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Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Beginnings and Ends... well, more Ends than Beginnings

Well, I haven't heard from Hammer or Vilyamar in a while on here, and Shades wants to drop out since it's been a while since he posted for his character last so he's kind of lost interest in his character.

So, I suppose the question is... do we simply continue without them, or do we look out for more players?

If the former, then it'll be fairly simple for me to provide a couple of NPC's for the party to make up for the loss of people.

If the latter, I guess we'll have to wait until someone makes up a character and joins...

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 18:26:04.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE The Board
Subject: Rumours: Thread Name: Eldest Awakening?!

Subject: Eldest Awakening?!
Author: Li-yin

Alright, we've all seen Maera use it, but what exactly is it? How does one get the powerful Eldest Awakening?! I am so pumped by the title match, I want to go out and get that power!

Subject: Cheat
Author: Saturday

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's probably a cheat.

Subject: Quest
Author: Sakura

It's not always a hack or a cheat when someone uses something strong! I think it's a quest, and since the animation for it uses Maera's wings, perhaps if you do the quest to get the wings you get Eldest Awakening?

Subject: Blasted Unwritten Quests
Author: Li-yin

Grr, well, that means I'm not going to get it anytime soon. BTW, exactly what is Eldest Awakening? Maera always calls out '[something] Pha' but what is that?

Subject: Summon Spells
Author: Twin Lightning

Those incantations are related to the summoning spells off of R:1, probably hence the term Eldest in the Awakening. There are six of them: Lanceor, the thunder one; Wryneck, the shadowy one; Krake, the aerial one; Vulcan, the fiery one; Merrows, the watery one; and Yarthkins, the stone one. The 'Pha' added to the end of them just implies it's the level 4 version of the spell, or would be normally if it were cast in R:1.

Subject: How do you know?
Author: Li-yin

Twin Lightning, how do you know all these things?

Subject: It's called research
Author: Twin Lightning

It's fairly easy to look up those spells off of R:1, especially in Carmina Gadelica's archives.

Subject: Those are scary!
Author: Li-yin

I tried going into them once... I had to reset my computer in order to get out! There's so many traps and such there! How do you get past them?

Subject: Be careful
Author: Sakura

You just have to be good at timing, observant, and know ALL of the macros to do dodges and so forth with your character.

Subject: Too hard!
Author: Li-yin

ARGH! I give up on that! I'll just stick to asking you guys since you know far more than I could find out!

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 17:06:32.
Edited on 2009-02-27 at 19:16:24 by Reralae

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: None of the above?

Sen giggles, "You seem quite nervous and self conscious around me," She says playfully, but then returns to the task at hand, "Well, we could go after those who had taken Brastion, however, my intuition tells me their lord that they work for won't really care about whether he is guilty or not. Another possibility is that they too are after you, maybe in league with Zenb or seeking to get a reward from him, and are just waiting for you to intervene."

Sen pauses a moment, considering the three gemstones in her hand, "There is another way."

She looks back at Erihsehc, "Provided what that man said is true, that Brastion would be hanged tomorrow, there are a couple of ways I could mislead them. The easiest way would be to teleport him out of whatever jail they'd hold him in, but that'd be quite noticeable. The hardest way, but most believable, would be to let them think they are hanging Brastion, and he appears to be, but in truth I'd be sustaining his life, holding it in a stasis where it cannot be harmed, despite his apparent lack of life. Then, when they throw the body away, I simply teleport him to you, releasing the stasis."

She examines the crystals again, "There is a slim possibility that my magic might be blocked if they too have access to magic, however... crystals and gems, depending on how they are cut and made, can be used to amplify different magics, particularly in the hands of a Sylph."

Sen closes her eyes, thinking. There were a couple of ways this could go wrong, but... she couldn't think of anything better.

She opens her eyes, "So, how about that?"

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 16:38:17.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Dual Vak Don...

Kusardo brings his blade in front to charge, however, the goblin in front of him and the one further away take the opportunity to unleash more magic. The both strike the Edge Punisher with Vak Don, fireballs raining down from the sky above the Edge Punisher as Kiku quickly hurls a potion on him and casts Repth again. (The two Vak Dons did in total 336 damage, Kiku used a Healing Drink and cast Repth on Kusardo, restoring 200)

Using one full combo of her scythe, swinging from side, to side, to side, before unleashing a charged hit, Kimono manages to slay the goblin in front of her.

The goblin just before Kusardo begins backing away as the further one begins casting at Kimono (the ring is flying along the ground toward her).

OOC: I'm going in a sort of action/reaction type way of posting. What I mean by this is, you post your intended actions for a turn, then you see how the opponents react, and if their reactions pose a threat to you, then you can post your own reaction for the following round. As for how long a turn is... I'm kind of going based on how long a person's combo is, or a standard Skill Trigger length, and yes, the charged hit is your sword's combo, hence the Hold and Release aspect of it. Later on, after you're a higher level, then you start going into more detailed aspects of battle, where rather than bashing X all the time, you get to do intricate movements and other un-programmed combos (in this instance, you'd start using the keyboard with each letter as a different stance or movement or slice, which is past your current levels as players)

Current Morale Gauge: 8%

Posted on 2008-07-25 at 00:26:18.
Edited on 2008-07-25 at 00:28:41 by Reralae

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: ...

Cindi's foxlike face twitches, and her body is strangely limp in Chris's grasp; she is not resisting.

"I did not take movement into account." Cindi murmurs to herself.

She looks at Hank directly, her eyes boring into Hank's, "As for what I was doing, I would have thought that'd be obvious. If you show signs of infection, particularly that of the unnatural, you should be aware of the risk you pose to others while you remain alive."

"It follows three steps. Infection, mutation, and outbreak. Quarantine is advised to occur at the beginning. Since quarantine by definition isn't an option in this case, elimination is the alternative."

Cindi's head turns, and as she glances over her shoulder at Chris, her mouth twists into a bit of a grimace, "Do you think it is necessary to hold this position? You already have my only weapon, and as I said earlier, it proves to be unreliable."

"As for you..." Cindi looks over at Jonah, "You haven't said much, however, your lack of speech has already given away a significant amount of information. I presume, as a chief of police, that you would know about me, considering, by a picture obtained by Chris, of past... actions. As such, seeing as you know everyone here, that means we all either have a criminal record of some sort, or work or otherwise are connected to the police department. This is entirely based on a theory, of course, so feel free to prove me wrong. I cannot be sure of them until they are verified, or disproved."

Cindi breathes deeply, her mouth twisted in a mockery of pain, as she awaits what is to happen.

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 05:32:37.
Edited on 2008-07-25 at 01:34:28 by Reralae

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Underestimation is Unwise

Even as Kusardo rushes forward to begin his attack, Kimono rushes past with the Surprise Attack. One goblin is hurled into another, the third remaining unscathed. (20 damage to the one that was hit, 1s for the impacts) However, even as Kimono whacks the third with a horizontal strike (21 damage), the second one gets to its feet and sends a magical circle aimed at Kimono. Reaching her, a number of small fireballs rain down upon her, charring the character. (23 damage per fireball which is four, so 92 damage total)

Kiku quickly responds with a quick Repth spell, restoring Kimono's hp to full. Kusardo by this time has reached the two farther out goblins and begins hitting them with his large blade (25 damage for the first blow, then full charged hit with a semi-explosion impact for 48 damage). The second goblin runs away from the two attackers, while the first and third try to hit them physically with their staffs, but might as well not have (5 damage to each Kusardo and Kimono).

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 05:13:30.

Topic: Star Wars: The Outer Rim
Subject: Configuration Scripts

For once, Kate is standing still, and isn't talking. No, she's not dead, or shut herself off; she's just busy.

Quickly running through the algorithms within her mainframe, Kate is rapidly configuring her new hardware, the vocabulator in particular. Simulations indicate that the current, default tone of the device is monotone. That is unacceptable. In order to better facilitate her meaning to organics, Kate knows it is essential to display different tones for different meanings. Also, organics would likely associate such a voice to be connected to a being without a personality. Some silly droids may think personalities are redundant, but Kate knows better. Personality is part of what defines life, even in non-organics. Besides, she considers herself to have a personality, and it just would not do for her voice to be inadequate.

Increasing the frequency of the speaker would likely provide a more feminine tone, however, simulations indicate that there are a variety of tones that Kate could achieve. Which one is the most... 'Kate'? An illogical and unorthodox problem. She would decide that later, after a thorough analysis of the best way for organics to perceive her by voice. For the moment, Kate settles on a mid-pitch voice, and continues to fine-tune it via simulations because, undoubtedly, the other's wouldn't appreciate the noise of actual trials at the moment.

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 03:27:20.

Topic: Borden Murder Case Investigation
Subject: Luncheon should be soon... isn't dinner far later?

“Brigit, where’s Lizzie?” she asked.

Bridget stops setting up her tray and turns, "Oh, Emma, you're here already? Oh, Lizzie is in the dining room, being interviewed by Mr. Hilliard."

Bridget then begins carefully slicing the pears (assuming Addie got them...) and arranging those on her tray as well, in an elegant, restaurant style. Pouring the hot water into a proper formal tea kettle and putting a couple of peppermint tea bags in it, Bridget also puts this on the tray.

"I think that mutton stew might be a bit old now..." Bridget murmurs thoughtfully, "At least, it isn't proper to serve something old when there are formal guests here."

Bridget carefully places a few dishes and cutlery on the tray, and, balancing it on her arm, begins to make her way to the people who actually have an invitation to be here. She offers tea and pear slices and biscuits to Addie, Dr. Bowen, Alice and the others, carefully making her way around the house and trying not to interrupt people's work. She saves the dining room and the other room being used for interviews for last, trying not to intrude. She knocks before entering in either case and returns to the kitchen if she runs out of something before returning to the others.

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 03:14:34.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Within Room No.1

Kiku nods, and hastens to keep up with the two eager warriors, her staff held out at the ready. In the first room, the group encounters their first batch of enemies... a trio of bizarre goblins. These goblins seem smaller and weaker than the ones Kimono has already killed, however, they are dressed in red and orange robe-like garments, wear a skull-like helm and carry staffs. They haven't yet noticed the group, but are likely to any moment now...

((Yes, I know these particular monsters aren't from GU, but this isn't GU, even if I took the area off of it ^_^))

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 02:44:36.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Potions... chemical formula unknown... user effects will vary

Galen tentatively leaves his stash of raw material in the room in which he found it, and wanders over to the room in which Owen is in, saying almost as an afterthought, "Don't break the others." to anyone else who might be in the room at the time.

Seeing the vials of liquid, as well as the empty one in Owen's and Ian's hands, and their apparent recovery, Galen surmises the events that took place. Potions I'd presume. He thinks, Thankfully ones with curative properties. Now, if only my book covered healing spells within its pages as well... Galen thinks bitterly, It doesn't make much sense to me.

Banishing what would have otherwise been a very long train of thought, Galen wanders over, and counts the remaining vials.

"Alright," Galen says softly, "Once we get Ben and Jeremy to use one apiece, we had better keep the others, and seeing as there'd be four remaining, those who are more likely to be injured being in the front of combat should hold onto them. I believe that would be Ben, Jeremy, and Ian. I'll also take one, because I will also take up the place at the front as well at times, provided I have a Shield to use. Whatever you do, try not to break them."

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 02:30:52.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Summer when the day is over...

Linnix nods, "And maybe even a dance or two!" She says enthusiastically.

Turning to the others, Linnix adds, "Well, I know this might seem out of place, but we should try to enjoy ourselves tonight." She says, smiling, "After all, that is what Sheva and Elesia would have wanted, surely?"

Besides, Linnix finishes silently, to herself, We should enjoy what time we have tonight, especially if it is all we have.

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 02:09:52.

Topic: Welcome or Not!
Subject: A Simpler Way...

"If they want to see Brastion hanged..." Sen murmurs thoughtfully, "Why don't I give them what they wish to see?"

Sen reaches into the bag of gemstones within her pouch, and pulls out three, a violet one, a clear one, and a black one. She examines them slowly; she has to be sure they're the right ones.

"Oh, I forgot already." Sen realizes, "I've grown so accustomed to being invisible, I have to think about being visible in order to change."

Sen hovers in front of Erihsehc, and slowly lets herself become visible. Physically, she looks no taller than a human child, but her proportions are more for that of an adult. She wears a violet silken dress with an open back for an easily apparent reason. Upon her back is a set of iridescent coloured dragonfly wings. She has silver hair, and also wears a few pieces of jewellery, namely two rings, and a necklace, all exquisite pieces of art with clearly coloured and well cut, pretty gemstones. Upon her hip is a simple pouch, carried by a belt.

Sen smiles, "So now you finally see me, and what I am."

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 01:33:25.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: I Bring Word of an Anomaly

Aqinarr City
Soldier's Barracks
20 minutes after Twilight

"Sir!" The secretary calls towards the General, "It's here."

Upon the secretary's desk, and largely unnoticed before, is a similar ring identical to the one in Barrahen's office, made of plain iron with a 3 inch diameter. It too glows, and from it, a scroll comes forth, and is caught by the secretary.

She clears her throat and reads.

As reported by the Scout,

This crack we see in the darkening sky is no simple thing. It is a crack through the world itself. That may be hard to comprehend, however, it is the truth. An unknown force has punctured its way into this world from another, with the pinnacle of its intrusion within Mt. Venerro. However, its intrusion alone is not what has caused that crack. My intuition tells me that this force desires to destroy this world, and that is why it has made the crack far more substantial than a mere transcending of the barriers between the worlds. It will continue to try to locate further weak points along the seams of this world's reality, and try to break through them. To aid it, there are strange creatures that are coming now from the top of Venerro's peak. It can likely be seen as a shimmering from the tip of the peak downwards, to about perhaps halfway, from the corners of Tiancann.

The situation, as considered by the Wanqir Council,

In light of this recent catastrophe, it is critical that guards be prepared to defend the five cities. However, provided the Scout's analysis as well as the initial insights of the Diviners is correct, this enemy will prove to be relentless, and a counter-measures will need to be taken. As such, an advance force is to be formed ASAP to reach the source of this disturbance before it becomes too difficult to do so. This is, undoubtedly, a difficult mission, and as such it will be aborted should circumstances require it. As such, the Scout will be with the advance party to provide a means of retreat. That is all for now.

The secretary looks to the General, who nods, turning to Willow and Yin.

"You two may take a small group of soldiers with you, however, please understand that most will be needed here. I can arrange for up to two other soldiers to go with each of you. See to it, Lieutenants!"

Yin's face turns to shock for just a moment, before proudly saluting, "Yes, sir!"

Yin then wanders over and begins conversing with the secretary.

((Yes, that is a promotion... but one that was probably quite belated Also... side note: the General didn't say anything regarding civilians, so, if Willow wants to bring Nintarra along, she has to decide whether or not to ask about it, although you can kind of guess what the response will be))

Posted on 2008-07-23 at 04:37:49.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Explanation of the Ring... and News

Hylon City
Barrahen's Office
10 minutes after Twilight

“I don’t mean to pry” Deunan interjected. “But are you waiting for it to fly off the desk or something?”

"Not quite." Barrahen replies, "This ring is one of the many rings that people such as I, who can inform many people, or such as authorities, who can act on the information given, possess. They are like miniature gates, and are far swifter than messengers, although they are saved for dire times, such as now. This ring's counterpart, like all the others around Tiancann, is in Wanqir, which is undoubtedly rushing to determine the events of this evening. Receiving word will be simple enough; they will simply send a scroll through their ring, and it will appear through this one."

20 minutes after Twilight

The ring suddenly glows as an inscription appears upon it.

"Ah, here we are." Barrahen murmurs.

A scroll sealed with the wax seal of Wanqir's Council comes out of the ring, and is swiftly caught by Barrahen.

Barrahen opens the scroll and reads it aloud...

((I'll cover this a bit later in Sibby's relevant post, as they'll be the same, coming from the same source))

Posted on 2008-07-23 at 03:58:46.

Topic: Silent Hill: Eternal Decay
Subject: Quarantine

Cindi's eyes narrow just slightly, and her right hand slips into her kangaroo pocket, "Was it really so dangerous that words fail to explain it? Or is it that you cannot trust anyone but yourself to know?"

Cindi closes her eyes, "Quarantine,"

The next moment is a blur. Cindi's eyes flash open, and the keys slide out of her left hand as she drops them, at the same time, she raises her right, now holding the gun. She levels it at Hank's head, her left hand now aiding to hold it steady as she fires, even at this near-point-blank range.

Cindi finishes her sentence matter-of-factly, "The prevention of the spread of malignant infectious material, namely by elimination to better still the source."

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 19:14:04.

Topic: Silent Hill Q&A
Subject: Hmm

You might have to wait on that update until I put in another post for Cindi... I'm not quite sure yet how this is going to work...

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 18:58:14.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Delta Unknown Alien Fungus

The party was formed, introductions made, and now it was time to clear out an area. Deciding on an area level in between Kusardo and Kiku's level resulted in warping to this place. The trio stand at a platform that looks into a stone cave. There is no going back, to where a field would be; a waterfall bars the path that way. The only way to go is forward, into the cave.

"This area's mission is just to collect the treasure chest at the lowest level." Kiku supplies, "So, we really don't have to do anything extra... we just have to be careful of possible traps though."

(Interesting note: I am using the exact same area that I looked up in .Hack//GU for this )

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 18:35:23.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Level 1, 2 and 5...

Twin Lightning nods to the general group, "You really don't benefit going solo, especially at the lower levels."

"By the way, Kiku, you said you were interested in joining the guild I just made right? Well, here you go." Twin Lightning says, handing Kiku a key with the shape of a crest as its head. This crest appears to be a black-winged bluish heart, with the shaft of the key going down from it. "This key will let you into our @home, which is located in the Xi server. I'll show you later where it is."

"Oh, thank you!" Kiku responds.

"Well, I suppose I'm going to go check on a couple of things," Twin Lightning says, winking, before wandering off.

"Alright, see you later!" Kiku says smiling. She then turns back to the other two, "Wow, I think this is the most eventful day I've had since I made this character... well, except for meeting Saku for the first time; that was fun..."

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 18:07:36.
Edited on 2008-07-22 at 18:08:27 by Reralae

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: Oooh, pick me! ^_^

I'll see if I can make up a character tonight... or maybe have a look over that concept I already sent to you before...

Hehehe, well, later!

Posted on 2008-07-22 at 15:04:05.

Topic: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
Subject: Now where's that oxyacetyline torch, anvil, and hammer?

Galen examines the worn and only theoretically unusable blades. Rust... an electrochemical reaction by which metal is converted into its oxide form, generally making the material weaker. To undo it would require the reverse reaction to be done, which wouldn't be able to fully restore the blades as some of the iron oxide likely doesn't remain on the blades, and requires an electric source that is beyond my current capabilities with the force of Lightning. Galen considers, Even so, the force of Fire would likely be enough to merge two of the blades into one usable one, however, an apparatus much like the ones I used in Metal Tech. class would be required, or at least a very strong heat source, which is unavailable.

The only other option is to attempt to salvage the blades by carefully removing the rust from them. Even if that is not possible, perhaps the sheathes would be suitable to wield in a manner, at least against something like a skeleton. Galen thinks.

Galen carefully picks up a blade, and examines it further, visualizing how the friction would keep the blade inside. Even if the blade by the guard was rusted, there is a possibility that the blade itself is alright, even if it is devoid of a hilt. Galen carefully and gently edges the blade from side to side, trying to dislodge some of the rust that is holding it in place.

Ideally, even if the blades were unusable at this point, there is a possibility that holding onto them would provide a means to allow them to be reforged at a later time, even if they had to be merged in order to provide enough base material to produce a capable blade. Besides, providing base material would also reduce the amount of money needed to get the weapon made as well, provided money could be attained at some point.

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 22:14:56.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE Q&A
Subject: One word


To prevent user panic, and possible loss of consumers, CC corp has basically covered up every anomaly within the world pertaining to the storyline since R:1. Information on CC corp itself is basic, with a list of employees, general corporate blah blah blahs. Information on Pluto's Kiss would be accessible, but it'd be also rather basic, since it'd have occurred quite a while ago, and it's an event people don't want to remember readily.

Of course, even though information isn't readily available in some aspects, that's where those players, the informants, come in... and from the Board, you can kind of tell who have information, and who just are looking for information

Oh, and as for the actual Epitaph of Twilight... not much information at all, due to the loss of the original, except for the basics.

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 19:53:32.
Edited on 2008-07-21 at 19:54:49 by Reralae

Topic: .Hack//LIFE Q&A
Subject: In truth

I actually did not know about the storyline involving R:X (considering I don't really follow the mediums outside of the games and anime)... so, the easiest way to go around it is that I'm effectively overwriting the storyline from R:2 onwards ^_^

It is kind of my alternate realm, considering the addition of Maera... but you'll find out more about that later

As for how long after R:2... maybe say 4 years.

As for the real world, not much. Day-to-day life is normal, however 'normal' it may be. After CC corp's coverup of the R:2 events, there's only been the occasional rumour flying around about the game. However, there have not been any rumours about AIDA. The rumours tend to relate to seeing a bizarre monster in the occasional area, or a monster that will not die. Perhaps the most peculiar thing about these areas when they're mentioned is that they appear to be a regular field/dungeon until you reach the end.

Of course, the most rumours flying around at the moment are regarding Maera. Her wings are the biggest subject, as well as the question of who she is in reality. CC corp's statement about that was the same as theirs for Haseo: that it'd be against company policy regarding user confidentiality.

Apart from rumours, there isn't much else going around right now, in the game (recently) or reality.

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 19:46:08.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE
Subject: Sage Palace Title Match

It doesn't take long before Twin Lightning and Kimono log back in. Time is of the essence, so everyone begins warping to the Psi server, the Warring City of Lumina Cloth for the finale. Lumina Cloth is packed with players, and it is astounding that with even this many players somehow there is no lag whatsoever with The World's massive bandwidth. The night sky is brilliant, with the moon and stars, and even the 'artificial' spotlights giving the town an exotic look.

Warping through the warp given to the left of the desk of the arena attendant non-player character, everyone eventually finds a seat or a place to stand, with Kiku, Kimono, Twin Lightning, and Kusardo having the same vantage point.

In the Arena Lobby...

"So, do you think we can do it?" The female harvest cleric, dressed in a regal velvet and gold gown asks, watching the others nervously. Upon her dress is a similar diamond crest as was seen on Saturday's character design.

"Of course. We've seen how Maera fights, and as long as we alternate using Skills, we'll at least hit her hard a couple of times." The leader, a twin blade dressed almost like a shinobi replies, examining the screen displaying the simplified statistics of Maera, as though it would give more information regarding how to defeat her. He also has a similar diamond crest, these are upon his shoulder pads.

"I've argued with this time and time again, but doing that, she'll undoubtedly Hangeki us enough times to use an Awakening." The somewhat scantily clad edge punisher replies, fidgeting with the hilt of her immense blade. Her diamond crest is worn in her hair, almost like a kerchief.

"Do you have an alternative course of action then, Flower?" The twin blade asks.

"There's really only one way to do it. We have to attack her consistently without the use of skills, and try to get in Rengekis as well as hope our weapon's abilities will kick in. As soon as we use a skill, she'll react to Hangeki us; I doubt she'd even risk trying a Rengeki unless she knows all of our skill trigger gauges aren't full." Flower responds, "And we have to beat her to the Awakening first. As soon as she uses her Awakening, it's over; remember, she's killed even Lord Partizans with that move, and they have crazy hit points."

"Flower does have a point, Vakan." The harvest cleric adds.

"Very well then, Flower, Yari," Vakan says, "Let's do our best, and remember, keep talking in party chat, especially if you see an opening. Maera will fall yet."

The trio then turn to the warp point, and all three vanish in rings of blue light.

In the Arena...

"It's time for the festivities to begin!!!" The announcer shouts, seemingly as charismatic and crazy as he always is.

First, Vakan, Flower and Yari appear upon their entrance platform, waving to the crowd as it cheers them on. The moon is high in the starlit sky, enlightening the whole arena and the stands off to the side of it.

On the left side of the screen, their line-up appears:

Team Cherry Blossom

Twin Blade
Level 150

Edge Punisher
Level 150

Harvest Cleric
Level 150

"Fight your way to the top! These challengers have fought fierce battles, analyzing and swiftly defeating their opponents! Will this team, consisting of the leaders of Moon Tree's divisions 2, 3 and 4, be the one to finally take Maera down?!"

"No way!" You can hear Stormy yell even over the crowd.

Maera then takes her entrance, appearing on her platform, alone. Her outfit is rather plain, consisting of a silken and violet long-sleeved garment, with almost a flowery appearance, and a similarly coloured knee-length skirt. Underneath the skirt is a light gray pant, ending just above her ankles. She isn't wearing any shoes or socks. She has light purple hair, a somewhat tan skin tone, and her eyes are a gentle blue. However, undoubtedly, her most noticeable feature are her wings, which extend forth from her back as shafts of multicoloured light. She hovers just above the ground, her wings beating gently.

As she appears, on the right side of the screen her own team information appears:

Team Epitaph

Adept Rogue
Level 150

"Oh, so she is an Adept Rogue after all." Kiku says, perhaps a bit sadly as she was slightly trying to base her character on her.

"Just where did this warrior come from? Known to all for her elegant performances and plain immense winning streak, the Lady Maera has taken down every opponent in her path!" The announcer shouts.

"Our commentator for today is none other than Moon Tree's Guildmaster Zelkova!"

Zelkova appears much as he did in .Hack//GU, as a young individual with short, light blue hair, golden horns, and an elegant white outfit with a Japanese style and an oversized purple fan.

"Hello everyone! I hope you're all as excited as I am in seeing this match! : )" Zelkova calls.

The arena fighters warp to the actual arena itself, a large disc floating in the air, surrounded by a clear force field. Large screens hovering in the air in front of the crowd provides close-ups of the arena, and likewise, large screens by the arena provide the combatants a view of the crowd, although these fighters clearly aren't paying attention to that. Vakan immediately pulls out his dual swords, a pair of elegant blades. Flower reaches over her shoulder and pulls out an immense yet simple blade, easily bigger than her. Yari pulls out a somewhat standard wand, and looks around nervously. Vakan is eyeing Maera, already searching for ways to strike.

"Zelkova, what do you think of today's contestants?" The commentator asks.

"Well, Team Cherry Blossom is outstanding as a team. They all work well together, and generally help to aid each other in combat. Their strategy will always differ depending on who they are fighting, and changes in strategy is quite quick if needed; they must be talking really fast and quite often on party chat! I think they're more than a fair opponent for Maera." Zelkova begins.

Maera reaches over her shoulder elegantly, and smoothly pulls out a wand similar in style to Yari's. Her movements are fluid and graceful... almost unnaturally so, compared to even Yari's on the battlefield.

"However, Maera, as we all know, is extremely strong as a player. Sticking to her harvest cleric component of the adept rogue class is almost just daring her opponents to underestimate her; her grace and style easily allows her to evade most if not all attacks, and when she counterattacks... well, I think she makes an excellent Emperor." Zelkova finishes.

"Is there anything in particular you would like to see in this match?" The commentator asks.

"Well, I think one thing we all would like to see is what exactly Maera's other component of her class is; everyone who's seen her has seen her using the harvest cleric class, and that potential for something else may be what will defeat Team Cherry Blossom, who have prepared to fight her as a harvest cleric." Zelkova replies.

"Quite possibly, but now, onto the Title Match!"

[Outbreak of Battle]

"Let's take you down!" Vakan roars as he rushes forward to close the distance.

He reaches Maera, and slashes across horizontally with his blades, only to find that she ducked underneath and slid back along the ground.

"She's fast." Vakan mutters over party chat, "Flower, try to cut her off."

"Right." Flower responds, holding out her blade and charging an attack, then walking around the arena.

Vakan continues to chase after Maera, but no matter how he slices, she continues to evade and back away, even when he slices horizontally, one blade low, then follows with a high blade; Maera's response was to twirl in the air, her wings folded around her body, horizontally between the blades.

Vakan grits his teeth, "Now, Flower!"

"Right!" Flower responds, bringing down her sword at Maera as Vakan attacks with two vertical strikes.

"You're slow." Maera murmurs, twisting to the side and leaping clear of the shockwaves from Flower's sword, landing into a roll, and then leaping forward again to land on her feet.

"I hate to say this," Flower mutters, gritting her teeth, "But it looks like you were right about how we have to use skills."

"She's far too fast for normal attacks to work anyway." Vakan says, "Yari, use a support skill!"

"Right!" Yari says, bringing up her staff, "LaRig Saem!"

To Vakan's surprise, Maera doesn't react to Hangeki Yari.

"Alright, Yari, continue with supports until I strike, Flower, use an art!" Vakan says, moving away from his other companions.

Yari raises her wand again, "La Corv!" magically enhancing everyone's attacks.

Flower rushes forward, glowing yellow with her skill, before bringing her sword out to impale Maera. Maera, however, dives to the side, then twists away even as Flower's character is forced to continue her skill, "Armour Break!"

"No reaction, you can't be serious." Vakan mutters, "How the hell are we supposed to get her?"

"Vakan, use an art; I have rapid charge remember?" Flower calls.

"Right." Vakan begins to hover into the air, but before he can get far, Maera's spell ring shoots out and captures him, even as Flower rushes at Maera to hit her with her own skill. Flower and Vakan suddenly freeze as a word appears on the screen.


"RaLei Zas!" Maera shouts, angling her staff at Vakan.

Volleys upon volleys of light beams appear around Maera and impale Vakan several times. His health gauge flashes red; it was a powerful blow.

"Damn! Her MATK is strong!" Vakan shouts.

"Flower and I can't use skills to Hangeki her," Yari calls, "The magic ring goes faster than we had anticipated."

"Not good, Yari, we need you to attack as well if we're to catch her." Vakan yells.

"Pha Repth!" Yari calls, restoring Vakan's health, before running after Maera herself.

"Wait, on second thought, Yari, continue going through your list of supports; our morale gauge will rise faster that way." Vakan calls, "Flower, you and I go after Maera so she can't Hangeki Yari."

"Right." Flower replies, rushing after the evasive rogue.

With Maera continuing to be put on the defensive, Team Cherry Blossom charges a full Awakening.

"She's not far behind us; her morale increases every time she dodges us." Vakan says, "It's now, or never."


The words fly across the screen and the arena glows red, and even Yari runs forward to attack Maera. They whittle at her HP, but before they can finish her, the Awakening ends.

"Not good!" Vakan shouts, "She's about to do it!"

"Got her!" Yari says, surprised as she manages to hit Maera in the back with her staff, causing purple rings to surround her for a Rengeki.

"Now Vakan!" Flower screeches.


Vakan hovers into the air, "Ghost Falcon!"

He slashes and dices, bringing Maera into the air, slashing several times before slamming her into the ground. To the party's dismay however, Maera's hp doesn't change; only 0's appeared to display damage given to her.

"Twin Scales attachment!" Vakan says in exasperation, "We can't win!"

Maera closes her eyes and stands still, her wings flaring, "It's over."


The arena grows still, with Maera standing in the center of it, with Team Cherry Blossom arranged around her evenly.

Maera's wings flare, turning a bright yellow which extends into lightning that envelops her. She raises her staff, then brings it down in front of her, pointing towards Vakan, and an electric orb forms there. Likewise, she points towards Flower and Yari, and similar orbs form. Finally, she raises her wand up, and the electricity and orbs fuse at that point, and shoot high into the sky.

"Lanceor Pha!" Maera calls.

The sky immediately darkens, and the air even feels foreboding, even though people's FMD's. Lightning then suddenly strikes the arena, covering it with an immense array of bolts. After each strike, lightning strikes again and again, until it just stops without warning. Then, high in the air, the clouds part, revealing the Spirit of Lightning, Lanceor. The immense, and only vaguely humanoid shape brings its fists together. Lightning crackles around its form as it draws all lightning to it. Then, with a massive explosion, it rocks the arena with an immense wave of lightning.

When the smoke clears, Maera is standing in the center of the arena, glancing over her felled opponents. Lanceor and the storm clouds have vanished.

"Please understand, I could not let you kill me." Maera murmurs.

"It's over!" The announcer exclaims, "A truly formiddable match, for only the best compete in the arena! So, Master Zelkova, what did you think of the match?"

"A splendid display by both Team Cherry Blossom and Maera!" Zelkova says enthusiastically, "Team Cherry Blossom's coordination and teamwork were outstanding, and Maera's elegant grace just proved to be too much for them to handle."

"It's too bad we never got to see Maera's other extension, but perhaps next time!" Zelkova finishes.

The stands quickly empty, and soon the only ones that remain are Kimono, Kiku, Twin Lightning, and Kusardo. On the arena, Vakan, Flower and Yari vanish as their players exit 'The World'. Maera, however, remains. She glances around the now mostly empty arena stands. Her wings beat a bit faster, and she hovers higher into the air. Then, with her wings folding around her, she vanishes in a burst of multicoloured light.

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 01:23:39.

Topic: .Hack//LIFE Characters
Subject: Kusardo

Class: Edge Punisher
Level: 5
Broadsword: Level 1 (the weapon exp bar is just begun)

HP: 550
SP: 55

PATK: 50
PDEF: 44
MATK: 17
MDEF: 37
Light: 1
Dark: 1
Air: 1
Earth: 1
Fire: 1
Water: 1

Weapon: Horizon's Edge (5* weapon, +3 PATK, Hold and Release)
Armour: Rough Armour (+2 PDEF, 1 slot)
Accessory: none

EXP: 920/1000

Health Drink 15
Sprite Drop 10

Money: 9840gp
Chim: 0

Posted on 2008-07-21 at 00:29:01.
Edited on 2008-08-14 at 03:27:42 by Reralae

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Paths untaken, and stories untold


The crackling of the fire, giving off light in the darkening night, is like small steps wandering through the woods, cracking twigs beneath their feet. The steps of souls, without bodies to hold them, as they wander to the god or goddess they will meet. Linnix stares at the fire, its light playing within her turquoise eyes. The stranger they had met, and just after one day, dies. How much was there that was unsaid? What could be done now, as she was dead?

Care for others, not just one's own plight. Linnix glances up, towards the starlit night. Sheva, a person who remains unknown, and seen only for a day. What of her connections to life? How will those stay? Parents, siblings, teachers and even foes. What will happen once one knows? A drop of water, no, there is more in a tear. Relief, or happiness, or the loss of something dear. Unknown, Sheva may be, but finally Linnix can feel and know. These tears she will shed, for the one that now cannot grow.

Posted on 2008-07-20 at 19:38:04.


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