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Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Good evening to you too

Kyrie knelt beside the woman and smiled. "Good evening. Or maybe it's morning. Hard to tell when the sun isn't around." She said, completely nonchalant about her outburst.

"Now I get that you just woke up and are grumpy, but I think you might want to calm down a bit." Kyrie suggested, before she looked thoughtful, "I'm personally not about to follow through with what Zeran suggested, but if the others put it to a vote, I can and will use my shovel to knock you out, again."

"Oh, I'm Kyrie by the way." She smiled again.

Posted on 2014-07-29 at 18:27:01.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Well not much in the way of answers but better than nothing

Catie nodded as Jon called for a reconvene, "That sounds like a good idea. I get the feeling emotions ran a bit strongly, taking a break can be good to look at the situation in a new light."

Afterwards she sat down beside Lilliana, "Believe me, I have a good idea of what you want, and how much you want it. However, I'm not the one calling the shots so I can't guarantee anything, especially with how tangled this net seems to be." She tapped at her forehead, "We need to be careful. Acting hasty at this point will do more harm than good. Some things line up in our favour, some don't. I just need to make sure we have a good plan going in, because once we get there, that's when we find out just how good or bad a given idea will be."

She then nodded at the brothers, "Now, you boys never actually answered my second question. I wasn't asking how sure you are - I know for a fact you're certain enough to take major risks, doing what you have done on your own. I was asking about your contingency. So far you're clear, if it's there you're taking it back, but if it's not there, then what will you do? You may not be asking us to get involved, but like it or not we're all involved with what others do at this point. Might as well take the opportunity to build a plan."

(if they get flustered, Catie will say the next bit and move to Asante)

"Well, if you'd like to talk to each other first, you can." Catie stands up, "I actually need to ask Asante some questions as well."

(from the post I got the impression Asante moved elsewhere since it was listed that Catie could talk with Lillianna and the brothers there. If that's the case and the brothers need to sort things out with each other first she'll go to find Asante)

Posted on 2014-07-29 at 18:12:44.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Kyrie does what Kyrie does

Kyrie wasn't too sure what to make of the situation at this point, but there was one thing she did know for sure, and that was that she was not going to say nothing.

"Hey, listen! I might not know who you are, but it looks like you had an agreement. I know you need to eat to survive, but you already have one. We haven't attacked you, but if you insist, I will use my shovel." Kyrie spoke, advancing and staring her down, "For the record, I'm not just leaving her to die here, even if it was my shovel that knocked her out."

No one told her that carnivorous water shapeshifters were unable to be reasoned with. Also, no one apparently told the water creature about how stubborn Kyrie can be. If she doesn't relent, then Kyrie instinctively activates her shield and uses her shovel as she said she would.

Posted on 2014-07-12 at 19:31:23.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Leaving the melee peeps to Mr Might Still Be Growing Badger

Violet didn't draw breath until after she saw her arrow strike its mark. She nodded, satisfied with the result. Except there were far more weasels than she had seen. She grimaced at missing them earlier, and at the arrow striking Ribbon. Vi quickly drew another arrow, directing Catkin towards the other weasel archer.

"You hurt Ribbon. I'll go over there and make you pay if I have to." Violet muttered as she let her arrow fly.

She liked Ribbon's smile, and in some ways she thought of Ribbon like a little sister. Vi wasn't going to let them get away with hurting her.

Posted on 2014-07-09 at 19:04:20.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Well

Since the previous post had the 'if nothing else is added' in brackets, you can presume she didn't get around to asking them the first time because something was added that did have to be addressed, which stops the flow of the remainder of that post.

If X then Y, but in the event X is false then Y does not happen.

Posted on 2014-07-09 at 18:55:50.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Whoops I thought I posted here... but I guess that was a dream

Violet was thankful for the tree cover that they came across as they made their way up the path. She was never that comfortable on the ground. Perhaps it was a good thing too, for at the clearing, the hair at the back of her neck stood on end. This was too convenient. Then she saw it. The rough looking fur of a weasel.

I guess that's more points towards that horde theory. This just got more complicated. Violet thought to herself.

There was nothing for it. If it was a scout or lookout then they'd report their position, and there was nothing said about any friendly weasels in the area (if such a thing existed). Either way, Violet couldn't let that happen. She quickly drew back Catkin, judging the distance between her and the weasel and adjusting accordingly. Without a word she let the arrow fly.

It was a bit strange for her to be so quick to attack, but given the area they were in, she was on edge as it was, and she trusted her instincts. They are what let her fly in the first place after all.

Posted on 2014-07-07 at 20:51:49.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: A Gambit Pileup if I ever saw one

Catie chuckled. She asked for more cards, and she was given a hand so to speak. Very lively... quite different than the team back then... but then that was a group of more like minded people. Here we have quite a variety of minds and masks.

"Calm down, Captain. If Asante is being truthful, her objective means low collateral damage. Damage to us was never intended, but it works out better now that we can bring everyone to the same page." Catie nodded tapped the side of her cheek.

She nodded at Grace, "While it may be better to be uninvolved, originally being a third party hired here, personally, I believe we have good reason to be involved at this point. Trying to figure something out that works for everyone means we'll all be on the same page. If we're all on the same page, and inclusive, then we're less likely to end up with people trying to run their own plans which may run counter to the best outcome. It's when you have many different plans in motion all at the same time and stepping on each other that disasters happen. Like this." Catie shrugs.

"That's not to say that the best outcome will be easy by comparison. It's just more likely if we work as a cohesive unit rather than independent parties." Catie noted, "First thing is first though... there's some questions to be asked." She looks at the brothers, "First of all, in the event that Steele is the one that stole the Colt, and your suspicions are true, what would be the result of that? Secondly, I can believe how strongly you feel about them, but should your suspicions be false, what will you do then?"

Posted on 2014-07-05 at 21:27:40.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Cards on the table...

And that was why nearly the first thing she did was ask about the cards... Catie did expect more to pop up.

Posted on 2014-07-05 at 21:04:09.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Let's see what we have here

Catie nodded to Jon and stepped forward. She wasn't playing waitress now. It was like she was back at the meetings... and trying to resolve conflicts between her team and her superiors. Folding her hands together, she looked between all of their passengers calmly.

"So, is that it? Last call for adding cards to the table. After all, if we're to try to sort this whole thing out, in a way that would work for at least those of us present, don't hold any back." Catie asked, giving a smile.

((Presuming nothing is added))

"Alright. Now let's see what we have here." She turns to look at the brothers, "The outcome that you two are after is to get onto Steele property in order to attempt to retrieve potential evidence. The obligation that you have is to Badger, who for his part is working for Lilliana's father."

Catie then looks at Lilliana, "The outcome that you wish for is to be with the person you actually love. The obligation imposed on you is in this arranged marriage."

Catie then steps back, "If we consider the flow of connections, the single common aspect is this all goes back to the Baron. That makes him the most likely candidate in order to amend these conflicts of interest. In that regard, we actually do have a few options, but a few questions need to be answered first."

She looks at the two brothers, "First of all, in the event that Steele is the one that stole the Colt, and your suspicions are true, what would be the result of that? Secondly, I can believe how strongly you feel about them, but should your suspicions be false, what will you do then?"

Posted on 2014-06-30 at 23:26:23.
Edited on 2014-06-30 at 23:28:31 by Reralae

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Yeah...

In the last update (Target Neutralized) there was no mention or reference of Catie at all. My presumption was that because it seemed a reactionary post, it wasn't calling for a change of direction from Catie.

I see her mentioned now though in the most recent update. Missed it the first time I read since it was in the middle of the sentence. That's all I needed, now I can visualize it fully.

Posted on 2014-06-26 at 22:03:28.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Well...

If I'm to post I kind of need to know at what point Catie stopped/got interrupted before things played out. I don't have much indication of where Catie is in this mix now. Might be a case of TMC - too many characters in one place.

There was an indicator that Ody posted, but he may have deleted the post and caused the forum glitch of the blank last page

Posted on 2014-06-26 at 21:49:05.
Edited on 2014-06-26 at 21:49:41 by Reralae

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: No time like the present

"Thank you!" Violet replied as she was given the map. She quickly looked it over, trying to find out if there was alternate paths to the roost that could be taken. On the one hand there could be an escape route for the shrew, and on the other, if the main path was guarded or watched, using another path might give them an advantage.

"Well let's get started." Violet nodded to herself, "If we're lucky we'll be able to deal with one at a time, but I'm not overly hopeful about that."

When they move out, Violet will take point, keeping a lookout both ahead and above. She knows that the moles that came before were either defeated at the roost or intercepted along the way, so she's going to try to be careful about their approach.

Posted on 2014-06-24 at 18:34:52.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: What does Kyrie do during downtime?

The fifth

"Dear Mother..." Kyrie murmured when she saw the body of the kobold on the tree. She'd help to get it down with Zeran, using her shovel to split the spear haft where it met the tree to prevent additional damage, but the sunken feeling in her heart was that it was too late for the little guy. In spite of how it looked, Kyrie does what she can for the kobold regardless.

((For the record Kyrie does do a heal check for certainty but not expecting that to result in a change of situation))

Kyrie gives a surprised sound as Perlivash lands on her head. She recognized the high pitched voice easily enough. "Easy, easy there, Perl." She raised her hands to gently transfer Perl to a more relaxed position, gently hugging the fey so as not to crush him with her armour. After a moment she lets him down, "Do you two know what happened?"

“The mean biggenses, they're back! You came and you slew them foreverago, but they have returned!” Perlivash squeaked.

“They've come back for revenge! Round two! Take no survivors!” Tyg added. “They came, five of them, and the one—black like the heart of a demon—killed the scaly kobold one while the big-like-and-ox laughed. Their leader was frowny and grey and made faces at them, then they left. We were too scared to look! We were running home but then we saw you! You must kill them!”

"I don't think it'd be the same ones." Kyrie noted, "Must be others from their base. We still haven't found it yet, but when we do, there's a lot more than words to be traded." She nodded firmly.

((pending other interactions))

"Just make sure you two don't get caught by them. Not all big people are bad but be careful." Kyrie offers the two fey.

The Sixth

"Stubborn little guys. Just won't go away now will you? There's a whole grassland out there and you come in here? Well, I won't allow it." Kyrie had a stern look to her as she raised her shovel, "Weeds, I will stop you!"

The shovel sank into the dirt easily enough, and Kyrie took care to only aim for the roots of the weed rather than any of the produce. She had years of experience doing that after all. For once (well, since the last time they were there anyway) she wasn't in her armour, just dressed in plain attire and tending to the small garden.

"Really, really stubborn." She chuckled, wiping her brow with the back of her hand.

Seeing Zeran nearby she waved at him as he came over.

"Kyrie, I've got to thank you." Zeran took his hat off and bowed standing upright again. "You've saved my ass more then a few times now in more ways then one. Thank you, I've no clue how I'll repay you for it but I will one day."

He leaned in, but Kyrie leaned back, unable to keep the giggle from her throat, "Might not want to do that right now, Zeran. Mah'i always said to wash up first after fighting weeds."

She gave him a warm smile, "Don't worry about repaying or such. I did sign up for this after all." She pauses, thinking a moment, "Or at least would have if that one guy wasn't so finicky with his paper. I guess the shovel intimidated him." She shrugs, "But that's just a detail." She gave a laugh.


Zeran glowered as he listened to the exchange giving his head a shake as he watched the bandits go off. "Can't wait to put a bullet in each of them, Stag Git especially." He growled a frown on his face. "We need to discuss a plan of attack or defense. I've a few ideas if someone doesn't suggest them first." He said keeping his eyes staring after the torches as he spoke to the group.


Kyrie nodded, "Let's let them know that they're wrong about us being away. Shake them up. The fort's locked down so we can't get to them right now anyway, though personally I'm tempted to shoot the black wearing one if there is one. He was the one the fey said tortured the kobold after all."

((pending outcome, assuming a 'scare off' is decided))

Kyrie made her way up onto the battlements and gave a wave, "Hey there! You said something about... us not being here? Must make you feel so proud to do a lot of shouting with nothing to back up what you say!"

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 19:33:19.

Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: Staring contest

From behind Alexis, Fox was poised. She was in position behind Alexis, ready to move if it was needed. Yes, she was ready. Even though she did not appear to have a weapon in hand, she was ready. She stared back at the snake, golden, warm blooded eyes peering at cold blooded motionless eyes.

If a weapon must be drawn, make the draw mortal. At least in the case of a blade.

Well, it was the ideal anyway. Whether or not Fox could actually pull it off was another question entirely. She had never attempted such a thing before.

And it turned out she wouldn't have to try that time. A splash later, and the snake was gone. Fox quickly stepped back, anticipating Alexis potentially turning around.

"All things considered, that went fairly uneventfully." Fox observed, her voice warm and giving a warm smile. "Shall we continue?"

Posted on 2014-06-09 at 04:37:39.
Edited on 2014-06-09 at 04:38:41 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Kyrie doesn't know much about decomposition of animals

Once again, Kyrie's shovel proved its worth, giving a very final smack to the wyrm that had preoccupied itself with Miguel. "You okay there, Miguel?" She asked, holding out her hand to keep him steady as he untangled himself from the now-dead creature.

After a pause to relax in their victory, the question came up of where to go from there.

Kyrie scratched at the back of her head, "Well, we wanted to get the boar's body back as quick as we could because it would've rotted, should we do the same with these things?" She asked, indicating the wyrms. "I know they're more scaly, but if we cut off the heads, it does make a big opening to their inside, which I think rot first. Like spiders."

Walking up to Frodrick she lay a hand on his shoulder, "I know you're sturdy, but don't push yourself too hard, okay?" Kyrie gave a smile, letting the healing energy flow into the dwarf's body (results already covered by GM post above). "I'll have to jog more to train myself to keep up." She chuckled. Knowing Kyrie, it probably wasn't a joke.

Posted on 2014-06-06 at 18:00:35.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Hmm... Cybersix

Do we get a pet kitty then?

Posted on 2014-06-04 at 17:45:35.

Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: Ankle biting might not be the worst of it

“We're all gonna die,” chirped the bird.

Nona let out the breath she didn't realize she had been holding and stepped forward. “Well, ladies? And Zwei.” She added the latter with a glance to the fetchling. She drew a bolt from her pouch and loaded it into her crossbow. “Are we going to stand here like a gaggle of timid livestock, or shall we proceed?” Nona gave the mechanism a tug until it locked into place.

“Uh, forgive me if I don't lead the way. Goblins are notorious ankle biters and my shins have a terribly low tolerance for perforation.”

Fox gave a cat-like grin, "Just considering our options." On a more serious note she added, "Sticking to the trail might not be the best bet."

"Even though the goblins might not stray so close to the city." Fox elaborated, "There was word wandering about of another creature. Presumably a carnivore, and sheer white in colour. With any luck it will stand out against the marsh. Something to keep an eye out for while we head down the trail. It was last seen along it."

Despite the sense of trepidation she felt, Fox felt alert. Her instincts would be her strongest asset, should anything happen.

"That being said, I'm not keen on trying to make a trail through the marsh myself. Getting stuck in a bog would be more troublesome." Fox decided, leading the way down the New Fish Trail. Despite her outwardly carefree tone, her eyes scanned her surroundings carefully. She wasn't about to just lower her guard.

Posted on 2014-05-28 at 19:01:05.

Topic: Favourite Thing You Never Get to Use
Subject: The sylph is in

This cat has numerous resources, not even in the same system.
  • D20 Cyberscape - As the name suggests, modern tech based on virtual reality. Very much not a commonly used thing at all. I still like the book.
  • Witchcraft system - I love this system. Everything is point buy, and no predefined classes. Also a modern system. Can also be a dark conspiracy type setting.
  • Abyssals/Sidereals/Alchemicals - Part of the Exalted Setting. I don't really know how to use it yet, but the 'races' are fascinating.

I also am helping to beta test another system entirely. I can't say I never get to use it (since testing is using it), but I can't wait to use it more

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 18:57:49.
Edited on 2014-05-25 at 18:59:08 by Reralae

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Charge! (not the action, you know what I mean)

Kyrie wasn't sure if the weed from earlier was more frightening than the tatzlwyrm. What she was sure of, though, was that in the face of uncertain danger, she needed to face it directly. After all, being directly in the way means that other people aren't being attacked. Usually.

Except, Frodrick got to the front before her. Guess there is quite the speed difference with having a ride. Kyrie thought, trusty shovel in hand as she stubbornly continued her way forward.

She would make it to the melee! Eventually. When she did get there, she'd try to swipe at the wyrm's neck with the edge of her shovel. The goal was to get its head, right?

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 18:47:29.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Was waiting to see if Bodkin has input, but guess backposting can work

Violet rubbed the back of her head in slight embarrassment, "Well, how does this sound? Asher and I could try to sneak up on Shadow's Roost. That way we can find out if he is actually there, or if it's a false trail, and I can try to map the pathway. If we're lucky we may be able to find out more."

Vi paused, "Does anybeast know Ratrug? I mean, more than what you've already told us? It's not really like a vermin to appear out of nowhere..."

Suddenly getting a thought, Violet looked at Fenrir and Ribbon, "If it goes in weekly cycles, they should appear again soon. I think we should try to have some sort of safe place for the workers. If the attackers target the wagons, we could reduce injuries by leaving the wagons empty. Another option as well would be to set up volunteer groups of slingers. If we can knock Ratrug off of the owl, well, then he doesn't have an owl directly protecting him, and more importantly, they become separated."

"As weird as it sounds, I'm hoping we can just talk to the owl directly." Vi admitted, "Ratrug's intent, well that's been shown. Vermin just wants money and infamy. That of the owl... we don't know. We don't know anything about the owl."

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 18:40:01.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Suspicions confirmed

Catie could hear the brother's conversation where she was, working in the kitchen. It was hard not to. But they didn't really hold her attention. Her attention was on Lilianna, and Angela.

That appetite... that is definitely more than would be considered normal. Catie thought to herself as she observed firsthand the visible results of Angela's metabolism needs. Think... was there anything about impacts on metabolism?

Catie, however, did not pursue that line of thought, seeing Lilianna falter, plate falling to the ground, as she started crying.

Oh dear. Catie thought, her face sympathetic. She had guessed that Lilianna was under a lot of pressure. Moving quickly, she left her position in the kitchen, after making sure she turned the stove off, just as a precaution, moving to Lilianna's side. Catie didn't care how she looked at that point, Lilianna's emotional health was her concern.

Catie moved beside Lilianna, and, very gently, enough to let her pull away if she wanted, tried to hug her.

Seeing Angela jump to action at the same time as everyone converged, Catie would try to call "Stand down, Angela! Seth is just doing his duty!"

"I WANT DANIEL!!!!" Lilianna cries out through the tears.

"Daniel?" AJ says his eyes going wide..

"Daniel?" Rick repeats with the same expression.

Seth lowers the gun, "Lilianna. You told me he left you and ..."

"I lied! I lied about the kidnapping. I lied about Daniel. I lied to protect him. I lied to protect myself. I keep lying and hoping it will get better but it won't get better..." she sobbed uncontrollably, falling to the ground of the galley. "I've lost him."

"You have time." Catie spoke, her voice soft as she kneeled beside Lilianna, trying to be reassuring and calm her down, "Breathe. In, and out. There is still time."

Time for what, well, Catie wasn't entirely sure herself. All she knew then, with regards to Lilianna's situation, was that it was time to unravel the truth. Keeping up with her lies was putting way too much stress on her.

"You asked for help." Catie whispered, "But people cannot help if they don't know what really happened. Let them know. Share your story."

Posted on 2014-05-23 at 07:37:45.
Edited on 2014-05-23 at 07:42:27 by Reralae

Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: Competition? But mystery! And intrigue!

“Goblins using disguises? Forgive me if I don't put much faith in this. We are talking about a race of creatures who think writing steals words out of their head.”

Fox smirked, "The concept is a bit extravagant, one has to admit. However, with the number out there, the chance that they include some actually smart individuals is not out of the question." She gave a laugh, "But yes, the simpler cause is the more likely one."

“Zwei, these are the girls. The big one is Alexis. Her skills include hitting stuff and wearing armour for clothing. The diminutive waif beside her is Fox, with whom you shall be competing for status of most inscrutable member of the group.”

Alexis gave a brisk two finger salute to the man from her seat. "Greetings, so you'll be joining us? Sounds fair strength in numbers they say. As for my skills and clothing choice Nona is a bit off. I'm an apprentice blacksmith and part of the militia. I've had the honor of getting some training with the Pathfinders as well, I prefer my armor for a variety of reasons but we'll leave it as 'my uniform' for the moment." She laughed a bit and gave Nona a cheeky grin before letting Fox introduce herself.

Fox gave a sly grin at Nona, "Diminutive? Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? I'm just a bit on the smaller side for a woman." she chuckled, "Well, okay, maybe five foot is closer to the edge of the scale than normal." She admitted, before turning her attention to Zwei, "One certainly recalls your face. We've shared the bar a few times, but never really the same place."

She looked around at the assembled group and gave a smile, "It will be interesting to see your work firsthand." she noted, with playfulness in her voice.

“I notice not all of us present are fully prepared to set out right this moment. In the interest of making efficient use of the remaining hours of daylight, I suggest those of use who are already prepared to leave can attempt some form of reconnaissance while those of us who are not—namely myself, can acquire the necessary provisions. I propose we meet back here in an hour.”

"An hour? That should be enough time for one to listen for more. Maybe it will be useful, maybe not. Don't know until one listens." Fox nodded.

“Oh, and Alexis—Brinestump is at least 3 miles out of town. I don't know how if you want to wear your armour for the whole trip. It's up to you if you think you can keep up.”

Alexis simply shook her head and took another drink of her water to mask the smile she had, figuring Nona's 'supplies' was either some sort of a spell book or something else aside from camping gear. Alexis waved to her cousin as the snarky studious girl departed chuckling after before turning to Fox. "I'll go see if I can't get the Sheriff to give us a few extra rations for our excursion. I've also got a few things to drop off at home and grab before I'm ready anyways. Fox if Nona comes back before me tease her a bit, she needs to lighten up some. She knows I can keep up just fine in armor with her."

Fox gave a cat-like grin, "Will do." She needed no second prompting where Nona was concerned.

((extra to be added pending additional dialogue))

Finishing her tea, Fox put her coins on the bar for Ameiko to collect later, "I'll be off then. See you in about an hour."

Fox then moved to the changing area, exchanging her performance attire with her street attire, neatly rolling up the discarded clothing and putting it into her pack. She used her light, leather armour as an under layer, hiding it underneath her outer clothes. Being without an actual home, all of her possessions were generally carried by her all the time. It was a kind of way of life for her. She took extra care to stow her spare coinage in her brooch or scarf, with a dummy coin bag in her pack, and readjusting her carried weapons, both visible and concealed.

Marsh monster She mused, That one will need to be traced to its point of origin.

Waving at Ameiko before she left, Fox headed to the marketplace. The taverns would have the leaves of the rumour, as that is where rumours spread to, but to find the roots, well, you needed to find the who. The person that was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The neighbour that was just minding their own business.

As it turned out, Fox's intuition served her well, as she kept her ears trained on tidbits of conversation as she walked through the market, looking for all the world like a window shopper.

"I think he might be seeing someone behind her back!"
"Did you hear about the wood? Trouble might be showing up there again."
"Apparently somebody reckons Megus is, uh, damn, something about Megus anyway."
"These apples are actually not freshly imported."
"Where did they say the monster showed up again?"

Bingo. Fox slowed her steps, walking up to the woman perusing the outer stalls of the fishmarket, talking with one of the clerks.

"You mean, you've heard about it too?" Fox asked casually, feigning innocence, "I thought it was just a tall tale someone started."

"Oh yes, it could very well be a tall tale!" The elderly woman replied.

"No way. I heard it from the fisherman myself." The cleric responded, "He was white as a sheet when he talked about it. He said that's the last time he's going by New Fish Trail, until he knows its safe."

Fox nodded, "Sensible man, even if he can't be sure what he saw, something like that you wouldn't want to leave to chance."

The elderly woman nodded, "Indeed, though you'd think the man would at least, you know, have more to his tale. Just 'a monster' is not helpful."

The cleric scratched at his head, "Well, I remember him mentioning that it looked taller than he was, and said it was like snow, really white. Huge mouth, that point came up a lot. And it was eating goblins."

"Goblins! Oh I could tell you about goblins, boy." The elderly woman huffed, "Nasty, vile vermin. Why Magnimar hasn't wiped the creatures out I can't even guess!"

Sensing the conversation at its end, or at the very least, waylaid, Fox discreetly left the marketplace. She made her way to the shipyard.

"Know any folk that've been up by New Fish Trail lately?" She asked one of the fisherwomen.

"Aye, buddy of my husband's been thataway." The woman looked rather strong, perhaps even a match for Alexis.

"Any idea where he might be?" Fox asked

"Hah, probably still at Cracktooth's, drowning himself in his ale."

Fox laughed, "I might've guessed."

"I know right? Guy sees something weird, something crazy enough to share the story, then when he realizes that people latched on to his story, goes and gets himself hammered because if he's drunk, makes the story less about if he has a loose riggin' in his noggin' and possibly about him being drunk instead."

If he was drunk, that meant that he could be easier to talk to, but less coherent. It was actually easier when they weren't drunk, Fox mused.

At the tavern, Fox didn't stay long. The fisherman's condition didn't make for good company, but she was able to provoke a tidbit of additional information. She made her way back to the Rusty Dragon. Finding herself having arrived somewhat earlier, she dropped her backpack, bow and quiver at the bar and waved Ameiko over.

"Ameiko, I'm going to the marsh with Nona." Fox said, her voice low initially, but she perks up and smiles, "Can you do me a favour and make sure no one steals my spot while I'm gone?" She gives a wink. Both of them knew Fox didn't really have an official spot, but it was how Fox said that she was coming back.

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Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Things do not add up

“Well now,” Weldon greeted them. “Me sees y’ were able t’ rouse th’ sleepy-‘eads, hmm, Ribbon? Made good time y’ did too.” Turning to Master Tigwyn, Weldon continued, “’ere are th’ young ‘uns from th’ Abbey, me tolds y’ about, Tigwyn.”

Violet rubbed the back of her neck, "I'm sorry." She murmured sheepishly, even if it went unheard. Force of habit.

“Hmm, yeth, I thee, I thee,” the older mole, nodded his head, as he continued to pour over various maps and diagrams on his desk. “Welcome! How ith ol’ Mathter Camber doing thethe dayth?”

"He's doing well." Violet replied, "Still can seem, well, cranky at times, but I think that's just how he makes sure that he's being heard."

“Good to hear!” Tigwyn replied. “Camber can be a bit crotchety in hith ol’ age, be he ith thuch a good friend of mine. It’th amathing a quickly the dayth go by.”

Violet nodded, "Time flies when you're busy." she gave a smile, idly wondering what would happen if somebeast were to fly faster than time, before dismissing the fantasy. "We were told that there was something going on over here at the quarry..."

“Ah yeth, yeth [...] Will you help uth?”

Violet nodded, but she frowned. It wasn't out of a desire not to help, but rather at what she just heard. She rubbed a paw at her cheek, "Let me get this straight. Some vermin of a beast made a demand, and when it was not met, then the owl appears? Is anyone else bothered by this?"

((Presuming some confusion on what exactly is bothering her))

"Well, I talked with Machin before we left, and asked him about the stories. He told me they were pretty vague now, being from many many seasons ago. But he did tell me about another owl he knew. He mentioned that they are majestic creatures. So then, why would such a creature assist a vermin that they could easily consider below them? Payment? What would a bird need of our money?" Vi rubbed at her forehead. The specific emphasis she places on 'bird' is, as the others would recognize, in a sort of respect.

"I think... we might want to try and find out what it is that's going on." Violet mused.

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Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: When you deal in rumours, they have a tendency to be mixed up

She gave Fox a sidelong glance. “You know, I could probably use someone of your mysterious and diverse skillset in the swamp. I would not object if you wished to join us. That is, if you're not too busy idling around being maddeningly secretive and inscrutable.”

Fox gave a sly, satisfied smile, "One does one's best."

* * *

"In answer to your question Fox he did, drunk again I assume or recovering from a hangover and just wanting some quiet. I'm not going to complain, he is a grouchy foul-mouthed man but he knows his craft, good teacher when he is in a good mood or, at least not drunk." She chuckled again and tipped her head in a nod of thanks to Ameiko before taking a big swig from her glass. "Ahhh...that hits the spot." She couldn't really catch what Nona and the man were discussing, the noise was to much right now. "You going after the pesky little blighters to Fox? I've seen you on the hunts could always use a shot like yours for taking out the buggers." Alexis patted the sword at her side and smiled wide again. "I'll be doing what I can, the extra gold would be nice but I'm doing it mostly so they stop harassing folks."

Her eyes seemed to light a bit and she cocked an eyebrow slightly finally relaxing a bit as her excitement about a possible goblin hunt died down. "What was that about a marsh zombie witch thing? I think I've heard it might have even met the woman but I don't really know...Could go ask Mother about it see if she knows anything more if it was something you wanted to poke into a bit, otherwise I'd say we just keep our eyes out for the witch and hope she hasn't befallen any serious injury." She shrugged her shoulders after finally forcing herself to shut up by downing the rest of her water so Fox could get a word in edgewise.

Fox rubbed her cheek absently, "Sounds to me like the version you heard diverges from the version I heard." She noted, sitting back down and pouring herself another cup of tea, raising it to her lips and taking a sip, and lowering her voice, "What I know for sure is that the woman that was called a witch has not been around for a while. Now, the reason isn't clear. The tale being passed around that I heard was there was some sort of magic involved, which turned her into some sort of zombie, complete with rumours of her stalking others and her hunger for flesh."

Fox waved her hand in a noncommittal gesture, "Personally, I think it might just be people's imaginations getting the better of them, in their search for a reason for her disappearance. But one thing is certain, there are things going on in the marsh, and before we head out, I intend to trace down the other rumours pointing there." She nodded to herself.

"It points to things besides goblins out there, or they're being sneaky and using the guise of monsters to be more aggressive without alerting people." Fox mused.

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Topic: Jade Regent Adventure Path
Subject: What's going on? Why don't you tell me~?

Fox relaxed as she sat down at the bar, her performance done for the moment. Or at the very least, she gave the impression of being relaxed. Underneath the braids of auburn hair, her ears remained open and attentive. You never knew what kind of information you could pick up on a good day just by paying attention.

"Tea, please, Ameiko." Fox smiled at Ameiko, wrapping the sashes that flowed from her arms around her respective wrists, so they wouldn't drape across the bar.

She closed her eyes a moment as she listened. Fireworks. Goblins. As she expected those were at the forefront of many minds in the tavern. Only to be expected, as the new group was going to gather today.

"Thank you." Fox said suddenly, opening her eyes, judging from the slight tremor on the bar that her tea was ready, a small teapot and teacup.

She lifted the teacup and peered at it, her golden eyes slightly reflected by the water. Fox blew on the water, watching the ripples that resulted, before taking a sip. After all these years, it wasn't a surprise that Ameiko still knew the right temperature Fox preferred her tea at before drinking.

Fox watched Ameiko as she worked. It had been a while since the tavern was this busy. She didn't have too long to watch, however, as the approaching footsteps were indication of an incoming person. Just as she finished her tea.

“So what's going on in the world of Sandpoint's favourite homeless waif? If you feel like sharing, that is.” Nona asked as she settled onto the stool next to the short Tian woman.

Fox looked beside her, giving a sly smile, "What's going on? In my world? Well, it's been interesting, Nona. It is..." She lifted a finger to her lips, "A secret." She replied, looking for all the world like a mischievous child. Her height, or lack of, helped with that particular ruse as she jested with Nona.

Fox gave a carefree laugh, "Unless you mean 'the world at large as observed by Fox'. A Fox does hear some things. It's going to cost you though."

Fox paused, letting the words linger on the air a moment, before indicating the small teapot, "Refill." She smiles playfully.

(copied from Sib-message)

Nona rolls her eyes, tolerantly, and calls to wherever Ameiko is (presumed dealing with/chatting up customers somewhere down the bar). "Hey, Ameiko, I'm borrowing the hot water."

As she says this she holds her hand up to the kettle, which promptly responds to her and drifts over to Fox's small pot, refilling it before putting itself back where it was.

"Thank you," Fox chuckles, before her face takes on a more pensive look, playfulness still there, but faded, as she lowered her voice, "Now, as you could guess, there's a lot of talk about the Marsh, but it's more than just about the previous group. There's a woman, they call her a witch, who lives in there. Occasionally she visits Sandpoint, to resupply things that she can't get in the Marsh. A couple of times every lunar cycle, or so that was the pattern. I've heard a few of the people at the market say they haven't seen her, including Rennon, you know, the guy that has that odds and ends stall at the marketplace. The guy that gets strange books imported."

She paused a moment, "Now this is where it gets strange. It might just be people's imaginations getting the better of them, with her not being seen for a while. Anyway, there's a belief that she has used some form of magic and become something akin to a zombie. Naturally, the story includes a newfound hunger for flesh and stalking the Marsh and so on. Personally, I just think she's gone missing, and people want to pin something to explain recent disappearances. Like the marsh monster. That one is popular too."

Suddenly there was a fluttering of wing beats, and Fox felt a slight weight on her head, "Fox, Fox, Fox, hello, hello, hello!"

Fox glanced up in slight indication, before glancing at Nona in a 'You didn't teach her to land on people's shoulders yet, I take it?' look, but says, "I was wondering where you were, Serafina. Nona was worried you got lost, again."

((Presuming familiar vs wizard ness and heavy denial from Nona))

"Yes, you were. You even poured tea for us, since tea is good for the nerves, using your magic so that the kettle wouldn't spill." Fox replied smoothly, standing from her seat just out of reach of Nona, "There's no need to be so flustered~ and Serafina, you should be happy. Nona really cares about you, that's all." Fox smiles at both of them knowingly, though in her case it's an entirely different knowing than what that usually implies in this situation.

At that point, if Fox's ears were capable of it, they would have swiveled and twitched.


Fox subtly took a step back, to make sure she wasn't in the way of an impending Alexis.

In a brisk stride had crossed to her arms wrapped around the girl's midsection and she squeezed down in a big hug even swinging the girl in a circle before setting her down and giving her a clap on the back. "Hello you to Fox, you both here about the goblins?" She asked, a big smile on her face as she beamed at the pair.

Fox scratched at her cheek, "Well, this is actually where my gig usually is." She replied, indicating her dancing attire, an exotic looking dress with no sleeves, wide waist band, and sashes along her body, two of which were wrapped around her wrists. She returned Alexis's smile, her golden eyes gleaming mischievously, "But yes, I'm here about them as well. Did Mr. Korvut give you some time off for once?" She asked.

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