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Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Morgana is an opportunist

Without her mannequins present, her actual combat ability is sparse. She might have cast Web to snare Ch'dau and Kithran in the fight if she had the opportunity, and had some other spells, but aside her spell casting, she has to attack via shade otherwise because that's almost the extent of direct combat with these felt dolls...

There is more she could have done, but she isn't committed to put full effort into a fruitless gesture as she knew attempting to keep her deal with Adedre would likely turn out to be. She still had to try, though. 

Posted on 2020-01-06 at 14:23:45.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Let's see what we see

Without the skespider to be the distraction for the Kith-doll to back stab people, that doll and the Ch-doll will hide in the shelving. The white dress doll gathers what blood it can before likewise fleeing for cover.

Needless to say, Morgana is unhappy at that outcome... But not surprised

When Kithran has the door open, she sees Aranwen facing a very solid looking shade manifested from the Sae-doll, Aranwen's blade raised and ready but not in motion. From the movement of the lips on her mask, Morgana had just finished speaking. 

Posted on 2020-01-06 at 14:05:47.

Topic: The Adventures of Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun
Subject: A Desperate Deal

The tip of Aranwen's blade wavered in the air. All of her feelings told her to cut down this false felt effigy Morgana was taunting her with, but Morgana had not attacked her, and she could guess that it was Morgana who had separated her from the others.

"What I want, right now," Aranwen replied, forcing herself to keep her voice calm, "Is to look after those that are alive. Sae is... gone. I know that. But I can do something here and now, for those people that I can help here."

Such uncommon resolve... Morgana paused then, But what do you propose then, o bladesinger? You will not breach those doors, nor do you sound as if you will follow me. So then we are at an impasse, and time, as you are all too aware, doesn't stop for you.

Aranwen winced as she heard the muffled sounds of battle crashing in the other room, seeming to accentuate Morgana's point. In frustration, she turned to the door, and brought her blade about, swinging it at the divide between the doors. Though she succeeded in marking the door with her blade, even slicing into the wood, the doors still seemed as strong as if she hadn't struck them. She grit her teeth.

"I suppose everything's going just grand for you then," Aranwen growled beneath her breath.

Hardly, my dear, Morgana replied, not even attempting to hide the irritation in her voice. Aranwen whirled about at how close that voice had become, to find the Sae-doll sitting at her shoulder. Aranwen froze, looking unsteadily at Morgana's vessel.

"It's... not?" Aranwen asked, her voice cautious.

Circumstances are... not ideal. Morgana sighed, Adedre may be too... frustrated... by all these... complications... that she may, unwisely, not follow through with her side of our pact. As far as I'm aware, she doesn't even have the payment in hand as yet. Easier to simply... delay a debt, indefinitely, if you haven't the payment to give. Though I certainly have the means to make her pay for such a transgression, it would take no small effort on my part. But I must at least act in good faith to continue to uphold my end, even if it will give me far less than I would have liked with respect to the effort I've expended thus far.

Aranwen frowned and she paused, tense with the doll far too close for her comfort, "Then, if you were offered something you actually wanted..."

If Adedre were outbid with a... conflicting deal... Morgana's voice returned to a silky tone, Then... Perhaps... I might forego an advantage in this battle. I would still need to put some effort in regardless, you understand, but in such a change in circumstances, I might put in... less than I would.

Aranwen sighed. I can't believe I'm considering this... she thought to herself, "What do you want, Morgana?"

Posted on 2020-01-06 at 11:17:02.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Just imagine...

The kind of trouble Morgana could cause Kithran if she were able to fully mirror Kithran...

Posted on 2020-01-05 at 02:35:06.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Not the dolls

Yes, that works nicely it moves exactly as Kithran would lunge

The dress turns red the more blood they get, as in a visual indicator for Morgana to know she can harvest the blood they collected.

She can infuse the blood into the respective dolls that already have the likeness of Kithran, Ch'dau, Saeriel, and Aranwen.

So... if she gets more of Kithran's blood, for example, she can bring the blood collector to the Kith-doll, the blood will be transferred from the dress to the Kith-doll, and then the manifestation can appear longer, look more solid, hit harder... at the extreme, she could hypothetically take Kithran's full appearance, and be without a mask.

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 21:45:06.
Edited on 2020-01-04 at 21:45:39 by Reralae

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Smoke, mirrors, and misdirection

The shade does not follow the same movements as the doll. The doll draws the eyes because it moves wildly and in defiance of what a doll should be able to do; the shade fades in with a dash, striking at an opening she sees, then fades away as if a mirage. Does that help?

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 21:15:47.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: The Blood-Infused

When Morgana manifests her shade using a blood-infused doll, that shade takes the form of the person whose blood she used. The more blood she has access to, the closer she can mimic the characteristics and abilities of her source. This is why she currently can deal sneak attack damage, since she's manifesting a glamour using Kithran's doll.

This is also why she appeared as a Syl woman when she used Saeriel's doll in communication with Adedre - she was using the exact same shape as Saeriel.

Morgana's white-dress dolls are blood collectors, and as they gather blood their dresses turn from white to red. As you might guess, she can use that blood to further enhance her manifestation, make it more 'solid', and closer in ability to that of the original.

Bears certain similarities to the mirror sprite in the Lost's Journal, doesn't it?

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 20:38:04.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Chaos of battle

Since Kithran was looking right at the Kith-doll when it attacked at least once, Kithran definitely sees Morgana's masked sillhouette manifesting as it leapt at her. Since she's using the Kith-doll, the shade that appears is somewhat indistinct in form, but is exactly the same size, proportions, and holds blades that look the same as the real Kithran.

Her lips shift into a frown when she misses Kithran in that second attempted strike before the apparition disappears.

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 20:15:50.
Edited on 2020-01-04 at 20:18:00 by Reralae

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: ;)

Kitheran, Kittenran, Kithran, Kitten...

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 15:48:49.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Weapons...

The dolls appear unarmed. However...

A careful/lucky look at the Kith-doll when it attacks would show a faint, shadowy silhouette wearing Morgana's mask, but otherwise appearing identical in body shape to Kithran, and holding similarly faint copies of Kithran's daggers. The lips on that mask do move, curling into a cruel smile during the attack. The apparition fades away after striking.

Also, Raggedy Ann and Andy are definitely not too far off from the general aesthetic of the felt dolls...

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 15:25:10.
Edited on 2020-01-04 at 15:34:01 by Reralae

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Well...

They're not too easy to hit being small. And then Mosic would likely get struck by a sneak attack dice from the Kith-doll flanking with the Ch-doll and leaping up in an attempt to slash at the back of Mosic's neck. It's almost identical to what Kithran did with the mannequin in the apothecary... not a lot of damage mind, but certainly a 'back off' with it actually hurting as opposed to the negligable damage you'd expect from a felt toy doll.

Those two guard the door, but otherwise don't really engage yet. Morgana is waiting for the skespider to do some damage first. She hasn't seen what it can do, nor how Ch'dau and Kithran react to it. Speaking of which, if the skespider makes Ch'dau or Kithran bleed, the white-dress doll hops off the skespider to gather whatever blood falls to the floor...

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 15:09:01.

Topic: The Adventures of Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun
Subject: Cut Off

"I am ready, Kithran," Aranwen nodded. By her description, it was certainly a creature to be wary of, its size and strength a major problem to overcome.

Yet, as she prepared to for battle, she blinked when Kithran opened the doors; empty. Unlocked. Aranwen frowned. It was true that they had dealt with every pair of skeleton sentries up to that point before an alarm could be raised, but certainly something would have happened when the live patrols on the walls had failed to report in? Were they really that fortunate? Aranwen felt a chill along the back of her neck, and knew deep down that something was wrong.

She had no opportunity to voice that, however.

Admiring my handicraft?

Aranwen swore under her breath. She knew that voice that haunted her nightmares.

“Aranwen,” Ch’dau growled, “Quickly!”

Aranwen tried to rush forward from her position at the back, but she couldn't make it before the doors closed in front of her. She pushed and pounded at the seam where the doors met each other, but what little give the doors seemed to have at first was quickly reduced to none as the doors were secured from the other side.

"What's going on in there?!" Aranwen tried to call through the doors, stepping back to try and see if she might find an alternative solution to breaching the barrier before her. She winced as she heard the loud thud of something very large hitting the ground. She needed to get to them.

Why so concerned? They didn't need your help before, and they don't need it now. They don't need you. Morgana's voice mocked the bladesinger from down the stairs.

Aranwen tensed, turning towards the stairs down and holding her blade ready for whatever mannequin had approached them from behind, but she saw none.

Morgana's tone shifted, and there almost seemed to be pity in her voice as she spoke again, Someone else, however... she does need you...

Aranwen's breath caught in her throat as she saw the felt doll with Saeriel's likeness a few steps below her, positioned with its hands together at its chest as it looked up at Aranwen. Forcing her jaw open to speak, Aranwen's eyes narrowed and burned as she looked at Morgana's doll, her blade shaking a bit with her hand, "What did you do to her?"

Rest assured, this is not her. Follow me, and I can bring you to her. Morgana replied, her voice silken and calm, That is what you want... isn't it?

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 14:32:47.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: They certainly will do something

At the immediate moment, the Kithran-doll is locking the door, hovering at the handles as she winds thread around them to bind them closed, the Ch'dau-doll is holding it shut by leverage of both feet on the ground and hands against the door, even against the banging that can be heard by Aranwen trying to force it open. A felt doll with a white dress is sitting on top of the bone spider, seeming to either be waiting, or otherwise inanimate right now. Might be difficult to spot that one because white against bone.

Posted on 2020-01-04 at 13:48:46.
Edited on 2020-01-04 at 14:34:14 by Reralae

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: I mean...

You say that, but conditioning is a thing that exists. I'll just leave that as that...

With respect to Kithran not feeling like an adult, that is a dynamic that I kind of want to see what that results of with Aranwen not really expecting her to be one. On the one hand, I'm sure it annoys Kithran in some ways, but on the other hand, she doesn't have adult-ness expected of her and that really lets her grow at her own pace... 

Posted on 2020-01-03 at 18:13:53.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Aranwen will just have to explain

It's not love when it's mind control via forced dissociation. Also, Kithran's not even 100 yet, she's not even an adult.

At least by Sylvari measurements

Posted on 2020-01-03 at 17:31:17.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Pure?

Says the player with the torture-infatuation smut going on


Posted on 2020-01-03 at 17:17:01.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Needn't apologize

There is no rush  our fearless group will tackle the obstacles they face as they are written

Posted on 2020-01-03 at 09:48:26.

Topic: HC: Aftermath QA
Subject: Pure angel child?

Funny, that's the perfect description of Alice. An innocent, pure little angel. I don't know what Eol is talking about... really
don't pay attention to the fact that her wings are mishapen horrors that only look like ugly wings because the mind cannot... comprehend

Shiv does seem adorable though from how you've shown her so far

Posted on 2020-01-02 at 22:58:19.

Topic: HC: Aftermath QA
Subject: Speaking of weird ones...

Historically I'm usually the one with weird or creepy characters  

Aranwen is something of a divergence from the norm for me

Posted on 2020-01-02 at 18:56:03.

Topic: HC: Aftermath QA
Subject: Not to mention

She needs to first survive the.... Questioning she'll be getting from Aranwen I'm sure  

Posted on 2019-12-29 at 02:33:39.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Doll count

Morgana does have five small felt dolls in Adedre's estate... Where are the other three? 

Posted on 2019-12-27 at 13:19:51.
Edited on 2019-12-27 at 13:20:17 by Reralae

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: In the mind of the butterfly

The stairwell leads into a larger assembly hall or something similar. The doors are open. Kithran and Ch'dau look to either side, but don't see any enemies. The group goes to enter...

And Morgana's felt dolls of Kithran and Ch'dau slam the door shut from behind the door, after Kithran and Ch'dau pass - Mosic's size and natural dexterity let's him make it through the doors, thankfully.

Admiring my handicraft? So easily distracted; I'd look up if I were you. 

Sound of fingers snapping... 

And the skespider that was held on to the ceiling by Morgana's threads release, dropping it on top of them

Was what I saw in my mind anyhow 

Posted on 2019-12-27 at 12:49:00.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: Excellent lead in

And then all heck breaks loose?

Posted on 2019-12-27 at 12:26:47.

Topic: Hidden Corruption: Aftermath
Subject: Hiding the Cracks

11th Bre Tola, 453 E.R. 

Samuel and Sara's house - Noon

Sara knelt before the planter, this small little garden that was her own. She smiled as she examined the small sprouts inside. Donning a set of gardening gloves, she hummed to herself as she began sifting through the topsoil, searching for errant sprouts that weren't of the ones she planted.

"That is a lovely melody. Did you make it?" Ella asked, leaning over the fence as she listened.

Sara's breath caught in her throat as she looked up towards their neighbour, and her hands shook. Mercifully, her hands were obscured from Ella's view by the planter's sides. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," Ella offered with a gentle smile. 

Sara shook her head, and averted her gaze to her hands as she replied, "It's alright." 

She's not… She's not… Kithran, Sara repeated to herself. She took off her gloves to stall for a moment and steady herself, before she stood up to return a warm smile to their half-Syl neighbour, and answering, "I'm not the composer. The composer is a kind man who I briefly met on the road."

Ella tilted her head a bit, "Do you sing?" she asked, "If your humming is able to capture the melody that well, I can't help but wonder what it's like if you used your whole voice."

"I'm afraid not," Sara replied, sadness underscoring the smile she held for Ella, "I lost that ability a while ago."

"Lost?" Ella asked, her head tilting towards one side as she wondered how that might be possible, "But your voice… there doesn't seem like there's anything wrong." 

Sara sighed, "Song takes more than a good voice," she held a hand to her chest, "I haven't been able to sing, not since, not since I lost my daughter," she whispered with a shuddering breath.

Ella's hand went to her lips as her eyes widened, "Is she… Dead?" 

Sara shrugged her shoulders, "Lost," she repeated, "I don't know which is worse," she murmured with a sigh, "I'd rather… I'd rather not talk about it."


Sara shook her head and sighed once more, before looking back at Ella with a gentle smile, "I apologize, that was a long time ago. Would you like some tea, or was there anything I might be able to help you with?" 

"Maybe later," Ella smiled, "I should see to my own lawn before that."

"No rush; whenever you'd like," Sara offered with a nod. She watched as Ella turned to return to tending her lawn, waiting a moment before sighing. She set down her gloves beside the planter, and slipped away, moving to beside the cottage, the side opposite any passerby and Ella's view. 

When they settled into this cottage, it took a few days to tidy the place up. During the tidying up, the old wooden handle on the broom Sara had used snapped near the head. At the time, she had said she'd toss it in for firewood. As she approached the window sill, Sara reached out her hand, taking the broken handle in hand. 

It wasn't a blade. It didn't sing. It didn't weigh the same. It didn't move the same. But for all those reasons, she could use it without her hands shaking. Taking a deep breath, she brought herself to a ready stance. 

When the past threatened to overwhelm her, she pushed it all away by doing this. The same training exercises she remembered doing for years at Megilindor Nost. There was no past, only the present and the next motion in the routine. 

Sara could still feel the symmetry in the exercises, something she didn't feel when she was just learning, and she took some comfort in that. Even if the chaos in true battle meant that the stances and steps couldn't be adhered to, going through the motions was still valuable to hone muscle memory, and for the benefit of the exercise itself. A pattern of four swings combined with one of eight steps - thirty-two different notes for the body to play in the song of battle. Even if she could no longer sing, she still knew the notes, the motions, and recall the feeling of the song. 

At the end of her routine, she sighed, taking a deep breath as tears fell from her eyes. Sara imagined she looked rather silly, or perhaps pitiful. An oathbreaker swinging around a broken hilt, as if that might regain all that she had lost.

It was why she had tried to hide her exercise from Samuel. 

Posted on 2019-12-27 at 12:22:13.

Topic: Kith, the Cat, and the Khatun Q&A
Subject: I imagine

Passive patrols loosely two skeletons per patrol group. No live guards. One will engage, the other runs, presumably to sound an alarm, though I don't expect our group to let any of them run away successfully

Will be *extremely* smooth going for the group...

Until they reach the main hall large open area where Kithran and Ch'dau encountered the skespider before

I imagine Ch'dau and Kithran being in front with Aranwen as rear guard

Posted on 2019-12-24 at 13:55:57.
Edited on 2019-12-24 at 14:01:11 by Reralae


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