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Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Astrid?

You may have noticed that Astrid's name is no longer on the authorized players list for the game - some time before I took my unannounced sabbatical, she withdrew from the game. Therefore, her engineer is fair game as an NPC.

Posted on 2016-08-25 at 15:34:46.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: in other words...

...he's looking for another fix.

Posted on 2016-08-25 at 13:02:17.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: yep

I'd agree, this is a beta shift thing, so it would be appropriate for Odyson's Lt. Reid to respond. Or, if nobody wants to step in via PC capacity, it would be fine for Boo Boo to NPC a couple of the security enlisteds, if you guys are cool with that.

Thanks for the heads up!

Posted on 2016-08-24 at 22:53:13.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: whoa

What a fun set up updates! Now I'm feeling like an utter louse, I have to get something up.

Posted on 2016-08-24 at 13:28:25.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: me, too

I have one scene done, but at least a couple more that need to go into a post. Trying to get it all into one, but I may end up having to break it up.

Posted on 2016-08-24 at 07:40:50.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: hah

Disco Night, totes!

My own post coming soon...

Posted on 2016-08-23 at 11:02:28.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: yep

The mess hall is obviously purposed specifically for eating, and probably gets the majority of the "dining only" traffic, but it is certainly viable to eat in the observation lounge. The Peregrine does stock "real" alcohol, and allows replicator production of it - though Captain Drake takes an extremely dim view of drunk and disorderly conduct.

A social drink or two? No problem.

Getting intoxicated on your own time, in private, where it does not affect your work performance? Your business - unless, of course, the ship is located in an area or mission where an upgraded alert status is ongoing.

Posted on 2016-08-22 at 16:55:06.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: sweet

I have a post of my own in the works.

Intended points:

1. Wrap up departure from Starbase 118
2. Quick debriefing with Berk
3. Get around to formal greeting of the new CSO

As Sh'iraolnas has guessed, Drake will take a very dim view of the chief's call to Starfleet security. She absolutely undermined the chain of command with her actions, and he will be none too pleased.

Posted on 2016-08-19 at 17:19:32.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: nice

That has some super useful tables, Brom!

Posted on 2016-08-19 at 13:30:06.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: yep

Ody, feel free to absolutely interact with other NPCs. You'll notice that a LOT of what the "big" players do has to do with NPCs. If they have a developed personality, try to stay within that; if they are used a lot by a department head, maybe clear things with them. But there are sixty-odd souls on this ship, with less than ten regular players - there are plenty of folks for Reid to bounce things off of.

If I may be so bold, may I suggest that you and Boo Boo consider some post collaborations or some variety of subplot? She's super active, and is also dealing with running amore supporting character, and the challenges that go with that.

Anyway, you've done a great job. I enjoy your posts (I honestly enjoy everyone's posts), and I'm looking forward to moving things forward.

Posted on 2016-08-18 at 22:55:20.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: okay

I'll try to have a post up tonight or tomorrow.

Posted on 2016-08-17 at 16:19:51.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: yep

Brom - I am LOVING how you are bringing the science department to life. So many different personalities! Makes them feel so real.

Brennus - I can frame up a quick meeting where Berk shares his findings, leave some room for you to add your own dialogue, etc, if you like.

Posted on 2016-08-17 at 16:04:40.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: worth the wait!

I've been refreshing multiple times per day since Friday, waiting to read a Tochi post. It was worth the wait!

…We hope…

...just in case Silas might need to be physically restrained.

Especially loved these.

I don't know if anyone else has an item that needs to be addressed before we shove off. I figure that we can do that now, let TAC have the meeting with the Captain, then start skipping ahead a bit. I anticipate most of the flight between here and the Gamera System to be pretty quiet.

Unless you guys break that...

Posted on 2016-08-17 at 14:59:07.
Edited on 2016-08-17 at 15:00:37 by t_catt11

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: whoa

Really bringing the science crew to live, aren'tcha?

A bunch of flakes, it would seem. Not that it's any surprise.

I love the mixed up expressions!

Posted on 2016-08-16 at 14:38:05.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: awesome

Glad to see us full again!

Posted on 2016-08-15 at 22:47:07.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: I agree

Simply have the new ensign already on board, from starbase 118. You guys may not have their paperwork yet, it was misplaced in the shuffle.

Posted on 2016-08-15 at 08:22:46.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: loving it!

Good stuff all around, folks!

Before long, I plan to jump the story forward, but there are still a few loose ends to work on.

Posted on 2016-08-15 at 00:24:40.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: absolutely!

It's a HUGE breach of etiquette to remove a department head like that without at least informing the Captain. To do it like the proverbial thief in the night - and to ransack the science labs in the process - is far worse than impolite. This was clearly a planned action, with the intent of causing chaos and limiting the ship.

Posted on 2016-08-13 at 01:28:51.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: my thoughts

My thoughts are that Tesenblen has been on the radar for some time, now. While what he was doing was, in fact, illegal... it wasn't really a big priority. However, somebody has it out for Drake and/or the Peregrine, and they are looking for every angle.

This has been planned for at least a little bit, now, as Asovil has had her orders for the better part of a day - yet the arrest was made less than an hour before we were due to leave the Starbase... in other words, so as to inflict maximum chaos, and to give Drake no time to do anything about the situation.

In truth, it wouldn't be terribly hard to pull off; it's not uncommon for Starbase personnel to be aboard, and there were other transfers going on. Your angle with Agris being possibly involved would make it even easier, obviously.

Posted on 2016-08-13 at 01:05:31.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: yep

Sabers were absolutely active prior to Wolf 359. They didn't really come into their own until after, but they were in service.

Loving the posts. Interesting take from the Security guys - very nice! I doubt that we find any direct "smoking guns"... and after all, Tesenblen *did* break several laws. But this all does fit in nicely with the framework we have in place.

Posted on 2016-08-13 at 00:01:12.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: a'ight

Second post is up. Temper has been lost.

Posted on 2016-08-11 at 15:14:31.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: cool: lost

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine, Bridge - 1245

Captain Drake gave himself a few minutes to cool off after dismissing Lieutenant McTavish. As the new chief engineer left the ready room, Drake found that his fingers were still trembling, and he felt that regaining full self control was imperative before stepping onto the bridge. Silas knew that, at the present moment, he was as close as he had ever come to truly losing his temper as the Peregrine's CO, and he had no desire to lose the respect of the crew by devolving into the frothing rage monster that bubbled just beneath the surface.

Momentarily, there was a very subtle variation in the background hum of the Peregrine; most people would likely have not noticed, but Drake made it his business to be in tune with his vessel. A quick status report showed the reason - the Saber class cruiser was no longer drawing power from Starbase 118, but was now fully self sufficient - a good fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Silas decided that he had hidden away long enough; it was time to see what in the nine hells that Tochi was doing with his ship.

The Captain took a deep breath, tugged his uniform into perfect alignment, and strode through the door, down the short hall, and onto the bridge. "Lieutenant Zai," he began, addressing the Trill executive officer current occupying the Big Chair, "I see that we have decided to disconnect ear..." the comment died in mid sentence as the Captain's gaze settled on an unfamiliar blue-skinned officer standing at Science One.

Despite his intentions, Silas felt his gaze narrow as he focused on the newcomer. "And who might you be?" he queried, making every effort to keep his voice level.

"Sir, I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Asovil Sh'iraolnas, the new chief science officer for this ship," the Andorian replied.

New. Chief. Science. Officer?

Silas took a deep breath and glanced at his XO. "Lieutenant Zai, please explain to me what she is talking about. Where is Lieutenant Tesenblen?" he asked in an innocuous tone that one might use when asking what was on that day's breakfast menu.

Drake had an excellent rapport with Tochi Zai, or so he hoped. The Trill was careful to keep his tone neutral, but the body language communicated the displeasure he felt at sharing the news. "Lieutenant Tesenblen has, er... been arrested by Starfleet security, sir, "he answered. "They have apparently seized no small portion of his lab contents, as well. I myself was just made aware of the situation..."

With the executive officer's pronouncement, the Captain's facade of professionalism finally cracked. The commanding officer of the Peregine swore darkly, loudly, with enough venom behind his words to cause paint to peel from the nearby bulkheads. His blue eyes crackled with icy fury. "Lieutenant Moriden," he spat, "open a priority channel to Starbase security."

The operations officer looked decidedly uncomfortable as she complied. The viewscreen lept to life, revealing a sandy-haired human in his late thirties. "Commander Jennings, here," came a calm voice. "What can I do for you, Captain Drake?"

Drake took two steps towards the screen, his face a mask of rage. "You can explain to me," Silas spat, "what justification you could possibly have for arresting one of my department heads without coordinating with me first - hell, without even notifying me of the charges! To sneak in and remove one of my senior staff like this, to steal the property of this ship, is more than highly irregular - it's downright despicable! How dare you!"

Jennings seemed unfazed by Drake's temper. "Captain, your science officer was trafficking in illegal plants and seeds, several of which are dangerous or deadly. This has been going on for some time." A faint expression that Silas interpreted as a bit of a smirk touched the man's mouth before he continued. "Now Captain Drake, you may wish to tread lightly here; while no one truly expects the Captain of a starship to know exactly which plants are being grown in the botany lab, the argument could be made that, as commanding officer, you are responsible for everything that happens on board. You wouldn't want such an implication, I'm sure..."

Drake drew a sharp breath at the smug insolence. The Peregrine's commanding officer saw red; had Jennings been physically present, Drake might have had his own appointment with the brig, such was his anger. Instead, he gripped the edge of a console until his knuckles were pale white.

"First of all," Silas hissed, "don't you *dare* threaten me, Commander Jennings. Second, let the record show that you are making a mistake in arresting Lieutenant Tesenblen. The man is an exemplary officer, and while he was indeed growing some prohibited plants, he was doing do under very tight controls, and in pursuit of some extremely valuable scientific and medical research. He is a talented researcher with the best of intentions; his only real crime was in ignoring the bureaucracy necessary for a piece of paper granting him permission to carry on his research."

Drake drew a breath. "Third, I absolutely knew what he was doing, at least with the wolfsbane - and I approved of it specifically because of his motives and his attention to safety. If you wish to enter that into your report, feel free. If you feel that makes me an accomplice in a crime, perhaps you can find an admiral willing to sign off on my own arrest warrant." Jennings appeared a bit surprised that Drake would so freely admit his culpability.

The Captain released the console and stood straight. He spoke softly, with a hard edge behind it all. "Finally, sir, let me offer you a piece of advice - do not *ever* let me catch you on board a vessel I command, unless you have prior authorization and have cleared it with me personally. If it happens again, Commander, I will consider you to be an unlawful intruder, and will treat you and your team as such. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Jennings' eyes widened in surprise, but Drake did not wait for him to finish whatever reply he might have been crafting. "Drake out," the Captain spat, cutting communications.

Silas took a deep breath, then turned to fix his gaze on the tactical station. "Lieutenant Berk," he asked icily, "I would be very interested to understand how an outside security team could board my ship, arrest one of my department heads, seize an apparently large amount of materials from one of my labs, while neither you nor your staff seemed to either know this was going on… or cared to let me know about it. Perhaps you can gather the facts, and we can have a debriefing after we are under way?"

(OOC: assuming a "yes, sir" or the like)

Silas closed his eyes for a moment and pinched the bridge of his nose. He almost certainly was not being fair to Berk, as Starfleet had clearly *wanted* to spirit Tesenblen off of the Peregrine, but at his current frustration level, Drake had allowed himself to vent part of his anger towards the hapless CTO.

Naturally, the turbolift doors chose that moment to open, revealing the Kuldar and Rytain ambassadors and their security escorts. Drake forced himself to swallow the bile that rose in his gullet, take a deep breath, and form some impression of a smile. "Ambassadors," he spoke as evenly as he could muster. "Thank you for joining us. We will depart Starbase 118 momentarily."

Posted on 2016-08-11 at 14:59:20.
Edited on 2016-08-11 at 15:04:58 by t_catt11

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: well

If you wanted, I could probably whip up a quick little "pick 'em" interface to save the picks to a DB table.

Posted on 2016-08-11 at 13:58:45.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: sure

I'll play!

Posted on 2016-08-10 at 00:26:22.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: lol

Conveniently absent? Dustbuster phasers? You're killing me!

Yes, season two tech does apply.

Posted on 2016-08-09 at 17:06:11.


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