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Topic: Treasure Seekers
Subject: Aftermath

Treasure Seekers
Cast & Characters
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons
[played by Archangel] a level 1 (Half Elf of Elf Lineage) Rogue worships Hermes
Tohmas Goodwood [played by Odyson] a level 1 (Human) Druid worships Atira
Willem Bariendul [played by Jozan1] a level 1 (Human) Fighter worships Baldur
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [played by Tann'Talas] a level 1 (Elf) Ranger worships Betula
Vincent Wysman [played by Kamina] a level 1 (Human) Knight worships Mars
Bartimeous Dathier [played by Salvator Navaar] a level 1 (Human) Cleric worships Toft
Mylos Goldspinner [played by Brundel] a level 1 (Gnome) Bard worships Amber O' The High Woods
Jaufre Vanvoie [played by Tuned_Out] a level 1 (Human) Paladin worships Cedrus
Elyra Nightshade [played by Angelic] a level 1 (Elf) Bard worships Brigit
Areldor Glanolwath [played by Ziklag] a level 1 (Half Elf of Human Lineage) Illusionist worships Minerva

Previously in Treasure Seekers
The group of Seekers experienced their first taste of battle against a small army of Skeleton Pirates, realizing that each member must develop their fighting skills further, if they plan to survive against the onslaught of any other unknown foes, before returning to the Toothless Dragon Tavern.

What they discovered was that the seemingly strongest of their group had failed to eliminate their foes as successfully as the seemingly weakest of their group!

With the aid of his goddess Minerva, the Illusionist Areldor armed with a Club, had dispatched more skeletons than any of his peers!

Each Seeker had eliminated at least 2 of their undead foes, but it was the Illusionist who had shown his comrades that he would not only stand in the heat of battle, but proved himself to be an unexpected warrior, when his life and the lives of his comrades were on the line!

Although each Seeker had experienced their share of misses when engaging the enemy, they were now ready and more determined than ever to face any new threats this day!

But first, the self inflicted wounds of the Shaman and the Gnome Bard needed to be restored to optimal health, as did the wounds inflicted upon the Paladin, who had suffered the most against their foes!

Rain Dance and Happy Water
World of Aihrde
Island of Tagea
Rubble Battle Field
Early Afternoon on Saturday
Marrero 13, 101awd (After Winter Dark)

In the aftermath of their battle against the Skeleton Pirates, the lack of life was more accentuated than ever, as the Seekers examined and tended to the wounds of their comrades; gathered up the weapons of their foes amidst the decaying remains of the stone and wood strewn rubble; before proceeding to investigate the sound of the Happy Water.

It took a moment for Jaufre to realize he was no longer under siege; the end of the skeleton pirates occurring as quickly as they had arrived upon the adventurers. At his side stood the illusionist, now covered in bone dust and breathing heavily, and, to Jaufre's relief, without a scratch. Though as much as the paladin had spoken as a lone protectorate against the oncoming horde, he fully realized that he would not be standing here now if not for the quick actions of those who came to his aid against the southern flank.

Rebalancing his weight to relieve some of the pain, Jaufre looked to the man who had his back at more than one point during the fight.

"You have my thanks, friend." Extending his hand to Areldor, Jaufre could not prevent a flash of pain from crossing his face as the cut in his side shifted; something the paladin was quick to try to cover up with a grin. "The battle would surely have been different if not for the aid of such stout-hearted companions."

Surely it would have, and Jaufre would have to remember not to second guess his companions on this journey; the illusionist Areldor and the bard Elyra had clearly proven themselves capable of more than idle banter and entertainment. A quick glimpse about the rubble-battlefield revealed to him that indeed all the treasure seekers still stood, now amidst piles of dust and most in better shape than he; a relief on all accounts.

Rain Dance
“ Any may join in the dance and to give aide is a blessing. Prayers to you Gods may please them as we pay respect to all.”

With that Tohmaz started move as rhythmically as he could in wide circle around the rubble, sprinkling the blooded water as if they were the tears of Atira. As the dance started, Tohmaz saw members of the group step forward and to jion in and aide as they could.

In clear baritone voice he began to chant.

Terra Madre diffondere le tue lacrime su questo uno dei vostri figli.
Pulisce il vostro bambino. Guarisci il tuo bambino.
Pulisce il vostro bambino. Guarisci il tuo bambino.

Terra Madre diffondere le tue lacrime su questo uno dei vostri figli.
Pulisce il vostro bambino. Guarisci il tuo bambino.
Pulisce il vostro bambino. Guarisci il tuo bambino.

(Earth Mother , spread your tears on this one of your children.)
(Cleans your child. Heal your child.)

The ceremony continued for a quarter hour and the pain had made the dance starte difficultly for the Shaman, but as Altira's tears healed Tohmas’s leg he was able dance more freely.

When the Shaman was free of pain he saw the others too were moving smoothly and smiles upon their faces let him know Altira’s tears had healed them.

Amur, Willem, Crow, Bartimeous, Elyra and Areldor had been watching this Rain Dance with keen interest, while also spreading out around the perimeters of the ceremony to stand watch against any other unforeseen evil intrusion that might seek to take their lives!

Meanwhile, Tohmas was joined in the ceremony by a slightly wounded Vincent (who later pledged himself to serve alongside the Shaman for the greater good of the Seekers), Mylos (who always enjoyed participating in a good song and dance; but now also needed healing in his physical body) and by a skeptical Jaufre (who was also in dire need of healing, but inwardly conflicted regarding his seeming failure in devotion to his own deity Cedrus).

The ritual complete however, Jaufre could only muster up a simple 'thank you' to Tohmaz, as he still felt out of sorts. As he moved to regain his shield from Areldor Jaufre looked back over his shoulder with a pang of guilt; he should have been more respectful than that to someone so selfless. He'd make it up to the man later.

As the Seekers marveled at what had transpired, each began to look around the group, as they decided upon their next course of action, while examing the rubble and beginning to gather up the weapons that had fallen when the Skeleton Pirates were eliminated in the heat of battle.

While the they were all still gathered Tohmas stretched out his arm and addressed them.

“ Thank you, for allowing me to aide you, I had come on the this gathering to learn how to help restore the lands that have been defiled by the dark creatures that drove out my ancestors.
I believed I would never have a clan to serve and would only try to do the will of my Goddess to heal her lands and creatures.

As you have come together to help each other I now believe I see the truth of my Training.

When a member of my people chooses the way of the Shaman they are taught to lead, but not to command.

We are not battle commanders, but loyal followers that hold up those around us.
We are taught to help calm the chaos so that the way can be followed.
We are taught to advice, to heal, to comfort, to provide and to defend our clan.
We are taught to do this with the joy in our heart that comes from unselfish service.

So if you shall have me, I pledge myself to this clan.

In the words of my people,

Wimachtendienk, Wingolauksik, Witahemui.

Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, Service.

The Shaman then prepared for the next challenge of find those Happy Waters.

As Tohmas proceeded to rejoin his friend Crow, to confer with the Ranger and investigate the sound of the Happy Water, he was approached by an appreciative Vincent, as the young Knight pledged his allegiance to the Shaman and the Seekers!

Tohmas smiled as he listened to the young Warrior. "Tohmaz Goodwood, Shaman of the Wimachtendienk, I Vincent Wysman, Knight to-be, pledge myself to aiding you, and this group in our mission, your mission, and any other that arises. I would also like to thank you for this dance that has healed our wounds, I feel much better now thanks to you and your goddess."

Tohmas recognized that man felt this was the proper way a Knight should respond to an act of kindness or service. As with all of them the life of learning was now replaced with the real life.

The Shaman raised hand and placed on Vincent’s chest. “Among my people we would call you Kittlelendamwagan, the Earnest One. But to me you are now Elongamat, friend. Vincent Wysman we will become Witawematpanni, the one who aides. Now let us go and find what Mother Earth has in store for us.

Amur Makes a Startling Discovery
As the Seekers prepared to investigate the distant sound of the Happy Water, one by one they began gathering up the weapons once brandished by the Skeleton Pirates, that now lay discarded on the rubble battlefield. They decided to pile them together, rather than carry them, choosing to retrieve them after investigating the terrain ahead, agreeing that they may be of some use to the Toothless Dragon crew.

But as they finished stacking the cutlasses in a pile and began to follow Crow and Tohmas to explore the distant terrain, Amur decided to kneel down for a closer examination of the weapons. As he randomly chose a cutlass to test its feel in his hand, he was startled to see etched inside the hand guard of each cutlass that he subsequently examined, the Maw of a Toothless Dragon!

"Seekers!" exclaimed Amur as the realization hit his consciousness like a ton of bricks, "I Know Why Those Skeleton Pirates Did Not Attack Any One Who Wore Their Eye Patches!"

Seeker after Seeker was stunned by the realization that the Skeleton Pirates had been former comrades of their employer Mad Dog Muldoon!

The Happy Water
After recovering from the shock of what Amur had discovered etched in the hand guards of the cutlasses, the Seekers resumed their quest to uncover the mystery of the distant sound of the Happy Water.

As Tohmas and Crow examined the terrain ahead of the other Seekers, the sound of the Happy Water grew louder and louder!

It was the sound of a river flowing underneath the rubble, but there was no sign of any aquatic life, nor any animal or lizard that would be drawn to the life sustaining water.

Crow put his ear to the ground, determining that the river was not only covered by rubble, but at a particular point seemed to cascade downward into a cavern.

Tohmas also concurred that the Ranger was indeed correct in what he had discovered about the Happy Water.

Meanwhile, the Cleric Bartimeous stood a few yards to the west of the Ranger and Shaman.

Whether by Inspiration or Impulse, it was not clear to any of the Seekers who noticed his actions, the Cleric of Toft placed his left hand to his Holy Symbol and stretched forth his right hand, as he began chanting to himself in a Dwarvish tongue.

Moments later, the Gold Reveal Spell that Bartimeous had cast caused 'faerie fire flames' to glow from beneath the pile of rubble where he was standing!

"There Is Hidden Gold Beneath This Rubble!"

Before Amur was able to examine the area for any traps, the Gnome Bard Mylos swiftly moved a few stones aside, then reached his hand inside the small space, before letting out a scream!

As several Seekers rushed to his side to aid the Gnome, a joyful smile followed his scream, as he pulled his hand unscathed from the small space, clutching a Gold Coin between his eager fingers!

Note from the Castle Keeper:

As the Seekers clear away more rubble, they discover a step littered with more Gold Coins, while the 'faerie fire flames' begin to diminish, as the effects of the Gold Reveal Spell begin to vanish from view!

Time for More Role Play and QnA Discussion!

Hit Points
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 9/9
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 9/9
Willem Bariendul [Human/Fighter] 12/12
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 12/12
Vincent Wysman [Human/Knight] 13/13
Bartimeous Dathier [Human/Cleric] 11/11
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 10/10
Jaufre Vanvoie [Human/Paladin] 12/12
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 11/11
Areldor Glanolwath [Half Elf of Human Lineage/Illusionist] 7/7

Armor Hit Points
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 20/20
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 20/20
Willem Bariendul [Human/Fighter] 29/30
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 30/30
Vincent Wysman [Human/Knight] 18/20
Bartimeous Dathier [Human/Cleric] 30/30
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 27/30
Jaufre Vanvoie [Human/Paladin] 14/20
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 30/30
Areldor Glanolwath [Half Elf of Human Lineage/Illusionist] None/None

Missile Arsenal
Amur 'Nimblefingers' of the Red Buttons [Half Elf of Elf Lineage/Rogue] 14/20 Sling Stones
Tohmas Goodwood [Human/Druid] 20/20 Arrows
Maithias Crowmarhte aka Crow [Elf/Ranger] 20/20 Arrows
Mylos Goldspinner [Gnome/Bard] 24/24 Bolts
Elyra Nightshade [Elf/Bard] 40/40 Arrows

Posted on 2013-07-05 at 07:01:24.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Well ...

..... as I ponder how to cobble this UpDate together, I am realizing that I will have to take a bit of poetic license with a couple of Characters to help advance the scenario to where it needs to be!

This also includes a couple of revelations that individual Players can address through Role Play with their respective characters, once I have UpDated and advanced the story to another setting!

Posted on 2013-07-05 at 05:24:30.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: 'Previously' Portion of ...

..... the UpDate is written, so I am awaiting the Post from Tuned before I can Post the UpDate!

UpDate still needs to be written, but I have company coming to the house in about a half hour, so I will have to write it up later this evening!

Plan to Post the UpDate later tonight sometime!

Will be going out of town Friday afternoon, so I need to have the UpDate Posted before I leave!

That way you all can resume Role Playing and make some decisions in the QnA among yourselves!

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 18:16:53.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Hey Brundel

Enjoyed reading your Post this morning!

It is helping to get my 'Creative Writing Juices' flowing again today!

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 15:15:35.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Okay Tuned

I still have to write up the 'Previously' portion of the UpDate, before including what everyone is doing as the story advances!

So I will wait upon your Post later this evening, before I finalize my UpDate and Post it (hopefully tonight sometime!) as I am going out of town Friday!

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 15:12:57.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Okay Gang

Do not want us to get bogged down, but I am too sleepy to proceed with writing the next UpDate at this hour!

Besides, I have to decide just how far to advance the story, while providing you all the opportunity for role play and decisions that will naturally advance the adventure to its proper setting for new revelations!

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 05:41:56.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Okay

Hope that Post is sufficient, because I have to go out of town again Friday and I have my own games to UpDate before I leave town again!

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 05:27:21.

Topic: A Single Stone...
Subject: No Time to Ponder

Deysor Twenty-Fourth, 1121
One Hour South of Graffton, Irvala Province
Engaging the Enemy

With his companion shielding him, Adelror reached the captives unimpeded, and quickly drew his knife to cut their bonds away. Lacking pressure from their foes, the dwarf wasted no time in severing the ropes, pulled away the split cords and throwing them clear so none would trip on them when trying to get up. Confusion beset the cleric, however, when the first response of the little girl was not to inquire about Ellice, but rather, to leap into the arms of the older woman, Esther. “Mother!” She sobbed, terrified by the fighting that had erupted in the clearing.

“Its okay Hannah. We’re going to be okay.” The straw-haired woman clutched the girl protectively. At least the name of the daughter remained the same... If names were all correct here, Norman turned to face his bearded rescuer.

“You’re here to save us?”

Adelror nodded, and the man pushed himself to his feet, shaky due to the stiffness of being tied up and prone for a few hours, but was able to help the girls stand as well. The Duskarn drew one of his marked throwing axes from his waist, handing it over to the Syln, for at the very least, courage could be derived from being armed against one’s assailants.

There was no time to ponder upon the lineage of Hannah and Ellice, for the captives were not yet out of harms way; therefore, the Duskarn was duty bound to lead them to safety, away from the field of battle, while Bailox and the rest of his companions spilled the blood of their new found enemies!

The captives were slow to move, having been forced to sit in an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time. But Adelror possessed short legs, so he wasn’t the fastest on his feet, either, and the pace was easy for him. With his sword drawn, he protected their flank, positioning himself to the outside of Ja’aron as the Druid arrived to aid them. Evacuation was going smoother than anticipated, he saw as Desrik felled his opponent a few long strides away from where they stood. Ten or so feet to his left, Bailox and the brutish gnoll traded blows, the two giants testing their might in a punishing display of weapon and muscle. Two bandits lay dead, and one more was moving in on them from within the grasping grass, whom the dwarf could easily engage with a couple quick steps. But safety to the prisoners was priority, and seeing Elberon at the top of the hill was as good as a beacon light for the safe zone. Between he and Ja’aron, it took little to get the three up and over to safety, but, while ready to hand them off to Ellice and prepare to help his companions, something seemed out of place. Neither Duskarn nor the half-breed could spot the young woman. From the look of it, she had fled the scene.

The Duskarn War Cleric of Dareen had to make a quick decision!

No longer was the dwarf certain that Ellice was a frightened friend; for she may prove to be a Doppleganger, or something much worse!

He had heard tales told by the more experienced of his War Clan, but now was not the time to allow his imaginations to run wild and uncontrolled.

Motioning to Elberon and Ja'aron to keep close guard around the rescued former captives; the War Cleric pushed aside any wild thoughts pertaining to the absence of Ellice, choosing to advance towards the visible enemies, with sword drawn, placing himself between the former captives and his fellow guardians, should any of the enemy slip past either Desrik or Bailox and threaten the lives of those who were now free from the immediate clutches of the evil doers!

OOC: Adelror stands ready to either join the fight, or come to the aid of Bailox with a Healing Spell (to restore lost Hit Points), should the tide of battle turn against him!

Posted on 2013-07-04 at 05:24:31.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Been Home a Short While

Gonna take me a few days to catch up with things, so if anyone else is posting, they better do so, before I move the game ahead and have to NPC some characters!

Posted on 2013-07-02 at 22:32:47.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Just Got Home a While Ago

Gonna take me a few days to catch up with things!

Posted on 2013-07-02 at 22:30:45.

Topic: Man of Steel… What did you think?
Subject: Worth Watching

I have friends that liked the movie way more than I did, but it is worth watching!

Posted on 2013-07-01 at 05:05:45.

Topic: Severe flooding in upstate NY
Subject: Prayers are ...

..... with you Jozan and Thank You for the UpDate!

Posted on 2013-06-30 at 15:54:03.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Okay Gang

Since there is not enough info to do an UpDate anyway before I return home, may I remind you that I need to know who is joining the Rain Dance for total healing and restoration of their Hit Points, plus is anyone gathering up the Cutlasses and whatever else you all are doing?

As it stands now, I will have to NPC the Cleric, so try to get your posts in this weekend, or Monday at the latest, so I can get a short UpDate up either Tuesday or Wednesday to advance this adventure, or at least set the stage for further action!

Posted on 2013-06-29 at 13:54:32.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Arrow & Rage

Amriel will still go with shooting an Arrow at the Best Target for Killing a Goblin and then securing her bow behind her back, pulling her 2 silver bladed axes and entering the fray with her Berserker Rage!

Posted on 2013-06-29 at 13:47:03.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Hey Tek

Enjoyed reading the UpDate the way you chose to do your posting!

Posted on 2013-06-29 at 13:43:01.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Choice for Amriel

Would probably be to fire one arrow at a goblin and then sling her bow across her back and take out her 2 silver axes and move in for her Berserker Rage!

Posted on 2013-06-28 at 18:22:49.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Cutlasses are ...

..... part of any loot if any of you decide to pick them and look at them!

You may want to place them in a pile, before you go exploring, possibly ???

Posted on 2013-06-28 at 16:59:57.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Hmmm

Well the reason I asked for full Hit Point restoration was so she could berserk, so would you rather she fires arrows or probably revert to character and grab her two silver axes and go Berserker ?????

Posted on 2013-06-28 at 16:53:36.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: So for Clarification

How much ground does Guh have to cover to launch into a Berserker Rage in the midst of the Goblins ???

I assume that she is firing arrows in the second installment of Initiatives ?????

Posted on 2013-06-28 at 16:11:43.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: So What About Mylos ?????

Mylos can either participate in the Rain Dance or the Paladin can lay hands on him!

I will wait and see what Brundel decides to do and if he has not posted by the time I do an UpDate (not sure if I will be able to do one while out of town!) then I will just NPC him in the UpDate!

Salvator has not posted in a while, either in Treasure Seekers (page 1/5-29-13) or in Treasure Seekers QnA (page 5/5-27-13).

His last post in A Single Stone... (page 3/6-9-13) and A Single Stone... Q/A (page 6/6-3-13) makes me think he has either dropped out, or real life has thrown him a curve!

Anyway, I will be NPCing his character until we get back to the Toothless Dragon Tavern (and maybe beyond that for the foreseeable future!)

Posted on 2013-06-26 at 16:12:09.

Topic: Nomachron: Blood Moon Rising Q&A
Subject: Attention Kaelyn and Barbarian Boosters

I will be going out of town on Thursday and returning sometime on Monday, so even though I am taking my laptop with me, there is no guarantee that I will have either internet connection or the free time to do any posting!

Posted on 2013-06-26 at 15:32:20.

Topic: A Single Stone... Q/A
Subject: Attention Tek and Players

I will be going out of town on Thursday and returning sometime on Monday, so even though I am taking my laptop with me, there is no guarantee that I will have either internet connection or the free time to do any posting!

Posted on 2013-06-26 at 15:30:19.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Heh

It is a Manual Ody

Not sure when you would have it available, as the cost is way more than I was going to alot you when you return to the Toothless Dragon Tavern!

Posted on 2013-06-26 at 05:15:50.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Out of Town

I will be leaving Thursday to go out of town and will be back sometime Monday, so not sure if I will have anything written while I am gone?

I do have a new Map, but we are a bit of a way away from when it will need posting!

What I do need to know is which injured characters are participating in the Rain Dance?

Not sure if I will have internet access where I am going, but am taking my laptop so I can at least type a bit of the next UpDate (as long as I have the free time to do so!)

Posted on 2013-06-26 at 04:59:28.

Topic: Treasure Seekers QnA
Subject: Ha Ha Ha

You would have to get a Tome that increases Dexterity!

Actually, without revealing any secrets, those who survive and make it back to the Toothless Dragon Tavern will have the opportunity to gear up (besides leveling up to 2nd Level when you return!) and there will be plenty of choices, since there is no telling how long it will take you to return after you all decide where to explore after returning from Tagea!

Posted on 2013-06-26 at 04:33:42.


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