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Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: So much for a lazy walk in the wood

Yikes! I almost forgot my login info! I guess we have had delays! No problem, real life is real life.

As for the ghost . . . yipes! Anvil is sure he did not sign up for a ghost fight! But he has one. So . . . lets say we get underway quickly.

I'd say:
1. T'Sal takes the ring - if it is magical isn't the mage the logical course?
2. Hair to whoever, Anvil I suppose since he is upfront. Won't argue if someone else wants the freaky locks.
3. Keep eyes open as we leave, but leave more or less right away, even if this means not searching much.
4. Start trying to follow the path that got us here, but as we begin to leave watch the hair to see how it guides us. Follow the blond hair. (Now how many times have I said that?)

And the group says?

Posted on 2009-05-19 at 00:05:20.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: Responding to a dead lady

"M'lady it seems that some greivous evil has been done to you. We would be honored to return your pearls to you. We shall endevour to fulfill your wishes. When we return, you may rest in peace."

So saying Anvil looked around nervously, thinking that again the dog had shown his wisdom in acting nervously around the apparition. The entire situation was creepy and not at all to his liking. Clearly great evil had been done here.

The group will slowly approach the altar and look around the clearing. However, their they will make every attempt to look for signs worth tracking - presumably the area is fairly well trampled so the focus will be on the area around the edge for tracking. The group will be careful to touch nothing. Rat will be making sure to keep an eye out for traps, T'Sal will focus on the altar and things arcane, while Anvil will keep his eye on the outer edge of the circle and the woods looking for potential intruders. At this point they want to get a closer look before doing anything besides walking a bit closer.

Posted on 2009-04-24 at 23:14:49.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Posting

We haven't heard from the Rat yet, but I think Consortium said he might be gone for a bit, didn't he? I will go ahead and post, but if you want to chime in and change something, just whistle . . .

Posted on 2009-04-24 at 22:59:44.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: actions

Well, I suggest we leave the body alone. Perhaps just announce our willingness to find the Pearls.

Do we approach the altar? I probably would, but maybe not? The key for me is to say something and find the trail and keep going.

First question - circle the altar or approach?
Second Q - speak or not?
Third - Look for goods or touch nothing?

My thoughts - approach, speak, touch nothing.

Posted on 2009-04-23 at 23:02:36.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: The state of women these days...

SD: Is there anything here it would be easy to put over the body - or a place to stash it where animals or whatever won't find it but that wouldn't take a lot of time?

Ok, Rat, what yah gonna whistle for this one?

Posted on 2009-04-22 at 18:28:07.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Spoooooky

Well, Anvil is pretty sure he wants to find the necklace. Yep, that seems like a really good idea.

This doesn't seem like something "evil wand dude" wanted to happen. I'm guessing that is who "Jon" is anyway.

To the group:
I suggest we investigate the area - see if anything of use was left behind. Perhaps Rat should look for traps? Before we do that we should make sure we don't obscure a path leading out of the area if we wish to continue to track Jon. And, do we want to bury the poor young lady? Or find the necklace and then return and bury her?

I'm assuming the plan is to search then continue, correct?

Posted on 2009-04-21 at 23:59:54.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Movin' On

I'm not sure if we are delayed by real life issues or if SD is waiting for a group post. So in case it is that - I don't believe the answers to my questions change our actions at all. So just go by my last group post.

Anvil (w/torch in one hand sword in the other)
Sprinkles holding Rat

Anvil will do his best to track. We will try to move as fast as we reasonable can without losing the path - speed seeming to be a potential issue with rain coming. t'Sal is responsible for looking forward more than normal because Anvil will be looking down a lot, depending on how clear the tracks are.

Posted on 2009-04-20 at 18:10:02.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Details . . .

Without hearing yet from the others - I suspect that Anvil will have the torch. If he is leading he would probably need it to see the tracks. Again, this assumes no one else can match his recently augmented tracking skills.

Can he hold the torch and his shield in one hand? Or would the torch replace his shield? He wants his sword out and at the ready.

Also - having looked at the ground during the daylight - was it possible to garner any ino from the tracks?
How many are we following? What type(s) of creatures?
Is the woman likely in the group?
Do they start from where we saw "mystery wand dude?"
They head generally northward, correct?

Posted on 2009-04-16 at 18:41:46.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Darque!

Hey! Even with no good news on the job front it is good to hear from you. Good luck with everything.

Posted on 2009-04-16 at 13:43:12.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: And their off!

As the day wore on Anvil spent his time resting, practicing sword strokes and contemplating the complexities of tracking. T'Sal appeared to be consumed by his spell books when he wasn't resting himself. Rat, well one could never really tell what a halfling was thinking. He whistled when he was awake at any rate. And, to be honest, he kinda whistled and snored when asleep as well. The halflings "practice" at thievery was something Anvil found interesting to watch . . . and probably wise to keep an eye on as well. Not that he didn't trust the little thief, of course. It was odd to think that you would trust someone with your life, but perhaps not your pocketbook. Hhhhmmm....

Late in the afternoon Sprinkles woke, stretched and yawned. The entire group seemed to take the hint from the dog and prepared to move out.

During the day Anvil had gone out and examined the tracks and briefly followed them, noting the direction in which they were headed as well as noting the types of signs that would be left to follow later. (Practing tracking! )
Now the group went out and set out following the trail as best they could. They wanted to make decent time, but did not want to lose the trail.

The marching order is Anvil - T'Sal - Rat & Sprinkles

This assumes that nobody has tracking skills. If anyone does, this will need to be adjusted.

Posted on 2009-04-15 at 18:35:20.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Bummer about the storms

I sympathize with Mother Nature's moods - she has been trying to wash my entire town down stream for the better part of three weeks now. Good luck.

As for the group - Anvil does not have tracking, although he was thinking about it during the rest period and is a quick study . . . that counts, right?

Ok, group. I will post again shortly because I think we already have this next stage figured out. Follow the tracks as best we can. March with Sprinkles in back with the Rat. Head off into the woods.

Posted on 2009-04-15 at 14:17:31.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Post up

Ah . . . that is not how I first read T'Sal's post. That makes more sense.

Ok, I made a group post. It seemed the choice was to stay and move up a level. We'll do that, then see if we can see well enough at night to continue. We might want to offer opinions on what to do once we have rested. Following the tracks seems like the obvious choice. But what if we can't see them well at night? Do we then wait until morning to follow them, or just head out in that general direction, which was North towards the bridge and likely ruins - which is where we were headed anyway. Opinions?

Posted on 2009-04-08 at 15:43:02.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: To rest and study in peace

After a brief and somewhat confusing discussion, the remaining adventurers notice that Sprinkles has curled up in a corner of the bunkhouse for nap. After the nights adventures this strikes them as a very wise idea and so they decide to follow the advice of Master Sprinkles.

The group will divy up the spoils and then rest for 12 hours in order to go up a level. (I am guessing and hoping that part of this time would be used for T'Sal to also learn a second magic missile spell since study would seem to be a part of going up a level.) The group will split up guard duty, while making sure that each has the time required to study.

Before sitting down to rest and study they will make sure they know where the tracks are and in what direction they seem to be headed. They will also attempt to discern how many people made the tracks and if the race/species can be identified - or anything else of use. This is to be done in the daylight. If all goes peacefully during the day the group should be ready to move out around 10p.m. that evening. At that point if everything has been peaceful the group will attempt to follow the tracks. If that proves difficult at night we will need to reevaluate the situation.

If is good to be going again - I look forward to continuing the adventure.

Posted on 2009-04-08 at 15:39:18.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: What to do

Ok, I looked back and found SD's post on going up a level. We need to rest for 12 hours to get the hit points and spells.

I am not quite sure about DeGotti's post. He says both that he would prefer to go up a level and that he will leave or go. Anvil leans towards going, but will stay or go. Rat will do whatever gives him the most time behind T'Sal. So we basically have a non-committal group. We to be decisive! You do realize that decise determines who gets to swing first, right?

Well, I certainly understand the desire to go up a level. We have one expressed desire to stay and study/rest. So lets do that - we'll pick up the trail at nightfall as second level characters. I'm guessing that means we will stay in the bunkhouse for now. The bad guys know we are here, but it is daylight and where else would we go?

I'll wait a bit to see if anyone has an opinion/response to this. After a while I'll post on the game thread - or either of you would be welcome to do so.

Anvil looks forward to his extra hit points.

Posted on 2009-04-07 at 20:57:04.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Spells

I think that if you had the spell and didn't use it you still have it. Thus you have ONE magic missile spell. To get the second one allowed by the advancement in level would require rest and study. SD -is this correct?

The other issue then is how long we would need to rest in order to get the second spell. SD has already posted it here somewhere if someone wants to look it up. I think it was around 9 hours because you would have to study enough to go up a level. Is that worth it?

If yes, where do you want to stay? Here in the bunkhouse where they obviously know we are?

Posted on 2009-04-07 at 13:45:28.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: To study or not to study, that is the question . . .

In general I would prefer to take on the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with one more level under my belt. So typically I would call for a halt to study before doing anything else.

However, in this case there are two clear problems with that:
1. The longer we wait - the farther away the bad guys get with the girl. Right now we shouldn't be far behind them - it didn't take long to kill the zombies and search the bodies I presume.
2. Clearly the bad guys know where we are. It is doubtful that they think the zombies succeeded. They have attacked once already. Staying here thus seems dangerous.

So Anvil is inclined to chase after the bad guys. But this is not a certain choice - what says the rest of the group?

Posted on 2009-04-03 at 22:00:44.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: And we go . . .

Two quick questions:
1. Does T'Sal need to study to get the upgrade to second level spells ready for use?
2. Do the tracks that head off into the woods head inthe general direction that the odd dude with the wand (and the scream) were from?

In general I would think conitniuing to head towards the ruins is a good idea, but whenever you hear a damsel in distress scream, aren't all heroes duty bound to follow?

Assuming that the tracks head in the general direction of the wand and scream, I would think we head that way. (SD - what direction would that be?) If it takes us away from where we think we want to go, we can deal with that later.

Also, we now only have one fighter and a dog. We need a marching order. I would think Anvil goes out front as he is most likely to be able to survive a surprise attack. Does rat think he can manage the big dog? Does he hant to do so?

Anvil - T'Sal - Rat and Sprinkles.


Anvil and Sprinkles - T'Sal and Rat

I'm thinking we keep the spellcaster in the middle. Opinions?

Posted on 2009-04-03 at 18:29:14.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Anvil Back

Life has been crazy.

I will get caught up on the reading and post something more clever (I hope) sometime today. I'm glad things are up and running again.

Posted on 2009-04-03 at 15:22:57.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: April it is

That works for me. My biggest concern with splitting the party is that the groups will get small and be missing certain skill sets, thus making survival more difficult. But I'm sure adjustments can be made.

Posted on 2009-03-14 at 00:22:17.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: The Game

Ok, Shadowdragon, what's the plan?

I'm here. Consortium is here. Degotti is posting on the D2 site, so he can be found. Hammer is absent, but should be back soon. Darque - no one knows what sort of time table we are looking at. Your the boss, how do you want to handle this?

I can be patient, or I can jump back into it and figureout what to do about stinking zombies, orcs and assorted evil-doers.

I'm just wondering about a time line, but I can keep checking back here as well.

Posted on 2009-03-11 at 18:38:10.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Delay?

Well, it looks like Consortium, DeGotti and myself are here and able to go.

Hammer is in mid-move, but if I recall correctly should be able to rejoin fairly soon.
Darque, I think, is the real question mark. Has anyone heard from him? Does anyone have an email address?

I'd be happy to start up again, but can be patient as well. It would be easy to keep going with Hammer since his approximate situation is known, but I don't have any idea what to expect with Darque. I'm not sure he could tell us when things will return to normal either.

Posted on 2009-03-05 at 00:09:30.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Digging through burned flesh . . .

Nothing like digging around in the remains of a zombie!

Anvil will help out the Rat - chiming in on the whistling to keep his mind off of the grisly work he is doing.

The group does need to figure out what to do.

Two likely options:
1. Chase cleric and screaming lady
2. Go to bridge.

But first . . . find a place to rest?

Posted on 2009-02-26 at 20:34:46.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Anvil gets more HP

For Hit points Anvil rolled a 7 on a d10. With his +3 from constitution that is a total of +10 to hp, which should give him 21 total.

He is beginning to itch to hunt some orc!

Posted on 2009-02-21 at 21:46:00.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Hit Points

Do you want us to role the new hit points and post/pm the information to you? Is this a role we are making?

Posted on 2009-02-20 at 21:31:04.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Manuals for download

Someone found this site earlier that has downloadable copies of many of the D&D manuals. The players handbook is there.

Ok group - what do we do? I would think we want to rest (and burn daylight unfortunately) to get the new levels. Others agree?

Where to rest? I'd love to stay in the camp, but the bad guys obviously know where we are and it kinda, well, reeks...

Posted on 2009-02-17 at 16:30:54.


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