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Topic: (Ba)sin City Awaits
Subject: (Ba)sin City Awaits

After becoming enthralled with the new Dark Knight picture, I have found myself thumbing through my Frank Miller collection of comics... and this little gem I GMed a few sessions with.

1969, Basin City, Nevada. Population 552,539; it almost matches the heat. Nights are hotter than hell-- can't even begin to describe high noon.

'fact. only thing that can keep up with this God-forsaken heat is the crime wave. Can't really call it a "wave," s'pose that'd mean it'd let up eventually. I just don't see that happening.

Whadda' the Cops do? The Basin City Police Department is just about as corrupt as the Wallenquist and the Magliozzi families put together. Ha, stranger, the best bet for a safe haven is Old Town! God damn hookers run the place-- deal with the devil the BCPD made couple years back. Keeps the "Ladies" in charge of Old Town and the Cops and Mob out. Pretty sweet deal when you get down to it.

But hell, I don't wanna keep chewing your ear off! Ya' just check the paper if you're trying to catch up on the local news.

Otherwise, I'd say head over to Kadie's. Best bar in town if you're looking for a stiff drink-- or, ya' know, just some "entertainment." Eh, regardless, welcome to Sin City.

The old man breaks into a fit of laughter and begins to saunter away. The shriek of the breaks on the train indicates you're about two minutes out from putting your first footfall on Basin City soil. As the train staggers to a hault, the doors begin to slowly wind open-- and stop. Looks like a mess of wire-- maybe a coathanger?-- and rust is jamming up the gears. Great way to start your new life in Sin City.

Right, well, hope that has a few people interested. Drop me a line through the Red Dragon's services or E-mail at for class restrictions, levels, starting gear questions, a more detailed world background, book limitations (d20 Mod bookset, by-the-by, heh) or just general campaign questions.

Posted on 2008-07-24 at 07:35:34.

Topic: Howdy.
Subject: Howdy.

Hello everyone,

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 and 3.5 for quite a few years now with the occasional peppering of home brewed RPGs and d20 Modern, and I believe it's finally time to take the plunge into online RPGing.

As far as play-style goes, I tend to favor roleplaying to combat, loathe metagaming, and tend to lean towards home brewed RPG worlds!

What does this mean to you? It means I have a limitless amount of yarn to thread from an infinite spool! Or simply put: You know that crazy idea about a Hound Archon who forsakes his roots to attain godhood? Or your secret desire to steal a red dragon youngling and raise it as your own? I'm the Dungeon Master who wants to hear about it!

So, without any further stalling, my handle is Largah, and I'm looking for a few simple, low-key games to help me make sense of online, post-based RPGing so I can do the thing I love: DM!

Thanks for your time,


Posted on 2008-07-17 at 04:10:11.

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