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Topic: a dying world
Subject: A Curse?

“My name is Kirregan. I am the protector of this village.” Kirregan bowed though not low enough that he had to take his eyes off Verridndan. “The village you have stumbled upon is the village of Krichton, and its inn is the Trotting Horse. Now will you share that drink with me?”

Still smiling, his musical voice slipped from his lips again, “My name is Verridndan Kevaethadal, second son to Horthton Kevaethadal,” he bowed slightly in return of the man’s own bow but they seemed to be both warriors trained and neither took their eyes of the other.

Turning crisply, his feathered wings catching in a sudden breeze to flutter for but a moment before he brought them as close to his body as he could again. Pushing the tavern door open and entering into the dimly lit establishment, as Kirregan entered behind him and shouted out “Two ales barkeep,” as he selects a table that appears to be away from all the other tables even if they aren’t being occupied.

Green eyes watch as a bar wench scurries over and sets the tray of drinks onto the table, though her mannerism shows him that she is both afraid and in awe of his appearance. The fact that she is keeping close to Kirregan also shows that she expected him to protect her and that she had faith in that protection, which gave merit to him being the protector of the town and a warrior.

“Of course.” Kirregan replies, “Sit stranger so that we may discuss the nature of your curse.” Kirregan offers a chair.

Sitting across the table from him, eyes narrowing and brow furrowing at the mention of his curse, “My curse? What do you mean by my curse?” muscles tensed as he felt a flush of anger rise up from the pit of his stomach and with the emotional training that all Avariels receive as children he pushed it back down and allowed the appearance of calmness to show on his face.


The attention only being stolen from the winged elf when a man standing at 6'8" kicks in the door. His hair was a dark brown and obviously hadn't been cut in several months, it was draped in front of his face and went down to his shoulders in the back, he also had a short but messy beard covering a fair portion of his lower face. His eyes were barely visible beneath his hair. His clothes were made of bear hide and he carried a shield made of bones and wood on his back alongside an ordinary quarterstaff. The door flies back nailing one of the patrons in the head making him spin and fall to the ground. Not that Bravish notices in his hunger induced state. It’s all his mental faculties can do to remind him of the proper etiquette when entering a food establishment and so instead of giving into the desire to just eat the first bi of food in his path Bravish strolls to the bar walking through anyone in his way.

"I would like some pork." Bravish announces slamming his fist into the counter. The barman just looks up from cleaning the glass he was working on.
“That’ll be one silver please.” The barman nods at the serving wench. “If you’ll have a seat it’ll be out in only a moment.” Upon a quick inspection of the room the only seat left was one by a hooded figure, a cleric as obvious from her holy symbol, and a Halfling.

Meanwhile in the graveyard he earth peeled back from its location. Hands sprouted like twisted plants and following them were heads and bodies. Twenty three graves undug themselves. Emerging from them where several bodies some still clinging to the flesh and muscle others not even bothering with that but instead simply raising the bones. Three of the bodies appeared stronger than the others and moved faster leading the undead army into town and towards warmth.

“Help! The dead have arisen! The town is under attack!“ A man burst into the tavern as Bravish received his meal. Kirregan immediately turned from his conversation and sprinted out the doors followed by two others.

Out side the tavern was a scene of chaos. Villagers raced before an undead force some tripping their neighbors and others simply too slow to out run the lead undead. Blood dripped from the abominations’ mouths and hands. The three town defender’s raced to meet the undead onslaught with little hope of defeating them all.

Having stood as soon as Kirregan departed, his hand resting on his rapier and his mind in a moment of conflict. Should he help this town that he had no stake in to help the people that had stared at him all day. Or should he flee and escape with his life to find an adventure of his choosing. That conflict was interrupted by the loud shouting of the man who had kicked in the door of the tavern only a while ago, "IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR ONE SIMPLE MEAL!!!" before he stalked from the tavern with his shield and quarterstaff ready to do battle it appeared. Sighing as his lips curled into a grin, he check himself over in a split second and assured himself he had all that he needed to go out and fight, and with that, his wings flicked backwards as he strode from the tavern and sought to either find the brute of a man or Kirregan. He would help whoever he found first.

Posted on 2009-12-15 at 18:48:04.

Topic: a dying world
Subject: A tense moment!!!

The song was one that his mother had sang to him while he was but a child falling asleep in her arms with tiny brittle wings, it was this song that caused his heart to thump against his chest as he realized he had no idea where he was. Emotion rarely shown by one of his kind or their wingless cousins, flickered in his eyes alone before he noticed that the villagers where eyeing him. Or more importantly eyeing his wings.

He was use to a stare or two by those who weren’t very educated in the races of the world or those who had never journeyed the world itself, but this was more open stares then he was ever use to. Pulling his wings tighter against his body, as if that would hide a pair of giant wings on his back, but at least it brought him some comfort. All up and to the point right before a man who was armored and had a weapon, stepped out before him, especially with how close his hand was to that sword hilt.
“A visitor. Come have a drink with me at the inn and we will discuss your predicament,” the man spoke to him, as he motioned to the inn that was nearby.

Forest green eyes moved over the man before stopping to peer directly into the man’s eyes as Verridndan spoke, “That sounds like a pleasant idea, however I am not inclined to join someone in an town I do not know in an inn I have never visited before. Might you offer me your name good sir and I shall offer you mine, and maybe the name of this lovely village and the beautiful inn you wish to share a drink with me in?” a smile was upon his light colored lips as every word slid like silk from his tongue and past his lips like a calm stream through a broken damn. However, even as he spoke those words he was measuring how many steps, how fast he would have to push his wings and how quick he could draw his rapier if he needed to attack or defend against an attacker. Would it come to a drink or to bloodshed, only the gods knew as silence befell the two.

((Guess this would call for a diplomacy check maybe? Sorry it took me so long to post, work picked up big time this week.))

Posted on 2009-12-09 at 15:28:28.

Topic: a dying world
Subject: Grin

Unless you want to find an Avariel. Because I is the only one. ~poses~ I is special.

Posted on 2009-12-05 at 10:43:21.

Topic: a dying world
Subject: Verridndan Kevaethdal

Trained reflexes jolt Verridndan into action. A quick flap of pinions and he was already standing and moving towards his gear. Honed muscles flexes and his lunges pumped air into his body as he without even thinking of it made his way to the cover of the trees. Grasping his hunting pack, his wings flowing downwards again and he was in a half run half glide. Stopping as he came into the shadows of the trees and letting his pack drop behind a tree, a long sigh escaped his pumping chest.

“Where am I?” turning left and right as he looked through the forest and back to the path he’d appeared on, “Damn Harpers and their magic. Mystra save them,” his voice musical, with a hint of an accent in it.

Brushing back his dirty blonde hair as he knelt with his brown flecked wings curling on his back. Unstrapping his hunting pack and sifting through it, checking to make sure he still had everything he’d packed. He was suppose to go on a weeks hunt with his brother after the dinner with their parents, but not know he guessed.

“Good everything is there,” standing back up and strapping his pack onto his back, its custom design allowing him still full use of his wings, his clothing and armor were all the same as well, each having special holes in the back to fit his wings.

Now what to do? All his instincts told him to hide and try and find where he was, then make his way back to his home. Verridndan Kevaethdal, was an Avariel, a winged-elf for those who weren’t educated on the true differences between his kind and their wingless cousins. Grinning, he tapped his hip and felt the familiar worn leather hilt of his rapier and laughed aloud, the sound a musical note echoing through the forest.

“A journey? An adventure? Father and brother are always talking about how they best learned about their abilities while in some dungeon or helping someone. That’s what I’ll do. Now, lets go see what this village has to offer,” with those words, he stepped out from the trees and tested his rapier to make sure it was easily retracted from its sheath and then headed towards the village with a musical note on his tongue.

Posted on 2009-12-03 at 04:40:57.

Topic: Woohoo! I hit 1000!
Subject: Gratz

Gratz on 1000!!!!!

Posted on 2009-11-29 at 14:19:54.

Topic: Help
Subject: Suprise

Sure thing!!!

Posted on 2009-11-28 at 17:46:26.

Topic: Help
Subject: Thanks

Thank You Loki. Could you PM me the exact words of the Feat from the book? Just so I can write it down.

Please... Thank You...


Posted on 2009-11-28 at 17:37:57.

Topic: Help
Subject: Help

Was wondering if anyone had any eberron books and could look up a feat for me. The feat allows for a monk to take levels in other classes and still be able to take monk levels later on.

Please... Thank You...


Posted on 2009-11-28 at 17:22:50.

Topic: Character Class Help
Subject: Thanks

Isn't there a specific class for a cave ranger? Would anyone know that?

Or someone could IM me on yahoo. zanblackrose

I am currently in Iraq and have only the core books on hand.

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 20:52:09.
Edited on 2009-11-25 at 20:57:27 by Usso

Topic: Character Class Help
Subject: Character Class Help

Alright I want to make a dwarf character who uses twin-spiked gauntlets to fight with. Character Level 9. Have 36,000 gp for equipment. Also I dont want him to wear anything over medium-armor. I need some help with this, anyone?

Posted on 2009-11-25 at 19:09:44.

Topic: A Time for Heroes
Subject: A Time for Heroes

A world in dire peril
Under siege
By the forces of darkness
Will you rise above the darkness
As a beacon of light
As a hero

For countless centuries the world of Rhy’Din has been under the oppressive shadow of the necromancer Amarant Faust and his undead hordes. The goodly races of the world are all but hopeless with the soulless hordes closing in around them. King Usso has sent out a summons for heroes that would take on a quest to stop the evil that has corrupted the land and starved its people of happiness.

King Usso
King of the Alandra Kingdom, the largest human kingdom of Rhy’Din. He is known as the Lion of Battle and wears a white lion belt at all times (save when naked) and is always in the company of two white lions. His personal body guards are thusly named White Lions as well. He wields the sword Ratheol, an ancient elven artifact. A man of grand stature, towering over most people at a six and half foot height with broad shoulders and lively sapphire eyes, though is once midnight black hair is seasoned with gray/white streaks these days. King Usso was once married to the High Elven Princess Talalanna Nelenddal, and were on the verge of merging the budding kingdoms of man with the long-lived and every present kingdoms of the elf. It was not to happen, for the medaling of an The Seer caused Talalanna to die at the hands of Amarant Faust, during the days in which he was but a simple wizard. After the death of his most beloved, Usso turned his love to his land and people and set forth on a journey to unite every kingdom of man under one banner and to rid the world of the darkness that had cast itself over Rhy’Din.

Amarant Faust
Amarant Faust, The Devourer formally known as Talaladason Nelenddal, Prince of the High Elves and twin-brother to Talalanna Nelenddal. Corrupted by his want for power and in his mind, the betrayal of his twin-sister by marrying a human man, he turned to the dark gods and their dark powers. After being manipulated by The Seer, and after realizing he’d been manipulated, Amarant unleashed the powers granted to him by the Old Gods (Dark Gods). By doing this, he killed his sister and The Seer, and unleashed the horde of undead which is know strangling the world of Rhy’Din of the living. Fleeing from the world of man and elves, hiding himself in his Iron Tower in the farthest reaches of the Saethos Desert. There he currently rules over most of Rhy’Din through his undead horde and his various other evil allies, though the most prominent of these allies is Rezo Cromvathar, a Dark Elf assassin, who though cast out from his own people still uses his surname. Amarant carries two daggers, both of which are artifacts to the Dark Gods along with the Tome of the Stilled Tongue which is a particularly powerful artifact from his Dark Gods. These artifacts, plus Amarant’s powerful arcane and divine spells make him the most feared evil in the lands of Rhy’Din.

Posted on 2009-11-20 at 20:10:40.

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