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Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: LOL

Am Enjoying the Posts!

Posted on 2013-06-06 at 05:08:49.

Topic: Nomachron: recruitment
Subject: Yes


Posted on 2013-06-05 at 23:00:21.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Puzzling

Unless they have reconfigured how websites appear in the Top 100, then I have no idea why the Inn is no longer in the listings ???

Posted on 2013-06-04 at 18:50:20.

Topic: Nomachron: recruitment
Subject: Yes


Also not really interested in playing a Ranger either!

Posted on 2013-06-04 at 04:38:49.

Topic: Nomachron: recruitment
Subject: Am In

Internet connection has been out most of the evening!

Am interested in playing a Character that I do not normally play!

So Cleric will have to be for someone else!

Druid will have to be for someone else!

I will contact Kaelyn via PM to discuss a character!

Posted on 2013-06-04 at 02:47:02.

Topic: Nomachron: recruitment
Subject: Maybe

Not Sure!


Hmmmmmmmmmm ?????

Posted on 2013-06-03 at 23:41:29.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Ranger Danger

Hopefully the Crow Bait does not Die!

I do not try to Kill the Player Characters!

Posted on 2013-06-03 at 20:29:46.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Not Sure

If I will add another Post before Tek Updates ???

Posted on 2013-06-03 at 00:53:58.

Topic: A Single Stone...
Subject: Surveying the Ground

Deysor Twenty-Fourth, 1121
Graffton, Irvala Province
Bloody Roadway

Sometimes, simple folk could do great things, in ways all their own. But in turn, folks needed heroes, and these brave souls might be the ones that these people were hoping for.

Though a cool breeze danced across the snow-covered fields, the cloud cover doming the land held a comfortable temperature that, on any other day, would have been perfect traveling conditions. But these circumstances were less than ideal for enjoying the weather. Nerves and urgency helped Ellice set a rather quick pace, and the lass seemed not to tire on her legs. For all her sobbing upon arrival to Graffton, she appeared to have steeled her resolve. Though, being in the company of five armed folk would be good for anybody’s distressed spirit; having the brute that was Bailox would give one the fortitude of a mountain.

She spoke little, often muttering to herself as she looked about the flowing countryside. The road was well-packed and not churned up by wagon ruts, and upon it they managed to eat up the distance in a reasonably short timespan. Less than an hour had passed before Ellice stopped, casting her searching gaze around them. The ground carried little variation to it, save a few rolling hills near the road, and a small copse of trees to their east.

“This...” Ellice indicated nearby where the snow bore a sprawled imprint; obviously caused by a body being flung to the ground. “They came from nowhere... Look at this! Where could they have hidden themselves?” She sharply swung her arm wide to indicate the mess of footprints in the white dusting. Not far, perhaps a half-dozen yards from the roadway, a spray of blood had fanned out, though the body was not present. A trail leading away from the scene was licked with crimson and headed eastward. The girl was right; things had been ugly.

Ellice began to wander randomly, looking this way and that, though never getting far from the party. The area was a disaster of footprints, kicked trails, and signs of blood and gore. Her strength had been great in the return from Graffton, but having reached the place of her distress, the woman’s grief was rapidly setting in again. She searched as though she would find exactly what she was looking for, but it was apparent that Hannah was not going to be found on the roadside.

Adelror had chosen to stay as near to Ellice and Elberon the Wizard as much as possible, without crowding their space, while they searched for clues along the road, then inspecting the unsettling seen of blood and gore, which was conspicuously absent of any witnesses or corpses!

The Duskarn War Cleric, wearing the raised fist of Dareen, with his Long Sword in hand, was allowing for Bailox and Desrik to search the area without being burdened with any concern for protecting the distraught Ellice.

Should any sudden interruption occur, these men should prove to be up to facing any unexpected challenge, while Adelror did his part to try to protect the woman; while also keeping a somewhat looser protective watch over the Wizard Elberon, not quite knowing what to expect from him should any real trouble occur?

As for Ja'aron, from the way he carried himself, plus his strange appearance, there were no worries on the part of Adelror that any needed assistance, whether for battle or for defending Ellice, would be lacking from this new comrade!

Adelror surveyed the ground for many long minutes, before finding what he was looking for:

The Duskarn War Cleric crouched low, staying aware of where Ellice and Elberon were, before selecting the 3 appropriate stones that may prove to be useful before the day was done!

Posted on 2013-06-01 at 20:33:22.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Next Update will be ...

..... tentatively scheduled for either Saturday June 8th or Sunday June 9th, depending upon Player Posts!

Planning the Next Update to be a Shorter Post describing the decision the Treasure Seekers act upon, in light of the Post from this morning!

Posted on 2013-06-01 at 19:40:12.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Sounds Cool

There is Plenty of Room for Role Play!

Have enjoyed the discourse between the Female Bard and the Illusionist also and look forward to more!

Lurkers Do Feel Free to PM Your Comments!

Posted on 2013-06-01 at 17:28:27.

Topic: Treasure Seekers
Subject: The Toothless Dragon

Treasure Seekers
Cast & Characters
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons
[played by Archangel] a level 1 (Half Elf of Elf Lineage) Rogue worships Hermes
Tohmas Goodwood [played by Odyson] a level 1 (Human) Druid worships Atira
Willem Bariendul [played by Jozan1] a level 1 (Human) Fighter worships Baldur
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [played by Tann'Talas] a level 1 (Elf) Ranger worships Betula
Vincent Wysman [played by Kamina] a level 1 (Human) Knight worships Mars
Bartimeous Dathier [played by Salvator Navaar] a level 1 (Human) Cleric worships Toft
Mylos Goldspinner [played by Brundel] a level 1 (Gnome) Bard worships Amber O' The High Woods
Jaufre Vanvoie [played by Tuned_Out] a level 1 (Human) Paladin worships Cedrus
Elyra Nightshade [played by Angelic] a level 1 (Elf) Bard worships Brigit
Areldor Glanolwath [played by Ziklag] a level 1 (Half Elf of Human Lineage) Illusionist worships Minerva

Previously in Treasure Seekers
A Lurkers Paradise of Intros, Back Stories and Role Play Interactions!

Treasure Seekers Assemble
World of Aihrde
Region of Aachen
City of Heristat
Dawn on Monday
Marrero 8, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

There was a bit of chill in the air, but a presence of warmth on a gentle breeze brought the promise of spring and with it, expectations of a bountiful summer for both farmer and merchant alike.

As instructed, the 10 Treasure Seekers assembled themselves on the docks at dawn of the third day, where Mad Dog Muldoon was there to greet them, before being allowed to board ship.

Whether or not any of them had noticed before, in the first rays of morning light, there was almost an eerie glow of a red dragon stitched on his black eye patch, with its maw opened wide, without a tooth protruding from inside its gaping jaws.

Behind him, riding a bit high in the Innes River brackish water that flowed lazily past the ships at the Heristat docks, was an imposing viking style ship with 12 shields strategically placed along the top of the rails of the 50 foot long, 15 foot wide ship.

Each protective shield displayed the same design of the toothless maw of a red dragon, seeming to dissuade any aggressors or curiosity seekers from drawing too near the ship.

On the prow, looming defiantly over the waters, stood a magnificent 10 foot tall carving of a red dragon, mouth gaping wide, without a tooth to be seen, with snarls of defiance exuding from its imposing eyes and other carved features; much the same as the shields and the eye patches.

Eye patches plural, because the Captain, First Mate and the 18 Man Crew all wore identical toothless red dragon eye patches; obviously more by intent than coincidence.

Even the broad lone sail hoisted into the morning breeze, billowing from its majestic position, expertly secured to the lone 20 foot mast rising from the center of the ship, bore the menacing maw of the 'Toothless Dragon' brilliantly stitched in bright red upon the white canvas backdrop.

The entire ship was meticulously hand crafted from oak, ash and pine wood; comfortable enough for 30 people to traverse the variant waters of Aihrde, with space enough to transport well over 20 tons of a variety of cargo: be it assorted trading goods, weapons, animals, slaves, prisoners, additional mercenaries or exotic treasures!

Introductions were now in order as Mad Dog Muldoon escorted his 10 Treasure Seekers onto the deck of The Toothless Dragon.

Mad Dog heartily embraced the equally burly Captain Crayfish, before greeting each of the 18 stalwart members of The Toothless Dragon crew, with unbridled enthusiasm!

Then he slapped the First Mate on the back, suddenly hoisting the protesting Dwarf high in the air, before greeting him with a friendly, but not so gentle, bear hug!

"This Be Dagger! He Be Short. But He Be Deadly!"

The First Mate Dwarf named Dagger tried kicking Mad Dog in the shins, once both of his booted feet were back on deck, but the tavern owner deftly side stepped the good natured attack, then with a sweeping bow, as he pointed to each of the 18 member crew, declared with boisterous pride:

"An These Be Me Stout Hearts!"

Cheers arose as The Toothless Dragon Stout Hearts brandished their Broad Swords, encircling their obviously beloved leader from adventures past, dancing a joyous jig, as they chanted in unison:

"Mad Dog! Mad Dog! Mad Dog!"

After a few minutes Mad Dog held up his hands, then bowed low and pointed both hands palm outward towards the captain:

"Here Be Yer Captain! Crayfish Be His Name!"

Captain Crayfish stepped forward, an imposing figure of a man, with a green and red feathered parrot sitting atop his right shoulder, sporting a matching toothless dragon eye patch as did his Captain Master, irreverently mimicking his speech when it struck its fancy!

"Welcome Aboard Da Toothless Dragon!"

"Welcome Aboard! Welcome Aboard!"

"Captain Crayfish! At Yer Service!"

"Crayfish! Crayfish! Service! Service!"

Mad Dog Muldoon stepped to one side and began introducing each of the 10 Treasure Seekers by name to the Captain, First Mate and Crew.

Inquisitive looks and flickers of perceived recognition etched the faces of the crew members.

When the Female Bard, Elyra Nightshade, was introduced, at least 3 of the crew raised their eye patches to gain a better view of her enticing contours and attractive Elven features, their now uncovered eyes revealing no traces of damage or missing eye balls!

However, she was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy, with no evidence of the men feeling cursed by the presence of a lady on board ship!

When Areldor Glanolwath the Illusionist was introduced, more than a few crew members mumbled amongst themselves, before someone boldly shouted out:

Ye Be Garlin's Boy! From Da Winged Ox In Waltenshaw!

"We Seen Yer Tricks A Few Times! Enjoy Em We Do! Looks Like We Be In Fer Some Fun On This Here Voyage!

"Not Like When We Busted Up Da Winged Ox Tavern In A Brawl Or Two! But Fun Just Da Same! Welcome Aboard Boy!"

Once everyone had been introduced, Mad Dog Muldoon handed each of the 10 adventurers a matching black eye patch stitched with the Red Toothless Dragon design!

"Ye Kin Wear Em! Ye Kin Carry Em!

"Jes Keep Em Close At Hand N Safe!

"Ye Never Know Jes When Er Where Ye Need Ta Show These Fer Safe Passage Or Help!"

Captain Crayfish, Dagger and the Stout Hearts exchanged knowing glances at one another!

Crayfish then piped up for added emphasis: "Specially Fer Safe Passage!"

"Safe Passage! Safe Passage!"

After a few more informal formalities, Mad Dog Muldoon excused himself to go tend to his duties at the Toothless Dragon Tavern, shaking each Treasure Seeker firmly by the hand, saying:

"Ye Bring Me Treasure! Soon As Possible!"

Day One
For Monday
Marrero 8, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

Within the hour, The Toothless Dragon was underway, setting course down river on the way to the island of Tagea, as the 10 Treasure Seekers had agreed upon after signing on and consulting among themselves after viewing their maps!

It was a 25 mile journey from Hamistat to Euythus as the crow flies, but the Innes River had many a bend and a turn.

Captain Crayfish, Dagger and the Stout Hearts seemed to be in no hurry, fishing along the way and stopping for a brisk swim more than once!

Day Two
For Tuesday
Marrero 9, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

Spring rains began to fall, but the Captain and his Crew seemed to be in no hurry! Instead, they hauled out some protective tarps to help everyone stay warm and dry!

Day Three
For Wednesday
Marrero 10, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

Rains fall harder and more often as the Captain and his Crew seem content to hole up near the far bank and wait out the storms!

Day Four
For Thursday
Marrero 11, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

The full fury of the spring squalls hit their hardest, trying their best to dissuade The Toothless Dragon from proceeding further down river, but the Captain and his Crew were old hands at this sort of thing, refusing to turn back from their Exploration Treasure Seeking Quest, before they had even begun!

Day Five
For Friday
Marrero 12, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

Their experience and patience won out as the storms passed by and vanished as a fading nightmare.

There were no incidents of wild animal attacks, UnDead activity, or any signs of aggression from unseen or unknown foes!

The Toothless Dragon made its way down river, lazily passing by the docks of the coastal city named Euythus during the late evening, where flocks of Human and Elven painted women stood waving at the passing Stout Hearts, calling to them by passionate pet names, striking revealing poses, while flashing generous glimpses of the promised ecstasies of their personal wares!

But the Stout Hearts are on a quest for their leader Mad Dog Muldoon, so they shout their hellos and promises to return to the ladies inviting arms and perfumed boudoirs, whenever they are able to return to Euythus with plenty of time to spare for such amusements!

They set out to sea under the cover of darkness, veterans of such countless voyages, bending their backs and rowing their assigned oars, focused solely upon their 12 mile course to Tagea, ensuring no other ships will follow!

They rely upon the Deep Vision of Dagger, lighting no lamps, bearing no torches, conjuring no magic lights to shine forth in the darkness; thereby, leaving no trace or clues for other mercenaries, pirates or cut throats to watch from a distance to pursue!

Day Six
On Saturday
Marrero 13, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

In the wee hours of dawn, as the mists rise from the strangely calm waters, The Toothless Dragon draws ever nearer to the harbor of the northern city of Tagea, distinctly marked on each map.

Captain Crayfish summons the 10 Treasure Seekers to gather together around him, then turns and nods to Dagger, who pulls out a heavy bag filled with Gold Coins and proceeds to distribute 10 Gold Coins to each Treasure Seeker, explaining to them that the coins are for any expenses they may encounter after they enter the city!

"Any Expenses! Any Expenses!"

The Toothless Dragon approaches the mouth of the harbor, where the disturbing sight of both the harbor and surrounding coastline, littered with the aged debris of broken bits of masts and hulls, is the only greeting they receive upon their arrival, a literal graveyard of broken dreams and visions!

Captain Crayfish commands his crew to row a short ways up along the coastline, to a beach he reckons is both safe and defendable.

Dagger leads 7 of the Stout Hearts inland to a place where they can help provide a defense, in case the 10 Treasure Seekers are forced back towards the ship in a hasty retreat; yet near enough to join their other Stout Heart comrades, should the ship suffer an unexpected attack, while the Treasure Seekers are busy Exploring!

The 10 Treasure Seekers made their way up a quarter mile sand slope, littered here and there with bits and fragments of flotsam and jetsam, making their approach according to strategies they had all previously discussed while on board ship.

Topping the rise, they were startled to see, about 1000 yards in the distance, the broken remains of a once proud city! Their eyes were greeted by the sight of crumbled walls and what appeared to be an expansive, desolate pile of rubble!

It was evident, even from that distance, that there was not one building standing unscathed from the effects of some unknown destruction!

Serving as a haunting backdrop in the far distance, is the unmistakable outline of a vast mountain range, stretching on a slightly irregular diagonal line across the center of the island, from the southeastern edges to the northwestern edges of the island; bending northeasterly, forming a natural border along the foreboding terrain of the northern section of the island, with not a trace of any of this geographical terrain showing, or even remotely marked, on any map in their possession!

Therefore, the city to the south on their maps, is obviously on the other side of this unexpected mountain range, best accessible by boarding The Toothless Dragon and sailing south along the irregular eastern coastline!

Posted on 2013-06-01 at 16:51:38.
Edited on 2013-06-08 at 06:48:30 by Hammer

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Posting Update

Am so enjoying the Role Play conversations that I am a bit reluctant to go ahead and post the Update!

Last night I sent all of you a PM that today I would Post the Update, so I will be doing that shortly!

Brundel is tied up with class work until Tuesday, so he has promised to write a Big Post to catch up!

I have No Worries with Tuned_Out and am sure he will be Posting soon!

You Players will be able to continue your Role Play that spans a few days, Plus you will have to communicate here and/or in PM Messages with one another as to what exactly you choose to do in Response and Reaction in light of the info at the end of the Update!

Posted on 2013-06-01 at 16:32:39.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Have Finished Typing the Update ...

..... so at some point after both Tuned_Out and Brundel have Posted the Opening Intros for their characters, I will Post the Update!

So go ahead and continue your entertaining interaction and Role Play, because the rather lengthy description of your journey to Tagea awaits you!

Posted on 2013-05-31 at 18:49:09.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Complete Cast & Characters

Treasure Seekers
Cast & Characters

Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [played by Archangel] a level 1 (Half Elf of Elf Lineage) Rogue worships Hermes
Tohmas Goodwood [played by Odyson] a level 1 (Human) Druid worships Atira
Willem Bariendul [played by Jozan1] a level 1 (Human) Fighter worships Baldur
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [played by Tann'Talas] a level 1 (Elf) Ranger worships Betula
Vincent Wysman [played by Kamina] a level 1 (Human) Knight worships Mars
Bartimeous Dathier [played by Salvator Navaar] a level 1 (Human) Cleric worships Toft
Mylos Goldspinner [played by Brundel] a level 1 (Gnome) Bard worships Amber O' The High Woods
Jaufre Vanvoie [played by Tuned_Out] a level 1 (Human) Paladin worships Cedrus
Elyra Nightshade [played by Angelic] a level 1 (Elf) Bard worships Brigit
Areldor Glanolwath [played by Ziklag] a level 1 (Half Elf of Human Lineage) Illusionist worships Minerva

Posted on 2013-05-31 at 06:16:23.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Trailer Preview

Okay Gang

Just started reading a PM from Tann and decided I need to give you the Opening 2 Paragraphs of the Update!

This is so your creativity knows what is going on at the opening of the Update!

(As you read this Trailer Preview, I will go back to reading what Tann has sent me!)

The Toothless Dragon

World of Aihrde
Region of Aachen
City of Heristat
Dawn on Monday
Marrero 8, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

There was a bit of chill in the air, but a presence of warmth on a gentle breeze brought the promise of spring and with it, expectations of a bountiful summer for both farmer and merchant alike.

As instructed, the 10 Treasure Seekers assembled themselves on the docks at dawn of the third day, where Mad Dog Muldoon was there to greet them, before being allowed to board ship.

Posted on 2013-05-31 at 04:49:55.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: I Assure You Angelic ...

..... the crew of The Toothless Dragon are Not Gay and that will be evident in the Update!

Glad to see Your Creativity was already Edited along the lines of my previous QnA Posting!

Posted on 2013-05-31 at 04:43:46.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: No Problem

You will just have to rewrite it a bit so that you were not allowed on the ship, but that you may have gotten on another ship to gain some information and that a sailor from another ship accompanied you back to the Toothless Dragon Tavern and you dislocated his finger!

I give Players a bit of leeway to freeform when posting, but do have to bring to attention anything that may conflict with what I am writing or establishing for the background of the adventure!

Otherwise, you are doing fine and I do enjoy your creativity and writing!

Posted on 2013-05-31 at 04:39:37.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Hmmmmmmmm

Gonna have to ponder what to post for a day or two!

Posted on 2013-05-31 at 04:05:16.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Hey Angelic

You kinda pushed the envelope a bit with your last post, because 1. You or anyone else would not be allowed to board the ship and 2. None of the sailors would have left their post for a night of drink and sport with a shapely skirt ... because, when I post my update you will understand the full ramifications of this crew and that there is much more to this story than meets the eye!

Posted on 2013-05-31 at 03:59:30.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: No Problem T_O

Brundel has exams so should be posting in a day or two and I have the Update ready to be typed and then Posted when everyone is ready!

Posted on 2013-05-30 at 22:57:56.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Great & Entertaining Read

Enjoyed reading the interaction between characters!

Have started hand writing the Update Post in a spiral note book, so will be moving the adventure along in a few days after everyone has posted their intros and interactions!

Posted on 2013-05-30 at 18:10:10.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Maps

You all have the same map ie 10 copies of the same map which is what I Emailed you!

Posted on 2013-05-30 at 06:46:30.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: No Worries Ziklag

Your Deity will speak to you about that matter!

Posted on 2013-05-29 at 19:20:51.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Great Post Ziklag

Glad you came aboard from LC Avengers, even though with this group of Players we will probably be Posting More Often than we did with LC Avengers!

Posted on 2013-05-29 at 18:27:19.


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