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Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: awesome

Love to see progress, and so happy to have you with us, Amara!

Posted on 2016-03-26 at 23:32:30.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: ding ding ding!

Brennus is correct!

Well, I mean, c'mon. If we just showed up, escorted the Coronado, and everything went smoothly... it wouldn't be much of an adventure, would it?

As for what's in store... hopefully, everyone will enjoy it.

Posted on 2016-03-25 at 16:53:35.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: yep!

Hopefully, this will provide some all around fun.

Posted on 2016-03-25 at 14:04:54.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: okay

I think that I made it more or less by lunchtime. Enjoy.

Posted on 2016-03-25 at 13:08:31.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: Not exactly according to plan...

Stardate 2365.02.08
Starbase 118, Conference Room A3 - 0745

As Silas and Tochi sat in full dress uniform in the otherwise empty conference room, the CO of the Peregrine allowed his thoughts to wander for a moment. He had met two of his three new department heads; Doc Moore seemed a grounded, friendly officer. Lieutenant Berk had been effusive in his praise of his Captain... almost to the point of flattery, which had made Silas a bit uncomfortable. However, he resolved to make no judgment yet; he well remembered the jitters that came with meeting a CO for the first time. Indeed, he had many of those same butterflies himself at the moment while he waited for Jacobs and the diplomats to show.

Drake was more than a little concerned that he had yet to hear from Lieutenant Tetsuku, the officer slotted to be his new Ops Chief. He knew full well that they would not tarry long before leaving the starbase after this meeting, and the stress of having such a vital department without a head was beginning to wear on him.

Even though the meeting was scheduled for 0800, Silas had possessed zero intention of showing up at that time; as far as he was concerned, being on time would have been the equivalent of being rather late. It seemed that Tochi had read his mind; at 0715, Ensign P'Tammah had entered the bridge to relieve Lt. Zai for his meeting. The Trill had simply arched an eyebrow, offered a "shall we?", and off they had gone.

As frustrated as Drake was at the forced turnover of his crew, he thanked his lucky stars that Starfleet had not yet seen fit to take Lieutenant Zai from him. In just a few short months, the two had developed an excellent rapport; Tochi always seemed to know what Silas was expecting in a given situation, and always seemed to be prepared. The crew respected him and responded well to him; one day, Tochi himself would make a fine commanding officer.

Sadly, the overall happy musings were quickly throw into discord as the door hissed open to admit Captain Jacobs and his own XO. "Mister Drake," he spoke by way of greeting. Silas felt his teeth clench as he rose to greet the incoming mission commander. For a brief moment, Jacobs' eyes flitted over to Lieutenant Zai before returning to Drake. "Your own executive officer is a lieutenant?" he asked, disdain dripping from every syllable.

Silas refused to take the bait and kept his voice even. "On a Saber class vessel, we have a shortage of senior ranking officers," he responded. "Fortunately for us, Lieutenant Zai is as fine an officer as I have had the pleasure to serve with."

Captain Jacobs' face avoided a sneer, but his voice did not. "Indeed," he offered before idly indicating the woman to his left. "This is Commander Farr, my own Executive Officer."

The tall woman, who looked to be in her late thirties, with short brown hair and brown eyes, greeted the two Peregrine officers with more warmth than did her Captain. She stepped forward and extended a hand to each. "Bethany Farr. A pleasure to meet you gentlemen."

Silas thought that he detected a shadow of disapproval on Jacobs' face as he shook her hand, but he could have easily been imagining it. "The pleasure is ours, Commander," he replied.

Jacobs cleared his throat and spoke up in his derisive tone. "Drake, you are here because the diplomats have requested to meet the commanders of each vessel - not for your silver tongue. You will answer questions if the diplomats direct any to you, but otherwise, you will speak only if spoken to. At all times, you will show proper deference to the chain of command. Do I make myself clear?"

Silas swallowed. "Crystal, sir."

Fortunately, any possibility of further small talk was cut short by the entrance of the two diplomats.

The first to enter was a tall, thin humanoid with skin of a slightly orangeish tone. The top of his head was bald and partially ridged, though he wore wavy yellowish hair down nearly to his collar. His clothing consisted of simple, flowing robes of white. Silas immediately recognized Ambassador Threel of the Rytain from the homework he had been doing.

Directly behind came a shorter, bulkier being. His grayish skin seemed rather scaly, and his stringy hair - a purple nearly dark enough to almost be considered black - came to his jaw. His clothing, by contrast, was fare more utilitarian, brown breeches and a tunic that appeared to have metal plates woven into them. This would be Ambassador D'Lar of the Kuldar.

The ambassadors stood a couple of spans apart, but both faced the Federation officers. After exchanging greetings, Threel posed a query.

"I had thought that we would be meeting the Captains of both Federation ships. Why does only one of you bear the rank insignia of a Captain?" he asked in what might have been perceived as a disinterested tone.

Jacobs shot a sideways glace at Drake before answering. "I am the Captain of the USS Coronado; Commander Drake is the Captain of the USS Peregrine," he explained.

"Interesting," replied Threel. "So, Commander Drake - or is it Captain? Which is it? How is this possible?"

Feeling Jacobs' eyes fixed on him, Silas smiled. "Both are technically correct, Ambassador. While it is true that captain is a rank, and I am a commander, it is also true that the commanding officer of a Federation starship is always referred to as 'Captain'. One is a position, one is a rank. I hold the first, though not the second."

Threel nodded, appearing mollified by the explanation. "Thank you for clearing up the confusion," he responded.

Silas smiled politely. "Of course."

So far, so good, Silas mused. The Ambassadors discussed the itinerary with Jacobs, before changing the subject to the various diplomatic staff and their needs. It seemed that everything was all but decided when D'Lar spoke up.

"Commander Drake," he asked in a gruff, no nonsense tone, "is it not true that you are in command of the superior vessel?"

Silas was caught completely off guard by the query, and Jacobs attempted to interrupt. "Now, Ambassador, the Peregrine is here for escort purposes only; our diplomatic facilities aboard the Coronado are far superior..."

D'Lar cut him off with an irritated gesture. "That is not what I asked, nor was I speaking to you. I ask again, Commander Drake - is it not true that you are in command of the superior vessel?"

Silas cleared his throat and chose his words carefully, ignoring the look of insulted shock on Jacobs' face. "It is true, Ambassador, that the Peregrine has greater combat capabilities than does the Coronado. But the Coronado is larger, her accommodations are much more extensive, and..."

D'Lar cut him off. "That is what I thought. I would travel on the stronger vessel; strength for my strength. I will take my berth aboard the Peregrine, Commander. My staff may follow on the Coronado."

Jacobs gaped like a fish out of water and began to sputter a response when Threel spoke up. "Let it not be said that any Kuldar will gain face in this matter. I will also take my berth aboard the Peregrine. When do we leave?"

Silas nodded. "As you wish, ambassadors. I will have quarters prepared for you at once."

Nearly shaking with rage, Jacobs cut in. "We are scheduled to depart at thirteen hundred hours," he seethed.

Threel smiled. "Very well, captain. See to it that my staff is taken care of; I will greet you next at Gamera III. Commander Drake, I will have my things brought to your ship." With that the ambassador gave a smile, then turned to leave.

D'Lar grinned wolfishly. "I will bring my own things to your ship, commander. Likewise, captain, I expect you to see to my own staff." He also left, and momentarily, the conference room contained only the four Federation officers.

Jacobs burned in silent fury for a moment, and seemed to be looking for words; Drake took the opportunity to key his commbadge. "Drake to Lieutenant Moriden. Lieutenant, we have a change of plans - we need two diplomatic suites prepared immediately, one for each of the Kuldar and Rytain ambassadors. Be sure to tailor everything as closely as possible for their preferences."

The response came swiftly. =/= Aye, sir. ~~wheeze~~ I'm on it now. =/=

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Drake out." With that Silas met Captain Jacobs' gaze. "Do you have any orders, sir?"

His lips tight in anger, Jacobs shook his head before speaking slowly and pointedly. "Do not screw this up, Mister Drake."

Silas nodded, unable to keep a smile from tugging at the corner of his mouth despite the tension from the situation.

"Dismissed," Jacobs spat as he spun and stalked out of the conference room.

Posted on 2016-03-25 at 13:07:46.
Edited on 2016-03-25 at 13:53:19 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: okay...

I have the morning meeting post about half written. Should get it up no later than lunchtime Friday.

Posted on 2016-03-25 at 01:02:24.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: heh

Cheese, guys... he's the new TAC, not a green ensign.

Posted on 2016-03-24 at 15:22:59.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: heh

Pranking the new guy...

So, here's the plan: I'm about to move the timeline forward to the morning of 2365.02.08. This is merely done to keep the game rolling along - I do NOT want to make people feel like their own sidebars are not important. Remember that backposting is fine, and encouraged.

Posted on 2016-03-24 at 15:13:17.

Topic: Buried Evil Q&A
Subject: how many?

A half dozen, at least. Hard to say, the mist is heavy, and the shapes are not truly distinct.

Posted on 2016-03-24 at 09:24:34.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: sweet

Good post!

The first page of the Q&A has some super useful links, including full tech specs for the Saber class. You were right, however - both Security and the CTO's office are on deck 5.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 22:04:27.

Topic: Support the Inn!
Subject: well

Again, don't feel like you owe anything. Don't go our of your way.

But if you *are* shopping Amazon... hey, I'd appreciate it.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 17:30:10.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: hah

you and those plants...

Okay, all new people who have posted **cough cough** AmaraD **cough cough** have been welcomed.

I will probably push things on to morning in my next post. We can welcome Tetsuku at the last minute, then get this bird back in the air, so to speak.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 17:29:24.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: more meetings...

Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Quarters - 1920

The encounter with Doctor Moore had gone as well as Captain Drake could have hoped. She had a gracious manner than quickly put him at ease, yet she made it quite plain that she was well in charge of her situation - up to and including the fact that she intended to perform full physicals on the entire crew. She was utterly polite about the subject, even drawing a small chuckle from him with her bit about the apples, but her tone and mannerisms carried a complete expectation of full compliance.

After a short "get to know you" chat, the doctor graciously took her leave, but not before offering him a velvet bag. "Happy belated birthday, sir," she spoke as she presented the gift.

Silas found himself genuinely touched; this did not feel like at attempt to curry favor - truth be told, Doctor Moore's mannerisms suggested that such concerns would never even occur to her. No, this was simply a thoughtful gift. Drake opened the bag and grinned widely in spite of himself.

"Doctor, thank you very much. Such kindness from a stranger is certainly unexpected, which makes it all the sweeter. I shall insist that we share a toast at some point when we're all a bit more settled in."

As she stood, she bade him a simple "Cheerio!" waving off any formalities, and with that, she was gone. Grinning, Silas placed the bottle on top of his dresser before returning to the personnel files.


Stardate 2365.02.07
USS Peregrine, Captain's Quarters - 2005

Silas had drained all that he could from the personnel files, and was back to reading up on the Kuldar and Rytain. By the time he had thought to try another bite of the sandwich, he found it to be horribly dry, and had just recycled it when the door chimed again.

Apparently, I am quite the celebrity this evening, he mused wryly.

When the door hissed open, it admitted what could have been a Starfleet recruitment poster model. An athletic man in Starfleet gold made several crisp steps into the Captain's quarters, then snapped to attention. "Lieutenant Mathias Berk, reporting for duty sir!" the newcomer spoke with clipped, disciplined efficiency. Silas studied him for a moment, noting the focused green eyes beneath the man's close cropped brown hair.

"At ease, Lieutenant," Drake replied.

"Here are my transfer orders," Berk answered. "It'll be a pleasure to serve under you." He said as he held out his hand.

Drake accepted the offering, shook Berk's hand, indicated a chair, and took one for himself. "Please, Lieutenant - relax. Welcome aboard the Peregrine. Have a seat."

((OOC: assuming the offer is accepted))

"So then, Mister Berk, this will be your first posting as a Chief Tactical Officer? Congratulations." Silas gave a warm smile. "I don't know if you have pulled my own file yet - though something about you suggests that is quite probably the case - but Tactical is my background, as well. With this sort of ship, your skills might be needed sooner rather than later."

((OOC: assuming a response))

Drake sat back in his chair. "Lieutenant Zai - my XO - and I are scheduled to meet with Captain Jacobs and the diplomats at oh eight hundred tomorrow; we expect to leave port presently thereafter on our escort mission. We have also obtained a new doctor and Operations chief; I believe Lieutenant Tetsuku is not yet aboard, so you may want to seek out Chief Palmer to get your quarters situation handled. Your aTAC is Lieutenant Reid; he's a good man, and well versed on our mission, so you will likely want to speak to him, as well. Now, is there anything else that I can do for you at this time?"

((OOC: assuming no, but if so, we can edit and handle it))

The Captain nodded and stood. "Very well. Again, welcome aboard the Peregrine, Lieutenant. We're glad to have you."

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 17:27:51.
Edited on 2016-03-23 at 17:50:43 by t_catt11

Topic: Gladiator QnA
Subject: yep

I'm counting on that!

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 14:16:42.

Topic: Support the Inn!
Subject: yep

That sounds accurate to me. The ?tag=homedad-20 is the affiliate link portion.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 11:50:01.

Topic: Support the Inn!
Subject: psh

No worries. It's just appreciated if you do think of it.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 11:35:28.

Topic: Buried Evil Q&A
Subject: k

Duly noted, Cap'n.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 11:27:28.

Topic: Support the Inn!
Subject: psh

No worries, Duncan.

Alacrity, I think that it does. If not, no biggie.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 10:54:13.

Topic: Support the Inn!
Subject: Support the Inn!

Now that it does seem that the Inn is going to survive, I'm going to toss out a reminder to the old guard, and let the new folks know at the same time - there's a super easy way to help support the Red Dragon Inn.

You see the Amazon ads on the sidebar. If you ever plan to do any shopping at Amazon (not just for an item you might see advertised), please click one of our ads first - or, if you like, you can use (and bookmark) this direct link.

All prices are exactly that same as they would otherwise be. Any discounts that you might get are still valid. The only difference is that Amazon pays a small referral fee on anything that you buy after using one of our ads/links.

It literally costs you nothing - I'm not pushing merchandise, just asking that if you do normal shopping at Amazon, please consider hitting one of our links first.


Posted on 2016-03-23 at 10:30:59.
Edited on 2016-03-23 at 10:57:45 by t_catt11

Topic: Buried Evil Q&A
Subject: how to provide combat plans?

I've been asked how this works. Ideally, please post your actions to the game thread itself, like so:

Bob the Mighty frowns. Just when he thought they were safe, the pilgrims were attacked... oh no! And now, more fluff here.

Bob grasps the handle of his great axe and rushes to the aid of the pilgrims.

((OOC: Bob will attack the first enemy he comes to, with the intent of keeping himself between the pilgrims and the attackers, if possible. If victorious, he will move the next closest foe, and so on.))

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 10:09:05.
Edited on 2016-03-23 at 11:20:36 by t_catt11

Topic: Whisking away to Alacrityville
Subject: well, that went poorly...

Idiot, Luksima cursed himself. Allowing such a clumsy creature to catch you so easily!

At this point, there were not many options. Resigned to the fight, the elf chose to stay the course - for now. Still, there was little sense in standing here to take punishment if not necessary, so the elf decided on a slight change in tactics.

((OOC - same combo: light/dodge, save he's hoping to attack, then step back.))

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 09:32:09.
Edited on 2016-03-28 at 00:15:31 by t_catt11

Topic: Buried Evil Q&A
Subject: cool

Thanks, map updated.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 09:29:50.

Topic: Buried Evil Q&A
Subject: so, combat actions?

Hey folks, just a heads up.

I'm attaching a really crude map that roughly approximates the locations of everyone. By my reading, Talca was originally up ahead and froze. Hammerfoot approached the pilgrims, we had some parlay, they continued on to the southeast, Hammerfoot went back to walking northwest (the original direction). Rae offered them some food, Pepper asked about escorting, Irel shouted her offer of escort. The pilgrims, now farther down the road, turned to reply, and were then attacked.

Pilgrims (not to scale) are represented by blue diamonds (more than one pilgrim per diamond). Attackers are red triangles (again, more than one per symbol). Rough position of the party members is indicated with green letters coinciding with character names.

Hammerfoot has some ground to make up before he can mix it up.

Give me your intentions to cover at least a couple of rounds of combat, please.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 09:11:45.
Edited on 2016-03-23 at 09:12:19 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: morning post

I'll get my next post - with the new Tac chief - up in the morning. And hopefully, get us moved to the next day soon thereafter.

Posted on 2016-03-23 at 00:02:44.

Topic: The Evil Best Left Buried
Subject: see to your own hides...

There is some discussion back and forth about where to go next, and whether the pilgrims need an escort to the Lysoran shrine. Irel takes matters into her own hands, literally, calling loudly after the stumbling pilgrims.

"Oi! Do you folks need some to accompany yerselves to the shrine? Is it far?"

The pilgrims pause, and turn to reply. The leader waves back. "The shrine is still some days away, but nonbelievers will not be allowed to visit. Still, thank you for your kindness - the Blue Lady's blessings on you all."

It is then that the giggling starts.

At first, it seems as if the out of place sound comes from one of the pilgrims, but you realize that it is, in fact, from beyond them. Then come the moans - first, the moans of fear from the pilgrims, then the moans of several figures emerging from the dusk.

The pilgrims scream in panic. Their leader cries out. "Lysora save us, they have come!"

At that, a dark shape rushes from among the emerging figures, rushing in among the scattering pilgrims who scream in terror.

Posted on 2016-03-22 at 22:56:19.

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