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Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Reflections

7 Lamashan - evening
Outside Ancient Keep; H1
Southern Narlmarches

The evening was a heavy one. It was one of defeat. It was one of wounds. It was one of reflection. In the past year the group had experienced little in the ways of defeat, and after the event at the keep Frodrick was worried that perhaps the group might enter one of dismay. In his time, many a young soldier had ride off into combat expecting glory and honour, and many were torn down by the fact that they were not always "the chosen one". In his years many bands would break apart not from the enemy in a major defeat, but rather the demolished morale from a minor setback.

Frodrick kept quite this evening: he did not wish to rattle the youngins' any more than they already were, and he was certain that he would not help the issue at all - he knew he had a hard time getting his point across in a positive manner. He figured it would be better to keep silent.

Instead he tended to his axe with a whetstone. He was sharpening his weapon while doing the same with his mind. He meditated on the past few days: the dryad, the satyr, the scythe tree. As he meditated, something clicked. The ways that he had been looking into since the victory of the staglord started to make sense. The trees, wind, rocks, water. The dwarf did not know how it all came to be one big picture, but it did. Putting his axe down, he called Stefan over and the two walked outside the camp.

"Boy, I have decided on somethin'. I can't quite explain it, but I will not be wearin' no metal from here on out. Since you have been taking care of me armour for the past little while: I will give you first dibs on it. Probably won't fit properly on ya at first, but when we get back we can get fixed right up good as new. Just don't mind the geezer dwarf smell and it will be just fine fer you."

That morning as the sun rose and the moon faded from the violet sky, Frodrick stood up and nudged Kyrie. Whispering, he requested her shovel to dig a hole. She nodded stating "Well, that is what it is made for." And rolled over to sleep once more. Frodrick nodded, took the tool in hand, and woke Stefan up to take over the morning watch.

A little ways away from the camp, Frodo lurched down and started to feel the earth on his bare palm. Nodding, the old dwarf started to use the shovel, heaving load after load of soft erath to one side or the other. Once the whole was of sufficient size, Frodrick knelt down and started to whisper. It was in his mother tongue, and was a kind of prayer - requesting that the water flow from the earth to his well so that he might be protected.

After a few repeats of the prayer, a small trickle of water started to seep into the hole. As he continued to repeat this prayer, more and more water started to find its way to his location and soon the hole was completely filled.

Frodrick then started to take some of the loose dirt that he had unearthed and threw it along with some gravel into the well and then using a stick he swirled it around until the water was a dark brown and the gravel swirled about freely.

Giving a nod of approval, Frodrick returned to camp. When they were about ready to depart back to the keep for a rematch, he would return and do the ritual over again and then create a breastplate of armor from freezing the water.

Posted on 2015-05-22 at 19:16:30.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Kobolds?

Frodrick raised an eyebrow at the mention of kobolds.

"Are ye sure that ye be seen the dragon folk around here and laying traps? We made peace with the little fellers some time ago and have even allied ourselves with them. We might be havin' a chat with them - maybe that a new clan has nossied on in and now we got another set o' little drakes to be dealin' with."

Posted on 2015-01-26 at 20:31:53.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Faries. Why'd it have to be faries?

At the mention of the word "Red cap" ancient tales came to Frodrick's mind. The halflings that neigbored his kin's stronghold had told fearful tales of corupt gnomes that bathed their cloths in the blood of their vicitms. The creatures were called "red caps", "ogre gnomes", and "blood bathers" according to the local bard.

The bard had said many things about these creatures, but Frodrick had paid little to no attention to them: they were tales made to scare children and smaller folk.

But seeing this creature with such a large weapon was rather imposing, and he had given some grevious wounds to his comrade. Well this would end here. Not another drop of allied blood would be spilled tonight.

Giving a high pitched whistled, Frodrick signaled for Jargon Hooves to come, with it as cold as it was he was sure the whistled would carry to her ears in the barn.

The dwarf then refocused on the enemy before him. "Get yer scrawny ass over 'ere so I can shove me boot up it yer ravening loonie! Ye ain't got nothin on me fer a beard or battle prowess and ye aint got nothin' on me with that blade o' yers!"

Call Jargon over
Challenge "Red Cap", Miguel is warded for +1 AC.
Move to be beside Miguel ASAP

Posted on 2014-12-16 at 00:21:55.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: A followup

13-15 Erastus
Frodrick watched as the old man showed fear than disgust at the body of the once Stag Lord. He was confused by this treatment. Riding up to the man in the wagon, he started to grymble a bit under his breath as to not stir up any issues with the other prisoners.

“Ye had asked why ye live: and I kept to meself on it until I knew you could possibly talk a bit more. I be hopin' ye be complacent and answer me questions. The first is who was this Stag Lord fell-er? I cannot tell what he done before coming to power, nor why the flip others listen to him: I always found a leader needed to earn respect and his authority by rite of constant vigil and honor to his people. This man seemed just a lazy drunk in a marsh.”

all following questions can be asked separately if “Nugrah” is willing to respond. Otherwise, Frodrick will shoot them off and hope that he will answer at least one of them at some point along their trek.

“Secondly, who in the nine hells gave him that helmet? I am not one for magicks or know much about them, but that thing seemed a might bit powerful. Especially considerin' he was in the middle of the forest with nothin' but empty and full bottles to keep him busy. I be wonderin' if someone gave him that thing or if he just stole it.”

“Thirdly, I be wonderin'... how do you make yourself an animal like ye did before? I ain't not much of a caster or nothin, but damn that trick would be a might bit o' use to an old dwarf like me!”

15 Erastus
The morning of the 15th.
Seeing the druid gone, Frodrick sighed. He waved his hand as he reported the news to the others.
“I be thinkin there is no point in chasing the man. Would be like trying to chase a trout that escaped your line when its in the water.”

At the river's shore.
Frodrick gurhumphed a command to Stefan to grab one arm of the Stag Lord cadaver while he took the other. They would go in on their mounts with weapons ready if anything were to happen. No sooner had the feet of the carcass touched the water then a startling event unfolded with the undead. The Horses whinnied, though Jargon hooves was ready to fight whereas Uriel was legitimately spooked by the undead being.

Getting off Jargon when the water settled, the dwarf saw the glint of steel and the wave of rags. He bundled the rags up in a ball, and tossed the weapon to his new squire. “Give this thing a whirl, see if it works with you from up on Uriel's back or with your feet planted on the ground. If you like it, use it. But if someone else in the party wants it, you bloody well give it to 'em.”

Frodrick left the shores and exhaled and muttered under his breath. “Damn undead things.”

So Frodrick would request two of the M.W. Items for himself: a lance and a dwarven axe. If the group wants a M.W. Shortbow (or longbow) Stefan can mule it and use it until someone else deamnds use of it.

If there is any way to get armor for Frodrick, Jargon, Stefan, or Uriel, let me know. Though I won't be demanding anything because Frodrick is humble in his desire for loot: his “code of the dragon” that is an essence of himself - not a code he swore by – demands that he give everything to the group, but will accept gifts if they are given. And Stefan has no damn say in any of this – he is for all intents and purposes a slave for the next year.

Posted on 2014-10-15 at 03:25:59.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: the question of the day

The Stag Lord was dead. As the thought settled in on Frodrick's mind, a wave of surrealism sunk in. He had come to these untamed lands to die with ax in hand. Yet here he stood still alive and for all intents and purposes, all his foes had fallen.

He looked to the rest of the party as the objective completion sunk in on all of them. He watched with his one eye as they all too came to the realization that their quest was at an end. He did not know what to do, and wished to take his cue from the others. Do we give a sigh of relief? A cheer? Do we bury the dead or burn them? His comrades were a mixed bag, and Frodrick didn't know what to do with them now that the fight was over.

Getting off of Jargon, the stout veteran dwarf went to one of the conscious bandits and planted his feet into the ground and his fists on hips. “Where in the nine hells be yer crapper!? Cause I be needin to let one go for the last ten minutes!”

Posted on 2014-09-04 at 01:06:14.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: A portal?

Frodrick pointed out the potential entrance. "Anyone up for a little subterranean subterfuge?"

Posted on 2014-08-04 at 21:39:19.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Meal for aid

Wresting the limp body from the river, Frodrick put his axe away and kept his shield at the ready. He drug the limp body to the shore and tossed it onto the ground by the hair/mane.

The old dwarf looked around with a scowl and called out. "Wisp of the wood. I have a bargain for ye, and I think it is one of mutual benefit. I assume ye can hear me out since yer meal is here."

As the ball of light floated over, Frodrick Continued.
"We will be heading out to the bandit fort in the next little while, and we could use a way in and/or a distraction while in the midst of combat. I don't know what in the nine hells it is you eat, but considering you like your meals dying, I figured this would be an offer of mutual benefit. You survey their hideout and get us in, and we do the killin'."

Posted on 2014-07-17 at 02:06:54.
Edited on 2014-07-20 at 15:20:05 by Shades331

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Got your ground legs waterlubber?

His axe and shiled were still at the ready: he figured something like this would happen. His brow furrowed and sank down a bit as he glared at the she-devil of the waters. but though Frodrick wore a somber expression of stern anger, a twinkle could be seen in his eye.

"I ain't the type to discriminate between the goof lads and the dumb lassies of this place. You call us meat, I call you dead!"

Not taking his glare off the creature, Frodrick called out to the others: "Surround the hag! Create a wall to cut off any retreat to the waters it calls home!"

Whirling his axe in a vertical oval a couple of times, the dwarf proceeded to do a downward slash at the creature's head.

-Challenge the woman, Miguel is the ward for this challenge.
-Basic attack, if Frodrick needs to, he will change his position to either get between the thing and the water, or between it and Miguel, whichever makes more sense (I cannot quite imagine the position of everyone at this time, so I don't know if Miguel is in danger or not. Make him the priority

Posted on 2014-07-13 at 05:45:23.
Edited on 2014-07-13 at 05:45:59 by Shades331

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: What say ye?

Frodrick looked at the creature with his one eye and glared.
"Do ye know if that damn water-horse be coming back up or not. I be wanting parley with ye and yer minions if there is any chance o' it."

His grimace remained steadfast as he await the response from the mischievous masochist.

Posted on 2014-07-12 at 18:41:22.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Not on my mind

"No. I ain't of the mind to run into combat, but me thinks that the fight may come to us. I be preferring to be prepared and no enemy be comin' then be relaxed and have something lash at me throat."

Posted on 2014-07-02 at 01:07:33.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Prepare for an advance

Frodrick brought up his shield and glared at the body of water. He heard tale from the halfling neighbors of his homeland of a creature that took the form of a horse and dragged children into the water to drown them. A hippogriff or something like that.

Clenching his teeth, Frodrick grumbled to Miguel. "Best be staying by boy-o. Your magicks will be a bit useful to this group tonight. If you be needing to go anywhere, try to keep a distance that me old legs can keep up at eh? I will make sure no one disturbs your jimmer-jammering."

Delay turn: Basic combat plan is to stay by miguel as he buffs people
using Bodyguard to raise his AC if he is attacked
using Tactician - Shielded Caster when an enemy is in melee range when he starts to cast spells.

Posted on 2014-07-01 at 14:39:45.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Post battle post

Frodrick spat up some blood as the last of the wurms gave its death throes. Getting onto the bank, he slumped off Jargon and dug his axe into the dirt as he knelt down. He breathed deeply. His one eye going over the two carcasses. “Stefan me boy, use yer own axe to get our trophies. We be cashin’ in when them heads cross into Olaf’s shantie.”

Closing his eye and breathing heavily again, Frodrick was offered magical aid to tend to his wounds. “To be honest I prefer letting the ol’ body mend itself, and now that I be drinkin’ ale again, I think some o’ that would help too. But since we’re in these woods with monsters coming after our arses every night, I suppose we can’t be waiting now can we?”

Frodrick accepted the healing, and as the mending magicks washed over him, he became more attentive with his surroundings once more as the pain was blurring his vision. In the water he saw a shimmer, walking over he dug in the mud a little and gave a guffaw. “Looks like we be hitting pay dirt today. Everyone look about the mud of the nest and around the area. There be gold in that there water!”

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 05:08:43.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Well we could...

Frodrick stuck out his lip in a pout as Giles made his proclomation.

"Well, it would make for a nice belt..."

He nodded his head slightly at that and looked at Giles. He then gave a wink.

Posted on 2014-05-20 at 02:46:53.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Enter Stefan: the Noble Squire

Frodrick and Stefan rode in silence. The afternoon’s sun beamed down on the dwarf, though he had taken off his armor since his uncomfortable experience the other day. He started to feel the itch of sunburn upon his face, but ignored it.

As they neared the edge of the forest, the dwarf got out of his saddle and looked to the boy. “You seem to be handling that there horse pretty good I see. Been takin’ god care o’ him?”

The boy nodded as he too got off to proceed on foot. “I have named him Uriel.”

“Named him huh? Pretty bold action – reckon you be thinkin’ he’s yours now eh?”

The boy shrugged. “Not really, I just like him, and he likes me.”

“Well we bee better getting’ some sticks for the feed tonight eh? Give me a holar if you find a good one. We can tie our horses up here. Don’t need to be guidin’ them through this bit o’ forest when we just be getting’ some sticks.”

Ten minutes later the silence was broken by a hardy cry. Stefan ran to see what the issue was, and found that the dwarf was on the ground, a large canine creature was on top of him, its maw held at bay only by the old dwarf’s hands.

“Gods damn you frisky thing!” Frodrick hollered. He saw Stefan and called out to him. “Me axe! Get me axe! I dropped it o’er there when the beastie tackled me!”

Stefan saw the axe, and grabbed it. He was now looking over at the dwarf, and the dwarf saw the boy hesitate, but only for a moment. It was a moment the two shared – one where they both knew that the next action would decide where Stefan’s loyalties lay, and if Frodrick’s trust was misguided.

Heaving the axe above his head, the boy swung down, right into the back of the creature. It snarled and let go of Frodrick, leapt away and turned. Stefan saw intelligence in the creature’s eyes and it looked like it was sizing him up. With a final snarl, it ran into the thicker foliage and disappeared.

Panting, Frodrick got up on his butt. Stefan offered his hand and heaved as the dwarf accepted the offer of aid.

“If I were fifty years younger that whelp would have never stood a chance. Be good that yer were here eh boy?”

Another nod.

“So let’s not be all quiet about it. Why did you hit it and not me?”

“Because I like you. And you helped me a lot. I learned a lot too. I joined the bandits because I didn’t have a lot going for me. You turned me around and set me straight. I owe you a lot.”

Frodrick slapped his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Well ya did good this day. Makes my ol’ ticker proud.”

That evening, Frodrick banged his mead mug on the table, gathering everyone’s attention. He stood up on the table and cleared his throat.

“We be celebrating the riddance of the terrifying critter that once be known as ‘Tuskgutter’. We dine on his flesh this evening, and tales will be told of this feat for generations to come… I will make sure of that myself – uuh - so long as I don’t find a hatched in my noggin’ that is.”

A few chuckles were had, including Frodrick, who had decided that this evening would be the first time since his clans obliteration that he would partake in the drinking of alcohol. It had felt good to have the stuff back in his belly. He looked at Stefan and smiled a bit as he continued.

“Or a beast get hold of me. Like one that I encountered today. It be a wolf of some sort – really big, canines as large as me nose. And I had no axe, armor, or steed to keep myself safe. I could only strain to keep it at bay with my calloused hands.”

“My weapon had fallen to the ground, out of hands reach, though it wouldn't of mattered as it took both of m’arms to keep the bastard from ripping out me throat. And the young pup here heard my cry and hustled over. He took the axe and gave the thing a good whack in the back. It stormed off with its tail between its legs, and I owe young Stefan here my life.”

With this, Frodrick raised his glass. “To Stefan, who could have chosen to escape, but instead showed his honorable nature and aided an old dwarf from being dog crap.”

Drinks were drunk and Frodrick sigh in content. “And as such, I wish to say that I will be taking young Stefan under me wing from here on out – if he so chooses. I will teach him the arts and ways of fightin’ as a cavalier, and perhaps one day soon he will surpass me and skill and aid in protectin’ the weak. What say you boy?”

Posted on 2014-05-11 at 04:19:58.
Edited on 2014-05-11 at 04:20:32 by Shades331

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: To Battle

Though he had no reall ill-will to the boggard, Frodrick had been ready to fight. Leaving that creature was probably the right thing to do, but it left him with the nagging feeling of built up pressure that comes with readying one's self mentaly for a skirmish. The last few days had not simmered that sensation, and with this large-ass boar seeming in a territorial rage, Frodo was read to bealt out a battle cry.

"For the honor of Redbrew!" He shouted, drawing his axe and whirling it around. But the boar had charged straight for his prized possession and companion: jargon. She was hit baddly, a huge tear had formed in her flank. The boar was a monster. It had even ignored the armor!

Now that battle itch turned into a full on rage of its own. The dwarf would have none of this. He could tell JArgon would and could still fight, and so he reigned her in to bash the thing's head in with her hooves while he would assial it from above with his axe.

"I'll have that head cheese and damn well will enjoy it you overgrown orc @%&#er!"

Posted on 2014-05-02 at 18:07:42.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Quest Accepted

Frodrick nodded with a solomn expression. "I see. I ain't one for religion or magic, but I can respect a noble goal. If gettin' you to this temple will help out the people, then I be damnd if I sit on the side with my thumb up my arse. Consider me and Jargon your escort. I am sure the rest of the young pups will have a bit o' piss n' viniger in them to help ye out too."

Posted on 2014-03-11 at 14:58:02.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: From on ancient dwarf to one middle aged man

“Please, I must go to this temple. The next time you set out will you take me to the site of the shrine? I can only offer my spellcasting services as a priest of Erastil, which I do, though I will need time to work on temple, until which time I will need remain on its grounds.”

Frodrick puffed up his chest and crossed his arms sternly as he looked up at the slender priest. "Tell me what it is ya intend to do there, and what yer calling be. If it can wait then all the better for us - we gots a bunch o' bandits out there along with some other mighty and ferocious beasts to slay n' flay."

At this point the dwarf coughed a bit. "But of course if it be a pressing matter on yer concious mayhaps we can arange to get your skrawny hide up to that set o' stones that be covered in moss and man-bear feces. There still be grounds in that area that need a good thorough look about to the south anyways."

Posted on 2014-03-05 at 03:30:45.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: Evil campaign twist:

We use a barrel of gunpowder and blow up the nixie in her own water.

Posted on 2014-03-01 at 18:00:10.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Old man's errors

After seeing his trusted steed slashed and rend, Frodrick had a ping of fear sweep through his heart. They had shared many battles together, most against measly goblinoids. He had figured that the two of them would do fine a fight against an unthinking animal, but such was not the case. It was not the first time she had taken a serious wound, but it was the first that she had almost passed on.

A new form of humility swept over Frodrick. He would have to be more considerate of the enemy threat before rushing in – an obvious lesson that should have been learned long ago. The dwarf also wondered where that battle lust came from. He had not felt such a surge of violence since he was a foot soldier. That would also have to be addressed in the near future.

As for the bear – it all happened so fast, and Frodrick did not really know how to react to it. So he simply muttered “Damn magic users.”

When Jargon Hooves weakly drank from the gleaming pool, a burden was lifted from the old dwarf’s shoulders. Her wounds were miraculously healed and the danger to her life was gone. Looking at the pool, Frodrick turned to his companions. “Does anyone understand what in the nine hells happened here? What happened to the bear skin? Why did it turn into a man? Who was he? And is this pool one big healing potion?”

After a time, Frodrick pointed to the cave. “Do ye think there might be anything of value in there? I know this be a temple and it wouldn’t be too good to go looting from Ol’ One Eye, but it be abandoned. We also might be needin’ anything of use in these parts. Anyone against searchin’ the innards of this place?”

That night…

Frodrick sat next to Miguel as the camp fire blazed. Taking his pipe out and his tobacco, he started to smoke as he spoke to the human.

“I had heard your words in regards to the bear… but did not recognize them in the heat of the moment. Sorry that your words were not reflected upon before I acted. Some desire to fight blew out’o me and I ignored everything else. Can you forgive an ol’ fool’s error?”

Posted on 2014-02-25 at 17:41:02.
Edited on 2014-02-25 at 17:41:21 by Shades331

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Grumbly Bear Frodrick

It didn't take much imagination or insight to figure that the cleric Jhod would be wanting to hear about this place. The large statue of Ol' One-Eye was probably the only thing in this whole region that even hinted at civilization, and surely the only shrine for this particular god.

Then the bear came. Its grumbling caught the acute ear of the dwarf, and he was glad he had his axe and shield at the ready. Not as intimidating as a stone golem guardian, but an opposing guardian none the less.

"Let's get this thing-o a taste of steal people. I want me a nice bear skin rug for our residence, and some grissley meat for me belly tonight!"

Being one of the first to respond, Frodo decided to lead the charge. The zest for battle seemed to be coursing through his veins this day, and defense was at the back of his mind. Considering he could have died to a small whisp or repugnant blue ass-holes, dying at a bears claws seemed honorable and desirable.

Giving a high pitched whistle, Frodrick signaled Jargon to join him in the glorious fray against an apex predator.

Double move, command Jargon to attack.

Posted on 2014-02-20 at 19:47:45.
Edited on 2014-02-20 at 19:56:34 by Shades331

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: Attention to the water!

The abomidable appendage had itself latched onto Frodrick's armor good and tight - the mucous held fast and it irritated the dwarf to know that he was going to have to clean it once this day was through.

WIth his one eye he noted the tell-tale signs of another being in the water, and hoped to warn his friend's of the potential threat.

"There be somethin' else in the water! Hold fast and get outta range!"

His weapon and shield were not drawn, and they would do very little in this sticky situation. But perhaps he had a slight advantage being on Jargon. Gripping the tounge with one hand and the reigns with the other, He implored his valiant stted to press onwards and away from the body of water.

"Onwards Jargon! If the critter be wanting dwarf meat, he be needin' to get it on or below solid ground: not with wetted feet!"

I don't really know what this would be considered... I think I am trying to become the grappler instead of the grapplee. I don't know what bonus/penalty I might get for being on a horse while doing this... could we also say OOC that Jargon does an Aid Another or joins in the grapple for my grapple role?

Posted on 2014-02-16 at 03:07:58.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: stoopid me

I thought there was no real fight going on... I thought they got swept up and died. Didnt notice the "Mites uninijured part" lol.

Posted on 2014-02-09 at 17:49:28.

Topic: Kingmaker Adventure Path 2.0
Subject: One of the greatest sins was done this night...

"FOR ONCE I WOULD LIKE SOME PEACE AND F**KING QUIET!” … “What the hell? Either nature itself wants these things dead or our unseen pranksters are helping us I figure."

“I be with the lad on this one: seems everything under and above the surface is out for our asses, and the only time they be willing to nab at them is in the middle o’ the night when we be needin’ our fightin’ sleep. Damnable forest: would be ten times easier if this were all underground exploration!”

Frodrick rubbed his temples from the lack of sleep and restless days: it was bad enough that he couldn’t lash out at the one pulling all the tricks on him, but it seemed that he was even denied the opportunity to unleash his fury on the little blue bastards that had found their camp.

“Can’t fight our tormentors, can’t fight the uglies of this forest, what we be doin’ here? Would have been nice to add a notch or two to me axe. “

It seemed that the danger had passed, so Frodrick decided to smoke a bit from his pipe to settle his nerves. Opening his pack, he was relieved to find that it had not been tampered with. Still in the linen cloth was his small stash safely covered. Whipping out his pipe, he opened the cloth only to find that it was not tobacco but some other plant.

The dwarf grimaced for a time. He felt like he was going to blow up. But suddenly he managed to get himself centered and in control. Taking a deep breath, he took the plant leaves and shoved them in his pipe. “^&%$ it.”

He lit the mystery plant and got himself cozy next to a log that the group had used as a makeshift bench for the campfire.

Posted on 2014-01-30 at 19:28:27.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: As a heads up

I do keep my minor items written down on my character sheet. I just have a bad habit of not writing my gold down XD

Posted on 2014-01-22 at 17:59:10.

Topic: Kingmaker Q&A
Subject: To the "New Challenger"

Hey there buddies,
I don't want to interrupt the flow of the story, so I thought I should throw this on the Q&A.

Could we recap what exactly happened? I get that the new character can use some illusion, but don't really know how I should react to him. It sounds like he should be a sort of mischievous gentleman... but is he?

I am almost thinking that Frodrick will say "WHO THE %^#$ ARE YOU!?" Just cause he is a cranky old guy who doesn't like strangers who can cast spells (think of him as an ignorant man who accepts that casters are needed, but doesn't want to interact with new ones all that much).

I am reserving the reaction of Frodo until I know a bit more on what Frodo is seeing.

Posted on 2014-01-21 at 19:05:43.

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