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Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: Life is one giant game of politics

Gelion Greyflood looked up as the Elvaan woman reappeared. She brought with her a Rondo that was tall and looked, as her kind tended to, powerful and graceful at the same time. Somehow in the face of races like the Rondo or Vargs, Gelion always felt that Humes came off as awkward apes who had fallen out of their trees. It wasn’t really true, of course, Hume’s could hold their own with the other races, but no matter how coordinated they might be they just didn’t convey the same sense of grace. Ah well, he thought as he watched the graceful lady glide into the room, let them underestimate me. Perhaps that is my advantage, nobody thinks a hairless ape can be graceful.

After the Rondo had introduced herself, Gelion returned her smile. “Greetings Silvira Rundir Rondo,” he said with a nod to the room’s newest entrant. “My name is Gelion Greyflood. Welcome to our little group. You haven’t missed much; at this point we have simply had a snack while awaiting the arrival of “the man.” Simon here,” he said, indicating the other man with a nod, “and I were just discussing our lack of knowledge of him. “

When Echario le'Rouge entered the room, he seemed to match the descriptions Gelion had heard. Echario’s description of the Falcons and his attempts to evade the “great political game” made the young archer smile. Evade the game? The man must realize that such was impossible. Even a place such as Stone Bridge, which prided itself on its sense of freedom, played the game. The rules and the players might be less fixed, but there were still those with power, those with money, those with influence and those without. There would be games to be played on any stage, and a man like Echario and a group like the Falcons would be forced to play them, whether they wished it or not. Did he honestly believe that a great free company could exist outside of the political machinations of the 4 nations? No, you were still a piece on their board. As usual when such thoughts sped their way through the inner confines of the Archers head, he stopped them before they worked their way out of his mouth. It was likely that now was not the time to be offering the great man a primer on politics.

Still, when Echario opened the floor for questions Gelion could not resist. He did not think of himself as a leader and doubted he would end up the spokesman for the group, but if there were questions to ask he wasn’t going to sit back, be silent and watch the opportunity disappear. He figured he might as well be the first to open his mouth again. “Thank you for allowing me to join the Falcons. Being a pawn in someone else’s political game is not something I have enjoyed, and I appreciate what this company seems to offer. But, in truth, we seem to know only rumor – what sort of “business” will we be embarking on? With whom can you sign a contract and yet avoid getting dragged into their game?” Even as he said these last lines Gelion groaned a bit inwardly. So much for stopping it before it came out of his mouth. Still, while it might not have been the best way to phrase the question, it was something that needed asking. What jobs would he be asked to do? With whom would his name be associated? At this he paused, knowing further questions were useless until the group had a clue what they were getting themselves into.

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 22:52:06.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Mass Hold

Lothor is wearing a ring of free action - doesn't that protect him from hold spells?

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 20:30:20.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: It seems we found the mage . . .

As they flew towards their destination Lothor contemplated how the meeting with the great mage might go. Supposedly he was quite impressive, and Lothor had no difficulty believing this. But they were a group of 7 swooping in on a supposedly secret location. And it didn't take a genius to see that they were a fairly impressive lot in their own right. Not the mages equal individually, but enough to be seen as a threat. In fact, it seemed likely that anyone approaching this location would be seen as a threat. He didn't relish the idea of an arch-mage viewing him as a threat. He smiled a bit as he pictured the group flying in bearing signs saying "We come in Peace!" That probably wouldn't work...

How did one tell a paranoid (He was assuming here, but he would paranoid were he hiding a weapon of ultimate evil and people swooped in on him, so the assumption seemed valid.) arch-mage that their intentions were honest? He didn't know, all he knew was that he would need to be cautious and on the look-out when they arrived. But not so much on the lookout that he looked hostile . . .

And so he landed with the group in front of the door. As the others examined things and determined that someone was around, Lothor attempted to keep a lookout.

*Adapted to fit not being held by the spell*

As the magic surged around the party, even Lothor could tell it was powerful, a fact confirmed by the lack of movement by everyone in the party except himself and Rayne. He was not surprised to see the robed figure stride forward toward them - he was fairly certain he knew who had cast the spell. He was thankful for the magic ring that had kept him free, but wondered if he might not be safer in the spells embrace. He didn't think the mage would want to kill them outright if he didn't have to do so. He might not welcome their presence and might, in the end, do something bad to preserve his secret, but it seemed unlikely that he would do so without finding out more about the group. If nothing else, they had a secret the mage would desire - how did they know the swords location? But such protections might only hold if they were seen as no threat. He thought briefly about pretending to be held, but it seemed extremely unlikely to work. Trying to fool an arch-mage seemed like an unwise move.

But it was important to not be seen as a threat. And so, even as he saw Rayne speaking and acting similarly, Lothor acted in a way that went against every grain in his warriors body. He went to one knee. He raised his empty hands in front of him.

In truth, he did not completely give up the fight. He knew exactly where both his rabbits foot of luck and his axes of throwing were located and was ready to grab them if needed. He was sure it would be of no use if he did so, but if the mage acted he refused to leave Rayne without any backup. But the best help he could offer right now was to add to the image of peace.

He couldn't help thinking, should've brought the "We come in peace" sign . . .

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 20:26:06.
Edited on 2015-09-04 at 21:01:29 by Nomad D2

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: An easy Post

Well, doesn't seem like there is a lot for Lothor to post about. "He stands there..."

But will get the post up shortly. Go Rayne!

Posted on 2015-08-31 at 20:11:44.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: A secretive lot

Gelion looked around at the group of new recruits. It seemed to be an odd lot.

Two Hume's that seemed to prefer silence and secrets along with a Puff. Seriously? He didn't know what seemed stranger to him, the silent Hume's or the Al Bhed that seemed like he should be the owner of a tavern, not a seeker of adventure. But on first impression at least, it was the giant Puff that struck Gelion as the friendliest of the bunch. Not that he had much competition.

Were these to be his companions in the new unit? Or would the new recruits be dispersed among more experienced groups? He didn't know, but if he was to work with these 3 he hoped at some point they would open up a bit more. It wasn't that they couldn't have secrets, he supposed he had a few of his own when it came down to it, but the whole "man of mystery" charade would get old very quickly. But it was best not to judge on so little information.

As he waited for the silent one to respond to Puff's enquiry about a name he added, "if you wish your past to remain shrouded in darkness that is your call, but it may well be that our futures are intertwined. Any light you could shed on our leader or this company might be of help. I have been in other companies, but know little of this one."

Posted on 2015-08-29 at 22:00:49.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: The distribution of the tool of the trade (loot)

Lothor watched the stuff getting split up and, as his earlier ruminations indicated, wanted nothing to do with the books. Having the word "cursed" thrown around made him nervous.

when Roan made his comment about taking the potions of healing he spoke up. "I would appreciate one of those as well. Lets spread them out so that more than one person can deal with healing." (Assuming this is agreed to as implied in the earlier post)

As he received the couple of items he had asked for - the healing potion, the blood-red potions of turn-to-stone and the ring of the ear he place them in his pouches. Healing potions were always valuable. He was a lot less sure about the blood-red stuff. He didn't think he ever wanted to make use of it. But who knew? Was hacking someone to pieces really better than turning them into stone? Was it odd that he felt this was so? As for the ring of the ear, he wouldn't wear it all of the time, as his other rings seemed to be of more immediate use. But it could be swapped out or loaned out if needed. So for now it sat in his pouch.

Posted on 2015-08-29 at 21:48:14.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Lothor and stuff

Could you just try to "remove curse" even if your not sure if one is there in the first place? Would you know if your spell succeeded? Or if it met no resistance?

Ok, Lothor will take the basilisk potion and the ring of the ear as listed. He would also request one of the potions of healing. I'll write a post about this in about 5 minutes.

If I have time tonight I will also look to see if there are other items he is dreaming about that he might want to purchase if they are available, but since I haven't had time to do so yet, there is no sense delaying things hoping I have the time.

Posted on 2015-08-29 at 21:41:21.

Topic: Return of the mighty Kamina
Subject: Welcome back

Have a seat, a pint and a game or three.

Posted on 2015-08-24 at 17:21:51.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Lothor

I'll get a better list of items for Lothor ready - hopefully tomorrow. But don't wait for it if your getting a post ready.

Is the vampire pin evil? We should be able to tell? It seems like something a fighter could really use, but Lothor would have serious doubts about this item for anyone in the group unless convinced otherwise. It does include the word "vampire" after all.

Posted on 2015-08-23 at 01:46:25.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: Puff the magic giant

So, given that we know Puff is a sprightly 280 lb. it seems that a bit of a general description might be helpful. I think Gelion might respond a bit to the largess of this character. Or at least, might need to know what he looks like. Perhaps we should give physical descriptions of our characters since we would be able to see each other.

This is what I wrote about Gelion Greyflood:

Physical description: Gelion was the child of a woodsman and he looked the part. He was 5’10” tall, with hair that was somewhere between light brown and red. Reddish would be a good description as it was certainly not bright red. His hair was slightly curly, not much more than wavy, and cut fairly short. It was a utilitarian cut, meant to keep his hair out of his eyes, not to look fancy. Although actually fairly strong, Gelion didn’t look muscular. His was the wiry strength of the athletic and active. He was not the sort of man that would make every woman in the room stare, but the girls in his village had frequently called him “cute.” His dimples might not make him a true ladies-man, but he could charm a lass when he wanted to do so.
His clothing was not ostentatious, but rather a fairly simple explorers outfit. He almost always had a broad brimmed hat upon his head to keep the sun out of his eyes and the rain off of his head.

Gelion is clearly a young man - somewhere between 18-24 at a glance.

Posted on 2015-08-23 at 01:43:31.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: A Fighters desires

So, it would seem that these folks would view positively the destruction of evil items. We may also be able to trade items - those bastard swords, for example, don't seem to fit our needs but would be extremely valuable to someone.

What might Lothor Like?

The dagger +5 is an improvement on his pair of +3. But wouldn't see much use if someone else has use for it.
1-2 potions of the Basilisk would give him a non-blade attack.
Ring of the ear - he wouldn't ear it, but keep it to put on when needed. Unless someone sneakier than he would like it.
Potion of elemental form
Potions of healing divided amongst the group, of course.

The anklets I assume can't be worn over/under armor, otherwise those are pretty cool. Someone should take those.
Is the vampire pin considered evil? It seems like it ought to be.

probably Lothor should go shopping and hope to swap some of this for something good.

Posted on 2015-08-20 at 22:56:53.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: A question of ethics, I'm sure.

A Tome of Quickness in Action? It would raise a person’s dexterity – Cor wanted it, but it could help the fighter as well. But it made him think. Back when he was a gladiator there had been those who used special potions to increase their strength and speed. Lothor and many others had considered such methods to be cheating. What did it mean if the gladiator you were facing was somehow magically enhanced? The gladiatorial commission had agreed with him. They even developed tests for the various potions that some used, going so far as banning several players for an entire gladiatorial season for testing positive for potions of strength. It was cheating, and it was bad for the games. And now instead of potions you could get the same thing, in fact a better and more permanent effect, from a book. What would they think of next? The commission had always complained that every time they developed a test for one potion, the cheaters would develop another, rendering their tests ineffective. So, how would they test for a paper potion? While Lothor knew the book was the work of a mage, just as the potions were probably the work of an alchemist, he could easily see professional gladiators or their managers being behind the things.

But these weren’t games, were they? He supposed that having the fate of the world hang in the balance probably changed things a bit. But old habits die hard; he would let Cor have the Tome.

Posted on 2015-08-20 at 22:33:31.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: No sense sitting in silence

Gelion Greyflood looked around the room to which he and the other new recruits were brought. It was a basic conference room, with the predictable throne at the head of the table. It might be a free company, but Echario le'Rouge so far gave little indication that he was any different than the rulers of the other nations and companies. As this thought crossed his mind, Gelion grinned a bit inwardly while adding the mental note that he was, perhaps, reading a bit much into one big chair.

The Crimson Falcons were a “Free Company.” That idea appealed to Gelion. He liked the flexibility it suggested. He’d have struck out on his own, but the world was an easier place if you had money, a job, and a little bit of backing. Le’Rouge’s Crimson Falcons seemed to offer that. But who would be free? The company was free. Did that mean only its leader? To what extent was he expected to be a “good soldier?” How much freedom would those within the company have? He’s spent some time in other companies, so he was willing to admit that a degree of organization was needed for it to be a “company.” But he didn’t need to come here just to join a military. So what did “free” mean?

As these thoughts flitted quickly across his mind, he looked around at his companions. It seemed likely that he would spend some time with them. Two Humes and an Al Bhed. And a sprite. A sprite? He didn’t really know what to make of that, so he decided to just wait and see. An Al Bhed? That would be interesting. Technology was not his thing. He liked his bow. Weapons didn’t get much more old school than that. Well, maybe rocks, he thought with a smile. Still, the idea remained. He had nothing against either Al Bhed or tech, he just didn’t know much.

When their Elvaan guide left, Gelion got up and moved to the cupboard. He didn’t take a lot, but had no problem finding a quick lunch/snack. It was being provided by “his” company after all, and he knew from experience that it was usually wise to grab a bite when and where you could. He took a bit of wine, but watered it down so as not to drink too much. City water was sometimes questionable and the wine made it palatable. He added a hearty roll, some fruit and nuts – and chocolate. He hadn’t expected that, but couldn’t pass up the treat. It wasn’t much, but his stomach wouldn’t be rumbling through the meeting.

Getting his food and sitting down at the table, he introduced himself to his companions. There was no sense sitting in silence – if this was to be his platoon, these were people he would need to get to know and upon whom he would need to depend. No sense wasting time.
“Hey. I’m Gelion Greyflood, an archer originally from the north of Orinthal. I’ve spent the last couple of years with a company out of the Orinthal city of Newmark. I came here for a little freedom and, hopefully, a chance to track some goblins in the North. What brings the rest of you to this table? Anybody know anything about Echario le'Rouge and how he runs this company? ”

Posted on 2015-08-20 at 22:02:31.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: Gelion

I should get a post up for Gelion tomorrow. Lets get this thing going.

Posted on 2015-08-20 at 00:51:55.

Subject: Thoughts? Anybody? No, seriously . . .

I don't like the idea of moving on with two people burning up inside. 2 rooms in and we end up down two members does not sound like a recipe for success. Jarenion probably can't help with that.

I really think we need to chat about options before posting. And that starts with trying to save two members and then moving on quickly. Or, if we are prepared, we might be able to drop the wall and blitz the last two winter wights on our time schedule. I don't like the idea of those two guys following us in. Having them arrive at our back just sounds like a bad idea.

As for the rats, I suspect the only useful thing would be to utterly destroy them. (like the cleric turning did to 12.) I suspect those 12 won't be able to reanimate. Anything left even somewhat intact probably regenerates with another bolt of energy. So I doubt there is much to do there, although a couple of well timed turnings as they charge down a narrow hall might work. Could I cast a wall of fire length-wise down the hall and out into the cavern? (assuming the ice dudes have already been dealt with.) That would cost one spell, but would completely destroy some with the turnings and those caught in the hall might be fried (I think Alacrity said they appeared stronger so all might not die, but any that had to stay in the hall for any time would keep taking damage.) Bodies that stayed in the hall might be burned up. Plus the new wall would give us a longer time frame.

Thoughts? We need a plan.

Posted on 2015-08-18 at 18:55:16.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Stuff

I'm really not sure what to say as far as items to look for - there are so many "out there" that it is hard to say, "do you have this one."

Specifically, I think Lothor would still have space for something at the neck - an amulet, pendant, torc sort of thing. He also, I believer could add a pair of gloves to his outfit. And, of course, potions are always great. Like, say a bunch of potions of flying. But healing potions are nifty.

I'd rather pull from a list you might generate, but I can name a few. Things like an Amulet of Health, vampire torc or Torc of Heroic Sacrifice to name a few. But there are so many . . . .

Posted on 2015-08-18 at 18:42:45.

Subject: Ahhh....Relaxation!

Protect the Healers!
And protect those with the bad-boy and girl undead killing weapons!
And protect the mage who can throw up walls!
And protect . . . oh heck, lets just protect everybody.

This is a vacation, right?
So lets just do this so everybody comes home.

Well, everyone except the undead. They can stay.

Posted on 2015-08-13 at 23:50:24.

Subject: The undead attack again!

Well, that actually worked better than I expected after the disastrous first round. Any suggestions on how to stop the blackfire?

It is always nice to know as you go deeper into an evil temple that there will be hordes of undead attacking from the rear. A 15 minute head start doesn't do us much good if 70 undead rats and a couple winter wights hit us from the rear just as we are taking on something particularly fun. Not that Alacrity would do such a thing . . . he's to busy cackling. Suggestions for a rear guard? Remember we also presumably will have to come back out this way as well.

Posted on 2015-08-13 at 19:15:00.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Things that go bump in the night

Even from the back of the unit, Corban could hear the sounds coming from the inside of the temple. A couple of years ago such sounds would have freaked him out, but now as long as a giant tentacle wasn't actively wrapping itself around his neck it just provided ambiance. "Just what we were expecting," he thought as he kept a look out.

The sniper brought up the rear as they moved up the steps and kept his eyes open for any movement outside the temple. He moved his eyes from the trucks, to the edges of the temple, to the bodies splayed all over. When they moved to the landing at the top he slid behind the cover of a pillar, but continued to keep an eye on everything below.

"wonder if the lipstick belonged to the Nazis or the mummies?" he thought to himself. He smiled, as either made a pretty little picture.

Posted on 2015-08-13 at 00:02:32.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: That lull between storms

Lothor had been in enough battles, enough wars, enough adventures, and enough conflicts, to recognize the value of a little down time. There wasn't much to do. He had no spells that he needed to memorize or prayers to say. He agreed whole heartedly with the idea of getting extra flying potions to avoid giving away their destination, but once that was decided, even that small task was done.

So he rested as any good warrior would. Yes, he kept a lookout for things that might be amiss as he was well aware that study time was a moment of vulnerability, but, for the most part, he rested. When things were safe, you took your rest.

When he was awake he wandered the keep to see how it was built and defended. It wasn't that he was scouting a fortress for battle, although the military man in him always had such an eye on his surroundings, rather he was looking for clues to what dangers they expected. He watched the soldiers in the yard training. (He did not join, for his bones were weary from all of the "practice" he had already had of late.) What techniques did they train for?

He also sought out the dragon riders that had brought the group to the castle. The beasts were impressive enough that they alone were worthy of the excursion, but there was more that he sought. Not knowing who knew of their impending flight, he was careful not to reveal anything of the group's plans, but he engaged the dragon riders in discussions of the battle just past. What sort of foes had they faced? Which way did the enemy flee? When the dragons were in the air, what sort of flying threats had the enemy possessed? Specifically, he tried to guide the conversations towards flying and the sort of threats that might exist in the sky. Did they ever use any smaller flyers such as a pegasus or griffin? What might these smaller units expect to meet? (He was fairly sure they did not, as the Pegasus idea had been quickly quashed earlier, but the riders didn't know that, and the question might yield answers about foes a dragon might not concern itself with.)

So Lothor Greenbeard spent his time resting or wandering the fortress and talking to any that might talk to him. It felt weird arriving after that battle had been fought. But while the battle and war seemed over for those from this time, Lothor knew .... well, in truth, he didn't know much about what had happened (Was happening? Would happen? Might happen? Verb tense was never his strong suit.) in his time. But the great battle of his age had not been finished when they had been whisked away. For all he knew, the "Drimmen Dreeve" of his era had yet to be fought. There were rainbows for those around him, but Lothor still felt storm clouds gathering. But how to find the storm?

Posted on 2015-08-11 at 17:07:50.
Edited on 2015-08-14 at 22:42:21 by Nomad D2

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: Never Left

The Sniper has his scope on and is ready to go.
Bring on the mummies!

Posted on 2015-08-11 at 15:40:18.

Subject: Present!

Jarenion is ready to go!

Posted on 2015-08-11 at 15:37:58.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Ok

Lothor is ok with the plan. Does it take 2 days to replenish the spells? Is it wise to wait that long?

Posted on 2015-08-02 at 00:54:29.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: And how does this make sense?

As had apparently become the norm, Lothor stood at the back of the group and watched as various members of the party spoke. When the local big-man stood over Cor and yelled, Lothor felt his warriors training pushing him to react. Whatever he thought about the wisdom of Cor's words, he was not fond of those in power screaming at those in their power. Again, this was not how he would do it.

But he held his hand - clearly this was not the time to draw a blade or yell back. But that didn't mean he wasn't prepared in case the body guard acted up. As the man moved back and spoke of the stresses of battle, Lothor nodded slightly in understanding - what he had seen outside might put anyone off their game. And at least this one seemed to realize he had overreacted.

As the conversation progressed, the ideas presented didn't line up for the big man. First the librarian had screamed that they could not change the past. Then he offered to help them find the sword. It seemed they were to be offered dragon rides to the swords new location. How did that make sense? They will hold us prisoner if we try to change the past, yet they will help us change the location of one of the greatest artifacts of evil in the world? A sword that had remained hidden for centuries? How did that not qualify as a massive changing of the past? Finding the sword made sense, but given the librarian's outburst, it was an odd choice.

But he held his position as usual and followed the other's lead.

Posted on 2015-07-27 at 18:51:50.

Topic: Guaging interest for a new game
Subject: Hey!

We got more players!
Ok, I guess I will start working on my character tonight.

Posted on 2015-07-25 at 17:22:39.


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