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Topic: What is your Favorite Character Class and Why?
Subject: Tough choice

Ok this got the old grey matter moving I've played most of the 2e main classes over the years and a good number of the multi class and speciality classes as well. Ok here goes

single class = Cleric (great fun to play useful as well)
Multi class = Thief Mage (the ultimate in stealth and lock picking)
speciality class = bladesinger (what's more to say grace and lethality in one fluid motion)

those are my choices and the ones I've had most fun with


Posted on 2010-08-19 at 16:44:25.

Topic: So who was your first?
Subject: My first!!!!!!

Ok lets see *puts brain in to deep ultra long term storage retrieval mode* was back around 1978/79 time! It was a basic D&D game (yes the red books which i still have) and used the module B1 or 2 Keep to the border lands, I played a female elf cleric by the name of Etheenual, I played her for about 3 years before she was killed....... What made her think that she could fight her way through 8 beholders on her own I'll never know!!!!


Posted on 2010-08-19 at 16:18:22.

Topic: Demonic Vending Machine
Subject: TBA

and out comes Bester(re B5) and the rest of his psi corp cronies *runs for the nearest star fury* in goes a vorlon planet killer.....


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 23:07:41.

Topic: Another Newbee
Subject: Old timers!!!!!!!

old Timer!!!!*cough splutter, I'm not a hide bound dragon rider brought forward by 400 turns!!! but I will admit (just about) to being the wrong side of 40!!!!!!!! mind you in some of our members eyes I'd be a dinosaur lol. All i'm going to say is I'm in my early 40's


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 21:59:18.

Topic: Another Newbee
Subject: 2nd ed

Your not wrong there, we are getting few and far between mind you they've most probably only known 3rd,3.5 and 4th eds, where as we had 2nd for so long its become 2nd nature to us, not wishing to offend any one but I just don't care for the D20 system granted I've never stuck hard and fast to the rule books any way yes i use them but more as guidance. Correct me if I'm wrong but if I remember correctly Gary Gygax him self once said they are only to be used as a guide and not as hard and fast rules which must be obeyed. But the 2nd ed system had soo much scope and adaptability to it, its a dream to play and build for, I know it can be a little confusing for new players at the beginning but they soon get used to it.


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 21:42:56.
Edited on 2010-08-18 at 21:52:07 by Attraidies

Topic: Another Newbee
Subject: it's my preferred rule set

I'm afraid so been playing it since it was released all those years ago and still love it!

Thank you all for a great welcome everyone.

Also for the hosts, I moderate 4 forums and 6 chat rooms myself so all staff and members are always treated with the respect due to them.

Posted on 2010-08-18 at 19:04:22.

Topic: Another Newbee
Subject: Another Newbee

Hi everyone,

I'm a ad&d 2nd ed player, DM and world builder, I've been RPGing for 30+ years starting with the 1st ed set by TSR. i usually paper play rather than on-line but alas I've just moved and nobody here plays so it looks like i'm going to have to start! Apart from AD&D I've played Torg, Vampire, Cybernex and I've also played in Anne McCaffreys Pern, brainship and talent scenario's. I'm also willing to help other members if I can.


Posted on 2010-08-18 at 16:56:30.

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