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You are here: Home --> Forum Home --> Recent posts by Nomad D2
Topic: Supernatural / hunter interest?
Subject: I'm in

for starters, as I said I really am open to whatever the DM throws at us in terms of system or general style. In a game like this I would hope to do a lot of writing/roll-playing. But I would normally just do that and fit it into the combat, explorations and general freaking out. (Running around and yelling, "Scooby Doo! Where are you!" and all that . . . hey, can I have a dog? A big great dane?) So whether or not you make it a dungeon crawl or an RP narrative I'll do some RP. I suspect we want some of both, but consider me flexible. There is a point at which getting lost in puzzles gets hard - especially when we are trying to do communication on message boards with once every 3 days post from some people. (Not complaining about that, it is just in the nature of the beast. Yeah, that beast. The one that will be haunting us. Anyway...) so at least some dungeon crawling might be good.

As for a character - I'm probably thinking some kinda academic sort of fellow. I'm not sure about much more. Could be a grad student. Could be a young prof. Could be someone a bit older that has had experiences. Not sure yet. But a nice sports coat with elbow patches. Always wanted one of those. Maybe kinda crazy curly red hair.

I'll try to glance at the pdf so I have a clue about what a character is, but no promises.

Posted on 2016-09-16 at 17:36:20.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Goin' Old School

Rhyson is a bit of an old-world scholar, I think.

So, Old Elvish, Lagree and Old Dwarf.

Posted on 2016-09-16 at 10:20:53.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: I aim to please

What is the point of this sort of thing if you can't have a little fun? It is all in good fun. Besides, calling someone mythical isn't a bad thing, is it? As the MTG reference indicates, being mythical is akin to being valuable and rare. Like Browns wins.

Oh, sorry about that.

But, yes, I did pick the Browns. They are at home against a Raven team I don't think is very good. Oddly losing RGIII might help them. And they do have some talent, don't they? I wouldn't call this a pick I'm confident in, but they aren't going to go 0-16. I think. Cowboys might.

No, wait, I didn't say that.

Posted on 2016-09-15 at 21:57:21.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Rhys

I'm not sure this is the place to put it, but Rhy will hit with chain lightning once. Then he will either use it again or shift to a straight lightning spell. He'll keep pounding until they are dead.

Other than Old Elvish, I'll get you languages soon.

Posted on 2016-09-15 at 19:57:01.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Plan

Sounds good to me.

Rhys is willing to try the sneak plan. If the bugs react before he is at 20 yards he will just cast the straight lightning. And after the first spell he will need to just hit one per turn so as to avoid the others with the chain lightning.

I'd put a little space between us to avoid having multiples get caught in the fire. But if the heads are that way, I'd approach as Ody drew it. Fire from one is probably better than attacks from both with mouths and claws. Plus, maybe if Lum swings from the back he'll get a bonus.

On the subject of languages, I'm sure Rhy would know Old Elvish.

Posted on 2016-09-14 at 20:58:52.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: The Picks


Kansas City
New England
N.Y. Giants
Minnesota Of Course


Posted on 2016-09-14 at 20:50:04.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Game Plan

And comments on the game itself

I would assume we will take a bit of time to rest, clean off the zombie gunk and let the elf wake up. Then we talk to him and see what he says - where'd the zombies come from, for example. What made his fellows go zombie? Did they make any attacks that worked on the zombies? What does he want to do? Morrigu probably shouldn't be prominent in the questioning. After that we probably move on towards the ruins. I might suggest a nights rest before moving on if we have enough food. That would heal our wounds and renew spells.

If we Post general actions and questions we might ask together we might be able to go through all of that in one weeks postings. Otherwise it might take a few to talk to the elf. It probably depends on how talkative he is. I'm more than willing to take the time if he'll talk, but don't want to slow things down overmuch if nothing will be forthcoming anyway.

Posted on 2016-09-13 at 18:01:47.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: RP and rewards

While I am all for my characters getting rewards and becoming uber-powerful, that is not needed. Coming back and getting killed for using magic would be a bummer, but learning to live in the environment is part of the game - just make it reasonable and we will have fun with it. It is all good so far.

Posted on 2016-09-13 at 17:51:45.

Topic: Supernatural / hunter interest?
Subject: Sweet

I loved the WWII Horror games Alacrity ran (Hint....) and this seems fairly close. I'd love to give it a try.

As for rules, I have no ideas about rules for something like this, but I wouldn't let that stop me. In general I let the DM worry about that and just tell them what I want to do and then find out if they can. It works since the DM generally rolls the dice. Only spells (which won't matter here, I suspect - for the characters anyway) and character generation really require more.

So count me in if you have room. I'm willing to wing it.

Posted on 2016-09-13 at 17:40:50.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Elvish problems

A few thoughts on the last post.

Do the elves know who we are if they wanted to tell the Templars? Since they spoke to us when we were all commandeered, they have at least some familiarity. Plus, with an Orc, a huge Mul, a Thri-Kreen and a drow, I doubt we would be hard to identify. So don't count on secrecy.

What would you do even if we did stop them? We fought to save them, would you now kill them? Hold them prisoner? threaten them? Other than talking to them to convince them that Morrigu is trustworthy (And who amongst US believes that, let alone convincing a group of ELVES to trust a drow!)what else could we do anyway?

Would the elves want to join us in going on? I doubt it. What DM gives his players extra NPCs? What elf joins with a drow? So is there anything to gain by chasing them? The injured one might join us - with his friends gone he would have to make his way back on his own, which seems a very risky proposition. Especially since he is injured already.

I suspect we are stuck just going forward and we will deal with the elves and Templars when we return. There may not even be a problem. We did, after all, save their lives.

Posted on 2016-09-12 at 18:55:55.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: What would most people do?

The way I look at it, Lothor is an experienced campaigner and wouldn't just ignore an expected threat and turn his back. In places that are likely to be deadly (Say, for example, a crazy cyclopes' tower where he has already been attacked by the statuary) he would always be trying to keep a look out everywhere - but with special attention paid to those places most likely to cause trouble. So in this case I wrote that he was looking around, but specifically noted the tapestry because the tapestry and throne were the places that seem like the obvious source of any threat. So he would have been trying to not be oblivious to the whole room, but the area around the throne and tapestry would be the one place you could clearly say he would have been looking.

As for walking, it is a little hard to say. The way I think I would do it were I there isn't really walking backwards, which seems clumsy and dangerous, but rather walking sort of sideways - walking ahead, but with your body turned to the side so that you can look backwards. The idea is to not be caught by surprise and be ready to fight and give warning if needed.

Posted on 2016-09-12 at 18:45:20.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: relax

Boo Boo there is no reason to apologize for making a comment. Feel free to make jokes at Ody, Tann or Tann's mythical roommate all you want.

I'm not even sure how many I got right, but the Vikings won so it is all good.

Posted on 2016-09-11 at 19:20:23.

Topic: Dark Sun Game
Subject: Arrows, Arrows and more Arrows

Trossach watched zombies continue to fall and continue to explode. If he needed any more evidence for why he was on the top of the hill, this was it. He had no desire to be coated with zombie juice.

And so the big warrior continued to rain arrows on the zombies. While they may not be the most effective weapon against zombies, they clearly did do damage, especially when lodged in a zombies noggin. And so he fired.

But he also used his position on the top of a knoll to keep an eye on the entire battlefield. Where were the elves running to? And the one that had been bitten, what was it doing? Was there a way to remove a zombies curse or was that one destined to rise as one of the undead?

Posted on 2016-09-11 at 19:15:07.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: 20 yards

The one key for chain lighting is that I suspect we don't want any of us within that range when the spell goes off or they might get zapped as well. So spell, then Lum charges.

As for the light, interesting idea since they do glow. But most critters can see in the dark better than we can so I doubt we gain that much, especially since taking out the light gives us away to begin with. Do we even have a way to do that?

Posted on 2016-09-11 at 12:05:56.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Escaping Elves

The Elves are escaping to the east - is that towards the ruins or back towards the town?

To the group- we don't really care about the elves escaping, do we? The goal was to save them and we have (or hopefully will soon) done that. If we need one to talk to we have that in the one Doc is saving. I would say ignore them beyond watching where they go and get on with things. The only issue I see is if they cause the crazy lady trouble when we get back. Spells and all.

Posted on 2016-09-10 at 20:40:15.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Warning

just a thought, but if someone here is manufacturing this darn bugs, we might want to be careful about making too much noise at the front door. Rhys really needs some kind of support. We also need to be clear for the DM - are we moving down the steps? Is Lum charging? How far away are we?

Anybody have a way to help Rhy stay concealed until he is close enough for a chain lightning spell?

Posted on 2016-09-10 at 20:35:28.

Topic: Titansgrave Adventures
Subject: Firebugs - Isn't that fun

Rhyson looked down into the chamber at the big orcs warning. Firebugs. Creatures/machines of war. Hard to kill, meant to kill. And new? Newly created? He hadn't realized anyone was still in the business. That wasn't a good thing. It also said something very odd about this facility. They had power -literally electricity, but also some significant abilities. The group would need to tread carefully. And blowing the door guards didn't really sound like a sneaky way to get in.

"Newly made? If someone here can do that, we might not want to be blowing up their front door. or back door. or whatever this is. They obviously knew this door was here, even if we didn't until Lum took his fall. Going in sounds good, but going by ringing the doorbell doesn't. Anyone have any ideas about how to get around them quietly?" When nobody immediately offered up a solution, he continued. "Ok, I do have two lightning spells which should be effective. Lets get some bonus spells going and then do what we can. But I really don't know how quickly the spells will take those things out, so I really need some kind of support in this if you have any ideas."

OOC: When the group launches their attack, Rhys will use either lighting bolt or chain lightning. If he is over 30 yards away it will be lightning bolt - he will need to move up to 30 yard distance. If within 2o yards he will use chain lightning.

Posted on 2016-09-10 at 20:33:29.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Beetle Bugs

Rhyson knows some history of the bugs, but basically for this it comes down to 1. they can shoot 20 yards and 2. traditionally elves fought them with lightning.

Conveniently, he is a lightning mage. He can hit either one or both with a lightning spell. But to hit both he does have to be only 20 yards away. And the other issue is that I really have no idea how much damage they can take. 2d6+willpower is the damage for the spell. We have quite a bit more HP than that. These things are the size of a pinto. I doubt they are 5 HP critters, although I'd be ok if they were.

So, Rhyson bolting the things seems obvious. Any ideas for the rest of you? Since we can't drop rocks on their heads, is there any way to poor water on them? (There is such a thing as a water mage, but Rhys isn't one of them.) Water might affect their fire or have an impact on the lightning. But from the little we know of these things I don't think we want to get into a fist fight with them. Only one of us being able to do much seems like a bad idea.

Posted on 2016-09-10 at 13:07:29.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: What do you mean no one was watching?

Below is a copy of Lothor's last post:

"As the group headed out the door the conversation turned to where to go next. Lothor, always warry of what was behind them, kept an eye on the room and the tapestry until they were out."

So, how can you say that no one was looking behind them? Lothor even specified looking at the tapestry. The other guy might be fast, but Lothor should not have been surprised and would have given a shout.

Posted on 2016-09-10 at 11:11:03.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: Timing

I guess I just assumed the deadline was game time. My bad. I'll do better in the future. Speaking of future picks, I need to make some. Time to go look at the schedule.

And at long last, for your viewing pleasure, I present the picks of Nomad - each of them presented well over 5 minutes before game time. (See, improving already!)

Eagles - Goin' with NDSU's own Carson Wentz! Yeah, yeah rookie and all that. But he was a Bison, and do you ever really want to pick a Brown? Just sayin'.
Packers - Sad, but likely true
Vikings - who is at QB?


Posted on 2016-09-09 at 17:18:37.
Edited on 2016-09-09 at 17:26:17 by Nomad D2

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Info he would share

Rhyson did know a little.

Range of Beetle bugs - about 20'. or was it yards? Crap. Gotta check.

Rhys' lighting spells should be fairly effective. But that still doesn't mean I know how many it takes to fry a fire bug, just that they probably are affected by it.

If we want to stay at a distance if possible, Rhys has his spells. What can the rest do? I like the idea of dropping stuff on them if possible. Big stuff.

Posted on 2016-09-09 at 17:16:30.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: The other question

What about the following questions?rnrn One more question - I'm not quite sure how far down we have gone so far. Is this right below the "entrance?" Are they located in such a way that we could dump something big on top of them from above? VW Beetles do crush, after all. If it explodes, you should have described it as a pinto. rnrnI'm just not quite sure of the special relationship.

Posted on 2016-09-09 at 17:13:18.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Spells

Rhyson really isn't all about offensive firepower, despite the various posts assuming so. He just isn't a pure healer.

He does have lightning style spells - those are the bulk of his offense. Think lightning bolt and chain lightning. 30 yard range on the bolt, I think.
He also has air abilities - wind gusts and hearing voices on the wind type stuff.
And he can give bonuses to friends and hurt enemies - on ability rolls and stunt rolls - I'm not even sure what stunt rolls are. I'm assuming it is the type of spell to cast before combat or some other type of attempt to give bonuses. For example, he might be able to do it now since there seems to be some time before combat starts. But he only has so many mana points, or whatever they are called.

Posted on 2016-09-08 at 21:00:35.

Topic: Titansgrave QnA
Subject: Rolls

Well, yeah, give it a roll. For Rhyson as well.

Plus, one more question - do we have any idea how far they can "shoot?"

One more question - I'm not quite sure how far down we have gone so far. Is this right below the "entrance?" Are they located in such a way that we could dump something big on top of them from above? VW Beetles do crush, after all. If it explodes, you should have described it as a pinto.

Posted on 2016-09-08 at 19:40:38.
Edited on 2016-09-08 at 19:43:15 by Nomad D2

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: Change of plans

Ok, I still have 5 minutes - I'm going with Denver tonight!

And yeah, I'll figure out the others soon.

Posted on 2016-09-08 at 19:26:17.


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