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Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: *dances*

yay, brawl!

Nicely done! With each one of these posts, it gets my heart pounding! I think you're right, T_O, I doubt we're done yet!

Posted on 2011-09-24 at 15:53:24.
Edited on 2011-09-24 at 15:54:41 by Celeste

Topic: Axe Killer Animatronic Door
Subject: Right?

I know! I think they are asking way too much.... but then again, its not something I could possibly hope to make so... I guess they can?

Posted on 2011-09-24 at 14:23:16.

Topic: Tales from the Smuggler's Moon
Subject: Saercyn Willow ~ Bard at Play Part III

The Rusty Hook, Late Afternoon

"" Will's body shifted on Jericho's lap. She swiveled around to look at the pair full in the face, masking her own from her captain, "My apologies."

A monkey. The contact was a damned monkey. Willow never did like primates; there was something unnerving as to how humanoid they appeared. They had expressive faces, dexterous hands, and defined intelligence. Yet with blatant crudeness, odd behaviors and frequent disgusting acts it made them seem, to Will at least, like feral, demented, overly hairy humans. Captain Bobo did nothing to alleviate these misgivings; in fact with his appearance and demeanor it was making it worse. The fusion of a human mind with a capuchin; it struck Will as an absurdly cruel punishment that the borkor had inflicted. She felt no pity though; it was more akin to repugnance. The bard trained her face to be blank, but she couldn’t shake the tenseness running through her body. Jericho’s hand moved to the middle of her back. She wondered idly if he was trying to steady her.

“Th’ lass dinnae know, Bobo,” Jericho murmured across the table. The monkey captain’s face scrunched up in a rather comical scowl, but the situation was far from that. The stand-off lasted a few more seconds before Bobo nodded at her captain. Whatever foothold had been gained was teetering on being lost. The monkey opened his mouth again and shut it almost as quickly. A chair scrapped against the wooden floorboards, and Khash sat down at the table.

…and there goes the footing…

“Well Cap'n,” the first mate said pleasantly, “how's da job sound?” Things remained tense as Jericho attempted to smooth over the sudden appearance of herself and Khash. For a moment it looked to Will as if the monkey had reconsidered, but then the negotiations were on.

Willow sat quietly as Jericho began bargaining with Bobo. She had always admired how he handled contracts; it was something she never had a talent for much past a meal and a few coins. His persistency granted them twice Bobo’s initial offering price. Something kept tickling at the back of her mind, but she passed it off as her disagreeable nature towards monkeys. Her mind had drifted off towards the violin at her feet, and she wondered if they would be staying longer or if the conclusion would take them back to Smuggler’s Moon.

Jericho’s rumble brought her swiftly back to reality, “Yarr, an’ this’n’s got a murderous look in ‘is eye don’ ‘e?”

Her head snapped around to Khash. A surly looking half-orc stood behind him, and sure enough, murder danced all across his face, “Ye founderin’, wind-blown, scuttle-hound,” the half-orc raised his fist and brought it down upon Khash, “I’ll learn ye ta come in here an’ try ta take wha’s mine!”

It was as if the patrons had been waiting for the cue. Pandemonium was instantaneous. Will stood up swiftly, and Jericho’s legs knocked into the back of her knees as he scrambled to get up out of his chair. The action knocked her into the table, and her hands slammed down on the surface to prevent herself from laying out across it. The violin case rocked gently against Will’s foot as the table shuddered under her weight.


As Jericho was launching himself on top of Taro, Will dove under the table to retrieve her instrument. Ceramic exploded around her as the tankards were knocked from the surface above.

Why the hell haven’t they switched to wood or pewter? Probably to prevent too much bludgeoning to death. she thought to herself as she looked out from under the table. The bard watched as the large legs of Horse strode away. By the bodies in his wake, and with the way he was laying out other people, it looked to Willow like he was headed toward the door. Thanks to Horse, the bar brawl was probably going to spill out into the street.

Shouts and curses came from every corner of the room. As Willow stood up, she couldn’t be sure as to how large the fight had become, but she knew two things. She had to get outside, and if they wanted to continue to do business here at Wine’s ‘fine establishment’, she had to do it without bloodshed. The rapier at her side hung heavily as she refused to free it from its scabbard.

Clutching her case to her body with her right arm, the bard began to head towards the door. Willow ducked a flying tankard and dodged around an upturned chair. Bodies pressed in against her, and it was hard to discern any clear path to the door. The musky smell of adrenaline was heavy in the air. A man with a quickly swelling lump upon his forehead was heaved suddenly into her path.

Saercyn Willow never was much of a fist fighter. It was a blade she had always favored. A blade that, held in her hand, could threaten, incapacitate, and kill if necessary. The slender hand that held it was no use in a fist fight; in fact, she avoided it because a bruise to her knuckles caused serious problems in her ability to create music. It was all laid out in front of her. Stab that guy’s leg, step around the body, stab Mr. Punchy’s hand and kick his knee, dodge the downed table, swat that guy with the flat of her blade in the rear and she was free. But without her rapier, it was a whole different game.

Bodies undulated in various states of fighting. Bottles and crockery smashed onto the floor. Willow clutched her case tighter and began dodging around the room. A blow hit her from behind in the side, but a glance around told her that it was a rogue punch. The women ran for the kitchen, heads ducked to avoid more flying objects. As Willow slid on a mixture of blood and glass, she saw that the tavern toughs had joined the fray. Each one of the bulls held a wooden cudgel, and they used them to ruthlessly subdue anyone who looked like they were a part of the fight. One tough sank his weapon into the back of a man wrestling on the ground with another. He rolled off, and the tough began to kick the other combatant on the floor. A drunken sailor doubled over and spewed the contents of his stomach as a cudgel made contact in his midriff.

She avoided the pool of sick and ended up near the end of the bar. The bartender held a long wooden bat with crooked nails sticking out of it, and he bared his teeth at her. Not wanting to look like she was after his bottles of liquor, she back away from the counter a few paces and received a sharp kick in the leg. Willow spun around ready to engage only to glimpse something flying at her. A half full tankard hit her square in the face. Her nose splayed across her face and broke from the impact. The force of it threw her back into the bar, and she sat down hard on the floor.

Broken ceramic, rum, and blood covered her face and body. She sat there for a few seconds, completely stunned and blinded by her watering eyes. Willow was aware that she was still clutching her case, and probably bleeding all over it, but she didn’t move it away from her chest. Her scabbard was sticking painfully into her back, and the frog it was attached to was halfway to ripping the belt off her hips. The bar fight started swimming back into her vision, along with the sensation of being choked. The bard sat up a little straighter and began coughing up the blood that was running down her throat.

Posted on 2011-09-23 at 15:41:50.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: September 23!

Hooray Fall! Good morning fellow Innmates! I just woke up from 10 hours of sleep!

Hope everyone's weekend will kick off nicely!

Posted on 2011-09-23 at 14:12:03.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow
Subject: Kaimelle ~ Man, that Mith'ganni is pushy when she's tired

Kaimelle looked at the body on the ground. The fletching of the arrows were obviously well made, and of a vaguely familiar design. She gazed down the corridor, and was able to discern the male elf who had apparently killed this man. There was something unusual about him, but she couldn’t put her finger on it in the dark.

Or is it the exhaustion? Oh to see the stars.

She had to bite her lip to keep her from speaking. The Mith’ganni was so close to the surface she could smell the fresh air, and it took almost all of her remaining strength not to go barreling down the passageway to true freedom. Kaimelle was so close to her own madness that she wondered if she would ever regain composure.

Tobias had kept his crossbow on the figure, “If you are the source of the arrows in my enemy here, I thank you. If you are looking for freedom, I welcome you to join us. If you are here to hinder us, I warn you to step aside, or you will join the present dead.”

…join us…. hinder us…

“Agreed,” Kaimelle said to Tobias, though she was sure the unknown elf could probably hear her, “We are indebted, but it’s time for us to gain our own freedom. Immediately.”

Posted on 2011-09-21 at 13:14:20.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow Q/A
Subject: eh?

*pops up*

Aw crap! I'm here! I'm here!

Posted on 2011-09-21 at 12:31:24.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: NOM

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Posted on 2011-09-21 at 02:03:57.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: *insert relevant title here*

Agreed, Eol. You're doing just lovely, RP! We all have to start somewhere, and dang, yours is a great start!

Oh, and I found the fact that Asim has a crush on Will fabulous! What role-playing opportunity! Hurrah!

Posted on 2011-09-21 at 00:13:00.
Edited on 2011-09-21 at 00:13:41 by Celeste

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Meri...

...nice posty posty!

Posted on 2011-09-20 at 18:38:44.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: !

Hooray! I am also really excited about RP's intro post!

So here's to moving forward and potentially getting off this bloody island!

Posted on 2011-09-20 at 18:33:29.

Topic: Axe Killer Animatronic Door
Subject: Axe Killer Animatronic Door

love love love love love love love love LOVE LOVE!

Axe Killer Animatronic Door

Anyone got an extra $3500 dollars that I can have before Halloween?

Posted on 2011-09-20 at 00:05:54.

Topic: Brains and Brains Zombie RP Ruleset
Subject: FOR THE WIN!

Agreed, Lady D!

I'll try and think up some more skills for you!

Posted on 2011-09-20 at 00:00:40.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Steelight


In case you missed the thread : The Sage Departs Steelight has left us for the time being.

I believe Eol posted something earlier here in Q&A about Steel's character.

Posted on 2011-09-19 at 14:18:54.
Edited on 2011-09-19 at 14:19:19 by Celeste

Topic: Gamer in the Kitchen
Subject: Jack and Sally!


Posted on 2011-09-18 at 18:32:05.

Topic: Gamer in the Kitchen
Subject: sans gore

Ahhh, no blood on skeletons. Maybe I need to make gingerbread zombies or vampires!

Posted on 2011-09-18 at 17:28:22.

Topic: Gamer in the Kitchen
Subject: Gamer in the Kitchen

In preparation for Halloween, I decided to make Gingerbread Skellies this weekend!

My cookie recipe:

Gingerbread Cookies
  • 6 cups flour
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 Tablespoon ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup shortening, melted (I use butter)
  • 1 cup molasses
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix flour, baking powder, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon together and set aside. Mix shortening, molasses, brown sugar, water, egg, and vanilla until smooth. Gradually stir in dry ingrediants until completely absorbed.
Divide into 3 pieces , pat down to 1 ½ inches thick, wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 3 hours. Roll into ¼ inch thick, cut into shapes.
Bake 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees F on ungreased sheet.
Cookies will look dry but be soft to the touch.

Our roommate has some animal cookie cutters that I took advantage of. The gingerbread man had those markings that make him already sorta decorated when you cut him out ~ I just ended up flipping them over on the cookie sheet. ^_^

Oh, and did I mention that Wal-mart has a Jolly Roger cookie cutter in the Halloween stuff? *squee!*

My frosting recipe, because I can’t just have normal frosting!

Cream Cheese Frosting
  • 1/2 cup butter (one stick), room temperature
  • 1- 8oz package of cream cheese, room temperature
  • 2-3 cups powdered sugar (though, I usually end up using 4)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix cream cheese, vanilla and butter together with an electric mixer until smooth. Gradually add powdered sugar until desired thickness/sweetness is achieved!

Although today I only needed like… a third of that recipe for these cookies. Blast. Guess I’m gonna have to make a cake or something.

Thank you, Meri, for the idea of this thread! Feel free to add your cooking efforts as wel!

Posted on 2011-09-18 at 17:07:09.
Edited on 2011-09-18 at 17:08:13 by Celeste

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: Ye scuttled tae t' right place!

Aye, t' capt'n will be along 'ere back intae port sometime t'day. He might 'ave 'ad tae scrape a few barn'cles off 'imself after last night, but he'll be showin up.

Happy t' have ye along, mate! Have ye givin' any thought tae wot kind a person ye'll be playin?

Posted on 2011-09-18 at 14:29:54.
Edited on 2011-09-18 at 14:52:06 by Celeste

Topic: New here
Subject: Hooray!

Greetings RP!

I'm glad you found a game you were interested in! The beautiful thing about the Inn is that you don't have to know the game systems in most instances. More often then not, the most you deal with it is in character creation, then the DM takes over the reins and all you have to do is to write goodies for your character!

I've played a number of games here were I don't understand the system at all, and my DMs have been very helpful in assisting me in character creation.

I'm thrilled you stumbled upon us! Hope to see you in the threads!


Posted on 2011-09-18 at 13:56:28.

Topic: The Egg Tart Game
Subject: ouch! nom nom nom

Dragon's bite.

Posted on 2011-09-16 at 22:54:06.
Edited on 2011-09-16 at 22:54:33 by Celeste

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: yup!

Sounds good to me!

Posted on 2011-09-16 at 21:26:42.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: you guys R.O.C.K.!


Loved that intro post, Haru! Holy cow, can't wait to get back to the ship to start interacting with THAT face!

Lady D ~ *le swoon* ahhhhh 'How Lyri Makes Her Move' ! That reminds me of something, but my poor morning brain just isn't picking it out right now.

More Eol = more goodness!

Did I say that I love these posts? Because, uh, I love these posts.


Love them.

Posted on 2011-09-16 at 13:20:35.

Topic: Tales from the Smuggler's Moon
Subject: Saercyn Willow ~ Bard at Play Part II

The Rusty Hook, Afternoon

Her current set of bawdy songs over, Willow took a bow after jumping down off the table. Cat calls and yells for her to carry on came from several of the customers.

“Aye, give me a mo’ tae eat summit,” she called at the men egging her to continue while attempting her best salty accent, “I dinnae sound naer as well wit me guts rumblin!” Rose was put carefully back into her case, and Willow carried her back to the bar. A steaming bowl of chicken soup along with a hunk of crusty bread was waiting for her. A loud growl issued from her stomach as she settled herself on a stool. Will began wolfing down the hot soup with small regard for the temperature. After half a dozen bites, she slowed her gait and began alternating the soup with the tough bread. In no time at all the empty bowl was pushed back and the bard issued a contented sigh. There really was nothing quite like chicken to eat after months of rations at sea.

Deciding that this was the best time to touch bases with Jericho and Khash, Saercyn grabbed her violin case and stood up. She was halfway across the room before a strong pair of hands grabbed her and sat her down on an unfamiliar leg. Will half expected Karl Wine to have grabbed her, but they had an understanding after the first time he propositioned her here at the Hook. The owner of the bar had since learned to keep his hands off her if he wanted her continued talents in bringing in more customers; she had since learned to not threaten said customers with live steel.

The man that had grabbed her was a gristly looking salt, with hair and skin nearly the same color due to the exposure of sun. His face was spread in a lecherous smile, and a cloud of stale, cheap rum rolled out of his mouth as he spoke to her, “Hey thar pretty. How’s ‘bout you an’ me go upstairs and make moosic of our own?”

Tingling started at the top of her cheekbones. Will hoped the poor lighting would keep ‘ol Mr. Salt here in the dark of her change in color. She stuck out her bottom lip slightly in a small pout, and patted her case, “Sorry, I’ve ‘er other responsibilities.”

He held her fast around the stomach with one hand, and caressed down the side of her torso onto her hip with the other, “Wot about after? ‘Ol Willie here’s been away fer along time, and I ain’t seen pretty like you in e’vn longer then that.”

“My night is booked, hon.”

He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, the soggy liquor smell filled her nose, “I’d pay three times any man ‘er could just fer a few mo’s with you, pretty.”

“My night is booked,” she repeated, “an I ‘ardly go back on me contracts.” She stood, and he held onto her with his rough hands momentarily before finally letting her go.

“Mores t’ pity,” he said to her, though his eyes were trained on her chest. The lusty glint still shone bright in his face. She walked purposefully towards Jericho’s table, silently hoping she wasn’t moving too quickly to arouse suspicion. The burn of the man’s eyes settled on her rear followed her the entire way.

Will set Rose out of the way under the table, and stepped around to where Jericho was sitting. She deftly moved his hands away from his tankard, plopped down in his lap, and threw her arms around his neck.

Before he had a chance to respond, she brushed a lock of his hair away from his ear and whispered into it, “Don’t mind me, love. Hands are starting to be a little too friendly,” she glanced over at the salt that had grabbed her. He was still staring at her a bit hungrily, and she flashed a wide, and hopefully sensual smile at Jericho. His own cinnamon eyes flicked over to where she had been looking, and his face twitched a little. A wink?

He pulled her closer to him, and his rough whiskers began to nestle into the crook of her neck. Goosebumps erupted across her skin at his touch.

Easy girl, this is what you wanted. You’ve asked your captain for a way out of that salt’s hands, and he’s certainly giving you one. Isn’t he?

“I’ll nae mind ye, luv, if ye dinnae mind me,” Jericho murmured softly into her own ear, kissing the slight point at the top of it. What had started as a small flush of indignation from the grabby salt quickly escalated into a full blown blush, “I cannae say in truth, though, tha’ I blame them hands fer their friendliness, though, aye?” His hands moved her so he could look her in the face, and he wore a dazzling smile. His eyes ticked back towards the grabby salt, and his hand began mimicking what the salt’s had been. Jericho’s strong fingers fluttered over the outside of her torso, and down her scar lines towards her hip.

See? Keep this act up, girlie.

Willow settled into Jericho’s shoulder. Her fingers twirled in Jericho’s hair, and she looked at his drinking companion. Knowing full well this could be a contact, she decided to keep up the appearance she had just established, “Dinnit count on being more then one of ye. I hope yer dinnae want t’ change our arrangement.”

Posted on 2011-09-16 at 00:51:11.

Topic: The Sage departs
Subject: Departures

I second that emotion. We are very sad to see you leave, Steel. Your creativity has lit up the Inn with your games and characters. And as to Skye leaving, I feel very much the same way. I'm just sorry she couldn't be here for us to send her off.

Here's to your continued gaming at home, and good luck with your family, work, and for you Steel: your Silver Crescent Publishing company.

Fair Winds, Steelight and Skye,

Posted on 2011-09-15 at 14:30:35.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Wait... new crew?

Who is Asher?

Posted on 2011-09-15 at 13:56:59.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Bawdy Songs

Top Cork Road is a real song see it here, additionally, the other bawdy songs mentioned can be found here but fair warning, some of them are pretty foul. Mature audiences only, and all that noise.

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 18:55:10.


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