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Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: wellll...

give him a hug

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 18:37:09.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: ?

what's the difference between stun and wound armor?

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 13:00:56.

Topic: The Egg Tart Game
Subject: KING KONG

World domination

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:41:22.

Topic: These are the Questions of our Lives.
Subject: ok Grugg...

tell us...when were you born and are we even close to your true Gruggster age?

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:39:29.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: verry impressive...

^ amateur astronomer

> comet

V asteroid

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:37:13.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: the sky is falling!!

^ Bright, young star

> Quasar

V Black Hole

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:16:31.

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: ewww....

that wriggle and

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:13:51.

Topic: These are the Questions of our Lives.
Subject: alrighty

I say he's 32 and was born in the month of May.
Hmmm. Ya reckon he will tell us?

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:12:49.

Topic: The Egg Tart Game

Tournament of Champions

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:11:11.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: a conundrum...

Well, cucumbers give me gas, and turkey puts me to sleep...

The answer to that one is also the answer to this one.

Would you rather I sleep or pass gas?

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:10:03.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: EXTREMELY glad

^ crying inside

> carries a parachute just in case

V at a loss for words

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:05:18.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: sidewall??

Like on a tire?
If that's the case, then the fifty pieces of gum.

Would you rather get married to a gorilla or a babboon?

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 12:02:57.

Topic: These are the Questions of our Lives.
Subject: whew...

you really narrowed it down there didn't ya?
wanna try for an exact date next?

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:58:03.

Topic: The Egg Tart Game
Subject: >>>>

Wilson basketball

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:27:09.

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: >>>>

red, ripe apples

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:24:41.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: shhhhhh...


Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:22:43.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: what did you get for Christmas


Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:21:27.

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: you do

and it's the cutest lil' rubber ducky in the whole world...
but when you put it in your bath it explodes and leaves rubber ducky stuffy all over your bathroom wall.

I wish I was as cuddly as Grugg, as fearless as LSD, as sweet as Av, as smart as Ryst and as young as C.

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:20:00.

Topic: These are the Questions of our Lives.
Subject: let's see...

I'd guess Gruggster to be around 32-34.

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:12:22.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: I'm not good at public ranting

I'd have to go with listening to you rant.
(I can sleep through most anything)

Where would you rather be...
in the bowels of hell or at a Britney Spears concert?

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:09:16.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: >>>>

^ Gruggable

> applauded Grugg for dance

V wanders the Grand Canyon in an Easter Bunny suit

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 11:04:12.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: yes I do...

^ confused

> still luvs Grugg

V hides

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 09:55:25.

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: >>>>

you found's on the bloody head of the guy you just crushed to death and are being taken into custody for.

I wish I could come up with some good wishes

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 09:53:17.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: not convinced

^ crying crocodile tears

> doesn't believe Grugg

V shocked

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 09:51:19.

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: >>>>

you got it...but have to use it for parking at the Barry Manilow concert

I wish for nothing

Posted on 2006-12-26 at 09:48:52.


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