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Topic: .Hack//LIFE The Board
Subject: Rumours: Thread Name: Maera's Wings

Subject: Maera's Wings
Author: Li-yin

We've all (for the most part) have seen them, but does anyone know exactly what they are and where they came from? Fairy-like wings made of irridescent light don't come out of nowhere after all...

Subject: It's always a quest
Author: Sakura

It's always some sort of quest. I have no idea what one it would be, but I know it must be one.

Subject: Hey...
Author: Menarka

Does anyone even remember a time when Maera didn't have wings?

Subject: Strange
Author: Li-yin

That's true... I don't even think Maera really did anything much in the public eye before winning the Sage Palace. I know since the beginning of her Sage Palace streak she's always had wings, but I don't ever actually recall seeing her in town with wings before then... not that I even saw her in town that is.

Subject: Where does she go?
Author: Sakura

I don't remember seeing her at all either, and I'm sure I would've noticed her by her wings before even the Sage Palace. She's never in town, as far as I know.

Subject: Don't be nosy!
Author: Stormy

Lady Maera's wings, and even her whereabouts for that matter, aren't exactly what people should be nosy about! That's just rude! Really rude! In real life, you'd probably be charged for stalking or something!

Subject: Who better to ask?
Author: Li-yin

Hey, since you would know more about her than we would, do you have any information to contribute, Stormy?

Subject: Not telling!
Author: Stormy

That's none of your business, and I'm not saying anything... not that I have much to tell anyway...

Subject: What?
Author: Li-yin

Really? Even you don't know? Wow. I'm sure we won't be able to find much then...

Subject: Well
Author: Saturday

As I said before, I'm pretty sure she's just a cheat character.

Subject: You take that back!
Author: Stormy

You take that back! You have no right to say such a thing!

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:44:30.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE The Board
Subject: Rumours: Thread Name: Triple Crown

Subject: Does anyone remember?
Author: Sakura

Just out of curiousity, does anyone remember that Adept Rogue that took the title of all three Arena Emperors, and remember those strange 1-hit-kill skills?

Subject: Triple?!
Author: Stormy

Are you serious? Someone was able to pull that off?

Subject: Haseo
Author: Twin Lightning

Haseo, the Terror of Death as he was called, an infamous PKK and even more infamous with his triple palace sweep.

Subject: So, what about...
Author: Sakura

What about those 1-hit-kill skills? He wasn't the only one who did it... how do you get those skills?

Subject: Are you serious?
Author: Stormy

Wow, 1-hit-kill? I wonder if even Lady Maera would survive that...

Subject: Cheat
Author: Saturday

Sounds very much like a cheat to me.

Subject: Unknown
Author: Twin Lightning

Unfortunately, no one, not even CC Corp, ever explained how anyone could have attained that skill, or even what that skill was, and many people at the time considered them as cheat moves. At this point it hardly matters, since no one's ever done anything like that on R:3.

Subject: Disappointing
Author: Sakura

I was reading an archive in Carmina Gadelica about that skill, and was wondering if perhaps anyone could get it if they just did some quest... oh well.

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:41:37.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE The Board
Subject: Rumours: Thread Name: Bizarre Areas

Subject: List keywords here!
Author: Twin Lightning

If anyone comes across a strange area, where something odd happens, please either send me an email or post it here!

Subject: *deleted*
Author: Maera

This message has been deleted.

Subject: OMG!
Author: Stormy

Was that really Lady Maera?!

Subject: Seems to be
Author: Twin Lightning

Well, the author was Maera, but what I'm interested in is what that message originally said

Subject: *deleted*
Author: Sakura

This message has been deleted.

Subject: *deleted*
Author: Saturday

This message has been deleted

Subject: *deleted*
Author: Saturday

This message has been deleted

Subject: *deleted*
Author: 0^r3a\na

This message has been deleted

Subject: That's not helpful
Author: Twin Lightning

Well, that doesn't help... who keeps deleting messages anyway? And just who was that last person?

Subject: Wierd
Author: Li-yin

It's probably the administrators; perhaps the areas are incredibly dangerous?

Subject: Discontinuation
Author: System Administrator

This thread will be discontinued and un-repliable until further notice.

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:39:26.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE The Board
Subject: General: Thread Name: Sage Palace Finals!

Subject: Will Maera finally fall?
Author: Li-yin

Maera's been Emperor of the Sage Palace for so long! Do you think she'll fall this time?

Subject: No way
Author: Kiku

I may only be a newbie, but I've seen a video of one of Maera's fights; there's no way she'd fall if even when it's three on one she wins. It's quite inspiring actually, and that's why I picked my class too: Harvest Cleric.

Subject: Did you know?
Author: Menarka

Maera's class isn't Harvest Cleric, believe it or not; she's actually an Adept Rogue, although I have never seen her use anything but her Harvest Cleric component.

Subject: Cheat Character
Author: Saturday

Maera just has to be a cheat character; there's no way she could not be, with her appearance and power!

Subject: Wow, very off topic
Author: Li-yin

Wow, this thread has gotten really far off topic. I think there seems to be a bit of a consensus though; Maera is not going to fall at least in the near future.

Subject: Agreed
Author: Menarka

She better not fall; I'll be the one to take her out when I get strong enough!

Subject: ...
Author: Li-yin

Well, I certainly hope so; I know her battles are extraordinary, but I'd like a bit of a change. It's strange too, because it always seems like she's fighting as though she cannot afford to lose, almost as if she's fighting for her life.

Subject: Never!
Author: Stormy

Lady Maera won't fall! Not to anyone, you hear?!

Subject: Fan-much?
Author: Li-yin

Well, that's definitely a fan if I ever recognized one...

Subject: Told you so!
Author: Stormy

Like I said before, Maera is never going to fall!

Subject: She is very strong
Author: Yari

Personally, I don't want to fight her again any time soon... that was terrible.

Subject: We didn't do too bad!
Author: Flower

Don't worry about it Yari! We did our best, and that's what matters. Hey, check your email too Yari!

Subject: I'll take her out
Author: Menarka

Hmph, one day I'll take her out myself.

Subject: Not a chance!
Author: Stormy

She won't fall, you hear?!

Subject: Stupid fangirl
Author: Menarka

She definitely won't if people don't bother to try!

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:37:15.
Edited on 2009-02-27 at 19:17:49 by Reralae

Topic: .Hack//LIFE The Board
Subject: General: Thread Name: Recruiting!

Subject: Hello!
Author: Twin Lightning

Hello there! I am looking for people interested in finding and following rumours regarding rare items! Please see me asap as space is limited in my guild. I am generally either in Mac Anu by the harbour, or in Carmina Gadelica in the archive.

Subject: Heh
Author: Menarka

A waste of time if you ask me; the time spent doing that could easily be easily spent leveling and PK'ing.

Subject: Well
Author: Twin Lightning

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

Subject: Hi!
Author: Kiku

I'm just a newbie, only LV 5, but I think I'd be interested. The only problem is I'm not quite sure where things are yet.

Subject: Alright!
Author: Twin Lightning

In that case, it'd be easier for you to meet me at Mac Anu's chaos gate, judging from your time of post, how about right now if you're still on?

Subject: *deleted*
Author: Menarka

This message has been deleted.

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:34:46.
Edited on 2008-07-22 at 18:16:03 by Reralae

Topic: .Hack//LIFE The Board
Subject: .Hack//LIFE The Board

This thread represents The Board, as accessed from 'The World'. I'm going to ask that you do not post to this thread, but rather PM me if you want to put a message on The Board. That'll make it a little bit easier to read, I think.

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:33:03.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE Q&A
Subject: .Hack//LIFE Q&A

Alright, this is the Q&A for the game .Hack//LIFE.

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:29:43.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: .Hack//LIFE

Vol 1: Ludicrous

System startup complete...

Opening 'The World.exe'...

469200650/469200650... loaded

Login: Twin Lightning
Password: *************

Login Accepted

The screen turns white as the desktop is shown, playing a soothing piano piece in the background. The user hovers their mouse over 'The World' icon. They double click it. The screen is replaced with a window that arranges four swords around a strange central rune, arranged almost like a compass with one sword in each direction, and in between the swords is a mist that vaguely clears onto a setting within 'The World'. The top left depicts a sunset looked upon from a view in the city of Mac Anu. The top right depicts a foresty field. The bottom right depicts the light-filled night of the elegant city Lumina Cloth. Finally, the bottom left holds a view looking down upon the wall of Morrigu Barrow, and into the mists of the abyss just before it. The top blade has glowing red runes upon it that say 'The World'. The right blade has grass-green runes displaying 'The Board'. The left blade has blue runes upon it that say 'Official Site'. Finally, the bottom sword has empty, black runes that display 'Exit'. The user selects the top blade. The screen turns black as visual output is redirected to the Face Mount Display. A bit of shuffling is heard as the user puts on their FMD, and pick up their controller.

So... what shall I do today? Should I do some more item hunting, or maybe check out more rumours at Carmina Gadelica...

Maybe today I'll begin the guild I wanted to make...

But what do I call it?


Secret Key

((Please check out The Board, then post a post with you logging in))

Posted on 2008-07-16 at 00:27:25.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Turning Point

Hylon City
1 minute after Twilight

Almost an exact mirror of Aqinarr's reaction takes place in front of Armand. People run outside, have only to look up, at the sky, and panic brews. This is beyond anyone's understanding, and like anything unknown, it brings about fear in those that don't know what to do.

However, as Armand moves through the city, calm also spreads along his path, much like a wave spreading from a single ripple. The city guard take over, hushing and comforting civilians and allowing Armand to move more swiftly, at last finding his destination of a general yet, as he knew, well reputable church. The large double doors open into a foyer, and across from the entrance is another set of double doors, leading into the chapel. The hall leads to the sides, one of which is a set of dorms while the other is the chamber, well, study really, of the High Priest. Behind a desk near the chapel entrance is a woman dressed in a silken white gown, and she looks up warmly, almost in a comforting manner at the company.

"Ah, Armand, it has been too long." The priestess says as she walks up to Armand, "The High Priest's chamber is open, and I'm sure he would like to talk to you, Denuan, and even chat with Caduceus."

Magaleta then turns to Renshiir and says, "I don't know who you are, but please, come sit in the chapel and make yourself comfortable if you wish."

"Th-thank you." Renshiir says, slightly self-conscious since she now can actually go places without needing to hide or avoid people.

Renshiir enters the chapel, and disappears from view. In the study of the High Priest, Barrahen, he greets Armand, and offers him and Armand a seat. He even sets out an elegant stand for Caduceus. Barrahen seems slightly young for his occupation, but his eyes show a wisdom that seems older than he is.

"I'm afraid if you've come here for information, I have none to give yet. However, I am certain that news will come swiftly enough; with an event this massive, people will want and need to seek to understand it, from those who are merely curious, to those who are willing to give their lives if needed to avert it."

Barrahen keeps eyeing the ring on his desk, which is sitting upright, almost waiting for it to do something.

Posted on 2008-07-15 at 01:23:03.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Lost Sheep

Aqinarr City
1 minute after Twilight

Chaos. When destruction rears its ugly head, that is what would come about if no one did anything to avert it. Nintarra's eyes are wide, and it appears that she too may fall to panic; she had foretold the truth, but she never knew exactly how massive this disaster would be.

"Calm down and return indoors!" Willow shouts above the rising din, "I am a member of the city guard!" she shouted, retrieving from her pouch proof of this claim. "Do as I say and get indoors while the authorities handle things!"

Everyone nearby is so stunned that they easily follow Willow's instructions, uncertain what to do otherwise.

Regardless whether the people listened to her or not, she dropped down from the fountain and spoke to Nintarra, "You should come with me to the barracks, you'll be safest there, I hope. I will have to get my orders from my superiors. Here is my room key."

Nintarra nods, "Alright, I'll... take a look at the cards again."

Nintarra begins to run back towards the barracks, but Willow, deciding that it'd be faster if she just carried her, sweeps her up, much to Nintarra's surprise, and runs.

At the barracks, Nintarra stares at the array of cards that she had presented Willow, trying to see if she could make any more sense out of it now. Knowing she would not be able to wait for Nintarra to finish, Willow gathers her gear, and follows the other startled soldiers, including Yin, to the briefing and meeting room.

"General Kamiir! What is going on?" Yin almost shouts in his anticipation upon entering the room.

The somewhat elderly man, but clearly still healthy and strong enough to carry out his own missions, "We will know shortly; our orders and hopefully an explanation of this event will come from Wanqir. I am told that one of the lead scouts has already returned from the pinnacle of the occurance, and has witnessed the entire event."

"Until then, I'll request that all of you, except for Willow and Yin, station yourselves around the city as per the defensive drill we covered. We must keep the civilians from panicking. This is easier said than done, I know, but just being there will abase a number of unsettled hearts if not minds. That is all for now."

The room swiftly empties with a brief salute, leaving only the general, Willow, Yin, and a secretary. The general sighs, and sits down at the head of the table.

Yin asks, just a bit hesitantly, "Sir, why are we to remain here? Shouldn't we be helping the others?"

"You two are still here because you two are our best soldiers. Henceforth, you two must be quickly notified of what is known from Wanqir, especially in the case when an advance party needs to meet at the capital." The general says solemnly, "You will not be waiting long; I expect it will take no longer than half an hour for our orders to arrive."

(Just breaking here just in case for initial reactions or questions, and even ones that occur after a pause, from Willow)

Posted on 2008-07-15 at 00:30:59.

Topic: Borden Murder Case File
Subject: Well...

Me, I'm kind of waiting on Admiral, since he didn't actually say whether or not the interview was over and that I could... I don't know... maybe make more tea for everyone else, or refill existing cups...

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 22:58:11.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Do you have to ask?

Sen returns the smile, "I think you already know the answer to your question. I'm still here, aren't I?"

Sen giggles and stands, slightly unsteady, but not too bad.

"I'm going to try to stay invisible; I know you two are safe to reveal myself to, but I can't really afford to risk much." Sen says, hoping Illiana would understand.

With just a bit of thought on her part, Sen's form slowly becomes invisible, and she flies up into the air, but remains relatively close to Artemis and Illiana.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 04:48:05.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: My Name

"My name? It's Sen." she replies.

Her wings quiver at Illiana's touch, but settle slightly.

Sen smiles sheepishly, "As you can tell, I'm not human, and I'm not even from this world. I just happen to be here. If you want to know, I am a spirit of the air, a sylph."

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 04:27:20.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Uncomfortable Silence

The sylph girl's eyes flicker, and open. They are a light purple shade, and at first glance around as they focus. Then they settle on Illiana, next to her. She nearly bolts to her feet, but her weariness makes it just appear that she jumped.

For a moment, she just stares at Illiana. In her gaze is fear, and uncertainty, and her body is tensed; it is apparent that she would run if she didn't already wear herself out.

"This... certainly isn't the way I expected us to meet." She says softly.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 04:08:15.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Hmm

I think we've waited a fair time to allow response, so I think I'll go ahead and start updating for you and Kaelyn... probably either later or tomorrow.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 04:02:30.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Hmm...

"If no one else will have it, I'll take the shortbow... but that's only if no one else needs it." Haila says, in response to Rayne.

Posted on 2008-07-14 at 01:30:59.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: What is and is not believable?

Haila raises an eyebrow at Cor, "Allanan was a very very powerful mage, was he not? I can totally see him setting up the message and making all of this. Besides, we've already passed two barriers, and have far more to come, which I'm pretty sure are going to be harder, and I'd much rather be well equiped for it. Consider the best and worse case scenarios. Best case, we get much stronger equipment and can handle these tests and traps relatively well. Worse case, we just loose a bit of time breaking the curses on the items."

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 20:08:21.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Circling? That makes one spell easier

I knew it. The little girl thinks when the wolves begin to circle around the two.

She flies up above the center of the wolve's circle. Now she really has to be careful; she must be sure not to hit either Artemis or Illiana. Even without her sword, the little girl is not without other abilities. She focuses.

The air seems to grow thicker, heavier, and sparks begin to appear around the area. The little girl raises her hands, focusing the pulse to above her. Sparks fly as an orb appears, crackling with the transferral of electric energy throughout its form. The girl concentrates more, keeping the orb the same size, but further increasing its electric potential.

She can't hold it any longer. The girl quickly lets go of the orb, then puts a hand just underneath it, to direct it. From the orb volleys of lightning bolts shoot out from the sides. Being blocked from going straight down and onto Artemis and Illiana, they go to the next closest and highest point of impact, which are the wolves.

Electricity sears through their bodies, and their fur singes from the impacts. The lightning bolts are held for what seems like hours to the girl, but is really just a minute, maintaining the orb as much as she can. Finally, the electricity dissipates, and the air returns to how it was before. The girl pants a bit heavily; it has been too long since she last used magic of that magnitude.

Her vision swims around her, and around the edges of her sight it grows darker and darker. Oh no... I pushed myself too hard. She realizes.

She sways in the air, and she can feel herself slowly becoming visible. She falls unconscious, and falls through the air, almost like a leaf in its relatively slow descent. Her strangely light form collides onto the ground without much of an impact.

Physically, she looks no taller than a human child, but her proportions are more for that of an adult. She wears a violet silken dress with an open back for an easily apparent reason. Upon her back is a set of irridescent coloured dragonfly wings. She has silver hair, and also wears a few pieces of jewellery, namely two rings, and a necklace, all exquisite pieces of art with clearly coloured and well cut, pretty gemstones. Upon her hip is a simple pouch, carried by a belt.

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 19:45:00.
Edited on 2008-07-13 at 19:46:53 by Reralae

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Fair Trade All Around!

"Well, why would they not be as described?" Haila asks, "If that was indeed Allanan we just saw, then perhaps we should just trust his words; I don't see why not."

Haila walks over and picks up the Dancing Long Sword, "Hmm, if it can dance, can it teach me to dance too?" Haila asks of no one in particular, placing her own long sword in the spot where her acquired blade was.

Finally, Haila also walks over and takes the Chain of Elvinkind, placing her own chain mail in its place.

Niamedris too looks around the room, but finds nothing of interest. "Hmph, you'd think the designers of this shed would've bothered to include something for a cat's tastes."

"Perhaps if they too either were cats or had a cat, but I don't think they did." Haila returns.

"They should't need to in order to know that cats are the most important things in the world you know." Niamedris replies curtly, along with a swish of his tail.

Haila rolls her eyes yet again. "You're impossible."

"Of course I am; I'm a cat."

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 17:37:42.

Topic: ~Crimson Blood~
Subject: Good thing wolves can't fly

The little girl watches from above, uncertain exactly what to do. Well, doing anything besides just running would give her away, and she couldn't afford that just yet.

Strange. The wolves are acting strangely, the girl realizes. They're acting... almost human, trying a one on one fight rather than attacking as a group, just to test their prowess. Reaching into her bag, the girl pulls out a slim, silver blade. It is a scimitar, but even as she pulls it out, nothing comes into view.

Just then, the one wolf bursts into flames. The girl averts her eyes; she didn't really want to see. Instinctively, the girl guesses that now the rest of the wolves will attack together. That just might be too much for Illiana to handle. The little girl questions... did she really have to act yet? Too late.

With a burst of speed, she flies into a dive, slashing the blade across the skull of the leader, before flying back up to the other side. The attack jars her hand, however, and she drops the scimitar, which sticks into the ground, visible to all.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 17:12:51.

Topic: SW: TOR Information For Players
Subject: Kate

A it of a summary... if you want to picture Kate, she really looks about the same as R2D2, except the blue components are replaced with purple ones. She is an independant droid, considering the work she is assigned as more of a job than anything else, and more interested in her own work.

Just what is her own work? Well, to be honest, Kate hides it very well, sometimes even sealing the room she is in and deactivating any cameras in order to secure her privacy.

For being only a droid, Kate is also quite social, even if no one can really understand what she is saying without a Binary to Basic translator. She seems to be quite caring at heart, but she has a very sarcastic nature that sometimes makes it appear otherwise.

Her quirks get her into trouble at times, but they definitely show just how unique she is.

On a side note, in being called 'Kate', the droid has developped a feminine personality, so rather than 'it', the droid is a 'she'.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 17:00:38.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Train of Thought

Cindi simply nods to Hank's question, preoccupied by what she is reading. There is more in here than what the first read would reveal. She thinks, The fact that letters are used not only indicates that identities are hidden, but this is also a very systematic place, with at least 23 people in the institute, at least initially.

This individual has written this journal, but is there a reason for it? I'll have to study it a bit more thoroughly later; perhaps there is something written between the lines. Cindi thinks, analyzing the notebook carefully.

From the sounds of it, this place described in the journal sounds like it could be either of two things. It could be a type of psychiatric hospital, or... Cindi's eyes glance over to Jonah, it could be a prison.

Hmm... because of the letter pseudonyms, it will be difficult to determine if any of the people listed at all is any of us. Cindi continues, her thought now taking a new route, However... it might be worth the effort to try; the action of doing so may bring memories with them. Of course, there's little means to tell exactly when this was written, although it must have been relatively recently, within our generation; longer, and the book would've started to show decay I'd imagine.

Cindi flips through the notebook. It was unlikely that the system of letter naming followed people's initials; what made more sense was if people were assigned a letter based on when they arrived. With that assumption, A would be the founder, B would likely be the first manager, and so on. The only problem with that assumption would be G. G was not given any rank, yet H was a doctor. However, it could mean that H was hired at a time after G was inserted into the institute.

Unable to use the names as reference, Cindi instead looks for key identifiers to perhaps find anybody of the group. Her gothic, flower bracelet tattoo, Hank's rose and vine neck tattoo, the dark person's many tattoos... Cindi glances over at Delilah, who is currently holding out her cards triumphantly. On the wrist of the hand holding those cards are scars... perhaps those could be used. Jonah also has a scar that might help in searching for him in the notebook, although it seemed he would be the least likely person to be in it. The only one Cindi finds she wouldn't be able to find without any good descriptions in the notebook is Chris. Cindi shrugs, and begins searching through the notebook for traces of the group, if anyone can be found at all.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 16:21:18.
Edited on 2008-07-11 at 16:36:58 by Reralae

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Who is this?

Another? Not someone I saw before. Sen thinks to herself, silent in the air. She stealthily wanders over to Erihsehc.

"I do not know who this is." She murmurs simply.

Smoothly and soundlessly, Sen flies up a bit higher, trying to avoid direct contact with the new stranger.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 05:55:32.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: The Power of the Shield

Two enemies. Well, what else could they be? Hostile implies unfriendly at the very least, but being undead, these pathetic things are likely mindless as well, so that meant if they weren't destroyed, they'd attack and try to kill. It's straight-forward, simple logic, and yet... well, it's just one of those things Galen can't help but dislike. The continuation of the Eternal War; it's what gives life purpose at many times, and yet... it's just silly.

Oh dear, thinking on his own train of thought, Galen reacts rather late. Oh well, the hands of time cannot be turned back, at least not easily, and not without repurcussions. Focus! What needs to be done here? Two 'spells' are not yet used, but one of them should be saved for later, and Galen knows which one would be most useful now.

Space is a bizarre thing. It exists, but one cannot touch it, see it, or easily cut it. Drawing his left hand forward, Galen draws a different rune, this one with two standing waves, meeting at the center in a node, with three lines curving in to strike it, but none of them passing. The standard application of the force of the shield.

Galen concentrates, murmuring, "Ad ghv togwr hq ghv fhgniu, oorh ghv tatekrd qv vrvcgor go."

Drawing with his mind, he separates the space in which he is in from the space in front, forming a barrier. Nothing even shows physically that it exists, yet it is there. Galen can feel it. A small smile forms on Galen's face.

If there is a spot untaken by the two zombies, Galen takes it, ready to fight. If there is none, he simply says, "Please get out of the way."

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 05:49:45.
Edited on 2008-07-18 at 23:53:53 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Crossroads - Round 2 of Combat

The party quickly gathers their wits at this new enemy's presence. Its form flickers as it realizes it is badly outnumbered, but still it remains, threatening and forboding.

Viis stands and plays, the power of his song providing a theme to the battle. His playing, however, fills everyone's hearts with adrenaline, spurring their bodies to provide even more for this battle.

Charlet stands and takes aim at the Linsemptus, drawing forth the power of fire in order to strike. Her aim is true, as the ray flies through the Linsemptus, but all it does is fly straight through it.

Ignis, not to be left out, unleashes a shot of three shimmering bolts of magic that veer towards the Linsemptus Scout. One barely strikes it, just glancing off of its arm, while the other two strike almost dead in the center of its torso, causing it to recoil with the force of the assault.

Sable stands swiftly and strikes at the bizarre foe, lunging forth with a fist that was unfortunately not raised with as well a form as he would have preferred. The Linsemptus Scout ducks underneath the attempted blow.

Ita draws back her bow and takes yet another shot. This one veers wide of its target, landing with a thud in the tree just to the side of the Linsemptus Scout.

Recovering from the Magic Missile attack, from below Sable's strike the Linsemptus Scout smacks Sable with a fierce uppercut, striking the halfling under the chin and somewhat knocking his head back. (-4 hp Sable)

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 05:19:28.


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