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Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: post?

All right, now. Only half of you have posted. Don't make me wait.

Waiting = a bored GM.

Bored Paranoia GM = GM who maims clones for amusement.

Posted on 2012-03-21 at 15:31:30.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: Bravo!

Excellent opening post, Admiral Bob!

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 18:23:38.

Topic: I'M DYING!!!
Subject: heh

Tann of the no tact.

Congrats, girl!

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 15:01:49.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A

This will be the Q&A thread for Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting.

I have made the intro post for the game itself; feel free to beginposting immediately.

All of you should have your character sheets, as well as information on secret societies and/or mutation, as is applicable.

Nobody has sent me any questions about their characters - or much of anything else, for that matter, so I assume that you don't have any? If you do, now is the time to ask!

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 14:25:08.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting
Subject: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting

Meal-time! You are a brand-new Red troubleshooter team, identification number MAO-17859 Dot R-2. Just this morning-cycle you were called away from your positions - scrubbing the food vats, stamping paperwork in triplicate, repairing live wires, and similar fulfilling tasks - and told of your promotions from lowly Infared status. What a wonderful thing!

Now, after a busy morning-cycle of brain-conditioning and long lines, you find yourselves in a Red clearance cafeteria for lunch. What a place this is; thousands of smiling red level citizens, all happy and proud to serve the computer, just as you were reminded earlier today.

There are rows of monitors lining the celing, all showing the single all-seeing eye or some of your favorite sayings (such as "Mutants are nasty, kill one today!"). The six of you now sit together at a table under one of the monitors, with a chance to talk to each other for the first time over a plate of Faithful Joy, Loyal Reward, Bouncy Bubble Beverage to drink and a plate of Hot Fun for dessert.

You are also joined by another citizen, Dweebs-R-GRT, who can't find his mission group and has latched onto yours.

The table is only large enough for six clones, but Dweebs is trying to fit, anyway. This scrawny, pasty-skinned clone has made a pest of himself, asking question after question. Apparently, his assigned team ditched him for some reason, causing him to act like a lost puppy.

Suddenly, amidst the noise of the cafeteria, you hear a whisper. "Hey, troubleshooters! Yes, you, Team MAO-17859 Dot R-2! Down here! Yes, down here, under the table! Now!"

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 14:20:02.

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: my take?

With the strange, narrowed lens, the odd coloration, and the pans back to Shane's face... I took the "snarling zombie flashes" to be what was happening in Shane's mind as he transformed.

Now, please allow me to chime in on Lori.

I despise this character. The only reason for her continued survival is the baby that she carries, and thus, a chunk of the future of the now endangered human race. Otherwise, she could become a zombie buffet at any time and I would heartily cheer.

This woman does nothing but stupidly endanger herself and others time an time again. "Hey guys, Rick has been gone for at least thirty minutes. If you won't go after him, I will - and I'll needlessly destroy one of our vehicles in the process because I'm an empty-headed moron!"

Rick's description of the final Shane incident was poorly done and made him look much worse than it should have... but seriously, this is how Lori is going to react? So Rick wanted to kill him.

Shane murdered that boy, lied about it, and ensured that he and Rick could be alone - all for the purpose of murdering his best friend. This was no heat of the moment, sacrifice someone you barely know to ensure the survivial of yourself and others. This wasn't even the fight with the wrench (which should have reulted in Shane being left for the walkers, since he had shown his true colors). This was premeditated, calculated MURDER in his heart, and she's angry at Rick for doing the only thing that could have been done?

Was Rick supposed to ignore attempt after attempt on his life until Shane finally did manage to kill him?

Please tell me that Lori will die in childbirth. Please.

Posted on 2012-03-20 at 13:49:58.
Edited on 2012-03-20 at 13:52:39 by t_catt11

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: PMs...

I have sent PMs to each of your regarding secret societies and/or mutations. If you have questions, ask.

Posted on 2012-03-19 at 20:17:24.

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: hrm

Good point. I'll PM you guys a little more info on secret societies and/or mutations.

Posted on 2012-03-19 at 13:12:08.

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: another girl

On more roster edit - Brighte-R-NNU is now also female.

That is all, Citizens.

Posted on 2012-03-19 at 03:09:19.

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: sheets sent!

Character sheet links have been sent to each of you. Remember, I am running a tournament module - this is a canned adventure (unless I decide to modify it on a whim).

These are pregenreated characters. Enjoy.

A couple of notes: Amppe-R-AGE is actually female for our game.

If you hate something, have questions, or want to suggest a change to your character before we start, let me know (PM is best... secrets are best kept secret).

Posted on 2012-03-18 at 15:05:25.
Edited on 2012-03-18 at 15:07:13 by t_catt11

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: ding ding ding!

We have a full roster!

I will assign characters and PM you all shortly. I'll open a Q&A thread, and set up the actual game thread, as well.

Thanks for joinin, folks... I am excited.

Edit: characters assigned. I assigned characters based upon the ultra-fair "first come, first served" method... which actually worked out to give everyone their first posted choice. Tuned_Out was wise enough to allow Friend Computer to assign, which so happend to give him the only clone NOT asked for.

See the wisdom of Friend Computer in action?

Posted on 2012-03-17 at 15:11:58.
Edited on 2012-03-17 at 15:27:30 by t_catt11

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: yep

You are "getting it". Citizens live in constant fear of committing treason. Knowing what treason is might be treason.

Example: rumors are treasonous. Not reporting them to Friend Computer is treason. Reporting a rumor, however, might be construed as being a party to treason.

Example: an Infared citizen is stopped by a Blue and questiond as to why his shoes have no laces.

He explains that the shoes are too small, despite the correct size being requisitioned from PLC.

The Blue immediately draws his laser for an accusation of treason. The PCL acts as an extension of the Computer, who does not make mistakes; any suggestion otherwise is treason. Furthermore, the Infared is out of dress code with his poor footwear.

The Infared's only chance of survivial is to immediately point out that the shoe issue must be due to a Communist plot, and offer to help reveal the traitors who have attempted to unermine Friend Computer.

As far as the game itself - you tell me what your character is thinking and attempting to do. I, as GM, tell you what actually happens.

So... if this insanity appeals to you, let me know a first and second choice of potenial character!

Posted on 2012-03-17 at 01:33:52.
Edited on 2012-03-17 at 01:34:58 by t_catt11

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: well...

What else would you like to know, in terms on non campaign details?

Paranoia is a not terribly serious sci-fi RPG that heavily features betrayal, silliness, and dumb luck. Be heroic and die in a cool way. Be cowardly and die in a humiliating way. Be boring and die in a manner that amuses the GM.

I've given as good of a teaser as I know to give at this point, but I am happy to answer questions (except for those that relate specifically to game mechanics... the rules, as I have mentioned, are classified).

Posted on 2012-03-17 at 01:11:11.

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: roster is up

I have added the clone roster to post #1 of this thread. Note that this is simply the public info - full details, including possible secret society membership, mutation information, an stats (such as they are) will be privately revealed to the player of that clone.

If you want to play, let me know a first and second choice of character you might like.

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 20:35:52.
Edited on 2012-03-17 at 01:07:06 by t_catt11

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: well

The mistake you made was letting me (and perhaps other players) suck. The game was fun while it lasted.

You are in, Admiral, sir!

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 19:56:01.

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: shucks

Well, too bad. I'd love to have you, sir.

Do note that this game is open to any and all!

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 18:50:33.

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: see pre gen

These characters already have societies. However, if you want to switch, I am open to it.

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 18:04:46.

Topic: Friend Computer wants you!
Subject: Friend Computer wants you!

Hello, one and all!

I am working my way back to active status here at the Inn, and have decided to run a very casual game at first. Welcome to Paranoia.

Paranoia takes place in the post apocalyptic future, set within the society of Alpha Complex. Alpha Complex is ruled by the ever so helpful Friend Computer, who benevolently cares for all of the clones that make up society. Friend Computer enures your happiness. You ARE happy, aren't you? Unhappiness is treason.

Yes, you are a clone. In the dark past of humanity, human rutted as animals; now, all reproduction occurs due to genetically enginered clones. The food vats are laced with hormones that render sex drive nonexistent, which allows all members of Alpha Society to focus on the common goal of a wonderous coexistence.

Clones actually belong to a "six pack" of identical individuals - if your character unfortunately dies, he or she will be replaced as soon as possible with another clone, and play will resume for you. Note that death is frequent and expected in Paranoia.

All player characters begin the game as a security clearance of Red. The ranks are, lowest to highest: Infrared (visually represented by Black), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Ultraviolet (visually represented by White). Within the game, Infrared-clearance citizens live dull lives of mindless drudgery and are heavily medicated, while higher clearance characters may be allowed to demote or even summarily execute those of a lower rank. Those with Ultraviolet clearance are almost completely unrestricted and have a great deal of access to The Computer; they are the only citizens that may (legally) access and modify the Computer's programming, and thus Ultraviolet citizens are also referred to as "High Programmers". Security clearance is not related to competence or even authority, though there is often a correlation; clearance is instead a measure of The Computer's trust in a citizen.

Citizens may only access areas or use equipment appropriate to their Security level. For instance a Red may access corridors painted red or black, but not a green corridor. This would be treason.

You became a Red by turning in a comrade for treason, whereupon Friend Computer promoted you.

Ah, yes... treason. Friend Computer is actually exctrmely paranoid about traitors, and especially, Communists. Not much is known about Communists, but they have been known to speak with stereotypical Russian accents, wear strange clothing, carry pictures of Groucho Marx, and listen to the revolutionary (and treasonous) music of John Lennon.

Treason is punishable, most often by death.

All player characters are Troubleshooters. That is, you see trouble, and you shoot it (most often, with your handy laser pistol). All characters are members of at least one secret society (membership in a society is generally considered treasonous), and characters typically have at least one mutation (mutation is treason, though registered mutants may be forgiven this treason).

Paranoia gameplay consists of your Troubleshooter team being assinged a mission, often to hunt for treason in some form or another. Hide your own treason, lest you be executed for it, while gathering evidence against your teammates (an perhaps executing them, or helping them to earn execution). Executing other Citizen without proof of treason is treason, however - so be careful. Successful completion of a mission may earn you a promotion and/or reward.

The Computer is everywhere, watching via cameras, recorders, and agents. Minor acts of treason are often noticed; your character will earn treason points. If too many are collected, you will be executed for your overall treason.

Combat is ruled by drama - if you attempt cinamatic stunts, such as leaping from a speeding vehicle while firing in midair - you have a much better chance for success than someone who thoughtfully plans out each move. Being boring gets you killed.

If you die, you may not hold it personally against another player - this is the point of the game. If you are not backstabbing, you are not playing corrrectly. If you die, note that your clone does not know how the previosu clone died, unless briefed - expressing knowledge of a past death indicates a mutant ability, which is treason. Expect to be shot for this.

This will be a tournament game - player characters will be pregenerated, and the mission will be relatively short (which helps with play by post gameplay). You may request a given pregen, please be open to various roles.

I expect one to two posts per week. If you miss posting, your clone may die.

You want to know the rules? Knowledge of the rules is limited to Ultravilot or higher security clearance. Since you are a lowly Red, such knowledge is treason.

So, are you interested? I need six players who cancommit to posting. You don't need long, drawn-out posts... but be prepared to be creative and/or entertaining, or else die for your boringness.

Have a nice day, Citizen.

A note on character names - Paranoia characters typically have extremely punny names. Name format is First name - Secrity clearance abbreviation - 3 letter code for home region (this is completely random and made up) - 1 digit indicating clone.

Example: Ima-B-DED-3 would be Ima, a Blue level clone, from the DED section. The 3 indicates that she is in her third clone.

Pregenerated characters for our game (with the public info on each):

Artie-R-FCL (Reralae), Tech services. Big, strong, clumsy guy. Good with his hands, nice hygeine. Loves robots.

Brighte-R-NNU (SirSadaar), Housing Preservation Development & Mind Control. Clever, smooth talking, really smug guy. Fast on his feat, which is good - he's a pipsqueak. Hates robots.

Slipp-R-YEE (Kamina), Production, Logistics, & Commisary. A king among fast talkers, with a wonderful eye for turning a profit. Known to be an avid user of biochemical supplements. Has a bad nervous tic.

Blowz-R-UPP (Jozan1), Research & Development. An earnest clone with a knack for fixing an creating things. Very charismatic.

Ammpe-R-AGE (Kreia), Power Services. Has a deep love for electricity. Speaks slowly, but has a hot temper - and is strong and tough enough to be scary when it flares. Is a true believer in the power of the Computer.

Steam-R-LLR (Tuned_Out), Armed Forces. An army clone who lives and breathes a life of regimentation and aggression. Despises mutants with a passion. Sometimes turns to biochemical supplements to help with depression.

Accepted players for this game (two remaining slots!): Reralae, Tuned_Out, Kamina, SirSadaar

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 17:20:34.
Edited on 2012-10-17 at 16:30:54 by t_catt11

Topic: Need a player
Subject: seriously?

An opening for one of the best DMs I have ever known? Jump on this!

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 17:19:48.

Topic: What sort of game should I run?
Subject: dude

That pun is beneath even Rich. On smite for you for groan-worthy.

Posted on 2012-03-16 at 13:44:58.

Topic: What sort of game should I run?
Subject: dude

Quit spoiling my plot! I wanted my sparklozombies to be a surprise!

Posted on 2012-03-15 at 21:02:27.

Topic: What sort of game should I run?
Subject: loves everyone?

Somebody grab the prophylactics...

Posted on 2012-03-15 at 20:30:34.

Topic: What sort of game should I run?
Subject: although...

I am seriously looking at Paranoia, since it's a simple, low-commitment type game for everyone involved. Players know that they will likely die (multiple times), it's light fun... might be a great way to get me back on a regular schedule.

Posted on 2012-03-15 at 20:09:43.

Topic: What sort of game should I run?
Subject: ZiC

Well, ZiC *was* right at the end of a "chapter arc," if you will; it would be a simple thing to silver screen the game forward and start fresh.

And of course, in a city of that size, we could always simply pick up with another group of survivors.

Edit: also, I love you too, hairy one.

Posted on 2012-03-15 at 19:53:55.
Edited on 2012-03-15 at 19:54:11 by t_catt11

Topic: What sort of game should I run?
Subject: What sort of game should I run?

It's been ages and ages since I have run a game, and I'd like to fix that.

The question is, what sort of game should I do?

Some classic D&D, Audalis style?

Maybe look at picking up Zombies in Chicago?

Perhaps a silly game, ala Paranoia or Ninja Burger.

Perhaps even (dare I mention it)... Trek?

Posted on 2012-03-15 at 19:43:42.

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