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Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Well Alfalfa..........

If folks don't get posts in or bring out information in Q&A there isn't a lot to work with. The group was agree to avoid the encounter.

Getting out of Dodge doesn't need to be full burn, Tess's fancy flying would serve the same message and I left that open for her. And trap still smells like a trap, I saw no real gain putting the team a risk or delaying the flight.

I had asked for and would have liked to have input about the Tong at the party but that didn't happen.

Posted on 2011-12-30 at 16:23:54.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Well............

Well it looks like the post spacing is fine, but now there is some funky fonts.

Posted on 2011-12-30 at 00:32:37.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Next I'll be punny again...........

Woot woot maybe I'm getting my mojo back. I'll take a small compliment and enjoy it. Thanks!

Maybe the stress is slacking off. It can be tough writing fantasy when RL won't get out of your head.

Posted on 2011-12-29 at 02:48:08.
Edited on 2011-12-29 at 02:48:51 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Okay Dokay.......

Well then once more into the fray. Ulthok will save his magic for later.

He'll find some natural iron to use too.

Posted on 2011-12-28 at 17:43:13.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Still..............

Well the fear that the dimension door won't work could be concerning, but all the other spells that weren't aimed at the creatures have worked. The invisibility, the cloudkill, the fire elemental and flying. So I still feel it is a good quick way to get to the stand. Ulthok can take one other light person along with Althena. If we can go invisible the creates are low intelligence so they will be fooled. They didn't see Sirene.

If Haila comes she still has Teleport that can take her and Althena back to safety.

Ulthok could first have Althena and Haila pick him up then he can cast 10' radius invisibility to hide them and then open the door so they can carry him through, the touching allows him to take the live matter with him.

Posted on 2011-12-28 at 01:39:14.
Edited on 2011-12-28 at 02:29:47 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: We can "Hand"le it.............

Hey at least if Cor needs help then Maggot has lent him a "Hand".

Posted on 2011-12-27 at 02:26:01.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Frisco, Day Nine 11:53 pm Planet Time

Asher checked his guns as the mule slide down the road. It had been a tough night so far and it still wasn’t over. The habit of checking and loading his guns added calm to his routine. Ash felt he needed to prove he could still be count on to be there when he was needed.

Whatever it was Doc had given him was doing what it was suppose to, he was hurt’in but he could keep going.

The hovermule was in the red and the engine was running hot but Wolf didn't care as he pushed the speed to the limit. But there was only so fast that the vehicle could do without the engine blowing completely. He considered the distance they had to travel and the speed and spoke outloud to Ash, "Fifteen minutes or so. This mule wasn't built for speed unfortunately."

Looking over at Wolf, ”You don’t have to stay to road for me. If you can hold it together cutting down there,” he looked across the rocky terrain, “go for it. We gotta fight to finish.”

Posted on 2011-12-27 at 02:22:37.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Shishka Brutal............

Lying on his belly Jack knew he wouldn’t be able to use his M1, he just couldn’t hold it to his damaged shoulder. He could see over the edge of the pit. Brutal was hanging from some thin iron bar. Below were spikes and deadly wire. The kid had done it again proving he’s just too damn ugly to get killed.

Hearing the German voices on the other side of the hall door Doc drew the 45’s he stretched out his right arm and held aim on the door at the far end of the room. The one in his left hand was held to switch when the other emptied.

Moments later the door slammed open and there are four german soldiers, two on their knees with rifles and two standing with machine guns in hand. Behind them are two more with pistols in hand shouting in German but you need no translation to the intent. It is a bad situation, a short corridor with both sides fully armed and it will most likely end badly for both sides.

Before Doc could start shooting gunfire erupted from down the hall. One of the machine gun soldiers goes down as he is hit by the small arm fire. Heads turn, voices scream orders and the chaos of what is happening in the room beyond takes hold.
Doc heard Corbin’s rifle roar; the head of the lead German flung back as the bullet ripped through his skull. The Germans paused in the confusion the gun fire behind them and patrol opened up. The krauts were caught in a cross fire and cut down.

The gun fire ceased and as silence of the passage return and voice from the hallway called out in English, “Go Yankees”. It was their call sign of recognition. Jack looked to Romo and then the Captain, who was going answer this guy that had just saved their collective butts?

"Answer him already so we can get the H*** out here and get Jake out of that pit before he become Shishka Brutal."

Posted on 2011-12-27 at 00:22:55.
Edited on 2011-12-27 at 00:26:13 by Odyson

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Durp...........

With all that has been going on I didn't even check the story post. I've been watching the Q&A but..........

Ok, I'll get something up, I would think that the Captain or Romo will answer the code call so I'll leave that out of my post.

I think a good response would be "Damn Yankees".

Posted on 2011-12-26 at 22:02:06.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: It could be treasure.............

The three returned to the party with the weapons, battle & hand axes, long & short swords, a spear or three, a lance, a pair of javelins, some daggers & throwing knives and some arrow tips too.

The weapons were laid out so the others could take thier pick.

"Find what suits you best! Who will be the one to test this idea, Kenji?

If it works I still think a dimensional door to the stand would get the Lady Althena her chance to claim the sword. Also let us fresh our spells that may help and guard us.

Let us think if we have missed something, in our haste and with this pressing evil it may have fogged our reasoning. Question yourselves, now is the time to reach deep to your training and abilities. The unasked question may be to one that holds our fate."

With that Ulthok turned to the party leader," Cor is there anything I may help you with to restore our friend Maggot, I hate seeing him gone to pieces like that?"

As he waited for Cor's reply the Mage pulled his Tome of Magic from it secure place and began preparing new spells that may serve them better.

Posted on 2011-12-26 at 21:27:45.
Edited on 2011-12-26 at 21:33:11 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Wow.............

Gosh.... Maybe time to cut back on the coffee.............. .

So does Kenji feel like hurling a spear at nasties?

Posted on 2011-12-24 at 22:04:26.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Good Ideas in Post............

If we follow through with the test we will Tann to help structure the results of the test.

I don't know if hurling a spear at one of the creatures would start another combat round or could just be a one on one action.

Posted on 2011-12-24 at 17:15:33.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: An Easy Test..............

Ulthok listened to the usually quiet warrior.

"Great Googgily Mooggily I think you've hit on sometime. It would simple enough to test. Sneek up the stair and hurling a spear at of one them nasties. If it sticks then we know! Quick I'll show where they are and you can give them a taste of natural iron."

The theif side to Ulthok nearly bubbled to think that his earlier seach might not had been a failure.

Posted on 2011-12-24 at 17:11:00.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Bingo........and other games of luck..........

I had never done PBP before coming to this site and my table top gaming was limited to once or twice a year where I was mostly an adult supervising to help use the game as tool to help teach good conduct to scouts. The DM let my lack of rules knowledge slide and helped me play my character.

Now I'm coming out of the dark and learning how to apply the rules and stats. Still not great but learning. So this would a great place (the Q&A) for the veteran gamers to suggest stuff, don't assume we are all vets. I would hope that even a long time vet wouldn't take suggestions from others as crits. I've been trying to look not only at my character but at others to understand them and their abilities betters. The idea being that the character has grown to know the others and would know the same. I try to go back and read my books because I am still fairly novice so that's why I'll post stuff about spells. My hope is that others will help see flaws or agree. This sort of stuff rang most true to me when the others noticed Ulthok's Amulet that saved his life essence, I had missed it because of my inexperience. And no one says you have to change your mind on what you want to do, it is your character.

So I'm VERY open to others seeing stuff I miss or suggestions on how to better apply skills. I can still build good story around those sort of things. I would think that this break is a good time for both in and out of character chats.

Tann for ability checks and such would that need to be done in story or here or PM? That being so the story posts include the results.

Would it benefit others to see the checks to help them in asking for their characters?

Posted on 2011-12-24 at 16:47:19.
Edited on 2011-12-24 at 16:48:29 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Bumbling stumble weed......

We I thought it was tough because I'm playing a character with a higher level then my experience. I was hoping to learn from the other players. Now I'm pushing the evelope.

What I think I'm seeing is that Tann's stories need the players to talk and compare note and ideas. If you are an experienced gamer then bring that to this game. Pull from anywhere. I think we may not be asking enough questions and I agree with the "Checks", we have not been using them for help. "Preception" checks are a staple in 2E and we should try others.

We have been pretty successful when we've planned. Maybe it's time to push, check your talents and skills and let's see if we missed something.

Posted on 2011-12-24 at 01:40:30.
Edited on 2011-12-24 at 01:43:07 by Odyson

Topic: Merry Christmas!!
Subject: Go Forth And Be Jolly...........

May your Holidays be filled with cheer,

Maybe even “Good Old Froth-n-Slosh” beer.

May your Joys be a many,

With affection a plenty,

Starting with a warm Bear Hug from here.

(Stay Creative My Friends…….. Ody)

Posted on 2011-12-23 at 17:09:07.

Topic: Five Lines of Rhyme
Subject: Ody thanks......

To the folks I have met at the Inn,

Thank you for being a friend.

We've shared Laughter and Tears,

And some "Good Old Froth-n-Slosh" beers.

You've helped this Old Werebear remember how to pretend.

Posted on 2011-12-23 at 16:57:32.
Edited on 2015-12-28 at 20:40:28 by Odyson

Topic: Hello!
Subject: Hello.........

Thought I'd pop in here and add the Ody welcome.

First grab a nice fluffy towel from the end of the bar, you will need it later, trust me there.

Welcome to the Inn for the Holidays, it sounds like you will find common ground here with many of the talented folk we have here.

I'm just a Wannabe that has fun amoung the crowd of talent.

To get a better one on one with our InnMates pop into the DragonChat where I act as current resident bar tender. We offer our very own "Good Old Froth-n-Slosh", the stale pale ale with the foam on the bottom.

Just grab a mug off the mantel and draw a cold frosty one.

My assistant Igor is usually lurking around if I'm not there.

He never says anything, must have something to with having his tongue cut out by his last boss, that nasty bar tender over at the Orc Bar & Grill.
I'll have him put out a plate of "Lady Fingers" in your honor.

Reminds me we need to have another "Ladies Night" and restock.

Anyway the Posting Games are great place to get to know folks and of course the DragonChat is our favorite lounge.

So lurk or play, welcome to the Inn!


Posted on 2011-12-23 at 16:29:37.
Edited on 2011-12-23 at 16:30:16 by Odyson

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Everyone Knows the Tong Doesn't Exist... Just Ask Them........

Jon was about to signal Tess to let’er rip when Chung’s reply stopped him short.

"Very Good Captain. Very Good indeed. Had you accepted my offer then you have failed my simple test and brought dishonor to your ship. I am humbled to be in the presence of one with honor. I would return this favor by telling you that your shipment may not be what you think and you are caught in a game between demonic forces. There is a moon that you will pass in less than an hour at current speed. We have a bumblebee setup there is two ports. We use it for exchanges when we don't want alliance eyes. Meet me there and we will talk? I give you my work as a representative of the 14K Tong that you will not be harmed and no force will be used against you."

As Wang did his best to charm them Jon tried hard to keep all expression from face, but having Wang admit to being Tong left him with a knot in his stomach. The Tong didn’t announce who they were, but a local thug might use their infamy to advance his personal gain.

"I assure you Captain that you are more valuable to us alive and well. We will let you land first if you'd prefer and we will arrive unarmed. Truly, I merely wish to talk to you and if I earn your trust, then perhaps I can show you what you need to know."

Looking coolly as he could Jon said,” Wuo Jai Jeong Yi Chi. (Let me repeat myself ) We have a contract and we plan to honor it. Have a good day Mr. Chung.” With that said Jon cut the wave.

“Tess, Jio Weh Sung Chiuh.( run away) Let's just get the hell out of here! Show these locals how this lady can dance. Save the big burn for a surprise.”

"The real Tong don't have to tell you they are the Tong; you'll know it. It's a trap!"

Posted on 2011-12-22 at 04:05:56.
Edited on 2012-01-01 at 03:12:24 by Odyson

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: With That Said..............

Well we aren't going to stop. First the REAL Tong wouldn't say "Hey I'm the Tong and you should be afraid."

The Tong does not exist, it is just something people make up, just ask any Ghuh-Ghuh or the Master of the Mountain.

They use implied treat and rumor.

Did Gambino say, "Hey I run the Mob?"

Tess get ready to burn.

Posted on 2011-12-22 at 03:47:57.
Edited on 2011-12-25 at 05:16:08 by Odyson

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Knowledge Check...............

What do we know about the 14K Tong?

Posted on 2011-12-21 at 02:14:11.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Thanks for the post...

I'm glad I gave enough to keep moving forward. On top of the job stress I've gotten a sinus infection which really has knocked me for a loop.

Even with the vailed threat we are still going beat it for the Baron.

I'm going to try and post tomorrow. I'm going to bed early tonight and see if can beat this infection. Some rest and a strong will. Maybe some orange juice too.

Posted on 2011-12-20 at 00:55:58.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Moving forward............

I've tossed out some ideas so if you agree we should act on some of them.

Posted on 2011-12-20 at 00:30:43.

Topic: How well would you be if being a human shield?
Subject: Chubby Old Bear.........


Not too bad for an old Werebear!

Posted on 2011-12-20 at 00:11:54.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Do you remeber.................

"Checkmate King2, this is White Rook, over."

How many of you remember the TV series "Combat"?

Posted on 2011-12-19 at 23:58:04.

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