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Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: Oh! Sorry!

I'm sorry! I knew I was forgetting one game when I did my bout of updating yesterday... not getting emails about updates for it doesn't help either....

Well, when I can later, I'll do an update ^_^

Posted on 2008-08-30 at 18:28:07.

Topic: Inconceivable Crusaders Q&A
Subject: Hardly

Jevaf knows this thief is an amateur, but isn't going to be stupid about it. Depending on how the situation presents itself, she'll move onto the next step as required.

Posted on 2008-08-30 at 00:07:06.
Edited on 2008-08-30 at 00:16:36 by Reralae

Topic: Inconceivable Crusaders Q&A
Subject: Silly

Whoever said anything about paying anything?

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 23:47:47.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Here you are near to the dark, I will tell you about the sun...

The damage had been done, the enigma had vanished, and now all there was left was questions to be asked, and answers to find.

Lying, crumpled upon the ground, is the form of Kiku. Across her character's graphic are bizarre patches of missing colour, replaced with white noise, static, which is able to be heard through the FMD. Yet, strangely, she isn't dead, as is evident by her shivering body and rapid breaths, almost as though she were hyperventilating. She just lies there, as though in shock, and even though Kimono and Kusardo rush toward her, her eyes don't seem to register them. They just stare blankly ahead.

"All right," spoke the player through Kusardo in a mild tone, "what's the big deal, here, huh? Why does Maera want her?"

Twin Lightning runs over as well, examining Kiku's body carefully. "This is bad." Rei murmurs, "When a monster is Data Drained, there are little side effects unless they are Protect Broken, and in that situation their data is just rewritten to something that is either of a lower level or killable. However, when a Player Character is Data Drained, the player could lapse into a coma for a short period of time, and their character can have status ailments inflicted upon them as well as hp and sp loss, possibly enough to cause character death. But, when a Player Character is Data Drained after being Protect Broken... well, it's impossible to determine all the possible consequences of it."

Twin Lightning looks over at Kusardo, "If Maera was right, in saying that Kiku can carry the Eighth Phase Corbenik, well... the power of that Phase in particular is enormous, capable of making the entire internet perform a complete restart; its full power, like that all of the Phases, is unknown, although Corbenik in particular seems to hold the most potential. Maera seems to want that power to be available. For what purpose, well, I can't even try to guess."

Twin Lightning turns back to Kiku, examining her, "Her character data is very unstable right now. We should leave the area just to be sure that our remaining here doesn't negatively affect the data's stabilization." Rei says solemnly.

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 22:26:02.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Scrolls...

You could probably bug one of the High Wizards about scrolls, after bugging one of the guards stationed at the entrance to the hall about the whereabouts of them.

As for healing areas, that's actually near the base of the clock tower, in a small chapel. It's just a small place, not really designed for large gatherings or anything, but for some reason, healing magic seems to be amplified there...

Also, Kaelyn brought up another type of item that is available

Ammunition: Any form of ammunition can be imbued with magical 1 time bonuses of 1d6 (fire, ice, electric or acid damage) Up to a maximum of 30 projectiles a player. (it should be noted these do not make the projectile count as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, though the elemental magic applied would effect creatures with said reduction minus resistances etc.)

Calculated item prices regarding teleportation:

Scroll of teleport (CL 9): 1125gp
Wand of teleport (CL 9, 50 charges): 33750gp
Wand of teleport (CL 9, 1/day): 6750gp
Wand of teleport (CL 9, 2/day): 13500gp

Of these, only 1 wand of teleport (CL 9, 1/day) and 7 scrolls of teleport (CL 9) are available

You can try to haggle the prices too if you wish

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 21:56:34.
Edited on 2008-08-29 at 23:54:34 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Right!

"Sounds good to me. I'll do my best!" Linnix says with a smile.

"If it means anything," Linnix adds, "I definitely find it's much better to use a bow than a hand crossbow. At least you don't have to worry so much about loading it."

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 21:40:35.

Topic: Inconceivable Crusaders Q&A
Subject: Alright...

Way to put the spotlight on me btw...

Anyway... there's a couple of things I'll need answered before I put up my post.

  1. I'll need the description of the thief. In particular, does he appear armed, and how does he look? Agile? Muscular?
  2. I'll need the description of the painting as would be told to us by our employer.
  3. I'll need a bit more description of the cave. Is it just a dead end where the thief is as far as I can see? How many places are there for others to hide (considering a potential ambush)? Etc.
  4. Also, I need positioning. Exactly how far away is the thief, etc.

I think that's it for now... and then I'll post the next step

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 21:25:50.
Edited on 2008-08-30 at 00:47:58 by Reralae

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Agreement

Cindi moves subtly, placing the card back in her backpack before grabbing it.

"I have no reason to remain here." Cindi murmurs toward Delilah, and although the sentence is vague, the tone implies an underlying sense of agreement.

Cindi fluidly closes the backpack and sets it upon her shoulder. "Let's go."

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 21:05:51.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Advents and Preparation

So it was that the warning had finally been realized. Immediately on the morning after the Twilight, notices could be seen displayed around poster boards and other noticeable places in every city. They are ornate pieces of work, appearing as though they were written upon marble with molten gold and a silvery edge. Just because they were short of time certainly didn't mean the Council and the High Wizards were going to not put their all into the campaign.

Yes, indeed it is a call for recruitments. The Council's words upon the notice are clear in that people are needed, and yet it is also clear that this campaign would likely hold a grave deal of danger; they are not so deceitful when it comes for needed self-sacrifice. Also upon the notice is a clear need for volunteers for an advance party, one which may attempt a strike at the source of Venerro before things escalate out of hand.

Thus, two days after Twilight, the advance party finally meets at the core of Wanqir, within the main hall of the citadel of the Council, and before them stands the members of the Council, garbed in the same attire as Dusk saw them in just after Twilight. The hall is an elegant piece of architecture, crafted with marble pillars, inscribed with aesthetic motifs and designs. The hall is lit by beautiful chandeliers of gemstones and crafted with high quality wood. The walls are also made of carved marble, and the floor is made of a strong, durable wood.

"As the representatives for all of Tiancann, we thank you for coming." One of the Council members says.

"This event has caught us by surprise; if we were more alert, perhaps we could have foretold it. But alas, we did not, and so we are unprepared. As such, the armoury available to us is insufficient for what you likely will require." Another member says gravely.

"In all honesty, we never thought to prepare for conflict and combat; recovery after the storms and natural disasters was put at the highest priority, and war was something that was unthinkable at the time."

"However, that is enough about what could have and what should have been done; right now only the future and present need be considered."

"The Scout will be here momentarily. In the meantime, we suggest you all get to know each other. Learn each other's strengths, where you can find advantages, and even downfalls, where you learn to support each other. As you are all here, you all share the same mission; it is only natural that you all should come to know each other to do so in the best way possible. You may also take a look in the armoury, which is located down the hallway to your left, through the open door."

With that, the Council retreat to their own chamber, undoubtedly where they are planning for as many outcomes as is likely and possible, for their murmuring voices can be heard even out here in the main hall.

((YAY! PC to PC interaction finally! Also, in the armoury are common weapons and armours of up to +2 enhancement. Uncommon weapons, special materials, and higher enhancements need to be specifically sought after, and won't necessarily be there. Later on, I'll list the NPC's that are also there, but for the moment just consider them taking in the architecture of the citadel or examining weapons in the armoury.))

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 20:17:55.
Edited on 2008-08-29 at 20:19:34 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Advent of the Linsemptus

Alright, now I should get this show reinstated! Prepare yourselves, for there will be combat soon, and I will say right now that some of the encounters in this campaign will be ones where it would be best to consider other options than fighting...

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 18:14:10.

Topic: The Red Dragon Inn
Subject: Quills aside...

"Well, that isn't very nice." Reralae murmurs aloud, setting down her quill and waiting for the few paragraphs she's written to dry.

Reralae's hand is raised to her mouth in her typical thought motion, and she sits quietly for a moment, just thinking.

Lowering her hand, Reralae begins, "Well, who would we know that would most likely steal it? Grugg is a possibility, and last I saw him, he was in the Whom Gods Annoy room considering an update. Hmm, I'm afraid I can't think of anyone else offhand."

Reaching down, Reralae picks up her staff, "Well, I'll be back in a moment; I guess I'd better do some updating."

With that, Reralae leaps up the stairs and is lost from view, leaving her books on the table as another indication that she will return.

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 18:10:36.

Topic: The Red Dragon Inn
Subject: Oh, not much...

Reralae giggles, "Oh, he just calls me insane because of all the things I'm doing..."

She turns and looks toward the stairs, "Well, the number of games and such I'm working on or doing anyway."

Reralae then turns back to the table, thanking the waitress for bringing the hot chocolate, before taking a careful sip. Setting down the cup, she then opens one of the tomes in front of her, and her writing set. On the pages opened to, one side has a picture of a dragon-like being, however, it has iridescent, violet eyes and its body appears translucent, with the mountainous background appearing through it, wavering with the colours of the entire spectrum. On the other page is a partially filled statistics block.

"Let's see... what do I have yet to do today?" Reralae murmurs, thinking aloud, "Auguries of Destruction, Glory's game, maybe Kaelyn's... that's it?"

Reralae takes another sip of hot chocolate.

"Well, I'll deal with those in a little bit. Right now, I'm taking a break." She says, smiling.

Reralae closes the book in front of her, and opens another one to the first page. It is just about blank, with only about a paragraph or so on it. It is titled The Diamond Maker. Dipping her quill into the ink jar, Reralae pauses for a moment, the tip of the feather touching her mouth, before she begins to add more words to the story.

"I want to write stories, but for some reason I don't seem to finish any of the books I start." Reralae says, perhaps slightly sadly.

Posted on 2008-08-28 at 00:26:25.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: Where are the cookies?

Ocyari glances around the tavern. You know, for all that was said about it (and not much at that) it is kind of mundane and boring. Sure, the dark atmosphere at first was exciting and different, and maybe even apprehensive at times, but black gets uninteresting after a while, and the smoke was just making it more smoggy than mysterious. And where are the cookies?!

She hadn't seen anyone eat any, she hadn't heard anyone order any, and as far as she could see, there weren't any stashed behind the counter either. A place to eat that had no cookies?! That is unheard of!

Ocyari leans on the table, her head resting on her right hand, while she doodles on the surface of it with the tip of her finger on her left hand. At this point, she is beginning to wonder why the others were so apprehensive about her coming along. Nothing had happened, and it didn't seem like it'd get exciting for a while, since the adults were just going to chat, and talk, and chat...

Ocyari is getting bored...

Posted on 2008-08-28 at 00:00:08.

Topic: The Red Dragon Inn
Subject: Descending from upstairs...

"Alright! Did anything happen while I was in the other room?" A young woman's voice trails from upstairs, clapping her hands as she speaks.

"Not yet; I'm working on it!" a male voice responds, "Oh, and because I haven't said it yet today, you're insaaaaaaane!"

"I know." The woman, Reralae, replies cheerfully, "Many people would probably say that, if they haven't already."

I need a drink. Reralae thinks, and so she heads toward the stairs.

Appearing at the bottom, Reralae can be seen in her entirety. She wears a simple, flowery kimono coloured with several shades of purple and blue. On her feet are Chinese slippers, with a matching purple to her kimono. She has long brown hair, so dark it is nearly black, braided down her back so as to be out of the way of her face and pointed ears. Her eyes are a gentle brown, glancing about quickly, much like someone slightly in a hurry. She is slightly tall, and is neither thin nor fat. Her face appears younger, but her eyes seem to shimmer with an age that is older than she appears. Her hands are slightly ink-stained, and she carries several, larger sized books with her, as well as a quill and ink set.

Upon her back rests a long, elegant staff, with a shaft that appears to be made out of multiple braids of metal wire, at the bottom ending with the individual strands folding outward appearing like a flower's guard leaves, with a oval, green stone extending from beneath, appearing like a closed flower bud. At the top, the shaft ends in a solid metal circle, within which is held an oval shaped aquamarine stone. Jutting out from either side of this circle are two wing shapes, seemingly made out of carved opal, and at the top of the circle is a small flower made of amethyst. Besides this staff, on either side of Reralae's waistband is a sword, encased in a simple sheath. Both swords look identical in shape, with a curved guard and a diamond-cut pommel with the flat side facing away from the hilt. However, the one on Reralae's right has a golden guard, a light leather bound hilt, and a marble pommel while the one at her left has an silver guard, a dark leather bound hilt, and an obsidian pommel. The blades are likely different as well, but as they are sheathed, you cannot tell for sure.

"Waitress, one hot chocolate please!" Reralae calls toward the kitchen. She really should try to remember the waitress's name, but it always slipped her mind.

Seeing Merideth, Reralae wanders over and sits at the same table, carefully placing her staff on the ground, and her books and writing set on the table first.

"Oh dear, you don't look so good." Reralae says, "You should take it easy for a while; don't push yourself too hard, Meri!"

Posted on 2008-08-27 at 18:40:51.
Edited on 2008-08-27 at 18:45:01 by Reralae

Topic: .Hack//LIFE Q&A
Subject: One thing...

As far as you can tell, Maera hasn't taken Kiku anywhere, besides blown her into the other room; Maera didn't take Kiku with her when she vanished. So, it would be logical that Kiku is still in the other room.

Posted on 2008-08-27 at 01:04:28.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Time to Hide

"Thank you..." Sen says softly, "I am getting tired of running, and I do have a home I want to return to."

"Alright... do you think you can handle it alone?" Sen asks tentatively.

"Well, know this in any case: in every creature that lives, and even some that don't, lies a droplet in their 'soul'. I call it a droplet, because that's the best description of it, but it can be so much more. Everything in the end can find connections to magic, and so, sometimes, one can search and discover how to use those connections to use magic itself." Sen reveals.

"Anyway, take care; I'll be hiding in the woods." Sen says, pulling out a green gemstone from her bag and putting it in Erihsehc's hand, "You can use this to find me again; focus on my name, and it'll point you in the right direction. I'll be in the elven form you saw me in before."

Posted on 2008-08-25 at 22:11:48.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Destruction...

Destruction of one side only unbalances the scale. Inevitably, it would have to sway back to the other, something that side would see as misfortune. The four-sided scale sways back and forth, never favouring a single quadrant, like a ship on the sea of time. It is impossible to destroy the scale. It is a fact, yet it is so easily forgotten. From forgetting this, stories come forth where one or more sides of the scale are 'destroyed forever', either to bring bliss or endless malevolence to the universe.

In the end, it wouldn't be either, for it would be stagnant. Unbalanced forever, the scale breaks and disappears, and without anything disturbing its surface, the ocean of time stills and becomes flat. Stagnancy. The Eternal War begins and ends countless lives, yet it is also part of what defines life... Well, I'll work on that novel later. Galen decides.

There is another novel too, that needed to be written down... yet where is the quills and books and ink to write when you want to? The Diamond Maker... Galen names, writing the title down in the depths of his complicated mind.

And even as skeletons strike and maul at his companions, who strike and smash them in turn, Galen is bored.

Posted on 2008-08-25 at 21:57:00.

Topic: Star Wars: The Outer Rim
Subject: Time to heal

Returning to the previous task assigned to herself, Kate rolls over to the fallen Lelian.

Running medical treatment v1.3 program. Kate's output spool shows for a brief second before a large number of calculations and figures replaces it. From one of her frontal compartments, a rather unique arm appears. Unlike ones manufactured by KTI or other droid companies, this one appears to be nearly made from scratch, but also with joints that allow a flexibility beyond even that of a medical type droid. At the end of the arm is a cylindrical type object with a soft cloth pad at the end of it, and parts within it can barely be heard as they rotate and assemble. After this stops, Kate quickly, but gently, presses the end of the cylinder against Quilla's body. Barely anything can be felt, from the cylinder at any rate, but as the selected components of medical compounds flow through Quilla's body, Quilla does feel strengthened by them.

((Treat Injury vs DC 15, taking 10 => automatic success: Lelian is no longer unconscious))

((Treat Injury vs DC 15, taking 10 => automatic success: restores 7 vitality points, if I can still do that (the arm isn't already spent)))

Afterwards, the arm slides back into the compartment from which it came, and Kate heads over to the port within the 'closet' to lock down the hangar as they now have more time.

Posted on 2008-08-25 at 21:01:28.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Good thing I had two

"Alright, this time no one grab the handles!" Haila calls in between coughs and attempts not to breathe.

Once more, Haila weaves her free hand in the air, trying her best not to disrupt the pattern with her coughing. Her body felt slightly heavier, as though she were underwater and trying to move. The vocal component had to be said, and so, trying to get a clear, sufficient breath with which to use, Haila murmurs the spell, making sure to enunciate her voice carefully in spite of the gas around her, making breathing difficult.

((Alright, let's try this again: targeted dispel magic on the statue))

Posted on 2008-08-25 at 20:31:52.

Topic: The Inconceivable Crusaders
Subject: ...

"Be silent." Jevaf murmurs, her voice emotionless, devoid of irritation, commanding, and more a statement rather than a request, as she thinks quickly.

They can see us, and from the sounds of it, they could have been expecting us. Jevaf quickly ascertains, There are a number of possibilities... one quite advantageous.

"They will leave, after you provide a length of time. I'm sure you know why." Jevaf voices.

While she speaks, Jevaf places her bow back over her shoulder, and puts her hands into the sleeves of her robes, appearing almost like some sort of dark priest ready to give a malevolent sermon. The hilts of the two daggers hidden in the sleeves briefly touch her fingers, but she doesn't take them. It isn't to say Jevaf is unused to this situation, having had a couple similar ones in being a mercenary, although, generally the situation was reversed, with her telling the employer to leave their bodyguards while they conducted the business. Trust is key, even among 'business partners'. If one cannot be trusted, no business could be done.

Posted on 2008-08-25 at 20:22:44.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Sounds good...

Linnix nods, "Alright, that sounds good."

"Umm, although, should we make a contingency plan, just in case the other groups interfere with our plan, or the goblins have another means of passing information?" Linnix asks.

"The main thing we have to worry about is that it's not just the goblins we're facing," Linnix elaborates, "We can't just plan against one faction, because the others need to be taken in thought as well."

"I guess the best way to deal with that is we have to make sure that when we move, we try not to let ourselves get into a situation where we could be flanked by another group, or at least watch our backs." Linnix suggests.

"I suppose, the only thing we can truly be prepared for, we have to be ready to run if the situation changes without warning and may seriously bode ill for us. I don't think it's likely we'll have to as the others, if they're still here, will probably act after all the goblins have been dealt with and not before. The only real threat right now is if the goblins have something unexpected they strike at us with." Linnix finishes.

Linnix looks over the maps once again, taking in their information. This would be tricky, but it was all they could really do at this point.

Posted on 2008-08-25 at 19:48:55.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Maera's Strike

Twin Lightning considers the option briefly, her eyes closed in thought as she considers the possibilities. If she aided the Azure Knights with Gorre, would that be enough to defeat Maera? No, if that was the second cry of Azure Kite, that meant...

Twin Lightning shakes her head, "If she can kill those three, we can't fight her and hope to win as we are."

Kiku, who had been silent, her hands shaking slightly, murmurs, "I don't think... I'll access for a while."

"Why not?" Twin Lightning asks for everyone.

Just then, there is a flash of blue from the other room, and through the doorway, what appear to be bits of azure data fly through, disintegrating into the air.

"Run!" Twin Lightning yells, quickly turning and heading toward the rotating platform.

Kiku turns as well, but then Maera strikes. Dashing through the doorway, Maera grabs Kiku by the shoulder, and spins, so that Kiku is facing her, but Maera is now in the way between her and the platform. Maera's other hand then comes up to slam into Kiku's face. At that point, Kiku is sent back through the doorway in the explosion of a sphere of green hexagons around her. The green hexagons linger in the air for a moment before fading away.

Moving quickly, Maera ducks below Twin Lightning's strike as she turns, bringing her slim rapier to bare, then Maera flips forward onto her hands and spins, bringing her leg out to kick Twin Lightning in the chest. The force of the impact is enough to send Twin Lightning into the wall, cutting her hp to 3/4. Unfinished, Maera then rolls backward and flips upright, her head looking through the doorway with her left hand pointed through the door, her right held toward the group warningly, wand now in hand.

At the left wrist, a bracelet similar to the one Twin Lightning used appears with a burst of light, however, its colours are different, with violet hexagons and aquamarine pentagons. The Data Drain array forms, and fires through the doorway. Kiku's ear splitting scream is heard as it hits.

"I'm sorry, but I can't just let you disappear now can I?" Maera asks quietly, almost regretfully, seemingly directed toward Kiku, as her bracelet disappears.

At that point, Maera's wings flare, and she disappears into their light, which fades after her.

Posted on 2008-08-25 at 17:44:23.
Edited on 2008-09-01 at 21:44:59 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: *sigh*

For the most part, almost everyone is waiting for me to update, however, in order to keep chronological order, I need Vilyamar to update his character first.

... or does this mean another character will have to be dropped >.<

Posted on 2008-08-23 at 19:41:15.

Topic: Poetry of Reralae
Subject: Emotions of Life - Impatience

Often as we sit, waiting for something to occur,
The force is felt, that feeling we have to endure.
It is comprised of irritation, anxiety, and sorrow,
And of course, the wish that it'd happen tomorrow.

People feel this force, almost every single day,
For it affects every event, no matter how far away.
The more one calls for the event, the larger the force grows,
For it heeds the calls, but the event doesn't come with simple woes.

Within impatience, people quickly become angered,
As the yearning grows, and becomes unable to be injured.
It works against hope, making it feel like it won't come,
But all things come in time, despite the loss of some.

Do not worry, for the time will eventually pass,
It just doesn't go by smoothly, like wind in the grass.
Time is often blocked by impatience and fears,
But do not heed them, or you may fall to tears.

Even in the Void, time will still go by;
Nothing can stop it, no matter what we try.
So take solace in this truth, and abide your time,
And soon enough, even in impatience, the bell will chime.

Posted on 2008-08-22 at 23:49:12.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: Difficult, very difficult

"I'd need to know exactly where the other Sylph is in order to be able to contact her; we're aren't able to sense each other besides guess with our intuition." Sen says sadly.

"We Sylphs have an intimate tie with magic, and can use it almost at will. Gemstones cut in specific ways for different spells can enhance our power. Furthermore, we are able to traverse the boundaries between worlds, hence why I am able to be here in the first place. Others may try to use a Sylph to amplify their own magic as a gemstone amplifies ours. They may also try to harness our ability to traverse worlds." Sen explains, "Whereas people like you have both a body and a soul, one contained within the other, our bodies are effectively the same as what would be our souls. They don't need to be nourished besides growth, and we do not need to sleep."

"The Pursuers are a group of people who try to capture Sylphs for their own motives. What these are, I don't know. I don't even know how many their group consists of; I've only seen three of them closely... too close for comfort..." Sen shivers.

"One holds a mirror that seems to be able to reflect any sort of attack, whether it is physical or magical. She can widen and shorten the mirror whenever she pleases, and... I think she can even steal people's souls with it. That's what it felt like anyway... something cold, and encompassing... they call her the Collector."

"The other is their main fighter. He often appears unarmed to even the well trained eye, and in truth he is, until he strikes. His destructive powers are quite powerful, and he is capable of levelling an entire city to the ground. His weapons are blades that slide down from his wrists, and they appear almost like a mix iridescent and dried red blood. With them, he usually swings horizontally across, which sends a large, red shockwave of energy that can demolish stone, melt gold, and even shatter crystals. They call him Darkside."

"The final one, I could barely see. She, assuming it is a female, is always surrounded by shadow, even in the light, making it impossible to see her face, or even her body sometimes. She uses shadows to her advantage, teleporting between them at will. In the night, the shadow of the day, she could be anywhere within a single moment. Hitting her is near impossible, for the shadow that shrouds her also protects her, and if you strike the shadow, you just go through it, bypassing her altogether. She can even jump to your own shadow and have a shadowy dagger at your throat within seconds. Her shadowy weapons don't affect people's bodies, striking only their souls. Fittingly, she is called Shadow, and she's the most dangerous of the three because of how fast and deadly she can be."

"With those three, Darkside appears to be the leader, barking orders and always in a craze to be victorious, but it's the Collector that's the true leader. She is sharp and intelligent, murmuring instructions to Shadow, who fulfils the orders swiftly without hesitation. Darkside is more of a distraction than anything else, although that doesn't mean he isn't anyone to not take seriously, considering that he is still powerful. The Collector is the brains, Darkside is the brawn, and Shadow... well, there's nothing to truly describe her." Sen finishes.

"With those three involved, you can expect a lot of bloodshed, especially from Darkside. I don't think any of them are human, although Darkside appears quite human. The Collector, she appears to be young elven girl, and she wears a blue kimono. Shadow, well, if she's standing in the open at all, not even those that can see in the dark can see her through her shadow."

"I don't think we'll have to go out of our way to get aid, since those three, or at least Darkside, will be quite noticeable. In some of the other worlds he's been in, there have actually been wars declared on him. Just him, one individual, because he causes so much destruction. I think... he just enjoys killing and causing pain."

"Darkside can definitely see me even if I'm invisible, but the other two I'm not so sure about... I'm fairly certain they can as well. Darkside seems to be able to see people by seeing their life forces, probably because he likes to snuff them out, and so he's able to see me that way." Sen finishes.

"I could search for the other Sylph with a spell, and simply teleport her to safety, but I don't know how long that'd take, and me using magic seems to draw the Pursuers to me, like they can somehow tell when and where I use magic." Sen thinks aloud, "I'll need to use magic as little as possible, and that means I'll have to stop being invisible as well."

Posted on 2008-08-22 at 06:39:13.


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