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Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Skill check

One more thing.
When Zick looks at the list of ingredients, do they suggest anything alchemical to him? He would also bring the list to the master alchemist to see if he saw anything.

Posted on 2016-11-07 at 14:24:40.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Well, now that gets things moving a bit.

1. Since nobody questioned my splitting of the loop, I guess I'll assume it went that way. Speak up if not.

2. For the DM - did Zick have time to replace all of his various bombs, tanglefoot bags and thunderstones? By replace I mean make them. The bombs especially. If needed, he could buy the others.

3. I'll try to get a post up shortly about Zick's shopping list. It probably won't be long.

4. Probably not much to post until we hear from the DM about Lara's checking the underworld and what the guard said. I was thinking we might go monster hunting, but that might be on the backburner now.

Posted on 2016-11-06 at 16:50:20.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: The decisions we don't bother to make

“Since ye all kept silent” Cor had said. Lothor shook his head in disbelief and frustration. He valued the opinions of these people and yet, faced with a decision that could determine their survival one way or the other, they had said nothing. He would be ok if they voted against him, frustrated, yes, because he firmly believed his advice was best, but to not make a choice at all was simply ridiculous. Well, if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. It seemed Ulthok would keep the gems since he already had them. Lothor preferred not to let the world make his choices for him. What was the point of having freewill if you neglected to use it?

But so be it. Apparently random chance and a typically obscure augury spell would determine their fate. He’d liked the idea of the spell – it certainly couldn’t hurt to get more information, but as expected it hadn’t given any clear answer. But so be it, the gems were cast . . .

“Ok, the center door to the crypt. There isn’t much sense standing around and not talking.”

Lothor moved off towards the door to encourage movement. There he paused and waited for the others doing his typical job of guard duty. While waiting, he switched from his great sword to his throwing axes. He would take the rear position in the group this time as they moved down the hall. He was aware that the salamander could blink in at any time. Somehow he didn’t think it would – it would wait for a fortuitous (for it!) time to strike – but it seemed to have the ability to strike whenever it wished. And so Lothor walked at the back and kept his head on a swivel as he kept an eye out for the sudden strike out of thin air. In particular, he tried to keep an eye on the area behind the group and on Ulthok, the most likely target. The little guy could be frustratingly stubborn and do foolish things like sticking his little fingers into random little holes, but Lothor would hate to see anything happen to him or anyone else in the party.

Posted on 2016-11-05 at 20:19:39.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: The vote is in

It seems we don't need to wait for Tuesday for this vote.

With Klik's wishes posted here that makes 4 in favor of moving towards the tower. Time to keep moving in the cold.

Posted on 2016-11-05 at 19:48:34.

Topic: Dark Sun Game
Subject: The tower

Trossach looked at the tower as it emerged from the dust storm. He didn't like the ash flying around. It was uncomfortable and felt dangerous. He remembered the words of the elf about black stuff coming up from the ground and now here it was swirling all around them. No, it didn't seem to be the same thing, but how would they see the one if surrounded by the other? And such dust/ash storms could be lethal even if they didn't conceal zombies.

"Shelter is good. I suspect this flying ash affects us far more than it does a zombie that no longer makes use of its lungs. The tower is undoubtedly dangerous, but no doubt we would go there in the morning if we didn't go there now. And yet, if we go there now it may prove to be of use as a shelter. It seems unlikely to be more deadly now than it would be in the morning. I vote for the tower tonight."

Posted on 2016-11-05 at 19:46:01.

Topic: Hunter the Vigil, A supernatural Game
Subject: An interesting set of characters

Alexander Castlebrandt sat and watched as the event in the Owl unfolded around him. He watched as Norman was removed. He watched as some people reacted to his removal and others didn't. He watched as a young kid wolfed down a plate of food and then went positively white at the mention of the man in white. (Now, that was interesting.) And now he watched as a preacher started to talk about prayer chains.

He sighed inwardly. These types of meetings brought out all sorts - from professional ghost hunters to adrenaline junkies to anything in between. His interest was both personal and academic. There probably was a bit of the personal for everyone else here as well, which explained the strong reaction to comments like Normans. As for the minister, Castle preferred it when someone other than a churchman took the lead. It wasn't that he didn't believe, he had seen enough to be very wary about expressing disbelief, but he wasn't quite sure what he believed in. No single creed had yet flung objects at his head like, well, like something else had. And he knew he doubted the ability of a prayer chain, whatever exactly that was, to solve the problem.

He was tempted to get up and follow Norman. If the meeting turned into a prayer meeting he'd do just that. But for now he stayed to see what would happen. Besides, he wanted to talk to a few of the people who had shown empathy for Norman. He wanted to know what they had seen. He suspected he could find the biker and Norman later if he needed to do so. He did hate to lose the kid, who he suspected he might never see again . . .

(Castle will try to seek out some of the sympathetic types - most likely the young people talking about the high school - in quiet corners when things settle down. He would ask about the valedictorian.)

Posted on 2016-11-05 at 19:34:50.
Edited on 2016-11-05 at 19:37:57 by Nomad D2

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: Whatever week this is, I suspect I'll get about 8 right

Sunday, November 6
Kansas City
New Orleans
Green Bay
San Diego

Monday, November 7

Posted on 2016-11-05 at 19:14:39.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: Picks

Thursday - Atlanta

Saturday - Philly

Posted on 2016-11-02 at 21:25:58.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Stuff

Any comments on the distribution of goods I identified above?

I put in a quick post to keep things moving, but we probably wait for the letters to do much more. But stuff does need to get split up.

Posted on 2016-11-01 at 20:08:28.

Topic: IRON AGE Game
Subject: Plans and such

Zebulonicasarius Zickerthorn smiled as Savis jumped around after getting paid.

"A team? Yeah, sure, I'm up for that. How about you two?" he asked, turning to the Birdman and Angel. They had been an effective team and each seemed to bring something special to the table.

Upon hearing the response of the others to Savis' question, he added another comment of his own. "I need to go back to the Alchemists guildhall. I want to make up a new set of bombs and other concoctions - they seemed to have been pretty helpful. If there is anything alchemical you'd like, let me know and I can see if I can manage it. It will take a bit of time. then, maybe we can see if that monster still needs hunting."

Posted on 2016-11-01 at 20:07:06.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: The tower

Ok guys, lets keep this thing moving.

Trossach says head to the tower. He'd rather be inside than out in this ash if the wind comes up again. Even if they have to fight their way in. Everyone agree?

Posted on 2016-11-01 at 20:01:54.

Topic: Supernatural Q&A thread
Subject: Cool is as cool does

"EDIT: Castle sounds cool btw"

That is because Castle, both name and person, is cool!

And Hammer - what is an "Amplified Bible?"

Posted on 2016-10-31 at 21:29:27.

Topic: Hunter the Vigil, A supernatural Game
Subject: The Game is afoot

Alexander “Castle” Castlebrandt walked towards the Owl bar from where he had parked his car. Someone, it seemed, had started to take notice of all the strange things happening in this city. Usually such things just went unnoticed in the crush of a large city like Toronto. But Makham was a bit of a ‘city within a city’ sort of thing. A rash of weird happening would be more noticeable here. And somebody had taken notice.

So had Castle. He had seen – something - himself on one of his rare trips to Markham three days earlier. It was unnerving. It was right after a nasty car accident had happened nearly right in front of him. And the man was there, watching. Castle couldn’t help but look at him. But it was when he looked away, when the thing had just been in the periphery of his vision, that he had seen it – the horns, the beast. When he spun around and looked back, it was gone. Both man and beast were gone. He thought he saw it turn a corner a block away, but he when he tried to follow it was gone. He’d actually been a bit relieved by that.

And now he was headed into a bar in Markham to listen to a town hall meeting about strange happenings. The accident had certainly been strange, or at least its aftermath had been. He’d looked up the story in the Toronto Sun the next day – a respected local high school teacher had been drinking and driving at 3 in the afternoon – when he should have been at school teaching English. And so Castle had set aside a set of student essays about “medieval concepts of monarchy as described in Beowulf.” The essay was supposed to be about medieval kingship, but all the students ever wanted to talk about was Grendel, the monster. The Danes had certainly had a nasty conception of the creature – the descendant of Cain. His students, of course, always assumed that Beowulf was a work of fiction – at most a way of explaining the dangers of life. But Castle wondered. Things did go bump in the night. Sometimes such things were not the work of fiction, but told dark stories of darker happenings. Every time he read Beowulf he couldn’t help but wonder what had actually happened in the great hall of Heorot.

As he walked through the doors of the Owl he wondered if Markham needed its own Beowulf. He knew he was no great warrior, but the starting point was information. So when word of the meeting had reached him from “friends” he had come, drawn by the mystery and the fear of the beast. He had seen something, and he greatly desired to know what. He saw a waitress point a biker up the stairs with an odd look on her face. He knew that face. It was the face of the unbeliever, the skeptic, the person convinced that they were all crazy. That look was why he didn’t advertise his ‘side interest’ – others at the university would lose respect for him as an academic if he admitted his true interest. But for now, the look pointed the way – there was no need to ask where the town hall meeting about strange happenings was being held. The waitresses face was as good as a neon sign saying, “Ghost busters meeting this way.” Castle paused until the waitress had moved off to serve other guests and then moved up the stairs himself.

When he reached the top of the stairs he took in the scene – the biker was off to one side and the rest of the crowd was scattered around, many taking advantage of the free food and drink. Castle was not above doing so himself – ‘assistant professor’ sounded better than it paid. So he grabbed himself a Molson and a plate of appetizers and took a seat near the back. He had no interest in drawing attention to himself. His elbow-patched sports coat made him think he was one of the more professional workers there, but that also meant he had the most to lose. He would stay in the background for now. He was here for information, not to speak.

He listened as Pastor Jeremy gave his little speech. There wasn’t much there. No information, not yet. And then some guy spoke about the man in white. That caught Castle’s attention – it was exactly why he was there. But the response of the crowd was unexpected. The man was shouted down and thrown out. Why? Why didn’t the others want to hear about this issue? He noticed that not everyone in the room had the same reaction. Some seemed to feel sympathy for the man. Castle made sure to carefully note the faces that had reacted that way – those might be the ones who had seen what he had seen. They might be worth talking to. He took notes. He also saw with surprise that the biker that had pointed his way up the stairs was following the old man, Norman by name it seemed, down the stairs. Interesting. Bikers were not his normal crowd, but then neither were beasts in white suits sporting horns, so who knew?

But he didn’t follow Norman and the biker down the stairs right away. He wanted to know what these people knew. Did they have other theories besides the man in white? Why did they seem to fear that figure? What did those who had reacted sympathetically to Norman have to say? There was much still to be learned in the meeting. He suspected he’d be able to find Norman and the biker later.

Alexander Castlebrandt leaned back against the wall and took another sip of his Molson. The night was off to an interesting start and seemed likely to provide more intrigue. Perhaps a second Molson would help . . .

Posted on 2016-10-26 at 20:46:30.

Topic: Titansgrave Adventures
Subject: A tunnel

Rhyson was not surprised that the big orc was able to get the generator running, he was used to such efficiency in his companions, but he was impressed. Such skills made many things much easier - like opening doors. And as if proof of the thought were needed, the door slid open in front of them.

Rhyson joined the others in looking down the revealed passage. "Hang on - like last time, lets look to see if the dust and dirt reveal anything before we mess everything up with our footsteps. The first time we find footprints will be pretty creepy." So saying he followed his own advice and carefully looked at the dust and dirt that went down the passage. Was anything interesting to be seen . . .

(Assuming nothing of note is found - if it is, the rest might need to be changed.)

As the group moved into the hallway, Rhyson moved to the first of the windows - it was filthy on the other side. But could it reveal anything? Did it appear to be dirt? Could anything be seen? Was there any indication of light? Did the window give any indication of leakage? Leaking what? There probably wasn't much to learn, but you never knew unless you tried.

He then moved with the rest of the group to the first pile of equipment that they would need to traverse. Could they tell what sort of equipment it was? Why was it here? Who left equipment in the middle of a hallway? Of course, there could be something of value as well, but that was doubtful. What he really hoped for was some sort of hint about the purpose and fate of this place.

Posted on 2016-10-26 at 19:33:18.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: I bet I can get these wrong also . . .

Thursday, October 27

Sunday, October 30
Atlanta - always root against the Pack
New England
Cleveland At some point this pick will be right
Kansas City
Philadelphia Go Carson Wentz

Monday, October 31
Minnesota Of course

Posted on 2016-10-26 at 19:13:09.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: That's ok

You really don't need to bother updating scores . . .

Posted on 2016-10-26 at 19:09:56.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Plans

I am all for fast forwarding to the city, unless the boss has some plan for us here. A few thoughts about things as we go forward.

1. Lock up unused equipment in the cabin. Maybe it is here if we ever return. Probably not.
2. Destroy the cold iron weapons if we can. (DM?) If not, bury them in the woods on the way back.
3. Check out the value of the ring - if it isn't worth much we might as well keep it in case at some point we find a use for it. Otherwise sell it. If the DM suggests it, I'd be inclined to agree.
4. I'm good with the idea of buying a comprehend languages spell - depending on the cost. (DM - do we have a guess?)
5. Do we care about the bodies? These are humans not monsters and this is a usable cabin.
6. I would divvy up the potions as follows - other opinions are, of course, welcome. Mathias should get whatever he really wants out of these since he isn't in line for a major item.

6 potions of Cure Light Wounds (2 each for everyone but Zick. He has a wand of healing.)
2 potions of Bull's Strength (Both to Savis. He is the melee guy)
3 potions of Hide From Animals (One to Savis, Zick and Mathias - guessing the Fey has the best chance to do it naturally.)
1 potion of Invisibility (Zick - he wants it. Unless Savis can learn to make them, not sure how that works.)
1 potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (Savis - melee dude)
2 oil of Magic Weapon (Savis and Mathias)
2 flasks of Alchemist's Fire (Both to Zick for now)
2 flasks of Holy Water (Uhm....Lara and Savis?)
4 flasks of lantern oil (Zick two, Savis two - work well with bombs)
Bundle of Letters (Iara will want to hold onto herself)

Posted on 2016-10-26 at 19:08:26.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: A post!

I missed that there had even been a post.

So, the results of the augury spell are ambiguous. Since the spell says we can destroy the gems and did not say we shouldn't, he would still be in favor of destroying them - the danger to him is clear. However, the idea that the gems may have use was also there (May, or may not...) so he wouldn't fight keeping them either now that there is at least an odd voice involved. So the group needs to speak.

And also, where are we going now?
Since rooms seem to change Lothor might suggest back towards the entrance just to see. But we are also in a hurry. To the sarcophagi? He can make a choice to make a choice, but is more than willing to following the ideas of the others on this one.

Posted on 2016-10-25 at 17:03:48.

Topic: Supernatural Q&A thread
Subject: Nice post

Great first post Bromern Sal.

I'll get one up in a day or two. Gotta decide how the professor wants to play this. He will undoubtedly be sitting in the back in his elbow-patched sports coat - as a professional he is a bit cautious about his reputation at these sorts of things. But the post is coming.

Posted on 2016-10-24 at 21:20:59.

Topic: Dark Sun Game
Subject: How to get past the zombies?

Trossach looked at the elf when he asked, "how are we going to get past the zombies?"

He lifted the chain of his skyhammer and said, "a few of us are more than just pretending at this sort of thing. I wish I could say we had a glorious plan. But we took out the last zombies without much trouble. This should crush a zombie and keep it at a distance. That is my plan."

He then looked at his companions and continued. "Come. Lets keep moving. Those supplies will help and we still need to complete the mission. Just be careful if we start to see black stuff coming out of the ground. We will need to protect some behind our shields and hammers."

Posted on 2016-10-24 at 21:18:41.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Nothing fizzled

Still here. Waiting to see other posts. But will get a post up in a day or two. Trossach is very much in the game. (I lied, post already up. It is short, but I don't think there is a lot to say other than "move out!")

I have to admit, however, that I have no idea what to do for a plan against the zombies other than just fight 'em. And that didn't work for the elves.

Posted on 2016-10-24 at 21:14:28.
Edited on 2016-10-24 at 21:19:20 by Nomad D2

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Cold Steel

So, is cold steel something that hurts fairies specifically?

If so, are those knives something would want to destroy? Take them to the city to destroy? Or bury in the middle of the woods so nobody else can find them or use them?

Gotta reread the ring stuff - did you have to touch someone with it? If so, Savis is the only one likely to get close to anyone. We hope. But if it can destroy undead from a distance it would be a good prize for Birdman as he didn't get anything previously. Also, we still need to divvy up the potions.

As for bags of holding, I would guess it means "be reasonable."

Posted on 2016-10-23 at 19:20:09.

Topic: Supernatural Q&A thread
Subject: Town hall

What does "town hall" mean in a place like Toronto?
Is it a specific suburb?
I assume it will be in the post.

Posted on 2016-10-21 at 22:05:46.

Topic: D&D v5 New Book Concepts
Subject: Books

Thanks for posting that. I think it looks pretty cool. I could be very tempted to buy that book.

Posted on 2016-10-20 at 17:33:00.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: generator

Is the generator something we can carry easily? Or something we could carry back, but would significantly hinder us as we move forward?

Posted on 2016-10-20 at 17:12:18.


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