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Topic: Slate: The Hundred Years of Rain
Subject: The view from on high

Daxos held his position on top of the shelter. He didn't think the other group knew he was there and that could work to his advantage if a fight broke out, which seemed extremely likely. He was happy this group seemed to have some quality fighters in it.

It wasn't hard to spot the enemy spellcaster. That would be his target. He was in no position to take part in any dialogue, so he would have to wait and see what happened. But he was ready to shoot arrows if needed.

Posted on 2016-03-19 at 21:44:36.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Hmmmm

Thought I had posted already, but I'm not seeing it.
I'll try to get a post up late tonight or tomorrow.

If that fails for some reason, at the first sign of hostilities, Daxos will shoot his bow at the spellcaster.

Posted on 2016-03-18 at 20:35:14.

Topic: Pathfinder: The Runewen Chronicles
Subject: A good evening winding down

Sirion had enjoyed his evening. He always enjoyed sitting in a tavern's common room talking to the crowd. Well, almost always. Sometimes there were drunken fools who thought they were tough. But it was rare that he didn't find someone interesting to talk to while sitting by the fire. Tonight had been no different. A small group of locals who were constantly amazed by the new folks crowding into their city and a couple of glasses of wine had made for fine companions.

But perhaps the night was done. After tossing water on the fire the sorcerer had been enjoying all evening, the bartender offered one last round. With a smile Sirion shook his head. He didn't need anything more. In a few moments he would gather himself and head up to his room. He wasn't sure what tomorrow would bring, but he supposed he needed to do something.

Posted on 2016-03-17 at 19:48:26.
Edited on 2016-03-19 at 21:45:59 by Nomad D2

Topic: Hey all, I'm new here!
Subject: How?

How exactly did the whole face lick become a "thing?" Truly one of the oddities of my favorite website.

Posted on 2016-03-16 at 17:10:25.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Teleport

Is there a reason why teleport isn't an easy answer? We were going to teleport to the island, why not within it? At most the spellcasters need to fly over the ash to know the landing location, right? Or am I missing something? can they teleport all of us? I'm just assuming they can since that was an option to get here.

Posted on 2016-03-16 at 17:08:08.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: if they came begging

Daxos is completely ok with sharing - with those in need who ask first. But demanding at weapon point while beating old men? Or anybody for that matter - not ok. So, no sharing. At least not until they say "please" and hand over their weapons.

That leaves two options:
1. Strike first and strike hard.
2. Mke demands - surrender your weapons. Wait and see how they respond to Clary.

I'm not very keen on striking without talking, but the answer seems pretty obvious. And the rain is coming.

Daxos is on the roof with bow in hand - and planning on sticking an arrow in the one that looks like a spellcaster.

Posted on 2016-03-16 at 17:06:24.

Topic: Hey all, I'm new here!
Subject: Welcome to the Inn

Welcome to a great place to find a great game with some great people.

Posted on 2016-03-15 at 21:33:57.

Topic: Hello I'm New
Subject: Special is as special does

Find a game and join.
But please realize that licking is not the normal greeting around here for all but one. He's . . . special.

Posted on 2016-03-14 at 21:09:32.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Rain

That would work - the rain, I mean. What did he say, 8 inches deep? We'd be very muddy by the time we got there, but it shouldn't be so deep it doesn't work. Or mud to rock would work if the distance was enough. It might be worth a cast or two even if it only got us most of the way as I can just imagine our DM finding a way to turn this into a very unhappy round of mud wrestling.

Posted on 2016-03-14 at 21:07:40.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Information

Questions for the GM

How are these folks armed? Any bows or other ranged weapons?
How far away were they when they stopped?
Any that look like they might be spellcasters?
How fast or easy would it be for someone to climb onto the shelter? (Essentially, how safe is Dax?)
Are they still in a spot Dax could use his bow on them?

Questions for the group:
Who is going to be the spokesperson? As much as Daxos would love to open his big mouth, the little guy probably isn't the most intimidating, plus his presence might yet be unknown.
This can't go on long as the rain is going to start soon. We could force them to fight their way into the shelter when it rains, but we don't want to leave the cleric out there in it. Nor does Dax wish to remain out in the rain.
Does anyone recognize the cleric? (I'm guessing if Schnozzle hasn't told you so, you don't.)
I'm not normally inclined to jump to a fight, but in this case we might need to do so. They can't come in armed, obviously. We need to get the cleric. We need it all done quickly.

Posted on 2016-03-14 at 18:13:24.
Edited on 2016-03-14 at 21:11:37 by Nomad D2

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Find the path

I'm not sure there is a good path to use to get there, so I doubt the find path spell would work.

How great of a distance must we travel to get through the ash? I really like the idea of mud to rock for creating a path, but I think we might need a lot of copies of the spell to make it all of the way across.

What about flying over? Can an enlarged Peri move us? If so we could not take off from the shore as a enlarged dragon wings would probably kick up a bit of dust. That would mean getting picked up from the boat - which would probably also mean losing the boat. Unless Lothor was the last to go and he brought the boat to shore and then swam back out to sea (without armor, of course) to get picked up. Not sure about his swimming skills. Can we just teleport across? Did the mages ever get that far inland? Or could they fly across to get familiar with the territory, than come back and teleport others?

Posted on 2016-03-14 at 18:04:04.

Topic: FFd20 Crimson Falcons QA take 2
Subject: Boring Human

I guess I'm the only boring old human around. Gelian was originally going to be a Burmecian, but we have one of those.

But seriously, what is with all the bunny ears in this game??????

Posted on 2016-03-14 at 17:55:59.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Post and map?

I assume we are still missing half of the post since there is no indication the original post has been edited.

Do we want to go down right away, before checking out the other room with the dead?

GM - are the only power lines the ones running to the lights - or might something else be powered by this generator?

Corban will either watch the door/hall they came from or the other one. (I think the room has 3 entrances - One we came in, one that leads to some bodies, and stairs down. But I'm not sure.) If others watch the alternate entrances he'd watch the one they came in. But if not, he'd move to the other, non-stair, exit since he feels like he is reasonably comfortable with what is behind them.

Posted on 2016-03-13 at 20:44:13.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Fire

Put out the fire.

Posted on 2016-03-13 at 20:32:27.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: This site is so busy

this crazy site is so hopping right now that I missed the update! Now, that is cool. Not so dead after all . . .

Unlike those gibberlings. That was nasty and distasteful.

So, how do we get inland. I assume after all that work that we are walking.

Was the little dragon invisible when the flying things saw it and approached? I think someone said that and I just want to be sure. Any ideas for things to do before we march into the jungle? I suspect 6 nights of pyrotechnics might have given away the advantage of surprise.

GM - given what Peri saw when she flew - is it likely that anything in/at the tower would have seen some hint of all the craziness at the beach? How far is it?

Posted on 2016-03-13 at 20:29:34.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Can't know everything

Don't worry about the missing info.

You can't possibly know ahead of time what we are going to ask. If it seems like something we would notice, tell us. Otherwise leave it up to us to ask. This is the same give and take that you would get table-top, it just requires posts. No biggie. Interesting so far.

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 16:49:53.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Shelter

So, what is this shelter we are in like? Big enough for a couple of dozen and made from the remnants of old boats is about all we know. Not solid enough to provide much protection it seems.

Would it be hard to break into?
Is there more than one door?
What side are the entrances on? (Speicifcally, are they on the South side where the stranges are coming from?
Windows or gaps of any sort to look out of?
Is there anything in it?

Basically, what sort of setting are we looking at in case this turns into a fight?

and if it matters, Daxos, who is short anyway, is trying to keep a low profile on the roof so as not to be spotted from a distance.

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 16:00:01.

Topic: Pathfinder: The Runewen Chronicles
Subject: I didn't sign up to babysit a bunch of kids!

Sirion was glad that was over as he walked out of the store in which he had found Katarina a job. He wondered how long she would actually work there. He had a feeling her roguish tendencies would lead her elsewhere soon, but that wouldn’t be his problem anymore. His problem was getting her here. With that thought he headed towards the Brass Cat, an inn he had seen on his way into town.

The sorcerer found his favorite type of seat - near the fire. He enjoyed leaning against a wall with his feet to the fire and talking to the others that would invariably be drawn to the flames. As he waited for the tavern to fill he enjoyed a glass of wine and a bit of bread and cheese while reflecting on the events of the last month. He had entered the village of Stonebridge just as he had entered many previous villages - just passing through and trying to see the world. What he found was a village in an uproar – a group of goblins had recently attacked one of the outlying farms and several people were missing. This was not a location where goblin attacks were likely, so Sirion was as curious as the others were angry. When they asked for volunteers to try and deal with the issue, he volunteered.

Then he saw who else had volunteered. Real warriors, clerics or wizards? No, a trio of farm boys and the baker’s daughter, all looking for adventure. They knew what end of the sword to hold, but not much more. The big lad named Blago – he wasn’t very tall, but had a build that would make a dwarf say, “now that boy is stocky!”, seemed capable of flinging a goblin through a stone wall, but didn’t seem to have the skills to catch one. The girl, Katarina, was quick – both mentally and physically. The others, Solomon and Asher, were the usual solid farm lads – with strong arms but no training. They insisted on coming.

Somehow over the next couple of days those kids had survived their first adventure and cleaned out the small goblin horde. Thankfully it had been small – a mere 6 goblins. Few enough that Sirion seriously wondered why they were there. Still, the kids had their adventure and managed to survive it, even if just barely and with a few scars. And a lot of help from a sorcerer. When the adventure was over Solomon and Asher seemed to have had their fill of excitement and wisely decided to go back to the farm – with stories they would be able to tell their grandchildren of the day they vanquished the goblin horde. But Blago and Katarina had gotten the taste. They wanted adventure. As Blago stated, “around here I’ll just be an ox my whole life – the muscle to get work done. Maybe elsewhere I can do something. That goblin really flew apart when my ax hit it!” Katarina had just smiled, knowing full well that when that one goblin had been crushed, two others had been about to jump on the young man’s back until blasted away by fire. But she said nothing, hoping to also find something bigger.

And so Sirion found himself headed to Trepus with two young “adventurers” in tow. They might someday prove worthy companions, but what they needed first was training, and Sirion had an idea about how to get them that. Blago was the easy one – Sirion simply marched him up to the town guard and enquired about a job for the young man. They were more than happy to take on a potential warrior of his build – it didn’t take a genius to see that he was twice as strong as anyone else in the room. His story about crushing the goblin didn’t hurt either. Katarina was a bit harder, but he found her a job in a shop and insisted that the city would provide her opportunities to learn things.
Then he ran. Actually, sorcerers don’t run from teenagers, they walk proudly while praying to the gods they don’t believe in that they won’t hear another, “Hey! Could you…”

He got away. And now he was seated in the Brass Cat enjoying some peace and wondering what would come next.

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 15:54:14.
Edited on 2016-03-10 at 17:37:07 by Nomad D2

Subject: Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Well, having taken the time to actually look, Jarneion does actually have a mirror. Always be prepared, was the lesson of the elvish boy scouts when he was younger.

So, what do we do with this thing? Is there a good reason not to kill it? It is a medusa. What should we ask?

There is no exit?
A beam of light from the ceiling? from where exactly?
Renovations in a tomb? What exactly do we see?
Would detect magic identify if something was an illusion?
True sight? Waste of a big spell perhaps, but would it also leave me vulnerable to the medusa's gaze?

I have a hard time believing this is a dead end. No pun, hopefully, intended.

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 15:23:08.

Topic: Final Fantasy d20: Crimson Falcons (take 2)
Subject: Gelion Gavroche Greyflood

Gelion woke with a start. He was not used to having nightmares, so the shock of waking from such a realistic experience was doubly shocking. If that was what it felt like to face the invincible, he didn't want to do it again. He'd have to make sure he always had a chance. "Nothing new about that thought," he said in his own head.

He gathered his things and headed towards the meeting room. He was looking forward to this meeting - he had a feeling that it might determine much of his future. In the past he had been traveling around, hunting so to speak, but always on his own and with only limited success. But the Falcons seemed to offer a place to belong, perhaps a way to make a life for himself. He might be here for a long time. Or, if this Echario proved as arrogant as the rumors and most lords, no time at all. His future could go a lot of different ways depending on how the Falcons reacted to him and he to them. It seemed to be a fateful day.

With such thoughts in mind he headed towards the hall. He entered and saw one figure, a tall Viera, sitting at a large table. She was opposite the big chair (More on that bit later, he thought to himself) that would likely be taken by their host. He also wanted to be able to see their host well and so took a seat beside the tall figure. As he pulled out the chair to sit he said, "My names Gelion Greyflood, I hope you don't mind . . . " but he just let the sentence hang.

It was an ok ending for a sentence, it probably seemed ok to someone listening, but for the young archer it represented a mind going over a cliff. He knew the Veira. Well, he didn't actually know her. But he knew her. Sort of. They had died together. Sort of. Just last night. Again, sort of. He had seen her crushed against the wall of a cavern. Well, sort of. Maybe. In a dream.

What was going on? He didn't normally remember his dreams and now here was one come to life. Strange. Gelion didn't believe in signs, but this seemed to mean something. He wanted to know more. "Do you know much about the Falcons? All I know is general rumor." He watched her face and eyes, as much as he could behind the veil without acting like he was staring, to see if she recognized him.

When the others entered the room he wasn't surprised to see that they had also been in the cavern last night. Well, sort of, again. A fateful day had certainly begun in an intesting way.

Physical description for those curious about such things: Gelion was the child of a woodsman and he looked the part. He was 5’10” tall, with hair that was somewhere between light brown and red. Reddish would be a good description as it was certainly not brightly red. His hair was slightly curly, not much more than wavy, and cut fairly short. It was a utilitarian cut, meant to keep his hair out of his eyes, not to look fancy. Although actually fairly strong, Gelion didn’t look muscular. His was the wiry strength of the athletic and active. He was not the sort of man that would make every woman in the room stare, but the girls in his village had frequently called him “cute.” His dimples might not make him a true ladies-man, but he could charm a lass when he wanted to do so.

His clothing was not ostentatious, but rather a fairly simple explorers outfit. He almost always had a broad brimmed hat upon his head to keep the sun out of his eyes and the rain off of his head.

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 15:13:52.

Topic: Slate: The Hundred Years of Rain
Subject: Spyglasses are good for something . . .

Daxos climbed on top of the shelter and looked around. He quickly spotted the cleric Garratt. Since things in that direction seemed fine he began to take a broader look at their surroundings, starting with the sky.

It seemed like they had just over 30 minutes until it rained. That was good, the others should have no trouble making it back to the shelter.

After a quick glance skyward he started looking for other dangers - hiding places and out further from the shelter in all directions. In the vast emptiness of the flats he was surprised when two things quickly captured his attention.

To the North - quite a bit west of where Pike would be - there was a large, dark ... something . . . on the horizon. He couldn't tell what it was and it didn't seem to move. But what was it?

To the South he saw movement - headed this way. Something was about 2 miles out and approaching the pavilion from across the flats - it was clearly not on the road. It was big, but still indistinct. It might be a group of people, or it might not. He couldn't tell, but they were headed towards the shelter and would probably get here before the rain hit.

Dax didn't wait any longer - he stomped on the roof to get people's attention and then called down, "we've got company!" That quickly silenced any conversation below (Assumption, but it seems safe) and he pointed South saying, "South, 2 miles out and headed this way. Something big. Could be a group of somethings - people? Could be. Not on the road. They, or it, will get here before the rains hit."

With that he glanced back at Brother Garratt to make sure that group was ok and already on the way back. (Seemed to be so, so I'll progress as if they are.) Seeing this he trains his spyglass back on the movement to the South. What were they about to be joined by? Friend or foe? Human or otherwise? That they were headed for the shelter seemed to suggest human since they needed to be out of the rain. But human didn't guarantee friend. And a shelter might not just be a place to find shelter, but a likely place to find prey. He didn't like being prey. He kept his eyes open and used his spyglass.

Posted on 2016-03-09 at 14:47:45.

Subject: I told you it was a medusa!

See, sometimes elf wizards do know something!

Now what to do about it - that I am not so sure about. Anyone got a mirror?

Posted on 2016-03-08 at 21:24:34.

Topic: Pathfinder: The Runewen Chronicles Q&A
Subject: greetings

Sirion of Smoke Mountain is a sorcerer - fire elemental bloodline. He has done a fair amount of traveling since coming into his magical abilities. He probably has done adventuring. I would think he could easily have met the others as an adventuring group, or simply met up in a tavern after one adventure passed and he was on his way to another.

As a sorcerer he had to leave town while he figured things out. As such he is busy traveling and trying to figure out just what his place in the world might be. He is friendly and gets along well with people, as a sorcerers charisma of 18 might indicate. You wouldn't know he was a sorcerer by looking at him.

So, how do the others want to have met?

Posted on 2016-03-06 at 19:48:43.

Topic: Slate Q&A Thread
Subject: Yep

Although I'm still curious about Dax's best guess about when the rain might fall. He might have pushed to go with if he thought there was time.

Posted on 2016-03-06 at 14:17:11.

Topic: Slate: The Hundred Years of Rain
Subject: Rain, rain, go away . . .

Daxos listened to the others discuss the options and hated every minute that passed. Time was key here. Still, they were probably right, if there was no knowing how soon the rain would fall then there was no knowing if they were safe going out into the rain.

Still, Daxos wasn't quite willing to just sit there. He looked around to see if there was any place nearby from which he could get a vantage point. He got out his spyglass and said, "I'll try to keep an eye on you and the surrounding area. Try to at least take a quick look around for clues if you have time. And hurry."

With that Daxos gets the best vantage point he can and starts to scan the surrounding area with his spyglass, keeping a close eye on the cleric and fighter.

(He is looking for just a little high ground, or a tree to climb - but something within close range. If nothing exists can he climb the shelter?)

Posted on 2016-03-06 at 13:01:55.


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