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Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Rest

One more thing - anyone want to make up a schedule for who takes watch at what time? Keep in mind spellcasters need to study and clerics need to pray.

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 18:07:53.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: Time to part company.

As the group moves out and heads back to town, Anvil and the rest outline their plans with Carus.

"It seems likely that the ruins you speak of are the place we need to go. We have found some useful information, but this seems like something big. We were sent to find out what is going on, and we still intend to try. We'll start with the ruins."

"Since you know about where they are we would be grateful of any help you could offer - such as identifying the best place to leave the road and strike off through the woods. Also, what direction will we go from that point and about how far into the woods is it? We would like to avoid the orc caves for now. We don't want to get side tracked. Finally, we will need to rest soon after we leave the road - if you know of a good location in the right area, as always, advice from those who are familiar with these woods would be appreciated."

"It seems like the rest of you are likely to make it back safely at this point. Good luck. Warn the town."

The plan is for the group to leave the road and strike out towards the ruins. They will follow Carus' advice as to the best location - if it is left to their judgement it will be about where they left the road earlier when the dogs took off after the orc. They will use the same marching order identified earlier.

They will be looking for a good place to rest - they want some shelter - free from prying eyes, but also hopefully with a good view of the surrounding land if possible. They do not want to go far before resting.

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 18:07:03.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Group movements

Thanks for the info - it seems the lack of a map is the biggest problem! I have not been keeping close track of exactly where we went.

So - we probably want to divert from the road at the easiest point - as you noted that seems to be approx. where we left it before. Is that close to wehre the road turned SE? Based on the very crude map I drew myself that seemed like it might be the right spot. Also, we will be looking for some place to seek shelter for 8 hours or so. We'd want a bit of protection - and preferably and ability to see for a little ways. Did we notice anything like that on the first trip? If not, just be aware it is what we are looking for.

To the group - ok, based on the answer it seems the camp is off to the SE and we want to go N/NE. Thus I would think that the camp does not make sense. I will post based on this, but as always, speak up to protest. Plans can change.

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 17:57:32.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Directions?

SD - I'm not sure if you saw the earlier question:

Where are things in rlation to each other?

The stream with orc caves is to the north.
The ruins?
The camp?

In what direction are these various locations? Is the camp on the way to the ruins? Are the ruins in the Wasted part of the woods that Carus discussed? I'm assuming so.

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 14:53:37.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Time to head off in our own direction

It sounds like most people want to head off on our own.

Two questions remain:
1. Do we stop and rest? I think two others said yes to this, so we will probably do that.
2. Where do we go?

The logging camp was suggested as a place to find shelter. I'm concerned about going right back to the place where all the orcs are/were. Does that make sense? After all, our goal is not to kill orcs, (or be killed by them!) but rather to figure out what is going on - presumably by following Hingatuli's vision. Walking into the orcs nest might not be the best choice. Might.

At this point I think we need to see answers to the other questions I asked. If the camp is in the general direction of the ruins then it would probably be a good spot to spend the night. If it is not in the right direction, we need to find an alternative. At least I don't see any reason why we would want to backtrack.

So, I'm thinking that as soon as we know about locations, we pick our direction, head out, and quickly find a sheltered place to rest - whether that is the camp or not.

Does that sound reasonable?

Finally - not counting potions, what healing spells, if any, does the group have? Perhaps we could use the spell to heal a wound before we then rest and regain new spells for the day. Also - who is wounded? Anvil has a nasty gash to the leg.

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 14:44:40.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Depending on what transpires when the ants move

This may change once the ants move is posted, but for now I would suggest that for those near Ullrich:

Ullrich will take Ant 1, row 4 - in front of him and to Thungarr's left. If it only takes one swing he switches too his bow - see below.

Thungarr can take Ant 4, row 4 - to his right, I believe

Sir Yder - can finish off the twitching ant - Ant 2, row 3, that is between him and Ullrich.

Perhaps the ants will change our plans a bit.

A few thoughts looking forward as the # of ants at the South end dwindles:
1. Ullrich wants to get his bow back in his hands to start shooting at ants elsewhere in the arena - whether they are responding to the ant's SOS call or simply over-running the other groups. ASAP we need to support the other groups. Yes, we finish off those around us first.
2. What sort of healing powers do we have amongst us? We clearly have a couple of party members that are dangerously low on points and it is almost frightening how quickly the big dwarf has lost points. If other ants charge our direction - or we go to help elsewhere (missile weapons!) - should we heal, if possible, before the fight continues?

Posted on 2008-11-18 at 21:31:07.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: And the plot thickens...

SD - the stream with the caves is to the north - is the ugly area of the woods with the ruins in the same direction? Or different?

Also, are the ruins at all in the direction of the woodsmen's camp?

My thoughts to the group:
* We suggest that Carus and comp. send a messanger to the Dwarves to warn them about the dragon ASAP. They take care of that, we don't.
* We look for Hingatuli's vision - so far the ruins seem like the best bet. Hingatuli - your the best source on this - I'm guessing as to where your vision would lead us.
* I still like the idea of a rest to regain spells and heal, but want to know if others are willing to delay 8 hours.
*If we can find the ogre leader (And not the other 9 at the same time!) we would take him out, but that isn't our main goal. We search for the vision first and deal with the ogre and additional orcs as they come up.

Thoughts from the others fortunate enough to be wandering around in the woods?

Posted on 2008-11-18 at 19:21:19.
Edited on 2008-11-18 at 19:21:45 by Nomad D2

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: And the group post is up

Ok, guys I posted a general statement of intent. I included some questions for Carus - if you have others, go ahead and post them. There are no bad questions - only questions we forgot to ask and regret later!

SD - a few questions for you:

1. Zhenterium? I am not familiar with this world - I have heard of it, but never campainged in it. Beyond the brief overview already posted, is there anything else I/we should be aware of? Would we have had the same reaction that Carus did? If so, why?
2. Is the sign on the coins that Carus reacted to the same one we saw earlier?
3. Tree singer? What is a tree singer? Is that another way of saying Druid? Does this imply, as the orcs final comment did, that they will target spell casters? (Warning to group - I think we need to get another sleep spell!)
4. What time of day is it now? If we take a couple of hours to go back with Carus - what time then? I'm trying to figure out how far to go and when to rest for spell reclamation.
5. How many woodsmen total died, are hurt, are still healthy?
6. What other question should I be asking, but I am forgetting?

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 19:34:14.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: A Conversation with Carus

As Rat scrounges for gold and everyone attempts to help the wounded, Anvil briefly discusses the situation with Carus.

The group will accompany the wagons back towards town - we want to make sure that everyone gets out of this smoke alive. Everyone that still is alive at any rate.

"We will go with you for awhile, but our objective is to find out what is going on. Sitting in town and waiting for the enemy to come to us does not seem like it would fulfill the task set to us. But letting more townsfolk die won't help either - so we want to make sure you get back. But as soon as it seems safe, we will veer off - and begin our search again. As soon as the wagons can move we should go, but I want to talk to you as we move. We found some things that might be of interest."

With that Anvil helps the group get ready to move out. He requests that one of the party with some medical knowledge help bind his leg wound. If time allows and there is space, Anvil will put spare orc weapons into the wagons - the town will need weapons soon enough.

The group will also open the scroll tube themselves before moving out - it might be hard to read once moving and the group should see the contents first. Rat can check the scroll for traps again before Anvil opens it. Assuming the contents are fair to share with Carus, he will discuss their overall finding with the caravan leader as they move.

Specifically, Anvil will show him everything found with the orc at the hangman tree - noting in particular how it appears that an attack on the town is planned and that the enemy seems to know a lot about the place. The various symbols will also be shown. (SD - Is the seal we found the same as the sign on the coins carried by the orcs?)

Anvil will also ask:
1. How far is it to the logging camp? Is there shelter there if we need a roof over our heads?
2. When you were attacked at the camp, did it seem like the orcs were waiting for you - or were they there for some other reason?
3. Do you know of any orc lairs in these parts? If so, where? If not, do you have any guess as to where they came from?
4. Where is the "Heart of Darkness" in terms of these woods?
5. Is there anything else we can do to help you before we take off to carry out our task?
6. How far away is this group (Z...?) that seems to be involved? Whereis their keep?
7. Has that group ever made a play for these lands before?

The group will travel with the wagons for at least an hour. They will depart whenever things seem safe. In particular this means when the smoke has cleared and no noise has been heared off in the woods for some time. They will attempt to leave at some point where their departure from the larger group might go unoticed - for example, around a bend and up a slight rise and over a hill.

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 19:28:03.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Zhenterium?

Do you know something about Zhenterium that should be shared - that your character would know?

I will post about opening the scroll shortly.

But since most of you are on right now...
Shadowdragon asked for specific questions for Carus . . . any suggestions?

Oh and as for the camp - it may have shelter, but it also seems to be attracting attention right now.

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 15:37:30.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ullrich . . .

Ullrich will first attend to any ants right near him that are still alive and attacking. If there are none, he will "finish off" as many of the twitching ants as he can. I'm hoping if they are just laying there they will be very easy to hit and hit hard.

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 14:55:20.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Woodsmen Camp

I know I asked ths earlier, and I'm not sure if I got a response. Why do you think the woodsmens camp is the key to everything? I would have thought the ugly spot from the vision was off in the dark parts of the woods - which is not where the camp is.

I'll get a post up in a few hours.

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 13:40:40.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Stick with the plan

I would suggest we stick with the plan. we stick with the group for a little way - make sure they get out of the woods ok. We also need to open that scroll and see what is inside. We also need to talk with Carus about what we found with that orc. We can do that as we head back to town. I don't think there is much option here - they are moving out and we NEED to go through this stuff with Carus.

But we don't go all the way back. We turn off/back and hunt for Hingatuli's vision. My only real question is this - do we want to find some place to rest for 8 hours to get some spells back - and get a few of us healed?

I think this was the basic plan from before. I'm inclined to post this plan fairly soon unless I hear otherwise. It feels like I am pushing this, but I think it is just continuing what we were doing. I do want to follow the vision soon.

Posted on 2008-11-12 at 00:22:58.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Delays

Real life can be a pain. I think we all understand. I really appreciate the update so we know what is up.

Thanks and good luck with everything.

Posted on 2008-11-07 at 13:28:36.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ullrich's attacks

In case I hadn't made it clear earlier - Ullrich will attack the nearest conscious and aggressive ants he can get to. If there are no more ants next to him that are still attacking he will finish off those that are "twitching."

Posted on 2008-11-04 at 15:50:32.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Sylvan Blade

So the enemy has to hit zero hit points on the dot? Not -1, not -2, but exactly zero?

Ok, if that is the interpretation, then I guess it isn't as useful a talent as I thought. Still, it helped last time!

Posted on 2008-11-02 at 23:45:05.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Dispatching the twitching


If Ullrich takes the time to finish off the twitching ants, what would that mean for his magic sword? The sword gives him an extra swing if he takes an enemy below 0 hp on his first hit. Obviously the twitching ants are already below zero. Would he therefor get to dispatch 3 in one turn? (2 with the longsword and 1 with his shortsword - assuming he hits the unconscious, of course.)

Posted on 2008-11-02 at 14:55:05.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Da plan

I did post the short term plan last week - so I think we are just waiting on real life to give SD a shot at posting.

As for the longer range plan that Darque suggested, that sounds about right. The only real questions I have are:

1. Do we need to go all the way back to town? We want to see them to safety - is that really all the way back, or will part way back be enough? We can, of course, see how things progress on the road.
2. Do we need to stop and spend a few hours to get spells back - this might mean healing and sleep spells. I know Anvil is hurt. A Sleep spell saved our butt once already.
3. When you say "go to the camp" - do you mean the camp of the woodsmen? The one they were headed towards? Do we have a reason to think that the problem is there? I would think the orcs targeted that location because victims were there, not because it was the source of the problem.

There may be no specific time limit on Hingatuli's vision, but clearly the cleric feels the need to get on with it. I think it is very reasonable to our overall goals to make sure the woodsmen and such get back ok, but to be fair to the cleric (and our collective goal) I don't think we want to delay the quest any longer than is necessary - or prudent. So if we don't need to go all the way back to town, I wouldn't.

Also, remember, that once we are safe we need to take a look at the scroll we found. That might give us some hint as to where we need to go to find the vision Hingatuli described. At this point I don't feel like I have any idea where in these crazy woods to look.

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 18:58:22.

Topic: Q & A ~ Land of Xenophobia ~
Subject: Ulrich

At a quick glance, it seems that no ants are directly threatening Ullrich. However, he is right next to the big Dwarf who is surrounded. Or at least he was before two ants were downed this last turn. Ullrich will attack the ants arround the Dwarf.

However, if he sees someone else who really needs help, he would head there first, figuring the Dwarf could probably handle himself. I will take a closer look to identify specific ants if desired.

Hammer - you mentioned that ants are only guaranteed from certain wounds. If they are currently unconscious from wounds - they would not regain consciousness unless helped/healed, correct? Just checkin.

Posted on 2008-10-26 at 21:50:23.

Topic: Oaks Heart
Subject: Hingatuli offers a guide to our actions

As the orcd leader fades into the woods, Anvil and the rest of the group briefly discuss what to do - with Hingatuli offering his vision to the rest of the group.

They will:
Those with medical skills will bind wounds and see if there are any who can be saved among the wounded.
Rat will quickly search the dead orcs for valuables.
Anvil will go talk with Carus
The rest will watch the woods for danger
Dogs on guard like good guard dogs.

Anvil will find out what happened to Carus - Carus is the wagon leader and may have his own plans - but the group wants to help the wounded and get them headed back towards town. They will not be going all the way back, however. He will want to share the info they found with CARUS, BUT NOT (DAMN CAPS LOCK!) on the field fo battle - once in safety.

Brief, short on time - hope this is enough.

Posted on 2008-10-23 at 19:45:21.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Role of a leader

I haven't read Hammer's post on the other thread yet - will do so ASAP. Very short term internet access. If I can I will post for the group, if I don't within an hour or so someone else is welcome to do so.

Also, although I can "make decisions for the group" - I see the leaders role as simply being the one who posts on the group thread. We argue here - make a collective decision - then I post on the other thread. Not - I/Anvil get to decide. So "I'll do whatever Anvil decides" is flattering, but not necessarily the role I had in mind.

But I think we do have a bit of a consensus - help the woodsmen and get them on their way - but then find out what is going on - don't go back to town. But I need to read Hammer's vision post before doing/saying anythign else.

Posted on 2008-10-23 at 19:37:16.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Splitting up = way to die

Ok, first of all, I don't want to split up. Stick together, unless we MUST

split up.

It sounds like nobody wants to go back to town - do we want to make sure that the wagins and woodsmen are safely on their way? This would give us a chance to go through the stuff we found with Carus. We haven't opened the scroll remember. Also, out job is to "save the town from danger" - letting a bunch of townsmen die unprotected seems a bad way to save the town.

But I think we all want to find Hingatuli's vision - the question is - do we pause a bit to get the woodsmen off safe first?

Anvil's suggestion would be to deal with the woodsmen first - then once they are on the way strike out on our own. Probably not from here, but somewhere half way between here and town. Save the woodsmen, perhaps buy time for spellcasters to reload, and then find the evil in the woods.

Hingatuli can obviously do whatever he wants, but Anvil would strongly encourage him not to chase after the orc leader on his own - or go to the logging basecamp on his own. Strength in numbers.

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 14:45:18.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Not to town

I half agree with Hammer

I would not go all the way back to town. As hammer noted, that isn't what we are here to do.

However, I don't think it would be wise to head off into the woods right now - in the smoke, injured, with spells used and surrounded by orcs.

I would think we stick with the wagons long enough to "get away." Then part way back to town we look through the materials we found with Carus - making sure they can get safely back to town. It isn't us going back, we are insuring that they can get back. Then we head off on our own again and see what we can see. But not into smokey areas filled with orcs.

I would also think that as we bind wounds and Rat digs for gold, someone should be on guard and someone (Anvil since he has been spokesperson?) should go talk to Carus, telling him "fought bravely, binding wounds, etc..."

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 12:47:36.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Absence

FYI - I may (or may not) have access to internet between Wednesday and Sunday night. So if nothing is decided by Wed. someone else might want to make the group post on the other thread so we don't have to wait all weekend for me to get back. You saw my questions.

Anvil would want to save all lives possible - binding for now, unless magic is needed to save a life. Pile bodies on the carts and get out of dodge. Try to hide the mage.
Let one or two quickly search the orcs as the rest put dead bodies on the wagons to get going. But he will go with whatever the group decides.

Posted on 2008-10-21 at 21:06:48.

Topic: Q & A Oaks Heart
Subject: Injuries

So, if someone is below 0 in hp we will need to magically heal them for them to survive long term, correct? In that case binding is a temporary way of buying time, right?

Posted on 2008-10-21 at 20:35:38.


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