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Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Sorry

I know we were all hyped to keep the game going, but unfortunately I have been dealing with some serious issues and simply cannot keep going.  I'm just far too depressed to run any games right now and trying to do so would be a serious disservice to you as players.

Posted on 2018-11-29 at 19:26:18.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: quick update.. sorry for the delay guys!

Edgar and Wade downed their drinks and each belched loudly and laughed like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. Anything else that they had to say was drowned out by their laughter. The ruckus was so out of hand that the waitress, Arla, came over, "If you cannot keep it down then you'll have to leave, you're disturbing other customers!"
The two men stood, stumbling slighty as they rose, and staggered out the door, clearly not interested in lowering their voices.

Asoel notes no deception in Rikkel's words, he truly seems concerned for the animals he has mentioned. "Rikkel has tried to keep the infected seperated from the healthy stock, but if Long-Ears knows anything about giant rats then you know they are notorious for being able to chew through nearly anything. More and more are getting infected as the days pass."

Posted on 2018-11-01 at 21:28:26.

Topic: Potential short Pathfinder Adventure
Subject: QA Link

QA Thread

As for a character sheet, I can PM you a template. 

Also, sorry it took me so long to get back to you, my PC blue screened on me night before last and I didn't even turn it back on yesterday.

Posted on 2018-10-30 at 19:17:48.

Topic: Looking for Freeform Dragon/Fantasy Rp
Subject: Fantasy you say?

I am seeking new players for my Pathfinder game. 

It definitely falls under fantasy, no dragons involved at this particular point of the story though.

I'm more than happy to work with you on character options, as DM I handle all the serious rules crunch, rolls, and all the behind the scenes stuff, you'd just have to know what your character can do and what you want him or her to do in the scene.

Posted on 2018-10-28 at 22:24:22.
Edited on 2018-10-28 at 22:46:33 by Shield Wolf

Topic: I have some emotional trauma I need to talk about, and I feel safe doing so here.
Subject: I have some emotional trauma I need to talk about, and I feel safe doing so here.

I need to get a few things off my chest, and I don't know where else I can go to do so. So please, bear with me as I vent some serious emotional trauma. I have long felt at home here at the Inn, and I feel safe enough here to open up. I am not looking for pity, just need to vent, and I know there are people here I can count on to listen (or read).

October has long been a hard month for me, and for a long time I have had a hard time feeling anything but an empty, hollow feeling during this month when so many others are excited and hyped for the fun this month brings with Fall Festivals, Holloween, and other fun celebrations. Not so for me though. Seven years ago today I lost my little brother in a house fire, not even 2 full weeks after his 21st birthday. The local news posted the story online, complete with an insensitive photo of my childhood home completely ingulfed in flames, knowing that someone's son and brother had lost his life in the fire. It was deemed an accident by the Fire Marshall, an electrical fire that had gotten out of control.

Ever since then it has been hard on my family, his birthday October 15th is a painful reminder, and then the 28th rears it's head and dredges up even more painful memories, leaving me reeling in a pit of emotional agony that I struggle to pull myself out of. For years I would simply just refuse to work on either day, the emotional drain of dealing with other people and this tragedy was just too much to bear.

Then, a year or two ago (it's honestly all a blur), the wounds were all torn wide open again, just as I was getting to a point where I could at least drag myself to work and fake being a normal human during the work day. A woman I had gone to High School with (graduated the year before iirc) shows up at my parents' new home, saying she needs to get something off her conscience. According to her, her ex-husband; the man who had started the fire, confessed to her that he had started the fire intentionally. The catch here though is that since it was ruled an accident the only way he was ever going to be charged with anything is if he confessed himself to doing so, and that simply wasn't going to happen.

We had long had our suspicions that the fire was no accident, and now that we knew for a fact it wasn't there was literally nothing to be done about it. We were left with old wounds torn freshly asunder. Why though? Just so someone else could clear her own conscience on the matter, say what she knew all along and had not come forward with for years just to ease her own sense of guilt?! Had we not suffered enough already without her input?!

I cannot think of anything else now during the month of October, I cannot focus, I have a hard time sleeping, I am just barely dragging myself through the day to day activities that I as an adult must attend to, because I have bills to pay and needs to meet...

Posted on 2018-10-28 at 19:23:49.

Topic: Potential short Pathfinder Adventure
Subject: New Players needed

This game has found itself creep to an early stop due to a couple players stepping down, and then a couple of new players having other commitments keeping them from joining.

As such I would like to pick up between 1 and 3 new players to join the game so that we can keep it moving.  If you are looking to get into a Pathfinder game then please take a moment to read through the QA and game thread and then either post here or shoot me a PM.  I am more than happy to help with the character creation process, as I already would be heavily involved in the background rolls and card assignment process.

Posted on 2018-10-28 at 19:19:26.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: okay...

So the way I see it, we have a few options...

1. We continue with the 2 of you, an odd buddy-cop Elf + Dhampir duo.

2. I post in recruitment again and we hope someone shows interest and gets a character completed to join this crusade against candy.

3. As was brought up earlier, you each play another character in addition to the buddy cop duo in option 1.

4. I can make a DMPC and we move forward with 3, though admittedly a DMPC can be a hard thing to pull off correctly...

I leave the option open to you, the players, and we will try to get this moving again before month's end.

Posted on 2018-10-20 at 16:22:56.
Edited on 2018-10-21 at 23:05:47 by Shield Wolf

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA

I apoligize Nomad, I should have posted that we were on a short hiatus while the new recruits get ready.  I'll post again once we get ready to start up again.  Thank you for you continued patience in the matter.

Posted on 2018-09-01 at 09:48:12.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA

Decicio, if you have people who would like to join I am all for pausing to allow them to join, I was thinking of posting in the recruitment thread looking for new people anyway.

Posted on 2018-08-18 at 23:35:27.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: update updated!

Rikkel leans in close, his voice low, "Rikkel is involved in some, shall we say, less than legal endeavors and Rikkel needs help with some unfortunate business."  The Ratfolk pauses for a moment to make sure the long-ear isn't taken aback before providing more information, "Rikkel knows it is risky telling you this since you are acting on behalf of Captain Jirolin, but Rikkel cannot take care of this alone.  You see Long-Ears, Rikkel breeds giant rats in a hidden sub-cellar and some of Rikkel's precious babies have turned up sick and need to be put down before the infection spreads to the healthy ones.  Rikkel cannot bring himself to hurt the rats he has raised from wee ratlings and so Rikkel asks for your help in this unfortunate business..."  Rikkel pauses, waiting for a response, eager and nervous to hear what his long earred friend may have to say on the matter.


The barmaid returns to the table with the next round of drinks Kheric had ordered, placing them on the table with a sincere, if not exhausted smile, "Enjoy boys," she says as she walks away.  Wade and Edgar both grab their drinks almost as soon as they hit the table, "Thanks, Arla!" they both exclaim in unison before taking a long drink from their ales.  It's Wade that starts up the conversation again, "Well Adamo was one of the poor saps that went and got himself hooked on the damned poison, and like others it consumed him.  We noticed early on that Adamo's personality had changed, he wasn't laughing and smiling like he used to, and occasionally we'd overhear him speaking to someone that wasn't there.  He wasn't eating, he wouldn't come to the River Rat with us after work, he only came to work anymore to pay for his candy habit.  Well last night Adamo is heading home from work and starts raving about horrible monsters, and tackles Wayne and just starts slamming his head into the street violently, going on and on about how he won't let the beasts take him alive.  I think the blood stains are still visible, and I'm not sure Wayne even lived through the night after that. Last we knew they had Adamo in a holding cell up near the square."

Wade pauses to take another drink, and in the silence Edgar started to contribute to the conversation, "Well the problem is the Candymen, as they have been dubbed, appeared almost without warning, about 2 months ago, offering just about everyone a free sample.  A mind-blowing experience, they promised, and many of the younger people jumped at it, not knowing the chaos the Candy would unleash.  By the time they knew what they were getting themselves into the damage had been done, they were hooked and the candy became the only motivator in many of their lives.  No one seems to really know how to find a Candyman, they always just seem to come to the junkies, almost like they can sense when someone is on the drug and know who to approach to avoid capture." 

Posted on 2018-08-18 at 14:29:48.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA

No worries on the delay, having a couple other active games has caused my sporadic updates to fall out of the latest updated list pretty quickly.  I will try to get an update up this weekend, thanks for your patience guys.

Posted on 2018-08-17 at 18:31:01.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: anyone else still playing?

I know Decicio is still posting, but is anyone else going to, or is it time to call it quits?

Posted on 2018-08-14 at 20:37:33.
Edited on 2018-08-14 at 20:38:09 by Shield Wolf

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: late again, sorry

A sly smile spread across the Ratfolk's face, he always did enjoy a good profanity-filled rant, especially when in a typically calm tongue like Elven.  "Rikkel is sorry to hear of your loss, may your friend rest well despite the poison."  The old Rat pulls the Kobold liquour from under the bar again, refilling Asoel's glass and then pouring another for himself, raising the glass in a respectful toast, "To peaceful rests."

After downing his drink Rikkel limps over to another patron who had been trying to get his attention, gave the man his drink and limped back over to where Asoel sat, "Rikkel would like to help, but Rikkel knows next to nothing of the distribution ring that is peddling this poison on our streets.  Perhaps with a couple days' time Rikkel could locate some helpful information though.  In the meantime, Rikkel has a favor to ask of you and your companions, if you are interested."

Posted on 2018-08-08 at 20:14:26.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Update, better late than never, right?

Wade and Edgar put their heated conversation on hold for a moment and turn their attention to the fellow that had just wandered into their conversation.  “Hey fellas.  I didn’t mean to listen in, but I couldn’t help hearing a bit of what you said.  I’m new in the area and this is probably the fifth or sixth time I’ve heard or seen the word ‘candy’ used around here.  What is this stuff?  Is it really crashing all your co-workers?  I’ve seen those notices you mentioned.  Hard to miss ‘em.” The two exchanged short looks, then it was Edgar who spoke first, surprisingly more pleasant than his part of the conversation may have made him out to be, "Can't fault ya there stranger, I don't know my own volume sometimes.  Take a seat, and we'll fill ya in!"  He pulled out one of the extra chairs at the table for the stranger, the stench of alcohol on his breath making it obvious he had had more than a couple drinks while sitting here.  "The "Candy" as most have taken to calling it is some crazy drug that people all over town have gotten hooked on.  From what I understand the stuff is super addictive and makes people do crazy things, sometimes even doing crazy things to them.  Many of the folks we work with have gotten hooked to it, and just the other night it seems ol' Adamo went and made a mess while using the crap."  Wade just shook his head and muttered under his breath, "That's putting it lightly..." before taking another swig of his ale, finishing it off with one long draw.  "Hey friend, how's about you get the next round if we're gonna be answering your questions?"  With that the conversation seems to dry up, much like the pint glasses of the two men.

*Meanwhile, back at the bar*
Rikkel, in a rather unsanitary and entirely out of character moment for his usual jovial self, spits over his shoulder at the mention of the "candy" as the smile vanishes from his face.  "Rikkel hopes you are not insulting his fine establishment by implying that Rikkel has a hand in the distribution of this damned drug."  It would seem that "long-ears" has offended their host inadvertently.

Posted on 2018-07-25 at 19:29:32.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: long overdue!

After tending to his other patrons, Kheric included, Rikkel limped back over to where Iaka and Asoel are seated by the bar, leans against the bar and doing his best to look the elf in the eyes states, "You'll find, long-ears, that around these parts you're more likely to get information if you talk for yourself, besides, it seems your friend isn't feeling chatty anyway."  Before Asoel can even try to object Rikkel continues, "Rikkel may be gray, and Rikkel's reflexes aren't what they once were, but Rikkel's ears are as sharp as ever!  So tell me long-ears, what is it you wanted your friend to speak to Rikkel about?"  Rikkel then reaches under the bar, retreiving the kobold liquor and pouring Asoel another glass, "Perhaps this will loosen your tongue up, eh long-ears?" and chuckles at himself, waiting to hear what Asoel has to say for himself.

Kheric, drink in hand wanders over to the cluster of tables near the fireplace, and after a moment found himself a spot near a group of what appeared to be millworkers in for a post-workday brew.  Over the din of the crowded little bar he was able to make out quite a bit of their conversation, with two workers' voices rising above the noise more easily than others.

Man 1: "Can you believe the nerve of Jirolin putting up those notices everywhere trying to get outsiders involved, he may as well be advertising that his men can't handle themselves and as far as I'm concerned, airing the town's dirty laundry just invites further chaos!"

Man 2: "I dunno Edgar, seems with the way this Candy is tearing through our town we can use all the help we can get, even if it is just people traveling through."

Edgar: "Jirolin knows damn well he could have recruited from within our population, no need getting outsiders involved in something we natives should be taking care of Wade!"

Wade: "Edgar if you feel so strongly about it then go take it up with Jirolin.  Personally I welcome the help, the workload has gotten out of hand lately anyway with so many of our coworkers not coming to work because they are out of their minds on this damned Candy."

Edgar: "I know what you mean, I don't know how much longer I can keep doing the work of 4 men before my back gives out completely.  If the damn Candy doesn't ruin our town the collapse of our economy when those of us still working can't carry on will."

It seems not everyone in the town is thrilled with the idea of inviting outside aid in dealing with the troubles plagueing their streets, but they seem to at least agree that something needs to be done about it.

Posted on 2018-07-16 at 18:55:45.
Edited on 2018-07-16 at 22:04:34 by Shield Wolf

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA
Subject: Update Inbound

As promised I will go ahead and post an update tonight, just also in the middle of making a pot of chicken and dumplings, so it may be a little bit before I get the post completed.

Posted on 2018-07-16 at 17:28:10.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA

Tell you what, I will update Monday with or without an update from our absent friends.  I have a tabletop session this Saturday though that I still have a ton to get ready for so all my creative juices are going toward getting that ready to go.  Nothing worse than going into a 15 hour marathon session without being fully prepared, found that out last month when one of my 8th level players single-handedly defeated an NPC twice his level because I had rushed character creation and did not take the time to fully gear the enemy to be a true threat.  I don't intend to make the same mistake again.

Posted on 2018-07-11 at 19:30:38.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA

I too would love to see the game move forward but it seems we've lost a couple people as no updates have been posted for Iaka or Yan in several weeks, which is what I have been waiting for.

Posted on 2018-07-08 at 02:24:43.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: Not much to work with, but here goes...

Rikkel pours Asoel another glass before limping down the bar to refill another patron's glass.  Asoel's eyes having finally adjusted to the smoke and dim light of the bar, scans the other patrons with his keen eyes, trying to single out anyone that looks as though they had sinister motives or who may be seeking to unload drugs in their possession.  None of the patrons jumps out at him as being specifically suspicious, most seeming in fact to be common working folk enjoying a drink after an arduous day working out in the sun.  Around a corner behind the bar he spots a glimpse of a staircase that leads down into either a cellar or basement, and another staircase at the opposite end of the bar that leads up to an upstairs dining area that doesn't look entirely stable compared to the treetop homes and platforms of his adopted homeland within the Norwood.

Outside Kheric timidly bit into the small onion that Brug had brought him, the smell immediately causing his eyes to water as his sharp canines pierce the onion's outer layers.  Brug smiles, "Onion good, yes?" and replies to Kheric's comment about the lack of foot traffic, "Brug knows, waited long time for someone to come, did not think to go get onions for self.  Brug has onions now, so Brug go home.  Thank you Pale-man, and tell Mouse thank you too."  Brug then grasps the dhampir in a tight, back cracking hug, slaps him heartily on the back and trods off into the night.  It takes Kheric a couple seconds to realize that Brug was no doorman, only a hungry brute who hoped to find someone willing to get him a snack by standing in the way.

Posted on 2018-06-13 at 20:05:51.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar

Rikkel reached under the bar and pulled out a clay jug and a tin cup, "Rikkel has something for all tastes, inlcuding the odd long-ear that likes lizard liquor."  He unstops the jug and pours a glass before sliding it across the bar to Asoel.  "So what brings an out-of-towner like yourself all the way to The River Rat?  Your kind usually sticks to The Two Moons,  only the locals come this deep into the slums."

Kheric's time as doorman passes by uneventfully, boring even.  After twenty minutes of no one coming or going he begins to question at why The River Rat had a doorman if traffic was this slow.  Another ten minutes pass by and Brug comes stomping back from his trek across the river munching on an onion, smacking as he approaches.  "Hi Pale-man, Brug is back!"  He extends his hand out, offering a half-eaten onion to Kheric, the pungent odor of onion filling the dhampir's sensitive nostrils, "Pale-man want some?"

Posted on 2018-06-04 at 22:34:31.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar

Brug paused briefly, clearly thinking about Iaka's suggestion, "Mouse makes good point...Brug knows where to get onions much faster than you."  With a crack of his knuckles the brute walks off.  ((The bluff and diplomacy rolls came up in your favor, convincing the lunk to go get his own snack.))

With the mountain of muscles out of the way you are able to into the tavern.  The River Rat is a crowded, loud establishment.  The air is thick with the smell of smoke, alcohol, and sweat from the patrons who spent all day working out in the hot sun.  The bar is lower than one might expect, which is because the bartender (and owner) is a Ratfolk, his fur grey with age. 

He waves you over to the bar and greets you, "Welcome to The River Rat strangers, what can Rikkel get for ya?"


((Sorry for the delay, it's been hectic on my end, and then I had to overcome a bit of writer's block getting this posted.  Thank you again for your patience.))

Posted on 2018-05-30 at 21:24:20.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA

Sorry lads, with my Birthday on Saturday and a long holiday weekend I completely forgot it was Monday already.  I'll try to push an update tomorrow.  I know I've not been good at keeping on schedule with the updates and I apologize.

Posted on 2018-05-28 at 21:26:07.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar

The half-orcs gaze hardens as the Dhampir flashes his sharp canines, and then bares his own jagged tusks,"Brug has sharp teeth too pale man, and Brug wants onions, not candy! You bring snack, I let you in, easy!"  With that he crosses his bulky arms across his chest and stands imposingly in your waym intent on keeping you from entering the tavern.  While the big brute may not seem like the brightest, and has a bad habit of referring to himself in the third-person it does not seem that the tactic of goading him into allowing your to pass is going to work.  Asoel's keen insight does not pick up any indication that the half-orc seeks anything other than a couple big, juicy, tear-inducing onions to munch on; as far as you're concerned the brute really is just hungry. ((19 sense motive roll, no signs of deception or misdirection of any sort))

Posted on 2018-05-23 at 21:47:00.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar QA

I'll put off the update until we get some clarification on how Kheric's and Asoel's interactions were meant to play out.

Posted on 2018-05-21 at 20:29:07.

Topic: Crisis in Chandar
Subject: sorry for the delay

The guardsmen quickly recognize the presented medallions and lower their weapons, "Sorry lads, we've been a little on edge of late with the troubles.  We can take Aurae off your hands, we can get her into a cell and hopefully clear her head."  The two guards each took up an arm and lead the poor girl away toward the barracks to "sleep it off."  Before getting out of earshot they called back, "If you want information, perhaps Rikkel over at the River Rat can point you in the right direction, the Rat has a reputation for being able to find things."  They point you to the west, deeper into the slums. 

The River Rat, you find, is a quaint little tavern tucked deep into the slums just against the wall.  A large half-orc stands at the door just outside and stops you before you can enter, "I don't know ya, and no one I don't know can't enter without bringing me somethin'.  I'm hungry and I wants my favorite snack, wild river onions that grow across the river.  Bring me some onions and I'll let you in."

Posted on 2018-05-17 at 22:35:49.


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