, see my earlier post - there was a printed duty roster in one of the bunkrooms, plus a greaseboard with a shift rotation written there.

Posted on 2007-12-07 at 14:22:18.

Topic: A Cold Day in Hell Q&A
Subject: whoops!

Tann, moved your post to the right thread (you had it in Guiding Light Q&A).

Well, since you guys ARE rangers, I'd say they exist in the game's timeframe. Last time you were there (less than a day ago) Fort Benning was alive and well.

Posted on 2007-12-06 at 22:39:53.

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