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Topic: Land of Xenophobia
Subject: Ullrich and party battle some ants

Ullrich watched in satisfaction as his fourth arrow sunk into the ant in row three. The ant sagged to the ground. Ullrich had never fought a giant ant before, but he had been around death enough to know it when he saw it. That was one ant the team would not have to worry about again.

But the feeling of satisfaction was short lived. Ullrich had targeted the ant in the third row because he didn’t want to waste his arrows – he had hoped the fireballs the mage Bumble Brew was shooting would take out some of the others. Sadly, a quick glance around proved that not to be the case. No ants had actually died from the fires. Still, the vast majority of them were at least wounded, which was a start in the right direction. He liked having a mage on his side.

Wham! The giant Dwarfs hammer slammed into another one of the front row ants, killing it. Indeed, it seemed the entire front row was now out of commission – about ¼ of the total ants were dead or dying. The survivors were about to close and the true fight would start, but it was a good start.

As Ullrich dropped his wonderful new bow behind himself and drew his two swords, his mind wandered back to when the ants had first entered the arena. Ullrich had stood in line with the teammates with whom he would be fighting for his life and marveled at the circumstances he found himself in. He stood in a giant arena, covered by some form of magical dome. He stood next to a giant dwarf with a magical hammer. He himself held a magic bow and magic sword – after having been magically “improved” by gifts from a “merchant.” He stood with a team of mixed races ready to confront an army of giant ants.

Who does that? Somehow his life had become the stuff of legend. Well, maybe not legend yet, a lot would have to go right for that to happen, but certainly the type of stuff from stories. Even as a child he doubted his mind could have come up with . . . this!

The crowd cheered and the half-orc announced the beginning of the dance as the ants emerged. At least with ants as the enemy in this bizarre battle Ullrich would not have to feel as guilty about killing other innocents. Intelligent they might be, but they were still bugs. Deadly bugs for certain, and that made the decision to fight an easy one. The ants appeared to have no qualms about killing him.

And so Ullrich lined up his first shot, wondering how well an ant’s hard exoskeleton might protect it from an arrow. He’d never had to consider the vulnerability of ants to arrows before.

As the ant at the end of row three sagged to the ground, Ullrich smiled – ants died from arrows just like everything else, and that was one ant the team would not have to worry about again.

Posted on 2008-10-19 at 17:15:04.
Edited on 2008-10-19 at 17:16:30 by Nomad D2

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Fireballs and various magics

I wasn't complaining about the fireball - in many ways it is generous that we can use it at all. No problem, just trying to make an interesting subject line for my post. Fireballs can get very wicked once you go up in level.

As for hogging the action - I have no problem with any one of these characters hogging the action as long as they kill off a lot of the buggers we are going to be facing. At the moment, any dead ant is a good ant, no matter how they get that way!

Posted on 2008-10-16 at 21:27:45.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Fireballs ain't what they used to be . . .

It is a shame the fireballs didn't do more damage - but atleast a quarter of the ants are out of commission and many of the rest (12) have been wounded by at least two fireballs. It is a start!

Hammer - did the dying and unconscious ants slow down the advance at all?

Ullrich, it appears, is now in close quarters with a couple of these nasties. He will switch to his longsword and shortsword. He will hack at the ant directly in front of him - switching to one next to it should it be killed - or even rendered unconscious. He will bypass a killing stroke on the unconscious to take a swing at the still mobile and dangerous.

Posted on 2008-10-16 at 19:56:20.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: And the battle continues...

Ok, it looks like orcs continue to torment us.

The plan of action seems to be:

Trillian - will cast sleep - primarily at those in the wagon, but trying to get the ones on the ground next to it as well. Heck if the ones fighting near the dogs and woodsmen can be cught by it as well, even better!

Rat will use his sling against the ones on the groun.

T'Sal will attempt to avoid being an open target, but cmack one of the orcs in the wagon.

Hingatuli will attack one of the orcs on the ground.

Anvil - Will get up and attack an orc on the ground ... unless it is already asleep from a sleep spell. In that case he will turn on another orc - preferably the one fighting the woodsman. If not, the one the dogs are facing.

Posted on 2008-10-15 at 14:02:43.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Run

I think jumping the wagon is a good idea. Normally Anvil's top priority would be to protect spell casters and such, but at the moment getting up seems to be what he can accomplish. Also, if they are in the wagon I'm not sure a dwarf is the best one for the job, even a big dwarf.

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 23:10:10.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Run

I think jumping the wagon is a good idea. Normally Anvil's top priority would be to protect spell casters and such, but at the moment getting up seems to be what he can accomplish. Also, if they are in the wagon I'm not sure a dwarf is the best one for the job, even a big dwarf.

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 23:10:05.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Anvil gets up!

Well, I guess it is obvious, but Anvil decides that this would be a good time to be verticle and stands up.

If he can do so, he will also take a hack at an orc - who/whatever is closest - presumably one of the on-the-ground and hurt orcs.

Posted on 2008-10-09 at 20:11:37.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Anvil's rolls

Anvil's rolls if needed:
1d6 = 4 (Init)
1d20 = 13 (to hit)
1d8 = 6 (Damage)

Posted on 2008-10-07 at 17:10:00.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: My leg hurts!

SD - nice battle description, except the part about Anvil getting stabbed in the leg. That was rather poorly written! In the description you never said, "Anvil swung and missed." As I try to make sure I know what is happening - did you just not bother with that or was there something in the orcs role - like a natural 20 - that meant Anvil was knocked down and thus didn't get to swing? Just curious.

What will Anvil do? Well - it seems there is a stunned Orc right next to him - I'm guessing he would try to hack at that orc next turn. Can he do that and get up? Does he need to get up first? How badly stunned is he? If he is knocked out Anvil would go after those who are still a threat.

It might help if you listed all of the orcs left in back of the wagons with their locations.

Posted on 2008-10-07 at 17:06:29.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Sleepy Rat...

That was one of the funniest ways of saying "lets get going!" I have seen in a long time!

I'm sure SD will get us going as soon as things settle down a bit. Good luck with that.

Posted on 2008-10-05 at 15:42:19.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ullrich

As posted earlier, Ullrich will target wounded ants, beginning with those closest and most dangerous.

He will aim first at the ant directly in front of him - First row, ant #3. If this ant is killed he will shift his target to the left - First row, ant #2.

This is unless he already knows where the second fireball will go off. If this had been previously discussed, and these ants would be in the likely blast zone, Ullrich would again target the same ant he went after in round one - Row three, ant #5. His thinking is that this is the furthest forward ant that will not be hit by the fireball. I'm hoping two fireballs might finish some of the ants. After that he will continue to target those ants which are closest and alive. (Or does the fireball shoot first, I don't remember.)

FYI - when the ants come close Ullrich will switch to his two sowrds -long and short.

Posted on 2008-10-02 at 18:25:28.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ullrich shoots

Ullrich will use his bow and target both arrows at the far right ant in row THREE. My understanding is that this is the furthest forward ant that will not have been hit by anything else yet.

He'll wait to see who survives the fireball. He won't attack the one that has been knocked out - that one is temporarily not dangerous.

For round two he will shoot at ants injured by the fireball. If it looks like some are badly hurt he will aim for two different ants. If it looks like they will take two arrows to take down he will concentrate his fire on one injured ant.

He will not move forward or backwards at the moment.

Posted on 2008-10-01 at 00:15:58.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Anvil Rolls

Ok, so before each round we roll init (1d6), attack rolls (1d20) and damage in case it is needed.

For Anvil this is:

Init: 3 (prviously posted)
To Hit: 11
Damage: 8

Please note - none of these include the various bonuses for strength, specialization, etc... Should I include those or will you?

As for Initiative, group would be fine with me. Individual would also work once we all get in the swing of things. I think this first fight is just going to be messy for awhile as we all get used to things.

Posted on 2008-10-01 at 00:06:59.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Confusion

I think the long delay since many of us have played is causing confusion. Since this is our first real fight, perhaps it would help if you (SD) specifically listed for each of us exactly what rolls you need - with what dice are needed. Hopefully if we do this once we will all get it right going forward and can avoid long delays as we all wait for others to post.

I think Anvil needs an init roll
1d6 = 3
He didn't need to roll damage because he auto killed. But if he had it would have been 1d8.

Posted on 2008-09-29 at 19:17:22.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Ready to go, I think . . .

SD - I think I posted and everything is ready to go. If there is something else your waiting for let us know.

Posted on 2008-09-29 at 15:20:24.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: The fight continues

Anvil - Attacks a nearby orc - one of thse between him and the wagons.

Sprinkles - attacks the nearest orc

Muffin - finishes off the one pinned.

Hammer - Hammers on the nearest orc with an ax.

T'Sal - Contiues to hide. He will smack the orc Muffin has pinned if he can get in a clear shot.

Darque - Continues to shoot arrows if point blank carries no penalties. Otherwise sleep on those charging.

Rat - Stays semi hidden under the wagon and flings stones at the nearest orcs.

Posted on 2008-09-25 at 13:28:47.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Ok, time to get organized.

It got a bit confusing with all the dialogue. I guess i need to post in the main thread for us - so this is what I THINK is happening. Clarify asap if I'm wrong. I'll wait a bit and then post.

Anvil - Attacks a nearby orc - one of thse between him and the wagons. He removes their head. Oh wait, I need to role for that...

Sprinkles - attacks the nearest orc

Muffin - finishes off the one pinned.

Hammer - switches to axe and attacks the nearest orc? Crap - I need to go back and look at Hammer's post.

T'Sal - Contiues to hide. Looks for a good target for a missile. Will swing back if directly attacked. (Might I suggest getting out the "rescue us" scroll in case we decide we need it? I still need to look that thing up again.)

Darque - Continues to shoot arrows if point blank carries no penalties. Otherwise sleep on those charging.

Rat - Stays semi hidden under the wagon and flings stones at the nearest targets. Well, the nearest orc targets.

How's that?

Posted on 2008-09-24 at 18:26:14.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Don't forget the scrolls

Guys - we shouldn't forget that we have the scrolls to call for help. This might be a good time.

SD - Exactly how many orcs can we see?
The spear throwers - you gave us the number - 4?
Two between Anvil and the wagon
1 Under Muffin
1 Big bad dude

Can we still hear stuff happening behind us?

I need to go back and find the description of how that stuff worked. Does anybody remember off-hand. Or on which page of this thread it is located?

Posted on 2008-09-23 at 11:52:25.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Are we ready?

Have we answered all of SD's questions? I'm honestly not sure if are ready for his next post or not. I think so.

Posted on 2008-09-23 at 01:51:18.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Your call

The spell of magic missile will nto kill the big orc by itself. I think your better off taking someone else out.

As for smacking the orc with your staff - if it looks like Muffin has him pinned go ahead, but be careful - you don't want to draw attention to yourself. Your call.

Posted on 2008-09-22 at 20:00:40.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ullrich needs some weapons

Hammer -

I still have a few questions about Ullrich. (FYI - "The Silver Bear" was a nickname he was given as part of the Federation in the opening story. It is probably not necessary to use it all of the time in the posts. Just Ullrich, or Ullrich Uppsdrada would do.)

I had originally intended Ullrich to use the longsword and the shortsword at the same time - as the system I have previously used made that a special ranger ability. Obviously that isn't the case for this system. Ok, no biggy. However, I am not certain how big of a penalty he would suffer for using two weapns at once. Can you clarify this for me?

In general I think I would go for an off-hand shield for protection if this penalty is significant. If it isn't I like the two weapon idea.

As for armor, I'm not sure where I am supposed to look. I saw the list above of what is available, but am not sure of the relative value of each piece. Ullrich would wear the highest value possible. If I remember what you posted about Rangers correctly, heavy armor might only affect his woodlands abilities, which really won't matter in the arena setting.

As for the book change - sure, no big deal. Consider the books read.

I do know that Ullrich will want as many regular arrows (not just the Kobold arrows) as they will give him. Obviously the Dwarf already got some. He will also take a backup dagger.

Sorry - just a bit confused about a few things.

Posted on 2008-09-22 at 01:32:38.

Topic: Land of Xenophobia
Subject: A question of conscience

Note: Ullrich comes from a world with only humans.

Having been chosen for the Emancipation Sand Dance struck Ullrich as both a curse and a blessing. He had to be happy about the chance to earn his freedom. That was the key to any other goal. But it also meant he had to fight with real blades and draw real blood. His own death did not worry him. Sure, he might not survive the Dance, but that was always a risk when you fought. While he didn’t like the idea, that particular risk was nothing new. Death was always a risk.

No, it wasn’t his own death that concerned Ullrich about this Dance. It was who might be on the other end of his blade. By all accounts their opponents would be other slaves. Ullrich had dedicated his life before he arrived in this accursed world to freeing slaves! And now he would be asked, no, he was not asked -he was forced, to kill slaves. He had no choice. He could refuse to fight, but was almost positive the punishment for that would be death. And the loss of perhaps his only shot at freedom. He could refuse to fight on the sands and sacrifice his life that another might live. Strangely, although a willingness to so sacrifice himself if the need arose was always implied in his actions before, it just didn’t make any sense here. Such a self-sacrifice here wouldn’t really save anyone, just change the name of the victim. He would have to kill. He didn’t have to like it, but he saw no way out of it.

He didn’t even know what he would be fighting. In this world it seemed it could turn out to be anything. Anything at all. But then, he didn’t even know if that made it any better. At home any fight would have been against another human, or perhaps against a beast. But in either case he would have known what he was up against. But here?
Here he didn’t even know what half his team was, let alone their opponents! Not just who, but what! This world had Dwarves! His own team captain was a Dwarf! Well, dwarf really wasn’t the right word. The guy was HUGE! But other dwarfs didn’t seem to be so. Dwarfs! What the #$%%# was a dwarf!? And pointy eared elves? What was this place? He’d heard stories of such things, but in Uppsfallon they had always been just stories. Nobody ever actually saw the creatures! They were not real! Yet, this illusion would not go away, he could not disbelieve it. And that giant dwarf sure seemed real enough.

Yeah, they were real, all of them. But what were they? That was a problem. His teammates seemed like real “people.” Not human exactly, but intelligent, caring and capable of pain and empathy. Certainly they all felt the burden of their captivity and appeared to be dedicated teammates. These people may come in odd shapes, from his experience, but they were still people and from what he could see, were as ill-suited to slavery as any person. He was proud to be teammates with them. It appeared Thungarr had chosen wisely.

But what about the enemies? The others had spoken about the likelihood that they would face some of the evil races. An entire race of evil creatures? With men there certainly were evil individuals and evil acts, he’d seen enough of those to be sure of that fact! But an entire race of evil people? No, that wasn’t true of humanity. Could it be so here? The others spoke of orcs as evil. But their bard was a half-orc! Was he evil? He didn’t seem so! (And he was “guarding their back?” What did that mean in an arena fight anyway? And did you want a half-orc at your back?)

He was guessing they might be fighting some Kobolds. His only reason for this was his gift of the arrows. They were attuned to Kobolds. Why else give him some if not because they would be fighting the little buggers? “Little buggers?” The expression almost made Ullrich smile in the darkness of his cell. He’d never actually seen one before – how did he know they were “little buggers!?” Because others had told him so.

They had also told him that they were vile and evil little creatures. While in his heart Ullrich hoped that no species could be so labeled, he almost wanted to believe it of Kobolds. It would be much easier to kill enslaved Kobolds if they were evil to the core.

But did it really matter? The simple, hard truth was that Ullrich would have to kill whatever came out of the center of the arena and it wouldn’t matter if it was an evil-to-the-core Kobold, or a fair maiden. He was being forced into being someone else’s executioner. And he wasn’t happy about it. But he was helpless about it.

Which didn’t help his state of mind one bit.

With his mind full of such thoughts Ullrich lay back on his cot to try and get some rest before tomorrow’s team practice. Frustrated as he might be, he was also determined to do everything in his power to help himself and the rest of his team win their freedom. If they could do that, then they could worry about saving their home worlds or do something about this vile arena. But freedom came first, and even though the means might be unappealing, means to gain their freedom had been put in their hands. And Ullrich intended to win.

Posted on 2008-09-22 at 00:53:46.
Edited on 2008-09-22 at 00:55:36 by Nomad D2

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Careful Rat

SD - How far away are the archers?

Rat - if you have to circle around to backstab you leave yourself very vulnerable once you make the attack (Or if you are seen before hand - sneakyness can fail)- you will be exposed and perhaps away from help. Find out how far away they are (and how long it will take to get in position)before doing anything.

We don't want you to stab one and then find yourself sourrounded by several more or you just might find out what it feels like to get smacked by an orc!

Posted on 2008-09-19 at 15:54:05.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Who attacks who?

I got one!

Ok, along with damage dice we all also need to figure out what to do. I think Anvil will attack one of the orcs between him and the wagon - I dont want them getting close to the people hiding in the wagons.

I am concerned about the big bad leader dude, but at least a crossbow is slow to load. I may go after him soon, but for now I don't want to get seperated from the group.

SD - do we need to roll init for the second round as well?

Posted on 2008-09-19 at 00:13:45.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Anvil roles a 17

Assuming to-hit roles are a d20 as I remember, Anvil rolled a 17.

He also rolled a d10 and got a 4 since a couple other people posted rolls for that dice and I wanted to make sure I had rolled the right thing.

I guess we are learning this as we go!

That 17 smells like an Orc just lost his head!

Posted on 2008-09-18 at 00:56:37.


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