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Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: General Procedure is that ...

..... when all the Players get around to Posting in the Game Thread, that I will do an update to move the adventure along according to what is Posted.

There are times we use the QnA to communicate what we may decide to do with our characters, discuss various responses and then Post in Game according to our decisions!

Posted on 2013-04-27 at 21:19:11.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Green Light

The Game has Resumed My Friends!

Ody and Jozan have been added to the Game Roster so they can Post when ready!

Posted on 2013-04-27 at 09:54:09.

Topic: The Leather Coats Avengers
Subject: New Chapter with New Characters

Leather Coats Avengers
Cast & Characters

Rextugenous [played by Hammer] a level 5 (Human) Paladin, Wizard, Bard who worships Brigit
Danamar Maeleneill [played by Raven] a level 5 (Elf) Druid, Ranger who worships Oercus
Toraad Ovmek [played by Tuned_Out] a level 5 (Dwarf) Cleric, Monk who worships Steel
Sir Calmindon Jorralan [played by Ziklag] a level 5 (Half Elf) Knight, Illusionist who worships Araulin
Jym Enen [played by Odyson] a level 5 (Gnome) Fighter, Assassin who worships Maddi Gaddlroot
Godwin Bale [played by Jozan1] a level 5 (Human) Fighter, Rogue who worships Nalshee

Previously in Leather Coats Avengers
Welcome Back to Both Old and New Lurkers!

As you may have noticed, we now have 2 New Players joining the Party!

Give it up for Ody and Jozan, as they add their talents to help make The Leather Coats Avengers an even Greater Legendary Tale!

Plus, offer up another Round of Applause for Raven, Ziklag, Tuned_Out and Hammer; as they help raise the bar higher for more awesome, unexpected, unforeseen surprises and excitement, thrills, chills and spills; to Astound and Astonish You Lurkers , over the course of this Epic Adventure!

I suggest reading the Previous Posts to get a pulse beat for the background, settings and origins of this adventure (including Heroes ... Villains ... etc) before heading back out on the trail towards the City of Chinon with The Leather Coats Avengers!

On the Horizon
Along the Trail to the City of Chinon
Mid Day on Monday
April 3, 212awd (After Winter Dark)

It was now the third day on the trail from the City of Lasch to the City of Chinon.

Ordinarily, by this time, Rextugenous and his Leather Coats Avengers would have been feasting and enjoying the rewards of another successful mission; however, they were now leading a small army along the winding trail between Lasch and Chinon.

These Plains between the City of Lasch and the City of Chinon are a bit rougher and much hillier than the Plains Terrain between the City of Sherrill and the City of Lasch.

There was evidence of strange tracks and animal remains here and there as the small army slowly made its way towards its destination. Evidence of broken wagon parts; evidence of orcs and goblin tracks mixed with decaying body parts; evidence of human remains, along with horses hoof prints criss crossing the trail from time to time, mixed with tell tale boot prints; plus broken bits of swords, arrows, bolts and discarded bows bore evidence to the blood soaked ground by which the small army passed.

It was also strange that there were no birds or animals seen roaming the Prairie as in times past. Not even any evidence of buzzards seeking the foul flesh of rotting corpses that may be hidden from the view of those passing along the trail to the City of Chinon.

Rextugenous reflected upon how he and his LC Avengers companions had come to be in the company of this small army, as they slowly made their way towards Chinon.

The last night that the Bard had stirred the patrons with his inspiring oratory, word had come that merciless bandits were now making it virtually impossible for wagon caravans to pass between Lasch and Chinon, without being violated or worse.

Chinon was in desperate need of reinforcements, so the Fortunato Brothers asked The Leather Coats Avengers to drive two wagons to the City of Chinon. One loaded with weapons; such as, bows, arrows, cross bows, bolts, swords, shields, spears etc to help defend the city.

The other wagon loaded with fine linens, trinkets and other assorted goods was to be delivered in behalf of the Fortunato Brothers to a fellow merchant in Chinon.

Reports of Bandit Raiders and Rumors of Vile Creatures seen roaming the Prairie between the two cities of commerce, was steadily choking the local population with a suffocating fear of the unknown.

A steady stream of mercenaries stopped by the table where Rextugenous and his LC Avengers were assembled, pledging to travel with them to the City of Chinon to rid the region of whatever evil was choking the life and dreams of the local citizens throughout the land.

Rextugenous, Danamar, Toraad and Sir Cal were soon joined at the table by a Gnome named Jym Enen and a Human named Godwin Bale. After several drinks, the newcomers were welcomed into the inner circle of The Leather Coats Avengers.

The Fortunato Brothers had rewarded the foursome with 50 gold coins, 5 pearls, 5 rubies and 5 emeralds. The gems were small enough for the adventurers to hold in one open hand, but not with a clenched fist.

These were their reward for restoring the stolen Treasure Wagon back to the possession of Fredrico and Lars Fortunato; plus they were each given 2 rings.

Rextugenous recognized the rings had magical properties and told his companions that one of them was a Ring of Sustenance, but he refrained from revealing the nature of the other rings in their possession.

He also noted aloud that Jym and Godwin each wore a Ring of Sustenance, but again refrained from revealing the natures of the other rings they wore.

By mutual consent, it was agreed upon that Godwin would drive the wagon laden with the linens and other commercial goods; while Rextugenous would drive the weapons wagon. Toraad agreed to ride shotgun with Rex, while Jym chose to accompany Godwin.

Danamar was content to walk ahead of the wagons, while Sir Cal was free to ride where he chose, keeping close watch for any signs of enemy activity, but mostly to determine if those who chose to travel with them to Chinon could be trusted.

On Saturday, April 1, the LC Avengers got off to a late start, because the unexpected arrival of 50+ mercenary men and a dozen or so more mercenary women made it virtually impossible to keep either a strict time schedule, or a strict travel pace.

What was determined by Sir Cal that first day, was that although there were more than a few unsavory types among the volunteers; no one seemed inclined to be a thief or intent to steal any of the precious cargo bound for the City of Chinon.

That evening around the campfire, it was agreed upon by the six adventurers, that there were no secret spies in cahoots with any Bandit Raiders, nor were any of the mercenaries secreting any threats.

All had volunteered to help aid and defend the City of Chinon in its apparent hour of need, stirred and bolstered by the inspiring oratory of Rextugenous the previous evening.

So this small army was seemingly in no hurry to traverse the 35 mile distance between the City of Lasch and the City of Chinon. They were intent and content to examine the Prairie on both sides of the trail; ready, willing and able to confront and eliminate any evil threats along the way.

Towards the end of Day 2 on the Open Plain, far to the west of the trail there appeared to be a gnarled old tree that reminded the LC Avengers of their encounter with Treghnar the Treant, inspiring the foursome to swap tales with their 2 new companions as they made camp for the night.

Soon the small army was abuzz with the sounds of merriment as each mercenary did his or her best to outdo the accounts of fearless adventuring that one or another of their compatriots boasted of round about the camp fires on either side of the trail.

Guards were stationed on Sentry Duty at strategic points round about the camp, but no one ventured far away from their mercenary brethren. Night Vision was sufficient to keep a secure watch, while members of the small army were content to gather around the fires and swap tales with meat and ales.

There was no evidence of wolves on the prowl. No strange red eyes could be seen afar off in the distance, no matter which direction one with keen perception chose to scrutinize.

All seemed to be calm ... too calm!

In the late hours of that second night, when most of the mercenaries had drifted off to sleep, an almost imperceptible sound of strange, agonized cries drifted upon the chill wind from an undetermined distance. Both to the east ... and to the west ... of their camp.

As the rays of daylight stretched its infant fingers, heralding the dawning of a new day, anyone who chose to notice would remark that the old gnarled tree that was seen from a distance to the west the previous evening, was no where to be seen, in any direction!

So as sleep was chased from their eyes, most thought it must have been an illusion from the previous evening, after a tedious march during the greater part of the day. It was as if the tree were never there on the plain in the first place.

After a hearty breakfast, the small army broke camp, resuming their relentless, yet vigilant, slow march towards the City of Chinon. At their present rate of progress, they might be fortunate to arrive at Chinon by perhaps the next day, or the day after.

By mid day, the small army had encountered the first of a series of tiresome hills, about 15 miles or so from Chinon.

Pacing themselves, ever vigilant to their surroundings, the small army set themselves to the task of traversing the series of hills that stretched before them, ever mindful and wary of possible ambush along the way.

As they made their way up yet another rough obstacle along the trail to the City of Chinon, an ominous plume of smoke could be seen rising up from beyond a distant hill.

Attention Players ... This is the Time to Post Your Character Reflections and Your Back History Where Applicable!

Attention Lurkers ... Gather Your Refreshments and Settle In for Another Wild Ride!

Posted on 2013-04-27 at 09:49:15.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Going Out of Town

I am going out of town unexpectedly over the weekend, so I will work on the next Update Post when I get some free time to do so!

Posted on 2013-04-26 at 04:53:48.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Map

We will be heading for Chinon when the adventure resumes!

Posted on 2013-04-26 at 04:51:59.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Map of Aihrde

Has been sent to both Ody and Jozan a few minutes ago!

I was hoping to get a Post written tonight, but am running out of time and I have to substitute teach on Friday and then am going out of town unexpectedly for the weekend, so I probably will be unable to get the Post updated tonight for the Game!

Posted on 2013-04-26 at 02:51:10.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: New Recruitment is Officially Closed

New Recruitment for LC Avengers is now Officially Closed for the foreseeable future!

Posted on 2013-04-25 at 03:04:48.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: 10pm cst Deadline

10pm cst is the Deadline for One Last Player to join the LC Avengers as they head north to confront unknown evils!

Posted on 2013-04-25 at 01:32:56.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: Heads Up Newcomers

Just a Heads Up for the newcomers!

I should have a Game Post Update written and posted by the weekend, once I know the names of each of the new characters and who will be playing!

At that time I will add Ody and Jozan to the Game Post Roster, so they can post when ready!

Character Creation Sheet info will not necessarily have to be finalized before you guys are able to post in the Game!

The update I will write will allow for everyone to reflect on past events, plus allow Ody and Jozan the opportunity to post the histories of their characters in their opening posts!

I am waiting until tonight before closing the door on any more additions to our party!

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 17:07:18.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Creative Juices Beginning to Flow Now

Ody and Jozan will be on board for the next phase of our adventure, so I will be writing and posting another update to get the adventure moving forward in the next few days!

The update I will write will allow for everyone to reflect on past events, plus allow Ody and Jozan the opportunity to post the histories of their characters in their opening posts!

I am waiting until tonight before closing the door on any more additions to our party!

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 16:27:40.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: One Opening Available

Ody and Jozan are submitting characters, which leaves only One (1) more Opening for New Characters to Join!

Deadline is Tonight (Wednesday) April 24th

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 15:21:12.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: As for Attributes

The First Attribute is determined by what you choose for a Character (Example: Fighter = Strength, Rogue = Dexterity etc) which is the Primary Attribute

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 04:36:42.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: From the First Page of Recruitment

Numbers used for the 6 Attributes will be 19-17-15-13-11-9 and will be adjusted for Race Modifiers.

Characters will receive the maximum amount of Hit Points and I will be rolling the dice and determining the outcome of situations based upon your Role Play.

Developing a Background, Character Description and Role Play are the Main Ingredients for this adventure as you need not have an understanding of the Siege Engine System of C&C to participate.

Player Characters will be Level 5 Multi-Class Characters that may include the following (Humans may be 3 Classes and all others are 2 Classes):

The Fighter is a warrior with great prowess on the battlefield.
The Ranger is an extraordinary woodsman and warrior.
The Rogue is a rapscallion and an opportunist.
The Assassin is an expert at killing and eliminating targeted enemies.
The Barbarian draws upon vestigial, primal will in combat.
The Monk conditions his body to withstand the rigors of war and the elements.
The Wizard is a practitioner of powerful arcane magics.
The Illusionist magically distorts the perceptions of others.
The Cleric is avowed to a deity and dispenses divine justice.
The Druid owes allegiance to the elemental powers of the world.
The Knight is a natural leader and strong combatant.
The Paladin is a warrior blessed by divinity, a paragon of good.
The Bard influences others through the power of words.

Any Magical abilities will be channeled through a Wand, Staff or Holy Symbol and will also be influenced and enhanced by the particular deity the character worships.


I prefer characters be either Lawful Good, Neutral Good or Chaotic Good

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 04:33:18.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: Hey Jozan1

I am using the Castles & Crusades Siege Engine System.

Looking forward to your character!

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 04:25:52.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: Ody Gnome ...

..... is in the works, so if anyone else wants to join up I will need you to post here to reserve a spot for your proposed character!

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 03:23:20.

Topic: Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers
Subject: Short Window of Opportunity

The Concensus seems to be to continue the adventure of the 'Leather Coats Avengers' with the addition of some new players!

I have already extended an invitation to Ody to pitch me one of his Gnomes (or create a new Gnome for this adventure ?????)

My consideration is for adding up to 3 new players (including the Ody Gnome) during a short window of opportunity that closes Wednesday Evening!

Read the Previous Pages of this recruitment (plus the Game Posts if you have the time) to decide whether or not you want in on this game!

I do realize that this is a short window of opportunity, but I know that players looking for a game usually check the Inn on a daily basis!

Post Your Interest Here!

Thank You

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 15:04:12.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Hopefully

We will continue no matter how erratic the pace!

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 14:40:12.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Possible Player Additions

I have sent Ody a PM inviting him to join us with one of his Gnome creations!

Originally, there were 5 character openings, including a Gnome Rogue/Assassin and a Half Orc Barbarian/Monk.

Our current players have requested the addition of one or 2 new players, so I have sent Ody a PM Invite to see if he would like to play with one of his Gnome creations ???

Interested Potential Players can click above on the Parent Thread 'Gauging Interest for a Party of Avengers' to get a better understanding of the background and character creation plus game system I am using.

Read the info and if interested in joining the adventure then PM with an inquiry and a character pitch for the next phase of our adventure!

We have been sporadic and unhurried with our posts, so there is No Guarantee as to how frequently we will be updating the adventure!

I finally had some free time today, after countless weeks of RL issues to deal with, so I typed up a post to wrap up the current adventure!

Have been undecided about continuing the LC Avengers adventure, but the current players would like to proceed, along with another new character or two!

We Shall See!

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 06:43:25.

Topic: LC Avengers QnA
Subject: Adventure Concluded

'Leather Coats Avengers' has now concluded with the Final Curtain on our adventure to the City of Lasch.

Perhaps we will continue, if you guys are satisfied with the way this adventure was wrapped up ????????

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 06:01:00.

Topic: The Leather Coats Avengers
Subject: Closing Curtain Call

Leather Coats Avengers
Cast & Characters

Rextugenous [played by Hammer] a level 5 (Human) Paladin, Wizard, Bard who worships Brigit
Danamar Maeleneill [played by Raven] a level 5 (Elf) Druid, Ranger who worships Oercus
Toraad Ovmek [played by Tuned_Out] a level 5 (Dwarf) Cleric, Monk who worships Steel
Sir Calmindon Jorralan [played by Ziklag] a level 5 (Half Elf) Knight, Illusionist who worships Araulin

Previously in Leather Coats Avengers
As they made their way along the wagon trail, each LC Avenger recounted what had transpired earlier that morning, but the fate of the sword was not yet mentioned.

Toraad took up a position to the left of the front of the wagon, while Sir Cal chose to ride alongside the wagon to the right of Danamar, mustering up a plausible explanation as to what had happened to his prized sword during their brief battle against the Goblins.

If either Rex or Danamar had noticed the absence of his sword, neither said a word, much to the uncomfortable relief of Sir Cal; who was thankful that for all the teasing he had endured from Toraad, the Dwarf had not mentioned his embarrassment of the sword imbedded in the tree.

However, they were drawing near to where Sir Cal would have to mention the fact that he needed some help to retrieve his sword. In fact, it was just around the next bend in the wagon trail, that Sir Cal would have to speak up and swallow his pride, in favor of regaining his precious sword.

Time seemed to stand still for Sir Cal as they slowly rounded the bend, but before he was able to muster up the courage to admit that his sword was stuck in a tree, the adventurers were confronted by a roadblock that had not been in evidence earlier that morning.

There in their path stood what appeared to be an old gnarled tree, blocking the wagon trail, with no possible way around it.

Curiously, in its branches were not only the remains of Toraad's Javelins, but the precious sword of Sir Cal, that when last seen by the Dwarf and the Half Elf, had been deeply imbedded in a tree!

Rex pulled at the reins to stop the horses, as Danamar lightly touched the right shoulder of the Paladin/Wizard/Bard, before leaping from the wagon for a closer look.

Toraad and Sir Cal were completely befuddled at the odd sight of this out of place tree, clutching not only the remains of the Javelins, but the seemingly undamaged Sword that Sir Cal so desperately wanted to retrieve from the battle site.

Suddenly, the branches made a sweeping gesture, casting the weapons in the direction of the somewhat astonished LC Avengers!

"They be sticks he says!"

A Final Toast
City of Lasch
Dragon Claw Inn
Early Evening on Friday
March 30, 212awd (After Winter Dark)

There was standing room only at the Dragon Claw Inn as the patrons crowded together to get a final look at the former stranger who had become a 'family fixture' feature fan favorite, since fulfilling his employment with Fredrico and Lars Fortunato.

Rextugenous stood before the crowd with his hands upraised as they cheered his final appearance at the Dragon Claw Inn. A black handled Whip with a Raven insignia was clenched between his teeth as he worked the crowd into a cheering frenzy as he took center stage.

Rextugenous accomplished this by removing the handle from his mouth and rapidly cracking the length of the 15-foot range Whip in a circular motion over his head several times.

A Knife was sheathed on the outside of his left reddish tan colored boot and a Dagger was sheathed on the outside of his right boot.

A Throwing Axe hung from a loop on the left side of his tan leather coat and a Short Sword hung from another loop on the right side. No weapons were secreted inside his breeches or shirt underneath his leather coat, but a 12 inch Wooden Wand with a Raven insignia was secured in an inside pocket of his leather coat that rested over his heart.

Slung over his back was a quiver full of cross bow bolts, as was a Light Cross Bow. When necessary, there was room for his Whip to be secured in the quiver when he needed his hands to be free for whatever needed attending to.

Rextugenous began introducing each member of his 'Family' as the crowd roared their approval with each introduction:

"Baby is my Knife who is useful in many ways
Dinky is my Dagger who protects me and slays
Edge is my Throwing Axe who provides an edge when I have needs
Shorty is my Short Sword who cuts through evil deeds
Wanda is my Magic Wand who surprises enemies galore
Sweetie is my Light Cross Bow with her sweet surprise in store
Duke is my Whip who lashes quite a breeze
Family one and all who fight my enemies"

Rextugenous took a bow and demonstrated the prowess of each of his Family members without endangering any of the patrons who crowded inside the Dragon Claw Inn to witness the final drama of the beloved Bard.

He even took the time to allow the more inquisitive patrons to squeeze their way through the crowd for a closer look at his 'Family' and to actually respectfully touch one or more of them as Rextugenous cocked his head in such a way that his eye patch with the black Raven insignia seemed to stare right through the thoughts and intents of their souls.

His purpose was to survey the crowd and set most of the patrons at ease with his light hearted banter, because what he was about to do next would possibly unnerve even the bravest of men.

Rextugenous waved to the crowd as he took his place once more at center stage, gathering 4 familiar bags and laying them at his feet, before revealing the hidden contents for all to see.

They were the heads of the Leather Coats, now layered ceremoniously with Lime, that he had sworn to take into battle northward to Avenge the Leather Coats for their untimely demise!

Many in the crowd shuddered involuntarily as the Bard held each of the heads for all to see, then carefully laid them back to rest inside their individual bags of Lime.

"These be the heads of an unfortunate four
They who were friends are alive no more
Now they are Tathlum weapons as you can see
Projectiles to hurl at enemies they shall be
A Darkness stretches upon the land
Guided by some unseen hand
I made a promise and a decree
To help those in danger to remain free
Whatever evil and whatever dread
Will be confronted by each hurled head
I will carry them day and night
To join with me in one last fight
Against evil minions causing fear and fright
I will hurl them with all my might
They will journey with me to a northern land
Where forces for good must make a stand
To remove the taint of evil foes
To stand as lights where darkness grows
Those who heed this call may never return
To land and loved ones for whom they yearn
This journey may be hard and may be long
Filled with adventures one day set to song
You may stay or you may go
Armed for victory over dreadful foe
Choose this day to stay or ride
Who to fight with side by side
There are those who quake and fear
As evil draws closer and ever near
You must decide where to make a stand
Be it familiar ground or far away land
Where I go no one really knows
As I take the fight to unknown foes
Yet this one thing I know for sure
Good over evil must endure
So my 'Family' and I will do our part
As will others who are stout of heart"

A sobering hush fell across the crowd as the impact of his words drove home the seriousness of the situation that confronted the inhabitants of the City of Lasch.

For the past 3 weeks Rextugenous and his companions Danamar, Toraad and Sir Cal had recounted their adventures over countless tankards of ale to any and all who would dare gather to listen to their tales of adventure, for the price of a gold coin and free flowing Elven Ale.

The current 'crowd favorite' was the humorous recounting of their encounter with Treghnar the Treant, who had confronted the adventurers on their way back to the City of Lasch with the recovered wagon, filled with unknown treasure that the Halfling Dragons, Drog and Seg Kargar, had unsuccessfully tried to hijack a few weeks ago.

The reactions of Toraad and especially Sir Cal did not need much embellishment, as the Treant had thrown their weapons at their feet, with the now famous exclamation "They be sticks he says!"

Tense moments gave way to Danamar diplomatically explaining to the Treant the cause for the weapons, especially the sword stuck in the tree, before Treghnar hailed Rextugenous with the following message:

"There Be a Great Evil Spreading Like a Plague in the Region Once Protected by the Leather Coats Avengers!

I Hear the Wail of the Trees as Tormented Souls!

You Are Needed in the North Country ... Oh Leather Coat Avenger!"

Rextugenous let his words sink deep for a few moments more, then he lifted Duke out of his bolt quiver and cracked the Whip several times to break the somber mood of the crowd, lifting their spirits once more with a poem dedicated to his deity.

"Let me tell you of a maiden fair
Not a mortal and oh so rare
She imparts inner strength when I might yield
To stronger forces on the battle field
She inspires me in the battle fire
Her voice speaks to me as an angel choir
When the battle rages for far too long
I am blest to hear her victory song
When I seem to be succumbing to an evil might
I take courage at her sight
For as I fight inspired with battle poem
In the distance I see her roam
As I fight on she draws ever near
Assuring me there is nothing to fear
Brigit is such a lovely sight to behold
In the midst of battle she never grows old
No matter what danger there is to beware
Brigit my Brigit will fight with me there
No matter how weary my flesh or my bone
I know that my Brigit will not leave me alone"

Rextugenous bowed to one knee with his arms outstretched, signifying that his final performance at the Dragon Claw Inn had come to an encouraging conclusion, offering the patrons hope that his deity would watch over him and quite possibly allow him to one day return to the City of Lasch.

Spontaneous applause erupted as the Bard rose to his feet and waved to the crowd, drinking in their appreciation. He would remember the faces of each one, vowing inwardly to take the battle against the evil taint far from this place, in hopes that they would be able to defend themselves during his absence.

It was an awkward moment for the Bard, but he raised his arms once more towards the adoring crowd, then bowed once more as they cheered and called his name, before addressing them with these final words, before rejoining his friends at a private table.

"Now is the time for me to begin my journey north ... I thank one and all for your patronage ... tomorrow is the beginning of a new month ... and my 'Family' and I are needed elsewhere ... as are my companions in battle!

Roving bandits are an increasing threat ... Unknown Evil lurks to the north ... Rumors of sinister activity ... a taint of evil ... spreading from somewhere ... beyond the city of Lasch ... threaten the safety of peace loving people ... everywhere!

My companions have a stout heart for adventure ... we will travel north beyond the City of Lasch to oppose these threats ... the Fortunato wagons are secure ... and our bonus has been paid ... Now we will Avenge the Leather Coats!"

Rextugenous nodded to his companions in battle, who now sported two curiously carved rings, one on each of their hands, as did the Bard, from the Fortunato treasure wagon as had been promised.

Their pouches were also filled with several gold coins; plus a few choice emeralds, rubies and pearls that the Fortunato brothers had insisted were well earned for their part in delivering each of the 3 wagons safely to the City of Lasch.

The Leather Coats Avengers huddled together at a private table at the back of the Dragon Claw Inn, toasting their good fortune, while preparing themselves for a new adventure on the morrow!

This Concludes the Journey to the City of Lasch, as Enjoyed by the Active Players and Lurkers at the Inn!

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 05:50:56.

Topic: Oblivion
Subject: Agree

I saw this film this afternoon and found it to be a refreshing departure from the usual Sci Fi film genre!


As a side note, if you are a Harrison Ford fan, be sure to see '42', as in my humble opinion it was one of the best acting roles of his illustrious career!

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 00:51:09.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Dropped ...

..... to 9th

Posted on 2013-04-20 at 16:03:42.

Topic: What would you say about a Loaded Dice return?
Subject: An Applaud ...

..... for the new artist helping to resurrect the strip!

Posted on 2013-04-17 at 21:33:45.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Voters

We have dropped to 8th place!

Posted on 2013-04-13 at 15:24:11.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Today

6th Place

Posted on 2013-04-01 at 22:24:31.


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