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Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Range

So unless someone hit with wisdom loss either needs a specific type of saving throw, or they get all the way to zero (which would take awhile even for an "average" wisdom of 9) it really has no direct impact on things? Ok. Just curious as I've never had a character that could use things like that web.

Ok - a range question. Thrown items have a range of 20 feet, which seems absurdly low to me since home plate is 60'6" from the pitchers mound, and even high school kids manage to get it there without any problems. While I know chucking a bomb isn't the same as a baseball, still, I'm wondering about the distance. In these rules - is 20' just the distance before penalty? or what? Sorry, I should probably look this up instead of asking. But it determines if Zick takes the time to reload his splashbow or simply chucks the next bomb.

Posted on 2016-08-02 at 23:43:31.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Fighting from a distance

Q for the DM: How slowly are the bad guys moving? Most of the time zombies are pretty slow. Are these guys slow? In some cases staying at a distance to fight and still being able to run away if needed might be a real option. Are they that slow? likewise, are they slow enough that the remaining elves could run away?

As for the questions about travel - I would think someone should map. Who has the best skills for that? Having someone keep an eye out for food seems like a good choice given the nature of survival days. Ochit seems the logical choice for this I would think. Unless someone else has skills I'm not aware of. Trossach would likely be keeping an eye out for threats.

Posted on 2016-08-01 at 19:36:36.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Three questions

1. What exactly is the implication of "wisdom damage." What does it actually do in combat?
2. How far away from the bad guys is Zick? And are the distances different for the two tables since he moved a bit too the left to attack that table.
3. How are you handling the combat initiative? You asked for Lara's moves - does that mean she is the next to act and should post first, then you'll give a result, then you will move on to the next to act? This would mean the rest of us wait to post until after Lara does so. Or do we all just post and you'll give the results in the proper order? I'm not quite sure when to post.

Posted on 2016-08-01 at 19:28:28.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: This is where the slow down happens

I'm ready to post for Trossach - probably a "stay back and shoot some arrows" type of thing. But before jumping into combat I'd like to hear from the others. I'm not trying to be pushy, I just want to make sure people know we need to a quick discussion. If one guy stays and fights and the others post that they are leaving that might be a bit of a mess. Especially for the one who stayed, which in this case would be me.

Posted on 2016-07-31 at 19:01:44.

Topic: IRON AGE Game
Subject: Fire away

Zickerthorn crept quietly through the woods with the others. Quiet was something gnomes were pretty good at, and Zick was quite good at. So, it seemed, were his companions as the group managed to approach the bandit hideout undetected.

4 on 6. He didn't like those numbers, but he had a feeling he liked his companions. Before allowing things to go as far as battle he took a moment and studied those before them - he wanted to make sure none were really prisoners or otherwise victims. He also wanted to see if there was any hint of someone else inside the building. (Perception 8 skill ranks, +2 gnome bonus, I think) They quietly plotted their attack and set up for the battle. Now he would see what they could all do. And they would see what he could do. That seemed fair.

So, how would he do his part? His alchemy left him with some options. He started by taking his daily mutagen. It would boost his dexterity (+4 to 21) and reduce his wisdom a little (-2, to 2). Once the battle plan had been set he didn't think he needed wisdom, but he did need to be quick. As the attack was prepared he moved a little off to the left. They would spread out just a bit to make multiple targets and confuse their opponents about their numbers. But he wanted a clear shot at the middle guy on the left. The goal was to hit that guy with a bomb and let it splash all over the other two.

(I assume we don't really need the perception check since you already did it and gave us info, but thought I'd throw it in just in case.
Splashbow: +7 hit (dexterity at 21 +2 3rd lvl)- I believe we are to far away for point blank shot, but can't actually look that up since I can't look at the old thread while typing in this little box. Bomb 2d6+4 damage, plus splash damage to all within 5 feet - 6 points, save for half. Plus the bow does 1d2 bludgeon damage as well (2x crit)
Also, his AC goes up to 18 with the improved dexterity.)

Please let me know if these numbers are wrong since this is the first time I am trying to actually put them into action.

Posted on 2016-07-30 at 21:46:34.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Attack!

Assuming we are going to attack I am going to post for Zick - as previously noted, he'll use his splash bow to launch a bomb. I'll aim at the left table since that is the side of the show I am on.

Posted on 2016-07-30 at 21:21:37.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Well, that worked

'Well, that was easier than expected' Lothor thought as he relaxed his grip on his sword and stared around at the mud.

"I think mages should come with a cleaning crew. Ash. Mud. All sorts of stuff." He stared around at the mud that had been stone. "Well, actually, you have been pretty good at cleaning up the dust around here. But before you clean up this mess, give me a moment. I want to look around a bit. Mud is liquidy. If we missed anything and there is anything beneath this room the mud might just tell the story. If it is leaking down anywhere, that is news. I'm going to move slowly around the room and examine this mess. Of course, when I'm done a little cleanup might be nice," he added with a smile. "Someone might want to check out the ceilings and cages again, just in case anything changed now that they aren't holding spirits. Just a thought from your local meat shield."

So saying he began to move down the room. He was focused on the floor and the lower part of the walls that intersected the mud, moving cautiously so as not to disturb the mud before he had inspected it. Were there any signs of liquid slipping through the walls or floor anywhere that might indicate a passage? Even depressions within the mud might indicate something underneath.

When he finished he moved back to the group. "If we can clean this place up it might be nice to look at what was under those mud buddies."

(If the mud gets cleaned up he will search the floor again, paying special attention to the areas under the former statues.)

Posted on 2016-07-29 at 15:17:26.
Edited on 2016-07-29 at 15:20:51 by Nomad D2

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Now what?

On pacing - I'm good with whatever. I usually post a lot and quickly. The biggest slow down is when we need to agree on what to do - like now. And that can't be helped. Overall I'd say move things along, we can always say "wait" if need be. But I'll work with whatever you do.

So what now? I'm glad we watched. I want to avoid Melee if possible. I'm not sure Trossach has a great ranged weapon - the sky hammer might still leave him within 5 feet.

But given that it is now 6 on 3 I'd be inclined to help. From a distance if possible. Votes? (With only 3 left I doubt the elves are a big threat to continue the quest.).

Posted on 2016-07-28 at 16:01:02.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Search

True - his ring will let him move easily. He will search again. Don't clean until he has - let him see if the mud reveals anything.

I also noticed that we are missing a player for our ranger/cleric again. In looking at the posting for him - he has anklets that allow him to walk on any liquid surface without touching it. Does mud count? Since I'm curious about the mud itself revealing something, if it worked this would avoid disturbing the mud.

So, Tann, does mud count as liquid?

Posted on 2016-07-28 at 15:52:40.

Topic: Dark Sun Game
Subject: Zombies?

Trossach looked down at the battle before him and frowned. 4 elves? There should be 6. And now two of them appeared to have joined their enemies. Enemies that didn't seem to mind being pierced by arrows and that walked oddly.

Zombies. They appeared to be zombies. Oh, joy. He was inclined to help. He didn't like seeing good people (Assumption, the elves had actually been pricks, but one shouldn't judge a person on one small action.)fall to evil creatures.

As the others talked of joining the fight or leaving, Trossach added his words to the mix. "Patience. Let us watch for but a moment. We may learn something about these foes and also see if the elves truly do need our help. I doubt any of us truly want to see those other creature win, competition or not."

Posted on 2016-07-27 at 13:48:15.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Unclear

I don't think we have actually picked a course of action. So I don't know what to post.

However, I would like to suggest a middle road. Of course, this is what I suggested earlier, so take it however you will. We could watch for a minute. This would let us know
1. Info on the bad guys
2. Do fallen elves join the bad guy and make a really nasty pack of somethings behind us?
3. Do the elves need help?
4. Are we capable of helping successfully?
5. Still have time to slip away if we want.
6. This gives us time to pick which path we want.

I'll post along these lines so something is up, but I don't think it is fair to assume this is really the plan. We need some agreement.

Posted on 2016-07-27 at 13:44:36.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Charm

So what exactly does charm do? In the old days it basically let you control another person. I don't think it is nearly as powerful anymore. So is the intent to just keep one of them out of the fight? He wouldn't fight for us, right? So what is the goal and what is the timing? Do we all shoot together?

Zick's standard method of fighting is going to be to fire a bomb (Does 2d6+4 to one person, but does have some splash damage I need to double check on.) with his splashbow. After that he would probably chuck them by hand since it takes a round to load the bow. He would stay under cover.

Note: The bomb does "hit" one target. But it does splash damage - although it isn't exactly clear to whom. Zick would aim at the middle person at one of the tables hoping to splash on to both of the others. Can it splash onto both? Not sure. That is a question for our DM.

Also, Zick can make an extract that would make one of us 2x normal size. Puppy (Sorry, working on names...) seems like the best choice now or later for that.

Posted on 2016-07-27 at 13:21:27.
Edited on 2016-07-27 at 13:30:14 by Nomad D2

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Water anyone

We could just go to the fountain and wash off . . . or maybe not.
I suppose we do need of know the volume of mud.

After that we should also examine the room again. The statues moved - maybe there was something under them. The floor is now covered in a semi-fluid. If there were any passages or opening under it, the mud might reveal that. Also, we should examine the room again - the freeing of the spirits and the moving of the statues might have changed something else also. So a research of everything.

If we find nothing, Lothor votes for the fountain room - he would put off the coffin room until the last. Although, I suspect that the passage down is through those boxes. Still, the idea doesn't appeal and I would prefer to be wrong.

Posted on 2016-07-27 at 13:13:21.

Topic: IRON AGE Game
Subject: Now THIS was his kinda group!

Zick looked around at the eclectic group that had responded to his inquiry about fighting the bandits. He grinned. Really? Was life really going to be this good to him? he had half expected some local farmer boys to volunteer for an adventure. But, no. Instead he got birdman, puppy and angel. (Mental note to sell, he thought, learn their real names before you get yourself in trouble! He thought the nicknames were cute, but sometimes others didn't share his sense of humor.) Whatever else this day would bring, it likely wouldn't include boredom.

"Nice to meet all of you! I think this foursome just might make a nifty little pack. I'm in if you guys are." As the others all agreed to the task, it was time to figure out where to find the bandits. This proved easier than expected as Angel seemed to have some inside information. That was interesting information in its own right, but not something to be concerned with for now. Following her lead, the group headed out of town with Zick thinking as he marched along tossing a bomb up and down, "I might actually be the most normal member of this group!" This is so cool!

As they approached the woods, Puppy did his best to scout out the area. Skills, it was good to see that the kid had skills, even if they didn't produce any results this time.

"If nothing here is obvious, I would suggest we go into the woods back a ways. Try to come at it from the side and move quietly. Maybe we can scout things out a bit without going in through the front door." It was always better to avoid the head-on approach when possible, he thought. Even so, he loaded a bomb in his splashbow. Best be ready.

Posted on 2016-07-24 at 22:07:51.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: ooooh . . . Talk to the Village People . . . Zick likes to dance a bit. Can we all do the Y..M..C..

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Being noonish - I like the idea of entering the woods "on the side a bit." If we don't find anything the idea of looking for a camp fire at night makes a lot of sense. I'll post under the assumption that we probably won't just wait until night to do anything. Correct me if I'm wrong.

DM Question: Since someone brought up the "Village People." Are there, in fact such people? Did we pass a village? Are there farms close to the woods? Would there be locals to talk to? And do they, in fact, include a policeman, an Indian, a soldier, a biker, a Construction worker and a cowboy?

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Zick is such a macho man . . .

Posted on 2016-07-24 at 21:53:57.
Edited on 2016-07-24 at 21:54:55 by Nomad D2

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Being a quick healer, he wiped away the spittle and shrugged at his damp pants

Temporarily blinded by the burst of magic in the room, Lothor held his grip on his great sword and prepared to assume his usual role of defending the spell casters. As his eyes cleared and he got a better look at the statues he looked at his trusty sword and whispered to it, "Once more into battle. Do your best maul impression this time."

He didn't think slashing would be overly effective on stone, so he would be simply trying to bash as hard as he could. Certainly hill giant strength and a huge hunk of magical metal ought to do something to a statue. As they approached he hoped his friends had something in their bag of tricks, because he really didn't. He hoped freeing the spirits had been worth it. Their reaction made it seem so. Sometimes one got to be a part of good things in this line of work.

As the statues approached he smiled, did freeing spirits qualify as meddling in the past?

Posted on 2016-07-23 at 19:56:32.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Warrior Spirit

Gotta say that a "warrior spirit" that says "I would rather die than accept help or retreat" has always seemed like a really stupid spirit to me. And short lived. That said, it might be their idea of things.

But Trossach could be convinced to move on. However he would want to watch just long enough to get some information on these "zombies" - it seems likely that we will see them or their like again. If they can't be hurt by arrows, what can they be hurt by? How quickly do you "become a zombie?" This doesn't mean sticking around long. But a little information could go a long way towards knowing where to plant his maul when next we seem these guys.

Posted on 2016-07-23 at 18:12:46.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Watch

Generally I think Trossach would want to help. However, I don't think the elves want the help, unless they really need it. I'd be inclined to watch for "a round" and then reevaluate.

So far we have one vote for leaving (Ochit), one for fighting (Raynard) and one for getting some popcorn and watching (Trossach). What say the rest of you?

Posted on 2016-07-23 at 12:21:45.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: OK

That makes a bit more sense. I wasn't quite sure what was happening - if you march up to a woods the size of Mirkwood it really doesn't make sense to call out, "hello bandits!" But a smaller woods might. Or a large woods in which you are fairly sure of the approximate location of the bandits.

To the group - I would rarely suggest we take things on head-on when it is avoidable. So, if this is where the road approaches the woods, I would suggest we backtrack a bit and enter the woods a mile or two to the side. Then approach this area through the woods. Essentially, if they are trying to lay an ambush for travelers - we try to approach the ambush from the back instead of walking into it. It is midday after all, they won't be sleeping. I think.

GM: Are we on a road? If so, does it enter the woods or just skirt by the edge?

Posted on 2016-07-23 at 12:14:44.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: To fight or not to fight?

I'm not sure I understand what Ochit means.

So, what does everyone think we should do? Help the obnoxious and overbearing elves? (What would our Drow friend say?) But they are better than the other guys, who might be zombies or they might not. Do we watch before acting? Or simply slide on past to get their first? Or watch and follow after allowing the elves, if they don't need rescuing, to trigger the traps first? Jumping in now might give them impression that we think they need help and that might just make them angry. Or embarrassed and thus angry.

Q for the DM: Didn't all the groups start out as groups of six? I think I remember the post saying four elves. Do we see corpses anywhere? Or any type. Do we have an impression of who is winning this fight?

Posted on 2016-07-22 at 09:07:39.

Topic: Iron Age Q/A
Subject: Updates

I'll get you a complete update of what sort of concoctions Zick has with him each day. Other than that, I think the little guy is ready.

As for the adventure - I like that you moved things along. I'll post a bit of a backstory, but there is no reason to delay for that. But as we hit the woods, I'm not quite sure what you are looking for. If I am remembering right, it is noonish. It seems obvious that we would enter the woods. Is there a path? A road? A fork in the road? Do we have any sense of how big this woods is or where in the woods the camp might be? I guess I assume we would head on in - do you want something beyond that?

Marching order, perhaps? I would think the shapechanger at the front as I assume he has the best senses. Would he travel in dog form? Birdman at the back? (I'll get names down eventually - that one is Mattias or something like that, I think. I'll get it.) Can he actually fly? That leaves the beautiful one and the little one in the middle in some order. Zick can fight, but he prefers a bit of distance between himself and the enemy.

Posted on 2016-07-18 at 20:08:54.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: And

And sometimes Tann just forgets the solution to his own puzzles. how did that door open again?

Posted on 2016-07-17 at 19:28:55.

Topic: Dark Sun Q/A
Subject: Hmmmmm

We will see what happens.

But, gee, any wonder why he suggested she always be on watch with someone else watching her? I never had a party member I was worried about before. Interesting.

I will say, if he wakes up to an odor that would put the group at risk because he is "smellable," you would find one very angry Mul. Just sayin'. Doesn't mean you can't do it.

Posted on 2016-07-17 at 19:26:38.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Release?

I didn't say I was surprised by Tann's lack of information...

As for the post about freeing the voices - are we sure we want to do so. When things threaten me I am hesitant to set them free to follow through on those threats. This, of course, assumes we even know how. But at least one method was suggested.

Posted on 2016-07-16 at 18:36:37.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Well, that was helpful

So, in other words, "you get no information...."
That helps. 🙄

Posted on 2016-07-15 at 18:20:26.


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