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Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: LOL

Anyone notice how -interested- everyone seems to be in Mac's mental stability?

Of course that just paves the way for some other nut to go take charge of the ship while everyone is looking at Mac... the ol' Kansas City Shuffle...

NOTE: Not that I am supporting the idea of ANYONE save for that handsome captain of ours to take over the ship!


Posted on 2009-11-13 at 16:48:38.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: What did you say?

“As you wish, my Captain,” Nyx sneered, offering an almost disinterested glance back before reaching for the latch, “but know that I’ll not settle for a mere watcher’s pay… my price remains the same…”

Dmitrova sneered back at the elf’s disinterested glance. “You know that as usual we will discuss your price when you have finished the task. I’ll pay you not only for it being done but for how it is done. But to keep you interested…” He tossed a small purse at him, and likewise tossed one to Cay.

Proud bastard. ‘my price remains the same…’ what have you to be so proud of huh? Your pointy little ears? They are just talismans of a race that is dying, especially in your case. And the reason the elves are dying? Because they are weak and allowed themselves to enslaved. You can kill, certainly, but so can that human before you… and he has likely killed more of your kind than you will ever of his…

Her thoughts wandered on this tangent for a moment longer than they should while she stuffed the purse into a pocket somewhere. Slowly she refocused and realized that she had been staring at Nyx and letting her lips move slightly with the internal discourse. With a narrowing of her eyes and a deep frown driving across her lips she moved to push past Nyx and out of the room. When her shoulder brushed against his she hissed at him in a low whisper.

“Tira ten’ rashwe… o’ re rambuva vithel.”

Part of her hated being so obvious about her hatred, and part of her preferred it that way. She thought of herself like a rattlesnake, warning those around her with a shake of her tail that they should think twice before getting too close.

Someone in the room had not heard that rattle though.

“Elves…” The word was said with a mocking laugh that was directed toward the two trying to leave the room.

Nyx was forgotten as that word fell upon her mutilated ears. Turning on her heel she faced the room again finding the man who had said such vile things about her.

The smell of fire, smoke and burning flesh suddenly filled the room as a pair of hands consumed in flame clasped down on the fat fingers of the round ear who had uttered the single word. His scream was instantaneous and bordered on pain and shock.

“I am not an elf…” Cay said firmly as the man writhed under the fiery grip on his wrists and blades unsheathed themselves around her.

Posted on 2009-11-13 at 15:26:39.
Edited on 2016-03-18 at 12:38:52 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: :(

But I wasn't really complaining... Sigh

And Eol... FOCUS!!

ADD is NOT an excuse!!


Posted on 2009-11-13 at 01:40:10.

Topic: Loaded Dice #31: Funny is in the Eye of the Beholder
Subject: Hmmm...

smug smiles...

I can kind of see where the comment came from.

The girl and the junk food junky (I'm terrible when it comes to names please forgive the use of 'nicknames' here) usually seem to be the two most likely to just look happy.

But yeah... the DM should look smug like... always. And polo boy -never- looks smug. Angry sometimes... and surprised more often... *nod*


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 19:20:32.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: :)

*splashes in the water*


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 16:28:39.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Arrghh!

Pirates ahoy!

Van... I'll have to commission you for that teddy bear when we finally do have kids... I the little pumpkin hat you did for Olan's latest.


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 14:56:00.

Topic: Loaded Dice #31: Funny is in the Eye of the Beholder
Subject: haha

I love the face on the librarian when he gets stabbed...

I almost feel sorry for the poor dead guy.


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 14:38:23.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: But... but...


*runs around crazy like for twenty minutes*


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 14:19:23.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: We Meet Again...

Her hand tightened into a fist and she made a hissing sound between her teeth. The thin scab that had formed over the wound broke open and the blood once again began to seep out. It was an intense pain that radiated out from her palm, pain that had worsened over the past few days. What had begun as a thin red gash across her palm, created by a sharp and clean blade, had widened into a gaping mouth since.

Opening her hand back up she looked at it. The pain was caused her eyes to brighten with the prospect of tears. If it had been properly cared for it would have been nearly healed by now, and the scar would have been minimal. Its current condition was due to the fact that she had purposefully kept it open. It had been wrapped up in a bandage only when she worked with her hands, and that bandage had not been exchanged yet for a clean one. The flesh around the mouth was pink and angry, flecks of grime mingled with the puss and blood that the mouth spewed out. A smile curled at her lips as she looked at it.

That will make a fine scar if it ever heals...

Picking up the crusted bandage she had been using she decided that perhaps it was time to get a cleaner one. This one had started to attract flies. Tossing it to the floor where it piled up with other discarded bits of her life she ripped the edge of her bed sheet into a strip and used that to wrap up her hand. In only a few minutes the rust colored seepage had already soaked through the layers of linen, but she didn't notice.

All that she cared about right now was the fact that she was finally a Hellkite. Her membership was only as old as the festering gash on her palm, and she thus held one of the lowest ranks possible within its bowels. However, she was smart enough, and determined enough, to know that you had to start somewhere and that from here she could only go up. Perhaps one day they would regret allowing her into their ranks, that day would bring her great joy.

What did not bring her great joy was the knowledge that she shared this lowly rank with him. After delivering Gracchus's head she and her partners in the deed had been initiated. The twin had gone off that same night to take care of some job that was more suited to their skills. The elf and she had been told to standby. Now she had been summoned back and there was a tingle in the phantom tips of her ears that told her to expect to see his vile face at this meeting.

So she stalked back to the Hydra's Breath. The mud of the city sucked at her boots and almost seemed to try and pull her back down with every step. That was how life was, every step she had ever taken was a struggle to pull out of the mud, to find some rock and make a firm stand. And with each step she reminded herself of what she would do once she found firm ground to walk upon again. Under the wide brim of her hat a smile crept back onto her lips, but it never touched her eyes. Those dark beady eyes were intent on catching anyone, elven, human or otherwise, who dared to cross her path. Everyone who did made her tense and grasp at the dagger concealed in her cloak as she debated whether to bend down and slice their Achilles tendon in twine. If it had not been for her appointment she might have.

At the Hydra she wasted no time in the main room but instead wandered down into the cellar and to the large tapestry on the back wall. For but a moment she paused to examine the work. The image was that of an orange tree that rose towards the heavens. Around the edge of the tapestry an intricate interlocking pattern had been formed. Only those that knew what they were looking for could see the small figures that had been woven into this pattern. The small birds that flew up out of the thorns, the wolves that seemed to starve at the bottom, and the pears that swelled up in their ripe greens along the sides. A white ram was also hidden among the edge pattern and she knew who had made it, and understood their passive statement. With a shake of her head she pushed the tapestry aside, taking note of the dust that had collected in its fibers as she did, and knocked on the door that it hid.



The door swung open for her and she stomped inside. A quick scan of the room and sure enough she had been right to expect him. He was already in the room, standing with full confidence even while he boiled with loathing for the "round ears" that surrounded him.

"Ah, so good of you to join us witch..." Dmitrova spoke from his chair and offered her a smile she knew he did not mean.

Turning her eyes from the assassin to look at Dmitrova she offered a false smile back to him.

"O're lle rambuva..." the elven dialect rolled through her strained teeth in a hushed promise to the man before her, but it was quiet enough that he did not notice, or if he had he made no sign of it.

"As I had been telling Nyx here, you two did so well with the last task I thought perhaps you would enjoy working together again."

"I prefer to work alone," Cay replied coldly.

"So would he. But I'm afraid I don't fully trust either one of you yet... and from what I gather," Dmitrova's voice took on an amused tone, "you don't trust each other either. I rather like the idea of keeping you two together and making you watch the other."

The pompous bastard is toying with me! He enjoys watching me squirm... I swear he shall pay!

Clenching her teeth to hold back the bile that rose in her throat she simply stared at Dmitrova and would not dare lift her eyes off him to see the look on Nyx's face.

"Good. Now then," I have this job for you. It is rather delicate..." And at that Dmitrova's eyes moved over to Nyx, watching the assassin's face while he spoke. "The thing is we don't want any blood spilt, at least not yet. Right now I just need information. The target is Kharinya Bolstoii. What I want is simply for you two to observe her. Find out who she talks to, where she shops, when she eats, how she combs her hair. If there is anything to be known about her I want to know it. Until I get what I want, no one is to be killed... or maimed..." his eyes move back to Cay at that, "is that clear?"

What is this about? Cayrimsa wondered to herself. Outwardly she nodded slightly to Dmitrova.

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 04:46:27.
Edited on 2016-03-18 at 12:27:07 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: The Fates of Fortune

Eol and I have decided to co-op on this creative story endeavor and bring back to life some characters from a now dead thread.


NOTE: This thread is contains adult subject matter and is recommended for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 04:45:36.
Edited on 2009-12-16 at 21:15:56 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: mmmm

I think I would use the term Dread Spider more often than I ever would Home Dawg...

Yeah I'm pretty certain of that.



Posted on 2009-11-12 at 03:28:59.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: Home Dawg?

Hmmm... no

I veto that one.


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:55:08.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: lol

Amusing dear Grugg...

Especially since my husband's best friend is a Conan and he was all like 'How does he know Conan!?'


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:30:37.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: gorliante

There is a gorliante under my couch at the moment... but let me assure you it will feel my wrath the next time it sets one of it's furry little feet out from under it... as soon as I get done laughing at my husband for being freaked out over it.


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:25:17.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: Okay!

I would just like to get us back on topic for 3.5 seconds here and note that there is an elven term for Dread Spider (gorliante) but not for Wrath...


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:18:58.

Topic: Star Trek: No Good Deed Q&A
Subject: Ah!

Something happened and we've had another burst of posting!

Can't... keep... up...


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:16:05.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Do what?

Break in here and take the win from the Grugg?



Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:15:06.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: Because...

He turns into a gremlin...

I think...

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 01:08:24.

Topic: My Creations
Subject: :)

A much lighter side... and very good.

I liked, it made me smile.


Posted on 2009-11-12 at 01:07:21.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: blah

Posted on 2009-11-11 at 23:43:53.

Topic: Who is your favorite superhero?
Subject: Well...

No votes for Howard because we have taste Eol...

And no votes for Superman because he at least personally makes me want to

He's TOO good. People can't relate to Superman because he is Lawful Good to a fault... we are disturbed how no one can tell the difference between Superman and Clark Kent just because of a pair of BC Glasses... and what is what that stupid curl of hair on his forehead?

And as for Scar... no one likes Scar... he's ugly and mean. Malicifent has charisma and presence in a room... Scar is pretty evil... but Mal just has something he never will


Posted on 2009-11-11 at 20:45:58.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: Aww...

But I have cupcakes and Cheese-It's Grugg... I'll feed you if you don't smite me...


Posted on 2009-11-11 at 18:44:27.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: ah!

A smite and a dock in pay...

Dear Lord you guys are harsh!

Wait a moment... what pay?

Alright that's it I quit!

I did get my t-shirt though... will be posting up pics of me in all my 'Chaotic Evilness' soonish.

And you know... I really just should have played this off and gone:

'Well yeah we have it in the vault... we have everything in the vault, I was just raising awareness of the vault for all of our new members...'


Posted on 2009-11-11 at 18:05:27.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: Wow...

I rendered him speechless...

And without cupcakes too.

But hey! The dictionary in the vault is really useful!


Posted on 2009-11-11 at 16:58:23.

Topic: Pedo Edhel?
Subject: Really?

I'm going to go hide before Olan smites me now...


Posted on 2009-11-11 at 16:41:47.


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