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Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: The game is afoot

Sirion has posted.

I stopped the post at the point where the carpenter goes slack jawed under the assumption thatmathias probably had something to do with it and Sirion would probably see this. However, I don't know for sure what he would see if he was watching the kid closely so I can't write more.

Presumably he will follow the kid outside. He has two concerns: 1. Worried about the kid. 2. What the heck happened and how did it happen?

If Mathias is just gone, he would go outside - before the crowd since he sees the disappearance before anyone else. At that point he would probably run into the Prudencios and the others. He would want to talk to them.

Finally - I did not mention Rowena (gosh I hope I have that name right off the top of my head.) Sirion would have made sure she was alright before following the crowd. He would have been happy to have her join him as he ran to the town hall, but I didn't want to put anything in about another persons character when we haven't had a chance to talk about it.

Posted on 2009-10-16 at 19:33:50.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden...
Subject: Follow that mob!

Sirion barely managed to avoid getting trampled as the crowd stormed past and dragged the crying child off towards the town hall. By the time he had regained his feet most of the villagers were long past. He wanted to shout to them to stop, but it clearly would have done no good. He hadnt been fast enough. This was exactly what he had feared would happen. What he knew would happen. And he hadnt been quick enough to prevent it. What had happened? He still wanted to know. He was still afraid for the small, strange, boy that seemed to be at the center of this whirlwind.

Sirion quickly jumped to his feet and ran after the crowd towards the town hall. When he got there the people were still milling around unsure what to do. He wormed his way through the crowd attempting to get to the town elders. He knew the town would want blood they were scared. But he also knew that . . . what did he actually know? Not much. And that was the problem. They were going to act before they knew anything. Did Mathias deserve punishment? Maybe. Maybe not. And for what? If he had killed Rico, how had he done it? Shortsighted violence would prevent their ever learning the truth and doom a poor, picked on kid to death.

Sirion attempted to reach the leaders but could not get through the crowd. He attempted a couple of time to yell at them to get their attention, again to no avail. In fact, as he thought about it, he was glad no one had heard his calls for patience. He certainly didnt want the mob to turn on him. He didnt understand the blood lust. He wanted to understand, not just lash out.

Frustrated in his attempts to speak with the town elders, Sirion began to work his way over towards the silent and slumped form of Mathias. He reached a crack in the crowd just in time to see the carpenter given guard duty on the small boy go slack jawed. One moment the man was sitting their attentive, and then the next the light was gone from his eyes.

(Sirion will follow Mathias, assuming he is leaving)

Posted on 2009-10-16 at 19:28:57.

Topic: NFL Football 2009
Subject: Vikings

I have been a Vikings fan for many years. I am not overly pleased about having Favre on the team as he will always be a Packer, but it is getting easier as the wins begin to pile up.

As for the Cowboys - can't stand 'em.

Posted on 2009-10-12 at 02:49:23.

Topic: Loaded Dice: Strip #21
Subject: Dragonblood NPCs

I would never want to assume an NPC is bad. Or at least that it would be good to kill them. Those might not be the same thing.

But I think I will need to keep Dragonblood's malicious NPC's in mind since he is running a game I'm in! That town is out to get me!

Posted on 2009-10-09 at 16:42:47.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: ??

Hammer - I'm hoping whatever has come up isn't too terrible. Any idea when we will be able to get things going again?

Posted on 2009-10-08 at 16:13:02.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: Looking forward to the post

I'm enjoying the game so far and thus looking forward to the post, but real life is, well, real life. What I do appreciate is the heads up - thanks for the posting with and indication of time and such.

Posted on 2009-10-05 at 11:38:36.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: Attack, attack, attack.

Ok, well, in the middle of combat I don't think there is a lot to post in detail. I will do so if I come up with anything. (Like a really cool song or design for a good steel toed boot)

For now though, I think there probably isn't much to say other than that Oliander continues to attack orcs. He will take out those close first, then move on to archers. For now he will leave the Shaman to others as his swords can only reach so far. He would typically leave behind unconscious and those bleeding to death to take out those who can still attack. Return to kill the unconscious when the danger is over.

Lookin' good so far.

Posted on 2009-09-21 at 18:00:33.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: Crowd control

Yeah, I kinda figured the town would be out to get the boy. It is sort of why Sirion is getting the parents (That should go over well!) and the kid in the semi-shelter of the school.

Posted on 2009-09-21 at 17:54:15.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: Try #3

Stupid connection!

Post up. Let me know if he is too active or needs to make room for the actions of others.

This post had better not disappear like the others!

Posted on 2009-09-21 at 16:47:58.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden...
Subject: The inexplicable

Sirion heard the screaming from where he was working in the tavern. He quickly joined the mad scramble of townsfolk who were headed in the direction of the school.

When he got there . . . he . . . didnt know what to think. What had happened? The stench was palpable. He thought he recognized Rico in the burned mess. How?

The weird kid attacked him!

Hit by lighting

From the kid!

"Lightning? From the storm?"

Rico attacked the boy!


was beating him!

Sirion had no idea what had destroyed Rico, but it didnt take him long to figure out from the yells what events had led up to these circumstances. He had known Rico for a long time. In fact, in school Ricos older brother had been a bully during Sirions school days. While the bullying had never been terrible for Sirion because he had always had Alfonso to fall back on and he and Alfonso had relatives who were major business owners, he still knew what it meant to be a bit different and smart. Bullying seemed to run in that family.

His heart immediately went out to young Mathias. But even as it did so, it skipped a beat. Certainly Rico had deserved something - punishment of some sort. Just as his older brother had deserved the plots he and Alfonso had constructed. But this? This frying? And HOW? He saw the young boy sobbing and his heart went out to him, yet . . .

He couldnt help himself, as others stood around scared and yelling, Sirion stepped forwards and knelt down by the sobbing boy. He didnt touch him. He carefully left a couple of feet between them. He didnt know what had happened.

Mathias. Relax Mathias. Did Rico attack you? What happened?

The boy was crying, Sirion didnt know what to do, but realized as he looked up at the crowd that was gathering that they might soon have a lynch mob on their hands. No matter what he had done, or how he had done it, he was just a boy . . .

He stood up. Alfonso!

His friend jumped at the sound of his name, but stepped forward instinctively. Uh yeah. Should you be that close, Sir? (Sir is pronounced Seer, not Sir. It is a shortened version of Sirion's name.)

Run. Go get the Prudencios. They need to be here. They can help. Seeing him hesitate, Sirion added hurriedly, Go! Run! Get them!

The Prudencios? But, theyre his parents! What happened? They just hide out on that farm. Go near them? Now?! Is that . . .

Cat! Sirion was disgusted with his friend at that moment and called to his sister, who quickly emerged from the crowd. Quick, get Mathias parents. Let them know he is in trouble something happened. Now. Run.

Catalina looked frightened, but after only a moments hesitation, nodded and turned on her heels and sprinted towards the Prudencio farm. Sirion smiled after his sister. Alfonso seemed to know he had just failed some inner test and was staring at the ground.

Sirion turned back to the crying boy on the ground. Mathias? Can you come with me? I think you should go inside the school. Can you do that? He reached out to help the boy up, but hesitated, never quite touching him, before pulling his had back. He encouraged the boy to get up and go into the school.

Posted on 2009-09-21 at 16:36:51.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: Best wishes to the ill

Infections in the blood are never good. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

On the far less important subject of the game, I posted for Oliander. Note - I didn't put anything in yet about the god. The choice seems like a very good one for Oliander, but I am not quite sure how I want to work it in yet. That shall come.

Posted on 2009-09-16 at 13:55:47.

Topic: Haunted Highlands
Subject: Of orcs, archers and steel toed boots!

Oliander braced for the onrushing orcs with blades drawn.
Thwack! and the orc about to swing its ax at him stumbled to the ground with an arrow embedded in his head. Thwack! and the next one staggered a bit with an arrow protruding from its arm. Well, Oliander would soon make sure it had worse wounds to worry about.

Hed have to remember to thank those sentries when he got the chance. He liked having archers at his back. They had been known to save more than one warriors life when there were just too many enemies to block them all. It did creep him out a bit thought to have them shooting towards him. But the sentries were shooting from above a good vantage point to avoid accidents. As the two orcs staggered with their wounds Oliander noticed a flurry of crossbow bolts flying upwards towards the sentries. He didnt have time to look and see if any had found their mark, he could only hope the palisade had provided enough cover to protect them. A second round of arrows would be helpful.

All these thoughts of archers sped through his mind as his blades flashed in attack. He would finish off the two wounded and then deal with whatever came next.

. . . a fine pair of steel toe boots too!

What?! Was the gnome drunk?! Hed heard something about drinking in there. Did he really just yell out something about shoes??!! What was he going to do, chuck them at the orcs?! He liked the gnome, but as he planted his blade in the body of an orc he couldnt help thinking that maybe this one was a bit strange, even if he was pretty good with that mace.

Posted on 2009-09-16 at 13:53:06.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: To worship a god . . .

. . . of which I know little to nothing.

I guess that could be about me or Oliander.

Is this a god that the character currently worships? So, Oliander sort of developed his understanding of the god with little to no guidance from clerics of that god? Or is it simply a god who looks out for him withwhom he has a special relationship, whether he realizes it or not?

I guess the question is (aside from which god? Edit: Ok, got that.) - how much does he know about this deity? Where would he have learned it? I would think given his background Oliander has a fairly big gap in his knowledge on this issue. Would he know to have the gem in his bow?

Anyway, I think you just posted so maybe another post is forthcoming to answer these questions without my need to ask. Let me know what you want. (God looks like a good choice.)

Posted on 2009-09-14 at 16:42:34.
Edited on 2009-09-14 at 16:45:07 by Nomad D2

Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: DM . . .which stands for Dragon Mistress

Didn't you answer your own question in the post?

You aren't a member of the game - or more exactly, your sister Brianna is not. And since you made your post on this Q&A thread under that log in I would assume you were under that log in on the game thread as well. DM could post there, but Brianna could not. Hmmm, I didn't know the site did that. Good idea, I guess.

Posted on 2009-09-14 at 12:46:57.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: Mares and posts

The post is up.

As for Mares - I have no doubt that a strong mare can tell her husband what to do . . . uhm, I mean . . .
Ok, just kidding. But on a battlefield full of stallions, which is what most knights ride, any mare, dominant or not, is likely to cause a disruption. If only as the other warriors attempt to restrain their competitive mounts.

Posted on 2009-09-14 at 02:17:27.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden...
Subject: Sept. 4th and 5th

Sept 4th.

The evening in the tavern was one of those Sirion most enjoyed - quiet enough that he and Alfonso could enjoy a relaxed game and chat while Cristobal sang, yet just busy enough that the busniess side of him could relax and know the tavern would remain viable. The best of both worlds in Sirion's mind - peace and prosperity.

The only annoyance for him was the quartet of young lovers. The people didn't really matter, he'd known them all his life, but rather seeing them completely sloshed left a slightly sour taste in his mouth. It wasn't a big deal, but he had never really liked seeing people embarass themselves. He did realize that it was a rather silly trait in a tavern keeper.

Sept 5th.

When Sirion woke the following morning the weather was the talk of the tavern. He couldn't have missed the oncoming storm if he had wanted.

It made for a busy day at the Weary Warrior. Storms were odd from a business point of view. Half of the town would likely stay huddled in their homes to wait it out. But the other half frequently crammed into the Warrior - looking for community in the face of nature's fury, it seemed.

For Sirion and the rest of the staff at the tavern what that meant was a busy day. There would be no ride with Alfonso today, not that there would be with the storm anyway. Everyone would be busy making sure the tavern had all the goods it needed for the evening and that everything was tied down for when the weather did hit.

Sirion, for example, went out to the stable to look after the animals while the weather held. As he worked he periodically looked up at the sky and scowled. He didn't like the look of things.

Posted on 2009-09-14 at 02:15:00.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: Sirion

FYI - I will try and get the post written soon, but it won't get posted until Sunday afternoon or evening - the next time I will be online. If you want to move on without it, ok. Otherwise I will post then.

Posted on 2009-09-11 at 20:42:38.

Topic: ... forth from the Garden... Q&A
Subject: Welcome Rowena

Nice background - you are young!

And . . . a mare for a warhorse?! You wouldn't find that in Europe! Just wait till the stallions on the battlefield get a whiff of that one!

Posted on 2009-09-09 at 22:49:13.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: Oliander

Oliander draws his two blades, positions himself as indicated with his back to the gate and "attacks the orc closest to him."

Posted on 2009-09-09 at 20:52:14.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: Oliander and Primes

Ok, I had Dexterity already identifed as his secondary attribute in the most recent post. So all I did was relabel strength to name it his prime attribute.

Is that all you wanted identified?

He gets 1 prime. 1 secondary. And that is it.

Posted on 2009-09-09 at 13:41:36.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: Oliander builds experience . . .

Ok, two posts are up.

You asked for the character post - I assume it was to have it in the game thread and not just here. It is primarily just a copy of what had already been posted on this thread, so don't bother rereading if you already read the history, nothing changed in that part.

I also added a post about the trip to Dirty's. Oliander had been feeling like a pretty plain character, but the more I write the more he seems to have a little flair and interest. I'm looking forward to getting things underway.

Posted on 2009-09-09 at 00:21:58.

Topic: Haunted Highlands
Subject: Oliander joins the caravan

Oliander was quite pleased with the arrangement with Adaf Adshead. He needed to get out of the South lands. There simply didnt seem to be any real purpose in remaining, although he was loyal to his family. Remaining would only have increased the chances of his getting dragged into the ongoing wars. He saw no profit in that. No profit for himself and the general population anyway, whatever advantages various noble families might perceive.

So he left, and Adshead had provided the perfect opportunity. He even liked the ultimate destination. Although he had grown up in the lowlands of the South, he had greatly enjoyed the time he had spend in highlands. Indeed, as a ranger he would be inclined to say that he was called to highland forests. They were simply beautiful. Frequently stark, hard and unforgiving, but possessed of a wild beauty he appreciated.

One part of the deal did strike him as odd. Or perhaps odd was not the right word, maybe ironic? He was essentially fleeing a war right into the arms of another conflict. But he went into this one willingly. Cautiously willingly, while admitting that there was much he did not yet know about this conflict. But when one side was lead by figures such as Yorgach the Ravager, an Orc-King of nasty reputation, it wasnt hard to figure out where his loyalties should be. He would be careful with whatever human leaders sought to emerge from the war in power, but stopping Yorgach appeared to be a cause worthy of pursuit. And he needed something to pursue.

And so Oliander found himself in the company of the wagons heading into the hills. The human guards for the wagons appeared to be solid figures, strong and capable. He had encountered many such men in the wars to the South. They were good to have on your side, if a bit mercenary. Such a thought made Oliander chuckle quietly to himself as he was himself a mere mercenary in this business.

The special group of hired guards, his fellow mercenaries, was a very interesting group. Had they gathered together every solitary and wandering elf in the area? He left his human family behind for the present only to spend time with the other half of his lineage, it appeared. The idea intrigued him more than a little as he had spent very little time in the company of elves. He had never known his father, or anything about his father for that matter, and elves were rare in the area around the Turambar farms. He had always been proud of his elven heritage, but had really never known much of what that meant. The company of elves was an interesting, if perhaps a bit intimidating, opportunity.

Over the fires in the evening and on the ride during daylight hours Oliander conversed with his fellows as he attempted to get a feel for the elves. Regardless of the topic it was enlightening as Oliander found every answer full of depth. He felt he was coming to know himself as well as them.

Nordrog the Gnome was a special tonic for him. It pleased him to note that the gnome appeared to enjoy his company using him as a way to get to know the elves, an idea that amused Oliander a great deal, as he suspected the gnome knew far more about elves than he did. Still, he was pleased to find a friend in the gnome. His ability to speak gnome came in handy as the two chatted. Indeed, Oliander had spent many days of his youth with the local gnomes and probably felt more comfortable in their company than he did in the company of either men or elves. In a group of strangers, Nordrog seemed to represent the known.

It was a good group with which to travel. The group earned their paychecks having to battle off occasional bandits and orcish raids. While none of the attacks proved deadly, to the group of wagons anyway, they did provide an opportunity for the small group of demi-humans to get to know each other and their abilities. By the time orcs appeared out of thin air near Dirtys Roadhouse, Oliander had grown quite confident in the abilities of those with whom he travelled. As he drew his swords to defend himself and those around him, he knew from experience that his companions were doing likewise. He was confident in his new friends and confident that these orcs had made a big mistake.

Posted on 2009-09-09 at 00:16:12.

Topic: Haunted Highlands
Subject: Oliander Silver Eagle Turambar

Strength: 18 +3 (Prime attribute)
Dexterity: 17 +2 Half Elf Secondary Attribute
Constitution: 16 +2
Intelligence: 16 +2
Wisdom: 16 +2
Charisma: 10

Neutral Good
Languages: Common, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Orc
Elf Ranger Modifier: +2 to mover silently and find traps.

Armor: Scalemail
Weapons: Longsword, shortsword, Composite Longbow (20 Arrows), 2 daggers
Typically fights with bothswords at once

Horse an excellent riding horse (name = Tieglin) And tack.

Clothing and such: Typically Oliander wears working clothing. He has high leather boots that are hard on the bottom, but soft as they go up. He typically dresses in browns and greens as is fitting for a ranger, although browns dominate his current wardrobe. He has a brown cloak with a hood that he wears when the weather is inclement. He sometimes wears leather riding gloves which are light and tight enough to be useful when wielding a weapon. One dagger is tucked in his right boot and the other is inside his shirt on the left side where his right hand can easily grab it in need.

Other goods: 2 weeks worth of food dry goods meant to last a long time. Two water skins. 6 torches, 6 candles, flint and steel, small plain scroll with a small vial of ink and quill. Basic bedroll and cook kit. 50 rope.

Character History:
Oliander Silvereagle Turambar comes from a well established ranching family in the Southern Lands. They are not actually noble themselves, although they own as much land as many noble families. They are an old family that primarily raises horses riding, war and work with a few cattle as well. Traditionally the Turambar family has served the Orsini family, a very honorable family that looked out for those under their protection.
For generations this situation worked to the advantage of both the Orsini and Turambar families, as well as others in the area. Within the Turambar family there was always a head of the household who led the family and held the lands. Additional family members frequently also worked on the family lands or went into various careers. Many of them were members of a group of rangers that protected the south lands from the various dangers from the Mountains to the North. Occasionally some members of the family have gone into wizardry. One, Beleg Turambar, became a notable Druid. (And for that reason was always referred to as the green sheep of the family.)
Olianders mother, Olivinia Turambar, was a ranger. On one of her missions she met and developed a relationship with an elf from lands to the West. The exact nature of the story is unclear, but what is known is that this elf died on the venture while saving Olivnias life and she returned alone, but pregnant with a half-elf child. That child was Oliander. Oliander was thus raised entirely by his human family and although his elven heritage is evident if he is closely examined, he is clearly of a human lineage.
Oliander has no complaints about his childhood on the ranch as he was consistently treated very well, even after his mother failed to return from an expedition into the Mountains when he was still quite young. Yet, despite this, he never quite fit in with the family even as he was proud of his human heritage and family. He had many cousins on the ranch who were friendly, but developed at a faster pace than did Oliander. Simply put, he never quite fit in with any specific generation. In truth, his best friends came from a village of gnomes that made their homes on Orsini lands. Oliander spent many days hanging out with these gnomes and became a familiar site in their village. (Note: After the fall of the Orsini in the Civil Wars this group will move further North into more wild lands looking for a place to call home. They were not destroyed but moved voluntarily.)
Unfortunately the Orsini were drawn into the civil wars that ravaged the South Lands. They did not wish to participate, but as is so frequently true in such conflicts remaining neutral was considered by all sides as helping the enemy. Unwillingly, they were drawn into the ongoing conflict. Despite their best efforts (and the aid of the Rangers from the North who frequently supported the Orsini) the Orsini family was overthrown during year seven of these wars. The Turambar family was hit hard by this loss as they had actively supported the Orsini. Several members of the family died during the wars. The family still holds their traditional lands but now they are subject to a new overlord the Tfallon family. As warring noble families go the Tfallon are not bad. They are no more evil than any other family, but are as caught up in the Civil Wars and the drive for power associated with them as any other family. The Turambar family has promised support to the Tfallon as the only way of keeping their lands. Financial support and horses, but not military aid, although there is much concern that such will be demanded of them eventually. For now the Tfallon family accepts this situation because the family is strong and is able to provide a vital resource during the wars horses.
Oliander followed his mother into the Rangers. He fought for the Orsini with other members of his family. With their fall, however, he saw no need to continue his participation in these wars. He wished to protect the civilized lands, but didnt see contributing to a Civil War as aiding in that endeavor. He no longer saw a faction worthy of his support. His goal is still to protect those who cant defend themselves and the good in civilization, but he is a bit unsure just where his calling should take him. Certainly not all people who live in a civilization are civilized. For this reason he has left the group of rangers he first trained with and set out in search of his mission.
The possibility to act as a guard for the caravan of iron into the hills seemed to him to be a very good opportunity to leave the South Lands behind him and go where help would be needed.

Posted on 2009-09-08 at 23:30:31.
Edited on 2009-09-09 at 13:39:22 by Nomad D2

Topic: ... forth from the Garden...
Subject: Sirion Alaric Baltasar

A Day in the Life:
As usual, Sirion got up early and went out to the stables to take care of the horses currently being stabled at the inn. There was a knight passing through who had stopped for the night and was thus staying at the inn. The knights animal was one of the most beautiful horses Sirion had ever seen, although the scars on his front legs made him wince. As he brushed the animal down he ran his hands over the scars and tried to imagine how they could have gotten there and how the horse might have reacted. It pained him that the animal should have been made to suffer so. The animal was a large stallion and seemed to have a lot of energy and fight in him. But he was also well trained and sensed the patience in Sirion, allowing him to do whatever was needed.
Taking care of the animals was the way every day began for Sirion. The animal in his care made this day a bit unusual, although this was not the first war horse to have stayed at the inn. He got the animal ready so that as soon as Lord Axel Waldgrave had eaten he would be ready to leave. Only after preparing the Lords animal did he continue on and feed and care for the more common fare in the stable. As he finished his task his sister, Catalina, poked her head into the stable to let him know that the noble was finishing up and would need his horse shortly. When Sirion led the horse out front the Knight examined the animal thoroughly, appeared to consider the care to be satisfactory, nodded towards Sirion and tossed him a copper. With that he pulled himself onto the horse and rode off.
Over two hours after rising, Sirion finally went inside to have his own breakfast. His sister joined him she had been working all morning in the kitchen and common room, which had begun to empty out for the morning. The two chatted briefly and then moved on to their next appointed tasks.
Branduin returned to the kitchen to clean up while Sirion moved to the office in a small room at the back of the tavern where he would work on the books. On most days there wasnt much to do other than make sure that the receipts from the evening before matched the cash in the cash box. In a small town this did not add up to much. However, once a week Sirion also needed to make sure he had the order ready when the local farmers brought their produce into town. Plus, this was the week that the tinker came through and Sirion and Abelardo Izador would need to make sure they had all of the extras that would keep the tavern running for the next year. Although he did most of the books, this was still an important enough task that the tavernkeeper mostly kept it for himself.
Because the tinker was not due to arrive in town for another couple of days, the books took less than an hour of Sirions time. Since he had finished so quickly he had to go upstairs and help the others put the guest rooms in order.
With the morning behind him, Sirion crossed the main street and went into Calderons General Store where his best friend Alfonso lived and worked. As expected, Alfonso was about done with his morning duties and the two would be free through the heat of the afternoon. They each gathered a lunch, saddled their horses and rode out of town for a days wandering. They east across the plains until they found a small rise. It wasnt much of a hill, the lands around Gefahr being mostly uninteresting plains, but this particular pile of stones offered a couple of features that had made it a favorite resting spot for the two young men. A small natural rise had been added to as local farmers piled boulders they had pulled clear of their fields creating one of the highest points in the area. This hilltop offered the best position from which to sit back and view Dunkel Woods, the forest to the east of town. A few trees at the top of the rise even provided those using the perch with shade against the afternoons heat. Although the young men had been drawn there since boyhood by the mystery of the woods, and they still chose the spot secretly hoping something would come out of the woods, they had never seen anything. This day was no different. After a leisurely lunch they reclaimed their horses, rode to the nearby stream and got a drink for themselves and their mounts. Discussing the visit of the knight the day before the two headed for town.
The afternoon typically provided the best opportunity for the two to get away because people came to town in the evening (for either the store or tavern) and the morning was spent cleaning up from the previous night. Thus the boys went back to work as soon as they reached town. Alfonso went to the store and Sirion to the tavern, where he helped out in the kitchen unless there were horses to take care of for travelers. Some nights there were, many others there were not. This particular evening turned out to be a slow night, as the only guests in the tavern were some local farmers who did not need to stable their horses. As the tavern had Belia the tavernkeepers daughter and Sirions own sister Catalina to care for the needs of the farmers, both of whom were far more attractive than he, Sirion was left relatively free for much of the evening.
Finding himself free, Sirion moved to his favorite table just off the corner of the bar. From here at the back of the room he could see anything going on in the room and help out if trouble arose. Technically that was why he was required to stick around most evenings. This always amused Sirion a bit as he knew he wasnt much of a bouncer. But most of the locals liked him and wanted a nice place to stay, so the few times people had made trouble Sirion had found plenty of backup. The sight lines also provided Sirion with the opportunity to watch any strangers who came into the tavern. There werent any this night, but Sirion loved the small glimpses of the greater world such people provided and frequently sought them out for conversation at least until the tavernkeeper was convinced he was annoying the guests.
Being close to the bar also provided enough light to read by should things be slow as they were this evening. He enjoyed it when Cristobal came in to provide entertainment, but tonight was not such a night. So Sirion settled back and opened his copy of Poor Dmitris Almanac. It wasnt much of a book, and it was pretty old and tattered, but his options were limited. Not long after he began reading Amroth wandered in and joined him at the table. Amroth ordered a pint, something he did about 50% of the time, and set up the chess board. Sirion was white as he had won their last game, and the two began to play and chat.
It is a slow day today you should have come in here last night. I wouldnt have had the time to beat you at chess, but you would have seen a real knight not just a game piece. Lord Waldgrave was in town.
Yeah, I did see that, Alfonso commented, or at least I saw it this morning when he rode through town on his way out. Its a shame I didnt seem him coming into town instead of leaving. We dont get many Lordly knights around here. Any idea what brought him here?
Sirion had never been allowed to approach the man by his uncle and thus had no real answer for his friend. No. No clue. His horse had clearly had a long day, but it didnt seem as if he had seen any action no running or anything. Just a long days walk. I wonder what brought him to the plains?
I suppose your uncle wouldnt want you asking questions, would he? No, but that usually doesnt stop you! I cant believe you let that opportunity pass!
Sirion could only defend himself by saying, I had no choice! He kept me so busy I hardly even saw the man. I guess Abelardo knew Id talk to him. But Sir. Waldgrave did give me an extra copper for my efforts with his horse and it was a beautiful animal.
Their discussion continued along those lines trying to identify the stories a knight of Lord Waldgarves standing might be able to tell. They could only speculate, but that exercise kept them busy through two games of chess, with each young man winning one. As they started the rubber match, the conversation began to shift as Sirion wondered aloud what Lord Waldgrave had done to be worthy of being a knight.
Alfonso stared at him in surprise. What did he do? He was born! All it takes is being born into the right family. Where do you think that title Lord comes from?!
Well, yeah, I dont really mean that. I meant more generally. Has he earned it, somehow? Not just possessed the title, but earned it? But maybe that doesnt matter. Have the right family, have a good horse, and tada! Youre a knight. Or he is. We arent.
Earn it? No, I dont think that matters. But when that horse marched out of town it looked like he could earn it. It is what you said family. Thats all.
Do you think thats fair? I mean, if all he did was get born? He gets to travel all over and do great deeds, and we get, what?
You get a nice quiet life in Gefahr with a long standing tavern to ensure that you and your family have food to eat. Dont question such things, young man, itll do you no good. The powers that be like the system as it is, and dont want you questioning it. Besides, it seems to be working pretty well for you what do you think your uncle would think of such talk? The speaker was Juan Toldeo, a local farmer and friend of Sirions uncle, the tavern owner. From his tone it was clear he thought the two young men were entering into subjects they should not.
Huh? Well, yeah, I suppose, I have a lot to be thankful for. But I think I am thankful for a kind man like my uncle, not for the system that puts men like Lord Waldgrave in power. Seeing Toldeos scowl grow, Sirion hurried on. But Im not complaining! Waldgrave seemed like a good man/Lord/ whatever. We were just talking about it, wondering why things happen this way, not saying they shouldnt.
Not whatever his Lordship. And not Waldgrave. Sir. Waldgrave or Lord Waldgrave. Use the title. And such men help pay for this tavern. And buy my crop. Dont question it. Just accept it. You cant change it anyway, and they dont like questions.
Ok, Ok, Juan. Dont worry, and dont go running to my uncle. Ill behave just let me focus on beating Alfonso in this last game.
Juan Toldeo looked at him, nodded, and wandered back to the other farmers near the fire. After he left Sirion couldnt help but quietly mumble to his friend, Waldgrave does not pay for this tavern how often has he been here? Tinkers, farmers and storeowners keep this place in business. And what noble ever paid for a farmers crop? This tavern buys what the Toldeo farms produce!
Alfonso just shook his head and held a finger to his mouth. Nodding to the game he moved his knight up to support his kings pawn. He knew they would continue this discussion on the next days ride when no farmers would be around to eavesdrop. And Alfonso knew he would likely be defending Juans position because in a debate somebody would have to do so.
Sirion won the tie breaking game that night when Alfonso was too aggressive with his knights and pushed them forward without enough support. Quickly behind a couple of major pieces, the game got away from the shopkeeper. After that Sirion helped clean up after the farmers and went up to bed. He liked the days when the tavern was quiet, although he recognized the benefits of a full inn.

Posted on 2009-09-08 at 16:27:20.

Topic: Haunted Highlands Q&A
Subject: Ok....

First, I just reread Hammer's earlier comments and he wants us to post character info - I think most of that is already out there. I will try and get that organized and done again, although it might take until Tuesday given the long weekend and making sure everything is right.

As for the gate war - none else has posted actions and i don't want to post on the actual game thread until we have planned things out here. However, I will probably be off line until Tuesday sometime. So, I assume as I posted earlier Oliander will back towards the gate and try to block the opening while fighting with two swords. Someone in the group - go ahead and post for the group if you want so we can get going.

Hammer - can we get a short list of players, characters and classes? I think I have it, but there has been a little coming and going and I'd like to be sure. We have a cleric, druid, warrior, ranger . . . .

Also, I will try and get a post up for the trip to the Mts. Write over the weekend post afterwards.

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 16:14:52.


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