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Topic: RPG Myth Breakers #3 - Stealth in Armor
Subject: heh

@ QS... I think almost every D&D party has a "we tried to surprise them, but it took x times to bash down the door" story.

Also: boo to the Reddit trolls... this comic was doing great, but now has five down votes to go with six up.

Posted on 2010-07-13 at 16:17:47.
Edited on 2010-07-13 at 16:18:45 by t_catt11

Topic: chili sauce - a cooking inquiry
Subject: sounds great!

I'd love to swap chili recipies.

Wait... I have it! The 1st annual RDI Chili and Roleplaying Convention!

Posted on 2010-07-13 at 16:17:08.

Topic: chili sauce - a cooking inquiry
Subject: excuse me?

Master of chili? Now, good sir, I am aware that you are quite the accomplished chef, but I may have a bone to pick with that claim.

Good chili can be eaten with a fork, and causes your nose to run. Can you claim these?

Posted on 2010-07-13 at 16:03:38.

Topic: RPG Myth Breakers #3 - Stealth in Armor
Subject: RPG Myth Breakers #3 - Sneaking in Armor

Today's update is a new RPG Myth Breakers - check it out.

If you like it, please vote for it on reddit!

Thoughts, comment? Post 'em here!

We love Myth Breakers!

Posted on 2010-07-13 at 13:53:59.

Topic: LD Filler: Life Through the Eyes...
Subject: yep

That's probably a very good idea.

Whaddya think, Al? Since you're the special requestor and all...

Posted on 2010-07-12 at 13:34:44.

Topic: LD Filler: Life Through the Eyes...
Subject: cool

Very nice comment response for this strip!

Not one single vote either way at reddit, though.

Posted on 2010-07-09 at 21:59:34.

Topic: LD Filler: Life Through the Eyes...
Subject: heh

All roleplayers have overactive imaginations. It's why we do this, right?

Posted on 2010-07-09 at 15:27:19.

Topic: LD Filler: Life Through the Eyes...
Subject: LD Filler: Life Through the Eyes...

Yep, today's comic is a filler - but check it out! This screams "poster and/or wallpaper" to me.

Also, here is today's reddit link: - please consider voting the comic up here. Registering for a reddit account takes about fifteen seconds, and reddit is a huge way to bring new eyes to Loaded Dice and the Inn. Comments are wonderful, but it's the number of "up votes" that drive traffic, so please click the up arrow next to the comic title.

What do you think about this one, or the comic in general? Please share your thoughts here!

Posted on 2010-07-09 at 13:15:11.
Edited on 2010-07-09 at 14:27:53 by t_catt11

Topic: #51 - Wow, How Dramatic!
Subject: a good day to die

Not really inspired by any one item in particular - just a pretty cool fantasy type quote, and Ray was trying to live up to the possible drama of the moment.

Note that Faustus is "merely" a knight, not a paladin.

Posted on 2010-07-07 at 15:07:29.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: hehe

Yes! We have movement, and not the bowel kind!

I'll post by tomorrow (Wednesday).

Posted on 2010-07-06 at 23:19:16.

Topic: #51 - Wow, How Dramatic!
Subject: heh

I had you in mind when I added that keyword, Grugg.

Posted on 2010-07-06 at 23:17:49.

Topic: #51 - Wow, How Dramatic!
Subject: #51 - Wow, How Dramatic!

Check it out, new comic is up and live.

Reddit link:

Please vote us up there!

So, what do you think? Let us know!

Posted on 2010-07-06 at 15:41:42.

Topic: Update on Dragon Mistress.
Subject: my condolences

My condolences to you, Jeanne. Dragon Mistress has been one of our most active members for years and years - one of the longest running active members, as well - and her passing will be felt by many here at the Inn.

Rest in peace.

Posted on 2010-07-03 at 15:33:19.

Topic: Milestone Episode #50!
Subject: heh

The expression was indeed intentional - the original script reads as follows:

Steve (evil grin): "Well, you COULD go back out into the blizzard..."

I believe that miss Lyra nailed it.

What's the biggest inspiration? My experiences gaming. All of the characters in the group are (loosely) based on a real life gaming group. Understand, these are not meant to actually BE those people - they are caricatures based upon them, reduced to comic characters. That being said, every one of the people in question immediately knew who was based off of whom, and every one of them has loved the comic.

Thanks for all the kind words!

Posted on 2010-07-03 at 15:27:09.

Topic: Loaded Dice #49: Speak for Yourself!
Subject: oh yeah?

Yay for the means!

I think that the full color shirt will probably be the first piece of Loaded Dice merch... we'll see.

Posted on 2010-07-03 at 15:20:22.

Topic: Greetings and Salutations. (obviously new here)
Subject: psh

Moderators haven't really had much to do for years! Back in the old days, we had to have someone logged in 24/7 to keep out the spammers, jerks, and rifraff. We also had to walk to school five miles in the snow, uphill, both ways.



Welcome to the Inn!

Posted on 2010-07-02 at 13:19:46.

Topic: Milestone Episode #50!
Subject: Milestone Episode #50!

Check it out, folks - regular episode #50 is now up and live.

Also, our reddit link for this episode can be found here. Please click it and vote up on the comic, this always brings in decent trraffic. Yay for new readers and potential Innmates!

So, what do you think? Any comments for this episode? For Loaded Dice in general? Please share 'em!

Posted on 2010-07-01 at 17:06:14.

Topic: Loaded Dice #49: Speak for Yourself!
Subject: I've always intended to sell out...

I've always planned to do Loaded Dice merch, but I've planned to wait until our readership/demand grows.

I've figured on maybe individual characters or somesuch, but it'd be nice to know what people would like to have.

Posted on 2010-06-24 at 17:31:51.

Topic: Loaded Dice #49: Speak for Yourself!
Subject: yep

We will definitely offer those at some point.

What other designs would be appreciated, I wonder?

Posted on 2010-06-24 at 15:46:26.

Topic: Never really did an Intro for Odyson
Subject: lol

You waited this long?

Welcome to the Inn, then.

Posted on 2010-06-24 at 15:45:41.

Topic: Loaded Dice #49: Speak for Yourself!
Subject: yep

Agreed @ hobolyra.

Huh. Reddit doesn't hate us, they don't love us... on this strip, they just don't care. Three total votes at this point.

Posted on 2010-06-23 at 17:12:09.

Topic: Hey, I'm new here
Subject: another...

Welcome to the Inn!

Posted on 2010-06-23 at 14:39:58.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: wow

I think this game just got way too smart for Arien.

Posted on 2010-06-23 at 14:39:29.

Topic: Loaded Dice #49: Speak for Yourself!
Subject: Loaded Dice #49: Speak for Yourself!

New comic is finally up (bad Olan). Check it out here.

Also, here is today's reddit link - please click and vote the comic up if you enjoyed it.

Comments? Critiques? Post 'em if you got 'em!

Posted on 2010-06-23 at 14:31:32.

Topic: Scrapped character designs
Subject: wow

Wow.... just... wow.

That is HIDEOUS. I love it!

Posted on 2010-06-21 at 12:47:49.


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