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Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Desolate

No Snakes!

No Rodents!

No Plants!

Just some Bugs crawling around here and there that the Birds swoop down upon and remove!

Crow and Tohmas should be realizing that is just not natural and now Skeleton Pirates!

Posted on 2013-06-11 at 02:11:11.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Terrain is Rubble

Rubble is broken fragments of rock resulting from the decay or destruction of a building.

There is no wood, no fauna, just piles and piles of irregular broken up rocks that were once parts of walls and buildings.

This is what Crow (Ranger) and Tohmas (Druid) discover that there is no sign of growing plants of any type whatsoever, so the Entangle Spell will not work here!

Ground is not level, you are walking over irregular piles of busted and broken rocks and stones that were once walls and buildings, so your footing may not be secure!

You are moving towards the sound of the water and in the distance the rubble is piled irregularly, but the water cannot be seen due to the Rubble blocking any view!

Any Character can see that there is No Wood or Metal and just piles and piles of irregular busted up rocks and stones!

Posted on 2013-06-11 at 01:46:06.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Where was the Brush ?????

Everything is a Pile of Rubble!

Posted on 2013-06-11 at 01:12:02.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Entangle ?????

All you have found is rubble so far, so I caution you to not gamble on wasting a spell that may or may not be working under these conditions!

Paladin actually has a stronger ability to Turn UnDead more effectively than your Cleric of Toft has!

Posted on 2013-06-11 at 00:45:38.
Edited on 2013-06-11 at 00:47:24 by Hammer

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Cleric & Paladin

Both can Turn UnDead, but the Player running the Cleric PMed me during recruiting saying he would rather fight them than turn them!

Thanks to his deity, the Paladin can Turn UnDead at the same level as a Cleric his level, so that is a Plus!

Skeletons Because of their boney nature, any slashing or piercing weapons do half damage, while blunt weapons do normal damage!

Please Note: Your Characters are First Level (Level 1) and may not know these things!

So they need to find out in the course of the battle!

Posted on 2013-06-11 at 00:09:37.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Hmmmm

So does the Silver Huntress get the Flint and Tinder ???

Or does she just get the runaround ????

Understood why the Barbarian is not trusted with any of the vials

As for carrying stuff, she may have to carry your character out of harms way sometime!

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 23:58:37.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: At the Moment

You do not know how many of the Skeleton Pirates are advancing against you, but they are coming from the South, East and West of you, as you are all heading North towards the sound of the Happy Water!

Bad News: You will not be able to out run them!

Good News: Where there be Pirates, odds are in your favor that there be some hidden treasure some place!

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 16:05:10.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: For Remembrance

Guh-Amriel would like to have the Flint and Tinder for a remembrance of her 'Mother Nel' and also possibly be allowed to carry at least one of the vials of nameless liquid as a Remembrance also!

she would think the vials important to Nel, so she would like the honor of being entrusted to carry at least one of them, until the Crimson Blades discover what they are!

Thank You for Your Kind Considerations!

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 15:52:44.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Fun Says He

Hope you find this adventure as much or more enjoyable than the Leather Coats Avengers!

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 05:13:51.

Topic: Treasure Seekers
Subject: Devastated City

Treasure Seekers
Cast & Characters
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons
[played by Archangel] a level 1 (Half Elf of Elf Lineage) Rogue worships Hermes
Tohmas Goodwood [played by Odyson] a level 1 (Human) Druid worships Atira
Willem Bariendul [played by Jozan1] a level 1 (Human) Fighter worships Baldur
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [played by Tann'Talas] a level 1 (Elf) Ranger worships Betula
Vincent Wysman [played by Kamina] a level 1 (Human) Knight worships Mars
Bartimeous Dathier [played by Salvator Navaar] a level 1 (Human) Cleric worships Toft
Mylos Goldspinner [played by Brundel] a level 1 (Gnome) Bard worships Amber O' The High Woods
Jaufre Vanvoie [played by Tuned_Out] a level 1 (Human) Paladin worships Cedrus
Elyra Nightshade [played by Angelic] a level 1 (Elf) Bard worships Brigit
Areldor Glanolwath [played by Ziklag] a level 1 (Half Elf of Human Lineage) Illusionist worships Minerva

Previously in Treasure Seekers
In addition to a Lurkers 'Luncheon' of Role Play Revelations, the 'Seekers' weathered some bad weather, before arriving at their agreed upon destination; however, after receiving 10 Gold Coins to help defray any expenses once inside the city, they were shocked to discover that there was no need for the coins, because the city was nothing more than an expansive pile of rubble!

Ransackers in the Rubble
World of Aihrde
Island of Tagea
Devastated City
Early Morning on Saturday
Marrero 13, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

The lack of life seemed to be the most unsettling reality as the Seekers began poking around in the decaying remains of the stone and wood strewn rubble.

Crow had taken the lead, but the inexperience of the others soon found them crowding around close to the Elf Ranger, but curiosity slowly took hold of each one, as they began to spread themselves out, their senses relaxed by the seeming absence of any danger, looking for any traces of treasure to be found.

No one wandered too far from the group, as each member concentrated upon their examinations and explorations of the once proud, but now devastated city.

Conspicuously absent was the hustle and bustle of a population awakening to a new day, the smell of fresh baked goods and the friendly noises of merchants and worksmiths going about their morning tasks, awaiting the spirited exchange of goods and coin between themselves and prospective clients.

No laughter of children at play, no hearty greeting at the arrival of this strange assortment of Seekers, nor any suspicious or fearful looks from anyone, for the rubble held no human life!

Instead, there was the occasional fluttering of wings, as flocks of birds descended upon the colonies of assorted bugs that had colonized themselves throughout the rubble, but there were obvious signs that no predatory or flesh eating animals were in the area, because there was no carrion available!

Seagulls did not venture from the shoreline to the rubble remains of the city, content instead to patrol the shores of the coastline for fresh fish, for there were no crumbs from fresh baked goods this day!

Conspicuously absent were any scavenger birds, for there was no carrion strewn about the rubble for them to dine upon!

Neither Crow nor Tohmas could determine the exact amount of time that had passed since this city had stood intact in all its glorious or mundane splendor.

Nor were the Gnome Bard Mylos or the Elf Bard Elyra able to discover anything in the ruins that would provide clues as to the cause of the devastation that spread all around the group for as far as their eyes could see in the early morning sunlight.

However, it was evident that living beings had obviously scavenged the remains of the city, because they found no metal workings, no weapons or armor, no tools of any sort. It appeared that anything of value had been long ago gathered up and removed from the rubble.

Approximately three-quarters of an hour had passed uneventfully, yielding nothing of value, nor anything not of value, other than endless assortments of worthless rubble, as far as the Seekers were concerned, as they searched for something of any value that might please Mad Dog Muldoon.

Crow and Tohmas heard it first, motioning to the others nearby on either side of them to stop quietly in their tracks, intently focusing upon the unmistakable sound that carried on the soft morning breeze.

To the left of Crow, spaced at 5 foot intervals behind the Ranger, forming an irregular line were Willem (Fighter), Vincent (Knight), Mylos (Bard) and Amur (Rogue).

Slightly to the right of Crow about 5 to 10 feet away, depending upon any given discussion between the two friends, regarding any of their observations along the way, stood the Druid named Tohmas.

Behind the Druid, also spaced about 5 feet apart in an irregular line of formation, were Bartimeous (Cleric), Elyra (Bard), Areldor (Illusionist) and Jaufre (Paladin).

It was not the sickening or disheartening sound of snakes slithering their way between the gaps of broken stones and cobwebbed crevices!

Rather, it was an almost hauntingly eerie and unexpected sound at this point of their combined explorations in this devastated setting, but a most welcome sound of water babbling a happy tune, far off in the distance, approximately another quarter mile, hidden from view somewhere in the rubble!

Cautiously they advanced, examining every step of the way towards the welcome sound of water, yet nothing seemed amiss or out of place, other than the now familiar signs of devastation.

They had now covered a hundred yards, carefully exploring, while either talking among themselves, or being fully absorbed in trying to find any traces of treasure to make their morning profitable!

Crow and Tohmas discussed among themselves the terrain they had covered and what they might possibly find when they found the source of the sound of happy water flowing in the rubble.

Willem and Vincent were also absorbed in their now almost customary conversation; while Mylos searched every passing crevice or cranny with a watchful eye for an overlooked coin, but finding none, as Amur kept to himself, being wary of any traps or hidden caches that might yield any treasure!

On the other side, the Cleric Bartimeous also cast a wary eye upon the rubble remains, focusing most of his attention on the conversation between Crow and Tohmas; while Elyra and Areldor continued their friendly flirtations, as they too looked for any signs of possible traces of treasure, as they slowly advanced towards the sound of the happy water!

But it was the Paladin named Jaufre, who first became aware of a faint sound off in the distance, behind and to the left and right of the Inexperienced Explorers!

Stealthily closing in upon the Seekers, now a mere 100 yards away, the Paladin of Cedrus was sensing the tell-tale taint of armed foes!

They had seemingly come out of nowhere, but the Paladin wasted no time alerting his companions, once he had ascertained for certain the evil taint that was steadily approaching the Seekers!

"Skeleton Pirates!"

Hit Points
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 9/9
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 9/9
Willem Bariendul [Human/Fighter] 12/12
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 12/12
Vincent Wysman [Human/Knight] 13/13
Bartimeous Dathier [Human/Cleric] 11/11
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 10/10
Jaufre Vanvoie [Human/Paladin] 12/12
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 11/11
Areldor Glanolwath [Half Elf of Human Lineage/Illusionist] 7/7

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 04:59:18.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising
Subject: Guh-Amriel the Silver Huntress

Kelder Steppes
South East of the Blood Basin
Day 2 of Madrot

Morning came slowly, for each had taken quite the toll, and as each roused from what their minds had hoped to be a nightmare, their pain wracked bodies confirmed the contrary. As they gathered their senses, anyone glancing at the battlefield of the night before would find no sign of the shadowed figures, and though all of the adventurer's packs still seemed present and accounted for, Nel's body is still encased in stone covered by vines, brambles, and budding flowers.

Guh-Amriel the Silver Huntress stirred ever so slightly, her pain wracked attractively athletic 5'7" 125 lbs body sprawled in awkward contortions, where she lay in the trampled morning-dew grass, several yards from the campsite of 'The Company of the Crimson Blades', as if the Half Elf Barbarian woman had been ravaged and cast aside by a ruthless lover, who no longer burned with any flaming passions or carnal desires, no longer seeking secret satisfactions, either upon her or within her!

"TAH-nil ..."

She was born on Day 15 of Balot in the late spring, 24 years ago, but today she was barely able to moan the name of her deity, unable to utter any other intelligible sound, as her Green Eyes fluttered uncontrollably, before she retreated into a safe haven within an inner realm of her subconscious.

Tanil the Huntress, a Chaotic Good deity, the ultimate champion of the underdog, the queen of archery and stealth, armed with silver-tipped arrows to wreak vengeance upon werebeasts and other obscenities spawned from cataclysms of the past Divine War, was venerated by the father of Guh-Amriel.

He was an Elf of unknown origin, who lay wounded when the Barbarian War Band of the tribe of Guh, affiliated with the Winters Fang tribes of Albadia found him, surrounded by the dead corpses of the vermin being tracked by the Guh warriors, slain by this unknown and dying Elf.

A sense of honor and respect for an unknown Elf who had single-handedly slain their enemies, moved upon the Guh to bring him to their village, where a woman past the mandatory age of Breeding and serving the tribe as a Pleasure Partner for the Guh men, was assigned the nearly impossible task of saving the life of this heroic Elf.

She spent many long weeks cleansing, tending to and pleasuring the unknown Elf back from oblivion and into robust health. They fell in love and were joined together as husband and wife, following the Barbarian customs and laws of the tribe of Guh.

At the time of her marriage she was 32; whereas, the age of the unknown Elf was unknown.

Soon a son was born from their pleasure union, given the name Guh-Amrior by his Elf father, as was the custom of the Guh tribe for fathers to name their children, born on Day 15 of Balot.

Three years later to the exact day, Guh-Amriel was born. She of light bronze skin from her father, green almond-shaped Elven eyes and obviously Elvish ears; pointed with remarkable contours that from the day of her birth until now are quite seductive to look upon.

Her father taught both Guh-Amrior and Guh-Amriel the ways of Tanil the Huntress with an appreciation for Travel, Hunting, Forestry, Music, Archery, Freedom, Good Fortune and her Domains of Animals, Chaos, Luck, Plants, Travel, Trickery; plus her Holy Symbol of Three bronze arrows lying parallel, but Guh-Amriel was enamored with the silver-tipped arrows of her revered deity, adopting the silver weapons of her choice, seeing the Barbarian woman was not a Cleric or Druid.

Her father instilled the values of Freedom of Choice in his son and daughter, also influencing their Chaotic Good choice of alignment, as was their deity of choice.

Young women of the tribe of Guh were taught the ways of passion from the age of 12, under the tender, but firm guidance of a select few older women, who were the wisest and most gifted of the tribe in sharing the secrets of their experiences in the transmitting and receiving of pleasuring passions.

Under their guidance, the young women learned which nights between cycles they were allowed to practice their passionate charms with the young men of the tribe, without prematurely breeding; for the older women would gather around each couple, observing their actions and reactions, coaching each couple openly and advising them how to pleasure each other; then switching partners to administer baths and oils, before resuming their pleasure training with another, then another and yet another, building their endurance for the good of the tribe.

For it was expected, that the women of the tribe of Guh, between the ages of 18 and 30, would serve the men as Breeders and Pleasure Partners during any given day or night, birthing children to be raised by the tribe, pleasuring the men to reward them for their hard work and protection of the tribe, before being allowed to marry after the age of 30 to love a man of their choice and raise a family together.

As the appointed time approached for Guh-Amriel to begin serving the tribe as a Breeder and Pleasure Partner, her father and brother were away on a War Hunt that ended in disaster. Her father was killed and her brother was separated in the heat of battle, presumed and later declared to be officially dead, because there was no trace of his body and no signs that he had escaped.

Guh-Amriel was allowed two years to mourn the deaths of both her father and her brother, because Guh-Amrior did not return from that fateful War Hunt.

Both her father and her brother had diligently trained Guh-Amriel in the art of fighting. Her father taught her to use the bow and arrow, while her brother taught her to fight with battle axes in each hand. Her father also taught her the finer points of fighting with a dagger.

Guh-Amriel proudly wore the scars of her training where she had been cut under each cheek: once by her father and another time by her brother. They were her badges of honor that served as a remembrance of their physical absence from her life.

She spent those two years taking their place in the tribe as hunters, fishers and protectors against any dangers threatening the lives of the tribe of Guh.

Yet the day finally came when her mother insisted that she submit to the laws of the tribe of Guh and surrender herself to the men of the tribe as a Breeder and Pleasure Partner for the next 10 years.

Guh-Amriel was determined to find her brother, so she refused, because she was convinced that her brother Guh-Amrior was still alive. They had the same birth date, somehow forming a connection between their souls as brother and sister, which she knew was yet unbroken by the 'Death Arrow'!

When the tribal council of elders discovered that Guh-Amriel was refusing to abide by the clan standards of surrendering herself to serve the tribe as a Breeder and Pleasure Partner, the elders decreed that she be bound and branded for her shame upon the tribe!

The dreaded "Brakh No'ra" brand, was forcibly bestowed upon any who would betray the tribal community or jeopardize their already harsh way of life.

The "Brakh No'ra" is the forceful subjugation of the indivudual, where an iron brand is heated over hot coals, and then slowly, painfully pressed into the guilty's flesh, typically upon the forhead or somewhere else difficult to hide their shame. The brand is shaped like a horseshoe bound in barbed brambles. A symbol of slavery or a lack of freedom, one suffering the "Brakh No'ra" is considered an exile not protected by tribal law, and may only seek salvation through rite of combat, the open challenging of the clan leader or opposing clansmen who sought the branding in the firstplace.

Guh-Amriel chose to challenge any opposing clansmen through the rite of combat, to gain her freedom and begin her quest to find her brother Guh-Amrior. Tanil gave her the strength and confident ability to defeat four men among the many who desired to Breed with her and take her as a Pleasure Partner whenever they chose to do so!

She spared their lives, but just barely!

Without further ceremony, Guh-Amriel packed up and left the tribe in good graces, although her mother still ordered her to submit to the tribe as a Breeder and Pleasure Partner; as she had done, as her mother before her had done, as had her grandmother and all the women before her.

Fatherless, brotherless and now motherless; Guh-Amriel set out to find any trace or clue that Guh-Amrior was still alive. She spent two winters among the nomadic tribes of the 'White Stallion', hoping to find his long lost trail and enjoying the comforts of her freedom of choice, during the nights between her cycles when she could freely share her passions and pleasures with a man of her choosing, without delaying her quest to give birth to an unexpected life in her belly.

She parted company with the White Stallions on good terms and with a good horse, journeying away from Albadia and fighting her way across the Bleak Savannah in search of her brother Guh-Amrior.

Losing her horse in a battle in a forest near the Kelder Mountains, she decided to spend her time in the mountains searching for her brother and honing her skills against whatever aberrations chose to confront her, whether they be monstrosities or men.

Her quest took her across the Kelder Steppes to the Hornswythe River, where she chose to camp and scout north and south for any clues of her long lost brother. Always keeping in mind what he had repeatedly told her as they fought each other and trained against each other with their weapons: "One day I will leave the tribe and seek my freedom, as is the way of TAH-nil, for those who truly serve her!"

There were occasions where she met other tribesmen, seekers and adventurers who would show her maps and locations of where a Barbarian answering the description of Guh-Amrior had reportedly been seen or rumored to have wreaked havoc upon some evildoer or monstrosities terrorizing a particular countryside, but Guh-Amriel was unable to read or write and could only trust Tanil to guide her.

Her losses and heaviness of heart were at times almost unbearable, but she found a way to focus her sorrows and channel her angers to survive the diverse dangers and countless challenges of the scarred lands of Nomachron.

"Father ... Follow Freedom ... Brother ... Find Guh-Amrior ... He Lives ... I Know ... He Lives ... Mother ... Must Go ... Mother ... Must Find ... Mother ... Nel ... Mother Nel ... Where ... Mother Nel ... What ... Mother Nel ... "

Guh-Amriel suddenly awoke in a cold sweat from her fevered thoughts; her Jet Black Hair matted with dirt, leaves and smatterings of her own blood with traces of some unknown gore.

Her hair was still barely tied back in a pony tail, but was now a confusion of strands trailing down the middle of her back, the ends where she cut the strands with her Silver Dagger were all tangled and dirty, looking like a ratty tail underneath the skull cap that was twisted askew on her head.

She groaned with every movement, but forced herself to stand up, then removed her skull cap to brush her hair vigorously with her fingers, before readjusting the cap on her throbbing head, which was made from a creature she killed, a raccoon type of creature featuring the black circled eyes, a small protruding snout that affords some protection for her eyes from the sun, but with sharp fangs that protect her temples and curve down below her ears, almost to her jaw line.

Guh-Amriel then located her weapons that were strewn all around the area where some type of force had flung her unceremoniously like a jilted lover. She checked herself for any broken bones or dislocated joints, satisfied that the rigorous years of her Barbarian lifestyle had spared her from more damage than the common mercenary.

After hastily examining her apparel, she was satisfied that a brisk swim or a sudden rainstorm would be all that was required for her garments to be shed of unwanted dirt and gore.

She returned her Silver Dagger to the Left Boot Sheath in her soft soled moccasin type boots that protect her feet and ankles, but rise only about 3 quarters up her shins and well below her knee caps, covering her shapely calves.

She straightened a deer skin type shirt under her Masterwork Hide Armor; then satisfied herself that her war skirt was none the worse for wear. She had made a deer skin type skirt that covers her waist, hips, buttocks and measures about a third of the way down her well shaped thighs, with a slit up each side to provide more freedom in combat or running and jumping.

She had also fashioned some type of a pantie short out of rabbit fur and hide, also utilizing rabbit fur in a type of combat style sports bra to provide her shapely breasts both comfort and protection underneath her deerskin shirt. These were all twisted around, but she was able to adjust them so they were comfortable once again.

Her skirt is made in such a way that her 2 Master Worked Silver Bladed Battle Axes can be easily secured on each hip and readily accessible, like a gunfighter pulling his six shooters from his holster! These she retrieved from where they had been flung, testing them both before returning them to her shapely hips.

Her legs and arms show the signs of countless battles in rough terrain, but these also add to her rugged Barbarian attractiveness! There were a few more bumps and bruises than usual, along with fresh cuts that were already scabbing over in the morning sunshine.

Her hands are tough, but not rough from using oils and she trims her nails short with her Silver Dagger. They would need some more attention as soon as possible.

She also wears a talon and bone necklace; plus wears talon and bone wrist bracelets that are uncomfortable against the face of any unwelcome suitors or enemies she chooses to slap with the back of her hands! These were not damaged from the previous night, but also needed proper adjusting.

Her skirt also has belt pouch type pockets for her potions and herbs and oils and whatever else she may decide to carry, like a pretty gem or more than a few to her liking! These were undamaged.

Everything was all accounted for from the day before, including her Back Pack, Bed Roll, Winter Blanket, Trail Rations (7 days), Water Skin, Sack of Lime, 290 in Gold Funds, Potion of Remove Fear (1), Potion of Cure Light Wounds (1) and her supply of Oil of Magic Weapon (2).

Satisfied that she still had all her belongings, the left handed Barbarian reached for her Master Worked Mighty Composite Long Bow, then adjusted her Quiver across her back, containing 10 Silver Tipped Arrows, 10 Regular Arrows and 2 Arrows of Cure Light Wounds.

Then she checked on her fellow Crimson Blade companions, noting they were still alive, but something was amiss:

"Mother Nel," her words were barely audible, as she involuntarily sucked in her breath at the unexpected sight of her fallen leader!

Alanelia's body is still in a kneeling position, her skin is like obsidian, the vegetation around her seemingly still alive and rooted into the ground.

Ignoring her other Crimson Blade companions, Guh-Amriel stared at Nel a few moments, then composing herself, the Barbarian respectfully approached her fallen leader and sat down in front of her, remembering how Nel had found her along the banks of the Hornswythe River, near the capitol city of Lave, searching for her brother.

Nel had extended a hand of friendship, along with an opportunity to become a welcome member of The Company of the Crimson Blades, promising to help the Barbarian in her quest to locate Guh-Amrior.

Within a few short months, the leader of the Crimson Blades had become like a Mother to Guh-Amriel, a mother found and now a mother lost yet again!

Guh-Amriel now sits before the stone encrusted, thorn wrapped Nel and begins to sing and chant quietly to herself in Elvish, a mourning celebration for her fallen 'mother'.

Satisfied that her other companions are all alive, she ignores them to mourn her 'Mother Nel'.

Posted on 2013-06-10 at 04:53:44.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Heads Up

I am working on my opening post for Kaelyn's game and after I complete it and post it to Blood Moon Rising, then I will post the UpDate for Treasure Seekers later this evening sometime!

This still gives some Players the opportunity to post, but there will still be a bit of 'wiggle room' to do any Back Posting for Characters after the UpDate!

Especially since with all the Rubble and Lack of Life you have discovered, you all will have to decide whether or not you will stay and explore or go somewhere else?????

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 22:15:52.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Thank You

Have to pick a Birth Date for her!

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 21:10:32.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Opening Date

What is the Opening Date for this adventure ???

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 20:03:27.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Clues

What Clues ?????

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 19:37:10.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Map is Most Helpful

Of Course, my Barbarian character Guh-Amriel is unable to read or write, so it is Hammer who needs the info to create an intelligent post in her behalf

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 04:21:18.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Color Fonts

Are we allowed to use Color Fonts for our character speech or character thoughts in your game ???

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 04:01:51.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Magnifying Glass ...

..... not helping me much in locating areas on the map

Have not found Lava the capitol, but I think the nearest town you mentioned is just east of that blue body of water on your map ???

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 03:59:47.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Another Question

Exactly where are we encamped ???

Will go back and look a 4th time to see if I missed the location ???

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 03:43:03.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Okay

So my character can just go ahead and cast spells on the fly depending upon the circumstances he faces, until he has used 4 spells for the day!


Posted on 2013-06-09 at 03:33:57.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Hmmmmmmmm

Question: At 3 Hit Points, how much physical activity is allowed without weakening any further ???

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 03:31:43.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Right

Thought we had to state which ones we were using this day ???

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 03:24:05.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: 4 Spells for War Cleric

Below are the 4 Spells that Adelror will be able to use during his first day:

1. Cure Light Wounds
2. Magical Stone
3. Sanctuary
4. Shillelagh

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 02:44:57.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Thanks Ayrn & Tek

I will figure out which Spells from the new list that Ayrn has PMed me that Adelror will be using this day!

Thanks Again!

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 02:31:46.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Am Curious

As to why the spells sent to me by Ayrn did not include a Healing Spell ???

That is usually why I choose to play a Cleric, but whatever list I must go by will be fine and a new challenge for me!

Posted on 2013-06-09 at 01:28:01.


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