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Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: My first battle! Yay!

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 12:22 hours (3 hours of air remaining) | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quadrant.

There wasn’t any argument from Ensign Shral or Ensign Ral. Both men hunkered down behind the stalagmite-like columns that protected them from the wide-open expanse of the ravine, their weapons at ready, but a look of trepidation on their faces. Ral Tarwin was a pilot, and though he’d been trained in such mission requirements as were required during a time of war, and those that being on board a ship requiring away missions would require, he knew he wasn’t nearly as prepared for such encounters as this presented as those from TAC and Security would be.

As Ensign Malton crept slowly forward, Curzon looked up and spoke through the comm. unit built into the suits. “The readings are stable. I believe they are emanating from the two foremost pinnacles at the edge of the precipice.”

Malton slowly climbed down over the edge. “Still no modulation,” Ensign Shral reported over the comm. link. Then Malton grabbed his phaser and un-slung it from his back, then he went in to a half-crouch and went out into the open. Drake watched all this with a weary eye trying to make sure that his friend didn’t get shot. He was about fifteen feet away from the cliff’s edge when Ensign Shral suddenly said, “A new energy reading! To the east!”

Drake immediately shifted his gaze past the boulders and spotted two Cardassians. Drake’s conscience flipped as he thought of killing two life forms, but then he thought of Malton who was out in the open with no cover. He opened fire.

Drake heard Ral open fire as well and smiled grimly. “Say goodbye, Cardassians.” Drake whispered softly.

Posted on 2009-05-15 at 00:03:20.
Edited on 2009-05-15 at 02:50:59 by Cooner

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Waiting to decide...

“Well, just because the tricorder say’s there is an energy signature down there doesn’t mean that the Cardassians, or whatever, are there. What I think would be a good idea is if one of us gets close enough to find out what it is before we do anything rash. If everyone agrees then we’ll need to find some one stealthy, some one not easily detected… Well, no offense, but I think either Drake or I should be the one to go, we have had some training in this stuff.” Zackery said quietly.

“Yes, I agree with Zachery,” said Drake. “We’re more qualified, and there’s no need to apologize to them it’s just a simple fact. They trained for other stuff, now Malton you can go I’ll stay.”

[If everyone agrees with him and Malton, Drake will stay, otherwise he will quietly climb down to the plateau and investigate.]

Posted on 2009-04-29 at 03:51:48.
Edited on 2009-04-29 at 03:52:38 by Cooner

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Cardassian

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 09:14 hours (6 hours of air remaining) | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quadrant.

“What is going on? Why did we stop?” Zackery’s voice was low, but it carried well enough across the transmitters in their helmets.

Looking at Zackery with an expression that said ‘Shut up’ Drake replied in a voice so low that it barely passed off as a whisper, “Shhhh, I’ll tell you later.” Drake sat there and watched the as Cardassians passed by. Then he continued onward.

The face of the cliff on the opposite side of the canyon was barren except for a couple of columns of steam rising from rifts in the stone.

Ensign Shral immediately produced his tricorder, having readjusted it during their hike to its normal properties he activated the scan feature. Ensign Ral maintained a careful watch with his rifle at ready, awaiting the decision of the others as he was out of his element.

“There’s an energy signature there,” Curzon Shral pointed with his right hand while he maintained the device in his left, his rifle shouldered for the moment. The area he was pointing to was right at the lip of the lower outcropping where a number of the stalagmites were clustered. “It’s not very strong, but it is enough power to take notice, and it is constant.”

“Alright,” Drake replied. “I’ll check it out.”

Posted on 2009-04-13 at 01:12:16.
Edited on 2009-04-13 at 02:00:09 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Oh, great!

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 07:06 hours | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quadrant.

Everyone was in agreement with Ral, so Drake volunteered to take lead while Malton took the rear. They headed towards one of the Federation’s most feared enemy’s base, if that wasn’t dangerous Drake didn’t know what was. They also had just about six hours of air left.

Every rise, column and cave Drake stopped and peeked around corners and make sure that there wasn’t a threat. It was very lucky that he did that too, because when he peeked over one ledge he saw a patrol of eight Cardassian soldiers walking toward them, but it appeared that they hadn’t seen him just yet.

So Drake dropped down over the ledge again as quietly as he could and held up a fist to make sure everyone stopped and then made the quiet motion with his hand.

(occ: assuming everyone stays quiet)

Posted on 2009-03-28 at 02:37:21.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Trapped

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 07:05 hours | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quadrant.

Taking off running Drake saw the Jem’Hadar fighter fly overhead and thought, “This is the end of us.” But then it just flew overhead like they just weren’t there. Taking advantage of this little bit of luck Drake again took off running as fast as he could towards the little bit of cover that Curzon was standing behind.

Ral was the first one to get to the cover, but just a few seconds later Drake slipped in the little crevice just after Pierce heard Curzon breath, “I didn’t think it would work, but it looks like it did, I altered the sensors to emit a temporary false reading, amplifying it with the phaser’s power cell. It might work for one more pass, but then the weapon will be empty, and we’re back to square one.”

“Wow, good job,” Drake complimented him. Now the decision was upon them. Trapped at the north pole of a Type B planet with a hostile atmosphere and Starfleet’s number one enemy about to bear down on them, the away team was without their leader, had no way current method of communicating with Guardian, or the other away team, and was minutes from having their own version of a Romulan cloaking device peter out. According to Lt. Kavk’s last words, there was likely a Dominion facility a little over five kilometers to the north east through some very rough terrain, and they had a little over eight hours worth of air left to them.

"Ok," Ral began then took a breath and continued, "We are on our own. The L.T. is dead, we have less then eight hours of life support left. We can't contact the Guardian. We have to find shelter."

Then Ral looked to Pierce, "Doc, the L.T. said something about a facility to the north east. I think we need to head out and now before Curzon's device fails and that fighter finishes us off."

Without waiting for a reply, figuring they had no other choice, he quickly gather any supplies and weapons he saw and checking his phazer rifle he stood and looked at the others.

"Well?" Ral asked.

“I agree fully with him.” Zackery urgently agreed, “But we better hurry, if we don’t we will either suffocate, or get blown to bits.” That was stating the obvious, but he felt it needed to be said. Zackery stood up, picking up his Phaser rifle, “I’m ready whenever you guys are.”

“I’m ready now.” Drake said simply. Looking to Pierce and Curzan.

Posted on 2009-03-21 at 00:30:12.
Edited on 2009-03-21 at 02:40:19 by Bromern Sal

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: ......

Inorlia (a Class B Planet), North Pole | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 07:05 hours | The Guardian remains in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis within the Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quandrant.

Panting, Drake ran as fast as he could towards his crumpled commander. Once he reached the Lt. One glance at Malton told him what to do. Set up positions on either side of Lt.

“Look out it’s turning!” Yelled Drake. “Just pick him up and let’s get out of here!”

Drake then heard Malton shout pretty much the same thing.

“Damn it!” He heard Pierce exclaim. Drake’s stomach tightened, then he heard Malton ask, “Is he dead?” Drake’s stomach tightened even more though when he heard Ral shout, “Come on, he’s dead there’s nothing more we can do!”

“Come on Peirce, Drake, we need to get out of here!” Zackery exclaimed to the two men still standing there, “Stop standing around, he is gone!”

“Okay, then.” Drake said not without just a little emotion. Then Drake dashed as fast as he could to the closest cover.

Posted on 2009-03-05 at 05:36:37.
Edited on 2009-03-06 at 14:59:30 by Cooner

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: On a planet

Shuttle PT-2001 | Stardate 51717.9 (09-07-2374) 06:45 hours | Bajor Sector, The Alpha Quandrant, in orbit around Inorlia a Class B Planet within two light years of Koralis
The light of the shuttle bay was peeled away from those watching out of the viewports and replaced by the near perfect blackness of space, marred in its absoluteness by the pinpoint stars of visible systems. After Shuttle designation PT-2001 passed through the force field keeping the oxygen within the shuttle bay, Ensign Ral punched in the correct bearing he’d just received from the ship’s computer and guided the boxy craft over the port nacelle before bringing her about to maintain her bearing on the barren north pole of Inorlia. Beside him, in the navigator’s chair, Lt. Kavk began to run his own scans of their surroundings and the quickly-approaching planet.

“I likely have no need to reiterate Starfleet’s planet designation parameters for a Class B planet,” Lt. Kavk stated as he continued to stare blandly at the console in front of him. “Suffice it to say that this is a most inhospitable planet, and we will all be required to don environmental suits before stepping foot on the surface. As we have less than fifteen minutes before Ensign Ral sets this shuttle down, it makes the most sense to dress for the occasion now.

“Ensigns Pierce and Shral,” Ortar finally turned his attention from the information being returned by long-range scans and fixed his matter-of-fact gaze on the doctor and engineer. “You will be first, followed by Ensigns Goodhart and Malton. Once we land, Ensign Ral and myself will don the suits.”

“Yes sir!” Drake replied. So far so good he thought.

Drake had a little bit of a problem, it was kind of hard to put on the suit while the ship was bumping around but in the end he got the suit put on.

After the burn of entry had filtered off, those within the shuttle were greeted by the alien sky of Inorlia. Orange in hue, it was completely clear of cloud cover, leaving the pinpoints of stars clearly visible through the strange coloration. Even Guardian’s orbiting spec of light was visible, should one be in position to look for it. The ground was of a richer red stone, earth, and boulder. There wasn’t a plant to be seen through the viewport; just rocky outcroppings, jutting stone, and dangerous-looking canyons occasionally rising up into sharp mountains.

“I am still unable to penetrate the magnetic interference that was encountered by the Guardian’s long-range sensors, although it would appear that we have some accuracy with short-range sensors. I am able to receive some information at a distance of twenty-five kilometers,” Lt. Kavk announced. Looking up from the console he scanned the quickly passing scenery. “The most logical method for surveying would be to perform a series of passes over designated regions. This is not, however, the most pleasant way—“

The Lieutenant was interrupted by a beeping from the computer. Adjusting some of the parameters of his scan resulted in a slight cocking of his head. “Interesting. Ensign Ral, please bring the shuttle around to a bearing of two point five seven and take it to an altitude of fifty feet.”

Kavk’s instructions put them dangerously close to the unpredictable terrain. It meant that Ral would have to pay very close attention to his flying or they’d end up dust on some mountainside.

“Sensors indicate compressed metals, and an electrical signature just over that rise,” Ortar didn’t indicate which rise he was referring to through the viewscreen, but those within the shuttle could easily see a steeply sloping cliff face rising up before them about five kilometers away. “I am not picking up any further—“

Additional beeping caused the lieutenant to adjust his attention once again. “Brace yourselves,” he said in the typical Vulcan fashion of emotionless instruction. “We have been detected.”

“What?” Drake asked with some alarm in his voice, “Who detected-“ Drake was interrupted as the ship shook violently.

Shields at fifty two percent. Starboard nacelle is leaking plasma. The computer informed them, and Ensign Ral suddenly discovered that the ship’s responsiveness was sluggish as he attempted to adjust their altitude.

“What? We’re leaking plasma?” Drake said now with just a little bit of panic in his voice.

Sparks showered those in the rear, tumbling off of their suit’s shoulders and helmets as a panel blew wide open revealing a dazzling light show within the forest of wires and conduits, the panel hanging by a hinge over Ensign Malton’s helmeted head. Ensign Ral knew the shuttle couldn’t out maneuver a Jem’Hadar fighter designed for aerial and sub-zero combat. With the starboard nacelle out of commission he couldn’t speed away, or even gain enough altitude to attempt returning to the Guardian.

“This is Starfleet shuttlecraft PT-2001,” Lt. Kavk had activated the communications relay. “We are being attacked by a Jem’Hadar fighter, and are requesting immediate evacuation.”

The call for help was met by silence.

The shuttle shook violently once more, nearly spilling Lt. Kavk from his seat. “The communications system is damaged. We have to find cover.

“Ensign Ral. Find someplace to put us down, and slow down to one quarter impulse. The fighter cannot match that speed and will have to swing around to engage once more. Perhaps it will buy us the time we need…”

As the rough terrain swept past them, Ensign Ral scanned the reddish rock looking for both a place to set the shuttle down safely, and a place that would offer them cover from the beetle-like fighter that was in pursuit. As the speed of the shuttle was reduced, Lt. Kavk’s knowledge of the enemy craft came in handy, and the underside of the fighter swept over the top of them as the vehicle sped on ahead. Mere seconds later, Tarwin spotted an outcropping with a gentle slope just below it. The rock above was thick enough that it could most likely withstand a couple of phaser blasts, and there were some massive stone pinnacles close enough to provide cover for them if they could make it on foot. The problem was that it was a difficult bit of piloting, but that didn’t deter the young Bajoran.

Sweeping the shuttle about to the port side, Ensign Ral manually brought the ship sliding in under the overhang. It was a close fit, and the vessel was momentarily shaken when a portion of the aft section struck a boulder, nearly spinning the shuttle too far forward before Ensign Ral could readjust their trajectorThe slope upon which the shuttle now rested was covered with a thin layer of red silt mixed with a scattering of small chunks of rock from the outcrop overhead. The grade of the slope caused some momentary slipping from those spilling out of the shuttle’s belly, but it was quickly adjusted for, and the four Starfleet officers made short work of the distance between them and the pillars of rock that Ral had spotted, and Kavk had ordered them too. The whole while casting nervous glances at the sky.

Within the shuttle, Ensign Ral and Lt. Kavk slipped into their suits as quickly as they could manage. Ortar had set the computer to monitor the Jem’Hadar’s approach vocally, and as they’d sealed up their suits the ship’s pleasant female voice announced that the enemy ship had completed its circle and was on approach once more.y.

“The fighter is beginning its turn,” Lt. Kavk informed them, his left hand braced against the console to keep him from slamming his face into the hardware.

The shuttle settled with a series of jerking motions followed by a short slide, and then the engines were powering down.

“Quickly,” Lt. Kavk ordered, unstrapping himself and rising to his feet. “There were some canyons nearby within those columns of rock. Make for those and wait for us there. Ensign Ral, I suggest you dress as quickly as possible. We don’t want to be in this shuttle when that fighter returns.”

“Yes sir.” Drake said calming down a bit. Then he sprinted as fast as he could from the shovel to the columns of rock. Once he reached the columns he turned around just in time to see Lt. Kavk and Ensign Ral go flying. Drake was relieved when he saw Ral get up but when Lt. Kavk didn’t get up he followed hot on the heels of his friend.

(OOC: If the Jem’Hadar are still firing at them, he will do the same thing as Zackery.)

Posted on 2009-02-24 at 00:50:48.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Drake Goodhart

Guardian: Officers Quarters, 04:52

Drake slowly rose out of his bed. He groggily rubbed his eyes, then looked over to the clock: 04:52 hours. Oh well, he thought. It was early but he might as well get ready for his shift on the bridge.

When Drake had first boarded the Guardian he had felt very excited but now, well now, he just felt nervous knowing that if he screwed up it could cost some people their lives. He also felt secure; after all, he was on a Bradbury-class heavy frigate--he just tried not to think of the vulnerable under-side and everything seemed OK.

Standing up Drake started to get ready.

Guardian: Bridge, 06:00 Hours

“A Class-B planet could be so mineral rich as to result in a similar phenomenon,” the Captain explained to her XO. “Could is the key word there.”

“Captain, I’ve adjusted the sensors as much as I am able and it is still inconclusive. I’m sorry.” Kanik shook his head, his antennae even more agitated at having failed his captain.

“Mr. Solina?” Captain Delisle intoned without removing her gaze from the planet. “Two teams, two shuttles. One at each pole, and be careful.”

“Yes, Sir,” Erick motioned to Goodhart and Malton. “You’re with me.”

“Yes, sir.” Drake says. All right! His first mission!

Guardian: Shuttle Bay, 06:45 Hours

“Inorlia is a hotbox. It doesn’t look hospitable at all, but the Captain thinks there might be something hiding at the poles. So, we’re going in. Away Team A will consist of Lt. Kavk, Ensign Goodhart, Ensign Malton, Ensign Pierce, Ensign Shral, and Ensign Tarwin will be manning the shuttle. Away Team B will consist of me leading, and the rest of you. We’ll take the South Pole; Away Team A will take the north. Any questions?”

“Good luck.”

Drake accepted his phasers and flashed a confident grin at his friend, Malton, despite feeling nervous about the possibility of using the Type III phaser rifle in actual combat for the first time.

Posted on 2009-02-13 at 00:39:49.

Topic: Star Trek: The Guardian Saga
Subject: Me too

Dido to Ts Ah

Posted on 2009-01-15 at 01:26:06.

Topic: He he
Subject: Smite

I was going to smite you, Mr. Utan, but then you said such nice words to me. *Sniff-sniff* Anyway, me and my brother Ts Ah have to go, Goodbye.

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 02:50:20.

Topic: He he
Subject: Hello

Hey Ts Ah, can I join in? PLEASE!!!???

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 02:35:39.

Topic: Bromern Sal's second son: I'm new here.
Subject: Hello

Ya, Ts Ah got to join, so I thought you guys had to meet the rest of the family... or three members of it anyway.

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 01:55:07.

Topic: Bromern Sal's second son: I'm new here.
Subject: Bromern Sal's second son: I'm new here.

Hello, I the second son of Bromern Sal. I'm lookin' for some good games

Posted on 2008-10-23 at 23:19:47.

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