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Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Plan

Ok folks, Tann wants to post tomorrow. We need to get some posts up - Lothor will post a bit later today. What should we do?

I'd say:
1. Try the frost giant thing - it isn't likely to hurt. But do the transformation within range of the temp protection spell- then stick a hand out first. I'm worried that these temps might even frost a frosty.
2. Assuming Sirene stays somewhat near the pool, I'd have lothor toss in a CP. Probably toss it to the far side of the pool.
3. We can state we are looking for evidence of salt deposits on the edges of the pool (any better ideas?) We can also specifically state that we want to try and notice if the air around the pool feels warmer or if the pools give off any steam. I would think we could notice if water was hot enough not to freeze in these temps. Moving water doesn't freeze as easily, but rivers still freeze over. Likewise salt would help, but salt water will freeze. So it seems while those two things would assist in keeping the water from freezing there must be something else going on. Either heat or magic.

Also, it seems to me that this room is . . . odd. Is the ice over the door evidence that it has been abandoned and thus this (the temps) is not its normal condition? But then why is the water liquid? Certainly there would be no reason to keep the water liquid if this was not the expected temperature. Ok, then if this is the normal condition of the room - who or what would use it? Would such a creature want a hot bath? That seems highly unlikely. It almost seems likely that the water is as cold as the surrounding air, just magically kept liquid. Wouldn't a frost cyclops want an ice bath? I'm not sure about the significance of this, but that water might not be hot.

Do we want to do something about the doors. Should the frost giant try to clear away ice from one door? Do we want to post a second plan for the doors to keep things moving? Who and what? Which door? (Have we looked closely at both doors yet?)

Posted on 2017-02-11 at 10:59:11.
Edited on 2017-02-11 at 11:00:22 by Nomad D2

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: A battle plan

Ody - my only reason for turning the other way was that we have two more coming up very fast from the rear. Someone needs to look that way. I thought that maybe Rhyson's ability with that spell to have an area of effect might increase his chances to hit one of those two. But if not him, somebody should turn around. I'm ok with that plan.

Also, I need to double check the spell.

Alacrity - with the shock jolt spell - it the cat is close to Lum would he be affected by the spell also? I know I asked this question when fighting the beetles, but I forget these things.

Posted on 2017-02-11 at 10:43:33.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: There has been a posting!

The game is back and the kitties are attacking. Nice!

FYI - Rhyson will probably put his back to a wall and try to deal with the two coming over the pile.

Posted on 2017-02-10 at 17:21:38.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Giantess

Is there such a thing as too cold for a frost giant? I wouldn't think so, but I've never dealt with cold so harsh it immediately frees your lungs either. I'm not against the idea. A giant could bust up the ice pretty easily as well, although not quietly.

Do we want to put something into the water first? Lothor is tempted to toss a coin into the war - toss it to the other side of the pool.

Posted on 2017-02-09 at 00:34:14.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: If anyone is interested

I am looking forward to this game - it looks like a lot of fun and I think I am going to enjoy my human rogue.

It is possible to be in more than one game. If anyone is interested in a game at higher levels - Trilogy is the longest running game at the Inn. 10+yearsit is a great game with consistent players, but we have had one character on auto-pilot for a bit now. We have a really cook ranger/cleric named Roan available. Check out the Trilogy War recruitment thread and contact Tann. It is a great game.

(I am not suggesting that one instead of this one - it is in addition to this game!)

Posted on 2017-02-08 at 21:17:31.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: But if they think we are mice . . .

yeah, cuz the beetles were nice and simple.

But it is great to have you back among the gaming.

Posted on 2017-02-08 at 19:12:58.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: Almost there

I have a good start on the character, will try to finish tonight. Anxious to get started.

Posted on 2017-02-08 at 19:11:38.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: Working on a human rogue as I speak

Was planning on the standard point spread you offered.

Ok, I know I am not overly tech savvy, but I can't get the pdf on the first page of this thread to work. I'm referring to the one with the character sheet. It doesn't allow me to write on it. If I save it, it just opens back to the web page. If I save it as a word document or some such it doesn't function at all. Anyway, I'm working on the character, but not currently in that thread.

Posted on 2017-02-07 at 21:53:16.
Edited on 2017-02-07 at 21:59:50 by Nomad D2

Topic: Bad news today....
Subject: :)

I knew this place felt like home. See the kind of offers you get around here??!!

I'd offer employment as well, but all I could provide would be student papers to grade - and without pay. That probably isn't what you are looking for.

Good luck.

Posted on 2017-02-06 at 21:25:58.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: Characters

If I am right, it looks like we have a


I think Norm is willing to do the cleric thing.

I'm starting to work on the character now - but I need information on other characters.

If the monk chooses stealth as a skill area we may not need a rogue. In that case I might choose a barbarian. Did you>

The Fighter - are you primarily melee focused? Or archery? If I went with a barbarian I would want to make sure we have some flexibility.

*Oh heck, I'll just make a rogue. They are fun. Here is hoping our cleric and monk can fight.

Posted on 2017-02-06 at 20:58:59.
Edited on 2017-02-06 at 21:22:55 by Nomad D2

Topic: Bad news today....
Subject: hmmm

Well, that sucks. But it was a crappy job anyway. The next one will be much better.

Posted on 2017-02-06 at 17:49:49.

Topic: Slate: The Hundred Years of Rain
Subject: To rejoin the group and continue the adventure

Daxos looked around the city with Xana as the two of them had headed back towards the town hall. The city was a depressing sight. Was this what most, or even all, civilized settlements were reduced to? At best you could say they survived, and even that just barely.

The town hall itself was a decent structure - not exciting or indicating any wealth or civic pride, but at least showing common sense and an ability to build solid structures that could withstand the rains. Inside the people assembled, at least some of them. But Dax hadn't seen much sign of people throughout the city. He saw the rest of the crew he had come tot he city with, indicated the direction to Xana, and the two of then headed that way.

When they reached the others he spoke. "How have things gone here? Neither the ferals nor the clerics are here. Do you know anything of what is being decided?"

(He waits for a response. Assuming he gets the basics that have been posted already, he continues.)

"The town is empty. The buildings in disrepair. That much you saw for yourself on the way in. But it is the same all over - we headed down towards the river bed. It might be worth knowing that while the wall looks solid and clean all around the town, it isn't a great barrier anymore. There are gaps under it in many places where the rains have washed away the soil. Do not assume that attack could not come from any direction. The wall is not a solid barrier. But also, should an attack come - if you head to the wall you will likely find a way out. The wall will not trap you in. I hope it does not come to that, but I can see how feral raids could happen."

And now Daxos leaned back and waited. It remained to be seen what the good people of Pike would do.

Posted on 2017-02-05 at 13:51:11.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Water, water everywhere and certainly nairy a drop to drink

I'd check the water first. Drop a coin in. Poke a weapon in. Dip a chair - whatever. If nothing obvious comes of it, Lothor would be all for the doors. That seems much safer than a scalding hot passage through hot tub jets.

I do think that if the water is scalding we should be able to tell that as we get close. Such a temperature difference from the surrounding room would have to be obvious. Still, going into the water seems like a very bad idea - in any dungeon let alone one in which just breathing the air is instant death.

Posted on 2017-02-05 at 00:20:48.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: He's right

In fifth edition magic users can not cast healing spells - that is the role of the cleric. Paladins and druids can do so as well at a lower level.

Also, fighters in 5th have an ability called "second wind" that can help a lot. And, as someone already mentioned, if healing potions are moderately available (in dungeons or for sale) they can help solve the problem - and provide a way for the DM to siphon gold off of the party.

I will hopefully get to work on the character tomorrow - maybe a cleric. Or maybe not.

Posted on 2017-02-05 at 00:16:48.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Sorry for the delay

Things were actually happening even if it didn't seem like it. But the two wanderers are about to return. Post coming. Then we can move out as a party.

Posted on 2017-02-04 at 16:48:04.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: First a welcome

Let me start be saying "welcome!" To both Lano and Norm. The inn is a great place - certainly a great place to game, but also just a great place with great people. I arrived looking for a place for a game and haven't left.

I'll join the group. As I said before, I'll try to get something together this weekend.

And Lano - the icon picture by your name. What is that thing? A salamander?

Posted on 2017-02-02 at 23:41:22.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: Well . . .

I might be in a position to add another game. I have a little experience with edition 5. But here's the thing - I have a slight familiarity with the module in question. Not in detail, but a general sense of "oh, the castle is that way" sort of thing from flipping through the book. I think I could quite reasonably play the role as if I know nothing, but might not be the best addition to the game.

Still, there only appear to be a couple of others throwing their hats in the ring. I was waiting to see if others did so. Perhaps a closed mouthed third player is for the best. What do you think?

If you are interested, I could probably get something thrown together this weekend. I believe one character is a dwarf warlock. Is there anything else in particular that the group needs? I can be flexible on character class if need be.

Posted on 2017-02-02 at 21:16:22.

Topic: Let's play edition 5
Subject: ?

How many characters are you looking for?

Posted on 2017-01-31 at 21:47:25.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: What to do now?

Well, letting Lothor stand around like a big, dumb fighter kinda works for me now because I have no idea what to do.

So no magic from the statues?
I would think the first thing to try might be poking or tossing something into the water. We could even try something light - a scrap of cloth or something. I half think the water is just a giant hot tub. Does the water just recirculate? Back into the tub? (After going through what?)
As Ody said, we do need to check the other door.
if it is also 18 inches deep in ice, then what?
It seems to be colder - now instead of lots of cold damage it is instant death? How cold is that? So much for Lothor's fashionable bedroll cloak.

Ok - I say toss something in the water and look at the other door.

Posted on 2017-01-31 at 19:45:13.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Doors

I would say start with the water. Lothor will stay near Sirene as the source of warmth. But the water has him curious.

Also, looking ahead, be thinking about the doors. Assuming we find nothing we can work with besides a tub emanating magic and frozen statuary, we will need to move on. How best to get through doors layered in ice? Fire spells would melt the ice, but Tann has already proven willing to have such actions have secondary effects like steam and fog. Would simply breaking the doors be better? Or is there some other way that won't lead to more steam and thus more water and ice?

Posted on 2017-01-29 at 19:27:53.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: A hot bath here would be kinda like a sauna, but not quite

As Lothor moved down the hallway with the group he found the ice and fog frustrating. Good solid footing was critical when swinging heavy things and he didn’t like the idea of not being able to keep his feet. He considered switching to his throwing hatchets, but stuck to the Demon axe. The hall widened a bit as the moved forward, eventually opening into a large room filled with – well, not really filled with much given its large size. But certainly it was noteworthy. Cold, yet not frozen.

Still, the first thing that caught his attention was the door, or rather the lack of one. Why was the tunnel to a crypt above the only entrance to a giant sized frozen bath that lacked a door. That did seem odd. But then, warm water in these conditions was odd also. And the doors, where they did exist, did not look like they had been opened in a long time. He wondered how long it would take ice to build up like that under these conditions? Ice required more than just cold, it required water – he glanced at the pool. Was it steaming?

He glanced at the others in the group – the pool was the most intriguing place in the room and felt like the obvious place to start. But in this case, he was just going to travel with the source of magical warmth. And so, wherever Sirene led, there the big warrior would go, keeping his eyes open, his feet hopefully steady and his axe in hand. He primarily was trying to keep his eyes open for sudden intruders coming from wherever – or the statues becoming active. Spell investigations were not his role.

Posted on 2017-01-29 at 19:23:48.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Hot tub Party!

Tann: How big was the tunnel we came down? Was it giant sized? Also, the doors - iced over? So it should be obvious from a distance that they have not been opened in awhile? Did you say anything about what was up?

To the group: What is the area of effect of the temp control spell? We need to all stay within that radius as we explore. Should someone try a detect magic spell? I'm betting the pool reacts. Statues are always dangerous. Lothor would start with the pool, then have the group work their way around the doors.

Oh, and sorry for the bumpy ride down the stairs. Lothor was just eager to get down. He remembers days of sliding as a kid at the local hill. Ah, good times, reenacted in some cyclops' bathhouse.

Posted on 2017-01-23 at 19:24:38.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Since someone asked

Daxos the gnome is still with the group - he is one of the two out wandering about the town while we wait.

Posted on 2017-01-17 at 18:43:44.

Topic: Dark Sun Game
Subject: Let us descend to the ground floor

Trossach looked around the guard room - it had once been the TOP of a garrison of some sort? That seemed odd, but in these lands it didn't seem impossible. Eventually even this room would probably be consumed by the dark land. Hopefully not while they were in it.

He admired the newly shiny weapons on the floor, ignoring for the moment the magic that had polished them. There was a fortune on the floor in front of him. He liked his maul, it had always felt good in his hands, but metal made for a weapon of great power. Maul or not, he didn't think he could pass this up. So he reached down and grabbed a great axe and tested its heft. "I think this great axe should do very well. I shall replace my weapons with fine steel. And steel tipped arrows - those will work as well."

He leaned his well used maul against the wall - it was probably a lot to carry if he wasn't planning on using it. The big Mul also grabbed a big sword to have as a backup and filled his quiver with 20 steel tipped arrows unless there weren't enough or someone else also wanted some. Once finished he looked at the others and spoke again. "We probably can't take everything with us now, but we will want to come back this way to reclaim any weapons we can't carry now. I don't wish to leave my trusty maul behind forever. For now, let us head down the stairs. unless someone objects, Ochit, lead on."

(Leveling up info should be coming in a message within 30 minutes.)

Posted on 2017-01-16 at 19:36:38.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Because going down into a crypt is always a good idea

Lothor approached the crypt that held the passage to the arctic and looked carefully at the damage caused to the door. He wasn’t overly worried about moving the broken door given his hill giant strength and Ulthok’s ogre strength, but he did want to avoid breaking it. It might be handy to be able to shut the thing again – either to block passage or simply to shut out the cold. Was there still intense cold coming through the cracks? How would it move to open? Before doing anything he inspected how the door ought to have opened.

The goal was simple – open it without breaking it. Do so cautiously so nothing attacked him as he did so and try to make sure that the door didn’t slam shut on them while they were down “there” – wherever “there” turned out to be. But try to make sure it was closable. And don’t freeze while doing it. Or die. That was always a key goal.

He waited until a spell caster had been kind enough to give him some magical protection from the cold and then he and Ulthok approached the crypt. “Please make sure nothing nasty comes out of this thing while we open it” he said to the rest, knowing they were all already taking positions to do so. “Cor, could you grab a piece of that door – depending on how this opens we made need to put some sort of prop in to hold it open so it doesn’t slam shut on us when we are under it.” In addition to the spell, he wrapped himself in his bedroll, turned winter coat and made sure his hands were well covered. Then he and Ulthok moved to open the door.

(OOC: If there is no cold coming from the gap in the door he would probably do the same thing. If the door is still on hinges he will see if they are intact enough to hold it open. If it is removable it would depend on how big it is – if it can be moved ½ off and people could still get down (and up) he would leave it half on. More likely he would take it off entirely and gently lean it against the sides of the crypt.)

Posted on 2017-01-16 at 19:22:50.


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