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Topic: The Wizards' Duel
Subject: Gimme.....

I am greed that puts my interests ahead of the general good.

Posted on 2011-01-01 at 18:24:16.

Topic: Happy New Year!
Subject: 8>}

Ample: Hopey Now Yours

Posted on 2011-01-01 at 16:30:49.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: Lonely.....

I hope the other players come back.

Posted on 2011-01-01 at 00:18:24.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: The attack....

I agree that taking out the leader is the usual strategy and one we will most likely use in the future. Here i felt the group wouldn't be able to stop BloddGrinn from rushing out o attack once the Orcs got closer. So we would need to support him. He's been the voice of the clan so let the story of the glory of the Crimson Clan, grow.

We do not know that BloddGrinn has set up an ambush so we couldn't got them to follow us, we'd have to go back and get them. They just think we're nuts to rush into the forest.

The arrows would most likely got to the Monk and Ranger, they are more the combat types. The Shaman will use magic to help create advantage when ever possible. He's an archer so he'll help.

BTW he won't use any fire arrows. He is forbidden from using fire weapons. He will attack any enemy using fire weapons first, no matter what the plan is and will be stressed when our group uses fire as a weapon.

Posted on 2010-12-31 at 14:31:10.
Edited on 2010-12-31 at 14:35:42 by Odyson

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: Ideas??????

Here's my thought on this battle.
The Shaman casts entangle to the end of the clearing to slow down reinforcements. It covers a 50 foot circle. Being that the three trails converge at that end and the clearing is 40 foot wide it covers all three.

It goes 25 feet into the clearing to trip up some of the Ocrs.
It lasts for four rounds so that gives time to take out the first sixteen.
If we need more time the Shaman can also recast it two more times because of the wizards gift.

In between he uses his bow to take down Orcs.
Also I think we should let BloddGrinn take out the leader.
We just need to protect him.

So team, what'cha think?

Posted on 2010-12-31 at 02:49:16.

Topic: Five Lines of Rhyme
Subject: More than a Social Network........

We’ve come to the end of another year.

One filled love and a tear.

A member passed and we are sad.

New babies arrived and we’re glad.

We hold our Red Dragon Inn memories so dear.

Posted on 2010-12-29 at 04:11:25.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: One more time.


Posted on 2010-12-28 at 01:23:03.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: The Strategy is no longer simple……

The War Cleric had led them to an ideal place for ambushing an unsuspecting War Party of Orcs. They were positioned at the opposite end of a clearing that was 100 feet long and about 40 feet wide. They could see 3 trails converging into the clearing, so they waited motionless for any sign of intruders.

The Crusaders caught up to BluddGrinn and Drogo and saw their positions.

Tohmaz moved to left to a position where he could see all three of the trails.
Concealing himself he waited, bow ready.

Suddenly the savage Orcs burst into the clearing, armed with battle axes dripping with the remains of their most recent victims, now bellowing for the blood of those accursed Emerald Crusaders who had killed their brothers and somehow gotten away in the heat of battle! (They are also each armed with a heavy cross bow and a quiver of bolts slung across their backs!)

Tohmaz saw the Orcs enter the clear but to his dismay they also carried cross bows.
He sensed that there would be no way to stop BluddGrinn from attacking the Orc leader.
The War Cleric's righteous fury would overwhelm the sub-chief.
With their leader gone the Orc attach would be in disarray, at least briefly.

But BleddGrinn must be able to reach the Orc.
He must help drop as many of these creatures as he could.

As the 8 Crimson Crusaders watch the first 16 Orcs suddenly burst into view, they note what appears to be a sub-chief leading the way a few steps ahead of the other 15 runners. More answering snarls are heard from beyond the trees, but it is unclear how many other Orcs are running towards the clearing!

The Shaman knew they could handle the Orcs that had already entered the clearing but if more rushed in to reinforce them they could be over run.
So calling on Atira’s blessing he cast an Entangle spell across the tree and bramble across the end of the clearing where the Orcs had entered, hoping that it would catch and stop any others from advancing (first round action).

(This should also catch any Orcs in the clearing that are 25 feet from the tree line with grasses entangling there legs.)

Then raising his bow he started firing arrows into the advancing Orcs already in the clearing (second round action). (this may change depending on what all happens during the first round.)
(If this works, when they have finished the Orcs in the clearing then they can shoot those entangled in the trees.)
(The Entengle will last for four turns.)

Posted on 2010-12-26 at 05:23:46.
Edited on 2011-01-07 at 01:43:47 by Odyson

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: To Arms…………..

The new weapons and the fine quarterstaff pleased Tohmaz. He had fitted the bow and quivers over his study leather armor.
He now wore all the items he had tried on were Gidion had presented the new armament.
He needed to know the feel of the axes on his hips and how the knives in his boots would carry as he walked or ran.

So he spent the rest of the day in full battle gear, carrying the quarterstaff and his medicine pouch.
As they sat for evening meal he placed his bow and staff near the door and wore his other items to see he could sit and move while still armed.

Each Crimson Crusader was also well aware that their Ring of Sustenance had become perfectly attuned to their own individual spirit, soul and body; so they were planning on having one last hearty round of ales in The House of Sludge, as they would have to make ready the following day and night to depart Botkinburg on Wednesday to begin their journey to explore The Black Tooth Ridge.
While they were relaxing and enjoying the company of each other, an alarm horn was sounded by one of the Gold Crusaders on patrol, followed by a warning shout:

"Orcs Are Coming! Orcs Are Coming!"

The 8 Crimson Crusaders rushed outside from The House of Sludge to see what they could do to assist the wounded Emerald Crusaders, but they were already being escorted to The House of D'Amter where Lars and Gisela would be able to tend to their wounds and save the life of their fallen cleric.

BluddGrinn bellowed with a War Beserker Rage, his now familiar declaration regarding his hated foes, as he ran in the direction where the surviving Emerald Crusaders were pointing, indicating the route they had taken when fleeing the Orcs after engaging them in battle.

Without a second thought in regards to his own safety or preparation for battle, the War Cleric ran past The Butcher Shoppe without stopping to notify Tergin, heading past the outskirts of The Halfling Community with his Crimson Crusader Clan mates in hot pursuit, as they followed the direction of the War Cleric who they barely glimpsed plunging into a section of The Barren Wood southwest of Botkinburg, where 20 Gold Crusaders were positioning themselves to defend the town's inhabitants.

BluddGrinn bellowed forth a blood curdling oath as he charged past the defensive formation that the Gold Crusaders had set up on the outskirts of Botkinburg to repel the advancing Orcs!

Drogo Tulk answered the War Cleric with an oath of his own as he too rushed past the Gold Crusaders to help protect the inhabitants of Botkinburg, by carrying the battle deeper into The Barren Wood in hopes that by setting a surprise ambush the innocents of the town would remain unharmed.

Tohmaz had grabbed his bow and staff as they had piled out of the Inn.
As the Clan run to catch up with BluddGrinn and Drogo, Tohmaz realized that in all their time together they had not discussed any combat strategy.
Tohmaz knew that each of them was an able warriors, but in order to survive them must work together.

So as the remaining Crimson Crusaders dashed after The War Cleric he shout a simple strategy that he was sure they knew, he hoped this reminder would bring them together.

“Those of us with bows, take down their magic users and archers first. BluddGrinn and Drogo will engage the Orcs in melee and we must protect them.
I will prepare a plant Entangle and Summon Swarm to hold any that advance from the rear.
We will join the War Cleric in the melee as their brutes break through. BluddGrinn will lead us to battle and our enemies will learn to fear their “Curse of The Crimson Crusaders”.

Tohmaz then let out his own battle cry!

“Vittoria per i Crociati Crimson!”
(Victory to the Crimson Crusaders)

Posted on 2010-12-25 at 06:00:36.
Edited on 2010-12-25 at 15:51:33 by Odyson

Topic: Announcement
Subject: Merry Christmas ,Pop.......

Wonderful, congratulations. Go enjoy that family.

BTW the little one must have got all her good looks from you,
her mother probably still has all of her, lol!!!

God Bless all of you.

Posted on 2010-12-24 at 05:22:14.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: Clements message……

Clements message……
The Shaman tries his best to comfort Clement and during a moment of marked improvement, Clement Botkin sits bolt upright in his bed, grips the Shaman's and Monk's arms, wildly proclaiming:

"The Minions of The Horned One Are Near! The Minions of The Horned One Are Near!"

Then Clement collapses upon his bed with a serene smile, content that he has delivered his message to someone who will do something about the unknown evil beyond the borders of Botkinburg!

Tohmaz had never seen a spirit warning before but he had been told of this by the elders during his training.
This must be shared with the clan and they all must be on alert.

To Tohmaz only a warning from Altira herself would have caused him more concern.

From that afternoon on Tohmaz never ventured out without his weapons.
His healers pouch was refreshed with the herbs and items he gathered from the farms and the House of D'Amter.
The potion that Drogo had present also went into the pouch.

That evening at their meal Tohmaz relayed to his clan the “Spirit warning” from Clement Botkin.

So for the rest of the week Tohmaz traveled the town ever ready to defend his clan and these people of Botkinburg that have shown them such kindness.

New weapons…..

The rain increased for a few hours before dawn on Monday, but by noon the sun broke forth and began blessing the inhabitants of Botkinburg with its nourishing rays. This enabled Gideon to bring some of the weapons and armor for the inspection and testing of each Crimson Crusader who had made requests a few days previously to the Lady Marchessa Fabressa, to provide for their journey to explore The Black Tooth Ridge, to help them eradicate the unknown evil and bring back any discovered treasure.

When Gideon had deliver their weapon, Tohmaz went to inspect what was brought. He was pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the items.

He exchanged his hunting bow for one of the battle worthy bows that had been made for him.

The throwing axes were stronger and better balanced than the tomahawk he had carried. He attached one of these to each hip.

The quivers were compact and light, he could easily carry two in the same space as his old one.
Placing two over his shoulder he now carried twice the arrows he had before.

The sheath knives were also designed for combat use being strong yet slender blades.
The eight inch blade in its sheath would strap readily to his leg and ride easy inside his boot.
Tohmaz strapped one to each leg. The third he would figure how strap to the small of his back.

The Shaman had his long wide bladed knife hanging in it usual place on his belt.
He had carried it for so many years that it part of him.
(OOC. If you remember Crocodile Dundee, "now that's a knife!")

There was a long canvas bundle among his things.
He open the bundle and there was the quarterstaff he had requested.

The shaft was strong straight Ash, six inches around and six feet long.
On each was securely place a six inch long sheath of iron clad.

The craftsman had realized that was not walking staff and that these ends weren’t there to decorated or protect the shaft; they were there to add deadly force to any blow struck with this mighty shaft. A knurling was added to the iron so that even a grazing blow might rip the flesh of any enemy the Crimson Crusader using this weapon.

Tohmaz could feel the heft and balance of the quarterstaff.

Even while still carrying his other weapons on his belt or back Tohmaz started wield the quarterstaff through the spins, thrust and parries he learned long ago.
The staff was the first weapon his people learned and this was more of a dance as the feel became natural to him.

Those that had heard him request the staff now saw that he meant what he said,

“The others are skilled with the sword, but I will defend my clan to the death with the strong wood of my Goddess’s forest.”

Posted on 2010-12-24 at 04:58:36.
Edited on 2010-12-24 at 20:14:15 by Odyson

Topic: And to all a Good Knight.
Subject: Season's Greetings!

To all the Staff, regulars and lurkers, may this season bring joy to your lives and fun to you games.

May the New Year be filled with adventure and Grand Successes.

May your larder be full and your mug never empty.

May your family be safe and your friends true and loyal.

So from Ody to all of you, Much GRAVY, flowing Froth-n-Slosh, Pun-tyful PUNS and you always have a seat near the hearth at the DragonChat Lounge.

From the Gallo Family:
God Bless you, one and all.

Posted on 2010-12-23 at 20:31:40.
Edited on 2010-12-24 at 13:42:09 by Odyson

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Plot points?

So with all this player tension are we building up extra "plot points"? I've a feeling they may come in handy soon.

Posted on 2010-12-19 at 16:16:44.

Topic: Crimson Crusaders QnA
Subject: Level 4

I had thought that the shaman would pick up 1 level 3 spell when he reached Level 4. I had also gathered that from your original character description that "Plant Growth" would be his first level 3 spell. That was why I had indicted that Tohmaz would use that when he left to help the town.

So if that's not going to happen, time for a "Plan B".

Posted on 2010-12-19 at 15:47:42.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: To the Swilling Swan......

The party left the House of D’Amter to make their way to the Halfling settlement.
Tohmaz felt a bit odd about travelling about the town.
He was use to the forest and the ways of nature, these gathering places felt confined, but he would make the best of it.

The clan would need all the information they might be able to gather so Tohmaz would visit the farmers around the town.
Their stories should have information.
They would be among those that leave the relative safety of the town to tend their business.

The family of Mertin von Stock may have interesting information.

To Tohmaz the Oak Grove seemed the proper place to study the Tome that the Clerics had given to him.
It was away from the distraction of the town and a place of peace where he might also include his prayers to Atira.

It was said that a group of traveling Tinkers were gathered there and they may have much information of the goings on in the surrounding areas.

As the party walked to the Halfling area the Monk stepped in beside Tohmaz and while still looking forward she said,

"Tohmaz, may I accompany you. I have no deed to browse around time now but would much rather meet the fools who founded this place. It will be enough to do so later. I might gain some useful information from these people."

Tohmaz had heard of the tribe of horse warriors that lived to west of his home. They were lead by the strong and intelligent women of the tribe. They kept to themselves and didn't tolerate the interference of outsiders. The fact that Rhiannon spoke to him said much in itself.

Tohmaz replied,

“That would be well with me. I have planned to start next six mornings by being at the Great Oak Tree in the Oak Grove at drawn.
I will spend the morning reading this Tome that was given. If you wish to join me there I bring some food and drink and I would be honored to share morning and noon meals with you. “

Continuing, “Tomorrow I will visit the Keep after having completed the eight hours of study.
We will see where that leads. I hope also to visit the Tinkers and some of the farmers.
Their dealings may prove interesting.”

Posted on 2010-12-19 at 15:03:35.
Edited on 2010-12-19 at 15:17:38 by Odyson

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: She's back.................

Haven't seen you around for a while Accalia. I hope school is smoothing out and you are really enjoying that grand social adventure.

Season's Best to You!

Posted on 2010-12-19 at 01:27:02.
Edited on 2010-12-19 at 01:27:27 by Odyson

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon.....

Granted, Ody's little Buddy Rocca the Gnome Cleric gave the Bovine a sweet Hawaiian Punch.

One part pineapple juice, one part Papua juice and five parts Good Old Froth-n-Slosh!

Talk about your Cow Tipping.

I wish for a never ending bowl of GRAVY!!!!!!

Posted on 2010-12-18 at 03:52:17.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Waiting until they start killing Kruats......

Now, now, would Doc take advantage of poor widdle Bruty when he injured.

Beside every group needs a psycho, just need to keep him pointed at the enemy, lol.

This will continue to ebb and tide.

The movie moment after they get back from this could be the bar scene where they beat the piss out of each other as they keep drinking and fighting until they pass out.

Oh and Van, Doc just cast "Heal Light Wounds". lol.

Posted on 2010-12-18 at 02:12:44.
Edited on 2010-12-18 at 02:34:32 by Odyson

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Doing what he does..............

As the pitcher wobbled to a stop, Doc took a look at the greasy kitchen rag Brutal dropped on the floor.
Shaking his head while he opening the medic kit, Jack pulled out a triangle bandage and dipped it in pitcher and rung out the excess water.

He could tell by the even redden on the lady's cheek that she had just taken a mean slap, it would hurt and stay red for a while but that was all there was.

Had she been slugged or pistol whipped the dark heavy swelling and bruising from broken veins or crushed bone under the skin would have already started.

Handing the cool compress to her he said,

"Here, put this on your cheek, it's cool enough to slow to the swelling."

Looking at Brutal as he walked out the door Doc continued,

"Don't worry about him, his bark is worse then his bite! He hasn't killed anything recently and it's making him a tad irritable. With any luck he'll get something killed soon other then us or himself.

Although Doc joked about Brutal, he was really starting worry if the Sarg could handle that loose cannon.

He just can't see anything past the tip of his own nose.

One man with a personal agenda could get them all killed as he just stood there and laughed.

Posted on 2010-12-18 at 01:55:00.
Edited on 2011-01-02 at 14:40:57 by Odyson

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Create a Monk

^ Monk-y Maker

< Merry Maker

V Hay Maker

Posted on 2010-12-17 at 03:46:24.

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: That Dribble Left A........


Posted on 2010-12-17 at 03:33:33.

Topic: holiday front page art
Subject: Up, Up and Away..........

That is soooooooooooooooooo great.

There's Hot Toddy, Hot Spiced Mead or a Good Old Froth-n-Slosh awaiting you when you're done with Santa.

I just have to assume you actually make it to the sliegh.

Oooooooooo that a long fall if you miss, hope there's a big fluffy snow drift.

Happy Holidays of Our Family to Yours!!!!

Posted on 2010-12-17 at 01:43:57.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Save it Baldy........

Jack had finished checking behind cabin and was headed back around to join others in the Cabin. He heard Captain speaking to Brutal.

"Now, get Doc in here so he can look after the Lady's cheek. I'm sure he'll be able to help it from swelling."

Doc saw Brutal step around the corner and wave forward,

"Captain wants you inside, he wants you to tend to the lady."

As Doc started to step past him he grabbed Jack’s arm saying,

"You screwed up Corporal, you compromised us earlier when we approached this cabin. You ever do something like that again and I will bury you. You got me!"

Doc looked into Brutals cold eyes and in a calm voice said,

” Save your bad ass attitude for scaring the woman and children. You’re just lucky that was the only Kruat, and the lady killed him for you. Now go find a bucket of water and rag so we can make nice with the lady.”

Doc walked over to captain,

“It’s all clear outside, that was the only enemy soldier you have to worry about. “

Jack glanced to door where Brutal was still posturing,

“The well is behind cabin Jake, I still need some water for this lady.”

Pulling out his medic’s pouch Doc showed the lady the Red Cross,

“It looks like that Enzo Ferrari wanna be had no manners; may I check your face, Miss?”

Posted on 2010-12-16 at 04:20:35.
Edited on 2010-12-17 at 04:11:33 by Odyson

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: And now Miss Germany....

Geee, I think there could be a blonde joke in there somewhere, lol.

Posted on 2010-12-16 at 03:22:55.

Topic: The Crimson Crusaders
Subject: The Bead....

Tohmaz had look forward to the visit with Lars and Gisela Haffner .
He had hoped to learn from them more of herbs and healing. Those are the things that would help him care for his clan.
If the clan was ever to succeed this quest they must stay as health as possible.
BluddGinn is a good healer, but he is also a brave and strong fighter and would need Tohmaz to keep him strong. Rhiannon can heal too, but she too will be in the thick of the melee.

When Lars and Gisela told them of the heal gift Tohmaz saw the wisdom in the gift.
A healer will not always be there when a member is beaten down and being able to heal yourself may turn the tide. And if the healer is beaten down then all will suffer.
So with respect and with much graditude Tohmaz received his Crimson Bead.

The bead would blend with the others he had made and currently hung against his chest.
The bead would rest over his heart. The rhythm of his life would pound softly into the bead.

Then Gisela requested that he visit the elder Botkin.
Tohmaz was confused as to why he would be request to tend the aged hero of this community.
The Shaman was honored but what could a simple servant of Atira do for the patriarch of these people.

Looking at the Tome that had been presented to him Tohmaz said,

“I am honored to visit the namesake of this fair town. Let them know I will be there mid afternoon tomorrow.”

Posted on 2010-12-16 at 02:45:01.
Edited on 2010-12-19 at 15:35:05 by Odyson

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