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Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2015
Subject: A Vikings fan needs a reason

What the heck, my normal group fizzled this year. Should I say always the Vikings and never the Pack? That might be a good way to lose. The pack might win 2-3.

Sept. 13
Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills - Buffalo wins
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears - Packers win Sigh...
Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans - Kansas City
Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars - Carolina
Cleveland Browns at New York Jets -- Cleveland. Did I just pick Cleveland???
Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams - Seattle
Miami Dolphins at Washington Redskins - Washington
New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals - Arizona
Detroit Lions at San Diego Chargers - San Diego
Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos - Denver
Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders - Cincinnati
Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys - NYG
Sept. 14
Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons - Philly
Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers - Vikings!!!

Posted on 2015-09-10 at 19:31:33.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: How to silence a zombie

Corban moved up the steps behind everyone and took his place at the top. He held a position behind the pillars and kept his eyes and his scope trained on the ground outside. The captain had put him as the rear guard and he had no intention of allowing anything living or dead to come at them from that direction. At least not without warning.

But he listened carefully as he heard the others almost silently describe what they saw. Did they need to go in after the zombies? The others seemed fairly certain that was what they were. Surely the zombies weren't in league with the Nazis. The evidence of gunfire and dead Germans seemed proof of that.

He tried to remember the shamblers in the desert. Had they made any noise? He didn't think so. Did that mean they could be dealt with silently? What would happen if one of the team showed themselves, would the zombies follow them out where they could be bludgeoned quietly? Or would they sound an alarm. Somehow he didn't think so. Would anyone be in there to see them go if they did charge out? Were they temple guards that would not leave their post? Would this be true of newly minted zombies? Corban was willing to bet some of them would be wearing a swastika. If they did go in, would they still be silent and bludgeonable? (If bludgeonable isn't a word he thought, it ought to be!)

As he pondered the behavior of zombies and the intricacies of the English language, Corban held his post and watched the ground outside. He had musings, but no plan. Which was ok, as he wasn't the plan maker on the team. He quietly held his post and waited for his commanding officer to whisper.

Posted on 2015-09-09 at 18:04:52.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: A magic not meant for a mage...or maybe not

Jarenion moved quickly into the side passage as the healers attempted to save those burning in the blackflames. He cast his mind over his own spellbook wondering if perhaps a mage could do what the healers could not. This was likely not his fight.

Still, he needed to do whatever he could. If this fire was not a disease and could not be healed, then perhaps a mage was what was needed. So he readied a simple "dispel magic" spell. He'd let the healers do their thing first as it seemed the best chance at success. But if they failed or had no options, he would try dispel magic. It just might work. And perhaps he had another bullet in his arsenal as well. Maybe. Maybe.

They needed something to work.

Posted on 2015-09-09 at 17:49:07.
Edited on 2015-09-14 at 19:07:51 by Nomad D2

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Withstanding the test of time

First, I really don't think it is coaching if you are just helping me understand what Lothor was there for, but I as the player, was not.

Second, is there a specific in-game reason we are so worried about changing history, or is it more of a personal interpretation of how time travel works? Do you know it is a problem? Should Lothor know? (See comment #1 above.) Because I was going to role play Lothor as if he didn't think it was a big deal. Not that he would deliberately change things or do "big things," but that he thought all of this panic over time was a waste. They were there, it was a fact. They had already done things, that is a fact. They would continue to change things, that was a fact. Even dying to avoid change would fill the mouths of dung beetles. And changing the plans of an arch-mage and the history of a weapon of ultimate evil? A big fact. don't try to change big things, but don't freak out about it.

Lothor would be for saying more, not less, unless there was a concrete in-game reason he should know about.

Posted on 2015-09-08 at 17:31:13.

Subject: Ugly

I do remember that being said, but it would get ugly quickly. And based on a story in which this group is going to such an extreme to save one friend, I can hardly see us killing off other friends. So we would have to try and save them. Which, if your trying to get rid of them, wouldn't work. I hope there can be another plan.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 20:28:12.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: While waiting for healing

Jarenion watched his wall of stone slam into place blocking off the back two wights. Thankfully the other party members were able to finish off those on this side of the wall. They didn't have long - maybe 15 minutes, before the wall disappeared. He wanted to start planning how to deal with the wights when the wall came down, but held his tongue so the healers in the group could try and save the others. As they did their best, he kept his eye on the one passage still open to them and thought about his best plan for quickly killing the wights.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 20:25:08.
Edited on 2015-09-07 at 20:25:53 by Nomad D2

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: Answers beget more questions . . . just kidding

Gelion Gavroche Greyflood listened quietly while Echario answered his question. As he did so he had to, once again, contain an inward smile. Seriously? The second answer was theatrical, but this third speech about war-dogs was not? Perhaps Gelion needed some training in theater and speaking.

But the colorful language was not the reason he smiled outwardly. As Echario finished his speech Gelion spoke with confidence, "A company that lives by the words you have spoken is a company I can be proud to be a member of. I will happily wear the armband of a Falcon. If the others agree, I guess Yohn is correct. We need a mission."

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 18:54:44.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Sure, put it in Lothor's hands

Lothor will probably let Rayne do most of the talking - because the player doesn't know much. I wasn't here for much of the backstory and have only read a fairly small portion of it. Thus it is very hard for me to comment on the nature of the war against the bad guy, the original hunt for the sword or any such thing. If anyone wanted to give me pointers on things to say (Stuff Lothor would know even if his player is ignorant!) that would probably be very helpful. It seems I need to be persuasive. "I want to go back to the future" hardly seems like enough.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 09:39:29.

Subject: Posting

I had been waiting to post until we figured out a plan. I will get one up later today - Monday. I doubt Jarenion will do much - we are sort of waiting on the healing magic.

As a note - if the healing works Jarenion would very much like to destroy the last two winter wights. We get everyone ready with all of their best anti-undead magic and then drop the stone wall. This time we are prepared and we know when the wall is coming down. They don't. Hopefully we can blast them before they have a chance to do anything. I don't like the idea of leaving these things behind us. We don't know that they are tied to this hallway - they could very well follow after us just 10 minutes behind.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 09:35:51.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: Answers that please, and yet more questions

Gelion Greyflood listened to the man give his speech. He was pleased. He hadn't thought Echario could be a fool and be where he was, yet his introduction had seemed rather like wishful thinking. The second speech put many of his concerns to rest. The question of pay had been rather glossed over as "dependent on your mission" was hardly specific. Yet, it seemed enough for now. And since they could essentially quit at any time, an issue which had been of some significant concern to the archer, it was even less of a factor.

The goals greatly pleased Gelion. Personal freedom, comradeship, and not being tied to any one nation. These were ideas he could get behind. But it did leave him with one more question.

"Sir. I like what I hear and I appreciate your willingness to answer the questions of a group of raw recruits. I do have one more question. In the first part of your speech you mentioned "helping our fellow man." Yet, in the rest the only mention is of personal freedom - a factor which clearly bears on the very purpose for this company. Is helping our fellow man one of the goals of this company? It was not stated as such in response to Simon's question. Does personal freedom entail the ability to harm the innocent, or are there standards of behavior? If so, what are they? From your speech I suspect I will be proud to wear the armband of the Falcons, but what does it mean to "represent our flock well?""

Gelion was not a goody twoshoes. He understood that sometimes the world was not black and white - he had encountered more than one grey scenario in his life. Heck, he'd been flooded by them. But still, there was violence that might be necessary in carrying out a critical goal, and then there was violence for violence's sake. And there were goals, and then there were goals. He didn't have to take a specific mission, but his name would still be tied to all of the other missions those wearing the armband undertook. "All for one and one for all" meant they were all in it together. He wanted to know the sort he would be "in it" with.

Posted on 2015-09-07 at 09:31:15.

Subject: Keep it!

I'd like to see it survive if possible.

Posted on 2015-09-06 at 18:26:45.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Maybe

I guess I was assuming. Maybe it does allow you to speak. What does the almighty GM say?

Posted on 2015-09-05 at 22:55:25.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Ulthok

Is Ulthok able to talk and give a cherub smile? I thought only Lothor and Rayne were free from the mass hold spell.

Posted on 2015-09-05 at 17:55:15.

Subject: what's up?

Have we heard from some of these players? Just checking where things are at. That wall of stone will only last so long.

Posted on 2015-09-04 at 21:16:33.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: ok

Will do. I just need the right computer - tomorrow evening. (Thursday)

Posted on 2015-09-02 at 22:42:02.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Rings

I have no idea where the ring came from - it was listed on the character sheet you sent me when I took over Lothor. I didn't start running the character until 1/2 way through the battle in the queen's throne room. I'll double check what other rings I have. I know the ring of the ear he just got was supposed to be in a pouch until needed.

Posted on 2015-09-01 at 17:20:31.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: Life is one giant game of politics

Gelion Greyflood looked up as the Elvaan woman reappeared. She brought with her a Rondo that was tall and looked, as her kind tended to, powerful and graceful at the same time. Somehow in the face of races like the Rondo or Vargs, Gelion always felt that Humes came off as awkward apes who had fallen out of their trees. It wasn’t really true, of course, Hume’s could hold their own with the other races, but no matter how coordinated they might be they just didn’t convey the same sense of grace. Ah well, he thought as he watched the graceful lady glide into the room, let them underestimate me. Perhaps that is my advantage, nobody thinks a hairless ape can be graceful.

After the Rondo had introduced herself, Gelion returned her smile. “Greetings Silvira Rundir Rondo,” he said with a nod to the room’s newest entrant. “My name is Gelion Greyflood. Welcome to our little group. You haven’t missed much; at this point we have simply had a snack while awaiting the arrival of “the man.” Simon here,” he said, indicating the other man with a nod, “and I were just discussing our lack of knowledge of him. “

When Echario le'Rouge entered the room, he seemed to match the descriptions Gelion had heard. Echario’s description of the Falcons and his attempts to evade the “great political game” made the young archer smile. Evade the game? The man must realize that such was impossible. Even a place such as Stone Bridge, which prided itself on its sense of freedom, played the game. The rules and the players might be less fixed, but there were still those with power, those with money, those with influence and those without. There would be games to be played on any stage, and a man like Echario and a group like the Falcons would be forced to play them, whether they wished it or not. Did he honestly believe that a great free company could exist outside of the political machinations of the 4 nations? No, you were still a piece on their board. As usual when such thoughts sped their way through the inner confines of the Archers head, he stopped them before they worked their way out of his mouth. It was likely that now was not the time to be offering the great man a primer on politics.

Still, when Echario opened the floor for questions Gelion could not resist. He did not think of himself as a leader and doubted he would end up the spokesman for the group, but if there were questions to ask he wasn’t going to sit back, be silent and watch the opportunity disappear. He figured he might as well be the first to open his mouth again. “Thank you for allowing me to join the Falcons. Being a pawn in someone else’s political game is not something I have enjoyed, and I appreciate what this company seems to offer. But, in truth, we seem to know only rumor – what sort of “business” will we be embarking on? With whom can you sign a contract and yet avoid getting dragged into their game?” Even as he said these last lines Gelion groaned a bit inwardly. So much for stopping it before it came out of his mouth. Still, while it might not have been the best way to phrase the question, it was something that needed asking. What jobs would he be asked to do? With whom would his name be associated? At this he paused, knowing further questions were useless until the group had a clue what they were getting themselves into.

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 22:52:06.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Mass Hold

Lothor is wearing a ring of free action - doesn't that protect him from hold spells?

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 20:30:20.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: It seems we found the mage . . .

As they flew towards their destination Lothor contemplated how the meeting with the great mage might go. Supposedly he was quite impressive, and Lothor had no difficulty believing this. But they were a group of 7 swooping in on a supposedly secret location. And it didn't take a genius to see that they were a fairly impressive lot in their own right. Not the mages equal individually, but enough to be seen as a threat. In fact, it seemed likely that anyone approaching this location would be seen as a threat. He didn't relish the idea of an arch-mage viewing him as a threat. He smiled a bit as he pictured the group flying in bearing signs saying "We come in Peace!" That probably wouldn't work...

How did one tell a paranoid (He was assuming here, but he would paranoid were he hiding a weapon of ultimate evil and people swooped in on him, so the assumption seemed valid.) arch-mage that their intentions were honest? He didn't know, all he knew was that he would need to be cautious and on the look-out when they arrived. But not so much on the lookout that he looked hostile . . .

And so he landed with the group in front of the door. As the others examined things and determined that someone was around, Lothor attempted to keep a lookout.

*Adapted to fit not being held by the spell*

As the magic surged around the party, even Lothor could tell it was powerful, a fact confirmed by the lack of movement by everyone in the party except himself and Rayne. He was not surprised to see the robed figure stride forward toward them - he was fairly certain he knew who had cast the spell. He was thankful for the magic ring that had kept him free, but wondered if he might not be safer in the spells embrace. He didn't think the mage would want to kill them outright if he didn't have to do so. He might not welcome their presence and might, in the end, do something bad to preserve his secret, but it seemed unlikely that he would do so without finding out more about the group. If nothing else, they had a secret the mage would desire - how did they know the swords location? But such protections might only hold if they were seen as no threat. He thought briefly about pretending to be held, but it seemed extremely unlikely to work. Trying to fool an arch-mage seemed like an unwise move.

But it was important to not be seen as a threat. And so, even as he saw Rayne speaking and acting similarly, Lothor acted in a way that went against every grain in his warriors body. He went to one knee. He raised his empty hands in front of him.

In truth, he did not completely give up the fight. He knew exactly where both his rabbits foot of luck and his axes of throwing were located and was ready to grab them if needed. He was sure it would be of no use if he did so, but if the mage acted he refused to leave Rayne without any backup. But the best help he could offer right now was to add to the image of peace.

He couldn't help thinking, should've brought the "We come in peace" sign . . .

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 20:26:06.
Edited on 2015-09-04 at 21:01:29 by Nomad D2

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: An easy Post

Well, doesn't seem like there is a lot for Lothor to post about. "He stands there..."

But will get the post up shortly. Go Rayne!

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 20:11:44.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: A secretive lot

Gelion looked around at the group of new recruits. It seemed to be an odd lot.

Two Hume's that seemed to prefer silence and secrets along with a Puff. Seriously? He didn't know what seemed stranger to him, the silent Hume's or the Al Bhed that seemed like he should be the owner of a tavern, not a seeker of adventure. But on first impression at least, it was the giant Puff that struck Gelion as the friendliest of the bunch. Not that he had much competition.

Were these to be his companions in the new unit? Or would the new recruits be dispersed among more experienced groups? He didn't know, but if he was to work with these 3 he hoped at some point they would open up a bit more. It wasn't that they couldn't have secrets, he supposed he had a few of his own when it came down to it, but the whole "man of mystery" charade would get old very quickly. But it was best not to judge on so little information.

As he waited for the silent one to respond to Puff's enquiry about a name he added, "if you wish your past to remain shrouded in darkness that is your call, but it may well be that our futures are intertwined. Any light you could shed on our leader or this company might be of help. I have been in other companies, but know little of this one."

Posted on 2015-08-29 at 22:00:49.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: The distribution of the tool of the trade (loot)

Lothor watched the stuff getting split up and, as his earlier ruminations indicated, wanted nothing to do with the books. Having the word "cursed" thrown around made him nervous.

when Roan made his comment about taking the potions of healing he spoke up. "I would appreciate one of those as well. Lets spread them out so that more than one person can deal with healing." (Assuming this is agreed to as implied in the earlier post)

As he received the couple of items he had asked for - the healing potion, the blood-red potions of turn-to-stone and the ring of the ear he place them in his pouches. Healing potions were always valuable. He was a lot less sure about the blood-red stuff. He didn't think he ever wanted to make use of it. But who knew? Was hacking someone to pieces really better than turning them into stone? Was it odd that he felt this was so? As for the ring of the ear, he wouldn't wear it all of the time, as his other rings seemed to be of more immediate use. But it could be swapped out or loaned out if needed. So for now it sat in his pouch.

Posted on 2015-08-29 at 21:48:14.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Lothor and stuff

Could you just try to "remove curse" even if your not sure if one is there in the first place? Would you know if your spell succeeded? Or if it met no resistance?

Ok, Lothor will take the basilisk potion and the ring of the ear as listed. He would also request one of the potions of healing. I'll write a post about this in about 5 minutes.

If I have time tonight I will also look to see if there are other items he is dreaming about that he might want to purchase if they are available, but since I haven't had time to do so yet, there is no sense delaying things hoping I have the time.

Posted on 2015-08-29 at 21:41:21.

Topic: Return of the mighty Kamina
Subject: Welcome back

Have a seat, a pint and a game or three.

Posted on 2015-08-24 at 17:21:51.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Lothor

I'll get a better list of items for Lothor ready - hopefully tomorrow. But don't wait for it if your getting a post ready.

Is the vampire pin evil? We should be able to tell? It seems like something a fighter could really use, but Lothor would have serious doubts about this item for anyone in the group unless convinced otherwise. It does include the word "vampire" after all.

Posted on 2015-08-23 at 01:46:25.


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