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Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: I will

Riddle begins quickly looking around their encampment for anyway to fortify it for their nights slumber. Looking to find any availability for traps using the natural surroundings. As he walks about the encampment he takes in a deap breath and sighs with relife. how happy was he to be home

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 02:59:54.

Topic: What Dreams Become
Subject: Im Back Baby

{{{{As instructed by Marcus, the leader of the Invictus, Syanide was supposed to report back to him any information he found important to share with him. Of course, holding back any sort of information from Marcus was a dangerous game to play, and so Syanide told him everything he could think of.

He told Marcus how they had resolved to fight with the unidentified Vampire, but he made a special note on how the Vampire did not turn to dust but instead turned to billows of smoke and dark slimey goo. After making his report, he was offered to feed and to heal his wounds, as minor as they may have been.

"I want you to contact Baron Ren Majere," Marcus said after Syanide's feeding. "I then want the two of you to investigate this and report back to me about anything you find. You should find him at his club, Dark Nirvana."

Of course, Ren was not in the club, but his goons were able to give Syanide some directions, after some persuasion of course.
At last he got to Loftstreet in Old Longchester. There he heard a powerful howl of a wolf coming from one of the houses.}}}

Syanide quickly drew his gun trying to at least conceal it al little and began walking appearently aimlessly twoard the sound of the wolf. The sound of his feet splashing through the puddles on the ground being the only sound he made as he drew closer to his target

Posted on 2008-04-25 at 02:54:41.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: Ride

Riddle and the group ride hard in the direction siliwens star, while they rode riddle wondered who this companion was supposed to be, he pondered the possibilities. Riddle could not help but look back and whilsper his thanks to Alacran as their horses began to tire if it were not for him they would not have made it this far.

"i do not think that a rest at the moment is a good idea, no doubt our horses are tired but we should press on walk our horses behind us we need to get as much ground between us and the inn as possible. Also we need to make sure we loose some of possibilities of pursuit. perhaps we should split up for a short way nothing too far. What do you think."

Posted on 2008-04-24 at 02:37:19.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: ..,.

riddle quickly mounts up his horse and rides off. chasing after siliwen. when he caught up he slowed his pace and kept his swords in his hands ready for any type of fight. As they enter the woods Riddle begins lookin about for any signs of danger from the plants and animals.

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 18:32:16.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: Quickly

Riddle quickly grabs his gear and listens to the others as they debate there rout. He quickly looked up as the debate began and through in his peace. " We should use the trees to our advantage it would require us to leave our horses, which is an idea im not to fond of but it would give us cover, make us harder to track and should a conflict occur it would give us an advantage to cut down their numbers. What do you think, one way or another we need to decide quickly."

With this he draws his swords and begins looking about for any opponent that might have come close enough to the group

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 22:16:43.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness Q&A

will do

Posted on 2008-04-18 at 05:22:07.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness Q&A
Subject: sorry

i can only post Wednesday through Saturday thats the only time that they have the internet up

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 04:38:16.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: ah but first questions

As alacran shows his mark riddles mind begins to swirl with thoughts. the thoughts he was sure that many were entertaining at the time as well. As riddle listened intently he heard the phrases that he made him hope. " You said that you knew who sent us here, and selected us, well my question is why? Why me im am just a simple ranger with few skill why not if you needed a ranger select some one of more skill then my own? is this something you can provide an answer for me." as he finished stating these questions he looks to siliwen and offers a small smile glad that she had finaly found something to provide a little peace. "Gods i hope that amulet works for her" he whispers under his breath. With this statement he pulls his dagger out and begins cleaning his nails and waits for an answer

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 04:36:39.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: Riddle

riddle seeing the same sight as everyone else, the bar keep alive how is this possible, quickly followed billy inside expecting any thing as being possible when he got in side he quickly moved to make battle positions possible

Posted on 2008-04-06 at 03:39:21.

Topic: The Would You Rather Game
Subject: lol couldnt think of anything

250 lbs and happy

would you rather feed something to our demonic vending machine or have a wish corrupted

Posted on 2008-04-05 at 05:15:42.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: i still say no

Riddle sits at the table looking around the room as usual noting peoples actions and how strange they could be. Noting especially the missing servers he looks to Siliwen.

" Have you noticed that some of the servers are not yet back i find this kind of odd do you not."

Riddle was begining to feel more and more uneasy about the given situation it all just didnt add up something was missing. the tracks the missing servers the mage showing up at the givin time when they were most venerable. He just sits his hands on his blades, having already expressing his nerves about the situation and not wanting to bother Siliwen more

Posted on 2008-03-30 at 02:40:05.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: ....

" I side with billy in this matter though i will not leave siliwens side no matter her decision. Although would like to point out a couple of factors. First being the most disturbing to me there are no animals out side not a sound made by insect or animal kind, I find this odd do you not? Why would there be no sound riddle me that what would he have to gain? Plus i also know that there was a man out in the woods contoling the wolves, we have all come to exept that have we not? So who is to say this man is not that man?" riddle pauses and looks Siliwen directly in the eyes, his showing nothing but care and concern " ultimatly it is you decision, know that i will stand by you no matter what one you make, but these are things i want you and the whole group to think about."

with this riddle eases back into his chair and relaxes still watching and waiting his hands no longer on his weapons

Posted on 2008-03-23 at 21:54:38.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: trust worthy, I think not

Riddle walks back in side and quickly sits at the table. Upon sitting he thinks to himself of how much he distrusts this man and ponders the lack of noise in the surounding area. He nodds to Billy that they retreat from the table to a more quite one in the room. Riddle quickly gets up as Billy follows, Riddle walks to a table in the room just out of ear shot of the group but still with in reaction distence

"I dont think the trouble has passed and I think this man is the cause of it though im not to be sure, but i do have my reasons. For starters the only set of fresh prints out side lead to the door, which i can only assume would belong to this man. Second you mentioned a man out in the woods during our fight, we have all come to accept that the man was controling the wolves, perhaps its him. Lastly and the reason I think that this is not yet over is there is no sign of animal life out side. The only two reasons I can think of for this is one something has scared them off or number two someone has silenced the area. The only two people in the area that I know of who could do this are Siliwen and this man. so it stands to reason not to trust this guy and be on high alert."

With this said Riddle gets up and leaves the table to go sit back down with the others, right next to Alacran to be specific hands casualy resting on the hilts of his scimitars. Stating with out missing a beat,

"Forgive me for my rude interuption I had some personal busness to attend to with my rather large friend here a, little wager that I have lost."

Ater this has been said Riddle just sits in silence watching, listening and waiting.

Posted on 2008-03-19 at 05:15:29.
Edited on 2008-03-19 at 05:15:53 by syanide shadowalker

Topic: I find this funny
Subject: the best

the one i have seen is on thermometers it says do not use oraly after using rectaly i find this funny in the same way as the obove mentioned some one either did it or just legaly coving there bases but it kindof a no brainer warning if you ask me

Posted on 2008-03-18 at 21:59:57.

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: ..


Posted on 2008-03-17 at 23:52:31.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness Q&A
Subject: just testing it out

for the help

Posted on 2008-03-15 at 05:11:16.
Edited on 2008-03-19 at 00:04:31 by syanide shadowalker

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness Q&A
Subject: how

how is it that you bold italisize and change the colors of your texts call me stupid but i dont know how you do it so any help would be much apriciated

Posted on 2008-03-14 at 22:27:40.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: who is he

Suddenly, a burst of light brightens the room and a clap sounding like thunder erupts through Inn. The front door suddenly swings open, the bar holding it closed parts easily as if it were made of kindling and a figure walks into the Inn and stands in the doorway. The people closing on Siliwen pause and shield their eyes from the bright light; a few even draw weapons as if expecting an attack.

“HOLD!” a voice bellows from the doorway, it is a powerful authoritative voice which seems to freeze those closing in on the group.

Apon entry of this unknown mage Riddle quickly drew his swords, in the same token placing himself inbetween siliwen and the mage. as soon as the rooms energy began to change Riddle decided to sheath his swords, keeping his hands on them still should something else happen.

Billy and riddle began to escort Siliwen up to the rooms when she stoped to give them hugs and said "I thnk you for my staunch defense in this matter. You hav ehelp me greatly just by believing in me and that I could not do such a thing under normal curcumstances. I am so sorry I have given you all such great difficulties but I don't think removing myself fromt he group is the answer either. We were told we must work together to achieve a victory against this Dark One."

" You are right seperating your self from the group would not be a good idea, now i am going to leave you in billys capable hands and go out side and see what i might find in the way of an escape rout or mayhaps some signs of our killer." as Riddle says this he begins moving to the door. While on his way to the door he sees thor, he pauses long enough to tell thor what he is going to do. he quickly steps out side and begins walking around the building searching for signs of the killer as well as a possible escape rout.. once he has spent enough time to satisfy his curiousity he walks a few feet into the forest and sits simply watching what is going on around the inn and listening for anything that might be a reason for him to rush into the inn again. while he sits he ponders the ever elusive question why siliwen.

"ah how i miss my grove" whispers riddle to himself
at that thought riddle gets up and begins pacing the outside perimiter of the inn still looking for signs and ponering why siliwen. In his pacing his eye becomes drawn to the mark on his hand "..... trust no one who does not bear this mark" the thought of that night still made him un easy. He quickly altered his course to inside to find this goodly mage if thats what he was

Posted on 2008-03-14 at 22:18:26.
Edited on 2008-03-17 at 23:16:42 by syanide shadowalker

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: i trust

"I know you didn't and i will do what ever it takes to see you free of this" Riddle says in as soothing of a voice as he can muster given the circumstances "now lets get you out of here and up stairs so we can sort this whole thing out and keep you safe in the process."

Posted on 2008-03-12 at 00:18:31.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: Perhaps

Riddle once again resides himself to a quite roll already having said his piece and seeing that it had done no good. He quickly helped Siliwen to her feet. Turning to see billy walking his way he asked

" mind if we get and escort to the stairs from there im sure i can keep her safe, i agree with thor the situation will defuse its self once we get her out of here. As far as well us getting out of here it would be best solved up there in a defensible environment. Perhaps if i could get some time alone i could search the room for any tracks."

Waiting for billys reply he resides himself to watching the room his hands still on his swords ready to draw at any givin moment"

Posted on 2008-03-11 at 22:46:45.
Edited on 2008-03-11 at 23:03:53 by syanide shadowalker

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: How??

The four of them come running down the stairs and see a sight which stops them cold; the common room is much like they left it except for a body laying in the middle of the floor surrounded by a pool of fresh blood. The body is the barkeep/owner and he seems most surely dead as a large triangular piece of metal about 18 inches long protrudes from the center of his chest. That sight in itself if very shocking, but the thing which made them all pause on the stairway is the sight of Siliwen, kneeling next to the body, her hands covered in blood.

The scream sounds again, and it is not from Siliwen that it comes; it emanates from a middle-aged woman standing in the doorway of the kitchen looking upon the body on the floor.

“She killed my husband!” the woman says to them pointing at Siliwen who just kneels there looking down at the blood upon her hands as if wondering how it got there.

Riddle responds simply by lowering his hands to his swords on his hips trying to appear as unthreatening as possible but also trying preparing himself for a battle if nessisary

"Siliwen what happened" came Riddles concerend reply lookin at her with more than a little sympathy. In the short time he had known her she had become a close friend perhaps his first one not animal.

"Milady i doubt that what happened here was done at the hands of my friend this is not her method and she does not kill innocent people for no reason." Came riddles voice again this time addressing the dead mans wife.

then turning to Alea whispering,
"Perhaps you should try healing him maby it will help us out of a jam and find out more about what happend here."

As riddle finished talking he resided him self to scaning the room keeping a watchful eye on the people in the room as well as trying to find some tell tell signs of any one else involved in this incident

Posted on 2008-03-10 at 06:01:14.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: Perhaps

As they travled away from the fight Riddle was more than a little annoyed about the ignoring of his offers to find the mage. "Perhaps if we had this could all be over" Riddle thought over and over again. As they aproached the sight of the town riddle thought to himself "well here we are another town perhaps the others can get some rest, and maby i will find some animals or interesting plants to play with."

As they walked into the tavern and sat around the table. riddle once again thought to himself about going out side to the wilderness around the town he missed his home, and the sight of the cruhed wolf still brought bursts of guilt to his heart and mind.
When the time for the gaurd came to be mentioned Riddle agreed whole heartedly with Thors estimate. Whilst the the conversations continued riddle sat in quite contemplation wanting to keep siliwen safe but wondering how he could best apply his skils

Posted on 2008-03-09 at 03:48:48.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness Q&A
Subject: im still here

im still here just a little busy i can only check on wednesdays- saturdays

and some times i am busy on thoses days but i am still here
i am waiting on the next post right now riddle doesnt have much to say other than go with the flow

Posted on 2008-03-09 at 03:39:40.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness
Subject: getting ready

as riddle begins walking towards the horses he notices that siliwen is quite shaken as well. As he begins to alter his course to her he notices billy walkin twards her.

"I think it is safe now. The wolves have all gone and the strange man I saw fled also."

came the billys inteded comferting words. little did he know how unsettling they were to the ranger

"wait strange man were was he mabey we can track him i want revenge on someone who would use animals in this way"
came riddles reply obviously more than a little angered

Posted on 2008-03-01 at 04:06:22.

Topic: Garayon - Reign of Darkness Q&A
Subject: happily

i will still be able to post it might just be a little while maby once a week when i can

Posted on 2008-02-23 at 03:14:09.


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