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Topic: Tiamat is back
Subject: sweet

The return of Tiamat is a good day.

Posted on 2012-12-03 at 15:05:28.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: post coming

Sorry, folks. Holidays and work have killed me. Post coming!

Posted on 2012-11-28 at 00:36:04.

Topic: RDI Newb
Subject: 2e?

Heh... you must be an old timer, like myself.

Welcome to the Inn!

Posted on 2012-11-27 at 19:22:07.

Topic: Letters from Santa!
Subject: bumpity bump bump!

Just a little bump to remind you that the window for ordering a special letter from Santa will close in a couple of weeks.

I would personally appreciate it if our Innmates would share the link on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.


Posted on 2012-11-27 at 18:40:29.

Topic: Postima Disappearica
Subject: nice!

Once a week isn't great... but it's way better than nothing!

Posted on 2012-11-21 at 14:28:00.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: ack

Hope all is well with your sister, Celeste. Thanks for letting us know.

Keeping your spot warm!

Posted on 2012-11-21 at 01:28:24.

Topic: I'm baaaaaack!
Subject: sweet!


Welcome back!

Go post to Paranoia.

Posted on 2012-11-21 at 01:27:48.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: .

Just her reaction. Doesn't have to be vocal - she may feel that she has nothing to add. Does she see the value in such drills? Does she think Blair is a tool for doing it and injuring a few people? Does she agree with his explanation, disagree, think he didn't owe one to begin with?

Answer these - or none of them. Just feeding ideas that apply to anyone at the meeting.

Posted on 2012-11-19 at 23:09:44.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: nice posting

Good to see the activity, folks.

SilentOne - only thing I'd suggest is what, if any, thought the doc had about the meeting/Blari's attitude/the whole sim situation.

I think the only person we're absolutely waiting on is Celeste. I understand that her situation is better but not quite settled. If it'll be a long break, I'll go ahead and post.

Posted on 2012-11-19 at 21:59:32.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: nah

Not short at all. Not every post has to be a full novella.

Posted on 2012-11-16 at 14:58:14.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: wow

No posts at all yet, following our previous "post-asplosion"?

If the meeting format is not something you folks care to deal with, I can bump things along a bit. Just let me know.

Posted on 2012-11-15 at 19:36:09.
Edited on 2012-11-15 at 20:43:40 by t_catt11

Topic: Letters from Santa!
Subject: Letters from Santa!

Every year, I help Santa to deliver letters to children all over the US and Canada. I'm happy to be doing it again this year.

If you have kids - or know someone who does - I hope that you'll check this out (or let them know about it, as the case may be): Santa 4 Me personalized Christmas letters.

For $7.95, the child gets a personal letter from Santa that highlights some of their accomplishments through the year, as well as touches on some of the things they might like for Christmas. Letters are printed on nice holiday stationary and signd by Santa himself. You can also add on an official nice list certificate or a bag of magic reindeer food.

Orders received by December 12th are routed through Santa Claus, Indiana, and receive this year's commemorative postmark.

Letters are available in traditional and religious themes, and there are also baby's first Christmas letters, grownup letter, even letters for pets.

This is always a fun thing for me, so again, I hope you will check it out. Please feel free to share the link.

Posted on 2012-11-14 at 21:09:51.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: .

I realized that I had left out one person that I intended for Blair to address, and since no one else has posted yet (also: GM fiat), I have edited my post to include it.

Ody - just a note, but while Starfleet does have SpecOps, the Dicovery wouldn't carry these. That doesn't mean that you don't have certain members with specialized training, but we don't have any commandoes on board.

Posted on 2012-11-14 at 16:26:49.
Edited on 2012-11-14 at 16:28:32 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: heh

If Mac had just had something real to shoot, it would have been worth it, aye?

Posted on 2012-11-13 at 15:09:54.

Topic: Postima Disappearica
Subject: oi

Sorry to hear about your sucky situation, but glad that it's improving.

Hang in there. We'll keep a spot warm for you.

Posted on 2012-11-13 at 14:28:42.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: there we go

Okay, meeting post is up.

Teller, I expect that the counselor is going to want to stay after the meeting to discuss things with the Captain. If so, that's fine.

If anyone else wants to interact with Blair, go for it.

Posted on 2012-11-13 at 04:37:41.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: staff meeting

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, Observation Lounge - 0745

Captain Blair, as he so often did, stared out through the viewscreen into space as he allowed his mind to wander through the upcoming meeting. For one final time, he pondered the proper position to take with his senior officers.

On the one hand, he was sorely tempted to refuse any sort of explanation whatsoever. After all, he was the Captain; if he felt it necessary to run drills, it was his right to do so, and none of them had any sort of standing to challenge his decision. There was something to be said for maintaining a certain amount of detachment, of aloofness, from the crew.

However, that was not Blair's way; it never had been, nor would it ever be. He valued this input of his officers, and made it a point to always consider what they had to say - even if he ultimately chose to act contrary to their recommendations.

And so, whenever practical, Blair made it a point to keep his senior staff informed. This time would be no different.


The department heads began filtering in shortly after Blair made his decision, and though he acknowledged each of them with a nod or a short reply to any verbal greetings, he otherwise kept his silence. He was not rude, but the Captain stood at the far end of the lounge, and by his body language, discouraged any potential idle chichat. He made mental notes of the varous dispositions of his staff, particularly of those who seemed less than pleased with the situation.

(assuming that everyone arrives on time)

Once all of the officers had arrived and made their was to their seats at the table, the Captain did the same.

"Good morning," he began. "Thank you all for coming. I trust that everyone is recovering from any bumps or bruises?"

(assuming no more than a polite response)

Blair nodded. "Good, then. "

Never one for meaningless subtleties, the Captain launched right to the heart of the matter. "As you all know, I ordered this morning's drill. It was a desperate - more than that, a hopeless - situation, which is what I frankly asked for. I am fully aware that this is not the sort of thing that is popular with the crew, and while I can understand that fact, I will calmly tell you now that I do not care."

He paused for a moment, letting that statement hang in the air.

(assuming no interjections)

"As you all realize, our recent missions have kept us very close to the Neutral Zone, and from all indications, that will not be changing anytime soon. It would appear that Starfleet feels that having a Galaxy class vessel so close will be a deterrant to any Romulan activities." The Captain paused for a moment. "Add in the fact that must now always be vigilant of a far greater threat - that of the Borg - and you may begin to understand, if not agree with, my decision. As it stands today, the Federation may face more threats than at any point in its entire history."

Blair made eye contact with each of the senior staff. "The fact is that crises often arrive when we least expect them, and are least prepared to deal with them. Therefore, I wanted a dry run to gauge the sort of reaction that this crew would have to such a crisis. Holo simulations have their place, but a training excercise, no matter how well constructed, can only teach so much - in the back of your mind, you know that the drill will end, that all will be well. If the crew faces what they believe to be a true disaster, we get a better look at how we will truly face despair and death... we learn our true measure."

Again the Captain paused, letting the staff process his words. "In short, I was very pleased with our crew. No one gave up; everyone continued to strive for a solution, to give their all. No one can ask for more than a person's best effort."

"With that being said," Blair continued, "I believe that we have room to improve. I want each of you to honestly assess your departments. Find out who did a good job - and who could improve. Figure out if there was anything that we could have done better. Small improvements could save lives, and avoiding mistakes could prevent disaster. I have no intention of making these sort of drills commonplace, but I want the crew to be as prepared as I can possibly accomplish. I will gladly trade a few minor injuries and hurt feelings for even one life, and I will not apologize for that position. I trust that you can all appreciate that."

(again assuming no dissention. If so, we'll edit)

"I expect a full departmental report from each of you by the end of the day. Commander Pantanko, I trust that we are still on schedule to have full warp drive today?"

(assuming affirmatives and such)

Blair nodded. "Excellent. Lack of warp drive gives me a stranded feeling. I'll be glad to be done with that."

The Captain next turned his attention to the CSO. "Lieutenant Leiran, I want to commend you for your ingenuity during our simulation. I would like for you to research this concept fully - if it proves fruitful, this could be an invaluable tool for Starfleet."

(assuming no argument)

He looked around the room. "Do any of you have anything to ask or add?"

(if anything, post it here. Assuming nothing to change the flow of things.)

"Very well," the Captain concluded. "Dismissed."

Posted on 2012-11-13 at 04:35:47.
Edited on 2012-11-14 at 16:25:00 by t_catt11

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: wow

Episode 5 was pretty heavy. Holy crap, Rick!

Michonne became slightly more interesting. Slightly. Of course, she also appeared to be even more of a munchkin combat monster, too.

Posted on 2012-11-12 at 19:50:49.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: sweet

Nice to see you, Celeste! PM coming your way.

Posted on 2012-11-11 at 17:21:50.

Topic: Bored!
Subject: well

I have had a massive deadline week this week. I should get back to a more normal schedule next week.

I'm sitting on half a post right now.

Posted on 2012-11-09 at 19:46:30.

Topic: Joined the Inn!
Subject: hey!

Welcome to the Inn!

Posted on 2012-11-07 at 15:18:34.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: update

I've had a couple of days of deadlines that are just killing me. I should post the meeting intro tomorrow (Wednesday).

Posted on 2012-11-06 at 22:00:51.

Topic: Celeste in absentia
Subject: .

Looking forward to her return. We need our Chief Engineer!

Posted on 2012-11-06 at 19:25:01.

Topic: Keep us in your thoughts, please.
Subject: ...

I am so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers go to you and your family.

Posted on 2012-11-06 at 04:33:26.

Topic: New Season of Walking Dead!
Subject: no kidding

That episode just shook everything up. Holy freaking cow.

Nice break from the snoozer that was last week.

Posted on 2012-11-05 at 16:33:34.


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