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Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Sword

Actually, you would rather use your Sword and keep your Dirk sheathed, as you will get 2 Swings as an Ambi; whereas, an Ambi gets Primary and Off Hand Swing with 2 Weapons, but against Skeletons the Slashing (Swords) and Piercing (Arrows & Bolts) get one half damage!

In Melee, your Strength Bonus is added to your Weapon, so a Sword that does 1d8 will do either 1,2,3 or 4 against a Skeleton (Unless You Totally Miss!) plus Strength Bonus.

Not Telling You How Many Hit Points the Skeletons have, but it is possible to eliminate a Skeleton with one slice of your Sword, even at half + Strength Bonus!

Posted on 2013-06-17 at 15:13:57.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Wait for Map

Should have one up tonight and actually you guys have some edge in Melee, especially the Ambi characters!

Ambidextrous Characters (15 Dex or Higher) are allowed to fight with 2 weapons without an offhand penalty!

Even though you guys are level One(1) your characters will get more swings per round than the Skeletons get, but I have to finalize in my thinking what I am allowing for my Home Brew Rules on that (have already decided that an Ambi shooting arrows, bolts or sling stones will be able to launch up to 4 max per round).

You all were running in a Surprise Situation, so Mylos and Tohmas only got one shot off to begin!

When all the smoke clears from combat I will roll a d20 to see how many arrows or bolts are salvageable! Otherwise, they are broken, bent or lost (so use your Arrows etc wisely when the time comes!)

Posted on 2013-06-17 at 14:53:17.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Crude Map with Minor Mistake

Okay Gang

I have scratched out a Crude Hyroglyph Map with a Minor Mistake, so if this works you will have to figure there are 2 Spaces between the Skeleton Pirates from the West and Crow & Amur, instead of 1 Space!

What I did was update the moves of the Skeleton Pirates as they had the Initiative Move, so you all will have to decide how you are going to Form into a Circle the Wagons type of Retreat (to protect your Illusionist as Ody suggested) or Attack, depending upon what you each choose to do!

Archangel I will need to know what Resolution to have this Crude Map Scanned into a JPEG, as I will get this done sometime on Monday during my Busy Schedule for the Day!

Hope This Works Out and Helps!

Posted on 2013-06-17 at 03:25:52.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Hmmmmmmm

On Second Thought, you all are such a good group of players, I will see what I can Heiroglyph on a sheet of paper and if I am satisfied, I will go ahead and get it copied and put on my Flash Drive, because on Monday I will have to drive right past the place I get that done!

No Promises!

But We Shall See!

Posted on 2013-06-17 at 01:15:49.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Problem

No Map and No Scanner for a Crude One!

Bought Graph Paper today and left it in my Daughter's car who is studying at ORU this week, so do not know when I can get the Graph Paper back, but will keep that in mind Archangel, because I can go to a copy place and get the Graph scanned and put on a Flash Drive for a Small Fee, but am not paying money at the present time to do so!

Besides, the Battle will be finalized before I can get all that done!

Posted on 2013-06-17 at 00:53:33.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Boars & Butterflies

Guh-Amriel is keeping track of the group on the way to Lave via the other town, stalking Wild Boar!

Posted on 2013-06-16 at 23:32:36.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Correct

No Walls to afford protection or prevent you from being surrounded, just pile of rubble as far as the eye can see, which is why the Turned Skeletons will Not Be Cowering and Will Be Returning Sometime!

Posted on 2013-06-16 at 23:27:37.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Actions

Will need to be posted here, even though you mention them in the Game Thread, I will be consulting the QnA and those who do not post I will have to NPC if necessary!

You All are about to Melee 45 Skeletons!

Hope You Survive!

Posted on 2013-06-16 at 05:13:57.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: There Were 3 Groups of Skeletons

East, West and South.

When You All Ran Right that was East.

So now at the East there are 10 (5 Turned)

West 15 and South 20 and All Are Converging!

Skeletons advance 30 feet putting them near the Players Characters, so hopefully you guys survive!

Posted on 2013-06-16 at 05:11:04.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Wednesday Deadline

What was supposed to be a 'Short Post' became Much Longer than previously planned today!

It would have become Much Longer if I had included italicized quotes and descriptions from each player who had posted over the past few days!

I just tried to include the most pertinent parts to the UpDate, not intentionally slighting anyone!

I have NPCed Crow according to what I perceived to be true during the beginnings of this adventure!

NPCed Bartimeous as I did not hear from Salvator in response to a PM Message!

Wednesday Deadline
You have until Wednesday to post in the QnA the actions your character will be taking until the Skeleton Pirates are totally eliminated and the Seekers (hopefully) survive!

My Next UpDate will be sometime from Thursday on into the weekend, depending upon if I join a work crew for Tornado Relief either Thursday, Friday or Saturday!

I will be on a work crew for Tornado Relief tomorrow (Saturday), so in the meantime everyone is free to Post in the Game Thread anything pertaining to the events up to and including the Skeleton Pirates current position in relation to each of the Players Characters!

Therefore, My Next UpDate Will Include the Conclusion of Your Current Battle Against the Skeleton Pirates; While Possibly Setting the Stage for Your Next Decision on Seeking Treasure!

Posted on 2013-06-15 at 01:57:42.

Topic: Treasure Seekers
Subject: Pande-BONE-nium

Treasure Seekers
Cast & Characters
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons
[played by Archangel] a level 1 (Half Elf of Elf Lineage) Rogue worships Hermes
Tohmas Goodwood [played by Odyson] a level 1 (Human) Druid worships Atira
Willem Bariendul [played by Jozan1] a level 1 (Human) Fighter worships Baldur
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [played by Tann'Talas] a level 1 (Elf) Ranger worships Betula
Vincent Wysman [played by Kamina] a level 1 (Human) Knight worships Mars
Bartimeous Dathier [played by Salvator Navaar] a level 1 (Human) Cleric worships Toft
Mylos Goldspinner [played by Brundel] a level 1 (Gnome) Bard worships Amber O' The High Woods
Jaufre Vanvoie [played by Tuned_Out] a level 1 (Human) Paladin worships Cedrus
Elyra Nightshade [played by Angelic] a level 1 (Elf) Bard worships Brigit
Areldor Glanolwath [played by Ziklag] a level 1 (Half Elf of Human Lineage) Illusionist worships Minerva

Crow was enjoying leading this group of Seekers, which he knew to be right, at least in his own mind, that it was always understood in the Detmold Forest that any Ranger, no matter how inexperienced, was the natural choice for leading a party of adventurers.

And who better to serve as his right hand and second-in-command, than his good friend Tohmas Goodwood, who the Ranger could count on to stand beside him, no matter what the odds, or the number of foes arrayed against them.

Crow and Tohmas made slow, but steady progress towards the sound of the Happy Water, noting along the way that there was no wood, no fauna, just piles and piles of irregular broken up rocks that were once parts of walls and buildings.

Nothing but rubble: broken fragments of rock resulting from the decay or destruction of a building. Yet, this rubble was easily a thousand times more and more, seemingly stretching in all directions as far, or even further, than the original boundaries of this once vast and glorious city.

In fact, Tohmas discovered that there was no sign of growing plants of any type whatsoever, so his Entangle Spell will not work here!

The ground was not level, as all 10 Seekers were walking over irregular piles of busted and broken rocks and stones that were once walls and buildings, so their footing was not too secure!

The two friends kept moving towards the sound of the water and in the distance noticing the rubble is piled irregularly, but the water cannot be seen due to the Rubble blocking any view!

The other 8 Seekers, intently examining every foot of terrain round about them, could see that there is No Wood or Metal and just piles and piles of irregular busted up rocks and stones!

Complete Desolation!

No Snakes!

No Rodents!

No Plants!

Just some Bugs crawling around here and there that the Birds swoop down upon and remove!

But where were the Birds now?

Both Crow and Tohmas were concluding together that things were just not natural here, but at least Crow could depend upon his trusted friend, no matter how unnatural the setting,

So much for the assumptions of an inexperienced Ranger!

Skeleton Pirates!

The sudden alarm from the Paladin at the rear of the irregular line following Tohmas froze every Seeker in his or her tracks for precious long moments; as 50 undead continued their death march to claim the lives of their unsuspecting prey!

15 to the east, 15 to the west and 20 to the south; relentlessly drawn to the living essence of the 10 Seekers, who stood staring at their steady approach, noting their tattered pirate clothes and their cutlasses brandished with a thirst for shedding the blood of the living!

Elyra broke into a song as the enemy approached.

"Bones are coming rattling on, rattling on, rattling on
Bones are coming rattling on, will we join them?

Never more they smell the rose, smell the rose, smell the rose
Never more they smell the rose, under feet they tromp them

Send them back into the grave, into the grave, into the grave
Send them back into the grave and save their souls"

Elyra had her twin swords drawn, but it was her song that provided a spark for her fellow Seekers to begin taking action against the oncoming undead skeletons!

Mylos did not see who shouted the warning so focussed as he was on finding treasure, but he was still fast to react. This was the first time that Mylos could remember his life being in danger. Back at the Modling River there was no one and nothing to worry about, even the trade route had been quiet enough when he had ventured out. Mylos was in a state of panic, but he did manage to get his crossbow drawn and with shaking hands secure the bolt fast in its groove. He was hoping to get some practice with the weapon but it looked as though he would have to learn the hard way...

Crow watched the nervous Gnome fumble with his light cross bow, in such a state of panic that the Bard had no inspirational song or chant to help bolster the morale of his fellow inexperienced Seekers!

Unfortunately, undeath was something that Willem has seen in the past, and by all the gods he wished they would stay there. He drew his broadsword and hefted it in two hands, looking around the group. He saw the oncoming skeletons through the rubble, and he swallowed hard as he realized how many there were. Three groups, left, right, and behind them. This was not a good situation at all.

"We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we dont' have much time!"

Crow observed some of the Seekers responding to the voice of Willem the Fighter!

Vincent snapped out of his thoughts as soon as he heard Jaufre yelled out about Skeletons walking towards them. Freezing in his spot for a moment, Vincent registered what he had just heard. "We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we dont' have much time!" Looking over to Willem, Vincent grinned. "Aye, a good plan! Let's show these undead freaks how true warriors fight!" For show he banged his sword against his shield and let out a holler.

The sudden clanging of sword on shield and holler from Vincent so unsettled the nervous Gnome Bard Mylos, that he quite by accident released the bolt, which fortunately flew in a southwesterly direction, instead of piercing one or more of his fellow Seekers!

Amber O' The High Woods must have been smiling and guiding the nervous Gnome's misguided bolt, as it sailed through the air above the rubble unimpeded, before striking against the rib cage of the next to last Skeleton Pirate furthest away from him, then ricocheting off the left forearm of the one at the end of the western line of approaching foes!

Both skeletons swayed a step or two, before resuming their relentless march to slay the living!

Crow just shook his head in disbelief at the result of Mylos' shot, unaware that his diety Amber O' The High Woods is indeed the Gnome Deity of Luck and Fine Brewing!

The quick thinking of the fighter sparked murmurs amongst those still uncertain how to proceed; it seemed a course may be set, but Jaufre was certain it should not be one taken recklessly. The Paladin nodded to Willem before raising his voice:

"Move quickly and together toward their ranks! Those capable weaken their number at range, so our blades be not overwhelmed! I'll watch the approaching ranks and cover the rear;" He swallowed hard, knowing what he must try to do. "By the divine light of Cedrus these twisted forms of men shall be repelled!"

To stand stalwart against such threats was forged into his spirit by his training. With caution and vigilance Jaufre surveyed the approaching ranks as they carried out their plan, a prayer ready on his lips; he was ready to call upon the divine to aid him in the sheltering of his companions.

Crow just stood rooted in his place, watching the members of the western flank rush to the east; while even the nervous Gnome was seeking the refuge of safety in numbers!

This was not how things were supposed to be, especially with a Ranger taking the lead, but the inexperience of all was exposed by this first of possibly many dangers!

Amur had pulled out his Sling, along with a couple of stones, running to a better vantage point on a pile of rubble, about 10 feet directly south of Crow; however, the Skeleton Pirates advancing from the west were still out of the range of his ready weapon.

As much as Bartimeous Dathier desired to engage the foe head on with his War Hammer, the Cleric of Toft was somehow impressed, perhaps by his deity, to follow the lead of the Paladin and give the assembled Seekers some breathing room against their foes!

With a sweeping gesture and a prayer to Toft on his lips, the Cleric somehow managed to cause 5 of the advancing Skeleton Pirates to freeze in their tracks, turn and begin marching in the opposite direction!

Tohmas turned seeing the oncoming undead. Willem then called out, "We should take one group on, I say the right. Fight them before the rest hit, but we dont' have much time!" With his quarter staff secured and his shield on his back Tohmas pulled his hunting and knocked an arrow. "I will follow you and take down what I can before you engage." Trotting after Willem Tohmas draw aim on the first skeleton to come into clear range and let the arrow fly while whispering a prayer to Altira to guide its flight. Surely this creatures were the cause of the blight on these ruins.

Crow felt his jaw drop as he watched his trusted friend abandon his post, following after the Fighter, instead of standing by the side of the Ranger!

Atira heeded the whispered prayer, even though the shot was not a straight one, but not as erratic as the bolt that Mylos had released moments earlier! The arrow found its mark against the right skull of one of the skeletons marching in the middle of the advancing line, causing it to falter momentarily, but not enough to prevent it from advancing in line with the others, seeking to spill the blood of the living!

Crow could not help stifle a smile at the result of the marginal success of his friend's hasty shot.

Meanwhile, the Paladin Jaufre took one last look over his shoulder, noting that Areldor had moved his Staff to his back, in favor of fighting with his Club, at the side of the beautiful Bard Elyra who stood next to the Cleric of Toft; while Willem and Vincent were side by side, about 5 feet ahead of Tohmas and Bartimeous, standing their ground and ready to dispatch the advancing foes!

Perhaps it was in those few seconds of looking back that the Paladin somehow lost his focus, or perhaps it was his inexperience, but try as he might, Jaufre had failed to disperse any of the 20 advancing Skeleton Pirates that were steadily gaining ground from behind the Seekers!

Crow felt a momentary pang of fear try to grip him, realizing that the inexperienced Seekers were now in dire straits, unless they could somehow band together in the face of this danger and somehow find a way to survive!

Note from the Castle Keeper:

The Skeleton Pirates are now surrounding the Seekers on 3 sides as follows:

15 from the west are 40 feet from Crow and Amur.

10 from the east are 45 feet from Mylos; 40 feet from Tohmas, Bartimeous, Elyra, Areldor and Jaufre; 35 feet from Willem and Vincent.

20 from the south are 40 feet from Jaufre.

The 5 Turned Skeleton Pirates Will Not Be Cowering At Any Time and Will Eventually Return!

Skeleton Pirates have the first Initiative move and will close the gap by another 30 feet, which means Each Player will be able to move their Character to engage in Melee Battle!

On a Direct Line, there is now 20 feet between Crow and Tohmas; 25 feet between Amur and Vincent; while there is 5 feet south and 15 feet east between Mylos and Amur; while there is 5 feet south between Crow and Amur.

There is 25 feet south between Tohmas and Jaufre; occupied at 5 feet spaces by Willem, Vincent, Bartimeous, Elyra and Areldor.

However, Willem and Vincent are occupying spaces side by side 5 feet ahead of everyone else in the line on the east; while Mylos is directly behind Bartimeous occupying a 5 foot space.

My Apologies, as there is No Map for Viewing!

Hit Points
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 9/9
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 9/9
Willem Bariendul [Human/Fighter] 12/12
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 12/12
Vincent Wysman [Human/Knight] 13/13
Bartimeous Dathier [Human/Cleric] 11/11
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 10/10
Jaufre Vanvoie [Human/Paladin] 12/12
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 11/11
Areldor Glanolwath [Half Elf of Human Lineage/Illusionist] 7/7

Armor Hit Points
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 20/20
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 20/20
Willem Bariendul [Human/Fighter] 30/30
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 30/30
Vincent Wysman [Human/Knight] 20/20
Bartimeous Dathier [Human/Cleric] 30/30
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 30/30
Jaufre Vanvoie [Human/Paladin] 20/20
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 30/30
Areldor Glanolwath [Half Elf of Human Lineage/Illusionist] None/None

Posted on 2013-06-15 at 01:36:59.
Edited on 2013-06-19 at 17:26:02 by Hammer

Topic: A Single Stone...
Subject: Hand on Sword

Deysor Twenty-Fourth, 1121
One Hour South of Graffton, Irvala Province
Marching to Battle

By the look on her face, it was unclear as to whether Ellice had never seen the workings of magic before, or simply had no idea as to what had just transpired between the druid and his pet. But with a very curious look on her face, the lass took a step towards the half-breed. “ speak to it? Or can it speak to you? What did it see?” The girl’s emotions were so all over the place this day, it was amazing she hadn’t rested yet. For going from weeping to excitable at the display between druid and companion, Ellice was either running on pure adrenaline, or possessed a fortitude like that of the warriors.

She turned to Adelror, her eyes focused on the gemstone in his beard. “The colour of blood... Avenge the dead, Adelror. This place, this day.”

"Avenge We Shall Ellice!"

Then the Duskarn War Cleric, wearing the raised fist of Dareen, called Elberon aside, conferring with the Wizard that he was about to cast a spell upon 3 stones he held in his hand, which he would in turn pass to Elberon to use as missiles against their hunted adversaries!

OOC: Adelror will cast the spell upon the 3 stones at the best time to give to Elberon to use the spell enhanced stones to fling them with his Sling, before they catch sight of their quarry!

Meanwhile, with assurances to Ellice, he instructs the woman to walk with him, allowing her to touch the end of his sword hilt, upon which the War Cleric has a firm grip, so she can feel like she has a part in the coming battle, while the dwarf stands ready to defend her from any possible surprise attack, as they determinedly stalk their hunted prey!

"Lead On Bailox!

"May Atlan Protect Ye!

"Dareen Do No Less Fer Me!

"Ah Dell Roar Be Joining Ye All Ta Spill Blood This Day!"

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 19:57:43.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Jozan

Posted my two bits for Guh-Amriel and as indicated, please charge her up to full power so she can take point for the Crimson Blades!

Thank You!

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 05:43:07.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising
Subject: Feel the Power

Guh-Amriel finished her mourning chant for the loss of her 'Mother Nel' and was about to rise to her feet, when she felt a slight tap on her back below her left shoulder, followed by a surge of power that cleansed and tingled the cuts and bruises throughout her body, plus her very bones.

She stood up abruptly and looked down in the face of Alcorel, then eying the wand in his hand, she said in broken Common: "More Power! Feed Rage! Me Help You!"

It was not that she was unable to hold a conversation with complete sentences, quite the contrary, but when she spoke in Common, she rarely used many words at one time.

However, she spoke fluently in Elvish when she had a mind to, especially when speaking to Ellen about matters of a mission, or for just carrying on a conversation. She honored the memory of her father that way, choosing to speak more fluently in Elvish, than she did in Common.

She held out her wrists towards Alcorel, indicating that she wanted an increase of healing power to bring her to full strength, because she was planning on taking point, once she understood the direction that Ellen would indicate from reading the letter.

(OOC: Once she has been given additional healing power from Alcorel):

Guh-Amriel approached Ellen and began conversing in Elvish, indicating that she would like a remembrance of Nel, by carrying one or more of the liquid vials, but Ellen wisely declined. The Barbarian finally settled on something more useful to her personal use and the good of the party, rather than something that in her possession might prove harmful to the remaining Crimson Blades!

Satisfied with the gift of Nel's Flint and Tinder, she proceeded to ask Ellen what direction the party would be taking?

OOC: Upon receiving directions, she addresses her surviving comrades:

"Me Hurt! You Hurt! We Avenge Nel Now!"

Nodding to each of her Crimson Blade comrades, she set off in no particular direction that would indicate that she understood where Ellen indicated they would be traveling to.

But before anyone could question where the Barbarian was going by herself, she stopped, turned and pointed to Tasso saying:

"Me Get You Ham!"

OOC: Guh-Amriel is on the hunt for wild boar to deliver to Tasso before starting their journey!

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 05:38:51.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Got Back a Few Minutes Ago ...

..... from Tornado Relief work day!

Need to go take a shower and will write a post probably on Friday!

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 01:05:34.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Hey Gang

I just got home from Tornado Relief work and am cooling down before showering!

Plus I will need to get some rest before I do any writing!

Will be gone Saturday with another Tornado Relief group also and my time on Sunday is limited, so I will get something written as soon as I am able to do so!

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 00:55:43.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Friday

Hey Gang

I just got back to the house from Tornado Relief work and am checking Posts while I cool down before showering!

Sometime Friday I plan to Post a Short Update revealing what the Turn UnDead and any Range Attacks do or do not do to thin out the ranks!

Posted on 2013-06-14 at 00:50:28.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Ziklag

How certain are you that the ship will still be there if the group makes a run for the ship ?????

They are Loyal and will not abandon you on purpose, but what makes you so certain the ship will be at the exact spot where it was before you went to the city ???

Skeleton Pirates will chase you all over that island no matter where you go!

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 03:21:06.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Interesting

You have a Cleric on the right side who may be more interested in bashing skeletons than turning them (only going by what he PMed me when I discussed his Charisma Attribute) so we will have to see what he decides!

Tuned_Out has his Paladin at the end of the right line behind Tohmas (east) and from what I am hearing the Paladin would attempt turning the Skeleton Pirates that are coming from the south (depends if he is successful and will see how many he turns if successful) which is the best strategy from his position!

Meanwhile, all 3 groups are steadily advancing against the Party of Ten!

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 03:17:18.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Okay Jozan

Because you are in the group behind Crow on the left (West) so your character is suggesting to band with the others to fight against the Skeleton Pirates to the east

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 02:46:18.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: So Jozan

When you say to the right, I figure you are saying attack the group to the east ???

Posted on 2013-06-13 at 02:40:06.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: No Problem Jozan

Glad to Know You Are Alive and Well Today!

Posted on 2013-06-12 at 23:35:32.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Tentative Friday Night

Mylos has a Light Cross Bow and Crow has a Composite Long Bow, while Elyra has a Composite Short Bow (but her swords are already drawn!)

On Friday Night I will try to Post a Short Interlude Description of Crow and Mylos taking a shot at the Skeleton Pirates that are advancing from the West; However, Thohmas has a Short Bow and they are still out of range for an Arrow from him!

This action will take place before the foes are in range for Turn UnDead action!

Thought this may help add some color to the story and provide an action from whence other Players may Role Play their reactions before you have to decided what to do!

Posted on 2013-06-12 at 19:36:28.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Congratulations Tuned

That is Great News!

Posted on 2013-06-12 at 18:15:59.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Question

How far are we from our destination to follow up on the letter that Ellen has read requesting help from Nel and the Crimson Blades ?????

Posted on 2013-06-12 at 18:13:34.


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