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Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Watchin' the back

As Crow moves forward to inspect the door for traps, Derry kept an eye on their surroundings. If they could get in, the bad guys could get out. In fact, they had gotten out already. Twice, at least. And that raised a question, had the front door been unlocked for the kobolds and then locked up again after their waxlike foes had exited?

Still, as he surveyed their surrounding while the thief utilized his criticl skills, an open door into the kitchen didn't sound so bad. Unless, of course, more wax like beasties were enjoying the preperations for the feast in there as well.

Posted on 2010-04-08 at 12:55:37.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Action!

*Edited for your reading pleasure

And so the decision about opening the door was made for them . . .

Hieronymus attempts to keep the wand aimed into the eyes of the guy coming through the door. Tempted to use his sound burst spell, Heironymus resisted the urge because of the possibility of sounding the alarm. Instead, with his mace already in hand, he moved up to swing at the man standing in the doorway.

If it does not significantly interfere with his ability to swing his mace, he will still keep the wand aimed at the eyes of his opponent. He will also be looking for evidence that these are, in fact, enemies. However, the talk of prisoners makes him confident that he knows a target when he sees one.

Posted on 2010-04-06 at 02:13:47.
Edited on 2010-04-09 at 16:13:27 by Nomad D2

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: And now what?

After hearing a bit of the conversation on the other side of the door, Heironymus lightly allows the door to fall back to its natural resting place. He looked closely towards Kyara.

"Prisoners? I don't like the sound of that. But it does mean that our quarry is likely to be here."

Looking back down the tunnel they had come down, he added, "I don't think we want to try and force the door. I, for one, am unlikely to be strong enough. Nor do I have a spell likely to be of assistance. Let us go back to the side passages and hope we can circle around somehow. I don't care which one we take as I have no reason to favor one over the other. To make a choice, I would pick the first tunnel we come to and take it. But I am open to suggestions. What do you wish to do?"

(For clarification - Heironymus would go back up the tunnel the way they came and take the first tunnel they come to. I need to go back and reread the earlier posts and create a bit of a map. For now, if two tunnels branch off at the same time, take the one going left. Left as we currently walk, it would have been right when we came in.)

Posted on 2010-04-05 at 21:15:44.

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Wax golems that eat cake?

As Derry and the others regained control of the poor woman, Derry continued to scan his surrounding for signs of danger. In doing so, his gaze crossed over some of the mess left behind when the bugbears melted.

It seemed odd. The melting seemed odd. It was unexpected when the kobolds had melted, but not really odd. After all, they were dealing with powerful magic. But the bugbears were simply odd. Illusions typically did not need to eat. He glanced over at the table that had been covered with the half-devoured cake. (Assuming it is still there) Yes, the cake was still there. Still a mess. Clearly half of it had been eaten. And the consumed cake had melted away with the bugbear that had consumed it. Golems did not eat. At least he didn't think they did, golems being a bit beyond his area of knowledge at the moment. What sort of magical creature still needed to eat? Or at least was individual enough to enjoy the act? Were there real bugbears somewhere that were mimicing the actions of these brutes?

Something very odd was going on around here. He almost laughed at himself for that thought as he looked around at the reddish dome covering everything. Yes, clearly something odd was afoot!

But still, the bugbears didn't seem to play by any of the rules he knew.

Posted on 2010-04-05 at 21:04:47.

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: That is one loud teapot!

First Derry was startled by the ladies song, then again by Nocuts' suggestion on wrapping her in the carpet again. But Crow was right, she was much too loud for safety.

"No, we won't wrap her up, that is cruel. But silence her - put the gag in again. And tie her hands!"

*Assuming he and Noctus, maybe others, gether underwraps.*

"I don't want to waste a sleep spell on her. We can not leave her here. Nor can we bring her with. But it would only be a quick run back to the front of the building and we can pass her out through the tunnel. Then we return here. Acceptable?"

Posted on 2010-04-01 at 19:13:33.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Enter the door

*Since it seems the decision is beign given to Heironymus I will assume they will act. I will put Heironymus in front for this action because he is in armor and I don't want to put another persons character in front when the action hasn't been 100% confirmed.*

"Two men ... "

In the low light Heironymus looked as his companion. "Lets try the door," he whispered quietly. "The path seems to be leading us here and there may be only two. I will push very lightly to see if it will open - if it does we will throw it open. If we meet resistance, we will stop - hopefully before alerting anyone on the other side that we even made the attempt."

As he moved up to the door, Heironymus also asked for the wand back. "I have some decent armor - why don't I go first? I can shine the wand into the room as we enter. It will let us know what is there and may blind whoever is in the room. Even if they have light, starig right into the wand may make it hard for them to see much of us."

With that Heironymus takes the wand in one hand, with his mace held ready in the other and prepares to push lightly on the door. He assumes Kyara is right behind him and ready to assist.

Relax . . . relax . . . deep breath . . . gently push . . .

Posted on 2010-04-01 at 19:01:02.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins / Q&A
Subject: Confusion

Ok, gotta go with the DM on this one. I am a bit confused.

Heironymus is generally pretty willing to go with the flow - so he'll do whatever. But he did say he wanted to try the door.

If you do want to go down a tunnel, we will go together, but which one? I don't believe there is a "straight ahead" except for the door.

I'd say door, but you can pick. Since i'm posting the question first, I will let you pick the answer. Unless you have a question, post away and Heironymus will stick with you.

Posted on 2010-03-29 at 20:55:09.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Now what?

Seeing Kyara shake her head after listening at the door, Hieronymus was a bit frustrated. Life was supposed to be easy, right?

He saw two options - try and force the door or go down one of the side passages. Since the door opened out it might not even be locked or latched. Maybe. Perhaps they could push lightly enough on it that the stress wouldn't be noticable on the other side if it didn't move.

Heironymus whispered quietly. "Kyara. Shall we try to push lightly on the door? Go through if it opens with the want out and in the eyes of whoever is speaking on the other side. Or go back to the tunnels. I'd like to at least try the door. You?"

Posted on 2010-03-26 at 19:07:27.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: A door

Ignoring the voices, Heironymus whispers quietly, "I agree Kyara, we need to make a descission. But the goal is to find the girl. Straight on has been the path. And now we find our way blocked by a door. Lets look at what we have here and then figure out what to do. Keep an eye out will you - and watch the peep hole in the door. See if we are being spied on."

Heironymus moves towards the door doing his best rogue impression. He doesn't want to pound on the door or make noise that anyone on the other side would be able to hear. His goal is to try and see if there is a way to determine:
1. If it can be opened in any way
2. Which way it opens
3. Any traps
4. Any keyholes
5. Can he see through the peep hole
6. Are there any secret doors in the area
7. Any traps
8. Any traps

Posted on 2010-03-24 at 19:12:03.
Edited on 2010-03-24 at 19:13:22 by Nomad D2

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Straight on!

Heironymus tries to give his companion room to work, but stays fairly close as she carries the light source. Since the investigation makes it clear, well sort of clear in a solid rock sort of way, that the straight ahead path is the well travelled one, it seems clear to the cleric that the way ahead goes that direction.

When his companion expresses a desire to avoid the side route he quickly agrees. "Yes," he whispers. "Lets go straight. That scream was awful. We need to keep moving."

With that Heironymus prepares to continue moving forward. His mace is out and at the ready.

(I am assuming we could not tell exactly where the scream came from? If we could Heironymus would certainly want to go in that direction.)

Posted on 2010-03-23 at 16:12:18.

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Perhaps thou shouldst free the fine lady?

Derry moved with Noctus to examine the prisoner. Derry kept his eyes and ears alert for any sign of further attack. The enemy clearly knew they were out here and he had no desire to be caught flat footed.

He noticed along with Noctus that the prisoner was female. Noctus, of course, proceeded to do what Noctus always did - flirt.

"Ah, Noctus, the fine lady might be more able to respond to your eloquent overtures if we released her from the rug in which she is trapped." With that Desiderius moved forward and took ahold of one end of the rug, clearly indicating that Noctus ought to do the same with the other end so that they could free the woman.

Even so, Derry had heard many stories of prisoners who were not what they seemed. Alert for outside dangers before, he focused his attention on the prisoner as they prepared to release her.

Posted on 2010-03-22 at 12:50:33.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins / Q&A
Subject: Hey! That's MY wand!

Not a problem, if Kyara is going to take lead and look for signs and such, she needs the wand more than I do. Heironymus will encourage her to keep it lit, however. Blind clerics are not very useful.

*And he will stand still and follow her lead in terms of which path to take.

Posted on 2010-03-19 at 12:56:53.
Edited on 2010-03-19 at 13:00:22 by Nomad D2

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Fewer Bugbears in the world

As the last of the bugbears fell with Crow's blades in his back, Derry felt the elation of another battle won! He had chosen, or been chosen by, some very good allies. But this time there were injuries. He hated it when the bad guys got in some good blows.

Stepping up to where the others were standing near the last two fallen bugbears, Derry was extremely pleased to see that while Brandr and Peter were injured they were still alive.

"Brandr, can you heal these wounds? I have the mages two healing potions, but it might be wise to hold those until we are out of healing spells. But they belong to all, so let me know if they are needed. We can't go on without some healing."

Turning to the groups swashbuckler, he added, "Noctus, you seem healthy yet. While some of these others heal, care to help me find out who was being held captive? And there is a bugbear up there as well. Anybody want to cover us while we free the unfortunate victim?"

Posted on 2010-03-14 at 23:51:35.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: The Scream

Heironymus had barely finished describing the voices in the cave when a scream came rolling out of the cavern. Before he could react, Kyara was already pushing the group to head back into the cave. Heironymus certainly agreed with that idea.

Having already pulled his wand of light out he held it up and offered its light to the group. "The dwarf could lead, but I don't know what good I could do with no light. I can see nothing. And something was talking to me right at the entrance. And I'm not at all sure it was friendly."

Turning to the dwarf he added, "I'll go blind if you suggest it, but it makes me very uncomfortable. Plus, what if something does happen? I'd be forced to use the wand then. Would the sudden appearance of light blind us? Our enemies? Or both? I don't know."

*Edited to further the action - feel free to have Kyara disagree*

After a moments hesitation, Heironymus plunged onward. "Look, I don't want to be a leader, but soemone screamed in there, and I'd bet I know which young lady it was. There is no time and I, at least, need a good light source. So I'm for going in with the wand lit. I can take lead with the light if you want."

*Assuming they move towards the cave again (With no dwarf?)*

As they moved back down the path towards the darkness, Heironymus added quietly, "And something is speaking just inside the entrance. Keep your eyes and ears open right away."

Posted on 2010-03-10 at 23:41:55.
Edited on 2010-03-18 at 13:32:10 by Nomad D2

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Holding magic in reserve

Derry watched with satisfaction as the bugbear in front of Noctus collapsed to the ground. Two down!

His satisfaction was extremely short lived, however as he turned and saw Peter on the ground with a large bugbear ready to finish him off. He was torn - he could not let his companion fall, but he also needed to be careful about burning all of his mana before even entering the building.

Thankfully he knew he had more than one good teammate. He readied a magic missile spell, knowing the missiles would pose no risk to any friends that went to peter's aid. But he didn't cast right away. He held back, hoping his friends could do the job. If the bugbear appeared about to deliver the final blow he would cast. Perhaps a well timed missile would knock thock the bugbears blow off target? But if the others could handle the situation without his magic, so much the better. But if needed, the spell was at the ready.

Posted on 2010-03-09 at 16:23:52.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: mana

Yeah, I know. But we have to get inside the building. I was planning when I post in the game thread to say something about going last. Saving mana will do no good if Peter is dead. We may need those healing potions.

Posted on 2010-03-08 at 17:39:19.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: Spell question

With Peter (I think it is Peter) on the ground I am wondering if Derry has room for a spell like Color SPray without hitting any friends - assuming over Peter's heads. I'm betting it is too dangerous (and he would thus use a magic missle on Peter's Buggy).

Posted on 2010-03-07 at 02:58:39.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins / Q&A
Subject: Post away

I'm up for postings as frequently as people get their game play posts in. But in this case we may need to chat before reentering the cave. But then we probably go in again.

Posted on 2010-03-07 at 02:53:08.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Something in there

Heironymus quietly encouraged Kyara to move quickly up the path and out of the cave towards the waiting Dwarf. He kept a lookout behind him as he moved upthe path, never completely turning his back to the opening.

When they reached the top of the hill, he turned around and looked down. As he did, he quietly commented to his friends, "There is something in there. I'm not sure what it is, but something spoke to me in the dark. And I am quite sure I wasn't just hearing things. Ut came just before you returned Kyara. Did you hear anything? See anything?"

Posted on 2010-03-07 at 02:45:04.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Cuz breaking up is hard to do....

Hieronymus sat patiently with his back to the wall in the darkness, eyes and ears listening carefully for any sign of distress from either above or beyond in the darkness. He didn't like breaking up the group, such things rarely seemed to work out well. Still, who was he to say the elf couldn't sneak down the tunnel? As a human, his eyes were almost certainly the worst in the group.

"Heironymus!" He heard a whisper in the dark. (I assume)

Even though he had been sitting waiting for just such a call it he almost jumped. Since his friend was obviously nearby he responded quietly. He quickly followed the elf back to the surface.

Posted on 2010-03-05 at 01:04:54.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins
Subject: Hiding in the shadows in clanking armor

As his partner moved forward into the cave, Hieronymus moved back into the shadows. It wasn't a hard thing to do as pretty much everything was in shadows. He found a solid spot with his back against the wall where he could be sure he was not backlit by the light from the entrance.

He pulled out the wand of light to have it close at hand. If need be it could probably blind anyone trying to jump him. Or his own friends.

He also tried to keep one ear tuned to events outside the cave listening for the dwarf above. He knew the dwarf above was a bit irritated over his role in pushing for the plan to chase after the villians. He really didn't feel a need to be in the lead, in fact he usually preferred to play a supporting role, but so much time had been lost arguing. Sometimes action was needed. Hopefully it would turn out to be the correct action.

At least the cave seemed promising. He sat watching and listening, attempting to hold as still as possible in the dark.

Posted on 2010-03-03 at 22:52:07.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins / Q&A
Subject: Go ahead alone?

Hmmmm . . . Heironymus is not normally inclined to have someone, anyone, go ahead alone. It sounds dangerous. Then again, taking on a bunch of kidnappers with only two rescuers seems bit dicey as well. If you want to move up, he could live with that. He'd have to sit still near the entrance.

FYI - I THINK he has a wand of light available to him if needed. This might be more useful than a torch, though the same scouting issues arise. It does allow rapid deployment of light.

DM - Do I have the wand? We had discussed it as a possibility in plac of the continual light coins I had asked about. While I have always assumed he had it, I never wrote it down, so I figure I should clarify.

Posted on 2010-03-02 at 04:40:50.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins / Q&A
Subject: A full group - how useful

Good news on the new members.

Brianna - it seems like we just need to figure out what to do in the cave. I'm assuming we'd light a torch and move forward. Which one of us is in front? Heironymus as a cleric is in heavy armor, but is so-so as a fightin' machine. I say we just put the dwarf up their and say, "march!" Ok, so that probably isn't a good idea . . .

Posted on 2010-03-01 at 22:06:17.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins / Q&A
Subject: A dwarven shepard?

Well, if the dwarf must mind the horse for lack of an active player, so be it. Good luck getting new players. I'd recruit some, but have few significant connections with anyone here at this point.

Meanwhile, I guess the two of us have a hole to explore.

Posted on 2010-03-01 at 14:02:26.

Topic: Realms of Twilight - A Journey Begins / Q&A
Subject: The cave it is

Before I post I think we need to discuss as a group exactly what we want to do.

Entering the cave seems obvious - and already started. I'd likely light a torch. Heironymus has no night vision, as the DMs post indicated.

I wouldn't think we want to leave the Dwarf on the surface, but then what do we do with the horse? That certainly isn't my call.

Is everyone up for some spelunking?

Posted on 2010-03-01 at 02:20:14.


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