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Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Ok.........

Ulthok can cast the Dispel Magic, he has 3 ready, that's the most of each Mage. The others can save theirs.

I'll get a quickie post up.

Posted on 2011-11-13 at 03:51:09.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Clues ?????????????

Here are what I found as clues:

The life forms she sensed were unlike anything she had ever sensed before so incredibly strong in magic, it was as if they were nothing but pure black magic made corporeal somehow.

The width of the floor revealed to be a good 200 yards in size, somehow this floor bigger then the floor below.

(See spells to follow, this may just be illusion)

Advanced Illusion
Range: 60 yds. + 10 yds./level Components: V, S, M
Duration: 1 rd./level Casting Time: 1 rd.
Area of Effect: One 40-ft. cube + one 10-ft. cube/level Saving Throw: Special

This spell is essentially a spectral forces spell that operates through a program (similar
to a programmed illusion spell) determined by the caster. It is thus unnecessary for the
wizard to concentrate on the spell for longer than the round of casting it, as the program
has then started and will continue without supervision. The illusion has visual, audio,
olfactory, and thermal components. If any viewer actively attempts to disbelieve the
spell, he gains a saving throw vs. spell. If any viewer successfully disbelieves and
communicates this fact to other viewers, each such viewer gains a saving throw vs. spell
with a +4 bonus.

Distance Distortion
Range: 10 yds./level Components: V, S, M
Duration: 2 turns/level Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 10-ft. cube/level Saving Throw: None

This spell can be cast only in an area completely surrounded or enclosed by earth,
rock, sand, or similar materials. The wizard must also cast a conjure elemental spell to
summon an earth elemental. The elemental serves without attempting to break free when
the spellcaster announces that his intent is to cast a distance distortion spell. The spell
places the earth elemental in the area of effect, and the elemental then causes the area's
dimensions to be either doubled or halved for those traveling over it (spellcaster's
choice). Thus, a 10-foot x 100-foot corridor could seem to be either 5 feet wide and 50
feet long or 20 feet wide and 200 feet long. When the spell duration has elapsed, the
elemental returns to its own plane.
The true nature of an area affected by distance distortion is undetectable to any
creature traveling along it, but the area dimly radiates magic, and a true seeing spell can
reveal that an earth elemental is spread within the area.

Maybe the strongest Mage amoung us should cast Dispel Magic and see what happens? That might be Sirene.

Or the mages could question the sight involking disbelief and gaining the saving throw.

Posted on 2011-11-12 at 15:52:59.
Edited on 2011-11-12 at 16:08:42 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Conflirt...good ideas....

Flirty, your Q&A is good enough to post in character for the party to consider.

I was considering posting Ulthok asking about using a lightening bolt to shatter the light.

We don't have a strategy yet and I'm short on ideas.

Posted on 2011-11-12 at 01:44:12.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: ?????

If more than one Mage casts dispel magic does it amplify or nullify the spell?

Posted on 2011-11-11 at 22:43:07.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: ????

What if we took out the light stand? That seemed to summons the creatures. A well placed "Lightning Bolt" should shatter it. Then a "Continual Light" would still light the room.

Someone could cast "Dispell Magic" and see if that helps.

Then Ulthok could cast Non Detection on Althena and she could pass safely, maybe.

Posted on 2011-11-10 at 14:23:06.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: We're off..........

Okay Dokay, time to research again. Anyone got an idea what's Tann's talking about? Any thought to whether these things are intelligent? Anyone want to get large? i can cast "Enlarge on a fighter an make you a "Really Big" treat.

Posted on 2011-11-08 at 03:22:02.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Zooming.........

When Bowman returns, he is wearing the silver star of deputy on his duster and a determined look on his face. "Listen Ash, Wolf, I am going to stay here. I think these people need a real lawman right now and I think that best be me. You two go help Wyatt and I'll keep this place from going reaver in a handbasket." he says seriously and then smiles, "Besides, I really don't like the idea of going down in a mine anyway. Too cramped and tight for me. Go on! "

Ash smiled up at Andrew, “These are good people… and deserve a good Sheriff………, I’ve only just meet ya but you sure seem to be the right man.” Ash nodded to Andrew and then looked back to Doc.

With Doc’s help the kid got to his feet. Whatever that was that Doc just shot into him sure worked. “Tian-Ling-Ling, Di-Ling-Ling, Doc thanks, if it ain't a miracle, it sure is a good trick.”

“Well sounds like we’re down to the two worst of the bunch, Andrew you take care and keep your head down. Wolf, let’s go help Capt’n, Miss Willow and Sam. If Pearson is down there with Bridget then this ain’t going to be pretty.” Grabbing his guns and gear Ash hopped on the mule. “We ain’t got no surprises left, so let’s just make dust and get to the mine.”

Posted on 2011-11-07 at 03:44:00.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Sweet Boa........?

“Oh yes. It can be done and is done in the core hospitals, but you have to be very rich or very influential. But most important for us, with this key and a sample of Priscilla's DNA, someone could get that child and do whatever they wish. So I don't think we can send it to her by post. We could be figuratively speaking, carrying someone's baby here. If whomever was willing to kill a companion for this..." Doc left the thought hanging there for all to contemplate.

“Well that is a pickle for the whore,” Ken said before anyone else spoke up, “but do we give a Goushí? I mean what is in it for us?”

Dropping his spoon into his stew and shooting Ken a dark stare, “ First of all Priscilla is not a whore,…. she’s following a trained profession and not the usual doxy you sniff after. Would you think it fair if she told folks you’re just my hired murderer? You’re member of this boat and I hope you don’t act like some gorram berk when we ain’t here to keep an eye on you”……….then raising an eyebrow…. “ or are you just try’n to prove why you ain’t goin to the party?...........Laughing Jon cracks a smile and says, “either you’re a Guay Toh Guay Nown, or a Yi Dwei Da Buen Chuo Roh.”

“So anyway, like it or not you’re sort of an Uncle now, so let’s just try to find a good side on this.”

Then Jon addressed the rest of crew. “Well we got plenty of time afor we need to worry about the party. But this baby thing adds a whole new angle to this trip. Maybe Priscilla’s sickness had been planned to scuttle whatever plan she had for that baby….someone doesn’t want an heir and you can bet there’s some fancy fed or bureaucrat involved. That Marshall could be on anyone’s payroll….. and if he is this won’t be an easy run. I agree that he’s smart and if he wants what’s on this boat then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marauders to do his dirty work. “

“Tess, I don’t want to seem too twitchy, but don’t trust any boat that comes near….. and if we get buzzed we go on alert. We can out run most so I’d rather not giv’m time to lock on or be boxed in. Also let me know if it seems like we’re be’in followed.”

Turning to Doc Jon smiled, “If there’s any left I’d be pleased to try some of your sweet Boa.”

Posted on 2011-11-07 at 01:29:13.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Still playing..........

Sorry about being MIA, seems several of us have had a very busy couple of weeks in Real Life. I hope to post something tonight. As the weather cools off and we are driven inside more I'm pretty sure the game will pickup.

Posted on 2011-11-06 at 16:26:09.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Ulthok's Temple Spells............

Ok, here's my guess as to the combination of old and new spells. If no one objects before Tann grabs it then I'll live with it.

I hope I've picked ones that can help others of the party and will make them more effective.

Lvl 1: Burning Hands / Chill Touch / Detect Magic x2 / Read Magic x2/ Enlarge/ Change Self

Lvl 2: Mirror Image x2 / Rope Trick x2 / Spectral Hand x2/ Knock x2

Lvl 3: Dispel Magic x3 / Non detection x2 / Invisibility 10’Radius / Lighting Bolt / Vampiric Touch

Lvl 4: Dimension Door / Wizard Eye / Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer /

Lvl 5: Monster Summoning 3/ Summon Shadow / Teleport.

Posted on 2011-11-06 at 01:04:57.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Gear up............

Now that what I was talking about, good cross research. I saw Ulthoks spells as those that could distract and drain. The mirror image would confuse and the vampiric touch would drain along with the shadow and summons monsters for addition attacker for distraction. I hadn't thought of his statue as another attacking distracter. I was leaving out my Fly spell because he had Fly potions. The D-door let him move and get better position. I wasn't sure about the acid arrows, magic weapons weren't working well and they might be a waist of spells.

Protection spells like Protection from Evil laid on Althena or others give them advantages.

Seeing Ulthok just got over thirty new spells I have to read up on them and change my mix. If any of you know good uses of his new spells, by all means point it out to me.

Sounds like we are 10 vs. 10, but hopefully it won't be all 10 at once. A 1 on 1 won't be pretty. Toe to toe ain't as much fun as "Back Stab".

Posted on 2011-10-30 at 15:20:27.
Edited on 2011-10-30 at 15:22:51 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: WOW..................................

I just got my spell book DOUBLED in size........SWEET!!!

I have some major reading to do!!!


Now Ulthok needs to find a way to be able to learn more spells. Anyone got another ring for sale?

Posted on 2011-10-30 at 03:41:12.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Take a look......

Ok, here's a possible selection for Ulthok. Before I tell Tann to book these have a look and let me know what you think. If I don't get get any better ideas then I'll go with these.

Lvl 1: Burning Hands x2 / Chill Touch x2 / Detect Magic x2 / Read Magic x2

Lvl 2: Melf's Acid Arrow x2 / Mirror Image x2 / Rope Trick x2 / Spectral Hand x2

Lvl 3: Dispel Magic x2 / Fireball / Hold Person / Lighting Bolt / Monster Summoning 1 / Vampiric Touch x2

Lvl 4: Dimension Door / Monster Summoning 2 / Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer

Lvl 5: Cone of Cold / Summon Shadow / Teleport.


Hey I just noticed Tann's post above....... DURP....I've got more research to do, so the above is not final. I have to look up the new spells Ulthok now has in his book, could be much better choices now!!

Posted on 2011-10-30 at 02:58:06.
Edited on 2011-10-30 at 03:06:23 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: She more than a healer............

I just looked up Sirene and she has 70 spells available.

She has a bunch that could help. Dispel Evil and such.

Wow what a bunch of great choices.



Protection From Evil
Sphere: Protection
Range: Touch Components: V, S, M
Duration: 3 rds./level Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None
When this spell is cast, it creates a magical barrier around the recipient at a distance of 1 foot. The barrier moves with the recipient and has three major effects:
First, all attacks made by evil or evilly enchanted creatures against the protected
creature receive a penalty of -2 to each attack roll, and any saving throws caused by such
attacks are made by the protected creature with a +2 bonus.
Second, any attempt to exercise mental control over the protected creature (if, for
example, it has been charmed by a vampire) or to invade and take over its mind (as by a
ghost's magic jar attack) is blocked by this spell. Note that the protection does not prevent
a vampire's charm itself, nor end it, but it does prevent the vampire from exercising
mental control through the barrier. Likewise, an outside life force is merely kept out, and
would not be expelled if in place before the protection was cast.
Third, the spell prevents bodily contact by creatures of an extraplanar or conjured
nature (such as aerial servants, elementals, imps, invisible stalkers, salamanders, water
weirds, xorn, and others). This causes the natural (body) weapon attacks of such creatures
to fail and the creature to recoil if such attacks require touching the protected creature.
Animals or monsters summoned or conjured by spells or similar magic are likewise
hedged from the character. This protection ends if the protected character makes a melee
attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature.
To complete this spell, the priest uses holy water or burning incense.
This spell can be reversed to become protection from good, with the second and third
benefits remaining unchanged.
The material components for the reverse are a circle of unholy water or smoldering

Protection From Evil, 10' Radius
Range: Touch Components: V, S, M
Duration: 2 rds./level Casting Time: 3
Area of Effect: 10-ft. radius Saving Throw: None
around creature touched
The globe of protection of this spell is identical in all respects to a protection from evil
spell, except that it encompasses a much larger area and its duration is greater. The effect
is centered on and moves with the creature touched. Any protected creature within the
circle can break the warding against enchanted or summoned monsters by meleeing them.
If a creature too large to fit into the area of effect is the recipient of the spell, the spell
acts as a normal protection from evil spell for that creature only.
To complete this spell, the caster must trace a circle 20 feet in diameter using
powdered silver. The material component for the reverse is powdered iron.

Posted on 2011-10-30 at 00:50:44.
Edited on 2011-10-30 at 01:58:58 by Odyson

Topic: Tumbleweeds again?
Subject: Customizing works ........

DM: You find yourself in your friendly local gaming store. Your objective is to Receive a lifetime supply of "Hot Spiced Mead".. You encounter the Prime Minister of Denmark, a lawyer, and George Lucas.
Pit F(r)iend: I try to scare the lawyer to death.
DM: You fail and lose one hit point. You have 1 left.
Pit F(r)iend: I try to talk some sense into the Prime Minister of Denmark.
DM: You succeed and the Prime Minister of Denmark is defeated.
Pit F(r)iend: I try to persuade George Lucas to take a sleeping pill.
DM: You succeed and George Lucas is defeated.
Pit F(r)iend: I try to drink copious amounts of "Good Old Froth-n-Slosh".
DM: You fail and lose one hit point. You have 0 left. You have been defeated. Sadly, you suffer a TPK.

Posted on 2011-10-29 at 16:18:26.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Thanks alot......

Gee Keeper... "With Ulthok leading"....

He was just getting use to having a "meat shield" for a change, .

Looks like I'll have to teach some else how to find traps for the next adventure.

Tann says we are up against very strong "black" magic. I take that as the warning that magic against magic will be tough. I'm thinking we will need to have united attacks, combination attacks that distract, disrupt and drain the spells and magic of those creatures. That can leave openings for melee attacks. Timing and strategy is becoming more important.

So I'm thinking about:
1.) Protection and strengthening of Althena
2.) Support and strengthening of Melee fighters and spell casters
3.) Disruption of Magic attacks
4.) General attacks.

So check Ulthok's spells and give me your thoughts. Magget's spells are almost the same so they came compliment each other easily. If you need I can email the list that has the description of each spell. I use that to help me pick my spells.

To make it easier here's Ulthok's list from his character sheet. He has a ring that doubled his level 1, 2, and 3 spells.

1st LvL: 4 [8] / 2nd LvL: 4 [8] / 3rd LvL: 4[8] / 4th LvL: 3 / 5th LvL: 3

Lvl 1: Audible Glamour / Burning Hands / Change Self / Chill Touch / Detect Magic / Detect Undead / Enlarge / Find Familiar / Jump / Magic Missile / Read Magic / Sleep / Shocking Grasp / Spider Climb / Wall of Fog.
Lvl 2: Blindness / Continual Light / ESP / Invisibility / Knock / Locate Object / Melf's Acid Arrow / Mirror Image / Rope Trick / Shatter / Spectral Hand / Summon Swarm / Web.
Lvl 3: Blink / Dispel Magic / Fireball / Flame Arrow / Fly / Hold Person / Invisibility 10’Radius / Lighting Bolt / Monster Summoning 1 / Non-detection / Secret Page / Sepia Snake Sigil / Tongues / Vampiric Touch / Wraithform.
Lvl 4: Confusion / Dig / Dimension Door / Emotion / Fear / Fire Trap / Ice Storm / Improved Invisibility / Monster Summoning 2 / Polymorph Self / Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer / Solid Fog / Wall of Ice / Wizard Eye
Lvl 5: Advanced Illusion / Animate Dead / Cloudkill / Cone of Cold / Distance Distortion / False Vision / Hold Monster / Major Creation / Monster Summoning 3 / Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound / Sending / Summon Shadow / Teleport / Wall of Force.

DM EDIT: OK my fault here as I have slowly been updating player spellbooks this past month to reflect all the time traveling and the towns the party has been through as far as spells possibly learned and Ulthok was the last and I forgot to update his book. AS such the above spells in Ulthoks spellbook are now correct and have also been added to his character sheet.

Posted on 2011-10-29 at 15:41:45.
Edited on 2011-10-30 at 00:13:17 by TannTalas

Topic: Tumbleweeds again?
Subject: rumor...............?

Odyson fired from winery job as a grape stomper for sitting down on the job!

Posted on 2011-10-29 at 02:50:30.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: I'll get on it......

I've been having one those weeks that everyone else usually has. Customer visits, prospective buyers visits, new product layouts and our ISO audit starts tonight and finishes on Monday. I'm my stress level will drop Tuesday when much of this is past.

I have done some home work and pulled slang and Chinese phrases from the ref. books so I can start using them more.

I'll get a post up by Sunday night. Mostly looks like Jon going on about the baby, about not worrying now about who goes to the party and preparing for the flight. There are other things besides the Feds to worry about.

Posted on 2011-10-28 at 16:41:34.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Ok.........

I've set the idea to the group compare spells both here and in game, so let's see.

Posted on 2011-10-28 at 03:06:58.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Ideas........

Hearing Althena’s words to stay gave Ulthok comfort, she had defeated that impulse and now they could rest and refresh the skills they would need to their next challenge. But true to “his” nature the Halfling Thief had to see what was behind those doors.

The allure of treasure, useful weapons or a alternate way to the sword drew him to peek into rooms that lined the chamber. With skill, stealth and cunning Ulthok made a quick appraisal of each room.

To his disappointment there wasn’t much of great service for the band. Those great double doors that had appeared from behind hovel of the roaches were those same mysterious doors that the party had seen from so far away and were the main entrance. Imagine their surprise had they tried to enter the temple through them just to crash into that mass of debris, goo, stink and bugs.

Returning to the group he told them of the weapons and that they were still in good shape but none of magical advantage. As he settled in to rest and study, the thought occurred to him that they be better prepared if they could coordinate their spells.

“I know that our spells are often our most guarded secrets and possessions, but now perhaps we would serve ourselves best by talking over what spells we have so as to strengthen our defense. This evil has thwarted our offensive spells, but perhaps a few well chosen spells backed up by others, we can control our surroundings and aid our warriors. I’m willing to open my list to my friends if it will add to our strength.”

Ulthok pull his book of knowledge from his pack and waited for his companions to respond.

Posted on 2011-10-28 at 03:05:09.
Edited on 2011-10-28 at 16:49:13 by Odyson

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Hoping

I was hoping the spell planning would go kind of like our attack planning. But I guess we'll just figure our own.

I've got about half done, but I seem to guess poorly.

Posted on 2011-10-27 at 02:03:38.

Subject: Mr. T, it's your show..............

First you're not the "Old Man", .

Second, I got to promote the Motto, so count me in when you restart.

I need more practice doing things outside my comfort zone so this is a good story line.

Now if someone starts a "Dresden", I may run to that, I really like those books and there are bunch of cool character ideas.

Posted on 2011-10-26 at 01:10:19.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Spells, spells, spells.................

Okay dokay......

Here a chance to team up on spells, look at others available spells and let share ideas on how to build a strong mix of spells.

We'll need our best, but don't forget that Tann always has surprises.

BTW Tann, in Ulthok's quick search did he also check those big double doors at the end of the room? It sounded like they were different, not just room doors, but then I've been wrong before. I was hoping for an option to the stairs, you know us thieves don't like a frontal attack. i was hoping for a secret back stair.

Posted on 2011-10-26 at 00:51:46.

Topic: The end of flickerchat!
Subject: Durp...

You mean that flicker wasn't just my old "candle powered" computer? Cool... no more flinching when the screen winks!!!!

Posted on 2011-10-25 at 16:52:22.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: "Move Out....."

The natural impulse to help drove Doc to aid the scared lab tech. But when he man broke down and ran Jack just stood there staring.

The man reached doors just as they burst open from the force of massive tentacles. Bellowing an angry cry the mote monster grabbed the man and yanked him from the room. The terrified screams were cut short by the gut wrenching crunch and ripping of flesh and bone.

The Doc stood helpless as Brutal yelled, "SONOFABITCH!"……, ""How often do we have to kill this!?"

As they all drew weapons Romo yelled, “Hold fire!, hold fire!” ….."“Move out of reach, don’t waste your ammo!” “Captain we need to move out of this area now!, ……What are your orders sir!"

Grabbing his gear and weapon Jack ignored the pain to follow the sergeant and the captain’s orders.

The Captain looked to team’s guide for advice, “Miss? Is it possible that creature’s are still coming from this rift as we stand here? If so, we need to kill the power as soon as we can. Any idea where we can find these generators that poor fellow was talking about?”

"The crypts below!" She shouted over the growling of the creature. "The stairs by the armour is the fastest way!"

Tentacles thrust into the room again, searching blindly, thrashing wildly, they break through mortar and blocks. The structure shakes and rocks.

Brutal was moving forward when the Sarge called, “Halt”. Jake snapped to a stop as a large block lands where he would have been.

Jack gasped as he saw the building stone just miss him comrade. “Geeze, I’m glad you listen to someone, now get your a** down them steps and clear the way.”

"It is going to bring the roof down!" Greta yells and starts moving toward the stairwell.

Moving out Doc followed to the stairs.

Posted on 2011-10-25 at 02:20:15.
Edited on 2011-10-25 at 02:24:07 by Odyson

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