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Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: No arguments

Aria frowns a bit at the information relayed by Achuak.

"That does seem rather strange." She murmurs, crossing her arms in thought, "I wonder..."

"I'll stay here anyhow, I can't get close enough, and I don't trust my steps to be as light as yours. Do keep an eye out though. The possibility of a counter assault is always there, but I suspect you've thought of that already."

Posted on 2012-06-20 at 21:52:47.

Topic: Dawn Falcon Q&A
Subject: Engie's still here

And ready for when continuation occurs

Posted on 2012-06-20 at 20:32:38.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: I have an idea too

I have a pretty good idea of what Annie will have been up to...

That is to say, continuing to be a boring person for fans/media/spies to photograph, while still making fantasy and romance novels for 'spiritual healing' of others...

Except maybe now just outside a bit more often, taking more 'naps' in the shade. Yes, 'naps'. Maybe.

Posted on 2012-06-20 at 16:35:02.

Topic: Kingmaker Campaign
Subject: The oddish

Aria silently crept up so that her back was against the trunk of the tree, just hidden by the shadows cast by the light from the camp. She didn't trust herself to be able to follow Achuak's footsteps without being a hindrance, so she didn't try. Instead, she remained here, poised and ready, letting the anticipation flow through her muscles and keep her ready, her heartbeat steady even as she remained still, listening, for the opportune moment.

Posted on 2012-06-19 at 22:31:44.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Now that's a shout out if I ever saw one

Green Op.


I'm guessing it has nothing to do with eco friendliness

Posted on 2012-06-19 at 20:38:05.

Topic: Guess who is baaaack
Subject: Meow meow


Posted on 2012-06-19 at 16:42:15.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: As I recall...

Aria may have some sneakskills but not sure if it'd be enough, so going to say she remains hidden for now

Of course, I had better double check with her sheet.... Now where did I put it...

Posted on 2012-06-19 at 16:22:17.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Uh huh

I memorized mine from back when I used to type in view_user.php?userid=##### to get to my profile, so didn't take too long for me to go 'huh, that looks familiar'

Posted on 2012-06-18 at 02:08:00.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: The butterfly knows...

*recognizes the assigned (file) numbers*

Posted on 2012-06-18 at 00:41:12.
Edited on 2012-06-18 at 00:52:58 by Reralae

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: Yaffingale

Leading to

Posted on 2012-06-16 at 02:44:37.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Am I the only one who's seeing it...

But for some reason, Astrid's post counter seems to be bugged... it consistently displays the post count of the one who posts just immediately prior...

Does make me wonder if the t_catt will have to pull out the anti-bug hammer and see what's what.

Posted on 2012-06-16 at 02:41:24.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: One done

And Tempest is sent

Posted on 2012-06-16 at 02:35:08.

Topic: Prometheans: Genesis - Q&A
Subject: Does make one think about original meanings of words

'Apocalypse' = revelation/the revealing of things...

Posted on 2012-06-16 at 01:39:16.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Now that I realize...

I should probably mention that Anielle's eyes are turquoise and she's about 122lb

Posted on 2012-06-16 at 01:20:08.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: The butterfly prefers

To keep suspense suspenseful...

After all...

I don't offer any previews of the Linsemptus before I include them in my game, nope. No preview. No clue. No warning. Just... a... they're already here.

Side note: Don't bother looking up Linsemptus in the monster manual, I made them myself

Posted on 2012-06-15 at 23:57:52.
Edited on 2012-06-15 at 23:58:27 by Reralae

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Don't care what anyone else says

From what I've heard about Sib's char, they get to be Radiance

Assuming he's using the same idea he was fiddling around with yesterday...

Posted on 2012-06-15 at 17:52:28.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Personally

I don't like the idea of mind reading. To elaborate further, I think it's an interesting power and in stories it can be done well, but I think applied to an actual realistic setting it'd be much more trouble than it's worth. Thought projection and telepathy I can see, that's active, and kind of like talking, but through a different medium.

Mind reading, however... Thoughts are weird things, people can easily have random, sporadic thoughts, and reading those wouldn't be fun. Not to mention the risk of overreacting to reading those thoughts where the person would think after 'why did I think that? that's a bad idea' or 'wait what? no, I didn't mean that'.

People tend to be raised with the mindset that it's okay to have bad/unwanted thoughts as long as they're not acted on, so I'd rather see their course of action, not read them

Posted on 2012-06-14 at 19:27:27.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Can't choose one

I totally cannot choose one.

Choosing one for me is like choosing my favourite chocolate covered cherry in a box of chocolate covered cherries. I like a lot of them.

As a player who tends to have a lot of magic characters, I've used and thought about many many sorts of powers.

If I start listing things in no particular order, we may be here a while... but I'll try to keep things brief.

Data Manipulation. Such a power only works with a technological setting, naturally, but the ability to manipulate data is intriguing. Particularly if the setting follows a 'the world is data' archetype *coughMatrixcough*, or virtual worlds exist in the setting. This is probably one of the first powers I was shown, from the .Hack//INFECTION game.

Body Manipulation. This has many sub-categories, but what I am talking about in particular is shape-shifting. Polymorph, or other sorts of transformation effects. Not illusion, specifically transformation. Would be such a useful power for cosplay! Feel cat-like, be a cat-person. Feel small, be a fairy. Feel like a mix, be a mix (feline fae with dragonfly wings, yes please).

Energy Manipulation. In particular, I like water and lightning, and probably gravity as well just for flight, since physics alone would dictate shapeshifted wings to not be sufficient. Electrical energy always seemed to fascinate me for some reason or another. Another energy I like is 'life'. To be able to strengthen a life force and heal it would be really neat, and if it's coupled with a 'donor' requisite, then that causes some interesting storyline morality questions that the character has to face.

Would that make me a shapeshifting feline sylph with storm powers? Dunno. Those are the main categories I like anyhow

Posted on 2012-06-14 at 19:02:00.
Edited on 2012-06-14 at 19:03:20 by Reralae

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Prometheans makes me think of...

Pythagoras which makes me think of
Triangles which makes me think of
Diamonds which makes me think of
Lasers which makes me think of
Infiltration which makes me think of
Hacking which makes me think of
Secret facility self destruct sequences

Aaaaand, I'd better stop there... these trains of thought of mine don't know when to stop half the time.

Posted on 2012-06-14 at 01:12:41.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: That'd cause problems...

Maleficent is killed (or as good as killed as it gets in cartoonland... though if you consider it, Sleeping Beauty is one of the ones Disney did that was less for children than after it remade itself) in the movie...

In addition, I'm kind of using the source of Sleeping Beauty, one of the key background elements I'm working with being about Maleficent =\

Would appreciate it if you could pick another source.

Posted on 2012-06-13 at 21:17:39.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: The butterfly thinks

It makes things more interesting

Hmm, I should poke Sib later and see if he wants in at all... he probably hasn't even seen this thread yet.

Posted on 2012-06-13 at 20:10:34.

Topic: Ducktown recruitment
Subject: Partly wonder...

If people are hesitant to mess with their favourite fairytales or similar

Celeste seemed to have interest in the other thread but she's not around at the moment...

Also partly wonder if Kriea would have interest, but she's also involved with RL stuffs...

I'll see if I can poke Sib and see if he feels up for a 'noir' fairytale

Posted on 2012-06-13 at 17:28:17.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Meow meow

Hi there

It's nice to meet you Jenethia ^^ Looking forward to game.

Looks like a lot happened while I was asleep... wow, already a full roster... That hasn't happened in a while, has it?


Now we just need the q/a, need everyone to meet everyone in game, ruffle some feathers, share bubbly fruit juice, maybe poke some bad guys...

With a stick. Bad guys seem to be allergic to sticks. Ever notice how there's never any sticks around in their secret lairs or when there's encounters with them?

Posted on 2012-06-13 at 17:18:32.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Expect?

You already got it

Posted on 2012-06-12 at 17:56:19.

Topic: Hey! You in the tights!(Closed)
Subject: Meow

^ It's all in the subject line

Posted on 2012-06-12 at 16:56:34.


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