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Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Perfect

What!  DMs are allowed to improvise!???  How scary . . . 

Loved the start.  And you can rely on Kheric to continue to throw curveballs at you if I have anything to say about it.  

Posted on 2018-04-09 at 20:37:29.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves Q&A
Subject: NPCs and writing

I think Eol expressed it all pretty well.  I generally don't put words in the mouth of NPCs unless it is very simple, obvious and irrelevent.  For example, in this case I put the young lady at the counter and gave her a few words that seemed appropriate for what we had seen of her before.  This didn't seem like a critical interaction.  And then I stopped as soon as she needed to say anything would actually drive the story - for example, telling me which sister it was.  I didn't ask ahead if this was ok because it seemed pretty harmless, but I'd be willing to change it if the GM wanted anything different.  I think it is also significant that this is really just an intro post.  As the game goes along I'd be less likely to do this.  In the future I could easily see putting Bory into converstations with locals at a tavern, but not much more.  

As for your writing, do what feels right for you.  I like to write and that is one of the reasons I love this site.  I get to scratch that itch.  But different people write different amounts.  Don't feel that you need to be as long winded as I am (or Eol) - just do what you want.  

Posted on 2018-04-09 at 20:33:37.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Time for some questions

As the group got their rest, Lothor decided that it was time to take advantage of the situation and talk to the arch-mage.  He respected the man - his obvious power and his place in history.  The world seemed to owe him a great deal.  But he also had put Lothor's entire group in great peril.  He couldn't help but wonder how much Allanan had known when he sent them here.  This one would not be the first great mage to keep secrets!   

But before he approached the man Lothor paused and calmed himself.  The mage had also ended up a prisoner.  If the group had not arrived, how long would Allanan have remained frozen?  He might have known more, or he might simply have known that there was power here for the spell.  Certainly Lothor did not know enough of the ways of magic to decifer such things himself.  So it wasn't an interogation.  But they did need to figure out what to do.  Clearly the dragon would determine much of that, but there may be some other response possible.  They needed information and a collective decision.  And so he approached the arch-mage.

"Allanan.  You said we needed to kill it and we chose to avoid what seemed a suicidal battle.  In your eyes, where do we stand now.  I have questions.  And we need to figure out a plan.  Lets see what Sirene can get from the dragon, of course, but we also need to be ready for . . . whatever.  May I ask some questions?


***Assuming the arch-mage is willing to talk, Lothor would follow up with a series of questions including the topics below.  Of course, his answers might lead to further questions.  

*Does he still think we need to kill it?

*If so, how?

*What does he know about this thing?

*Did he know it was here when he sent us here?

*Does he know anything about he beholders?

*Is there any other way to get back to our time?

*What will loosing this thing into the world do to the future?  

*What would he suggest?

*How was he caught?

*How did he get down here to be caught?

*If it attacks us once Sirene is done, how would he suggest fighting it?  

*Could we/should we all escape it and find another way to the future?  Does he have a suggestion for how to do this?

Posted on 2018-04-08 at 18:54:54.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Interesting

Kheric watched as Iaka yelled at the guard and stomped out.  Great, he thought, a rat with a temper.  But at least he is willing to do something. He turned to the rest of the group as they all pondered the corpse  in front of him.  

"I wouldn't want anyone I cared about on that stuff.  That was a pretty nasty way to die."  He nodded after Iaka and continued. "Our rat friend is right about one thing at least, this lead is stone-cold dead.  It seems that the time has come to head out and look for leads tonight.  While he seems to want to head out on his own, I would prefer to work as a group.  My hunch is that we will need to have someone act like an adict to try and buy some.  Whoever gets that role would be better off with some backup."

He took a step towards the door.  "That seems like night work to me.  Right now I'm headed towards the inn to get settled.  If your interested, perhaps we should meet in the common room to plan?  Maybe our eager companion will join us there."

As he stepped past the guardsman he offered some sympathy.  "It is a nasty mess to clean up, but that is why you get the big bucks, right?  If you guys find another poor victim of this crap and they actually can hear and see, let us know.  You don't want to see that again."

Posted on 2018-04-08 at 18:38:18.
Edited on 2018-04-09 at 20:38:06 by Nomad D2

Topic: Ghostwood Groves Q&A
Subject: Ok, synchronize your watches

He arrived in the late afternoon.

And thanks for the compliment - I'm loving Bory so far! 

Posted on 2018-04-08 at 18:24:43.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves
Subject: Borborybodboddynock gets a mission

“My dear young friend, you are a hard gnome to track down! I trust this letter finds you well and happily enjoying the journey you have set out upon. It is my hope that you've found bot fun and knowledge, and maybe made a few friends along the way. It's easy to lose yourself to the beauty of nature, and friendship is good for the soul.

Speaking of friends, I recently learned of the passing of an old friend, and her sister asked my help in learning more about the sad strange details of her end. Of course, i wanted to but, you know age. Well, you will, at any rate. While I had to decline for myself, not giving this young lady a hand sits badly with me, and I feel of anyone, you might be best able to give her the help she's asked for.

Consider it a favor, my young friend, because it would settle my heart to know what happened to my old friend and how she met such a terrible end. But more to the point, you could finally learn what's at the heart of the terrors happening to the creatures out by Ghostwood. the animals speak of such awful horrors i can hardly believe them myself. Maybe you can puzzle out what;s really going on there? Head to Watertown, to Halfred's Bake Shoppe and speak to Girta'a. She'll set you on the right way.”


Bory looked up from the letter in his hands and then down at the squirrel in front of him.  He smiled.  “Well, little one, I had not heard, but thankfully you have brought me the news.  Haradaya will be most appreciative of your efforts, as am I.  And if you will but wait a moment, I shall provide you with a message to bring back to our old friend.”  He sat on a small rock on the side of the path in the sun and pulled out a small piece of paper, a pen and his inkwell.  He quickly scribbled out his response. 


My dear old mentor, I am so hard to track down that only a squirrel could do so successfully!  My journey so far has been worthwhile – filled with sights not previously seen and people not previously met.  I have met many people, for a funny little gnome can make many a friend over a mug of mead.  This world is filled with many interesting people.

So far my travels have been without specific directions, simply travelling where my feet might take me.  But now, it seems, I have a destination, for I would consider it an honor to represent you in this matter.  Ghostwood.  I have heard only a few rumors of that strange place.  But I shall seek to find the answers you desire.  As soon as I hand off this note I shall turn my steps towards Watertown to start along this new path.


He rolled up his small note and tied it to the squirrel’s neck where the previous note had been.  “There you go my friend.  I would consider it a great favor if you would return this to Haradaya.”  The little squirrel jumped up and down in excitement so much that the gnome was barely able to tie on the message.  As soon as it was on the creature he jumped up, yelped “I’m off!” and sped off into the underbrush.  Bory smiled at the wonderful creatures, big and small, that filled the world. 

And then it was time to set off towards Watertown.  The path he was on did not go in the right direction.  He had previously had no specific destination, but wherever he had been headed, Watertown had not been it.  He left the path, setting off at a right angle from the path into the underbrush.  He knew the general direction of the city and should be able to pick up animal paths soon.  He was excited.  He had a mission.  He’d never really had a mission before.  He could, perhaps, begin to pay back his mentor for all that had been given to him.  He bounded along the path enjoying the sun and whistling a little tune.

Watertown was both a shock to the system and exactly as expected.  He had never been in a city of this size, yet it was exactly as he had been led to believe such a place would be.  Too many buildings and not enough trees, but the town still had more than enough to keep the young gnome entranced.  At first, he just wandered around looking at everything.  The city, the temples, the taverns, the market stalls, the wagons, the children.  There were people of all types everywhere – it was almost like watching a circus, but a circus of everyday life.  He enjoyed every minute of it and talked to everyone that seemed willing to chat and a few that didn’t. 

Although he wanted to just wander and look around, he had a mission.  When he bought an apple from a stall he asked the young girl who sold it to him if she knew where a good bakery was.  She recommended the best bakery in town – Halfred’s.  He followed her directions and arrived in the late afternoon.  Even though the days baking had probably been completed hours before he could still smell the wonderful aroma even over the other pungent odors of the city.  This was a destination worth arriving at! 

He entered the bakery and was surprised to see a young half-orc working behind the counter.  A half-orc baker?  Why not?  Would there be an orc in the backroom baking cookies?  Sure, why not?  Appearances in nature are often deceiving he reminded himself, although, when he looked, the young lady simply seemed happy and pleasant.  He approached and ordered a couple of wonderful looking pastries, his mouth watering.  The young half-orc looked over the counter at him and grinned a tusked grin.  “A gnome!  Don’t see a lot of gnomes around here eating pastries!  But everybody is welcome at Halfred’s and nobody can resist Papa’s baking!”  She grinned and since he clearly had the look of a traveler added, “Have you been traveling?  You look as if you just arrived in the city and your first stop was Halfred’s!”

Bory grinned at the youngster.  She was happy and spunky and her attitude was catchy, although the gnome had never needed any help being either happy or spunky.  “The legend of Halfred’s pastries is known far and wide!  I came here straight from the road, not just by chance but seeking refreshment worthy of my travels!”  He held up his pastries as he spoke.  “But in addition to these amazing smelling foods, I must admit I also came seeking a Girta’a.”   This last line was spoken a bit quieter than the rest as he really didn’t know if any of this was secret, but since the bakery was empty at the moment he need not have worried.  He waited to see what response his words would have. 

Posted on 2018-04-07 at 16:58:06.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Gross

Ok, that was gross.  

But it was something!  And now onward!

Posted on 2018-04-06 at 17:28:49.

Topic: Supernatural Q&A thread
Subject: Time for research

Ok, Imulse, some questions for you.

1.  How would Castle go about researching the electrical effect thing?  He is wondering if this type of link has been noted before anywhere.  Since he is a college prof I'm thinking research is right up his alley.  i'd assume he has some books at home as well.  He does have academic, computer and investigation skills.  Is there some place that would have research info on the occult.  The city library, his university library and the internet are all starting places.  Is there anywhere else locally he would know about?

2.  Is there a way to get the info from the electric company?  

Posted on 2018-04-04 at 21:22:46.

Topic: Hunter the Vigil, A supernatural Game
Subject: The formation of a team

"Who will work with me?'"

Alex almost laughed at the question.  Hadn't he basically all but said he was in?  But he guessed it did need to be said.  He wasn't quite sure why he felt such a strong connection to this case.  Perhaps it was just because the poltergeists and ghosts he'd dealt with before seemed to pale in comparison.  Maybe it was becaue he felt like he could actually do something worthwhile.  Perhaps it was because of Haze's parents - if that story was real it made him want to fight more than it made him want to run.  Whatever it was, he was in.  

He looked at Haze.  "Haze, your warning matters.  But what happened to your parents.  What has happened to the people identified in this envelope.  It isn't OK.  I don't know if I can do anything, but we seem to be the only ones trying.  That is worth something.  This thing may well be too much for me.  For us.  But what if it isn't?"  He turned towards the biker and the priest.  "To try and stop something from happening to some other kids parents?  Yeah, I'll work with you.  I'm no expert and don't have 'contacts.'  But what I can do, I'll do."

"You're looking into the victims?  I want to look into this electricity thing.  I've got some materials at home I can look into.  Maybe I can find some link between electrical effects and craziness.  If you have suggestions on where else to look, research is one thing I have experience with.  I'd love to get a look at the files of the electric company, but aside from just calling them up and asking, I'm not sure what the best way to get it would be.  Somehow I doubt they'd just hand off files on their work orders to just anyone.  Got any idea about that?  Does utiltiy work have to get logged with the city?"

Posted on 2018-04-04 at 21:16:41.
Edited on 2018-04-07 at 17:00:54 by Nomad D2

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Thoughts?

**Just bumping this - I'd love to get some further comments on this.  I can post, but as noted below, I'm not sure Lothor is the right one for it.  I'd like Tann to be able to give responses with his next post.

Posted on 2018-04-04 at 21:01:59.

Topic: Ghostwood Groves Q&A
Subject: Sweet!

It is pretty clear how Bory is getting into this mess!  I love the intro!

Posted on 2018-04-04 at 21:00:57.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Ok, good cop it is

Nobody seemed to be taking the lead with the prisoner and time was wasting.  Kheric simply said, "Ok I'll try to talk to him a bit and see if anything happens.  If not, we move on."

He leaned into the bars in front of him a bit and squated down so that his imposing height wouldn't be a factor.  If he was playing the good cop he didn't want to intimidate at the moment, but he also was aware that the man in front of him might not be sane.  He stayed balanced and ready to leap away from the bars if needed.  "Ok, Adamo.  Can you hear me?  You don't seem to have moved much at all since you were brought in.  I'm hoping that Candy hasn't turned your brain to mush, becasue any hope you have depends on your abiltiy to talk."  He paused to see if he got a response, not really expecting one.  "My name is Kheric, Adamo.  I'm not with the Guard officially.  Nor are any of the these others here with me.  But we are working with them.  That puts us in a position to be your friend. Between the Flux and injuries, you are facing some ugly stuff.  But I mgiht be able to help there.  You might be able to help yourself.  By helping us.  Sitting here silent is only going to lead to an ugly, silent, end.  Hope.  To have any, you need to talk.  If your worried about who hears things, remember, I'm not with the guard.  But I can help."

"Adamo?"  You there?


(I don't remember how we are dealing with rolls and things in this game.  Kheric is trying to use his diplomacy skills if possible when speaking to a post.)  

Posted on 2018-04-04 at 20:42:27.
Edited on 2018-04-05 at 19:32:26 by Nomad D2

Topic: Bring Me That Horizon
Subject: Pirates of the Round Table

Cracker sat at the table and listened to the captain give her little speech.  He didn’t like the talk about losing crew members.  Others might be stupid about Captain Cole, but he knew a good captain when he saw one.  He wasn’t going anywhere and the thought of deserters irritated him a great deal.  Still, her main point was well taken.  A ship sitting in port made no money and could pay no sailors.  They needed to find a target and that meant information. 

“Captain.  I spent my time today posing as a sailor looking for work.  I spied out some of the docks and found out where some of these ships are headed.  Towards the North American coast is a common one.  At least a couple of nice ships are headed that way.  I couldn’t tell you what their cargo was as it was pretty well crated, but they were headed out ‘fore long.  Details available if desired, but this is really just general info on one or two ships.”  He felt a bit uncomfortable adding the last bit, but given the captain’s own comments, it seemed needed.  “And Captain, since you mentioned the risk of losing crew members, I think I could o’ gained a berth on at least a few ships.  Admittedly they thought I was desperate to reach Georgia to see my sick mum, but it doesn’t seem like there is a surplus of sailors here.”

He looked at the first mate as he continued.  “A bit later the First Mate brought Shark Tooth and I ashore to try and gather more information.  I’d already done the dock thing, so I followed some sailors to a bar and drank ‘em up a bit.  They talked about a ‘Gory Tremane’ as a man I needed to talk to if I was lookin’ for a spot on a ship.  It wasn’t quite clear if this guy was just the quartermaster on the Minnow or if he was a bigger name in the port at large.  At first, I got the sense that this Tremane was a big name for anyone looking for work.  That he was a player here.  But they also said he could be found on the Minnow – which lends itself to thinkin’ he might just be the hire for that one.  I’m not sure, but one of ‘em seemed irritated that I’d been given the name, as if it was somehow a secret or something.”  Here he nodded at the Dog’s quartermaster, “I don’t think Crowe here’d be upset about crewmen givin’ out his name to prospective recruits.  That makes me think he might be more.”  He shrugged.  “But honestly, I don’t have much to go on beyond the name of a person and a ship.” 

He leaned back in his chair a bit.  He’d had his say and hoped it helped.  When he’d first heard the name Tremane he’d thought it might be important, but the more he thought about it, the less sure he was.  But the guy had reacted suspiciously.  Why would his identity be a secret?

Posted on 2018-04-04 at 20:23:47.

Topic: Flesh & Blood - A Night City Adventure
Subject: One more try

Fixer was ready to give up on this elad when one last thought struck him.  Maybe the good doctor had given them something after all. 

"Dr. Darey.  We have all been looking for friends and contacts for Jace, but perhaps we are looking in the wrong place.  You said he didn't talk to students, but sought out adults.  And specifically you have said that he would speak with and could be seen smiling with maids and custodians.  Perhaps he wasn't quite as alone as we all have been lead to believe."  he shook his head at the fact that they seemed to be committing the classic mistake - overlooking the servants.  "Those maids and custodians he was talking to.  Do you know their names?  Do you know anything about them?  If nothing else, what do they look like?  Maybe there is a hint here after all."  

Posted on 2018-04-04 at 19:44:06.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Plans and such

Nimu - Could you see if it is possible to learn something about the beholders while talking to the big guy?  What were they?   Why and how had they imprisoned it?  We might learn about the dragon at the same time based on his answers.  


To the mages in the group - we need to use this chance to grill the arch-mage.  Lothor can ask some of it, but he isn't a mage and wouldn't understand the details or even what to ask about some of it.  Suggested questions:

*Does he still think we need to kill it?

*If so, how?

*What does he know about this thing?

*Did he know it was here when he sent us here?

*Does he know anything about he beholders?

*Is there any other way to get back to our time?

*What will loosing this thing into the world do to the future?  

*What would he suggest?

*How was he caught?

*How did he get down here to be caught?

*If it attacks us once Sirene is done, how would he suggest fighting it?  

*Could we/should we all escape it and find another way to the future?  (Does he have a mass teleport spell or something?  Do we?)


Any other ideas guys?  This is our chance to ask questions.  

Posted on 2018-04-01 at 20:20:30.
Edited on 2018-04-04 at 21:01:34 by Nomad D2

Topic: Hunter the Vigil, A supernatural Game
Subject: Your Mom and Dad got eaten??!!! Did you actually see it?

“Ya think I’m out here on the streets cuz I like it, dude? Ya think I’m hidin’ in friggin’ dumpsters an’ sleepin’ under bridges cuz I want to? Somethin’… somethin’ unnatural… like not of this world unnatural… Like yer friggin Man in White an’ Mr Red Eyes… ate my mom and dad…”

What the hell!  He heard the biker talk a bit, most of which was explaining how he was hunting.  Good.  Someone should hunt. 

"What's your take on this fellow, Alex? You met him—talked with him, even."

He heard the question but chose to ignore it for the moment. 

“Jesus, Haze.”  Momentarily the thought of the expression in his current company crossed his mind, but it didn’t seem significant.  “I’m sorry to bring that up. I’ve dealt with ghost like crap.  Poltergeists – you know, throwing crap around.  Nothing so blatant as what you are talking about.  I had a girlfriend – she and her mother disappeared.  I suspect, but I can’t say . . . “  He trailed off. 

“Haze, I am scared.  And what you’re saying certainly adds to that.  You’ve seen what I can only guess at.  I don’t want to be in this.  But I’ve seen good people die.  I don’t want to be one of them.  But I don’t want anyone else to be either.  These people haven’t been eaten, but they seem to have been devoured in a different way.  I can’t pretend I haven’t seen something.”  He looked down and spoke quietly.  “And if I end up pissing my pants I just pray I can still run.”  He wanted Haze to at least know he took his warnings seriously.  The kid’s words, and even more his freaked-out demeanor, did scare him.  He didn’t have to act.  What could the poor kid have seen?

At that point it was time to address the biker.  Somewhere between the information about what was in the envelope and just the hint of Haze’s story he had become committed.  He didn’t quite know to what he was committed yet, but if there was a way to stop this thing he would be a part of the battle.  He looked at the biker and nodded towards the envelope in his hand.  “May I look at that?”

(Assuming the envelope is handed to him.)

Castle quickly looked through the information in the envelope.  It was pretty much as it had been explained.  An electric effect first?  Was that weird or normal?  It might be a place to start.  And maybe they could identify potential targets.  It had only been a couple of minutes since he had been asked the question, but it felt like a long time. 

He looked at all three of the people sitting around him.  “My take on the guy who left this envelope?”  He felt he needed to repeat the question so that they knew he was finally getting to it.  “For what it is worth, my gut says to trust him.  Not . . “  he quickly turned to the kid he’d called Fry, “blindly Haze.  I have heard you.  But it is possible that not all juju is the same.  He didn’t seem like the Man in White.  When he was up here, he dropped it off and then left – expecting to be unseen.  When I was able to follow him, he was surprised.  He was also frightened.  Not of me.  I think he was afraid of the Man in White.  “Eyes are always watching” he said.  He was getting information on this thing but seemed almost terrified that his role would be found out.  I’m not sure what he was.  He was badly scarred.  If I were to guess I’d suspect that he was a victim of something like our Man.  His scars.  His fears.  He was afraid, but something was driving him to overcome that fear and act.  I’d have thought him a human victim, but as Haze indicated, his eyes were red and he had an unearthly ability to slip the mind.  I don’t know what he is.”  He thought for a second and looked back at the biker, “Yes, it is possible that what he was afraid of was his boss who had sent him with that envelope and would be angry if he saw him speaking to us.  It is possible.  But that isn’t what it felt like.   His name is Damian.”

As he spoke he’d considered whether he should share with the others the information about the phone, be decided that until he knew more he would hold that to himself.  He wasn’t sure what his motivation was.  To keep a secret?  A sense that Damian had wanted it kept secret?  Uncertainty about what he was getting into?  Whatever it was, for now he kept it to himself.  Although Haze was probably aware of the phone. 

“I’m not sure what hunting this thing actually means.  Something is causing these events.  But while I know I don’t want to end up somethings dinner,” and at this he couldn’t help looking at the kid, “but if someone had been able to do anything to help his parents, what would that have been worth?”

“What do we actually have besides this envelope?  All I knew when I got here and all I’ve been able to learn from those I talked to here can pretty-much be summed up as ‘a man-in-white has been seen around when good people go bad.’  That’s it.  I wouldn’t even know where to go from there.  In fact, this is where I came to try and learn more.  And all I learned was more of the same.”  He looked at the others and held up the envelope he had in his hand.  “Except for this.  Unless you know more than I do, this is the only lead we have.”

He looked around at the others at the table to see if any of them wanted to interrupt his little speech.  “I agree, we need to be cautious about how much we trust it, but it is at least something.  Energy fluctuations and really good people as targets – some of which seem to have achieved a bit of notoriety for their good hearts.  This is something.  Is there any history of paranormal activity associated with electric effects?  Is there a way to track when and where such effects take place?  Going backwards this might allow us to expand on the pattern this envelope identified.  At the very least it might confirm or debunk it.  Going forward it might be predictive.  Likewise, at least a couple of the targets seemed to have had reputations for ‘goodness,’ for lack of a better word.  We could look up the previous victims – were there stories in the paper about them?  Is there one particular media source in which many of them were mentioned?  If so, like the electricity, that could prove to be predictive.” 

He shrugged.  “You asked my opinion.  The envelope provides something.  What else do we have?  What do you know?”


(I just kept writing, but if Haze were to react and have an outburst in the middle of any of this Castle would consider that far more important than anything he is saying.  The kid’s story is freaky and he is both worried by the kid and worried about him.) 

Posted on 2018-03-29 at 21:45:06.

Topic: Hunter the Vigil, A supernatural Game
Subject: 'Castle-dude'?

'Castle-Dude'?  Alex smiled a bit, for the comment almost made him laugh out loud.  Kids were so . . . kids.  And this one seemed to be a walking stereo-type.  Exactly the type of thing that made him laugh.  

But 'corpsefield,' while almost equally stereotypical, was no-where near as funny.  Before trying to answer the priest's question since he didn't really have an answer anyway, he gave the kid his attention.  He watched him stuff his face with fries for a moment and spoke, trying to chose his words carefully as the kid gave every indication of being the type that would bolt.  "Ok, Fry.  The man of the cloth here already said that this was beyond anything he's dealt with.  I'd have to say the same.  Running makes some sense to me, but mostly because I don't know much.  But you seem to know something about this . . . juju.  Convince me.  Why do I need to run?"  

Posted on 2018-03-29 at 11:36:17.

Topic: Bring Me That Horizon
Subject: I wouldn't want to be the other Cole right about now . . .

“Find her,” Anne growls. “Bring her t’ me.”

Cracker quickly nodded his head and said, "Yes, Captain."  He wasn't sure where to begin, but assumed the other Cole sister was still ashore.  "Uhm, captain, assuming the First Mate is stil ashore, may I comandeer a few men to begin a search of the city?  Shark Tooth and I alone can't cover much ground."  

(Assuming he gets some form of assent.)

Getting permission to take some men ashore, Cracker dipped his head with a quick "sir," and left the captains quarters.  Once outside he turned to the gunner and let out a breath of air in relief.  "You got lucky.   That could have gone much worse.  We now need to find our missing officer.  Go to your chest and grab some clothes - smalled and clean if possible and put 'em in a bag.  Get 'em from someone if you have to.  Don't tell anyone why you need 'em, just get 'em.  Keep your mouth shut.  We'll be  leaving this boat together in only a few minutes.  I'll be on deck gettng a few extra hands.  Hustle."

William Wiley then moved the other direction, back up to the main deck. When he got on deck, he immediately moved to the largest group of sailors.  "Ok, lads, break time is over.  By any chance has the First Mate returned to the ship?"

(The following assumes someone did see her, which seems likely.  Likewise, I am assuming that the quartermaster is not on the deck at the moment, which I believe is true.)

"Wait.  She DID return?  How long ago?  Where did she go?"  Hearing that she had headed below he could only assume that she had gone to her own quarters.   Clearly she had not gone straight to the captain or they would have run into each other.  Ships weren't that big and there were only so many paths that led to that particular door.  His first thought was to go to the captain and tell her, but no, she had clearly said 'bring her to me.'  That meant bring 'her,' not 'news of her.'  Oh this was not going to be fun.  

He looked back at the group of pirates and tried to cover the surprise he fealt at the news.  "Ok, when Shark Tooth gets here tell him 'change of plans.'  Just tell 'em to stay here till I return."  As he started to head back below decks he threw one last question at the waiting group, "Anyone here see the quartermaster?  If you do, tell him I need to speak with him."  And then he spun on his heal and headed back down into the bowels of the ship towards the First Mate's quarters.  Did he want to find her there or was he hoping her chambers would be empty?  He really didn't know . . .

When he got to her chambers he knocked and waited.  

(I'm not sure if they will meet in the ships passages or not.  I'm guessing she will already be gone by the time he gets there and that there will thus be no response.  Assuming no response leads to the following...)

He knocked and got no reply.  This, he immediateluy realized, was actually the worst possible response.  None.  She was aboard.  But not here?  Or here and not answering?  He knocked again, louder.  And then again, louder still.  "Sir.!  This is Bosun Wiley, Sir!  The Captain needs to speak with you right away."  He looked around the passage, hating the thought of eavesdroppers.  Sometimes the less the crew knew the better.   But he had no choice but to make noise.  Crap!  No response.  Did he dare open the door?  Open the door to an officer's chambers without permission?  But did he dare NOT do it?  He tried one last time, knocking loudly.  "Sir!  The captain calls for you!"  

He groaned inwardly.  But he dared not open that door without permission until he was sure.  He spun and sprinted back towards the captain's chambers. If she wasn't here, he was sure she would head to the Captain.  If Wiley knew that the Captain needed to know about what happened, certainly the younger Cole could figure that out as well.  She might be hot tempered, but she wasn't dumb.   Any person he passed he asked, "Have you seen the first mate?"  A positive response would be quickly follwoed by, "When?  Where was she headed?"  And negative by a quick resuming of his run.  If he got all the way back to the captain's he could only hope that he would be able to tell if both sisters were there.  

Please let this fishing expedition be over . . . 


Posted on 2018-03-28 at 18:04:43.

Topic: Hunter the Vigil, A supernatural Game
Subject: Fetch yee some grub

Castle watched the kid go get some food.  He wondered where he was from.  

Then he turned back to the table and the two men sitting there.  A biker priest?  Interesting.  A bit out of his normal area of interest, but interesting.  And the question about the envelope . . . 

Catle looked at the two men and decided he might as well answer.  That was sort of the point of telling them that he saw it delivered.  "Honestly, I don't know exactly who or what he was."  He looked at the others gauging their reaction.  "Yeah, what.  I don't know.  I was looking around the place - trying to talk to people about this man in white - yes, I've seen him as well.  Then I saw this person, but I really couldn't see him.  If you didn't focus on him and really stay focused, you missed him.  You forgot him.  He was gone.  But I stayed foused.  I kept him in sight, but barely.  He dropped the envelope on the table and left.  It was hard, but I managed to follow him."

Again, he looked at the others for some look of surprise or recognition.  "I followed him.  He seemed shocked that I could see him.  He didn't say much beyond warning me that things were always watching.  He looked . . . human, I think.  Human, but badly scarred.  And a bit afraid, I think.  But I can't say more."

"I don't know what he knows, but I do know something weird is going on around Toronto right now.  And it involves that man in white somehow.  And I think there is some information in that envelope."  He looked again at the biker priest who was persuing the envelopes contents.  "Anything interesting?"  

Posted on 2018-03-27 at 19:01:22.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Plan

I assume we are all in the same room.  

I'd guess we would all try to talk to him.  I can post that for Kheric.  And whoever has a bit of the candy might see if he reacts to its presence.  But be careful.  

Posted on 2018-03-26 at 18:46:00.

Topic: Raise a Hand
Subject: A round of applause

Nicely done!  

And thankfully we got our Tann back.

Posted on 2018-03-26 at 18:44:25.

Topic: High School reunion continues
Subject: Hmmmmm

Are you saying that there is something wrong with the glee club?  I can't sing a lick, so I wasn't in it, but it kinda feels like you and the gamers were sorta being bullies to those glee kids.  And have gamers had a hit show?  The abused become the abusers . . . it is a sad, sad cycle.  

But seriously, it is awesome to see these active again!  And this is pretty cool.

Posted on 2018-03-26 at 18:39:25.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Weather forcast

Tann -  So, as the ice mountain came down and the beholders started exploding instead of casting cones of uber-cold you said the temperature had started to rise.  Was the cold coming from the mountain and the ice?  How high has the temperature risen?  What seems to be the normal temperature for this cavern?  

Posted on 2018-03-25 at 20:14:43.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: metaphysical musings of a big guy. Hey, if Marcus Aurelius can do it!

Well, that went well, was Lothor's reaction to the Dragon's meeting with Sirene.  Apparently the elf had managed to keep them alive for a little while longer anyway.  And all she had to do was give away all the knowledge of the future.  Where was the harm in that?  A Dragon the size of a carrier that knows what's coming.  That can't be bad, can it?  And a future that does not include such a dragon.  Does not.  Should not.  But now does?  What exactly would this mean for the future?  Not to mention their present and past/future.  Lothor knew he had no idea how time worked beyond a simple it happened, then it was the present, and what was yet to be was the future.  Except that now 'what was to be' was actually the future and the past.  Both were yet to be.  And all of it included a Dragon; except that it didn't.  

Sigh.  As with all things, 'wait and see' seemed to be the order of the day.  Or was it, 'remember and see' now?  Stop that! he said to himself as he prepared to get some rest.  He wasn't worried for his safety.  Either the dragon would kill them or it wouldn't, but it seemed unlikely that anything else would present a threat.  And so he got some rest.  

When he got up Sirene and the dragon were not quite finished talking.  He looked around a bit.  Everything just seemed like a cave - and a frozen one at that.  Although the temperature was rising, which he appreciated.  He looked around for some sign of the beholders.  Where had they come from?  Had they done anything besides float here and cast cones of uber-cold?  Certainly there must be more to them than that.  Where had they come from?  How had they survived?  Why had they done this?  He looked around for some sign of something.  But he didn't really know what he was looking for.  

Posted on 2018-03-25 at 20:12:34.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: What to say

Nimu - I would be very curious to hear what the dragon has to say about the clown beholders.   What are they and how and why had they trapped her?  I'm not sure how or if you want to insert that, but it might be worth asking.  

Posted on 2018-03-25 at 19:57:30.


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