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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Illiaera - Day 1 - Beginnings

Charlet exits the library swiftly, following the path determined by her good memory.

On route to the city gate, Charlet goes up the street next to the duel arena.

Ignis exits the arena from her early morning practice, which she didn't like to miss and retraced the dream from last night. "That ‘twas a rather weird dream eh, but why does it seem like I've heard of a cliff similar to what I just saw?" Ignis looks back at the large building behind her and lets out a deep sigh. "Well this place isn't going to miss me, it is time that I moved on!" she nodded enthusiastically and headed for the town square where she would follow the path she remembered from her dream.

Charlet walks over to Ignis and says enthusiastically "Hi! I remember you from a dream I had!"

Charlet is just a little taller than Ignis with long brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a light purple tunic with a cloak over her shoulders that is decorated in alternating purple, blue, and black diamonds. She has blue pants and leather shoes.

Ignis looks at Charlet with curiosity then suddenly gains a very annoyed look very quickly. "Is that how you go around greeting people? I mean come on I don't even know you, idiot," Ignis starts, talking very quickly. She then takes her rod and bops Charlet on the end. Then looking a bit more relaxed she smiles. "Maybe you should introduce yourself before you just walk up to people and telling them weird stuff like that," she laughs.

"Oh sorry, I am Charlet Wight" she says politely "Who are you?"

Ignis being only a little shorter has blazing red hair with olive green eyes. She is wearing a scarlet red dress with golden trimming, and red boots that reach up to her knees.

"My name? Some call me the Princess of Flame, the blazing wonder, but I like to go by the name Ignis Blaze," she replies boldly.

"Oh" Charlet says baffled at the power of the names she goes by.

"So then, if you really saw me in a dream as you say you did," Ignis begins, "I can safely assume your headed in the same direction as myself, am I right?" she asks.

"Yes I am, if you are going to the Cliffs of Venerro" Charlet replies.

"Well, what are we waiting for? The quicker we get there the better for us," Ignis smiles, "I roughly remember where to go, come on this way!" She points in the direction her dream had taken her and moves forwards quickly.

Charlet follows as well.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:56:28.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Nenmar - Day 1 - The Cliffs of Venerro

The forest thins ahead, and sunlight can be seen glinting off of a blue horizon. The oddly assembled group burst into a clearing with a bizarre circle of pillars, overlooking the jagged cliffs: the cliffs of Venerro.

"Whoa," Guinevere looks around, "This place is...... well..... It’s amazing."

The view is indeed spectacular, with the sun's light shining into the ocean below, with sparkles of colour underneath the surface. The sun is setting, perfectly framed by the ring of pillars. The cliffs are jagged, appearing as though some giant just grabbed the edge of this land and heaved a piece out.

Tispers walks through the circle of pillars and up to the edge of the cliff. He peers out into the ocean, remembering the times he spent with his brother on a Cliffside in his homeland. "I wonder... what will happen next," he sighs.

"This was the very site where I was born." Tenee says, dismounting off of Nina, "It's a sacred place; every druid of this forest has ventured here at least once, and even some who aren't of this forest have come here."

"You were.... born here?" Guinevere says, remembering the conditions of her own birth for a moment.

Tenee nods, "Yes, my father and mother married here as well, and this is where I met Nina; this place holds and held many meanings for my parents and me."

"I see.... so you’re not used to the city, that's why you were so lost back there." Guinevere says.

Tenee nods, scratching Nina behind her ears absently.

Guinevere walks out a little, "Well..... I guess we're here.... but not all of us..."

Tenee and Nina walk ahead towards the center of the circle, heading to see the view more closely.

Right as Tenee and Nina reach the center of the circle, hidden runes suddenly glow in rainbow colours, forming a fairly simple ring array, connecting to each of the pillars. Different colours spiral up the pillars as more runes appear.

"Huh? What is this?" Tenee asks, whirling around, startled, as this had never happened before.

Four of the pillars, of the eight that are there, shatter. The coloured runes, red, grey, white and brown remain in the air where their pillar stood. Tenee falls to her knees as she begins to glow with a brilliant aura, the aura of divine magic overflowing. Nina watches her companion, unknowing how to act.

"A blessing to you, ones chosen by the Realm of Twilight." Tenee's voice is heard as she brings her hands together to a prayer position, "Please accept this now: the gift of this world's desire to live." With that, the runes fly immediately into the bodies of their respective chosen one. Red to Tispers, White to Okron, Grey to Guinevere, and Brown to disappear into the air.

Only the path of the runes is seen by you as they enter your body, and then you see the trailing afterimage of the runes, and then you see nothing.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:53:53.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Nenmar - Day 1 - Surprise and Travel

A sudden tear is heard, as though the fabric of reality was torn, and before your very eyes a white gash in the shape of an erratic lightning bolt appears where Richard stood, engulfing him. As quickly as it came, a whoosh sound is heard and the whiteness of the void vanishes, to be replaced with Okron.

Guinevere practically leaps from being startled.

Tenee doesn't look so surprised; her eyebrows are raised, but she says calmly, "See? Strange lightning bolt."

Nina jumps, and hisses for being startled.

"That is something you don't see everyday," Tispers says calmly, "but at least I don't have to waste my time duelling the fool with the blindfold."

"Who are you?" Tenee asks politely of the person who just appeared.

"I am Okron Teress a holy paladin of justice. I belong to a faction that is attempting to destroy the Linsemptus. I was seeking the Cliffs of Venerro when something happened and I appeared here. Who are you?” Okron asks.

"I'm Tenee, apparently the guide of our tour group." Tenee says cheerfully.

"This is my companion, Nina." She continues, indicating the leopard beside her, but then her tone goes cold, "Don't you dare attack her or anything."

The man looks a little unkempt from his sudden travel but he carries an air of divinity regardless. As he stands you see that he wears a full breastplate that is so masterfully crafted that he seems to have no trouble at all moving in it. It shines with a barely perceptible blue tint, indicating to the more educated that the material is Mithral. He is clean shaven and has short orange (anime like) hair. He draws to a full height of about 6 foot tall as a young man in his 20s. He carries on either side of him, a long sword, obviously intended to both be used at the same time. His movements are flexible and he is well-muscled.

"If your done chatting then lets get moving," Tispers says a little irritated now. He motions for Tenee to lead on.

"Alright then. Stay sharp, and follow well." Tenee says, and then actually climbs onto Nina's back.

The leopard leaps ahead into the trees.

Tispers quickly runs after the two, not wanting to lose them in the forest.

The black-clad girl sees her plans running away, leaving her alone with the person that seems to just slightly irritate a part of her. Nevertheless, this person has been unconsciously recorded in her mind from the Dream. "We are going to the Cliffs of Venerro," she tells Okron, "you will want to follow us." she runs after the others

Okron follows eagerly.

It's a relatively thick forest, with a few occasional bird nests and spider webs in the tree canopy. Nina and Tenee blend in slightly, and the trees and occasional bushes in the way also hinder you when you look ahead for the person ahead of you.

After a bit of running, looking behind her for a moment, Guinevere notices the lack of following footsteps.

"Hey!" she shouts out to stop the others.

Tenee whirls Nina around and they run back to where Guinevere is, "What is it?" Tenee asks.

"We lost that man- Okron" Guinevere says solemnly.

Tenee then closes her eyes, and twirls her hands around in the motions of an intricate dance, a strange tongue coming from her mouth as she does so. A moment later, she stops.

Tenee turns to Nina, who now looks at Tenee inquisitively.

Tenee starts meowing and growling, moving her hands almost mimicking that of a cat's motions. To Guinevere's astonishment (likely) Nina appears to respond in a similar manner. After a brief exchange, Nina runs off into the trees.

Guinevere sees Tenee cast the spell, but remains quite uncertain what she is doing. It surprises Guinevere that this girl once labelled by Guinevere as a fellow street urchin actually has the power to cast magic, though of a far different kind.

A few moments later, and Nina's steps can be heard returning, and she enters the area, Okron trailing behind her.

Tenee makes a purring sound toward Nina, petting her affectionately, and Nina purrs in response. A moment later, Tenee is back on the back of Nina, ready to lead again.

"Don't get lost again," Guinevere tells the Paladin. From her expression Okron suddenly feels very ashamed of himself that he let himself fall behind, though this may be caused more by the girl's expression than anything, maybe not.

Tenee once again leads the way, though this time at a slower pace.

Okron follows sullenly, feeling rather foolish.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:50:25.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Nenmar - Day 1 - Set to Travel

"Do you know where those cliffs are?" Tispers asks Tenee.

Tenee laughs, "Of course I do; my dad liked to take me there all the time. It's very peaceful there, watching the seabirds fly overhead, and the ocean beating against the cliffs."

"Would you be willing to show the way?" Tispers asks.

"Umm... I was thinking of trying to see if I could get used to the city..." Tenee mutters, fidgeting slightly.

Guinevere wrestles with herself, deciding whether to act or not. "I need to get to the Cliffs of Venerro too," she says, stepping forward.

Tenee sighs, "Well, I can take you, but... please do not be alarmed when she comes to greet me."

Richard looks at both Tispers and Guinevere, and then sighs, "I might as well come. There doesn't seem to be anyone else here who I could fight."

"Don't worry, there is little that can alarm me that would not be further alarmed itself," Guinevere laughs infectiously for a second before regaining control over herself.

Tenee looks fiercely at every one of you, "Promise me that you won't hurt her. I know she looks fierce but that's not her fault!"

Richard's ears perk up at the word 'fierce' but he manages to contain himself.

"I'll be fine," Guinevere says, quickly knowing that her plan, thought up on a moment, is already working.

"Just lead the way, I only care about getting to the destination, everything else... comes second," Tispers tells her, anxious to get moving.

Richard nods.

"The sooner the better, if any of you need to get anything I will wait at the town gates," he says to them all. Tispers then walks towards the town gate.

"Wrong gate, silly!" Tenee calls after him, pointing to the one in the other direction, "It's that one we want to go through."

Guinevere thinks back to her well-furnished home that should be cleaned up and the possessions she should take with her for every possible trial (drowns in sarcasm) "I am all armed and ready to go," She says, adjusting the shoulder of her pillow-backpack.

Tispers stops and goes in the direction that the girl is pointing towards.

Richard follows Tispers; still intent on the battle he was promised.

Tenee follows third, fidgeting nervously.

Beyond the gate is a relatively humid forest. "Wait a moment." Tenee says quietly.

You hear the sound of padded feet and a low growl from the foliage.

"It's OK, come here Nina." Tenee calls. Emerging from the foliage, warily with a low stance, is an elegant leopard with golden eyes.

Instinctively Richard reaches for his dagger, but then manages to stop himself.

Guinevere pauses, as one typically does when introduced to a friend's large dog, specifically when one has had very little exposure to dogs, leaving you awed, but wishing to keep a minimum distance.

Nina walks up to Tenee, and Tenee pets her fondly over the ears, the leopard's height easily nearing her own. Nina sits and rubs her head against her companion's hand, purring gently.

Thoroughly disappointed Richard sits down on the ground cross legged, "Please don't tell me that there is nothing to fight here."

"Is that who you were talking about?" Tispers asks

Tenee nods, "Yep; Nina is a nice girl, though sometimes overprotective of me."

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:45:53.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Nenmar - Day 1 - Meeting

Dragging Richard along rather quickly, Tenee catches up to Tispers and Guinevere easily.

"Guinevere! There you are!" She calls enthusiastically.

"There's the half dragon you're after," She adds to the blindfolded person, "You can probably hear his hard footsteps."

Richard looks towards the half dragon’s feet and says, "Yeah I see him."

Tispers continues keeping to his business. "What do you people want?" He doesn't even look back to acknowledge that they are there.

Leaving the tall people to their business, Tenee walks over and stands beside the only other shorter person here.

In a quick motion Richard snatches an aesthetically silver dagger from his belt and points it towards Guinevere.


"I wish to challenge you." He says emotionlessly.

See the Unseen, Guinevere thinks suspiciously to herself, but steps forward nonetheless.

Tenee sighs, "I thought you said you're after the half dragon person," She says walking up and pushing Richard's arm to point at the half dragon, "There you go, all better." She says before stepping back, dragging Guinevere back as well.

Richard's cheeks redden slightly, "Nevertheless, I challenge you."

"Are grown ups always this serious?" Tenee asks of the black garbed girl beside her.

"Right now? I accept; one doesn't get to fight often when out at sea, however, we do this outside of the village." Tispers replies, not bothering to look back.

Guinevere decides not to shrink back into the shadows but moves to a safe distance from the man with the bared dagger. She knows these two, or at least recognises them from the Dream. Whether or not this Dream had any reference to reality like the other ones.

Sheathing his dagger Richard follows the half dragon, without a word.

Guinevere also does so.

Tenee follows, but then stops, "If we're leaving the city, let me grab my backpack." Without waiting for acknowledgement, Tenee runs off.

"But first I need to get some information; we will go out there when I'm finished." Tispers tells the man in the blindfold.

Richard nods and stays near Tispers.

At the bulletin board is a whole crowd of people; it's so thick that it's too hard to shove your way through.

"You want to read the bulletin?" Tenee asks shyly, apparently finished her errand; she has her backpack.

Her pointed ears quiver with anticipation at speaking to the half dragon.

Tispers, having a one track mind, begins to get frustrated, then looking at the girl behind him he nods at her. "See if you can find anything on the Cliffs of Venerro and...” he pauses for a moment, "The Z Empire."

Upon hearing 'the cliffs of Venerro" Richard twitches slightly but shows no further reaction.

Guinevere likewise, holds herself still, having had her heart leap into her throat at the words. Doubt is erased from her mind.

Tenee looks through the crowd, reading the bulletin with ease, "Linsemptus swarm attack at the Temple of Nenmar again, Goblins continue to waylay travelers in the plains of Renim, bank robbery a couple days ago, blah blah blah, aurora sightings at the cliffs of Venerro, expected increase of ocean levels, bird migration should be happening soon so the rangers are recruiting..."

Tenee sniffs, "its one thing to hunt for survival, but those rangers really take it too far with their games."

"That's about it," She adds, "The rest is just about politics."

Under his blindfold you can distinctively see Richard's eye twitch.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:40:49.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Nenmar - Day 1 - Richard

Richard walks through the crowd with a black blindfold on, tied tight across his eyes. His hair is shoulder length brown hair draping over his back in a long pony tail. It looks like he hasn't bathed in at least a week, and his odour confirms this. He wears a commoners clothing and doesn't seem like he'd be very noticeable if it weren't for the blindfold.

After a few moments, there is a tugging on your sleeve. "No offence or anything," A young voice says shyly, "But you're kind of... smelly."

"Did you want me to bring you to an inn to refresh?"

Richard turns around quite quickly. Although his eyes are covered, he is staring directly at the speaker.

Richard gives a small laugh, "Don't worry, I can easily pay for a stay in an inn, its just I haven't the time for it."

The laugh seems without humour though.

The young girl continues stubbornly, "If you have time to breathe, you have time to bathe." She starts pulling on your sleeve in a direction, "Nature provided rain for a reason, but sometimes it isn't as often enough as people need it."

Richard appears quite irritated and starts walking away from the girl, "Really, I have more important things.”

"Suit yourself," The girl sighs, "But you're going to head this way anyway; that way only goes toward Lost Beach."

Richard stops for a second. "Could you tell me of lost beach?" he inquires

The girl laughs, a soft joyful sound, "What is there to tell? The view of the ocean looks nice, if you'd be interested in that, but my father always said the view from Venerro was far better."

"What about the wildlife?" Richard continues.

"The life of the ocean, silly," The girl says, enjoying the conversation, "Seaweed clings happily to the beached boats, and mussels and other shelled creatures also love the free anchorage points. The beautiful fish find the ugly boats disruptive though, so tend to stay further out to sea."

Losing interest Richard begins walking away again, "Never mind then,"

"All right then, bye; I'll go find my friend." She says, "She walked after this odd dragon guy, but I doubt you'd care about that."

Richard stops again and turns around, "What dragon guy?"

"I don't know him; he's fairly tall, well built, and has a fairly large sword on his back." Tenee replies, "He must be new, since he went to look at the bulletin board as most new people do."

Richard asks her looking very serious, "Is he strong?"

The girl examines Richard's build and compares the two in her mind, "Well, if he's half-dragon, that implies he's fairly strong. As I said, there was also that large sword on his back... I'm afraid there's nothing really to compare with."

Richard asks eagerly, “Do you know where he went?”

"Yeah, this away." She says, grabbing Richard's sleeve and pulling.

Eagerly Richard follows her.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:35:29.
Edited on 2008-06-15 at 02:35:52 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Nenmar - Day 1 - Meeting Tenee

Along the not-so-busy roads of the Shadow District, Guinevere passes for the most part unnoticed as she nears the city center.

"Hey, I haven't seen you around before." A shy voice murmurs behind you.

If you turn, you see a girl younger than you. She is wearing a few tattered clothes, but her shawl looks fairly well made. She looks at you curiously, and honestly.

Guinevere stops and turns, her hazel eyes immediately giving away some hidden dark talent. "Yes?" she replies, not unkindly, but cautiously.

The girl is slightly alarmed by your eyes, but doesn't let it show all that much; only a slight shiver is seen. "It's just that, well... you looked interesting, all black and all." She says, apparently trying to be friendly but sighs, "Oh, OK... I'm new here and just wanted to know why everyone seems so ... apathetic." She says the last part quietly, almost too shy to bring it up.

"Apathy happens when no one wants to be bothered," Guinevere says with a little sigh. She tries to gauge the age of the girl, "You're young; don't you have a family to look after you?"

The girl looks away, her eyes slightly distant.

You judge the girl to be not quite in the teen years, but not far from it either. She says quietly, "Well, not really."

The girl fidgets nervously.

"So you're like me, orphan-almost. You obviously don't belong to an orphanage, so I will ask how you've survived. Most children on the streets don't make it long." Guinevere begins walking again, inviting with body language for the other girl to walk with her

"I don't really know; the fire occurred several months ago, but according to another person I met it was seven years ago." She says shyly, following, "I was good at creating little ornaments, so I tried to sell what I had made. It wasn't much, and I spent a bit on the materials for more, but it was enough to buy food."

"What kind of ornaments? By the way, my name is Guinevere," she mentions while slipping between taller people.

The girl continues to follow, replying, "Oh, nothing much; I never had the materials to do anything fancy. They were just little pendants you could attach a string to. Kind of like a sort of charm. I'm Tenee."

Guinevere was developing a companionship for this other girl fast, but always kept to her job to help her fend for herself. "Who is this other person you mention? The one who said your parents died seven years ago?"

"Oh, the person I bought supplies for my charms from; they had a thing that said what day and year it was. For some reason, it was seven years ago, but I know it was five months ago." She says, scratching her head because she couldn't quite fathom the phenomenon.

"It's very confusing; I still don't understand it." Tenee adds.

"Perhaps you lost your memory?" Guinevere asks finding her destination: a place to buy some breakfast

"No... That can't be it..." Tenee says stubbornly, "I have a fairly good memory, including memorizing the place where I found that odd lightning bolt."

At this point, Tispers can be seen walking up the street.

"Well-" Guinevere cuts off suddenly at the strangely familiar figure that she just saw. The dream returned to her in an instant, but before her mind had time to form the exact thought, she leapt up onto the fountain side and gazed into the direction she lost sight of him. Sure enough, she found the massive figure again, only catching the scaled back of his head. To confirm her suspicions, she dropped to the ground and started to trail him through the crowd. "Hang on." she told the other girl as she began weaving through the streets.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:31:08.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Nenmar - The First Day - Arrival and Awakening

Tispers jumps off the deck of his ship onto the silky sand beach. "This is no good, there is no way I'll be using this thing again anytime soon..." He lets out a huge sigh and pats the ship as the bridge completely collapses before his eyes. "I wonder if I can find anything about my enemy here... more importantly, I wonder if this where I will find the Cliffs of Venerro," he mutters to himself.

Tispers wanders off towards the direction of the town, in hopes that he can find something out.

Guinevere Feyheart awakes in near total darkness with a yawn. She tugs on her blanket and looks down at the resistance; a cat lay, still asleep, curled up by her feet. She flicked the blanket to inform the stray that the source of warmth would soon depart. Two flicks later and the cat was on its way, while she gathered her pillow-backpack and checked her possessions. Moments later the young blonde appeared out of a dark alley in the Shadow District. She has a tiny frame and wears mostly black clothing and carries a backpack of all her possessions. She quietly slips in with the morning traffic (in this district that was very little to work with). Her mind is already busying itself with things she must do today, but the haunting memory of her dream returns, and she makes plans to ask about the Cliffs of Venerro.

Upon reaching the closed city gate that faces the Lost Beach, Tispers is hailed: "Who are you there? State your business in Enompt!" The one that hailed him appears to be a relatively young man in one of the sentry towers.

Tispers looks at his face. "I seek knowledge, my business is personal," he promptly states back.

The sentry nods, "You'd likely be best headed for the city center; that is where most news and dealings occur. It is straight up this street, and is itself centered upon a fountain; you can't miss it. Open the gate!" It appears the sentry was actually supposed to guide visitors rather than to inquisition them.

With a groan of complaining gears, the metal gate is raised, allowing Tispers passage.

"Thank you," Tispers says with a light smile. Entering the gate he followed the sentry’s instructions down to the city center.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:27:27.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Twin Worlds Q&A
Subject: Auguries of Destruction: The Twin Worlds Q&A

This is the Q&A thread for the Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds Campaign.

Players and Characters:
PlayerNenmar CharacterIlliaera Character
Sibelius Eos OwmGuinevereSable

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:22:41.
Edited on 2008-06-15 at 05:59:48 by Reralae

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds
Subject: Auguries of Destruction - The Twin Worlds

Many years have passed since the Wave of the Linsemptus first appeared. Initially there were few of them, and no one considered them a threat. But they evolved, becoming a threat beyond any which the two worlds have seen. These two worlds, each found in the dream of the other, have now reached a point of desperation; even natural enemies are allies to find a weakness in the Linsemptus. There is no more reason to fight each other, because there will be nothing left anyway. Others fight even more desperately, choosing to attain their deepest desire before the world’s end. These creatures are driven by their own will, and that of fear; they are creatures beyond hope, trying to attain anything that is of worth.

These two worlds, Illiaera and Nenmar, overlay each other, with natural features appearing in the same respective area on both of them. In both worlds, the destruction caused by the Linsemptus has been fierce; cracks splinter across the skies, and ruptures in the very fabric of the two worlds are not an uncommon sight. No one knows where the Linsemptus come from, and no one knows where it will end.

Both worlds have made armies and many attempts to destroy the Linsemptus, but to no avail. However, there is some unknown force at work as well, attempting to form a final assault against the Linsemptus. It has watched, and continues to watch, hesitating to act as it is not native to either world. But even if it feels it is not proper for it to help and interfere, it has done so in a subtle way. Each of your characters, in the twilight before the time of sleep, is drawn to look at the moon. There appears to be a twinkle of light in the sky in line with the moon, and headed towards you. You watch perplexed and stunned as it descends slowly, much like a snowflake, and lands on your forehead. The sensation felt of it landing is far unlike that of a cold snowflake, but rather you feel warmth spreading throughout your body, starting from the point where the light touched you. It isn’t overbearingly hot, but is comfortable warmth that relaxes you and you close your eyes in response. In the warmth you feel a rising sensation, yet at the same time, you feel a strange sense of something sliding away from you.

Alarmed, you open your eyes, and find that you’re hovering in a strange land, it is unlike any you may have seen in your home world. The clouds overhead are bright colours; the flowing ground appears as a bright sea of turquoise colour, that for some reason you are able to stand on despite its apparent fluidity. There are others here besides you, other ones whom you do not seem to know, but you cannot see their features clearly to tell either.

“Your worlds are running out of time.”

This gentle voice is heard on the breeze, yet even if you try, you cannot find the source of the voice, but you do know it is none of the others here.

“I have brought you together, because it is only together that you can stand a chance against the menace. Furthermore, it is only you who can bring about the end and new beginning that many desire.”

These words bear heavy upon your souls, yet you are able to shoulder the responsibility if you so choose.

“I am sorry I cannot give you complete instruction, but you must return; the time spent here is time lost for you. In order for you to meet each other, go to the Cliffs of Venerro. From there you will be able to follow the path if you so choose.”

With these final words, you begin to feel slightly heavier, and your eyes are unable to stay open as your souls return to your bodies left in your worlds. You then awake at dawn, in the same place you were prior to this apparition. Are you ready to follow the unknown path?

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:15:07.

Topic: Dragonfly in the Black
Subject: So...

I guess this is being dropped? (Having read the introductory post for your newest game)

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 02:07:50.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: To Dwell Upon the Past

Linnix looks up from her own bowl of stew and rolls her eyes.

Impatiently she says, "I said it once already, and I'll say it again. At this point, how doesn't matter any more. Loriel and Kas are gone. That's it. If there was nothing you could have done, then there was nothing you could have done! Now please, can we get a move on? We do have a quest to finish you know."

Linnix pauses, and thoughtfully adds, "It looks like a fairly good day to travel, so we should make good use of it. We can talk on the road if need be."

Posted on 2008-06-14 at 20:58:00.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Galen Likes to Read

"Come on, we should all go,"

"The corridor isn't going anywhere," Galen murmurs quietly while still reading.

Realizing that might have been too soft, as his voice usually is, Galen speaks up again, "We're in no hurry that I can tell, and I have one more thing I want to check."

Galen closes his eyes. There is a slim possibility that this is actually a dream, and if it is indeed a dream, then he could use that. Galen tests the borders of his consciousness, but finds they are not hazy, as they would usually be in sleep. Galen nods, so this is real. Or at the very least, not a dream.

Owen too checks this, but in a different way, by actually testing this world's magic. Galen nods at the result. He expected as much, considering that the directions in his book had only verified and extended on his own theories about magic.

"Holy . . ."

"Krutz?" Galen offers, prefering even mundane words over colloquial swears and languange.

In the back of his mind, Galen thinks ahead. There is an uncanny resemblance between the spells in his book and those in the PHB, as well as the Spell Compendium. If this world indeed followed the outlines of D&D, then that would imply that his magic would be severely limited. Galen shrugs; that actually didn't matter so much, because if this is true, then almost the only spell he truly wants is one he'll get soon enough, provided he uses the knowledge in his spellbook to provide hints and the infrastructure to 'discover' it.

"Onward then."

Grabbing another torch, Galen follows the others, definitely not in the front. When walking in a group, Galen seldom walks in the front, and so too even here. However, Galen can't help but be curious as to exactly what Owen is doing in the front.

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Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Power Hidden in the Truth

The book was the first thing that draws in Galen's attention. Everything else almost doesn't matter at this point in time, there is only him, and the book. However, there is also another feeling, although it isn't new. Inconvenience? That is one way to put it. An inconvenience that he had been trying to solve for years, that hadn't been solved just from this abrupt change of setting. Oh well, if this book is what it appears to be, it would give a different path anyway. Galen sits on the ground, cross-legged, with the book open on his lap.

Within these pages is directions to wield power. Galen thinks as he methodically reads every page in his book.

Galen stops for a moment, and closes his eyes. With power comes responsibility. The responsibility to use it properly, and not abuse it. The Light chooses to use it to strike the Darkness, and likewise the Darkness will attack the Light. That is the Eternal War, but the true path is in the Twilight. I know this... do I accept it?

Inside, Galen smiles, Yes. I had made this commitment before, and I will make it here too. Even if the people here are indeed ready for this power, I won't merely give it to them. I will be a gatekeeper, and if by Destiny they are ready, then Destiny will provide it, given time.

The interconnections between the natural and the supernatural are outlined in the book. How to use one to alter the other, and yet, Galen can't help but notice small things that do not truly make sense. Some aspects seem slightly redundant, but it would be wise to still make the notions anyway, unless there is a clear way around it.

The requirement of material items? Galen wonders, That would make sense, if the material was actually used, but for these relatively simple spells, it seems to only provide more of a focus to concentrate one's thought on. If I'm right, I should be able to do without them, at least for these spells.

Galen tentatively reaches outwards with his right hand, feeling the unseen and unfelt waves of the omnipresent forces that give magic its form. Satisfied with just feeling their existance for now, Galen withdraws his hand without doing anything, nods once to himself, and rises to follow the others, clasping the book shut and holding it as if it were just one of his many school textbooks.

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Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Introductions

"Nice to meet you Chris. I'm Cindi Lawran." Cindi says, giving another polite smile, and even a curtsying motion.

((Upon seeing the picture))

Cindi frowns, "Where'd you get that?"

She examines the picture, taking in the setting, as well as her apparent mood in the picture. She doesn't remember being there, in the cemetary, much less the scenario in the picture, but it could still easily be true. Maybe I like drawing grafitti then? She wonders.

"I think before we go on, we may have to go back to where we've been, are you ladies armed?"

"I do have a weapon..." Cindi admits, "But I don't want to use it unless I really have to; I think it's unreliable. If I find something else that's better, I'd much rather use it."

Well, it'll definitely be unreliable if I can't get to it in time. Cindi thinks. Grudgingly, she takes out the gun slightly hidden in the first-aid kit, loads it, and sticks it in her hoodie kangaroo pocket. The gun feels awkward to her, a bit clunky, definitely not her weapon of choice, if she did have a weapon of choice somewhere in that void memory space. Finally, Cindi notices her wrist tattoo. Gothic and flowery? I guess I have a slightly peculiar taste... Cindi thinks.

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Topic: The Web of Worlds
Subject: The Ammunition...

Would be per single loading of the weapon, which varies between the individual weapons.

You can see the DMG for the number of shots you get per weapon loading.

So, for example, the automatic pistol has a magazine of 15 bullets, so buying one set of ammunition for that gives you one magazine of 15 bullets.

There is a difference between the number of bullets you get for the different guns, but that's primarily because they are different bullets. They just happen to have the same price.

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Q and A

Gladiator Arena Main Office
Four and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

"Am I free to go my own way?"

"That entirely depends on if you remain the defending champion or not." Fahinn explains, "If you wish to continue to show your prowess in the arena as the defending champion, then it would merely be easier for you to stay here at the arena. Of course, you can still wander, but if you wish to retain the title of champion, you have to be here when there's another tournament. If you don't wish to remain the defending champion, then by default the title will return to the most recent champion, which is Xira, and if she declines, then it is merely left open for the next tournament winner."

"What becomes of the arena now that Xira has been defeated?"

Fahinn shrugs, "The arena remains just that, the arena. A place where people chose to show their battle prowess. Who is currently the champion isn't all that important; the fact remains that they're still the person to defeat."

"Where is the nearest city to seek adventure?"

"Well, the nearest city would be Wanqir, the capital of Tiancann. It is due north along the highway, and quite a lot of happenings take place there."

"What will happen to Xira now that she has been defeated?"

Fahinn shakes his head, "I do not know what is going through her mind. With regards to arena standings, she is still a competitor that can compete, but whether she will or not I do not know."

"Can Xira be fully restored from the effects of the Black Scythe?"

Fahinn breathes in sharply, "I wish I could say yes, but despite all of my efforts, I still haven't made any progress at all. Her continuing to wield that scythe even with all of us, that is Ken, Tenarr and myself, trying to pursuade her otherwise doesn't help either."

"Where did that Black Scythe come from, and how did Xira get it?"

Fahinn shakes his head, "I don't know. The only person that does know is Xira, and she has not told anyone."

"How do you propose to destroy the Black Scythe?"

"I truly have no idea how to destroy such an item. Its magic is potent, and will not ever be quelled by standard means, and physically it is even stronger than Xira's regular scythe. It is quite possible that there is no way to destroy it."

"Do you know of any way my Flaming Scimitar can be restored ... or replaced?"

"Unfortunately, the metal smiths are generally all within the city of Girhn, almost on the other side of the continent from here. There is also, strangely, a couple in the wooden city of Hylon, but I don't think they can enchant blades. As such, it'd almost be easier to just purchase a new blade. The market for such blades is not all that large, and so there are few merchants that take the goods from Girhn all over Tiancann; they mostly display their wares in Wanqir, so the best place to look would be there."

"Is there anything I can do to help Xira recover?"

Fahinn smiles, "I truly appreciate your concern, however... I do not know if Xira will ever recover. If I find out anything that might help, you can be sure that I'll let you know."

"May I talk to Xira before I leave?"

Fahinn nods, "Of course. She's still in the infirmary, although she's mostly mended. The infirmary is under Ken's outpost in the arena, and you can enter directly from the arena grounds. It's designed that way so as to let us swiftly take the wounded there."

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: BTW...

Even though it doesn't matter all that much, the official name for that powerful scythe Xira has is the Death Scythe, although it is still obvious what scythe you're referring to. ^_^

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Diary of the Obsessed

Somewhere Between Wanqir and Aqinarr
Plains of Tiancann
Three Hours before Twilight

The book seems to be a diary of the hunter. Dusk flips past the first pages, since they are rather mundane, referring to a rather ordinary life. However, at the center of the book, there is an abrupt change, and the entries become very short and brief.

Village attacked today. At least half of the people are dead. Culprits: half humanoid, half wolf. Some half rat, others half beast. All probably lycanthrope.

Attacked again. Heavy casualties. I'm the only one left of the guard.

They attacked again. This is unforgiveable. I couldn't do anything. I fell, and I hid, but I still saw. My wife, my daughter, and everyone else... they're all dead.

There's no point in writing in this book any more. I'll still carry it, but I won't write. There's nothing to write. I have nothing left. I sold it all. What was left anyway. By my silver blade, I won't stop until they all die. My pain will not ever be repeated! Wolf, tiger, bear, boar, rat they're all the same, and they'll all perish. I'll hunt them. I'll hunt them all!

All the pages beyond this point are blank.

The locket is a simple two-sided oval locket that opens along the split between the two sides. Inside are two small portraits, which can only be of the hunter's wife and daughter.

"I was going to use his cloak to wrap him in, but you may use it if you need."

"I might... if I need to stay Half Elven at all; I'm usually just fine as a tiger."

"The arrows need to come out. Now rather than later," he added quickly. "I can aid you with that task."

"Yes, they hurt quite a bit. I'll switch back, since I got them as a tiger, so it'd be better to remove them that way."

There is another rustling of grass, and the young tiger growls softly, to show she's ready.

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Tears that Fall

Aqinarr City
Soldier's Barracks
Three and Three Quarter Hours before Twilight

"I am sorry."

Casia dries her tears quickly, trying to be stoic. Unfortunately, that's just among the list of things she isn't able to do, and so she sheds a few more tears.

"It's... alright." Casia says in between choking on her tears, "Some other people have done worse."

Casia wipes a couple more of her tears away with her sleeve, and wanders out of the barracks, nearly tripping twice along the corridor. Yin looks between Willow and Casia's retreating figure, with a clear look of 'what was that about?' on his face.

Yin shrugs, then turns back towards Willow. "Well, that was interesting... anyway, I wanted to give you this."

With that, Yin pulls out and offers Willow a box about the size of a small jewellery box. It is a perfect cube, and is wrapped with light silk and tied with a velvet silken ribbon.

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: For Decency's Sake

Somewhere Between Wanqir and Aqinarr
Plains of Tiancann
Three Hours before Twilight

Just barely a moment after Dusk had his back clearly turned, he hears a rustling as the grass as the tiger's body Changes. Dusk can also hear sharp exhalations as well, likely caused by the pain resulting from Changing with the arrows

"It's only because I don't get to keep any clothes when I change form you know." A somewhat young girl's voice murmurs.

"But, to answer your question... I really don't know. That man's been stalking me and mother for the past week; he killed father a few days before that."

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Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Memories

Cindi smiles politely at the two newcomers, taking everything as it comes. Why not? Companions are a good thing after all, especially in Silent Hill-

Cindi's eyes widen as she suddenly remembers. That's right... no wonder she was so used to this place...

And the doors burst open. Hank jumps, starled, and backs away as if fearing what she will see, but it is not the many bodies she saw as she left. Transparent people, dressed in their Sunday best, pour from the door. Hank, Cindi, Delilah and Chris can see the outlines of buildings through them.

Cindi sighs. "Oh....that again."

That's right... there were those minor annoyances that occured every now and then. There didn't seem to be any congreguity to them; they just happen. The memory she had recovered still had a lot of holes in it, but it is far better than the emptiness she had initially. Her foxlike face looks even more foxlike as Cindi thinks for a moment, curious about this particular apparition. Would I see myself? She wonders, and so she looks among the crowd of ghost-like images, looking for her own image, which her memory suggests would be there.

Regardless if Cindi sees herself or not, afterwards she turns back to the others. "Are either of you injured? I found a first-aid kit earlier, if you think it could help."

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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Truth

Gladiator Arena Main Office
Five Hours before Twilight

As soon as Manalagna enters the office, Fahinn looks up with a smile and says, "Perfect, just the person I wanted to see."

Looking directly into Manalagna's eyes, Fahinn says, "Well, now you've seen exactly what that Death Scythe Xira has is capable of, not only against the one it is wielded against, but also against the wielder."

Fahinn sighs, "That scythe gives a lot of pain, a large cost, but for what benefit? My old eyes have seen none. That weapon... should really be destroyed."

"Oh, I am sorry." Fahinn says, "You're probably getting tired of hearing about Xira's scythe by now, and you probably have other questions for me, do you not?"

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Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Hmm...

“Sometimes I think you’re the lucky one,” Aelistae replied thoughtfully, after Linnix had joined her at her table. “We’ve seen so much on this journey that I wish I could drift away into unconsciousness and forget it for a time. V’dri is more like a waking dream, where your mind replays events from your past even if you would avoid them. No, I don’t think you’d want to envy me for that.”

"Oh..." Linnix murmurs in response, "So it'd be kind of like my nightmares sometimes."

Quite soon afterwards, it seems incredibly crowded, with almost everyone there, even a new person! Still, there are two people missing... and then the coin drops.

"Loriel and Kas will not be with us anymore. They died last night."

Linnix has no idea how to take this new development. Loss is sad, but still, deep inside, Linnix couldn't help but feel slightly relieved. In truth, she didn't really see eye to eye with either Loriel or Kas, so, if she is going to be honest with herself, Linnix would have to admit that she doesn't actually feel sad at their loss.

Linnix shrugs, "We all knew we'd face danger on this quest. That's something we all agreed to right? Otherwise we wouldn't have signed up. Loriel knew this, Kas also probably knew. Anyway, we shouldn't feel so disheartened. They died doing what they chose to do, and wouldn't want us to worry about them or the situation in which they died."

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Topic: The Web of Worlds
Subject: Hmm...

I'm not exactly sure if I'm going to join or not...

Just as a heads up though, I'll probably revive Errinae if I do join.

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