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Subject: Just hearing echoes of Ody . . . .

Anybody have an opinion on what comes next? We need some posts on healing at least before we can move this thing forward.

Posted on 2015-10-09 at 22:10:15.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2015
Subject: Picks

Oct. 8
Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Houston
Oct. 11
Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons Atlanta
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore
Seattle Seahawks at Cincinnati Bengals Cincinatti
St. Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers GB
Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs KC
New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles Philly
Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Yuccaneers
Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Buffalo
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions Arizona
New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys New England
Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Denver
San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants NYG
Oct. 12
Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego Chargers SD

Posted on 2015-10-08 at 18:28:40.

Topic: Vigilante Q/A
Subject: A few details.

Two things it would be helpful to know.

1.) Where in the city is Heironymus' shelter? I put "west side" in the post, but that can be changed. I really have no idea. It might be good to know - also to have a name for that section of the city would add color to the posts. I was also assuming it wasn't near the docks, but again, I don't know this.
2.) I'm guessing the cleric will go find this couple at the shelter/kitchen. Could I get a description of them - where are they from, what do they look like, how long have they been there. Whatever might be helpful. Heironymus will want to try to introduce the topic without starting with "Hey, I'm a vigilante and would like to interrogate you a bit."

Posted on 2015-10-04 at 13:07:43.

Topic: Vigilante
Subject: And so it begins

Heironymus was not comfortable with the situation in the hideout. It wasn't the young lady - she was actually a nice touch. An innocent little alchemist to make everything look good. They had still not seen Lord Brown. In fact, they hadn't been given any information at all about the whole vigilante plan. All they had was a brief note, a promise of payment, a masked lady in a bar, an address, an young attractive and clumsy alchemist, and some files of a crime. And on this basis they were supposed to set themselves up as the enemy of both the gangs of the city and the law, for undoubtedly some of what they would do would stretch the law. And he doubted there would be a mob boss on their side to see to it that they were released for their crimes, as seemed to happen for so many.

Was this enough? Should he gamble his life on the hope that it played out? Such violence and actions outside the law were not what he hoped for. The system should protect the people - and vigilantes helped to weaken the system. But he knew why he had come to the meeting in the first place. The system wasn't working. Sometimes action was needed. Sometimes the people had to rise up and say, "We're not going to take it! No! We're not going to take it!" As the song rang in his head he knew he wanted this to work out. He badly wanted to be able to take some action to make a difference. Something more proactive than simply serving soup to people with no hope of anything better. This group was probably his best chance to do something. He looked around at the other vigilantes and said a little internal prayer. It could work.

But he still had doubts. Turning to the young alchemist he asked, "Are we going to get any more information about the boss? We are being asked to do something with little knowledge of who is doing the asking. I seek a little reassurance. What can you tell us? Or will anyone else?"

((OOC: Assuming she gives some sort of answer he follows up with . . .))

Looking at the others he decides it is time to start planning. "I suspect we want to start by gathering more information. A few pictures and a map aren't much to go on. I help to run a soup kitchen and shelter in the West Side slums. The down and out are those I work with on a daily basis, and sometimes this includes recent arrivals. I would like to go back and ask a few questions. Some might know of the arrival of large numbers of girls or perhaps of the disappearance of a few. The docks are not my home, so I would leave that task for others."

Waiting to see their reaction he ads, "I might suggest meeting back here in 24 hours to see what we know. I need some time to put together more of a concealment than just a cloak as well."

Posted on 2015-10-04 at 12:55:17.
Edited on 2015-10-04 at 22:55:47 by Nomad D2

Subject: How to deal with a door

Ok, so I assume we have a bit of healing to do to start with, so Jarneion wouldn't do anything until that is done. His stone wall should keep the wights at bay unless something dispels the wall. The wall of fire probably only has 10 minutes left. Will the rat zombies follow us?

Jarenion could disintegrate the door - presumably this would eliminate any traps that might be there. Or set them off, of course. But it might makes things easier. It would also mean the door could not be shut behind us in case somethings try to follow us. It also burns up a 6th level spell. Jarenion has a lot of spells, but they are not unlimited and he has already used half a dozen.

Before that happens, it seems likely that Maximus has some stuff to do - get healed and look for traps. But I wanted to put this out there to see if others thought it was worth it.

Posted on 2015-10-04 at 12:26:25.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Stand guard

Corban helped bring down the zombies. He couldn't help wonder why the Nazis had so much difficulty with them. Had they not realized that the head bash was the key to dezombification? Were they surprised by an assault of the slow moving shamblers out of the doors? The zombies were slow enough that hardly seemed possible. And Nazis may be Nazis, but that didn't mean stupid - or this whole war would be a lot easier than it was. So how did a group of slow moving zombies kill a bunch of Nazis and destroy their base of operations? This just didn't seem right.

As the rest of the group looked at the hieroglyphs and the rest of the room, the sniper took his place as rear guard. He stood to the side of the entrance hall and kept his gaze down that hall with his trusted rifle close to hand. He didn't want to make any noise, but he also didn't want anything to come up behind them.

Posted on 2015-10-04 at 12:08:45.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Don't hurt the dragon

Oh sure, thought lothor, "don't hurt the dragon" he says. Any who is going to tell the big beast not to hurt the little people? Maybe he could take a knee again?

But it made him smile. Worrying about a giant, hopefully friendly dragon, seemed like an improvement over being fried by an arch-mage or being stranded in the past. His life had certainly turned out to be more interesting than a simple farm boy had ever expected.

He looked around the ledge a bit, wondering if there was any firewood. "Anybody got anything we can use for a fire? It seems we have a little time to wait for Allanan and his dragon to return. I'm not against sitting around talking about these strange new circumstances in a bit more comfort than windswept ledge. Allanan seems to be making plans, which is good, but do we have any plans to make beyond simply accepting his?"

((OOC: I'm not quite sure what "mountain ledge" exactly means in this case. If there is a more sheltered place, presumably not in the door, he would indicate that as a place of rest. The ledge must be fairly decently sized. Also, if there is any firewood available he would collect some.))

Posted on 2015-10-04 at 11:51:50.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2015
Subject: Here we go again

Oct. 1

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Pitt. But not because of ody

Oct. 4

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Miami
Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons Atlanta
New York Giants at Buffalo Bills Buffalo
Oakland Raiders at Chicago Bears Oakland
Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals Cin
Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Indy
Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Philly
Cleveland Browns at San Diego Chargers SD
St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals AZ
Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos Denver, but I'm not happy about it!
Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers GB
Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints Dallas

Oct. 5

Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks Seattle

Posted on 2015-10-01 at 18:15:26.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: Will modify

I posted in the game before I saw the request for details here. I'll get it modified, but it might take a day or two.

I do have a quick question. I know I can look this up, but it seemed easier to ask. Feats and limit breaks - how frequently can I use them? Is point blank simply a statement of a type of shot and thus usable on every shot if it is within 30 feet? Can I do rapid shot every turn? What about a limit break like Hail of Arrows? If no one replies before I get around to updating my post with the attack details I'll just look this up also, but I would appreciate some help from someone who knows this system.

Posted on 2015-09-27 at 18:38:31.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: A newly minted Falcon takes aim

Gelion saw the bee buzz out of the woods. Yep. It was a giant bee alright. Not a pleasant looking thing.

He had a bow with him for a reason. He placed an arrow and drew it back - he held his aim for two segments making use of his ability to take careful aim. (He is using his aim limit break - he will shoot at initiative slot 20 instead of 22, this should give him a +2 to hit and damage. It is also a point blank shot.)

As he got off his shot he also looked around. The bee was big and had a big wingspan. If they could find a group of trees that were less than 5 feet apart they might have partial shelter that the bee would have trouble getting into. If this bee went down, his first move would be to look for a blind from which to shoot.

Posted on 2015-09-27 at 18:31:36.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Time travel again

Lothor was pleased to hear that Allanan was going to help them - even to the extent of returning with them. His little speech must not have been too bad. But it also made him think about changing history again. He wondered when the others would realize that taking Allanan out of the past might be an even bigger change then putting themselves into it? It didn't really worry Lothor - there were simply much bigger issues to consider. But he could almost see the panic when they realized . . .

But Allanan's statement that Althena could not be his daughter made him pause in his consideration of time travel panic. Who was she? He wasn't normally inclined to stick himself into a conversation between mages, but he couldn't help it. "She can't be your daughter? But she can hold the sword. What exactly determines who can hold the sword? That would seem to set the limits as to who she could be."

He wasn't used to stepping on the toes of mages, but he was used to commanding men. He felt oddly well suited to the discussion.

Posted on 2015-09-27 at 18:11:26.

Topic: Vigilante Q/A
Subject: Info and such

First a really basic question - I have frequently seen people post ((OOC)) I assume this means it is "out of the game" or some such. But what exactly does it stand for?

I think some recon is a good idea. Heironymus might know something about these things from the people he works for. If nothing else, they might know about stories of people disappearing.

Two other thoughts:
1. I need to reread the game post, but doesn't it imply that the women come from outside of the city and are brought here for slavery? Thus the comment about the pirate in the harbor not bothering them on their way in. So there might not be local women disappearing. Instead, might women be showing up in brothels or some such places?
2. We need a "big picture" plan. I know info will help us make this, but I don't know what we are tryin to do yet. Yes, stop the slavers. But does that mean stop a shipment and free the ladies? Follow a shipment to the homebase? How exactly does one shut down a slaver operation? (As opposed to free one single shipment.) Do you take out the leadership? Make it too expensive to continue? catch those running it (as opposed to the gang leaders) and make it hard to restart? We need some information obviously first, but after that I am not overly sure about the next step.

Posted on 2015-09-27 at 17:52:01.

Topic: Vigilante Q/A
Subject: Suspicious Minds

Is there any reason why we should be questioning our new boss? We know nothing of him. We know we are essentially being set up to go attack a gang. This could be a subtle way for one gang to attack another. Or perhaps to set someone up as the fallguy for a crime. I'm not saying that is true, but is it something that in this situation our characters would be worried about? And, if so, what do we do about it?

Posted on 2015-09-25 at 17:50:34.

Topic: Vigilante Q/A
Subject: Images

I doubt we need to see the pictures, but do we need to see the map with the sewer lines?
Also, is there anything else at all in the folders?

Posted on 2015-09-24 at 18:16:00.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Treachery

Gotta say I agree that we need to consider the possibility that she was never what she claimed. After all, "treachery was always the greatest weapon of the enemy," is not just some line. It would take planning, but what better way to gain access to the sword?

Posted on 2015-09-23 at 22:43:49.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2015
Subject: The Vikings are at home again, so I should pick 'em, right?

Washington at NY Giants NYG

Atlanta at Dallas Atl
Indianapolis at Tennessee Indy
Oakland at Cleveland Cle
Cincinnati at Baltimore Cin
Jacksonville at New England NE - do we get "lock" picks??
New Orleans at Carolina Carolina
Philadelphia at NY Jets NYJ
Tampa Bay at Houston Hou
San Diego at Minnesota MN, Yep, gotta do it.
Pittsburgh at St. Louis Pitt
San Francisco at Arizona Az
Buffalo at Miami Miami
Chicago at Seattle Seattle - also a lock
Denver at Detroit Denver

Kansas City at Green Bay GB

Wait, I did pick for Cleveland and against Baltimore! Did Ody use a spell on me????? I didn't think you could do that in this game! It's almost like messing around with the balls! I almost have to question the integrity of the entire thing!

Posted on 2015-09-23 at 22:34:49.
Edited on 2015-09-23 at 22:36:59 by Nomad D2

Topic: Vigilante
Subject: A Foxy bundle of energy

Heironymus almost burst out laughing at Pyrus' excitement, but stopped himself lest the foxkin find it insulting. That little creature was undeniably a bundle of energy and had an innate charisma. It was hard not to find the charisma charming. He suspected there was some steel underneath that bubbly energy, but the outside persona was fun. He strongly doubted that Pyrus would be a grim faced dark knight. Or, if that was the case, Hieronymus was sure he would be laughing behind his own mask.

When Pyrus suggested they move out and scout out the next stop he quickly agreed. "Lead on. Lets see what our mysterious host has to offer."

He didn't bother with his cloak as he walked out of the tavern. he had been sitting there in plain view for some time and covering up now would only draw attention. Once a few blocks away he brought up his hood and made sure that nothing distinctive was showing. He didn't think he looked disguised, he just looked like any other man walking the streets in a cloak. Sometimes simple disguises were the best. He couldn't help wondering as he moved just what would qualify as a "simple disguise" for the little foxkin.

Posted on 2015-09-22 at 17:20:44.

Topic: Final Fantasy: Crimson Falcons
Subject: And so it begins

Gelion watched the big Puff walk out of the room. The big man went straight to the point. But he seemed friendly.

Rising from the table he added his own comment to the meetings end. "It seems our guess was correct - we are indeed to be teammates - at least for one mission. Welcome aboard folks, I hope my bow can be of some use to us on this mission. I can't say I've ever tried to shoot a bee before."

Moving towards the cabinet to grab a snack of his own on the way out he added, "anything we should talk about before meeting up at the gate?"

If he hears no specific comment in reply he finishes with, "In that case, I will see again shortly. Lets see how well these armbands fit." So saying, he grabbed an armband, placed it on his arm, and followed Yohn out of the room. He will head towards the gate.

Posted on 2015-09-19 at 22:19:14.

Topic: Vigilante Q/A
Subject: Hooded Hotty and what comes next

As I noted in my post, I think the DM's post assumes we got to the hideout, which makes sense. It moves things along and anyone who bothered to show up in the tavern would go - they still don't know anything but they were all interested. Thus I don't think it is critical that we go into incredible detail on each step - decide to go, identify groups for moving there, explain routes taken, whatever. I am all for continuing the banter as I also really like the RP aspect of things - and it gives everyone a chance to get to know the real Heironymus. So talk, make plans and move out. But we can probably move the game along as well as soon as everyone posts even if we don't all end with every detail covered.

Posted on 2015-09-18 at 20:38:50.

Topic: Vigilante
Subject: The hideout

(Assuming from the conclusion of the Dm's post that he is assuming we left the inn and went to the hideout right away - thus the description of the location. My post reflects that assumption. If I'm wrong I will change it.)

Heironymus watched the strangely made-up woman leave. He didn't like disguises like that. People who hid their identity made him feel like they had something to hide. Plus it had always kinda given him the creeps. What did it say that he now was getting directions from someone that clearly had a need to conceal her identity? That he would need to conceal his own identity and actions? He had never before needed to do such a thing. It made him uncomfortable. But, he reasoned, this was what being a vigilante required. It wasn't that what he was doing was wrong. He was stopping those who were in the wrong. He wished he could do this task in the full light of the day. But, in the end, that was the heart of the problem. He had been trying to work in the fullness of the light, and where had it gotten him and those he worked with and for? Nowhere but in the slums and, for many, in a grave. The time for disguises had come.

With these thoughts fresh in his head he turned his glance away from the door their host had just exited and looked towards his new companions. "Well, it seems we need to move to find out more. I see no reason to delay - we all want more information and this seems to be the path. If I came here, I will certainly go there. As for her other comment, that seems wise. My cloak will probably be enough for now. I have some ideas for the future, but until I know more I don't think I can make plans. Shall we get going? Perhaps in groups of 2 or 3?"

Posted on 2015-09-18 at 20:30:50.
Edited on 2015-09-18 at 20:33:19 by Nomad D2

Topic: Vigilante
Subject: A breathless greeting

Heironymus smiled at Pyrus' introduction. The little one had a clever sense of humor and seemed like a great one to have around to make everyone feel at ease. After she offered the man her drink the cleric offered his own greeting.

"Welcome Arshavir. You get the prize for the most energetic arrival, but I suspect we all share your level of curiosity."

Posted on 2015-09-17 at 19:44:10.

Topic: RDI Shirts
Subject: RDI Shirts

No idea where this thread makes sense, other than not putting in the game threads.

Anybody ever buy one of the shirts on this site? Some are humorous and I can see a perfect Christmas gift for someone in them. Any experiences?

Posted on 2015-09-17 at 19:25:55.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2015
Subject: Trying to better this time

Week 2 Choices:

Thursday, Sept. 17
Broncos at Chiefs, Broncos

Sunday, Sept. 20
Patriots at Bills, Bills, cause I want it to happen
Texans at Panthers, Texans
Cardinals at Bears, cardinals
Chargers at Bengals, Chargers
Titans at Browns, Titans
Lions at Vikings, Vikings
Buccaneers at Saints, Saints
Falcons at Giants, Falcons
49ers at Steelers, Steelers
Rams at Redskins, Rams
Dolphins at Jaguars, Dolphins
Ravens at Raiders, Ravens
Cowboys at Eagles, Eagles
Seahawks at Packers, Packers

Monday, Sept. 21
Jets at Colts, Colts

Posted on 2015-09-17 at 19:08:09.

Topic: Vigilante
Subject: A drink with future friends?

Heironymus took his seat at the table and sized up his companions. It was an interesting lot. They probably thought the same of him.

He ordered and listened to the banter. Dak's response that he "found people" seemed a bit odd. But somehow it wasn't surprising. He ordered a mulled wine for himself and offered his own bit to the conversation.

"I suspect there are many in this town that need finding. I have spent some time out of the city in the past, but now I simply seek to bring a bit of respect to those so down trodden they might as well be lost. There are plenty such in this town. It is a losing battle."

He paused briefly for a drink. "Which is why Brown's letter intrigues me. I would like to feel that I could actually do something. But, no, I have no idea who he is."

Posted on 2015-09-15 at 18:29:28.

Topic: Vigilante
Subject: A note, a possibility, a change of course

After spending much of the day downstairs in the kitchen, Heironymus Enjolras Myriel made his way up the stairs towards his room. He was tired, both physically and spiritually. Somehow this day, so like so many others recently, had seemed harder than those before. He'd worked in the shelter's kitchen and cooked and served food for the helpless and homeless. He'd listened to stories of tough luck and offered encouragement.

But all to often it wasn't just tough luck, it was something far worse. People were being ground down by other people - by those who simply didn't care about the lives of those around them. Petty criminals, gangs, crime bosses and even government officials gone bad. These were ugly times and Heironymus was struggling to figure out what to do about it. His vision of himself was as a person who helped those who needed a little help getting on their feet. It wasn't a grand role, but it was his and it gave meaning to his life. But recently he'd felt more like Sisyphus pushing his stone uphill than anything else. Did the city need more than a little assistance? Did it need a clean sweep? Did it need revolution? Who even needed to get swept out first? The crime bosses? Or the city elders who would do nothing to stop another set of crime bosses from stepping in?

With such thoughts coursing through his mind the young cleric tread heavily up the stairs and opened his door. And there he stopped. His room was sparse. He had very few possessions and his room had a bit of the look of a monks cell. It wasn't quite that sparse as the gear from his adventuring days was stored in a trunk, but there was little else. Which made the note's presence glaring. He was tempted to sigh as thoughts of local crimes sped through his mind. But this was different. Thieves didn't leave notes.

His curiosity peaked, Heironymus moved to the bed, claimed the envelope, opened it, and read.

"Lord Brown?" Did he know that name? He didn't think so. Vigilantes? It was an interesting proposition. In a just world the authorities would do this job. In a proper world vigilantes were not only not needed, but they were undesirable. But his home city was anything but a just world at this moment. Had he not just been thinking that it needed a cleansing? Perhaps this could be a start. Or perhaps it would provide him with the connections and information for something bigger and more useful. Or maybe it would simply allow him to claim 20gp a week for his efforts - taking money from the thieves to help those they stole from. That earned a little smile.

The cleric moved quickly as the fatigue of just a few steps earlier fell off of him. He would give this group a shot. He would see what Lord Brown had to offer. And so he unlocked his trunk and put on the armor that had sat unused since he had returned to the city. If he was going to such a meeting, he would go prepared. The armor was covered by his cloak, but would be noticeable to those who knew what to look for. But this was probably what Mr. Brown was attempting to hire. He would see.

And so prepared he quickly moved portside. The Luck of Shinara was not a tavern he frequented, nor one his father would have gone near in the old days. But he knew where it was and quickly arrived at his destination. Wondering what fate had in store, he entered the loud establishment.

The note had been vague on time and any specifics about the meeting, but the table of vigilantes seemed obvious at a glance. A small group sat at the table. A half-elf fighter of some sort, a human mage and a fox-kin. And a dog, don't forget the dog, he told himself. You never knew. None of them seemed to be what he expected of a "Lord Brown," although he vaguely hoped it was the foxkin. That would certainly make things interesting.

Heironymus moved towards the table and greeted those already seated. "Lord Brown's City Sweepers, I presume?" Getting enough of a reaction to know that he had, indeed, guessed correctly, he added, "I am Heironymus Enjolras Myriel. May I sit and join you?"

Posted on 2015-09-14 at 20:03:16.


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