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Topic: FFd20 Crimson Falcons QA take 2
Subject: Attack #s

So, a couple quick questions about the FF system.

If Gelion gets +3 for his strength with his magical bow, is that +3 to both hit and damage.

Feats - I seem to remember there were limits on when you could use them. What was the limit?

Posted on 2016-04-15 at 00:31:18.

Topic: Final Fantasy d20: Crimson Falcons (take 2)
Subject: Spelunking we will go, spelunking we will go

Gelion rode the rails into the darkness.

He kinda liked the sound of that. It had an epic sort of sound. Now it just remained for himself and a couple of rabbits (Not that he would say that out loud!) to do something epic. Or, at the very least, to do something that didn't get them dead.

He was reasonably pleased with how things had worked out at the top. They'd gotten decent information and he felt that his questions had been good ones - if perhaps delivered a bit fast. But that had more to do with the circumstances than anything else. And he had gotten some answers. Plus, they had someone who could operate the carts and who had some sunsticks. What more could a buy want? Besides real sunlight, that is.

But he headed down into the dark with a little confidence. As they approached the cave he did so with a rapidly beating heart, but also some confidence. He could handle this and had companions that could as well. He hoped. He didn't really know any thing about them besides that they could get themselves killed in his dream. Well, so could he come to that. He would have to hope they were competent just as they would have to hope he was.

So he moved towards the room even as he and their pseudo guide heard some noise. Then the lights went out. No surprise there. Happily the sunsticks immediately brought illumination. He'd have to find out how the lights were put out.

But now that the lights were back on there was no time to worry about such things as 3 odd looking tiger striped things stood in front of them. He didn't like the idea of just shooting before finding out if they were hostile, but the noises they were making left little doubt as to their intent.

So Gelion immediately nocked an arrow and let fly. He aimed at the #2 "thing" whatever it was. It seemed to be the one closest to him. He'd fire two shots in rapid succession, at the same target most likely, but if it fell, the second arrow had a convenient target almost directly behind the first.

(OOC: Based on the comments on the Q&A thread: with rapid shot = +4/+4 1d8+5/1d8+5)

Posted on 2016-04-15 at 00:25:56.
Edited on 2016-04-15 at 17:33:41 by Nomad D2

Topic: FFd20 Crimson Falcons QA take 2
Subject: Missed it

I missed that there had been an update - I'll get something done late tonight.

The map isn't perfect, but it works and is a lot better than nothing.

Posted on 2016-04-14 at 18:35:35.

Topic: Think of us, please.
Subject: :)

Good news.
smile and relax a bit.

Posted on 2016-04-12 at 20:42:59.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: A mystery worth dying for?

Well, if we weren't able to do anything for the little guy we could just bury his remains with a little sign saying "Homo floresiensis." Then this world could have its own little "hobbit skeleton" mystery. Halfling remains over 1,000 years out of time. We'd just have to teach them about carbon dating.

Or, you know, we could bring the little guy back. Better for Ulthok, better for us, and the world will just have to survive with one less mystery.

Posted on 2016-04-11 at 17:35:51.

Topic: The Death of the Inn?
Subject: Luck has nothing to do with it.

It seems to me that the success of the Inn is largely in our hands. Keep posting and it won't go anywhere.

But if anyone is looking to do their part, we do need one more character for the final fantasy (FF) game.

Posted on 2016-04-10 at 17:25:53.

Topic: Pathfinder: The Runewen Chronicles Q&A
Subject: Nope

I have heard nothing.

Posted on 2016-04-09 at 23:32:29.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Exery subject line about pricks feels like it should be censored

Solution - Ulthok posting the solution?

Posted on 2016-04-09 at 12:57:43.

Topic: Slate: The Hundred Years of Rain
Subject: The good, the bad and the ugly

Daxos leapt from the roof of the shelter and slashed at the woman in charge of their enemies. He felt his bade meet flesh and wanted to grin. But his happiness was brief when the barrels exploded and the water showered down around him. And then he both heard and saw the ax crash into Clary's chest. And the old cleric fell as well.

He didn't understand the attack on the water. Didn't their foes need the water even worse then they did? And killing the cleric? Where did these fools expect to get their water from? Dax didn't need the water, they did! The death of the cleric also hit hard. He didn't know the old man, but his death felt completely unnecessary. Why would you do such a thing? There were so few people left anyway. And perhaps Clary meant even one less. He really didn't know Clary and honestly hadn't liked most of what had been said so far, but still. Death would be a bad thing and a member of the group was a member of the group.

Of course, all of this went through his head rapidly as he sought out his next target. He'd lost the safety of the roof, and now needed to find spot from which to fire. He rapidly moved backwards towards the part of the shelter that had walls - he would stay on the outside and use it for partial shelter. His target? As it had been with his first shot of the fight, he would aim at the spellcaster. If anyone came for him, he would have to adjust and target them.

Posted on 2016-04-07 at 19:57:18.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Did your mother teach you nothing, little one?

Seriously? You go and stick your finger in a hole in the door to a cyclops' tower and your going to blame the meat shield? That is like breaking rule #1 of "Adventuring for Dummies"! Did anything attack your back? No, it didn't, not even when Lothor had to pick you up so you could see the little design.

I can get a post up fairly soon with the solution if desired. Let the rest of the pack speak up if they have any other options.

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 13:16:50.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Water

Don't worry about what Clary did. Daxos was already planning on jumping onto her, so the battle was going to continue either way. This wasn't one person's choice.

Did I miss the wolf attacking? I didn't see any mention of it and if there was more damage to be done, I wouldn't mind.

To the group:
Two key things right now:
1. Clary. Gotta get a cleric to her asap. Can any of us heal or do we need to get a cleric from the back "room?" Who gets that task? The map may tell the tale.
2. The spellcaster is back up. She needs to go down again, quickly. Daxos is inclined to spin and shoot his bow at her again, but he has given up the relative shelter of the roof and is feeling very exposed.

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 10:37:34.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: The Question

That question was actually aimed at the group - I assumed you would be of no use to us.

As for the puzzle - I see it exactly as Ody does. The only question is if anyone can see any other pattern? It seems a bit too obvious, but maybe that is just the bait for the next trap. Anyone see a pattern any other way?

If we agree this is it, I'd say Ulthok gets the honor of posting the solution, or at least our version of it. Lothor will continue to stand their and meat shield.

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 17:21:50.

Topic: Alacrity withdrawal
Subject: And now we see the problem

And now we see the problem.

If you just skipped those walks you'd have time to update your games. It is all about priorities . . .

Just be sure to stick with the "not dead yet" part.

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 17:18:00.

Topic: Alacrity withdrawal
Subject: The Inn will be here

I am selfishly disappointed to read this - because your games have always been a lot of fun. Plus, there was nothing else quite like team Ye Olde out there. The games will be missed - and I mean that as a compliment, not a complaint.

Do what you have to do - everyone needs to know what their priorities are in life, and yours seem to be in the right place. Someday, no doubt, you will find yourself able to have some "me time" again. When that day comes, I am quite sure that the Inn will still be here waiting for you. Best wishes.

Posted on 2016-04-04 at 17:44:17.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: pattern

If the patterns go either straight up or down - staying within the same image - the pattern is easy. It might confuse a goblin, but not much else.

Is there any other way to see it? Can you read it sideways like a book in any way? So far I haven't seen a pattern, but is it safe to assume that the obvious vertical read is the correct one?

Posted on 2016-04-04 at 17:38:59.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Many legged birds and a blue door

As they arrived at the door to what Lothor assumed to be the tower of their quest, it was impossible not to hear the many "birds" above them attacking the foliage. How many legs did the things have? When he was younger he'd had an uncle that really liked drumsticks and at every fall's harvest festival - after the kids of the village had finished their games - he'd make a huge roasted bird to feed the athletes. But because he liked drumsticks so much, he always included extra legs, just sort of tacked onto the side to make a 6 legged turkey. It was odd to be thinking about his uncle John in the middle of a jungle and at the front door of a magical cyclops, but such was the way of it. Looking up to where those 6 legged birds were making so much noise, it was easy to think about uncle John and how he would have wanted to roast the creatures.

The thought made Lothor smile a bit. But the thought that he should not be talking about the drumsticks the star athletes used to get, but rather "would be" getting many years in the future took the smile away. They weren't at this tower in the middle of the jungle to roast a turkey and play some games. This tower was the key to their getting back to the future - and quite possibly bringing the great arch-mage with them as well.

Just as the warriors thoughts took this serious turn, he heard Ulthok ask for assistance in inspecting the door. As he moved ahead with the parties official "trap man," Lothor grinned at the little Halfling. "Sure, I got your back. And if you want, you can sit on my shoulders to see the doorknob." He was, of grinning as he said it, but also inspecting the side of the tower and the door as they approached. Once they got their he would leave the inspecting to Ulthok and simply keep his eyes open for unwanted visitors.

Posted on 2016-04-03 at 00:04:25.

Topic: Final Fantasy d20: Crimson Falcons (take 2)
Subject: Answers, answers and not much for answers

Gelion smiled at the old Dwarf. "Thank you for your answers. Lets hope we can make the mine safe for your workers again. Obviously we wish they had seen more, but I can't say I'm surprised."

Before he let the matter drop, Gelion had a couple more questions to ask. Looking to the dwarf againg, Gelion spoke. "I'm afraid I must impose upon your expertise at least one more time. These railcars, how do they function? I suspect we are in need a short lesson before we attempt to follow your directions into the dark."

He also turned to Ham and added, "We probably should have another light source as well. If these lights were put out when used by the miners, it seems very likely that they will go out on us as well. Perhaps some sunrods? They might work where a flame has failed. Hopefully the helms are enough, but I think we need to be prepared. If the mine can not provide some, it might be worth the 15 minutes to run back to town and acquire some."

With this he looked around at his companions from last nights dream. "How about you two? Ready to go into the dark and get pelted by stones?"

Posted on 2016-04-02 at 20:37:59.

Topic: Pathfinder: The Runewen Chronicles
Subject: What sort of trouble was this?

With the rising of the sun, Sirion also rose from the bed provided by the inn. He had learned to appreciate a good bed when one was available. The sorcerer had slept well and looked forward to the day. He wasn't quite sure just what his plan was, but he supposed he needed to get a plan. Work, a place to go, something that needed doing. Something. Something would come up, it always did.

When he entered the common room he took his usual place near the fireplace. He always sought such a seat. He loved the warmth of the fire and it usually was a gathering place for those most willing to talk. But this mornings opportunity to talk with the locals was disrupted when a group of guardsmen entered and spoke with the tavern keeper, clearly upsetting him.

Sirion briefly considered going over by the back door to hear what was being said, but decided against it. Usually getting mixed up with the town guard was a bad idea. Besides, two others had moved closer to the door to hear and three would clearly be a crowd. But that didn't prevent him from being curious.

Sirion looked at the locals sitting hear him and asked, "Anybody know what that was all about? Or who he was yelling to in the backroom?" He also tried to feel them out for their general impression of the local guard. Some towns loved their guards, others, well, not so much.

(OOC: Assumed that there would be locals sitting near Sirion since he sought what I would think is a coveted area and would want to sit by others. If I'm wrong, just ignore that last paragraph.)

Posted on 2016-04-02 at 20:25:38.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Meat Shield reporting for duty!

If you post that your going to go look at the door, Lothor will do his best meat-shield impression to watch your back. I'll try to look up the birds tonight.

Posted on 2016-04-02 at 20:09:29.

Topic: Slate: The Hundred Years of Rain
Subject: Water! Now why would she go and do a thing like that?

Daxos heard the woman yell out and call for a halt. He knew such a thing was extremely unlikely. What would stopping now do that would be any better than surrendering when these people first arrived? Not a whole lot. No, surrender wasn't an option - it wouldn't solve anything and it would only give them time to get over the blindness and other spells his compatriots had cast.

But it still wouldn't be good if the woman carried through with her threat. She needed to be stopped right away and Daxos felt that he was in the best position to do something about it. He quickly switched to his shortsword as he moved to the edge of the shelter above the shouting woman. And he jumped.

His plan was simple. He would land directly behind her, either swinging as he jumped or as soon as he landed, depending on how the jump worked. He needed to be quick - he hoped to further wound her, but his most important goal was to disrupt whatever spell she might be preparing. If need be he'd barrel right into the back of her legs, whatever it took to disrupt whatever she was up to.

There would be no spell if he could help it.

Besides, this would get him into the shelter before the rain hit, right?

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 18:12:24.

Topic: Pathfinder: The Runewen Chronicles Q&A
Subject: Hhhmmm

Not sure exactly what to do with that post. Are you wanting us to do something other than sit back and watch?

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 17:50:59.

Topic: FFd20 Crimson Falcons QA take 2
Subject: Sunrods

Sunrods don't break, do they?

I would think a couple of us could carry one of those, even Gelion, as we move. If something happened, they could potentially be dropped. As long as they aren't breakable, they would land at our feet and continue to provide illumination. No an elegant solution to be sure, but perhaps the best?

Posted on 2016-03-31 at 17:45:31.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Prepared for what?

Is there anything to do other than open the door? Or have someone inspect it first? I like the stone to mud theory, but it seems silly to do that before we try simply opening it, doesn't it? Maybe?

what more preparation is there to do? I might suggest finding a flock of sheep we could bring with us to use for escapes, but besides that, I'm short on options. Is there anything in particular to look for?

who inspects for traps and such? Who opens the door, asks the big meat shield . . .

Posted on 2016-03-30 at 22:27:32.

Topic: FFd20 Crimson Falcons QA take 2
Subject: Bows

well, yeah, that bow thing is a bit of a problem. Can the others carry the light? With only low-light vision they can't see in the mine either, right? Or are they better off further from the light source?

Suggestions from the bunny types? (Ok, that joke might get old, but right now it amuses me.)

Posted on 2016-03-29 at 23:12:33.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Clerics, Barrels and spells, oh my

What do you mean we have no PCs that are clerics? We brought two with us - they are hiding in the innards of the shelter. Plus there is the old man they brought with them. That would be 3. (Clarification - no PCs. One druidy type. But NPCs)

Clearly having the water destroyed would be a bad thing, but I am actually more concerned about the barrels. Water we can purify - or the clerics can anyway. We just stick them out in the rain and let them fill up. But if we have no barrels to hold water it is more of an issue. Still, once we got to the other town, as long as the clerics are with us they could make water there, right? We won't die of dehydration in a day. What this means is that losing the water is bad, but not something that would ruin everything. I think.

Ok, another thought - someone mentioned keeping someone alive and I like that idea. I strongly suggest the lover kneeling over his lost love. If she can be saved with a heal spell ("lifes blood flowing out" was the line. not "dead on the spot.") the guy will be angry at us for hurting her, but also owe us for saving her. A bit of leverage. At the very least he is someone we know cares about normal human things. So I like him. So, if possible, we need to finish this quickly and then heal her. He is also wounded already (twice?)and thus a bit less of a threat.

Finally, I think Daxos will do whatever he can to prevent the leader from damaging the water. I don't think he can jump on her exactly, and he isn't the biggest weight to have hit someone anyway. But he should be able to drop right behind her and stick a sword in her. She won't see him coming. My hope is that between dropping down and hacking her that he can disrupt any spell she is casting. Spcecifically he will try to take out her legs or in some way surprise her and take her to the ground. Again, spell distruption is the goal. Speak up if this doesn't make sense.

Two more questions for the DM:

1. I know we haven't inspected her since the fighting began, but given how she looks and how you run the game, might the wounded mage still be revivable with a healing spell? It is likely the clerics who came with us would have such a spell, isn't it?
2. Another question on exactly how you run the game, as this has varied based on the DM in question and the specific game system. Daxos would probably switch to his shortsword if he jumps down. Can he do that and jump at the same time? Also, his primary goal is to disrupt whatever spell she might be casting. Damage, while also nice, is secondary. Would knocking her down have a chance of disrupting whatever spell she was casting? Can he grab his shortsword, jump down and hack at her legs - or even hack as he is jumping, presumably hitting her back, not her legs. Given her blindness and likely cluelessness as to his existence, or at least no chance of knowing he was coming, would he get a bonus on his attack? I guess I'm not sure if "sword, jump, attack" is too many things for one round or not.

Posted on 2016-03-29 at 23:08:13.
Edited on 2016-03-29 at 23:09:02 by Nomad D2


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