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Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Alice's character sheet

Is up, pending possible changes since her sheet isn't exactly set in stone

Although, that being said... I'm pretty sure that's going to be her finalized sheet ^^

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 19:55:54.

Topic: Stare into the Night characters
Subject: Alice

Child Immortal Starting Occupation: none
Age: 22 (appears to be 6) Female 2'3" 65 lbs
Blue eyes, golden hair, pale skin tone
Concept: Very Weird One Organization: Solitare

Strength- 3
Dexterity- 5
Constitution- 5
Intelligence- 3
Willpower- 5
Perception- 4

Total XP: 0 (Used: 0)
LP: 67/67
Endurance: 44/44
Speed: 20
Essence: 77
Taint: 30

Immortal - 15 points
Attractiveness - 1 point
Artistic Talent (Sewing) - 3 points
Hard to Kill - 4 points

Accursed (doesn't regain Essence naturally, and must restore it via means similar to a vampire) - 1 point
Taint Mark (forehead 'tattoo', with the appearance of a neon green diamond with a moving red minute hand) - 2 points
Taint Wings - 3 points
Taint Decay (if 5 essence isn't spent each day, she would register as dead to most senses; cold to the touch, no pulse, etc.) - 1 point
Also of note is that plant and insect life within 1 foot of her dies without apparent reason.

Acrobatics - level 4
Dancing (ballet) - level 4
Notice - level 2
Occult Knowledge (in the form of fairy tales and nursery rhymes) - level 2
Sewing - level 4
Singing - level 3

Increased Essence Pool - 3 points
Increased Taint Pool - 5 points
Taint - 5 points
Taint Channelling - effective level 1
Anchor (Innocence) - level 4
Necromancy (via Taint) - level 5
-"Mudoon" (Death Mastery: Wishkill) - level 5


Alice looks very much like a porcelain doll, with very pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue gothic-lolita style dress (kind of like this, just with different colours: [Link]), and as you can tell, has a few Tainted features that mark her quite clearly to both Mundane and Gifted alike.


Alice is Janelle's childhood friend... but, after a rather disturbing incident with a Tainted antique grandfather clock, she herself became Tainted. Furthermore, it was the same incident that caused her to Change, marking the end of her growth and leaving her appearing exactly the same, now an Immortal child.

Yet, she wouldn't fall to the madness that Taint brought about. Instead, she would be protected by the very same innocence that her preserved childhood maintained. Unfortunately, in her innocent state, this also means she's prone to unintentionally bring about the death of others just by wishing that they either go away or leave her alone.

Essentially, she's never aged physically or mentally since the incident that made her into what she is now.

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 19:17:52.
Edited on 2009-10-02 at 19:54:08 by Reralae

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Oooh, speaking of sheets...

Would you like me to put up Alice's sheet? Or is it a bit too soon for that?

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 19:10:28.

Topic: Stare into the Night characters
Subject: Janelle/Rosetta

Janelle "Rosetta" Hirta
Lesser Gifted Human Starting Occupation: Gymnast/Fencer
Age: 22 Female 5'9" 140 lbs
blue eyes, black hair, Asian skin tone and facial type
Concept: Reluctant Hero/Weird One Organization: Solitare

(used 3 of the extra points in attributes)
Strength- 5
Dexterity- 5
Constitution- 3
Intelligence- 2
Willpower- 5
Perception- 3

Total XP: 0 (Used: 0)
LP: 42/42
Endurance: 44/44
Speed: 16
Essence: 78
Essence Channelling Level: 4

Qualities (used 6 of the extra points here):
Gift - 5 points
Artistic Talent (Drawing) - 3 points
Attractiveness - 2 points (level 2)
Essence Channelling - 8 points (level 4)
Fast Reaction Time - 2 points
Increased Essence Pool - 7 points

Honourable - 2 points (level 2)
Fear of Rejection - 1 point
Weird Delusions - 2 points (level 2)
Cowardly - 1 point (level 1)
Cruel - 1 point (level 1)

Skills (used 1 of the extra points here):
Acrobatic - 10 points (level 5)
Beautician - 4 points (level 4)
Fine Arts (Drawing) - 5 points (level 5)
First Aid - 3 points (level 3)
Hand Weapon (Fencing Foil/Rapier) - 5 points (level 5)
Notice - 4 points (level 4)

Power (used 5 of the extra points here):
Mindheal Strength - 15 points (level 5)
Mindheal Art - 6 points (level 3)

Possessions of Note or which she often carries:
Janelle has both a rapier and a fencing foil.
She often carries a handbag that holds the following:
-Sketchbook (usually half-filled with drawings or so, unless it's new)
-Mechanical pencil
-Makeup (not much; just blush a slight shade redder than her natural skin tone, foundation, violet nail polish, and sometimes a dark blue eyeshadow and lipstick)
-Mirror (to apply the makeup)
-Purse (usually carries no more than $30 in cash, but has change and her debit card)
Another key thing to note is her wristwatch is digital (related to her Weird Delusion)

Janelle's Weird Delusion: Analog Clock Hands

This delusion is based on this poem I wrote:

When the clock hands unite, whether it is day or night,
Expect the unexpected, or you'll be in for a fright.
Midnight and noon, the special times when the hands unite,
If you don't hide, become aware of the half-hour of plight.
However, when the hands balance, and are opposite on the clock's face,
The world has shifted to become a better place.
The chime of six, at either part of the day,
Begets a change that could benefit either way.
But in places with clocks that lack their own arms,
People are not affected by their swaying charms.
Clock hands that are plain are less liable to this effect,
And only 6 and 12 bring out any change that will affect.
Clock hands that are ornate are an entirely different case,
For whether it is major or minor, they will change reality's face.
Finally, for those clocks that exist that are missing an arm,
Beware those the most, for they will only bring about harm!

From that, I think you can kind of tell Janelle's application of it: she'll have a tendency to glance at other's watches or clocks to see if they're analog or digital, give them warnings if it is analog, and particularly avoid analog clocks at noon and midnight.


What is normal? Does it have specifics? Is it something that exists? Can it even be defined? If only she could have been normal, perhaps things would be alright. To live, oblivious of the things around her that did not make sense. Well, alright, that's ignorance, rather than bliss.

Janelle preferred to live a normal life, whatever that meant. For her, normal was getting involved with her two teams, both of them sports, one gymnastics, the other fencing. To her, normal was to avoid the stroke of noon and midnight by analog clocks. To compete in tournaments and competitions for both of her teams, as a star athlete. To sketch in her sketchbook when she felt like it. In any case, for her, normal meant ignoring the power she had long concealed.

As far as Janelle can remember, she always had this ability, the power to heal. However, despite the fact she had the ability, she never once used it. No, it made her too different, and that was something she couldn't bear. Not only that, but she would be used; people would abuse her power, and she did not want that either. True, her own natural abilities were being exploited by the two teams she was involved in, but that was normal, and acceptable. To be exploited as a supernatural healer was something she couldn't bear to think about.

Still, the fact that she had that power often did scream at her to do something, especially in fencing and gymnastic tournaments where people can get injured from competing. There was something in the back of her mind that makes her want to go out of her way to help, despite the risks associated with it. Thankfully, in truth, Janelle does have a small streak of cowardice that has also aided in keeping her in check, and not using her power.

Janelle had never even told her parents about her ability, although she doubted if they'd believe her. Still, despite the concealment of her power, she stood out as different. This had nothing to do with anything supernatural; she just had incredible talent, which made her easy to notice. Her sketches, her incredible prowess in gymnastics and fencing, and finally what others saw as a 'bizarre' belief regarding clocks also made her different.

Yet, perhaps even though she is different, this can still be normal. In the end, Janelle could easily say that she is content with how she is currently living.

Janelle, or Rosetta as she sometimes is known by, is a fairly slender, and slightly tall individual. Her long, black hair is often braided down her back, secured by an elastic that looks like a ring of roses that she almost always wears. She often wears slightly formal or dress clothes, even to team practices, and in truth often looks more formal than the actual team manager. In fencing tournaments especially, Rosetta also has a slight reputation for toying with her opponent before taking the victory for herself.

One of her most prized possessions is her own rapier, which was a very unique find. The hilt appears to be a weave of flower stems, and the pommel is a blossoming rose. The guard of the blade appears to be two leaves that extend from the stems, and the blade itself, while obviously steel, is engraved with the inscription of vines traveling down the blade. However, despite its ornate appearance, the blade is still sharp and quite usable.

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 18:57:03.
Edited on 2009-10-02 at 18:58:47 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Well...

I do know a character that I've visually based Alice off of. I'm afraid it's anime style, so it can't be photoshopped to look realistic, but it is exactly the dress style I'd imagine Alice to have, except in shades of light blue.


Just replace Chidori's (the character in the picture) shoes with ballet shoes, and alter the hair and eye colours, and that'd be pretty close to what Alice would look like.... minus Taint marks of course

For the record, that pic isn't mine ^^;

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 17:50:34.
Edited on 2009-10-02 at 17:53:09 by Reralae

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Oooh

I like the movie poster! It... well, really looks like a movie poster

Oooh, wait a minute... if it's been half an hour abouts, then that means it's noon!

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 17:25:54.

Topic: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
Subject: Encumbrance and a question

While it's true that Karra's encumbered right now, her natural speed is 8 squares, so although she's encumbered she's not slowing the party down at all; she's actually at the same speed as the party (6 squares).

Just thought I'd mention that... just in case that was a part of the reasoning

Also, what sort of device is the hangar door security panel? If it's more like a security card device, then it's a matter of hot-wiring or otherwise bypassing it, which falls under the mechanical side. But, if it's more of a keycode-type device, specifically with its own mini-computer, then it might fall under computer use instead... it doesn't seem that clear right now which it would be.

Then again, thinking about it further... Karra doesn't have a PDA or a laptop that's designed to interface with and hack the panel (since I'm imagining it to only be a keypad on the side of the door), which means it'd have to be physically hacked anyway...

So, I guess the question is supposed to be... is this something for Computer Use or Mechanics? Some of the dialogue in my post will probably vary, depending on which it is...

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 09:12:39.
Edited on 2009-10-02 at 17:06:54 by Reralae

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Regarding Time...

I figure that a nap usually is between 1 and 2 hours long... and it doesn't quite feel to have been that long yet... maybe 20 to 30 minutes at the most right now... so I think there would be enough time for Alex and Penelope to meander over and investigate her place quickly and come back...

Of course, that's just my impression; if you think it's been longer, just let me know so I can do a wake-up post

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 09:00:29.

Topic: Poetry of Reralae
Subject: Aria of the Soul

The psyche of mirrors so many,
And more smoke than a smoldering penny,
One persona at a time, a person will show,
But which are facade or true, no one will know.

Mirrors of a face upon the crystalline heart,
In truth, of it all one's personae form a part.
Personae are to face life when up or down,
Some heal and smile, while others give a needed frown.

They are a mask to protect the fragile soul inside,
As it bravely moves on through life's treacherous ride.
Yet of all the arcana from oh to ex-ex-one,
There is a place where all personae can have fun.

The world of fantasy reality doesn't allow,
The dreams of reality to which science won't bow,
The roles of the characters seen by the mind's eye,
To experience more things than life would ever try.

Yet in the end, when it is said and done,
Of all the personae, there is only one.
That is the one who the mirror should see,
"I am you, and you are me."

Posted on 2009-10-02 at 04:17:31.

Topic: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
Subject: Okies

That's kind of what I was thinking too... so I'll probably go with it

Posted on 2009-10-01 at 18:24:31.

Topic: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
Subject: That'd be my job...

Karra: Use Computer +7

I'll get a post up when I can *nods*

Posted on 2009-10-01 at 17:55:00.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Aria of the Thirteen
Subject: Let's see then...

"Let's see... according to our records, Mr. Masamune's body was released to his family earlier this morning. It's unclear what element he may have possessed, but his bloodline suggests that he had a higher likelihood of having an affinity for either water or air, or even both." Sarah answers, "As to Mr. Wilheln... he commutes to Nithrapaw Hospital from the Forested Garden district, which is a fair ways away, considering that the Nithrapaw Hospital borders the Old City district, on the eastern side of the city, while the Forested Garden district is on the western side of the river. Anyway, he's been known to frequent a casino in the same district called Morning Glory, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays, his scheduled days off. However, his financial status doesn't seem to indicate much of the presence of gambling. He lives alone, and doesn't appear to have a wide circle of friends either."

Posted on 2009-10-01 at 07:40:58.

Topic: Aria of the Thirteen Q&A
Subject: Oops

Yep, you're right... typo on my part... ^^;

Fixed now

Posted on 2009-09-30 at 16:25:34.
Edited on 2009-09-30 at 16:27:19 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Aria of the Thirteen
Subject: Victim's profile

"It didn't seem to have anything related, but I'll bring it up." Sarah says, bringing up the file and a picture of a young-adult Japanese man with shoulder-length hair tied into a bao at the back of his head, and wearing a yukata.

"Yosuke Masamune. 24 years old. Family of three, consisting of himself, his wife, and their 5 year old daughter. He and his wife ran a small, successful, home-based editorial business for the local paper in the Old City district." Sarah read aloud, "Not exactly the sort of guy you'd expect to end up dead."

"Here's something interesting," Harold added, "His family doesn't have a medical history that dictates he'd be susceptible to heart attacks."

Posted on 2009-09-30 at 06:44:07.
Edited on 2009-09-30 at 16:38:19 by Reralae

Topic: Aria of the Thirteen Q&A
Subject: Yep

More or less... There's the:

"I just heard from our commander; we can't touch this case."

"Why not?"

"It's been officially turned over to the MSPD."

"I wonder... just what are those guys doing in there...?"

and then there's the occasional...

"Okay, now I'm curious... just who are these MSPD guys anyway?"

"I suggest you forget 'em. I've known too many detectives who've dug into their business and just disappeared."

Posted on 2009-09-30 at 00:01:40.

Topic: Aria of the Thirteen Q&A
Subject: Answers

Well... let's see... for it being a considerable facility, there are actually rather few individuals working in it. The main people are the npcs I've already mentioned.

There are no other MSPD branches in the city, at least that you know of.

As to badges... well... there actually aren't any; it's kind of a black ops type thing. So, as far as the public is concerned, the MSPD doesn't actually exist, or only does in rumours.

Even the police, who are supposed to work with and cooperate with the MSPD, know little about it.

Posted on 2009-09-29 at 23:46:41.

Topic: Aria of the Thirteen Q&A
Subject: MSPD Building Layout

1st floor: an illusionary copy of all other business buildings, with a reception desk (Susan's) and an elevator past the far hall. The elevator can only be accessed with a key card and pin number, which all characters have.

B1 floor: Medical station

2-5th floors: also illusionary office building floors

6th floor: Combat practise floor 1, melee weapons training specifically. There's different rooms with holographic dummies to train with just about any sort of melee weapon.

7th floor: Combat practise floor 2, weapons training with guns, specifically. Of note, the entire floor is soundproofed, so gunshots can't be heard outside of this floor.

8th floor: Combat practise floor 3, weapons training with alternate ranged weapons.

9th floor: Supernatural practise floor. This is usually where Rituals or other Crafts can be practised.

10th floor: Laboratory 1. The entire floor is essentially a lab to make various electronic equipment. Sarah often works here.

11th floor: Laboratory 2. This floor is dedicated to the crafting of more material objects, such as guns, or even blades.

12th floor: Laboratory 3. This floor is dedicated to chemistry.

13th floor: conference and office floor. The conference room is located on the northern side of the building, while Mr. Kurosawa's office is on the eastern side. The character's don't have their own rooms, but instead share a spacious room with multiple computer terminals. It's designed this way so that it's easy to converse and work with each other. Sarah's terminal, where she usually is, is also located here. It's easy to see which computer hers is, since it's so rigged with so many external hard drives and other devices that there's hardly any other room on her desk.

14th floor: Medical station.

15th floor: Unknown. Not even Mr. Kurosawa has access to this floor. Presumably, it's "A's" office.

And that's all the relevant floors I can think of offhand... although there are more... it IS a skyscraper after all

Posted on 2009-09-29 at 20:09:22.
Edited on 2009-09-29 at 22:02:52 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Aria of the Thirteen
Subject: Episode 1 - Seeker of the Endless

The days pass without care as time gathers in droplets.
From the pool of knowledge, all can be revealed.

Rain and mist,
Harbours of life and death,
The searcher defies the river of Styx,
All in the search for Eternity.

From his seat at the head of the table, Mr.Kurosawa stood up, silently asking for attention. The lighting of the room seemed to glint on his balding head, but he seemed very unimposing. Instead, by his posture alone, he looked as though he were simply making an announcement to his colleagues, rather than employees.

In stark contrast, the man in the back of the room, only ever known by the letter A, was intimidating as he always was. Wearing mirrored sunglasses, even indoors, it couldn't be determined exactly what he was looking at, and his military-cut brown hair, as well as his ironed formal wear, altogether gave the impression of the hostile superior. Yet, he was always like this, and so it was easy to get used to him. He seldom spoke anyway, simply the quiet overseer to the MSPD group.

Harold stopped his whispered conversation with Sarah, just as the Chief pressed a button at the head of the table. The midsection of the table extended and raised at an angle, providing a dark surface upon which the overhead projectors could display their information.

"Sarah, if you'd please." Mr. Kurosawa asked gently.

Sarah nodded, and quickly pulled up a keyboard and began typing. Within moments, a picture from a police crime scene was brought up in front of everyone. It was a side road, evidently somewhere in the Old City district as could be told by the brick-style of the sidewalk and the old paved road. A body covered by a paramedic blanket was on the sidewalk.

"This is the strange corpse that was found last Saturday. Now, the coroner has it listed as natural causes from a heart attack. Normally, that'd be the end of the case, but this one was a witch, albeit one that was unawakened." Mr. Kurosawa explained, "As you know, whenever a corpse is identified by the police computer, it is cross-referenced by the ISA's witch list. If there's ever a match, then we step in and perform a second autopsy just as a normal precaution. However, this time, the results were not even close to the ones on the police report."

"Cause of death: necrosis of the heart." Sarah read aloud, "It was caused by a witch's powers. It's not clear whether another witch got to them, or their own powers just went out of control for some reason."

"But that doesn't explain why the reports were so different. It's too different to list it as a simple mistake." "A" said unexpectedly.

"A coroner would be good to be friends with if someone had bodies to get rid of." Harold mused, "Doesn't get much easier than that."

"The coroner for this case was Mr. John Wilheln. 35 years old. He also works at Nithrapaw General Hospital." Sarah interrupted, bringing up his profile on the monitors. The man appeared to be a well-kept Caucasian man with light brown hair and emerald green eyes.

"As of yet, this is only conjecture; we don't have any viable grounds to step in as of yet. There is the possibility that Mr. Wilheln is a witch, or may be associated with one, but until we can verify it, we cannot take any official action." Mr. Kurosawa clarified, "But that doesn't mean we can't investigate either. Just don't do anything overt until we have confirmation. I guess that's all for today, unless anyone has anything they wish to ask or clarify."

Seemingly satisfied, "A" took no time in leaving the conference room, disappearing into the elevator.

(So... time to plan what you're going to do, or ask questions

If there's no questions, Mr. Kurosawa will leave to go to his office. I'll put up a post in the Q&A regarding some of the layout of the building as well, for reference.)

Posted on 2009-09-29 at 19:52:49.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Well...

I think Smoke can be pretty sure that Janelle will be okay now... so she could probably go ahead and interrupt Alex

On second thought... I just thought of something else... but then again, I'm not exactly sure how they'd react to it...

Posted on 2009-09-29 at 18:44:13.
Edited on 2009-09-29 at 18:46:34 by Reralae

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Oooh




Posted on 2009-09-29 at 01:11:41.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: End of Battle

As the wererat fell from Dusk's blade, his eyes surveyed his surroundings. As they had come, wererats fell, either by blade or by magic. It seemed they were all now dead. All but one, that is. However, his cowardice proved to be his salvation, for in running away, there was no immediate reason to pursue him, and there was a greater threat at hand. Dusk moved quickly, his blade now coming up as he slid around beside Akihiko, to slash at the werewolf. Unfortunately, the werewolf read his movements, and managed to step just out of the way of the blade.

The werewolf seemed to grin, "You fools! Have a taste of my magic!"

Seemingly without any regard to his own safety, the werewolf brought the staff in his hand forward, before a bead of red light seemed to be emitted from the ruby at its head. As it fell like a raindrop, the muscles in Dusk's legs tightened, as he began the motion that would deaden the force that he intuitively felt coming. The bead of light hit the ground, and immediately the air heated to a boil, as an eruption of flame spread out from the source. Dusk, in his reflexes drew his body into action, managed to avoid the brunt of the blast in its entirety. (Made the reflex save. Natural 20, and I believe Dusk has Evasion, so no damage). The werewolf, knowing that the blast was coming to begin with, had leaped into the air clear of the blast. (The werewolf made his save, and he has Evasion.) Willow and Mitsuru likewise reacted in time, Mitsuru twisting around to lessen the blast, while Willow reared her horse back. (16 fire damage to Willow and Mitsuru) Unfortunately for her horse and Akihiko, they didn't react in time, so they took the full force of the blast. In the motion of rearing back her horse, Willow instead felt it give way under her, and proceeded to change the motion into a full back-flip, landing gracefully on her feet. (33 fire damage to Akihiko and Willow's horse, Natural 20 on the soft fall)

Willow, despite the pain within her body, pushed onward. Yet, her fatigue began to show, for her first slash was unable to leave more than a glancing mark upon the werewolf. Her second and third, drawn almost in unison, were able to leave the werewolf with yet more cuts to his resilient fur and skin. (1 damage for each of the two hits) The final slash, however, didn't leave a mark upon his body.

Xira saw the blast, but didn't react much, instead drawing on her innate power, channelling energy in order to heal herself. (Cure Critical Wounds, +31 HP for Xira, 9 damage from holding the scythe)

Mitsuru, who wasn't that badly hurt, given the situation, quickly used her analytical mind to come up with the best course of action. As it stood, in front of her, she could see that Willow was faltering in her step, and her breathing was definitely ragged, the marks of weariness, fatigue, and physical trauma taking its toll on her body. Thus she reached over and imparted her own spell of healing upon the warrior. (Cure Critical Wounds, +25 HP for Willow)

Akihiko, although burned, already swung a punch with his bladed gauntlet. Unfortunately for the werewolf, he wasn't anticipating any survivors of the fireball, so didn't react in time as Akihiko struck him hard in the side. (6 damage to the werewolf) Unfinished, and seeing his opening, Akihiko swung hard with his other hand, ramming it directly into the middle of the werewolf's chest, drawing blood. The werewolf howled in pain, for the blow was considerable, and left a considerable wound even after Akihiko withdrew his hand. (Critical hit, 26 damage) A bit too satisfied by his hit, Akihiko wasn't able to land his third punch, but the fourth was successful, leaving yet another cut on the werewolf's body. (1 damage)

Mo, undeterred by the fireball, and with the knowledge that another would cause the werewolf to be hit by his own psychic protection, ran up beside Willow, swinging his blade. Yet, unfortunately for Mo, the blade left only a superficial cut on the werewolf's body. (1 damage)

Unseen, the Scout hovered above the party beginning to surround the werewolf.

"You aren't the only one who commands magic." She said, although, from the werewolf's perspective, it seemed as though he assumed that it was Mitsuru who spoke.

There was a glitter in the air, of four aquamarines before they vanished into a rain of sparkles. They concentrated on all of the party members, seemingly drawn to where they were needed the most, yet ignoring the werewolf entirely. (+20 hp to the Scout, Akihiko, Mitsuru, Willow, Dusk and Mo)

Round 4

Dusk, seeing the werewolf beginning to falter, struck with a renewed vigour. The first slash went wide, but the two that followed both hit their mark. Yet, the blades were too light, too slender to leave true marks on the werewolf.

For the werewolf, fear began to dance in his one good eye. Perhaps it was this fear that caused his first slash to go wide, for the blade in his one hand missed Akihiko by a long shot. The second one, however, was successful, leaving a good slash on Akihiko's arm. (5 damage to Akihiko)

Willow once again struck at the werewolf, yet only her first and last slashes left marks upon its body. The last having more force behind it than she perhaps intended, for it left her stance slightly askew. (1 and 2 damage respectively)

Xira now ran at a full tilt, rushing past Mitsuru to be beside Willow, before ramming the Death Scythe into the flesh of the werewolf. It was a pain like nothing the beast had ever felt before, like the scythe were trying to cut through his very soul rather than his body. He howled in pain, and reeled.

Mitsuru, seeing this chance, drew her focus into a cold fury, manifesting as an icy sphere that flew forward at the werewolf.

It seemed that it would finish it, yet that wasn't the case.

The werewolf instinctively raised his staff, and the orb of ice was drawn towards the white end holding the sapphire. There was a chime as it hit, before it simply vanished. The sapphire glowed brighter with power, but that was the only indication of the spell having taken effect.

The werewolf laughed, "Ice cannot touch me!"

"Maybe not, but I sure can." Akihiko retorted, landing a hard uppercut on the werewolf's jaw. (5 damage to the werewolf)

Akihiko pounded the werewolf with a second punch, but the third and fourth failed to land, instead letting the werewolf recoil, twist and duck aside.

Unfortunately, in its recoil, it moved to the perfect position for Mo to follow through and finish what had been started. He swung his greatsword, perhaps much harder than he had intended, for in his swing, he actually beheaded the werewolf. (Critical hit)

The werewolf's now headless body slumped to the ground, and didn't move. The battle was now over.

[Round 4 Status]

Scout - Greed
Mitsuru - Yellow
Akihiko - Yellow
Xira - Green
Willow's Horse - Dead
Other horses - Red
Mo - 66/78
Willow - 82/82
Dusk - 57/57

Posted on 2009-09-28 at 07:19:40.

Topic: Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit
Subject: Time for planning is over... Time to move

During the elevator trip, Karra just kept to herself. She knew better than to say or do anything amidst the hollow racial slurs and looks of the humans that came in the elevator. Very rude, but widely accepted and perhaps even encouraged by the general human society. It made her a bit angry, but even more, it made her sad. Her face passive, the only sign that she was feeling down was her ears, which drooped ever so slightly. Inwardly, Karra sighed.

Maybe I should just go back home... to Cathar... She thought sadly, Maybe after this contract at Alderaan...

Thankfully, it wasn't too long before they reached the Blue Deck, and she listened silently as Haiko'ib proposed an impromptu plan.

Karra nodded, "Yes... that's about all we can do at this point. Let's move, but tread lightly; we're already visibly suspicious to these biased people, so it won't take much to make them either point us out, or hinder us if they see a reason to." She said softly, almost sadly.

Posted on 2009-09-27 at 20:21:54.

Topic: SW: Dawn of Defiance Q/A
Subject: Regarding bombs and plans

I think it's unlikely the person will find the bomb in his office, even if that is his office; quite likely, the first thing he'll find is that he's been stolen from...

What happens from there, I do not know... there's far too many variables to list all the possibilities.

Even if the bomb is discovered, that serves our purposes; it isn't necessarily meant to go off, but to be a distraction. Being discovered means it will still be a distraction.

Still, we should tread lightly at this point. We're at the most dangerous part of this chapter.

At this point, let's just try to reach the hangar. Some improvisation may be needed, but that's all we can do now.

Posted on 2009-09-27 at 20:04:54.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: And there's some comedy relief...

Well, kind of anyway... it can be amusing making the detective that figures something out but can't make sense out of it

So, yeah... there's Kenneth... a detective who takes his work seriously, although his demeanour would really suggest otherwise... ^^

Oh, and if it's a bit too confusing, since one of my NPCs in Clock Tower is also named Kenneth, I can change the name if you'd like

Posted on 2009-09-27 at 17:47:36.

Topic: Witchcraft: Stare into the Night
Subject: Enter Kenneth, my expendible crew member...

"Ugh, why do they sack the very strange cases on me?" Kenneth complained, just loud enough for his voice to carry to the desk next to him that belonged to Joe.

Naturally, Joe wasn't there... they often worked opposite shifts, and according to the secretary he had signed out at noon anyway, since he had spent the night prior.

"Just a murder case they say, well, how's it a murder without a murder weapon?" Kenneth continued to ask, thinking aloud, as he often did when he worked the night shift alone. Then again, that was why he liked working the night shift; he could talk to himself and no one would get annoyed about it.

He looked over the three autopsy reports in front of him again, and shook his head.

"No matter how you look at it, there's no signs of trauma or even physical damage or resistance for that matter. No toxicity in their bloodstreams at the time of death, and not even a sign of a heart attack. It's as if they just... died..." Kenneth mused, before checking their data files on the computer, "And three of the top guys of a drug-dealing street gang ain't gonna die for no apparent reason..."

"Hell, Joe's is much easier than this... you have a burnt body with ties to some sort of whacky cult... whoever did it is obviously some sort of arsonist that just likes burning people instead of property. Trace the fire, and BAM! There's your guy."

Kenneth chuckled. He said it, but he didn't mean it; he knew better than that, and he had taken a glance at it as well. His photographic memory helped with this line of work, and he clearly remembered that although the body was clearly burned to death, there were no signs of smoke inhalation, much less any sort of gasoline or oil, or signs of burning at the crime scene. Still, it seemed workable; what the hell was he supposed to do with something like this?

Kenneth picked up one of the bagged guns found in the hands of the two of the guys that were found in the same area. They were quite clearly fired, with spent shells also in the area, and there were blood spatters, a clear indication of another person present.

"So, the only thing we have to go on is blood... heh, and it just couldn't have matched anything in our database could it? No, that would be too easy..." Kenneth shook his head. This case clearly looked like it was going to go into the 'unsolved' folder.

His eyes narrowed. Bullets, and blood... a considerable amount too. He checked the blood screening photo. They were faint, but there were obvious traces from where blood must have spilt. Judging by that alone, it was pretty clear whoever was hit had been hit in a spot where no clothing obscured it. Or at least, that was the feeling he got. For most people, that would be either the arms, or possibly...

"... these ain't rookies firing these guns; these are bodyguards to the head honcho. If they don't know where to shoot, they ain't doing their job right. One of these shots has to be a head shot."

The more Kenneth looked at the blood patterns, the more he became convinced that it was a 'head shot'. At the very least, they were hit somewhere pretty vital, and gang members had a reputation to upkeep for being good with a gun.

"So... whoever it was got shot rather hard... and there's three bullets not accounted for... who the hell takes three bullets and just walks away?"

Kenneth groaned. The evidence was just out to get him this time.

"I knew I should've played hookey today..."

Then something caught his eye. A disturbance of the ground, in the approximate spot he'd have guessed the swiss cheese person would be.

"They fell down... but this can't be right..." Kenneth stared in disbelief, "If I fall down," he continued, before standing up and promptly falling onto the floor on his backside, "Ooph!" He immediately checked his position. Legs bent, and hands out behind to help cushion the fall. He checked the photo again and the ruler size reference.

"This ain't right..." He quickly checked other files for approximate sizes of individuals, before cross referencing the measurements of the picture and reaching the conclusion he had intuitively guessed, "... they shot a kid? Just why would they shoot a kid, unless..."

The pieces began fitting together, although there was no logical reason why or how it was possible.

"This kid... somehow kills their boss... they pursue and shoot, the kid kills them too..." Kenneth groaned once again, "And now I'm back to square one... how does one kill without even touching the person?!"

Sighing, he put the files and evidence back into their neat little box. It was impossible to solve, much less to find out who did it.

"... this is gonna bug me all night. I know it is." Kenneth said resignedly, putting his feet up on his desk and reclining.

Posted on 2009-09-27 at 17:34:58.


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