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Topic: Bring Me That Horizon Q&A
Subject: Frillies and other formal gear

As Cracker walked back to his bunk to pack he realized that he had no idea what he actually posessed to pack.  Is there anything I need to worry about?  Can I assume certain weapons?  

Posted on 2018-05-24 at 20:09:25.

Topic: Bring Me That Horizon
Subject: And here I thought he was a choir boy

Cracker's laugh at Crowe's crude gesture interupted his whistling.  "Frillies and a couple of fingers, it seems the quartermaster may not be the little choir boy we all assumed he was.  What your momma would say if she could see you now . . ."  

And with that he resumed whsitling and zipped out of the room - he really didn't need to hear what Crowe's momma would say in reply to that!  Smiling and pondering the future he whistled his way to his bunk and put together the few things he had and would need for the trip.  As he'd indicated earlier, it wasn't much.  Then he headed to Crowe's roost.  As he approached he saw that the door was ajar and he could hear the sound of a wet stone and blade coming from inside.  

He tapped at the entrance and stepped in.  "It is a dangerous man that mush sharpen his frillies."  He grinned and nodded at the blade.  "What do you put the odds that we will need that sort of a thing?"

Posted on 2018-05-24 at 20:07:57.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Bouncers with attitude

What bar owner let a bouncer demand his own personal payment before letting people in the front door?  Either Brug was an all-star bouncer or he was an idiot.  Looking at him, Kheric thought both might well be true.  He shook his head.  He didn't want to dig for onions.  There were sure to be other bars in this little town.  

But he did like Iaka's play . . .  He watched to see if the big guy would bite.  He'd known a kid back home who conned another kid into painting his fence for him.  Sometimes people really were that gullible.  If it had worked for Tom, maybe it would work for the ratman.  

Posted on 2018-05-24 at 19:58:13.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game
Subject: plan

Do we have a plan?  

I'm thinking we need to get to the cleaning company to access those files - that helps with both the vehicles and the personel.  Others might look into other leads, but am I right in thinking that is where at least some of us are headed.  I'm not sure that fixer has a big role in that, but he'd certainly tag along and see what can be learned.

I just want to make sure that our don't all just end with "what is the plan?" but rather something the GM can move on.

Posted on 2018-05-23 at 18:41:42.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Plan

Decicio - are you thinking you stopped Kheric before he spoke?  I'm ok with that if that is the intent, I'll just modify his post a bit.  His intent in speaking was only partially to say "don't bother," but more to give him a chance to say "candy" and see if it got the guys attention.  Just let me know if I should modify what I posted.

Posted on 2018-05-19 at 20:51:50.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Fetch me some onions?

Kheric was relieved that the guards took the young half-elf off of their hands.  They had other things to do and he didn't really want to be seen wandering aroudn town helping addicts.  Plus, they needed everyone in the squad focused on the issue at hand.  The tip about the River Rat was also useful.  At first he thought it was a reference to another ratman - or a reference to thier own.  But no, it was a tavern.

A tavern with a large and hungry half-orc doorman.  He wanted them to fetch river onions?!!  What sort of doorman asked for that?  He had no intention of becoming some fool's gopher . . . unless it would help the group.  

He took a half-step to the side - he wanted to be sure the orc could see him, but not make it seem as if he was putting himself forward.  "Come on guys.  Who ever heard of fetchin' onions?  I didn't come here to fetch nobody an onion.  I bet there are several other spots around here where we can score us some candy."  He took a step backwards and started to move away.  "Let that big guy's boss wonder why folks with cash are being sent away."  He grinned a bit showing his teeth.  "Lets see what else this night has to offer . . ."   

Posted on 2018-05-19 at 18:16:01.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: To onion or not to onion, that is the question . . .

Plans guys?  Do we go fetch some onions?  Or just ignore it?  

Kheric is going to vocalize "no" and reference candy . . .

Posted on 2018-05-19 at 18:00:10.

Topic: Fly Eagle Express
Subject: nickel and diming you!

It is those extra baggage fees, they get you every time!  I told Frodo to take only what he could grab quickly and carry, but he insisted on the extra handkerchiefs.  He just had to go back and get them.  I think it was only the lack of shoes that kept him from being overweight!  

Posted on 2018-05-17 at 22:36:02.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game
Subject: Question

I started typing Fixer's post when I realized I had a question - it is sort of included in the post, but I might need to modify the posting based on the answer.  

Where was Jace last seen?  Was it at the school?  Was he ever seen leaving the school?  I'm asking because if he was never seen leaving the school those Upstairs Downstairs vans seems pretty important to me.  Is it possible to trace the vehicles?  This would mean who was driving them, what their schedule was, and where they went.  Did they reach their next scheduled stop on time?  If jace never left the school these seem like really important questions.  If he did, they are borderline meaningless.  

Posted on 2018-05-17 at 22:32:59.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A Night City Adventure
Subject: What to do with a few hours rest

Fixer went with the others to get some rest.  He was exhausted.  He hadn't realized how tired he was - he was used to running long hours when on a job.  You just kept going on adrenaline until you no longer could.  But the crashes could be long and he couldn't afford that now.  And he'd never been a very big fan of running on extra on the juice.  One type of juice could lead to another type of juice which could lead to another and, well, bad things.  So he tried to avoid it.  Good old sleep was what he needed and if it was only to be 2 hours, then so be it.  The kid probably didn't have a lot more.  

When they got out of their little coffins he stretched and looked at the others.  "As I said, I'm in for checking on Mrs. White.  But we want those personell files.  Names and work schedules.  Plus, you've said a couple of times that only their vehicles came and went from the school.  Was there any video evidence of Jace ever leaving the school?  If not, is that because they don't have cameras at the exits or because he didn't leave?  Those vans would be anothe option.  Can we find plates on which vans left and when?  Who was driving them?  What their scheduled stops were?"  

Posted on 2018-05-17 at 22:29:49.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A CyberPunk Game
Subject: Fixer

I will do my best to get a text in within 24 hours, but life is very busy.  As soon as I can . . . 

Posted on 2018-05-16 at 21:54:05.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Ah, the long arm of the law

Kheric did not like the sickly sweet smell of the girls blood.  It seemed doubtful that she would be able to survive, but that was no reason not to try.  He moved quickly forward to help his new colleague struggling with both the smell and the bandage.  Eventually he got the job done.  

Even as he finally accomplished the task 'help' arrived.  The city guard.  

"Asoel, keep both hands on the girl.  We will deal with the guards."  Kheric stood back from the girl as requested and raised his hands - showing both that they were empty and the medallion he had been given by the captain.  He didn't let his eyes waver from her as he didn't want her to either escape or jump him.  "Please, we are not hurting her.  We are working with your captain.  I bandaged her arm where she was drinking her own blood.  She needs help.  Help us get her somewhere where she can not hurt herself."  

If the guards are willing to help and no longer threatening he will quickly begin looking around to see what other attention they have attracted.  

Posted on 2018-05-14 at 22:01:06.

Topic: Bring Me That Horizon
Subject: Banter time

So he was going to join Crowe and Maggie on a side trip?  What the #$%@? Leave the dog and go fatch someone?  But they needed money and they needed time to find their spot in this place.  So it made some sense - and he wasn't about to question the captain.  And if you had to go out with a 3-person crew this would be a pretty good pair.  He just didn't like being dependent on someobody else's boat.  

The meeting, it seemed, was over.  Crowe gave him some time to figure out what he needed to take.  The very idea made him laugh - what sailor needed more than a minute to grab all of their worldy possessions. After a little banter he headed for the door.  He'd give Crowe a little time before he met the others in Crowe's bunk.  He wanted a bit more information on just what they were up to.  

Posted on 2018-05-12 at 20:36:31.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: It's Alive!

Hey, if people have kept this game going for 10+ years, a few days while you deal with illness are nothing.  We'll just chill with the little reptile.  

Posted on 2018-05-10 at 21:56:32.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Of course

Oh, well, sure, that.  Obviously I'd recognize the structure of a real language over a made up language.  Clearly.  That goes without saying.  


I think you are giving us (or me, at least) much more credit then we deserve.  

Posted on 2018-05-08 at 21:30:12.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves Q&A
Subject: Yep

Yeah, I get that we can do just about anything, but your comments seemed to suggest something, so I wanted to be sure if that was right.  Anyway, Bory is assuming that they will head for Ghostwood.  (Unless his mentor would be sorta on the way, which I'm really not sure about.)

Posted on 2018-05-08 at 21:27:57.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves
Subject: Silence that isn't golden

Bory waited for the others to speak, but after awhile began to wonder how long he would have to wait.  The young half-orc began to look nervous.  Did the others have no opinion?  Eventually two of them spoke in favor of the gates.  Unlike those two, Bory would have had no problem with the tunnels, but then gnomes ahd a bit of the badger in them.  If there was no need to go tunneling, the gates and the sunshine would be a better beginning.  A beginning to what, he still did not know.  

After the others had spoken Bory nodded.  "I know of no reason to fear the gates and agree with the plan to leave by the gates."  He then turned to Girta'a and continued.  "And I am sure to appreciate the addition of some of your families sweets to our supplies.  It is a shame that Lys was unable to join us here, but you have done admirably in filling in for her.  We may not know much, but I think everyone here was chose by Lys for a reason and everyone has a reason to want to see this mission through.  We will do our best to stay safe."  He smiled at the young one.  She seemed nervous and anxious to do the right thing.  "Perhaps these others that are locals have things to take care of before we leave, but I have just arrived in town and am ready to head out again.  Might there be a small corner here that you would allow me catch a nap in while I wait for the morning?"

(OOC:  If Girta'a has a place for him to sleep Bory will take it.  He will talk to her a bit about how she knows Lys to learn more about their (to him) unkown leader.  But he wouldn't push as he suspected she didn't know any more.  Most importantly, after everyone has left he will cast Goodberry so that he has a set of them ready in the morning.  This will be his normal daily pattern - if he has a spell slot still available at night he will always cast this spell before taking a long rest.)

Posted on 2018-05-07 at 21:00:16.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Never noticed

You actually thought we'd recognize Tagalog?  Nope, not a chance I'd recognize it.  I believe Hammer is in the Philipines right now.  When he gets back stateside he would likely recognize it.  I do think it is a cool way to use the langauge.  And the screw up made me laugh, so there is that.  

Posted on 2018-05-07 at 20:42:04.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves Q&A
Subject: Question

Lady Dark -

You stated that our options were:  Ghostwood, the animal attacks, Lya's death.

But don't all of those start with going to the town of Ghostwood?  Is there an option other then go out the main gates and head to that town and see what we can find?  Do we have some guess about things beyond just going to the local tavern and starting to talk to people?  You list Ghostwood as if it is somehow separate from the other two options.


Posted on 2018-05-07 at 20:37:20.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A Night City Adventure
Subject: Fixer

Fixer listened to the options.  

"Ok, well, all of that makes some sense.  Certainly Cred-stick should do what he does.  That just makes sense.  It is what he is here for.  I'm for looking into the cleaning staff.  Lets go talk to Mrs. White."

Posted on 2018-05-06 at 19:40:00.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves Q&A
Subject: Decisions!

Come on folks!  We need a decision.  Bory isn't from this town, but unless someone from here things we should take the tunnel - why not go by the gate???   Speak up.  

Posted on 2018-05-06 at 19:34:56.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Help if possible

Seeing Asoel run forward and recognize the sad half-elf, Kheric frowned.  It seemed even their group of new arrivals was directly impacted by this stuff.  Could one survive with their blood turned to honey?  The stench made him slightly sick.  He had always liked honey, but now wondered if he would ever be able to eat it again without seeing this young woman's face.  

He stepped forward so that he could help Asoel if needed.  After waiting to see if she responded to her name he spoke.  "Asoel, if you need assistance I will aid you.  If no other location is suitable, a jail cell might at least keep her away from more flux.  Or we can go wherever you think best."

*If the woman responds in some way to Asoel's questions Kheric will avoid interupting the conversation.  If he does end up helping Asoel bring her somewhere, he will suggest that if possible, they could attempt to look like they are also addicts helping a friend home.  There is nothing like getting a reputation.  

Posted on 2018-05-05 at 14:39:18.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Interesting

Is Asoel going to want to try and bring the girl somewhere for detox?  Or just leave her there?  Kheric would if that was the plan.  Otherwise I assume we are moving on to a tavern or some such.  

Posted on 2018-05-01 at 21:49:54.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves
Subject: Wine - a great beverage for the hatching of plans!


While the group waited for the young half-orc to return Bory was not overly surprised that the others hadn’t jumped in to share information on Ghostwood.  Nobody seemed quite certain what was going on and the presence of the Arcaren seemed to put a damper on everything.  His presence particularly bothered Bory.  He was a spell caster – and an unregistered one at that.  It was very likely the other already suspected as much.  Should he worry about it?  If the man was true to the Authority then his life could be forfeit – and who had heard of an Arcaren that was not loyal?  But then, Lys had summoned him.  And Haradaya trusted Lys.  So Bory trusted her.  But he didn’t know if that trust extended to this man. 

When the young half-orc returned she offered up some food and drink to the group.  Bory was willing to fill his stomach and satisfy his thirst while he learned of his mission.  As she started her introduction he opened a bottle of wine and poured himself a glass – silently offering to do so for others if they wanted.  He then sat back with some bread and cheese to listen to the plan. 

He was disappointed.  There wasn’t much to it.  Ghostwood and a few rumors about it and a missing sister.  He already knew as much.  Or as little, it seemed.  It wasn’t much.  Still, it was a place to begin.  They’d probably have to just go and hope they could dig something up years later.  Was that likely?  He wondered as Girta’a finished her hesitant speech and offered them possibilities. 

When she finished with “What else do you need to know?” it was hard not to respond with “something of substance,” but he knew it would do no good.  It seemed clear the young girl had done her best and was a bit overwhelmed.  He wasn’t sure about how they should leave the city.  Was there a reason they needed to go in hiding?  He’d never been a huge fan of horses but given the distance they needed to travel they would shorten the journey significantly. Supplies would be easier that way as well.  In truth supplies didn’t worry him much since goodberry was such a useful spell, but then could he really keep the Arcaren supplied with magical berries?  He liked the idea of it.  But this wasn’t his city.  He was a stranger here.  He’d spoken first before.  This time he decided he would wait and see what the rest of the group had to offer. 

Bory took a sip of his wine and sat back to see what else would be said. 

Posted on 2018-05-01 at 21:45:22.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: KHERIC

Kheric stayed in the shadows and watched the ratman talk with the drugged half-elf.  Somehow elves had a way of seeming old, wise and serene when you thought about them.  But then you met one face-to-face and realized they could be as stupid as any other person.  Somehow the age didn't seem to help as much as you would think it would.  This one might only be a half-elf, but she seemed to have inherited plenty of stupid from both sides of the family tree.  It didn't look like the tree would be going much further.  

This was disgusting.  Honey blood?  Even from a distance he could smell it - and it wasn't hard to see what she was doing to herself.  He couldn't help wondering if there was somewhere he could take her for help before she ripped her entire arm to shreds.  He'd wait to see what came of the last question and then see if there was something he could do for her.  This was not normal.  Who in their right mind, after seeing something like this would ever try this stuff??  He wondered how long she had been on flux.  How many hits did it take to get a person to this point?  Or to make your head explode?  Maybe the jail could work as a detox.   

Posted on 2018-04-29 at 12:07:17.


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