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Topic: Supreme Beginning
Subject: Oooh... shiny....

Copycat simply watched the vehicle that had sailed overhead, catching the rays of the sun in an interesting fashion... although she had quick reflexes, she knew better than to try to stop it; that was beyond her. Besides, it was shiny...

Eventually, Copycat's attention was brought back to the present by the statement of one of the others going to see what was going on inside the bank... Copycat's ears perked up, as an idea came to her mind...

"Y'know... I am called Copycat for a reason..." Copycat says, her eyes lazily looking over at Sapa, "I can copy other people's appearances... if you tell me what to look like, I could sneak in and take the place of one of the people in there..."

Copycat shrugs, "It's just an idea anyway..." she adds, before she looks away.

Posted on 2009-02-10 at 20:36:15.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Let us see the extent of injury...

Galen watched, hardly showing any emotion, as the enemy spellcaster fled. Typical. Such is the way of pathetic thieves; if there is a sign of failure, they scatter, divide, and flee... His eyes cloud over, as the thought is cast aside, to be replaced with another...

By my hand, I have shed blood, so that my own would not be. Selfish, perhaps, but that's simply the way that survival dictates; a primal instinct to fight or flee... Out of habit, Galen adjusts his glasses just slightly, before looking to the soldiers below his vantage point.

Fighting is easy, however, the healing afterwards is not.

Sheathing his blade, Galen descends from the carriage top, before going over to see the extent of the wounds that have been obtained.

(Sib-kun, you might want to write up a status block like the one I used in my game in the combat posts... it'd make it easier to see how hurt people are without having to count all the damage acquired over the posts...)

Posted on 2009-02-10 at 20:22:39.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Return to the Beginning... Not Quite...

"We may have lost four, but we can only go forward." Mitsuru says, reassuringly, "Their loss was not in vain; there are some things that we have learned, but I will not speak of it here. For now, let's just return to the capital. However, know this: we seem to have more time than we thought."

With that, Mitsuru and Akihiko also dismounted, to make their way on foot.

Eventually, it's decided that the party would rest until morning, no longer being in direct danger. Strangely, Mitsuru even forgoes the thought of a person to keep watch beyond the Scout, saying that if the Linsemptus were going to come, the eyes would've already finished them. Later that day, as the sun dips into the horizon, the party makes it back to Wanqir, immediately heading toward the citadel. Inside, Mitsuru, Akihiko, and the Scout leave to converse with the Council in an emergency meeting, discussing the events that transpired over the previous day.

At the citadel too, there is another there who seems to have just been late in answering the summons. He has a short unkempt beard, with brown medium length hear that is always swept back. He wears his breastplate wherever he goes, typically unbuckled as a result of being too lazy to put it away. He has black boots and gloves, which have wrinkles of lighter brown from their frequent use, and they are tattered at the ends of his gloves which he picks at when bored. Around his waist is a leather belt with two pouches; only one is attached to it, the other pouch is tied around the belt as a simple brown bag.

"I will do as you have instructed, Lt." Mist says with a bow, leaving the party to head to Aqinarr.

(Alrighty, part 1 of the update... I apologize for it being so late... in any case, Okron, please introduce your character, and converse with the others as desired; as for equipment exchange, I'll cover that in the second part, so you don't need to do it in a game post. In general, I am going to assume everyone acquires Ghost Touch variations of their equipment if possible; if you desire something else, let me know via the Q&A. I think that's about it to say... Note to self: this is during day 4... ^^)

Posted on 2009-02-04 at 02:28:17.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: They're already on the path to do so...

Ocyari shakes her head sadly, "I'm afraid, as you can tell by that one in particular," she indicates Perrin, "they're already on the path to do so; whether they know or not, they are already going to try to intervene. If they are going to try anyway, they should know the truth to be better prepared for it. I told you before, the ones who will know are the ones who need to know, and right now, they do need to know. I'm sorry, but things are now moving, even if we do not want them to."

Ocyari turns, but as a side thought, adds, "Besides, if they know the truth, perhaps they could be swayed otherwise."

Ocyari returns to the table, before elaborating, "There is more to the haunting than an innocent jest. An outside force, creatures from the sea, are the instigators. Monthly, they arrive at this town, essentially to pillage it, and threatening the lives of its citizens if they fail to accommodate for them. That is the primary reason why this town is so small; the only ones who remain are the ones who either have no place to go, or fear the outside world. Their next visit, is going to be this evening."

"That is apparently the truth, and the people here do not wish for others to interfere; should the interference fail, it is quite likely that the haunters of the sea will extol vengeance. It has happened before, with others fighting the monsters, and failing. Therefore, don't let your words and feelings carry you away before thinking carefully." Ocyari looks at Perrin in particular as she says this, "There is a fair bit at stake should we interfere and fail; it is not just about what we wish to do. So then, what are your decisions? Do we put the town at risk in fighting, or do we leave them in the safety that they have, and not speak of this again?"

Posted on 2009-02-03 at 20:57:43.

Topic: Despair: Of Life, Of Love, Of Death
Subject: Where I go...

Renee had been in a very pensive mood since stumbling across the hills and their ruins.

If it's true... then what are the dreams? The past, or the future?

Shaking her head clear of the thought, Renee brought her mind to the present. Just in time too, for they had already reached a potential destination for this evening. Renee quickly ran over the barter in her mind. Gold, or water... and unfortunately, they'd probably need the water for their own journey.

There was something else nagging in the back of her mind as well. Should they give water to the woman, there was something potentially disastrous that could happen. Renee did not like to trust luck, not with those around her.

Renee closes her eyes, and focuses, feeling as though a door within her mind had opened. Quickly, she blanks out the immense feeling of possibility, drawing herself to focus on the prospect of paying in water, to see what would probably happen...

(Attempting Mindtime use... specifically, trying to see if it would be discovered that they had paid the woman with water if they did so.)

Posted on 2009-02-03 at 20:32:38.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: A secret... who shall tell?

Ocyari sat at the table, silently contemplating as she ate her breakfast. She knew better than to feign surprise at the attack, but she was a fairly pensive individual anyway, so hopefully it would pass notice. She still had not told the others, but she wasn't sure how to bring it up. Still, it amused her a bit, especially with the chronicler getting quite seriously wound up, when he didn't even know what they were up against. In truth, Ocyari wasn't sure herself of the haunters from the sea, but she still knew a bit more than they did. With a sigh, she stood up and walked over to the bartender.

"Will you tell them, or shall I? It sounds like we might be involved now anyway." Ocyari asks softly.

Posted on 2009-02-03 at 19:07:42.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Of course I'm coming!

Linnix perched upon her chosen spot on the wall of the keep. Her apprehension and curiosity had woken her from her sleep, and she felt pensive, as she felt the morning sun's rays peek over the horizon, and the chill of the slightly crisp air.

Caera always liked the dawn. Linnix recalled, Now... why was that?

Linnix closed her eyes... trying to see the memory...

"Sis, why are you always up so early?"

Her young voice at the time shattered the relative quiet with ease; she always was louder than Caera.

"So I can see the dawn, Linnix." Caera had replied gently.

"What's special about the dawn? I thought you liked the sunset and night better."

"Sunset and dawn are very similar things." Caera had said, "But it is darkest before the dawn, which makes daybreak just a bit more special..."

Linnix opened her eyes. The sun made its way over the horizon, spreading twilight colours upon the grass, the trees, the mountains... upon everything below it. The burst of colour, where there was none before, causes Linnix to smile, now beginning to understand...

I think... I know what you meant now, Caera.


At the court Linnix spoke little, if at all. Perhaps strange, but she simply wanted to see the whole first before coming to a decision, something new for her... with a tendency to rush into things before. She was glad she waited, for at the end, Aelistae proposed that the two of them take up the guard of the caravan, to which she had no objection.

"What do you mean 'if I wish to come'?" Linnix asked, raising an eyebrow at Aelistae, "Of course I'm coming with you!"

Posted on 2009-02-03 at 06:51:55.

Topic: Buried Secrets Q&A
Subject: Oooh

I like the song too ^^

Posted on 2009-01-30 at 21:37:24.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Lack of targets...

Galen stayed his hand, putting a stop to the electrical interference he had been doing. The one bandit was being swarmed by attackers, whom he couldn't afford to hit, and were giving him more than enough cover. Hitting that one was almost out of the question. The other one, an obvious magic-wielder, had stayed true to their cowardice, hidden behind a tree, just far enough away to make the range questionable.

Well, we'll have to deal with that one sooner or later. Galen thought to himself, sheathing his blade as he went to the side of the carriage roof, Not much else I can do up here anyway.

Galen clambers down the carriage, before drawing his blade and walking over to the side, trying to get a better targeting line to the hostile magic wielder.

Posted on 2009-01-30 at 02:09:34.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Renee

Renee is an artisan, preferring to work with the written word such as in writing, calligraphy, and carving. She has even adapted art into her swordplay, and her rapier can cut just as well if not better than a knight's great sword. Perhaps it is bizarre in this age of guns, but to Renee, it's simply a matter of style, and she certainly considers it more of an art to wield a rapier with passion than simply put a bullet in your opponent.

Renee has black hair, worn in a long braid down her back, and kindly, sparkling green eyes. Although she is kind, she is reclusive, and keeps to herself, preferring not to get close to people. Occasionally, there are also mornings where she seems quite shaken. It's often attributed to nightmares, but if asked, she simply replies, "No, it wasn't a nightmare..."

She is seldom without her rapier, and is often, when there is free time, writing something. Poetry, short stories, prose, there are many things she writes, although she doesn't often share them.

On another note, she has a strange capacity for stealthiness, capable of keeping herself hidden, and often seems to have a sense for danger.

Posted on 2009-01-30 at 01:49:43.

Topic: The Pawsteps to Salvation
Subject: Very well

"Follow me then." Tear says softly, before, for the first time since the previous evening, she leaps into the light, becoming visible.

However, even as she moves forward, between shadow and light, leading them through the trees, it appears as though she is simply a flying shadow...

Posted on 2009-01-29 at 01:14:37.

Topic: Some Secrets are Best Left Buried...
Subject: Meera!

She could not get comfortable. No matter which way she looked, the dead walls stared back at her, uncaring. Were they getting closer? The shadows seemed to flicker at the edges of her vision, but would steady themselves when she looked at them. She could almost hear the wood creaking, unsteady, wanting to collapse. She could even feel the unnaturally smooth wood through her clothing, almost like the inside of some monster's mouth, threatening to devour her.

Despite the arrival of her meal, Shianna hardly touched it. She knew she should be hungry, but inside she felt so knotted up that she could not eat more than a few spoonfuls of stew. She could taste every ingredient within it. Some are familiar, even reassuring, while others are strange, and unknown. The liquid in the cup, ale as it was called, held a peculiar taste, not one that Shianna knew. This too, she simply set aside, almost untouched.

She was thinking about taking her bowl outside, when the pounding began. Had she been a more vocal person, she might have screamed. She just wanted to leave. Right then and there. She and Meera would-

Shianna's heart nearly stopped, skipping a beat, or perhaps two.


There was no thought in her action. Shianna just moved instinctively, running toward the tavern door, getting it open as fast as she can...

Posted on 2009-01-29 at 00:13:46.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: Acquirement of information...

Inwardly, Ocyari smiled. She was pleased, as she had gotten the information that she had thought would be interesting, and interesting it was indeed.

"Do not worry." She says soothingly, "The only ones who will know, are those who need to know."

Ocyari stands, setting the chair she was sitting upon back to where it was before her arrival. She curtsies to the barkeeper, "I'm glad I could help; it's not easy for anyone to keep their troubles to themselves, and not be able to speak of it. I bid you a good night."

Ocyari then returns to her room, changing from her dress to a more practical outfit. She takes off her earrings, and leaves them with her ring in her pocket. She would tell the others what she found out, but not this night, for she had other plans. It would be good to get a feel for the layout of the town, especially if the others decided they would defend it, and so, Ocyari quietly slips away...

Posted on 2009-01-28 at 22:31:34.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: A prearranged appointment

Ocyari ate dinner without much of a word, her mind dwelling on what would happen in her meeting. Still, she knew that thinking about it wouldn't make the time pass faster, so it slowly slipped from her mind, and after dinner, she waited in her room, washing with an unscented soap. There is no need for her to use perfume this night.

After dressing in a black, semi-formal gown, and resetting her earrings and ring, Ocyari checks the time. Nearly an hour, perfect. She returns to the bar, checking to make sure there aren't any other guests there, before turning to the bartender.

"What is it that you wish to talk about?" Ocyari asks, her voice calm and curious.

Posted on 2009-01-23 at 17:42:46.

Topic: Fields of Rune
Subject: I suggest...

Seeing that Shepherd had almost completely recovered, the little, blue haired girl stands. She sets her long hair behind her round ears with her hands, before stepping back, still facing the others.

"Well, I wouldn't suggest staying here." Marie says to the others, "There are many prying eyes..."

Perhaps unspoken, but also felt, is Marie's own sense of distrust. She did not trust others easily, and for good reason; she had much to lose.

"Shall we move to the forest? Don't worry. I am not a sprite, so I cannot bend the forest or anything." Marie suggests.

Posted on 2009-01-22 at 23:28:51.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Character statistics developed...

All I have to do is finish gathering a bit of equipment, some of her background information, and that's about it...

On another note... I've ended up with 50 Essence... why do I seem to have a tendency to make Essence-Well characters?

Posted on 2009-01-22 at 06:10:43.
Edited on 2009-01-22 at 06:13:19 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Thoughts...

Well, it looks like I can update again... however... I'm kind of concerned about the player roster...

As it is, there's only three players: Sib-kun, Vilyamar, and Okron (char will be introduced upon return to Wanqir), so what are your thoughts? Do we need other players, or are we fine with just us?

Posted on 2009-01-21 at 04:19:24.

Topic: Fields of Rune
Subject: Dinner?

"Dinner?" Marie asks, the word somewhat foreign to her.

Marie shakes her head, continuing to heal Shepherd, and maintaining the contact between her hands and his body.

Quite simply, Marie replies, "I don't really have to eat."

Posted on 2009-01-20 at 18:05:18.

Topic: Fields of Rune
Subject: The Key of Life

Marie could feel the change, even if it wasn't seen. The Taint vanished from her senses, returning the true Essence back to where it belonged in these wolves. She lowers her wand, and sets it in her pocket, quickly moving forward. They had attacked one person, who seemed to be in a good deal of pain.

"Be still." Marie murmurs, "The wounds may be mortal, but I can tend to them."

She holds her hands just a few inches apart, and they begin to glow with a white light. Without hesitation, she places her hands on Shepherd's body, and the wounds begin to close.

"I am afraid my power is slow, so we will have to wait for a while before you are healed completely in body, and spirit." Marie says gently, maintaining contact with Shepherd's body.

Posted on 2009-01-19 at 21:09:13.
Edited on 2009-01-19 at 21:11:38 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: An overdue post...

Linnix was silent throughout the speech by Bartholomew, which was perhaps strange for the woman. Normally she wasn't ever at a loss for words, but this time, she was.

Just where is my place?

She quietly asked herself that question, but she already knew the answer, looking over toward Aelistae.

My place is by my sister... that is how it should've been before too... with Caera...

Linnix shakes her head, clearing her mind of the thought. No, that was in the past. She could not change the past, even if her heart wanted otherwise. But did she want otherwise? It was because of her choices that she now knew her place, and now she could do the right things, rather than be a measly thief. Still...

Home... it's been a very long time since I've had one... I've had places to stay, but not a home...

Linnix smiled. Yes, she could use a home. She also felt, more than heard or saw, Aelistae also accept the offer. That was all she needed.

"I have only one thing to ask." Linnix said aloud, pulling off her own cloak, "This cloak, although it was made by evil hands, is very useful for me. I'd like it if it were cleansed, and made to match the others. Although it was made by evil, it can do good now instead."

Linnix smiled, "Yes, I am too accepting your offer."

Posted on 2009-01-19 at 19:14:56.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: True...

I suppose she would have a few Sight abilities if you consider it... I'll look into it

Posted on 2009-01-19 at 19:12:26.

Topic: Despair Q&A
Subject: Yay!

I really like the Witchcraft setting, so there's no problems there for me ^^

I'll write up a Mundane template for Renee

Posted on 2009-01-19 at 18:31:17.

Topic: Fields of Rune
Subject: Safe... for now...

Just as she thought, the wolves left her be... she is but a single, small person, and the wolves had larger prey of which to chase. Marie shakes her head. Did she need to be involved?

Marie smiles as the answer comes to her. Yes. She might as well. In any case, she was perhaps the safest, even if she did join the plight.

Slowly, she makes her way down from the tree, returning to the town. She straps her rapier to the side of her belt, but keeps her wand ready, before walking up along the street, looking ahead. There was the woman, Zau, who had spoken to her before, as well as another, who was fighting the wolves in a rather direct manner, and the wolves indeed are in between her and the two mortals. A couple of them catch her scent, and turn toward her, but she doesn't show fear, instead only raising her wand.

From the tip of the wand is an explosion of light, and a stream of colour shoots from it, impacting the first wolf hard, and knocking it to the side. Marie nods to herself. It wouldn't die, for she did not will the wand to use lethal force; instead it would exhaust the wolf's body.

"With one blow exchanged, now I am tied to this conflict." Marie murmurs, "And I know which side I have chosen."

Posted on 2009-01-19 at 05:09:52.

Topic: The Pawsteps to Salvation
Subject: Hmm...

"Is there a preference to which one being seen first?" Tear asks, "And what is your intent? To see, or to attack?"

Posted on 2009-01-19 at 03:38:12.

Topic: The Pawsteps to Salvation
Subject: Patrol Results...

Tear re-emerges from the shadow, although her appearance is very subtle, even to those who are looking for it, mainly due to her black fur.

Clearing her throat, Tear murmurs, "The humans are moving in two waves, one from the southwest, the other from the southeast. They evidently expected resistance, since they are obvious military units, but finding none, they are moving slowly, cautious. Much of the wildlife has already moved toward the middle and northern regions of the forest. I believe that's about all that's of interest."

Tear looks to the others, interested in how they react to her report.

Posted on 2009-01-19 at 03:28:52.


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