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Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: A cleric ponders his options

As the group reassembled for lunch, Heironymus was not much happier than he had been when he left breakfast. The situation he found himself in was ridiculous. He was expected to commit himself to a mission about which he knew almost nothing. He didnt even have anything but the admittedly untrustworthy word of one man that there was even a problem. And yet, if he committed he would almost assuredly not be allowed to leave later once he had learned the plan. But if he refused and walked out now, he had been warned that there would be punishment if he talked to the wrong person and he didnt even know what would be the wrong thing to say or who might be the wrong people to say it to.

So the cleric felt trapped. He wanted to just walk away, but he doubted he would really be allowed to do so. So he as he sat down to eat he was fairly resigned to this new campaign, whatever it might be.

Did he think the world was truly in danger? Who knew? Possibly. Such things were actually pretty unlikely, but if history and myth were to be believed at all it was possible. But who really knew? For all he knew they were going to be used to overthrow a ruler somewhere.

So as he sat down to eat the cleric resolved to sit back and listen. He would hear if anyone else had anything to say. He would enjoy the good food. But he would simply listen. In the end if a decision was demanded he assumed he would probably agree, not because he believed in this mission, but because he felt he had little choice. But before doing so, he would some very basic questions: Can you give us any reason to believe you? Is there any shred of evidence that this tale of global destruction is true? Im not asking for all of your secret plans, but simply a reason, any reason, to believe any of this.

Presumably, whatever the answer, he would feel compelled to answer. But he remained in a foul mood.

**I will be away from a computer until Sunday night, so no further posts are likely until then.

Posted on 2011-02-24 at 21:54:34.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Post up

Ok, the kid is now up to date with his posts. He needs others to lead the action at this point.

And of course we can trust our Doc . . . but mcGuiness still doesn't want to get shot, no matter who the medic is!

And a question - as we head INTO Castle Rautenberg - anyone else notice that the title of the game is "ESCAPE FROM Castle Rautenberg?" We seem to be going the wrong direction! Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing?

Posted on 2011-02-20 at 03:51:20.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: From the eagles nest to right in the thick of it.

As the car rapidly approached the Nazi checkpoint, young Corban McGuiness couldn't help but notice that this was not the sniper way. He would have preferred to hang out in one of the buildings in the town and pick these fool guards off one-by-one. But Pop had always said that in the marines, sometimes you had to fly by the seat of your pants. Or drive by them. Something like that. At any rate it was too late to worry about other options.

The seargant told him to hold his gun on the "captive" Doc. What, he didn't know the plan?

But he did as asked and prepared to give the guards his best steely gaze. As they approached he noted where each of the four guards were stationing themselves. He also kept an eye on the guard house in case any additional enemies revealed themselves. Always know your enemy if you can, he thought.

As he sized up the enemy he waited for events to play themselves out. He was just along for the ride until the shooting started. IF the shooting started, he reminded himself.

Posted on 2011-02-20 at 03:48:11.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Ethics, books and a wait

The other members of the group spoke in their turn. It seemed likely that most would sign up for this mystery mission. The cleric admitted to himself he probably would as well, but more because he felt he was being given little choice than out of any real sense that it was the right thing to do. At this point he had no evidence that his host was the "good guy."

"If our host is to be believed, it would seem that this Twilight Dragon will be an ethical wildcard. I am more curious about the alignment of those trying to release this beast - and of those whould have us stop this plan. Destroying the world is a motivation that works well in old tales, but few would actually wish to do it. Even those who are evil would not wish to destroy everything, for what then would they rule? No, while the beast may be a wildcard who could destroy the world, those who would release him have a goal for this world. They must think they can control it."

"And all of that assumes there was some truth in what our dear host has said. But as his words are what we have to go on, I believe Quarlin has the correct idea. We need information. I would wish it to be information free of our host, but as all we have to draw on at the moment is his own library, I guess we should make due with that we have."

Feeling as though he had made more than enough speeches for the day, the cleric grabbed a piece of fruit and headed for the door. "I think I shall also head to the library and see if there is anything of use to be learned."

(As stated, Heironymus will head to the library. In particular he will be looking for ancient stories that might link to the tale told by their host. He will also keep his eye out for some link between the stuff he read the previous night and any stories about this new/old threat.)

Posted on 2011-02-20 at 03:33:46.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Backpost was easy

Well, the backpost was easy. Mix a little honorable son in with sniper mentality and there you go. I'll get something up for the current situation soon. I was hoping to wait for another post or two to have something to play off of as I ease into the game.

And thanks for the welcome everyone.

Odyson - it does stink that it looks like the Crusader game is dead. Hopefully Nazi's can take the place of orcs. Kind of similar anyway, arent't they?

Posted on 2011-02-19 at 21:52:30.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Backstory at the cabin - A sniper in a tree

McGuiness scrambled up a tree not far from the cabin with the screaming woman inside. Typical, he thought to himself. Nothing since he had come on this crazy mission had gone according to plan. SANFU *Situation-Normal-All-F#$%#$@-Up* That was the expression Pop loved. From the attack on the plane onward it was all pure military. SNAFU.

Oh well, he thought as settled into the branches. There was a job to do and it was their job to do. That is what marines did. And his part of that job was to line up his sights on the door of the cabin. He scanned through his scope and attempted to see if there was any immediate danger.

Before he had finished thoroughly checking the area he saw Romo stand up and approach the door. S$%#!! He screamed silently to himself! What is that idiot doing?! He heard him call out to the cabin in German. In disbelief the sniper held his aim on the door. He would be ready to plug a hole in anything that came out of the door. But what was the stupid sergeant doing?! If there was anything a sniper knew it was that you didnt reveal your location until you knew everything that could be learned about your surroundings. They hadnt scouted around yet! That damn fool of a sergeant had no idea how many people were in the cabin! Why would you ever expose yourself in the open like that when you didnt even know what you were up against! Stupid! He admired the mans bravery, and valued his language skills, but his assessment of the man went down a notch. Or two.

As he kept his sights lined up on the door he hoped the Sarges rash actions wouldnt get them all killed.

A moment later the door opened and an angry Nazi officer stepped into the light. McGuiness could see him reaching for his sidearm to shoot the annoying visitor. McGuiness began to gradually squeeze the trigger when an arrow head suddenly blossomed out of the front of the Nazis throat. As the sniper released the pressure on the trigger the man collapsed to the ground.

# of Nazis killed by the unit on the mission so far: 1
At least that brought a smile.

He didnt take his aim off of the door. Anything could come through that door at a moments notice. But while he held his aim he couldnt help but think, Damn! We needed that uniform! Id have hit him in the head! Amateurs!

He kept his aim on the door until the others moved inside and confirmed no more enemies within. He then started to scan the entire yard. He kept a watch everywhere, using the scope to try and sight down the road and past the various buildings. If anything was out there, he wanted to know about it.

While he scanned he continued to complain silently to himself about the Sarges rash behavior. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Pop always said. Which meant prevent yourself from getting shot! Dont stand up in the open when you dont know who is out there! A pound of cure would be mighty hard to come by around here. Sure, they had the Doc with them, and that was good. He liked Doc. But honestly, what could the guy do for a bullet wound here? Best not get shot in the first place. Which to Corban McGuiness meant not standing up in front of an unknown number of enemies!

The surprising thing was that he might have expected it of Brutal. The man was tough, but seemed to lack any sort of subtlety. Charging in like a bull in a China shop seemed like his sort of thing. Then again, he was still alive as a combat veteran, so maybe not. But the Sarge? He hadnt expected rash behavior from him. Well, they had gotten lucky this time.

He continued to keep his eye on things from his perch in the tree until called for.

Posted on 2011-02-18 at 12:52:20.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: A mouthy private?

Sure I read the posts. A mysteriously broken firing pin is not the same thing as talking back to a higher ranking officer. Generally letting those officers guide the action while you get a feel for mess you have gotten yourself into is not the same as letting them make dumb decisions that could get you killed.

We'll see how it plays out . . .

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 12:44:49.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Happy to be joining the fray

I have never played a game of this nature, but reading the thread so far it looks interesting. Expect the private to act like a private for awhile (deference to his senior officers) while I get the feel of things. I think honoring superior officers fits his background anyway. Probably.


Posted on 2011-02-14 at 02:55:33.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: What was the point of that!?

As the man at the head of the table spoke of Heironymus' mysterious and sudden arrival in this world, a knot formed in the cleric's stomach. That mystery had continued to hang over his head, only momentarily forgotten while more immediate needs pressed. He had wondered if this individual had played a role in his arrival - and now it seemed to be confirmed. Or, at least, those he served knew of it.

He hated being a puppet. Even of his own god. He served from devotion, not because he must. Free will was a part of the equation. He CHOSE to serve. He could CHOOSE not to. That is what made his service meaningful. But again the puppet strings tugged. And he hated it.

And calling it destiny did not help. Heironymus believed in many things, but destiny was not among them. You made your own destiny. Even the gods could not completely determine fate. He didn't believe his thoughts were blasphemous, just a statement of fact. His own god had to contend with the counter wishes of other divine forces. Life could be influenced by all such powerful forces, but not determined. So don't feed him any crap about destiny!

All of these thoughts raced through the clerics mind as the speaker walked out. They were all reflections of arguments he had had with himself many times previously. When their host had left, Heironymus broke the silence. "Well, that was extremely helpful!" Without a doubt everyone at the table could feel the sarcasm in the statement as he made no attempt to hide his disgust.

"So," he said, looking around the table, "we are to save the world. It sounds like an honorable task, if we had any clue just what in the Moons is being asked of us. Just think, this group of mysteriously talented people gets to decide if they want to save the world from a mysterious threat, using some yet mysterious method all based on the word of a mysterious man in service to yet more mysterous forces. I don't know about you, but I feel very informed by that little speech!"

The angered cleric spat out the last words. He started to reach for his drink again, but paused just as he was about to drink and fired off one more line. "And the mysterious source is good with threats as well - should you somehow say something, about what you don't know about, to someone whose identity you don't know, there will be trouble!"

He leaned back in his chair, finished his sip, and muttered,"unbelievable!" under his breath. Ever since he had arrived in this land he been buffeted by one unknown force after another. It was getting very old. But what was there to do? For now he would sit back and let the others around the table speak. His outburst certainly let them know how he was feeling. But it didn't say anything about the decision that surely lay ahead.

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 02:49:35.
Edited on 2011-02-14 at 02:50:36 by Nomad D2

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Questions continue

"No doubt your network is vast, but if what you say is true, there is a significant difference between leading a small band of desperate escapees through the woods and finding out the secrets of those who can free gods. The ability to do one, does not say anything about the other."

"But those comments also, lead to one of my questions - if this thing locked ITSELF away, as you said, than what do you expect it to do when liberated? Might it not simply lock itself back in? Or is there reason to fear that these others might be able to control it?"

"And since you brought up the issue of how easy it has been to lead us around - that is hardly a statement about our strength. So, simply put, why us? If this is so important, would it not be wise to bend your full resources to the task?"

When he finished the Heironymus poured himself another glass of juice and claimed another pastry. There were many questions to ask, although he suspected most would remain unanswered.

Posted on 2011-02-13 at 23:55:54.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Heironymus - a man of many questions, a few of which get asked

The Twilight Dragon? Should I know what that is?

Well, anyway, we obviously have many questions. At least I know I do. Where to start? A barrage of questions, while tempting, would probably not be productive.

Pausing for a drink, Heironymus continued. So I guess, we begin with the basics. First, although you dont know who is responsible, surely you have an idea of why someone would want to release this thing? Second, if it sealed itself away, why would it want to escape?

Posted on 2011-02-12 at 01:44:08.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Heironymus . . . a not yet informative meal

Heironymus enjoyed the meal. One thing he had learned in the past was to take advantage of agood meal when he got the chance. And this spread was certainly a good meal. Andhe liked the view. Surveying the forest was quite a pleasant view. Not dramatic perhaps, but almost pastoral. After the last few weeks, he could do with something pastoral.

After the speech by the master of the house, Heironymus had to admire the man. At least he appreciated his honesty - there was indeed no reason to believe him. Still, admitting the obvious did not mean he was honest, simply a good negotiator.

After the elf in the tunnels was spoken of, the cleric tilted his head slightly, and pondered the meaning of the words.

"So, you know of the dark elf? No surprise, I suppose, as I suspect we have you to thank for our escape."

He paused to take a drink of the fruit juice in his glass. "I can honestly say that I would love to walk away from all of this. But where would we go? After a jail break, I doubt very much that only one of us is hunted."

After another sip he continued. "But thankfully we sit here with someone who obviously wants us to know that he is a man with many answers. I am curious about what you know, but no doubt you will tell us in your own time. For now, tell us about this offer of yours. I have had few free choices since I arrived in this area, let us hear what choices we all might make now."

Posted on 2011-02-11 at 02:56:29.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: A view to remember

Heironymus looks off into the distance attempting to figure out which direction he is facing. His attention is drawn to the dancing lights as he took in the general scene.

As he looked around he spoke up, "It seems table manners are expected of us. I have little direct experience with royalty, but if this one is like others I have encountered who claim title, than I would suggest we remain standing and allow him to claim his seat first."

With that he continued to look around in interest. In particular, he was looking for paths or roads nearby and anything that might stand as a landmark in the distance. Even if it wasn't something he might recognize from a map, it might prove to be useful should he ever end up on the ground in those woods.

Posted on 2011-02-01 at 02:08:49.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: Hammer?

Ok, Hammer, where'd you go?

We can keep this cool game going, but we need the game master to be involved . . .

Posted on 2011-01-29 at 21:36:12.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: A welcome nights rest.

After the group was shown to their rooms, Heironymus unloaded his pack. It was good to have a place to leave ones stuff, even if it wasn't the most secure. It wasn't as if he had much worth stealing anyway, but it would be inconvenient. Still, a search seemed more likely than a theft, and he had little to fear if his things were searched.

A bath seemed to be the first order of business for several of his colleagues, and Heironymus followed their lead. He enjoyed the warm water and relaxed after days of tension, grime and hiking.

When finished, he deposited his things in his room, and let the others in the group know that he was going to return to the study that they had been in earlier. "Perhaps the books in this place will tell us something about the master of the house. Doubtful, but I have always enjoyed a quiet evening with a book. I should not be gone long."

With that statement he headed back downstairs and reclaimed his position in a chair. He looked through whatever books he could find hoping to learn about the houses master, the geography of the region, details about who might want to start a war in the region or anything else of interest.

After a couple of hours of reading, he had found nothing that jumped out at him as important, but had at least added to his knowledge base on the area and its politics and trade. Feeling slightly better informed, the cleric went back upstairs and claimed his bed for the night.

When awoken in the morning by the servant, Heironymus was ready to see what new information the day might bring to light.

Posted on 2011-01-26 at 13:02:43.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: Another one!

Sweet! A replacement!

I know Hammer was busy, but I like this game. I certainly want it to keep going.

Speak up folks if you are still in!

Posted on 2011-01-25 at 04:01:33.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: Life support

I would certainly be willing to help keep things going! I want this thing to keep going!

Posted on 2011-01-22 at 00:58:37.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: Time for a blade

As the orcs charged and the arrows flew Trossach studied his foe. After lossing two arrows the time for bows had passed - for now. As the orcs charged he would grab his sword that he had left positioned for an easy weapon switch.

But things didn't go quite as expected. Somehow the orc managed to identify him in the cover and aim an extremely accurate and painful blow, knowcking the big barbarian backwards a step. But no veteran would let himself go down that easily or he wouldn't have ever become a veteran. So wit his two-handed sword in his grasp, Trossach prepared to punish the orc for wounding him.

Notes: Trossach will atck the orc in front of him - #14, I believe. After that he will go for whoever is closest, presumably #16 who was behind #14. If he sees anyone of the other Crusaders in trouble he will adjust his manuevers to aid that person.

Posted on 2011-01-13 at 02:22:27.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: A good meal and then a bed. At least there were some positives

Heironymus looked around the meeting room between all of the bedrooms and thanked their host - well, the servant of their host anyway.

He had appreciated the meal and now intended to enjoy a rest as well. The same logic seemed to apply here that had applied to the meal. He doubted he was in any danger simply because they had not yet killed him. It made sense in a morbid sort of way.

After the servant had left, Heironymus turned to the otehrs and said, "The food was good and aparently safe, I guess it is now time to try out the beds. I don't see any reason not to get some rest. Doubtless this won't remain a peaceful vacation for long. For now I think I shall check out the accomodations - and then perhaps go back downstairs to the hall we were in and see if I can learn anything from the books on the shelves. Unless someone finds something interesting, I suspect I will be looking to sleep within a couple of hours. Does anyone have any other ideas - or care to join me in checking out the bookshelves?"

Heironymus' actions:
1. Check out one of the sleeping rooms and leave any overnight supplies there.
2. Go back to where they had been staying
3. Continue looking at the book about the gods if it seemed he might have missed anything.
4. A fairly quick perusal of the shelves - what sort of subjects are there?
5. While open to anything he finds of interest, he will also be looking for an atlas - something that might tell him more about where he is.

Posted on 2011-01-13 at 01:51:30.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: The Barbarian continues

Since I have been posting I hope it is obvious, but I'm here for the long haul.

Question - if I remember correctly, I think your post said Trossach had 25/45 hitpoints. Did one hit from an orc do 20 points of damage? Wow, I'm not used to that sort of damage from an orc. I'm not complaining, but it would definitely change my interpretation of what "45 hitpoints" means in an orc fight. Did it seem to be a critical blow or just an average blow? I think the post suggested only one blow. Just trying to know what I am up against . . .

I'll get a post up today or tomorrow.

Posted on 2011-01-11 at 12:24:39.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: The others?

I do hope the others are still around. The action seems to be about ready to get rolling.

Posted on 2011-01-01 at 21:10:43.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: The Call to Battle!

(Note: Trossach would have given 6 orc-slayer arrows each to the monk and ranger with the comment that they are, "for all of us.")

The itchy feeling - the need to be doing something - was rising in the half-orc barbarian. He was being honored in this community for something he had not yet done. It would be best to get on with it. Besides, what was that saying about "waiting on the edge of a battle I can't avoid?"

"Orcs!" The cry rang out through the town.

Trosach rose quickly from his seat in the tavern with the knowledge that he would no longer be just on the edge of the battle anymore. He didn't hesitate, and somehow he knew that his new group didn't either. He followed them out the door at a sprint.

Thankfully he was accustomed to wearing his armor at all times in dangerous areas and for training, so he was well equiped, with his new oath bow, two handed sword, dagger and a handaxe - as well as full armor.

He sprinted after the dwarf, who in his apparent fury was leading the charge. The dwarf sprinted past the gold crusaders who were setting up a perimiter near the edge of the woods. Not a bad idea, but it did look like they were giving the advantage of cover to the orcs. And they were giving up surprise. The half-orc hurried past where the other crusaders were building defenses and followed the dwarf, hopeful that he was not in a blindrage that would lead him to charge headlong into the orcs with no forethought.

But his concerns about the dwarf's fury were for naught. The dwarf picked a perfect loacation for an ambush. He saw the dwarf and halfling hide behind the bushes in front of a large opening. The half-orc took a position a little to their left, under cover of the trees, but where he could easily step forward to fight with a blade if the orcs got close.

As the group took up their positions he said quietly, "I will use a slayer arrow on any leader that emerges. After that I won't waste slayer arrows on an average orc, unless we are in trouble. Beware, the real leader will probably not be leading the charge."

With that Trossach stuck his two handed sword into the ground next to him where he would could easily grab it if hand-to-hand combat seemed to be in order. He was screened by the trees which should give him good cover from counter attacks.

Barbarian moves:
1. Call on the oath bow (make the oath) - and shoot a slayer arrow at the leader.
2. Follow up with red arrows at other orcs, aiming at those on the left first, since that is the side he is on. If the slayer arrow does not kill the leader he will shoot again at the leader, although not with another slayer arrow if the leader is already injured.

Posted on 2010-12-31 at 18:22:43.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: A Barbarian requests some goods:

Weapons and armor for the barbarian - I'm just listing what he wants to have, not seperating what he came with from what he needs.

Chainmail armor
Greathelm (Can this be worn on top of the chainmail coif that comes with chain armor? If not, don't bother with the helm.)

Two handed Sword
dagger - 2
Handaxe -2
Arrows - 4 dozen
Bow - no longer needed with the oath bow gift.

Horse and tack
Climbing gear - of any sort available. Like this:
Grappling Hook
Rope- 300 - best quality available
Pitons/spikes - 50


Bedroll- with winter blanket?
4 belt pouches
Basic clothing - Do you want specifics?
Flint and steel
Candles (5)
Torches (12)
Bullseye lantern
Oilflask (10)
Fishing gear
Large Sacks (6) For whatever we find along the way

Map making tools:
Parchment (several sheets)
Waterproof scroll case
Map of the region drawn ahead of time based on stories? (What do we have for this, we wouldnt leave without something, would we?)

A pig - Trossach believes they should deal with the ogre first, if the group agrees he would like to bring with a peace offering. If they don't go for the ogre first, this won't be an issue. Besides, who doesn't take a pig on an adventure?

Food - it looked like was taken care of by others - plus the ring of sustenance.

Tents -I think someone else requested.

Posted on 2010-12-31 at 18:03:07.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: Let the games begin already!

Trossach sat at the betrothal ceremony and pondered the situation he found himself in for life frequently brought one to places that were unexpected. Growing up in the hills to the South East, who would have thought that he would find himself an honored guest at a Halfling betrothal ceremony? Indeed, who would have expected any half-orc to be in such a position. Yet here he was, and a hero even. Sometimes, it was a strange world that they called home.

He thought back to his experience with the Ferrier. A River Warden? Trossach wasnt completely clear on what that was, but it sounded like some type of ranger. At any rate, the Wardens attempted to protect the river and its people. The gift of the bow was kind no, it was a great kindness. An amazing honor from someone he knew so little about. He desired to know more about these River Wardens and would keep his eyes out for information. Perhaps he could return the kindness in the future.

The drunken woodsmen were, sadly, more what he had expected to find. A group of drunks. Trossach was certainly no teetotaler, but he had little admiration for those who spent their lives drunk. He had seen drink ruin the lives of several good hunters in his tribe. From an asset to the community, drink had turned them into a liability. A group of strong young men should be an asset to the town should the gathering storm break, but he would not have wanted to trust these woodsmen with watching his back. The town needed better.

Such thoughts invariably led him to consider his own role in the towns defense. It was clear that these people felt that he and the other Crimson Crusaders were the fulfillment of a legend and fortune. He couldnt help but wonder what the source of such a legend might be? Everyone seemed to know it. A parchment was written about it. But where did it come from? And why him? The Halfling might be the Halfling of Legend, but the parchment seemed to indicate that he too was expected to be a part of this process. He distrusted legends. They were far too easy to be misread or made up.

Still, the reality at the moment was that he found himself part of a legendary group in the eyes of the good people of Botkinburg. And perhaps any bad ones as well, he realized. He hadnt considered that possibility until just this moment. The thought of being a target took the shine off legendary status a bit.

Still, what really bothered him was the fact that he had not yet done anything to deserve the honors. And not just honors at a banquet, but gifts amazing gifts. A magical bow, healing gems and potions, a wonderful book of dexterity and the stone of sustenance. Amazing gifts. And so far he had done nothing to deserve even one of them. Time could not fly fast enough. He was ready to hit the trail. The time had come to earn the trust and faith of these good townsfolk. He wished to begin the crusading and every delay was a frustration, even if it also brought useful information. A good commander knew patience, but also knew the information would likely bear fruit only when put to use. And it was well past time to start putting the information to use and to begin living up to all of the honors being heaped upon them.

(Combat post coming soon, this one was just already 90% done.)

Posted on 2010-12-31 at 03:58:10.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: Hammer Q

Hammer -
A question about the bow. When Trossach whispers the oath does it target a specific individual, or a type of creature. So, if he whispers "Death . . . " about one of these orcs, does it work on all of them, or just that one?

It is a bit of overkill for just one orc, but very useful the other way at them moment.

Posted on 2010-12-31 at 03:53:28.


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