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Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Actually Ziklag

Areldor will get back to the Toothless Dragon Tavern the day before he has to sacrifice Gold to Minerva on the holy day!

You have the Fire Wand that is Non-Rechargable and you will have some spare gold coins that you can blast with your Fire Stick to sacrifice the gold to Minerva on the evening of the 16th, which is the next day game time from when I submit the UpDate in a day or two!

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 22:47:52.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Heads Up

If I can get the UpDate written before Friday (am either half way or two thirds done now!) then I will post it as soon as I am satisfied all the bases are covered to promote role play before entering the next phase!

Your Character will have about 2 weeks to hang around town, because you have been given Free Room and Board and some Gold to spend from a grateful crew of Stout Hearts which may be spent getting additional gear or just gambling and carousing or saving it.

In Addition
Mad Dog Muldoon is rewarding you with 5000 Gold Coins at a Reward Banquet, along with an Offer (Adventure Hook).

That 5000 Gold Coins is for a One Time Opportunity to purchase some Weapons, Armor and Healing Items that Probably WILL NOT be made available to your character In Game Again!

So you will have to choose wisely, as the life of your Character may depend upon the items you purchase!

Also, Please Consult Your Maps so you can decide among yourselfs where the Seekers will journey to next, which is the mainland to the west, but you get to decide where!

Future Leveling Up will happen along the way during your future adventures!

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 14:01:31.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Yes

I realize he is still a 'Teenager', but one who had to grow up quickly through the adversity of the death of both of his parents

Plus he is Half Syl, so however that equates ???

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 05:35:10.
Edited on 2013-11-06 at 05:36:12 by Hammer

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Appreciate the Input

As I have stated earlier, Galardil is searching for his Druid twin brother who has disappeared and failed to meet him in the Southern Elf Kingdom to celebrate their 75th birthday together.

Galardil could know Eol's character because he and his brother live in the Northern Elf Kingdom and have waged battles against Goblins because their father was killed by Goblins and their mother died of a broken heart over the death of her husband.

So heading back to the Northern Elf Kingdom or even the Central Elf Kingdom, Galardil could have crossed paths with Eol's character and decided to travel with him in hopes of finding his brother etc.

He is not interested in leading the group, just hopeful that by some chance with his joining other adventurers, when he finds his brother he will have an extended family to help him if there is some kind of battle that would ensue if his brother is a captive, or worse!

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 05:14:38.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Know Also Eol

That Galardil is originally from the Northern Kingdom as previously posted in the Recruitment Thread.

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 02:01:41.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Okay Kamina

You may want to wait for my UpDate, which I am working on, from which you will be able to back post and forward post also

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 00:36:36.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Not Sure

Where Galardil met up with the others, as he was searching for his lost brother as he headed north initially from the Southern Elf Kingdom.

I am open for whatever possibilities are presented here by the other Players!

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 23:47:42.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Well Now

The loss of Duncan and his insightful and provocative characterizations gives the rest of us Players a challenge to raise the bar with our collective postings!

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 03:22:22.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Recruitment
Subject: LOL

Good One!

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 02:59:14.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: So

I am pretty sure that you have all the character description and info that you need from me?

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 22:00:33.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: Table for Two or More

Unexpected Response

Gamard stood alert, thoroughly surveying their new surroundings, the Knight of Holy Anger broke his silence by vocalizing his yearning thoughts:

"All that is missing is a table loaded with good food and drink for a proper feast now!"

Dudley nodded to the Dwarve, “Well that sounds like a good idea. We should take a meal before we proceed. We are clean and dry, why not fed too?”

Crossing the room to the table Dudley pushed the broken cage aside and began setting out the food items he’d found on the beach. Of course he tried the wine to be sure it was good…and by golly…just their luck… was!

Gamard the Grim just blinked his eyes at the response and action that his statement produced from Dudley, as the Cidal prepared to share his sparse supply of food with his fellow survivors.

He had hoped that his statement would have stirred some unknown gizmo to mysteriously produce a great banquet table and feast of fine food and beverage from out of nowhere, but the Khord Cleric of Solanis set aside any disappointment for the moment, grateful for the opportunity to ease the growing growling of his hungry stomach for some kind of proper sustenance, with what supplies were now freely offered.

Stepping forward with a grateful nod to Dudley, the Knight of Holy Anger waited patiently to see just what type of portion would be extended to the survivors from the sparse table.

At least it was better than nothing!

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 00:49:12.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Okay Olan

I will need your help assembling the character sheet (am away from house n laptop so am using my phone which is tedious )

Posted on 2013-11-03 at 01:14:56.

Topic: What Evil Hides in the Hearts of Men - Q&A
Subject: Important Question: Lighting Fire

My character can't use flint n steel and matches have not been invented so how does he light a pipe ? How does he light
a campfire ?

Posted on 2013-11-03 at 00:53:46.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: Yes Almerin

'Loco' has provided shrooms, Khord War Club & Emerald Gem to braid in his hair for helping 'Loco' rescue some Khord children

Posted on 2013-11-02 at 21:10:42.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Special Announcement

Current plan is to spend this week writing a wrap up post 'Meeting with Mad Dog Muldoon' to post it by Friday November 8 and give current Players 2 weeks to post by Saturday November 23or be dropped from proceeding to the next phase of the adventure. This will give me time to write and post a new Update over the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Posted on 2013-11-02 at 20:05:40.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: Standing By Sir

Posted my character info and just sent a PM Message to the other Honorable Players to give them a 'Heads Up' regarding my character!

Because Galardil is searching for his lost brother Ralesorn, he is Not to be considered as being the Leader of this Party, but his hope is that one or more of his new 'extended family' will aid him in his search for Ralesorn at some point in time!

Posted on 2013-11-02 at 18:10:55.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: Galardil of the Herbal Haze

Galardil of the Herbal Haze

Half Syl (Elf Lineage)
Cleric of Kith-jora


Chaotic Good


150 pounds
Athletic Body
Blonde Hair (No Beard)
77 Years Young
Green Emerald Eyes
Almond Colored Skin (could pass for a Syl)
Pointed Ears
Left Handed (could he be ambidextrous maybe ???)
Scar above and underneath his right eye, which he keeps covered with an Eye Patch with a Kith-jora Holy Symbol emblazoned upon it (he can see perfectly out of his right eye, just wears it for show and flips the eye patch up from time to time; it also straps around his head keeping his hair in place)
Wears his hair tied back in a Pony Tail, except for a braid that runs down past the eye patch with an Emerald gem braided in it that was bequeathed by the Khord Elders for his part in helping 'Loco' Fungihammer (also a Cleric of Kith-joran) rescue a group of children abducted by Goblins (it was during this rescue that the Half Syl received the scar in battle rescuing some of the Khord children)
'Loco' also awarded his friend a Khord War Club with the Kith-jora Holy Symbol visibly seen by both friends and enemies alike

He wears Leather Armor over a Syl War Tunic along with appropriate shirt, pants and soft boots

Brief History Synopsis
Galardil and his twin brother Ralesorn were born of a Syl father and a mother from somewhere near the border of Ertain and Coria not far from the Sylvarian Forest, where she met and fell in love with a Syl

Their father was killed by Goblins and the twins have outlived their mother who died of a broken heart, so they both have carried on a personal crusade to wreak vengeance upon Goblins!

Ralesorn is a Druid and Galardil is a Cleric of Kith-jora, but both have taken to smoking ground up enchanted Syl Spore Stems from the mushrooms in the Sylvarian Forest

They were headquartered much of the time in a secluded location near a waterfall between Palantir and the Lindelea Elin (Melodious Pools) in the Alloryen, Northern Sylvari Kingdom

During one of their personal crusades against some rather brutal Orcs, they made the acquaintance of another Kith-jora Cleric by name of 'Loco' Fungihammer who introduced Galardil to the consumption of 'Glittery Gold' mushrooms to enhance his visions and perceptions etc

'Glittery Gold'
'Loco's hallucinogenic shrooms are called 'Glittery Gold' that have long purple stems that branch out into 5 tendrils with glittery gold specks on the small bulbous ends (about an inch in length and 1/4 inch stem and tendrils) and they obviously affect all 5 physical senses and more!

'Loco' has plenty of these in a bag in his Dwarven War Tunic to keep his mind and senses occupied.

Galardil aids 'Loco' in tracking and rescuing some young Khord children from the clutches of a vile gang of Goblin Raiders and is persuaded to help escort them back to Khord country, where the Half Syl is awarded an Emerald gem to braid in his blonde hair as he is unable to grow a beard ala Khord

'Loco' gifts him with a Khord War Club and persuades him to explore the 'Caves of Madness' where he spends the next 3 years with 'Loco' zoned out on 'Glittery Gold' and the occasional pipe full of Syl Spore Stems in his finely crafted smoking pipe he had acquired in his travels among the Humans.

Galadril accompanied 'Loco' on a journey to replenish the Khord with plenty of Syl Spore Stems and was gifted with a generous supply of 'Glittery Gold' before they parted company on friendly terms.

He spent some time with his brother, who by now had some mysterious dealings to attend to, so they decided they would meet again to celebrate their 75th birthday together in the Southern Kingdom of Maelamin near the Amban Aluir (Hillside Waters)

His brother failed to arrive for the celebration and Galadril spent the next two months staring into the Hillside Waters and pondering about what may have happened to his brother?

So the Cleric of Kith-jora began to search throughout the lands for his lost brother, having come into the company of a Human Fighter, a Human Bard Bounty Hunter, a Human Cleric of Merca, a Sylvari Paladin of Falloes, a Sylvari Mage and a Sylvari Bladesinger.

He has been adventuring with them in hopes of their finding his brother Ralesorn alive; hence, they have become his extended family for now!

Posted on 2013-11-02 at 17:38:54.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Okay

Thanks for the clarification!

Posted on 2013-11-02 at 16:00:26.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: From Page The First

Olan posted this on Page One towards the bottom of his first post:

Accepted players:
Hammer (half-sylvari cleric of Kith-jora)
Duncan74 (human fighter)
Salvator Navaar (human rogue[bounty hunter])
Tuned_Out (human cleric of Merca)
Reralae (sylvari paladin of Falloes)
Eol Fefalas (sylvari mage)
Vanadia (sylvari bladesinger)

Yep, I broke my own rule and ended up with seven players. Sue me. Call it DM fiat. I'm old and crabby and control every aspect of the game universe... deal with it.

At this point, recruitment is closed. I will not be accepting any more players unless we have a drop. Thank you all for your interest.

Posted on 2013-11-02 at 08:40:10.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Gotcha

Hammer checking in via phone (currently not near my laptop)

Posted on 2013-11-02 at 02:37:08.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: Ah Olan

I just figured out a Great Way to make her work into the scenario!

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 19:33:24.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: Struggling and Debating

About making my character a Female named Galariel instead of a Male name Galardil

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 19:01:30.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Lurkers


How fitting that this is Post #3000 from Hammer!

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 18:32:47.
Edited on 2013-11-01 at 18:34:13 by Hammer

Topic: Treasure Seekers
Subject: Unexpected Intervention

World of Aihrde
Island of Tagea
On Board The Toothless Dragon
Late Afternoon on Saturday
Marrero 13, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

Tohmas gasped to see the fire leap from the stick held in his companion’s hand. He had been trained to never use fire as a weapon, too much earth had been scorched by the runaway effects of wildfire that evil had used kill and destroy what it could not control. As they ship drew away from the battle Tohmas softly addressed the mage. “My friend….. the use of fire in battle is taboo to my training as a Shaman. Its effect can often do more damage then was intended. You must know that I am sworn to attack any enemy that should bring flame to battle….. The burning of a section of the land for any reason cannot be done even by a friend….. You must use great caution with that device for its misuse will turn Altar’s favor away from us.” Looking down slightly on the Elven Illusionist Tohmas smiled grimly, “I will pray to Atira for guidance”.

As Tohmas stepped forward to confront Areldor regarding the dangers of uncontrolled fire, that was just as much an enemy to the Shaman of Atira as any evil foe could be, the Paladin Jaufre rushed past them both to provide a shield against any retaliation from the pirate crew on 'The Stomper' for the damage inflicted by the astonished Illusionist.

With as much haste as he could muster the paladin raced toward the illusionist, shield at the ready, lest an angered pirate seek revenge for the burning destruction with a well placed arrow.

In the ensuing excitement, the Illusionist was oblivious to the purpose of the Paladin's immediate action to protect the Seeker who had once again seemingly unwittingly provided a damaging blow against yet another enemy!

There he was wide eyed, with his mouth somewhat open just staring at what he just unleashed. The only thing that broke Areldor his gaze was a shield that crossed into his vision that was carried by the Jaufre. As Areldor turned his head to the paladin he did not care what Jaufre was trying to do but responded with “Did you see that!!”

Fortunately for both the agitated Shaman and the animated Illusionist, a volley of arrows from the listing enemy ship intent upon revenge were thwarted once again!

Several had missed their intended mark, imbedding themselves in various points of the ship, too close for comfort for both Stout Hearts and Seekers; however, there were five deadly shafts that may have possibly claimed the lives of both the Shaman and the Illusionist, had not the quick thinking Paladin provided them both a hasty source of protection, as the shield held true against the impact of the deadly aimed arrows!

Mere moments earlier, Amur had cried out with alarm, imploring Captain Crayfish to make the right call to remove 'The Toothless Dragon' from the possible imminent danger posed by the flames engulfing the enemy ship!

“We might want to get out of here now while we can!” He yelled hoping the captain would make to right choice and back oars and get them away from their seriously injured opponent who would hopefully be too worried about putting out fires than storming their boats. The boy was afraid that if they stayed close the flames could leap over to their ship and then they would all be in trouble. Fire was the worst thing that could happen on a ship at sea.

Even before Areldor had unleashed the damaging blast against 'The Stomper' the veteran of countless sea battles had ordered his crew to ram the enemy ship, as a desperate ploy to escape the clutches of the blood thirsty Cut Throats crew!

Dagger shouted orders of encouragement to the Stout Hearts to 'bend their backs' in an effort to escape with their lives and with the invaluable treasure sought by their ruthless enemy!

As 'The Toothless Dragon' began separating itself from 'The Stomper' in a gallant effort by the crew to make its way safely back to the 'Toothless Dragon Tavern' with its precious cargo, yet another more fearsome foe strode to the stern of the enemy ship to retaliate his wrath upon 'The Toothless Dragon' and its brave crew!

This was a Menacing Mage who undoubtedly must have had a hand in the mysterious wind that had born 'The Stomper' in relentless pursuit of the Stout Hearts and Seekers to separate their heads from their acquired treasure!

But before the Menacing Mage could unleash his Arcane Attack against the fleeing ship; whether it be by the gracious hand of Minerva in answer to the devotion of the Illusionist, or be it some other Fate or Deity protecting one or more of the Stout Hearts or Seekers, the damaged stern of 'The Stomper' gave way to the 'Unexpected Intervention' of the Beaked Dragon from the underground cavern, as the enraged creature now relentlessly invaded the deck of the listing enemy ship!

Note from the Castle Keeper:

Time for More Role Play and QnA Discussion!

Hit Points
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 9/9
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 9/9
Willem Bariendul [Human/Fighter] 12/12
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 12/12
Vincent Wysman [Human/Knight] 13/13
Bartimeous Dathier [Human/Cleric] 11/11
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 10/10
Jaufre Vanvoie [Human/Paladin] 12/12
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 11/11
Areldor Glanolwath [Half Elf of Human Lineage/Illusionist] 7/7

Armor Hit Points
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 20/20
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 20/20
Willem Bariendul [Human/Fighter] 29/30
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 30/30
Vincent Wysman [Human/Knight] 18/20
Bartimeous Dathier [Human/Cleric] 30/30
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 27/30
Jaufre Vanvoie [Human/Paladin] 14/20
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 30/30
Areldor Glanolwath [Half Elf of Human Lineage/Illusionist] None/None

Missile Arsenal
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 14/20 Sling Stones
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 20/20 Arrows
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 20/20 Arrows
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 24/24 Bolts
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 40/40 Arrows

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 18:25:46.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: Great Motivation

For me to conclude editing the latest update to 'Treasure Seekers' so I can concentrate on polishing the info for my character Galardil of the Herbal Haze who is a Half Syl Cleric of Kith-jora my friends!

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 18:15:09.


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