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Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: Probably raises more questions


In the shared room with Nona, Fox undressed to her underclothes without any perceived hesitation, but had to pause multiple times to carefully remove the darts concealed in various folds. She placed one of the darts between the mattress and the headboard, hand considering the spot carefully so that it would be hidden from the door but within grabbing distance. Once that was done, she sat and watched Nona as the latter turned out the light.

Fox's golden eyes seemed to almost glow in the dark, except that was ridiculous and certainly only reflecting the light from the Dancing Lights that Nona was showing her. She was very attentive, her eyes watching the Lights changing colour.

"The kind of spellcasting that One uses is simply the kind of spellcasting that One has, whatever that might be. You know One has not studied; One simply feels it."

Fox held out her hand, pointing up, though no light appeared.

"It runs out if One uses it too much," She explained, "Which makes it different from what you use, with your strange language and motions."

"One probably could do more if One actually studied, but One knows Oneself, and knows that studying is not what One does best," Fox gave a knowing smile to Nona, "One will leave the books for those whose mind is sharpened by structured practise. Like yours."

"One will take your advise, and purple does sound like a warm and nice colour," Fox giggled, "Blue is what comes easily, but it is a cold colour. If One tried to make it red, it'd probably turn out purple anyway."

* * *


Fox was wide awake, or so it seemed, when she broke fast with the others, her eyes perusing the selection of morning noms keenly. Or so it seemed. It almost looked as though she was looking at Alexis quite a bit, as though to guage her recovery progress. She looked satisfied after seeing Alexis drink the medicine offered to her.

"So, is everyone ready to head back around to the Old Fish Trail?"" Nona cracked her knuckles. "It's been nice visiting, but there is still a profit to be made here."

"One believes so, though as pointed out, One notes that we should also uncover the means by which they picked up the fireworks, if they do have them," Fox suggested as she tidied herself up to be ready to leave, "If they have a supply, it's quite possible the supply is more dangerous than they are."

Posted on 2015-12-26 at 23:39:28.

Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: Fox is Fox

Alexis pointed at Fox.

Fox giggled, raising a hand to put a finger to her lips in her almost-trademark 'it's a secret' look to Nona.

Nona raised an eye brow. "Oh yeah?" She had not realized Fox could wield any kind of magic. Not that it was unusual for the odd person to pick up a simple trick here or there. "Just a tip, yellow tends to illuminate better and looks more like natural light."

"One finds that blue is the easiest to call, but one could certainly experiment more with other colours," Fox replied with a smile, "Perhaps you could show one later what you mean."

* * *

Fox's golden eyes lingered on the marks on Zwei's face, not repulsed, nor pitying, but with a soft intrigue. Such a thing was not suited for table conversation at this time, especially considering her target of questions right now would be their host.

"Stories can be found in many places, one is curious to hear the story of this house, but one also wishes to know more about your encounter earlier. One has not heard any rumours of such a creature before from the city, and so its appearance is very curious," Fox added to Nona's posed question.

Posted on 2015-12-22 at 00:47:54.

Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: Strange encounters

Fox wrinkled her nose at the corpse of the rubbery creature as it fell to Zwei's blade, her own hand poised and ready to withdraw one of her darts if it had gotten past Zwei.

"One's ears have heard mention of many rumours, but a creature like that was not among them," She noted aloud.

It was a curious sequence of events, and Walthus was very fortunate that they had encountered his dwelling when they did.

"One is not inclined to believe in pure circumstance. This brings up a few questions that one will want to pose later," She murmured, her golden eyes surveying the dwelling, or what was visible of it at the moment from her vantage point. Their fight had disturbed it, but she wanted to see if she could spot other disturbances.

* * *

"Find a spade, dig a hole for this abomination; I don't want it stinking up Walthus's house and attracting more attention for him."

"A sound plan," Fox agreed, "The darkening sky won't be a problem either."

Fox twirled around, stepping lightly on her feet. With a flourish and a giggle, always seeking to play off of her capability to perform, she caused three spheres of blue light to ignite in the air around her. Waving her hand down, she guided them closer to the ground, so that they would not be so easy to spot from distance, and went about locating a spade to dig with.

After the body was buried, Fox put the spade back where she found it, but paused as she observed Alexis.

"Well at least it isn't bleeding anymore, but f**k that blow he gave me hurt." She grimaces feeling her ribs, yup one was damaged. Alexis sighed again and headed back inside waiting for Fox to follow. "Thanks Fox, I appreciate the help."

"One thought it would be best if we did not split up too much, but one suggests that you not aggravate your injury too much," Fox replied, "Make sure that you rest well, and perhaps we can return the favour and protect you in the meantime," She gave a warm smile and a wink.

* * *

Back inside, a warm meal was shared, and Nona began with the questions. Fox decided to wait and observe Walthus's own response to see if he had sufficiently recovered before she would add her own to the table.

Posted on 2015-12-20 at 02:21:27.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: The guy clearly doesn't realize what he's doing

"You DARE," Kyrie growled, "You DARE to appeal to the will of the people, after stepping on it!"

Kyrie took a breath, an aura of light emanating from her. She never was really in control of her abilities, and in this moment, the desire to protect the people nearby in the event the man did something drastic was stronger than her restraint.

"What do you know of the will of the people?" She shouted, "You, who have arrived not long ago, claim to know them? What have you DONE for them?! Have you lived among them?! Do you know their stories?!"

"No. You preach YOUR words on to them. You preach that what YOU want is what they want. You. USE. Them."

Kyrie clenched her hands into fists. It was all she could do to resist drawing her shovel on the man in this instant. Thankfully, a gunshot gave her reprieve, and she looked back at Zeran thankfully, as he literally snapped her out of her rage.

Posted on 2015-08-27 at 13:36:13.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Hello World

During the trip back, Kyrie was oddly quiet. She didn't like to think that the weeds could have her beat, but they had the advantage of an unknown number of years to root down the architecture and any exposed ground. It was just beyond what she could do in a short period of time. At least she had made some progress though.

"Hmm... maybe a sharper sickle would do the trick. But no, sharper just means that you cut the stem easier, the root's still there. Also removes the handhold to pull the root out. Maybe a sickletrowel combination type thing, for digging up the roots in spots the shovel is too big for." She contemplated with an almost uncharacteristic seriousness.

What she wasn't touching on, however, was what the woman had said to her. Mostly because she didn't understand what she was talking about, beyond pointing out the green in her hair. She fingered the hair absently.

* * *

"Wait, so you mean that guy is basically doing the reverse of my job? Telling the people what they should feel, rather than letting the people tell them?" Kyrie gives a confused look, "Maybe I should stay here for a bit while you guys try to get Miguel better." She notes, "But we can talk about that later."

With no hint of hesitation, she walks through the crowd, up towards where the guy was doing his blah blah blah, but rather than address him which he probably expected, Kyrie turned towards the people.

"Good afternoon everyone!" She calls and waves, probably not the first time she's ever addressed a crowd this way.

"Isn't it strange that we still refer to outside of the city walls as wilderness? Or maybe the reason is because it has 'wild' in the word itself. Some parts could be safe or friendly, but others are not. However, if we're to make safe the realm for the people to live in, we should know first hand what lies beyond the city walls." She adds, "And there's still a lot of weeding to do."

"Also, being and having friendly neighbours is better than not even introducing yourself to others that have been here longer than we have. If anyone's wondering about what we've discovered so far, I'd be happy to tell them some time. If you don't know me, I am Kyrie, and I am here to listen to you, the people." She smiles cheerfully, "When I'm in the city, you can often find me helping out with the community gardens. Please feel free to talk to me whenever."

Posted on 2015-08-21 at 15:33:34.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Kyrie is as Kyrie does.

As they neared the clearing that the map indicated to the party would be close, Kyrie grew more curious. She had never met a dryad before. What kind of person would they be like? What did they look like? Well she did have a bit of an idea, having heard some stories, but still, it would be a new experience for her.

Yet, as they got closer, sounds of crying could be heard. As they walked up, the dryad turned to them, traces of crying mostly wiped from her otherworldly face.

In that moment, Kyrie didn't really register that it was a non-human. She knew what she wanted to do.

"Would it- would it be rude to hug you?" Kyrie offered, almost brutally honest in wanting to help the dryad emotionally.

(( copy/paste from Sib the GM ))

The dryad woman smiles faintly at Kyrie. "Your offer is appreciated, dear child, but I must decline--however if your desire to help is sincere, I find myself gravely in need assistance such as you and your companions may be able to provide."

((---pause if anyone wishes to insert anything---))

To the south of here there is a wicked monstrous tree that destroys and consumes all other creatures that cross its path. Numerous times my lover and I have attempted to drive it away, but it has resisted us. If it is not destroyed, I fear it will soon run out of prey and come to destroy my tree and devour my flesh."

(( End of copy and paste ))

Kyrie frowned, scratching at her cheek, "I've never heard of a tree that eats other trees, or a moving tree before. But it sounds like a weed. I don't like weeds. Guys I think we have some gardening to do."

(( As an aside, I do anticipate someone saying 'waitamin there Kyrie'. After all, if no one says that, she might very well start marching south on her own lol ))

Posted on 2015-04-23 at 16:06:02.
Edited on 2015-04-23 at 21:05:19 by Reralae

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Hmm

Without additional information I don't seem to be able to really post - the only thing at play is that there's a disturbance downstairs. I did provide the basis for Rae's course of action, first get armour on as the priority, but apart from her then going downstairs (which I wasn't sure if there would be something that happened before then, given the time it takes to put on heavy armour) I don't see anything else that can be done right now. Is there something I'm missing here?

Posted on 2015-03-31 at 22:07:04.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men...
Subject: I have to remember that unlike Kyrie, Rae doesn't sleep in armour...

[slight backpost to fill in details]

Seeing that the conversation was rather side tracked, Rae finished her meal and walked over to where Nya and En'Aranthea were talking.

"How much would it be to rent a room for the evening?" Rae asked Nya.

After negotiating for the price of the room, Rae paid for the room to be shared by both her and En'Aranthea. She didn't feel particularly keen on intruding on the other patrons, with the tension still in the atmosphere, so opted to be prepared for whatever the morning or night may bring.


Rae awoke with a start, nearly jumping out of her bedroll. She was no stranger to tavern or inn brawls, but the sounds coming from downstairs were not chaotic enough to be attributed as a brawl. Reaching to the side, she pulled her hair back, drawing her hairband over the tips of her ears and bringing her hair out of her eyes.

Reaching for her armour, she saw En'Aranthea also awake, "Please help me."

((Rae will also help En'Aranthea with her armour as well so they can be combat ready as quick as they can, unless En'Aranthea opts not to don armour. She wants to be ready before they go downstairs since they don't know what's going on))

Posted on 2015-03-16 at 15:17:02.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Samples

For no apparent reason, as it's completely unrelated to the topic of the thread, but tangentially relevant to me being in school, here's some samples of two assignments where the specification was "be creative" (gif format, the actual format is 3D)

Fox (via Google Drive)

Rain (via Google Drive)

Posted on 2015-03-09 at 23:20:21.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Recruitment
Subject: Hah

My own lack of presence aside, I do have Luminia's draft still on here...

Posted on 2015-03-09 at 23:13:04.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: My apologies

School has been pretty hectic, and there's been a fair amount of assignments (weekly or biweekly) and tests.

I will post when I can, and I do intend to keep up with this game though.

I have to say though, very different feelings from the two characters that have been in this scene. The first one was terrified, whereas Rae is calmed.

Posted on 2015-03-09 at 23:03:53.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men...
Subject: Auguries of Destruction be a lullaby for rebirth

"State your business!"

At the sound of the guard, Rae absently checked her headband. Still in the place she left it, covering the tips of her ears. Good.

Rae nodded as Blair gave his answer, and in addendum she also spoke, to perhaps ail the fears of the guard of the gate, "We have travelled from the west for a few days now, though we are armed, it is for our own protection. The roads in the fog have not been kind."

As they pass by, Rae pauses as they close the palisade behind them, "There are creatures of ill intent within the fog. I know that it is a dull task, but be alert."

Rae took note of their surroundings as they entered the town. Very human, in a sense, simplified to be its most practical. There was a lack of green, living decorum, but that also served the guards well, providing vision down the streets un-obscured by leaf or branch if not for the fog. Perhaps that would also serve them, if it were needed.

The heavy silence in the air weighed down on Rae's shoulders. She couldn't shake the feeling, the sense of something amiss.

* * * At the Inn * * *

Now this was more familiar. There was still a sense of tension in the atmosphere, but whether from the sense of being amidst strangers, new faces in who knows how long, or something malign in the place was difficult to decipher. Still, there was a sense of people. It broke the silence, in spite of the conversation dying down upon their entry, and for that Rae was grateful. It was a reprieve to a scene that she herself was very familiar with, in perhaps less well known parts of towns.

"I'll have some stew and bread, please, and some watered beer to drink." Rae provided for the barmaid, giving a gentle smile.

As she ate, she listened carefully to Blair and the other travellers.

She nodded in agreement with Danon, "Given the atmosphere, I'd say that to them, we're the strangest part of things that have happened today."

As Rae finished her food, she paused a moment, "Does that mean that we've all arrived here only today?" She asks of Davena.

Posted on 2015-03-09 at 23:02:24.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Vote

Just in case things happen before I am able to post (which I intend to do when I can), Rae's vote would be to head towards the town.

"Before the dead, we should tend to the living." feels appropriate as something she'd say at the moment.

Post will be, well, hopefully soon, pending work load

Posted on 2015-01-27 at 08:59:42.

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: A fair bit of author appeal here...

All it took was a glimpse. One look broke down everything that Emily could see. The underlying structure, both mesh and material, and hints at the code behind it all.

Emily's lips curled into a wide grin. The rush of seeing it all was why she used this interface. The conventional methods used the command line, and while it was practical and to the point, it didn't offer as wide a field of view as her personalized interface did.

In her opinion, it made the experience feel more real, and it was good to have the option of seeing everything at once.

Wings flickering behind her, she lept forward, entering the sea of data proper. Packets buffeted her like prevailing winds, but she was no lightweight flier. With a few flicks of her fingers, she dived straight forward, with pinpoint accuracy.

Firewalls surrounded every node, but she was not searching for entry into any. The job was to get a package, and that meant tracing the original message.

Emily spread her hands, looking for all the world like a little girl taking a picture in pretend. The command line interface appeared in front of her, and she started typing. She was given a potential address to analyze, and that was her only point of entry.

It took a moment to identify the server. On her interface it looked akin to a beehive, with so many packets entering and exiting, busy little bees. It'd be difficult to crack if she was trying to access the entire database. Thankfully, it was only a piece she needed to access, so only one key that she needed.

The inside was dusty, unkept, with stacks of unread mail littering her perspective. Waving her hand, Emily brought up her command line input again in order to initiate a search.

As it turned out, the package she was after was fairly large compared to the others. The only thing that she was requested to retrieve was the attachment, and with a transfer, it was almost in her hands. Emily took precautions, however, and investigated the attachment with a remote computer.

The files were clean, not even encrypted. They appeared to be sewing patterns for some type of a doll.

Emily shrugged. As long as the files were clean for her to fulfill the transfer, that was all she cared about. The only thing left was to notify the recipient.

Hey, listen!

To the one who plays the flute,
The gene of connection bypasses dimensions.
My wish to turn the velvet room into a club was vetoed.
Get the cherry for bonus points.
As always, avoid de-resolution.
That will be all.

- Navi

With the message sent, all she had to do now was wait. And perhaps spend some time doing her own work...

* * *

Cyberscape, the digital frontier. It barely comes up in most games, generally taking place in the physical realms, but it's a place I have a fascination with.

Posted on 2015-01-16 at 01:09:42.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Pending homework...

It's a bit too early in the year to forecast with accuracy the workload I will have, but provided things work out, I would be happy to continue with my second paladin.

Posted on 2015-01-13 at 10:50:32.

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: Spy vs Spy?

Snip Snip

They were slow, deliberate movements. Measurement taken by the pattern and eye, and again, and only then cut. The silver needle flickered in the candlelight as the girl continued to work.

She was careful, and she was precise. She shifted, a subtle movement, as she adjusted the mirror on her lap. Her feline eyes glimmered as she saw more people leave the tavern.

He still hadn't moved from the bar, engaged in his rowdy conversation with the bartender and a few other patrons.

Needlework was the main reason why she gave up her claws. Needlework was more suited to human hands. However, that left her without natural weapons, and that was something she had trouble adjusting to.

Finally, a movement. The man had shifted. To the casual observer, that was a prelude to him getting ready to stand up. She knew otherwise. It was him looking for an ‘opportunity'.

She set aside her sewing and packed her bag, taking care to draw a different needle from within and slip it up her sleeve. As though to call it a night herself, she idly walked past the bar.

The man took this moment to ‘accidentally' spill his tankard on her dress.

"Damn these clumsy hands. I swear, I can usually hold my drink."

Well rehearsed. She was as well.

"What do you think you're doing?! This dress was expensive. If it stains I'm going to have you pay for a new one." She feigned her anger; the dress looked it, but it only cost her the cost of the materials.

"I really am sorry. However, I'm a merchant, and how about I make it up to you with a new one?"

She feigned giving it a thought, a slender finger tapping her cheek, "Very well, let's see what you have."

She followed the man upstairs, towards his room. Her feline ears strained as she listened.

Be calm.
Observe, listen.

She heard another couple going down the stairs. She heard another inn door closing.

When he reached his door, the man fumbled with his keys. Her eyes told her the truth of his movements.

"You okay there?" She asked, playfully clapping her hand just above his shoulder.

In that motion, she let the needle slide up to her hand, before angling it down. There was far more force behind it than she let show. It pierced his neck at a point well-practised against, and all he could do was sigh as it drove into his spine, paralyzing him in an instant.

"Oh dear. I think you must've lost count of your drinks." She said, keeping character as she feigned a struggle to keep him upright, "Let me get that door for you."

As she let him down to the ground, taking a step forward to do so gently, she let her hand stray to her boot, sliding a dagger up her sleeve with one hand as she retrieved his keys with the other.

Opening the door, she barely paused, paying attention to what she saw, the typical inn room. She picked the man up again. Taking a step, her foot made no sound on the wooden floor beyond the doorway. She smiled.

That makes things simpler.

In an instant, she had kicked the door shut, causing no sound, and threw her dagger at the form hiding behind it. With no need to target the neck, it sank into his torso. He staggered back, but she saw he was not out. She rectified that with a sharp kick, catching the man in the head and he crashed into the wall.

The entire exchange was soundless.

It took only a moment for her to retrieve her weapons and leave the body of the ‘merchant' in the bed. He was still alive.

Taking two vials out of her bag, she administered the drug to both of them. It would remove the last hour from their memory. In her line of work, it was precautions like that which kept the dead from pointing fingers.

She walked out, leaving no trace that she had been there, apart from the two fresh corpses.

Her client had wanted the ‘merchant' to know who had put the price on his head, but the silence effect prevented that, even if she was willing to oblige the silly request.

Yeva returned to her room, and left the inn. Time to retrieve the other half of her payment.

* * *

Underhanded would be really powerful for an assassin,

Haven't been in many games where PCs are in a position to actually assassinate a target though, or for that matter how many players would be patient enough to try and get all the circumstance bonuses before going to pull it off.

Posted on 2014-12-13 at 17:42:00.
Edited on 2014-12-13 at 17:42:59 by Reralae

Topic: Reralae's Story Fragments
Subject: Ask not the sun, why she sets...

The shadow trailed beyond the roof, flickering on the street below. The red hexagons circled the moon far above, their blood-stained lights searching the city beneath. Ducking under the scaffolding, the shadow's owner hid from the spotlights.

"Full moon is always a pain, eh?"

A nod.

"It has been said that anything can happen during the full moon."

Another nod.

"Got nothing to say?" The cat sitting on the sill idly licked her paw before staring up at her visitor, "I know you. You came to make a deal."

"I only have one life. It's not a deal I can make lightly; I'm still having second thoughts." The visitor finally spoke, taking off her veil and revealing a mane of silver hair, a sharp face, and emerald eyes matching the cat's stare.

The striped cat seemed to grin, "A life for a life, I believe goes the saying. Not even I know what will happen if you do it, here and now, during the full moon."

"You seem quite content to watch." The woman spoke.

"I've been watching for a very long time. It's always interesting. I don't meddle." The cat replied, looking bored despite her words.

"Except you do."

"I beg your pardon?" The cat looked up, a bemused glimmer in her yellow eyes.

"Everything you've told me, the things you've, suggested. Ideas. I wouldn't have had them if not for you." The woman replied. It wasn't an accusation, but rather pointing out the fact.

"Very perceptive." The cat purred, "I'm not inclined to tell you why, but you know that already."

The woman nodded once more.

"You're almost out of time. If you're going to do it, you might want to start." The cat mused.

"By your permission," There was hesitation in her voice.

The cat smiled, "How can I deny such a polite customer?"

With a deep breath, the woman began the incantation.

By the key to the soul,
Turn and undo the whole,
Break down the barrier between dark and light,
Blur the boundary between wrong and right.

By the light of the moon,
I ask for this boon,
Alter the future, and by my life I pay,
For the power to change night into day.

The red beams of light quickly converged on their meeting spot, but it was too late for that to make a difference. The cat smiled, looking up at the fading form of the woman, and the cat began the answer,

Life begets life,
Regardless of strife.
For your life, given of your will,
I exchange mine, so you may live still.

Nine I have, and nine I still do,
May this new life be true to you.
The power to change, you are possessing,
Beware the curse that is this blessing.

Another velvet stripe upon her body now, the cat disappeared into the building. Her part was done.

Far above, the red hexagons shattered - broken by spears of shadow reaching to their light.

Yeena took her second breath, regaining her body, her hair now split between gold and silver. The first blow was hers, but this would be a long battle. Her new cat eyes examined the moon, her gaze piercing to what was hiding within.

Perhaps, one day, she would be able to defeat the one that could not be defeated.

* * *

I wrote it, but I don't even know everything that's going on in it. Some fragments are weird like that. Come out of nowhere and leave even the writer with questions.

Posted on 2014-12-10 at 00:00:03.

Topic: Hex-Winged - Fly or Fall
Subject: Hex-Winged - Fly or Fall

If I was particularly eloquent I would say I apologize in advance.

Except that would be a lie. If anything this is overdue, horribly so. I am really sorry.

School has started again. This time around, I have 6 courses. One of which is a language class (yes, putting points into Speak Language or Linguistics... not going to be easy).

Needless to say, the work load is immense. I'll have daily work from the language course, as well as weekly essays, and programming assignments. But... this is my (hopefully) final year. Whatever that means. I am too used to 'graduation' not having any real meaning, besides transition to another school, but I'll handle that when that happens.

To those GMs impacted by this, I am really sorry. Please do as is necessary with the relevant characters. I'll have to leave that in your hands.

I know I leave an obligation incomplete, and that is really a bad mark for me.

Well, until later, this sylph has to fly.


Posted on 2014-09-08 at 05:55:41.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: I could have sworn I posted here... yet the proof is irrevocable. My apologies

Violet's call of thanks stuck in her throat as the rough fur of the vermin approaching under Asher caught her eye. Quickly she altered her position, bringing Catkin around and aiming down at the weasel, as she notched another arrow and let it fly.

With hope, it would hit its mark before the weasel even saw it coming, and with it, Vi would return the favour.

Posted on 2014-07-29 at 18:48:54.

Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: Of retail and of Foxiness

She leaned over to Fox. “Comfortable, three bedroom, two bath affair and a view overlooking the bay. Surrounded by natural scenery, close to the best fishing in Sandpoint. Buy now and it comes with all the furniture thrown in for free.”

"You forgot the part about being a pet friendly neighborhood. That's always a good selling point." Fox winked and whispered back to Nona.

“We only need a moment of your time, Mr. Proudstump.” She elbowed Fox discretely, silently requesting back-up from the socialite. “We're here about the goblin bounty, and common knowledge has it you are the best source for information concerning Brinestump. Besides,” Nona cast a speculative glance over Walthus' head into his house, “it can't be any messier than most wizards I've studied with.” The sad part was, even out here in the swamp, she meant it.

Fox nodded, giving a smile, "Is there anything you might be able to tell us as travelers going through the local area as well? Vague rumours one's ear catches in the city aren't always much help when on the trail after all." she'd add

Posted on 2014-07-29 at 18:44:46.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Good evening to you too

Kyrie knelt beside the woman and smiled. "Good evening. Or maybe it's morning. Hard to tell when the sun isn't around." She said, completely nonchalant about her outburst.

"Now I get that you just woke up and are grumpy, but I think you might want to calm down a bit." Kyrie suggested, before she looked thoughtful, "I'm personally not about to follow through with what Zeran suggested, but if the others put it to a vote, I can and will use my shovel to knock you out, again."

"Oh, I'm Kyrie by the way." She smiled again.

Posted on 2014-07-29 at 18:27:01.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Well not much in the way of answers but better than nothing

Catie nodded as Jon called for a reconvene, "That sounds like a good idea. I get the feeling emotions ran a bit strongly, taking a break can be good to look at the situation in a new light."

Afterwards she sat down beside Lilliana, "Believe me, I have a good idea of what you want, and how much you want it. However, I'm not the one calling the shots so I can't guarantee anything, especially with how tangled this net seems to be." She tapped at her forehead, "We need to be careful. Acting hasty at this point will do more harm than good. Some things line up in our favour, some don't. I just need to make sure we have a good plan going in, because once we get there, that's when we find out just how good or bad a given idea will be."

She then nodded at the brothers, "Now, you boys never actually answered my second question. I wasn't asking how sure you are - I know for a fact you're certain enough to take major risks, doing what you have done on your own. I was asking about your contingency. So far you're clear, if it's there you're taking it back, but if it's not there, then what will you do? You may not be asking us to get involved, but like it or not we're all involved with what others do at this point. Might as well take the opportunity to build a plan."

(if they get flustered, Catie will say the next bit and move to Asante)

"Well, if you'd like to talk to each other first, you can." Catie stands up, "I actually need to ask Asante some questions as well."

(from the post I got the impression Asante moved elsewhere since it was listed that Catie could talk with Lillianna and the brothers there. If that's the case and the brothers need to sort things out with each other first she'll go to find Asante)

Posted on 2014-07-29 at 18:12:44.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Kyrie does what Kyrie does

Kyrie wasn't too sure what to make of the situation at this point, but there was one thing she did know for sure, and that was that she was not going to say nothing.

"Hey, listen! I might not know who you are, but it looks like you had an agreement. I know you need to eat to survive, but you already have one. We haven't attacked you, but if you insist, I will use my shovel." Kyrie spoke, advancing and staring her down, "For the record, I'm not just leaving her to die here, even if it was my shovel that knocked her out."

No one told her that carnivorous water shapeshifters were unable to be reasoned with. Also, no one apparently told the water creature about how stubborn Kyrie can be. If she doesn't relent, then Kyrie instinctively activates her shield and uses her shovel as she said she would.

Posted on 2014-07-12 at 19:31:23.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Leaving the melee peeps to Mr Might Still Be Growing Badger

Violet didn't draw breath until after she saw her arrow strike its mark. She nodded, satisfied with the result. Except there were far more weasels than she had seen. She grimaced at missing them earlier, and at the arrow striking Ribbon. Vi quickly drew another arrow, directing Catkin towards the other weasel archer.

"You hurt Ribbon. I'll go over there and make you pay if I have to." Violet muttered as she let her arrow fly.

She liked Ribbon's smile, and in some ways she thought of Ribbon like a little sister. Vi wasn't going to let them get away with hurting her.

Posted on 2014-07-09 at 19:04:20.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Well

Since the previous post had the 'if nothing else is added' in brackets, you can presume she didn't get around to asking them the first time because something was added that did have to be addressed, which stops the flow of the remainder of that post.

If X then Y, but in the event X is false then Y does not happen.

Posted on 2014-07-09 at 18:55:50.


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