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Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Magic Arrows

Hammer -

Ullrich also has 20 arrows +1 Kobold. Ok, wights are not Kobolds, but these are magic arrows. Would they affect wights? Would they allow some of the others to hit a wight?

Posted on 2009-01-10 at 17:10:30.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Curveball . . . ahhh. . . yes.


A few thoughts as we try to develop a quick plan:
1. Doesn't it require a magical weapon to hurt these things? Yes, we have them, but aren't all the other groups screwed? Do we know if they have anything magical - or even silver? (Does silver work?) Does Ollie Gory have any magic arrows/bow?
2. Turning - a good idea. But at first level do we have much of a chance of succeeding? Weren't the gnomes higher level? Isn't it one shot at it per cleric? How many of us can do it?
3. If we turn them, don't we send them towards others? Is that a problem? Can we try and get EVERYONE from all teams in one corner and keep turning them away from us?
4. Wights are nasty because of what happens if they hit you, but they are hittable and killable.
5. Will the wolverine attack them? Would another nasty creature do so? Any other magic items special for use against them? Does Bumble Brew's staff work here?
6. I hate to say it, but Thungarr is the only one who has levels to lose . . .

Ullrich will be launching arrows ASAP - he'd probably target #3 who is straight in front of him.

Posted on 2009-01-10 at 00:20:54.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Cliffhangers . . .

Yeah, sure. That just means I actually have to do my job at work . . . I blame you!

Posted on 2009-01-09 at 19:15:58.
Edited on 2009-01-09 at 19:16:37 by Nomad D2

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Identifying the enemy

Even just identifying the type and number of the enemy would help us plan. So while we need the map to make final decisions, it would probably be useful to have the written section up whenever you get the chance - even mapless.

Lookin' forward to the next wave . . . I think.

Posted on 2009-01-09 at 15:49:38.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Anvil

To Hit: 12
Save: 20
Damage (8 sided dice) : 6

This assumes a longsword for a weapon.

Posted on 2009-01-08 at 22:55:21.
Edited on 2009-01-08 at 22:56:59 by Nomad D2

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Love the napalm comment . . .

First question - do we want to have Hammer turn the zombies? It would help, but they would still be out there to deal with. But they would have to go through the fire again.

I'm thinking Anvil will want to swing away with his sword. Others?

Posted on 2009-01-08 at 21:53:15.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ahh Shucks....

"WOW ...

..... what an Awesome post from Nomad that was a Great and Thought Provoking Reading Experience!"

I'm blushing through my keyboard . . .

Posted on 2009-01-07 at 22:32:44.

Topic: Land of Xenophobia
Subject: Ullrich and the Hobgoblins

As Ullrich’s arrow buried itself into the last Hobgoblin, he couldn’t help but smile. That was two waves down. How many were there going to be? Four? Half way to freedom. Maybe.

But the Hobgoblin made him smile grimly for another reason as well. They were nasty creatures, pure evil according to those he had asked about them. It made killing them easier. Pure evil and trying to remove his head! That also made killing them easy on his conscience!

Ullrich had always hated fighting humans. He’d killed enough of the Emperor Divine’s guards in his time in the Federation, but as necessary as it was, each time it still made him a bit uneasy. The emperor was the true enemy, and if not purely evil himself, he was responsible for many heinous acts. He had the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands. But what of guards that were simply trying to survive by following orders? Were they evil, or simply caught in a trap? He knew it was an old and unanswerable question, but that didn’t prevent it from nagging him.

He had once been forced to watch the funeral of one of the Emperor’s soldiers. (He was in town scouting and everyone was attending the funeral.) The man’s family had wept. A young woman had lost her husband. Parents had lost a son. There had even been a child. Ullrich had killed the man. He’d had to do it. Doing so had allowed Ullrich and his team to free a dozen people who had just been captured and were going to be shipped as slaves to work on the temple on the Mountain of the Divine. Slavery was evil. These were his people who had been captured. But the man he’d killed had had his own people as well. And they grieved for him.

When he was being hauled towards the Emperor in a cart after his capture he had spoken with his guards. They believed in what the Emperor was doing. They believed they were doing the right thing. They didn’t see what they were doing as evil at all. Although at least one of them wasn’t comfortable with slavery, even that one saw Ullrich, not the Emperor, as the enemy. So were those guards evil? They were doing an evil thing in hauling him towards his death (or banishment as it turned out ), but were the people themselves deserving of death?

Such questions had always bothered Ullrich. Some things still needed to be done. Some fights had to be fought. He knew that. He was comfortable with that. He would not allow, and could not allow, his people to be enslaved and his world to be destroyed. That was worth fighting for. Still, he hated having to do an evil to prevent an evil.

But he liked Hobgoblins. They made the situation easy. It was all black and white when dealing with Hobgoblins. The ants had been neutral, he guessed, and so perhaps not really deserving of death. They were fighting for their lives the same way that Ullrich and his team of South-Enders were. The evil in that fight had been in the stands with those who organized these horrific games. The ants died because the evil that created these games had given Ullrich no choice.

But Hobgoblins? They made it easy. Black and white. Good and evil. Here was an enemy that not only needed to die, as the Emperor Divine’s guards and the gladiatorial commission’s ants had needed to die, but that also deserved to die. The world was a better place without them. There need be no moral quandary when aiming an arrow at the heart of one of these beasts. The force of the arrow knocking the creature backwards and claiming its life could bring pure satisfaction, with no nagging doubts.

Ullrich loved that clarity of purpose. It made fighting so much easier. Black and white.

And so he smiled as his arrow brought down the Hobgoblin. It was purely evil and deserved it, right? It was black and white, was it not? Surely it looked evil as it lay there with his arrow buried in its chest.

It looked dead.

Posted on 2009-01-07 at 16:51:24.
Edited on 2009-01-07 at 16:52:33 by Nomad D2

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: We have been busy!

Wow! I guess in the middle of the move and everything you were able to get some things done!

Two quick questions:
1. Are we not moving back to our usual starting positions?
2. The oath bow - the way you phrased your last comment about it ("we will likely see more hobgoblins...") seems to imply that it is now forever attuned to hobgoblins. Is that the case? Or do I get to pick a different enemy every 24 hours? If it is always attuned to hobbys - what is the point of a 24 hour time limit? At this point it is an anti-hobgoblin bow. Obviously this doesn't matter for the rest of the dance, but it will later.

I should have a story line post up soon.

Posted on 2009-01-07 at 16:42:54.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for the update - it is appreciated.

Now it is time to roast a few zombies!

Posted on 2009-01-06 at 21:18:28.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: And the second wave begins

Ullrich will unleash the special power of his oath bow upon the hobgoblins. Because of this he will want to continue to use the bow for as long as possible - perhaps even stepping back a little ways in rounds 2 or 3 if needed to remain out of the melee and able to use the ranged weapon. However, if someone looks to be in serious trouble and being up close he could redirect the attacks, he will charge in with both blades flashing.

He will start by targeting the foremost hobgobby in front of him. I forgot the number. Overall his preference is to target the injured to remove them from play. Shoot, shoot and keep shooting is the general idea.

Posted on 2008-12-30 at 15:29:49.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Post up

With dueling melodies of Johnny Cash's "Burning Ring of Fire" and Ozzy's "Zombie Stomp" - the group sets out building their fiery fortress.

I think most of the actions are pretty obvious. The one change I made was having Hammer only turn undead if we seemed to be in danger. Turning just makes them run away for awhile - they would still be out there. So if we can kill them off with some sort of shooting gallery, that seemed to be the better choice. As always, speak up for changes.

Posted on 2008-12-18 at 16:02:25.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: A Burning Ring of Fire

As Rat lights the torches, Anvil, Trillian and T'Sal start grabbing firewood and piling it up. A fire is built '50 feet out - and a torch thrown on top to start it. It seems like there should be time to do this - Anvil and Rat will scmaper out to do the task. If it looks too tight - they will forget it and only do the ring of fire.

Closer to the bunkhouse the wood is piled in a ring around the deck. One flask of oil is dumped around on the wood and lit on fire. The second torch is dropped on this as well as having the oil set on fire. This should create a ring around the entrance to the bunk house that the presumed zombies will have to cross to reach us - and between the ring and the fire further out will hopefully provide enough light to shoot by.

After gatehring the wood Rat and T'Sal will have the task of getting the fire going and keeping it up if needed. ASAP Anvil and Trillian will reclaim their bows and be ready to shoot as soon as the light provides a target. Once the fire is going and Hingatuli has completed his magic stones spell Rat will also be ready to shoot. Hingatuli will work on that spell- then help stack wood, then utlize his crossbow. T'Sal remains at the ready to deal with fire as needed. T'Sal is also going to keep an eye at the back of the cabin and deeper into the woods - he will be the eyes during the fight. His magic missile spell is ready if needed.

Also - Hingatuli is ready to turn undead - if needed. If the zombies can't get throught he fire and it is fairly easy to pick them off - he will not turn them. If they are coming through the fire and seriously threatening the group, he will.

Also, before shooting arrows, they will be dipped in oil (Anvil had 2 flasks - one is on the fire, one has been kept for arrows) - then lit and fired.

Posted on 2008-12-18 at 15:59:08.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: No Backdoor

Well, it sounds like a ring of fire might be the best choice. With fire arrows at the ready. But I did go back and read the bunkhouse description - there is no backdoor. We will be trapped in the shed.

If the fire needs to be put out, there are two barrels for rainwater - one on each end of the porch. With the recent rain I would assume they are full.

I will probably post fairly soon based on the guess that we want to be trapped in a shed with a fire out front and zombies beating down the walls. Sounds like fun!

Heck, there has to be a song our little Rat can whistle that would fit. Zombie Stomp anyone?

Posted on 2008-12-18 at 00:46:47.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Cool Idea

That could work - does anyone else have oil? Anvil has two flasks or whatever it comes in full of it. Anyone else?

With zombies having no ranged weapons they either have to come through the fire and get hurt to attack or we sit back and pick them off. Of course - there is the back door issue. Anyone checked yet if we have one of those. I think SD posted a description of the place.

SD - would flaming arrows like that help?

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 16:55:40.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: T'Sal charges the zombies!

If we get to control T'Sal - she can charge the zombies and kill them all while the rest of us stay out of the way!

Ok, maybe not . . .

Thanks for the heads up.

Well if we have the wood, I like the idea of fires. We can probably sort of channel the zombies that way so that they don't come at us from all sides. Zombies don't have missile weapons. Do they?

Anvil has no greek fire - or even regular oil. He does, however, have the torches which could be dropped on a larger pile of wood. He also has some wine - it is alcohol - does wine burn?

I'd love to post something soon, but right now all I know is that Anvil has torches and both he and Rat have tinder boxes. More info on what people have is probably needed before a group post can be done.

The presumed zombies are still a ways away so we should have time to get some things going. Torches are already lit based on Rats post.

The only one who probably can't participate in fire starting is Hingatuli, who I assume is busy casting his magic stones spell. Still, that doesn't mean the rest of us couldn't use his gear if appropriate. Assuming Hammer is ok with that.

I'll try to get something up later today based on whatever info I have unless new ideas or protests emerge.

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 16:30:00.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Light

Looks good Rat.

Ok guys, we have two torches lit - how do you want to handle this?

Assuming zombies I think we want Anvil and Trillian to have hands free to fire arrows. At least at first. Hignatuli needs to be free to cast his spell and then turn undead. He also is probably one of our best at combat - ranged or close. That leaves T'Sal as an obvious choice for torch holding. Perhaps Rat also so we have enough light? We lose his sling that way, but do we have any other choice?

Any quick thoughts on how to get light further out in front of us? SD hasn't responded to the idea of lighting something on fire.

I really look forward to the time when we can just have 100 small objects with continual light cast on them ready to toss around whenever light is needed. But for now, no such luck.

Posted on 2008-12-16 at 15:59:13.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ullrich goes West

Although Ullrich's first instinct was to go to the aid of the monks, if there are at least 3 group members - + Thungarr when he gets there - going to aid the monks, then the biggest need is probably to the West.

He will move up as much as he needs to and fire. He will target injured ants first, attempting to eliminate them from the fight. The same goes for twitching ants. If he has a clear shot at ants that are in danger of immediately threatening to take out clerics than he will target those. But in general he will shoot at whichever ones he can get the best shot at. There seem to be enough targets.

Posted on 2008-12-15 at 14:30:08.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: torches

Anvil has torches and I doubt it would take Rat more than a second to fetch them and get one or two lit.

Posted on 2008-12-15 at 14:22:27.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ullrich

Ullrich is probably going to help the monks, they seemed most in danger of being overrun. He's tempted to let Thunngar deal with it, but thinks his bows range might be key. Assuming he can fire arrows, he will launch away. He will move up slowly if he can and not lose his rate of fire.

Question - with more ants around the clerics would Ullrich be more able to fire at those ants with out being in danger of hitting a monk?

Posted on 2008-12-14 at 01:45:54.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ant update

I know your busy and hand impaired at the moment, but if you get the chance, could we get an update on which ants are left and in what condition?

Posted on 2008-12-13 at 00:59:43.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Lights!

Well, I had a feeling light would be an issue.

I suspect the lack of heat for infravision confirms the zombie diagnosis. Still I don't like the idea of zombies coming at me in the dark.

Anvil has torches, who else? I would think that Hingatuli is in midspell. Trillian and Anvil have bows out. That makes Rat or T'Sal the best choices for getting some lights on, I think. Perhaps we could light a torch and throw it far out as well, to try and increase the range of vision.

Thoughts? Do rat and T'Sal have light sources?

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 16:14:10.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Group post is up

If we play hero I think the whole group would need to go - one little thief charging into the night seems crazy. For now, lets see what we are facing.

Also, we should probably look back at the description of the bunkhouse. Doorways can create useful bottlenecks for hand combat. Also, am I right that there is a back way out - or in? Need to check that.

Posted on 2008-12-11 at 19:31:37.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: Once more into battle!

*The following actions are based on the guess that the creatures shambling towards us are zombies. If at any point it becomes clear that they are not, we may want to change our actions.

Actions for the group:
Anvil - will get out his bow and start to shoot at whatever is shambling towards us. He will attempt to repeatedly hit one until it goes down, then move on to another.
Trillian - Will also shoot arrows at the foe in the same manner.
Rat - Will sling stones. At first he will use normal bullets, later switching to magiced ones Hingatuli has completed his spell. If the "zombies are out of range at first, he will help T'Sal gather the gear for a quick escape until they get within range. As soon as he can he will fire away.
Hingatuli - Will cast his magic stones spell on bullets for Rat's sling. Once completed he will use whatever missile weapon he has available to attack the creatures as the others are doing. As soon as they are within range and it is clear that they are zombies or some form of undead he will attempt to turn them.(Hammer - I am assuming this, clarify if I am wrong.)
T'Sal - As the one person unable to do much against zombies T'Sal will have three main goals: keep an eye out the back of the cabin, pack to flee, and keep the dogs from charging into the fray until things are close enough for hand combat. If the shamblers are not zombies this may change.

*These same actions will be followed for several rounds until the group gets more information - such as clarification on exactly what is coming after us. Feel free to post several rounds if it seems appropriate.

Posted on 2008-12-11 at 19:29:23.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Heroes anyone?

One more thing - we did hear a woman scream. Right now we are sort of hanging back and waiting for the presumed zombies to reach us while we shoot at them. Anybody pushing for being a hero and charging towards the scream?

Anvil is as much into this hero thing as anyone, I think, but I doubt that is a good idea. But I don't want to forget about the scream and light either.

Posted on 2008-12-11 at 16:12:29.


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