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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Need Help Wolf?....

Tann, I was thinking of having Ash heading to the Engine roomto get those kids out. It should work out to have his help with repairs. Do you think it's a good idea?

Posted on 2012-11-15 at 02:56:32.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: No Space SEALs........


Plain old venilla security folk.

Ok, so how about we make our own?

The idea of working on special Anti-Borg training could be part of the out come from the SIM. Taking what was learned about changing weapons so they don't adapt so quickly.

Everyone gets trained so all the teams are equal.

Is the idea of Security sections of 10 plus leader on different decks sound?

Roger, refit accordingly to just security teams.

Posted on 2012-11-15 at 02:30:40.
Edited on 2012-11-15 at 02:32:26 by Odyson

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Teir.........

Ok, Roger, I'm working on a small post where John is reviewing the reports from the group leaders, NCO's.

I figure that there are Security Sections for each Section Group and they are dispursed throughout the ship.

John will be reviewing the reports in his Serurity Office in Alpha section. He'll have the Section Offices report in person in wardroom of the Alpha Teams section at 0700.

Teams Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta are special forces teams.

Teir is a Special Teams Officer (like Navel SEALs), the Alpha team he was going to join was lead by NCO, Senior Chief Petty Officer Noah Dunn. There ten members on each team, plus leader and an Officer when needed. Part of their special training is developing Anti-Borg tactics.

Ensign Raditz, Ensign Kato will also report, their are Special Teams too. Ensine Sojal was the four Special Teams Officer, but wasn't assigned on this action.

Ensine LaRue is finishing Ensine Parker's watch on the bridge, she's Master-at-Arms teams, general security teams.

So run with it. I'll build on what ever you write.

Posted on 2012-11-14 at 03:34:00.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Finally.............

Finally got something up......
I been wondering if I've stretched too far taking on this game.

I'll try to keep up.

Posted on 2012-11-12 at 01:48:43.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: Continue......

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, Lt. John Britt Reid’s Quarters– 0350

Ensign Antoinette La Rue had reported and John relinquished the Rim to her. He needed to get a bit of rest before the reports came in. The people under his command had proven to more than adequate but that didn’t mean there could be improvement. The ship relied on them to hold the breach so they could do their jobs. So much depended on the unseen efficiency of security forces on board. John would review the reports before 0800 staff meeting. Their input might give him insight on ways to keep the Discovery stable when chaos wants to reign.

John had checked with sick bay to be sure Ensign Parker was care for, the young man has suffered an concussion and scalp wound but other than that he’d recover quickly.
Returning to his stateroom the Lieutenant straitened to mess caused by shacking of the ship. The crystal heirloom that held a single antique silver bullet had slid to the edge of the bureau but had not fallen. John picked it up to set it safely away. As he turned it there on the bottom was his family’s creed.
I believe...
• that to have a friend, a man must be one.
• that all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.
• that God put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself.
• in being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for that which is right.
• that a man should make the most of what equipment he has.
• that 'this government of the people, by the people, and for the people' shall live always.
• that men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number.
• that sooner or later...somewhere...somehow...we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.
• that all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever.
• in my Creator, my country, my fellow man.
It wasn’t so far from his allegiance to Star Fleet, but it was deeper and older and personal.

John finished and went to rest while he waited for the reports to come in.

Posted on 2012-11-11 at 22:58:27.
Edited on 2013-05-05 at 19:48:37 by Odyson

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Science Channel.....?

Crud, I thought the Firefly thing on Scifi channel, I don't get "Science Channel" either.

Posted on 2012-11-11 at 17:00:21.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Cool.......

We are gaming tonight so I my up late and not catch the 7am start, I'll be on others for sure.

Thanks for the heads up.

Posted on 2012-11-10 at 19:29:41.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Nothing To Sneeze At........

Ulthok and Peri edged a bit closer to the ring thieves, as they approached they heard the battle seasoned Dwarv address the general pubic.

“Look 'ere. I ain't really looking for a fight, see?'' The Dwarv replied, hardly containing his amusment. ''I've only just got movin' and you've gone and stopped me. If you just stand aside, then I won't 'ave to 'urt ya'. Well... kill ya'.''

Whispering to Peri…”I like his spunk and Cor seems to be quite right.. those thieves have no clue what they are doing. This could be fun. “

''Oh dear, seems my little girl is hungry as well. It really is your unlucky day.'' Pointing his hammer at the party. ''Are these your people too? They look a little better than you do. Well now, maybe I will have a fair fight.''…… ''Because I've decided to turn this lil' situation on it's head. 'ow about this. You give me your food an' money, an' maybe i'll let you lot live. 'ow does that sound?''

With that Ulthok spoke, “Great Googlie Mooglie no we’re not with them… ..we don’t care to ride with the stupid……..besides that tall one appears to be allergic to a real fight.” With that the mage touched his nose and whispered the “pepper” as he cast a cantrip of sneeze on the thieves’ leader.

The mage knew that if the leader faltered the rest would run. The embarrassment just might save the humans life and keep this Dwarv from turning his attack on the party.

Posted on 2012-11-10 at 16:14:42.
Edited on 2012-11-10 at 16:17:13 by Odyson

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: On We Go.....

Peri seemed to find it comfortable on Ulthok shoulder and he didn’t mind, she was light and he was thrilled at the what this bonding could do. Shrugging on his pack and weapons the mage prepared to leave. Valene left to grab her gear too and met them in the hall. They made their way down to the kitchen. When Ulthok enter the cooks gasped at the sight of the tiny Dragonet perched by the Halflings head. Pri’s bright eyes and curious smile put the folks at ease.

“We seemed to have missed our chance to enjoy your glorious breakfast, but might find a bit food we could eat as we ride? I seem smell fresh pastry, might we get a few wrapped in paper so they might last a will. The cooks laughed and grabbed up bread, cheese and apple tarts. They quickly packed up the food Ulthok handed Peri a tart, “Here you go, we’ll have more as we ride. Enjoy them now it may not be so easy from now on.”

The small adventures thank the staff and Ulthok left a few gold coin on the cutting board. The mage slipped the food into him pouch of holding and the three left to join the others. Leaving the kitchen the three made their way to the courtyard. The party paused as the mage enter with the Bluegreen Dragonet.

“Friends, you were all concerned, as was I, when my Find Familiar spell went wrong. I thought I was being draw to be the familiar of a Dragon, I was nearly correct. This is Periwinkle Thistledown, if you haven’t guessed she is a Fairy Dragon, she has chosen to be my companion. I’ve told her a brief bit all of you, including that cat. …..Now of you that know Fairy Dragons this will be a very interesting time.”

The mage then found his pony, as he started to mount the poor shrieked in terror, bucking and flinging Ulthok to the ground. As the Halfling plummeted Peri lightly fluttered up and away. Looking up from the ground Ulthok saw Valene sitting on a large creature that had the look of large canine with feline features. The expression on Valene face could only be interpreted as “Oops!”

Some Time Later……………

The party had gathered the animals and were well on their way. Ulthok had given Valene her share of the breakfast to enjoy on the ride. He nibbled the bread and cheese offering Peri bits as she wished. He knew she was waiting for the apple tart. When they had finished their late breakfast he pulled a tart from the paper wrap and handed it up to Peri. “ Let’s see if we can make these last a few days?”

The Nexted Day…..

Party had seen more and more folks traveling north away from the oncoming enemy. As they approached a crossroad. There a group of riffraff had surrounded and threatened a rather ominous looking Dwarve. Cor stopped the party, "Well now, seemed like there may be a bit of a situation ahead. Ready yourselves but for the moment we hold. Seems to me that 10 on 1 is a bit unfair but the thieves will likely figure that out soon."

Posted on 2012-11-09 at 03:55:24.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Clearity..........

I've been really tied up with work, had to go out of town and still hoping to keep my job, so sorry about falling behind on my post. Figure Ulthok will introduce Peri before Valene creates her Tygr. May get something tonight.

Posted on 2012-11-09 at 00:50:35.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Back Too............

Been out of town on business. Just didn't have good story ideas. Need to Get john off the bridge.
Maybe it will come tomorrow.

Posted on 2012-11-08 at 03:28:45.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Oh Joy...

Another bundle of joyful Dwarve.

Well do we let him riff with the raff?

I'd think Cor speaks his language, should he ask him to stand down and then we let Luthor and Rayne do the same for Riffraff.

A few little cntrips could start them sneezing so they couldn't fight. Any thoughts folks.

A great place for a little mischief to bother the riffraff, the bunch of bullies.

Posted on 2012-11-07 at 03:19:38.

Topic: Joined the Inn!
Subject: Welcome Big I

Welcome to the Inn. Lurky is very much allowed so don't worry about getting games. I found reading and playing the word games was a great way to meet folks and learn about the Inn. Find a game type you might like and read the the storys in those games. Then watch for recruitments.

Oh and here is big fluffy towel, you might need it later when one of our staffers sends his greeting.

Hope you find fun here.


Posted on 2012-11-07 at 02:40:54.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Welcome

Welcome Miss VivianEverBloom, Mr EclipseCaine, and Mr KingRat.

Hope you have fun with the story, it's been a challenge and a lot of fun for me to learn how to play D&D this way.

I was never very good at writing and this has been a growth thing for me. There are so many great writiers here that it seems to inspire me to try harder.

Use the Q&A to help plan and find out what others might want to do. Looking forward to adventuring with you.

Posted on 2012-11-05 at 00:23:44.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Too Many.....?

Ash paid close attention to Wolf’s instructions; he wanted Wolf to have confidence in him again. As soon as Wolf was assured things seemed set the kid headed out to the cargo bay to assist Wyatt.

The kid made his way to the catwalk. He spotted Wyatt and noticed he was unarmed. Hot footing it to Wyatt’s side the throng below caught his attention, “Gorram, that’s not forth”, scanning the crowd he counted by fives ,when he reached sixty he quit.

Trish caught his attention and motioned to pair of men standing guard over a man in a white suit. The bulge of a gun showed under their black jackets, they weren’t trying to hide it.

Asher knew that many rich folk kept their own “Public Relations” people at hand but he’d be sure to keep an eye.

Posted on 2012-11-04 at 21:58:38.

Topic: Satchel's hellos...
Subject: Lurking is Good

Welcome to the Inn. I'm Odyson ,better known as Ody.

Here's your soft fluffy towel, keep it handy, you'll know when you'll need it.

I lurked a long time before I join any regular games too.
I found the word games and other little games a good way to meet folks and break the ice.

The DragonChat chatroom is a nice place to meet folks too. I'm your honorary bartender in the DragonChat Lounge, if I'm not there just order up from my silent helper Igor.

Your first visit gets you a free frosty tankard of "Good Old Froth-n-Slosh", the stale pale ale with the foam on the bottom.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

Posted on 2012-11-04 at 20:31:15.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Hello.. Peri.............

Ulthok turned back to dresser.
The Dragonet did a small bow in his direction as her bright purple eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Well my dear Ulthok, I believe you have yourself a deal. I shall be your companion, but on one condition. Perhaps keep a supply of apple pies and the occasional gem…..I rather like looking at them in the sun. ……..Oh, you might want to prepare yourself, my dear Ulthok, if I become your companion, I can be quite a handful.” The small creature giggled lightly.

“Thank you for the apple pie…. I.. um… sort of helped myself…” ,
pausing …………

“Oh! Silly me! I haven’t properly introduced myself. My apologies, I tend to be rather scatter brained especially when apple pie is involved. My name is Periwinkle Thistledown, but you, my dear Ulthok, may call me Peri.”

The fact that the female creatures in the room were now both looking at him with a raised eye brow did not escape Ulthok’s notice. But Dragonet’s acceptance delighted the Halfling so he had no clue what he was now in for.

“Oh… uh…Peri…I will do what I can to keep you in treats , though travel may prove it a challenge…so let me start now. Willing a touch of spirit into his ring the Mage vanished , he quickly slipped to his pack and found a special stone. Reappearing by the dresser he held out a .”I’ve found that this one can sparkle nicly in the sun. Shall we say it is a start.”

With that the door opened and in walked Cor. "What for the love of Odin has you two..." There he stopped as he noticed a small pseudo-dragon sitting on the table. "Well lad, seems you have an actual reason for being late. I suppose that wee creature is your new familiar? If so, lets get a move on. Others are waiting." With that he turned and left the room.

Laughing Ulthok smiled, “Did I say Good Friends and Small Joys..or.. Small Friends and Good Joys? Well there you have both, that’s Cor.. our leader and my old friend, he loves a good joke, but not on him.

Looking back the pretty Red headed Halfling that had shared his bed, “This charming lady is Valene Beestringer, she too is a Small Friend and a Good Joy.

You’ll meeting the others soon, there’s Rayne, she’s a good fighter and loyal to our cause.

Sirene is our strongest Mage, she’s been very moody of late, the lost of friends and family has not been easy for her, watch for the cat with her… it’s magic too and there may be a bit mischief there. After all it is a cat….

Althena is a Valar and the reason for our quest, she too has had a bit shadow on her spirit.

Weaver is Bard and fighter, a bit odd but a good person inside.

Then there is Luthor, be gentle with him, he a good boy, just not use to magic and mystical beings. The rest can take care of themselves.

Well guess we better get a wiggle on and meet the others. I’ll see if we can a bit of food for road as we pass the kitchen…..Peri…. if you wish come with us now or meet us later we are about to continue or quest.

When you are ready I’ll introduce you to the rest of our party.

Posted on 2012-11-04 at 02:29:28.
Edited on 2012-11-04 at 02:44:13 by Odyson

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: It's OK......

Asher's just fine....there's four pretty Red Heads and their Mama still down there.

Posted on 2012-11-02 at 00:24:02.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Out of Town.....

I'll be out town next week Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday. I'll try to keep up.

Posted on 2012-11-01 at 03:07:27.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Out of Town...

I'll be out town next week Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday. I'll try to keep up.

Posted on 2012-11-01 at 03:06:28.

Topic: Star Trek: the Cassius Incident
Subject: MIA....?

Stardate 2368.07.08
USS Discovery, main bridge – 0321

John stood waiting for Lt. MacTavish’s response but the his request was answered from LT. Graham.
"Captain, direct hit.” …………..“We've lost..."


"Belay that, Lieutenant," the Captain said, rising from his seat.

The Security Office turned his attention to the Captain as he took in the conversation in the room.

"Cancel red alert. Computer, cancel simulation."

“Sim’lation?!” …….“Fer th’ bloody luv o’…” … “Chroist!”

=/\\=Affirmative. Simulation cancelled.=/\\=

The warnings ceased, the lights came back up to normal, and all instrument panels returned to nominal readouts. The viewscreen flashed for a moment, then reset to a slightly different display of nothing but empty space.

"Now hear this………This is Captain Blair. Red alert has been cancelled. The preceding events were a drill. You may now return to your scheduled duties. That is all."

Taking in the sense of the events the Chief of Security felt a wave of relief wash over his even as the buzz of adrenalin still coursed through him.

"Thank you all for your participation. Senior staff, I would like to discuss my thoughts with you in the Observation Lounge at 0800. Until then, try to get some sleep."

“Aye, sair,……….give my regards to Lieutenant N'doog. The simulation he created was very good - perhaps a bit too good. I had not expected the situation to become that grim so quickly. Regardless, I very much appreciate his efforts on this.”

"Thank you, Commander,………."Blair out."

John was standing close enough to hear the hush comments of the Senior Officer.

“Yer a fargin’ haggis, Noah Blair,…………………gettin’ me pressure up an’ sech. But stone me ef tha’ weren’t a fookin’ brilliant sim’lation… sair…………………..Chantelle’ll be thrilled ta hear she gets ta kell me herself, aye?”
Without looking back to John Mac stepped into lift, “Deck 8. Tactical.”

The bridge cleared of the senior officers and returned the watch to their juniors. It was then that John realized his man was missing. He was about to question Lt. Ames when a short stocky balding young man stumbled out of the head.

Blood stained the collar of his uniform where a gash above his right temple had left a crimson track down the side of his face. The Ensign braced himself as he made his way to the duty station. In a shaky voice he addressed Lt. Reid, “ Sir…I’m sorry I was off station… I was in the …head….. the first shock ..uh…threw me ..well … I’ll clean the blood on floor….. is everything secure Sir?” Ensign Charlie Parker rocked a little as he tried to look calm.

John looked at the junior officer, ”Chuck, your injured, report to sickbay, you stand relieved, now get yourself patched up. We’ll debrief later.” The Ensign Parker nodded and left the bridge.

Flipping on the comm. John called down, “Chief, have the Team Leaders file response reports to me by 600 hours, I want their analysis of theirs teams. “ Switching “Ensign LaRue to the Bridge.”

John nodded to Ops Officer as he manned the Tactical Rim.

Posted on 2012-11-01 at 03:00:09.
Edited on 2012-11-02 at 00:28:04 by Odyson

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Tonight.....

I'm working on a post tonight, hope have finished before it gets too late.

I'll be out of town on business next week, Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday. I'm not sure if I'll have access, if I get behind I'll push to catch up Friday.

Posted on 2012-11-01 at 00:05:06.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Pie Ala Dragonet....

The Halfling cleric had poked fun at Ulthok most of the night about having a little dessert. Giving him a little pastry on top of a crusty old mage. Her giggles were warm and lyrical, Ulthok enjoyed the spirit and freedom in her soul. He sometimes wondered if it may be just her regaining the zest of life she’d been denied during her captivity. It didn’t matter, he was here, she here and they would enjoy like for now. I scent of skin mixed with delightful smell of the warm apple pie settle on the dresser made the evening cozy. Holding Valene close the two drifted off into a blissful slumber.

The warm golden glow of sunrise drove the dark of night from the room. Ulthok and Valene rustled the covers and slid out bed. The cleric was headed to the dresser to have a bit pie for breakfast but stopped short and stared. Ulthok looked up and saw sleeping peacefully in the empty pie pan was the Tiny Blue-Green Dragonet. The creature had returned and accepted the token the Mage had brought to the room.

Placing a finger to his lips the mage gave Valene a reassuring smile and motioned her to just wait quietly.
Walking gently to the dresser Ulthok addressed the dragonet in the Elven tongue the Dragonet had first used to greet him. “Good Morning Honored Guest, it gives my soul joy to see you return.” As the Dragonet raised it’s head it eyed the mage with a skeptical look. “Before it could speak Ulthok continued, “You asked what is in this pairing for you? Well you’ve looked into my mind and you know if I were trying vale my words. What is in this is.. hard times…., good friends….., big trouble….. and small joys. I cannot promise you treasure … fame…. or power, but when we defeat this evil and save your lands, if I survive, you may ask for anything I own. You may ask then……. but now I will give you my loyalty…..and my respect.”

Posted on 2012-10-31 at 02:19:14.

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Geek Sheet?

Ooooo, I stirred up a widdle twubble.

Ok, so there was an Ensign in the head got that knocked about and missed the whole thing, lol.

Well, I guess it runs in the family. Uncle Eol has his sheet and here's the one I'm building. Still have names to fill, but it's a start.

Discovery Security Force

Chief of Security Lt. John Britt Reid
Asst. Chief Security Officer SEC Lt. (Jr.)

*Master at Arms Master Chief Petty Officer "Chief" Patric O'Riely
*Security Specialists (92)
Section / Team Security Officers (
Special Warfare Operator Section Leader Section Officer
alpha 11 Senior Chief Petty Officer Lieutenant Steward Tier
bēta 11 Chief Petty Officer Ensign Mamoru Kato
gamma 10 Chief Petty Officer Ensign
delta 10 Chief Petty Officer Ensign
Master-at-Arms Section Leader Section Officer
epsilon 10 Petty Officer Ensign Renor Coffin
zēta 10 Petty Officer Ensign Raditz
ēta 10 Petty Officer Ensign Antoinette La Rue
thēta 10 Petty Officer Ensign
iota 10 Petty Officer

*Ordinance Specialists (20)

Section / Team Ordinance Officer
Gunner's Mate Section Leader
chi 7 Chief Petty Officer Ensign
psi 7 Chief Petty Officer
ōmega 6 Chief Petty Officer


This looks a lot better on an Excel spreadsheet,

Posted on 2012-10-30 at 01:33:02.
Edited on 2012-10-30 at 01:34:54 by Odyson

Topic: Star Trek: The Cassius Incident Q&A
Subject: Who's That?

For now I had sent certain Officers to different decks but as I've checked background info on Tier and LaRue. I should have deployed them differently based on their posted skill sets.

So close your eyes and pretend you're reading it for the first time.

Tier should command the Special Ops teams and LaRue is over Master-at-Arms teams.

Tier may end up being my SEC.

Posted on 2012-10-29 at 00:08:04.

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